Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 015C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 97-101

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history behind the use of the word "bringing" and its various context, including references to the Bible, holy month, and the return of the beast. They also touch on the use of Mica as a label for spirits and the importance of showing support for a better life. The speaker emphasizes the need to understand Islam's laws and laws of conduct to avoid false accusations and the danger of losing life. They also mention the actions of different people involved in the removal of a book from the recitation of Islam, including breaking covenants and causing people to refuse to comply with rules.
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Typically when death is mentioned, what do people do? Don't talk about it. Whenever the thought of that eventually, you know, I will die, and we will wash me and they will put me in my grave. As soon as we start thinking about this stuff, we just shrug off those thoughts. We don't want to think why we're afraid of that. I'm not saying that a person should not have fear of death. Obviously, we're human beings, naturally, this fear is going to be there. However, this fear Allah subhanaw, Taala has given to us why. So that it motivates us to do something, it drives us to do something. Like for example, if you have a test coming up, and if you're afraid that fear should move you to study. But

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if that fear comes into your head comes into your art, and you're like, don't think about it, don't think about it, is it gonna go away? Or is it just gonna go away? Just by you ignoring it? No. Similarly, if we don't think about the ACA, if we don't think about our death, is death going to go away? No, it's not going to go away. Ignoring a fact does not eliminate it. So instead of being afraid of death, what should we be doing? Preparing for it?

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We get afraid, we cry a little bit, and then we move on. But if we move on, how should we move on with some action plan? Something that we're going to do?

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Let's continue. All say, say to them man can or do will lead up Rila whoever is an enemy to Gibreel for inner Hoonah Zilla who are Allah Kobe. Kobe is Nila that, in fact, he has revealed it meaning the Quran upon your heart by the permission of Allah. The bunny is right, you presented another excuse. You see all of their excuses are being nullified over here. Another excuse that they presented was they came and asked the Prophet salallahu Salam. So who brings the word to you which Angel, obviously Jibreel has been made responsible for bringing the work. They said, Oh, if it's real, we're not going to believe in you. Why? Because Gibreel is the one who used to bring

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punishments on us before Allah subhanaw taala he sent many prophets for the guidance of people. And when the people, they persisted in their disobedience, they oppose the prophets. They didn't pay heed to any of the guidance of the messengers and brought what happened and eventually they were punished. For example, the people of Luke, the people of all the people of the moon, punishments were brought upon them through through the intelligibility. For example, we learned about the people have loop, that how they were punished, that their cities were picked up by Gibreel and turned upside down, picked up and turned upside down. Just imagine this is how they were eliminated. So the

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Bani Israel they said, No, we're not really friends with Gibreel. So since he's bringing the revelation to you, we're not going to believe doesn't make any sense. Gibreel Why would he bring the punishment? Or why would he bring the wire? Hey, why? Because Allah told him, he's only a servant of Allah. So if a person does not like Gibreel, then who does he not like in reality? Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanaw taala says called save mankind or whoever is any person, no matter who he is, or do when an enemy in dal Well, whoever is an enemy to who lead up Rila to Gibreel that he should know that for him know who Nasrallah who he brought it down. Mozilla noon, Zeinab meaning he brought the Quran down Allah kobika upon your heart. Why be in Allah with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala even Hamza, then noon, the Bani Israel did not like the fact that Mohammed salatu salam was chosen as the last messenger, they wanted that last messenger should be from amongst themselves. So it was as though they became angry at Gibreel that Why did you bring were he to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam,

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you should have brought it to one of us, well to breed only to get to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam at the command of Allah. We learned in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala says, novella, behold, Rohan Amin, Allah called Vika that the rural Amin, the trustworthy messenger, the trustworthy Angel brought the Quran. He was trustworthy. Whatever Allah commanded him, he obeyed Allah exactly the way Allah subhanaw taala told him, that's what he did. So if Allah told him to take the Quran to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he went in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala nessa it'd be a rural Amina Allah kobika It akuna minal wondery. Allah says over here for inner Hoonah Zilla who Allah, Kobe,

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Kobe Inilah it was not the decision of Gibreel it was the decision of who? Allah subhanaw taala and this Quran if you look at it, what is it it is Musa Khan it is one that confirms the truthfulness. We have read this word Masada so many times now. Isn't it amazing that Allah subhanaw taala describes the Quran so many times to tell the Bani Israel that look this is nothing new. It's the same message. It's a continuation. It's the same message. We'll start

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Secondly, my beignet heat to that which is before it been a day between two hands, what does it mean in front of so it gives meaning of before meaning whatever came before the Quran the Quran confirms that and the Quran is also well who then any guidance had earlier? For Bushra and good news bashing rock for who? Lil macmini in for those people who believe plural of men. The Quran is Musa duck. Secondly, it is Hoda and thirdly, it is Bushra firstly, Musa Delk confirming that which is before. Secondly, who that guidance instruction, showing the way to the people telling them this is what you should be doing. This is what you should not be doing. But it is Bushra a good news good news for

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who only those people who believe. What's the good news that the Quran conveys the good news of reward, the good news of paradise, the good news of Allah's mercy, His blessings, so many good news. This good news is only for those who actually believe in it. Many can read the Quran, understand it, have a very deep understanding of it. However, the Quran is only meaningful to those who believe in it. Well, Bushra Lil wortmannin Allah says man Kana, whoever is or do want an enemy to who Lilla he for Allah. How can a person be an enemy to Allah.

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disbelieving in the book disobeying Allah being disrespectful to him, going against the commands of Allah opposing? If Allah has commanded that we should do certain things, if a person opposes those commands that no we should not be doing this. So for example, Allah has commanded the believing women that they must cover themselves and if a person goes on opposing that, no, you should not cover yourself, then this is what enmity to Allah, opposing Allah opposing his commands. And then being an enemy to Allah also means being too arrogant to worship and being too arrogant to submit to Him. Because the person is too arrogant to listen to who his enemy, somebody whom you don't like

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somebody whom you hate, even if they tell you something that is beneficial, what will you do? You're not gonna listen to them. Many times that happens that a person does not like their parents or their in laws, and if they tell them something, even if it's right and meaningful, what will they do? They won't listen. So being an enemy to Allah means two things, first of all, opposing His commands and secondly, being too arrogant to worship Him. So whoever is an enemy to Allah, wa Mala Iike T and also to his angels. How can a person be an enemy to the angels of Allah? By saying statements like the Bani Israel said, We don't like so and so Angel, saying things about them that are incorrect. So

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whoever is an enemy to the angels will also Lee and his messengers, Russell is the plural of Rasul How can a person be an enemy to the messengers of Allah, not believing in them, not listening to them, opposing them, harming them? And this is indeed what the Bani Israel did when it came to Allah. How was your attitude, Samir, now we're asleep.

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When it came to the angels we don't like Gibreel when it came to the messengers, learn no Mina Luca has done it Hola. Hola. Hola. familia con cada Bucha Wafaa Yukon Dakota loon. Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and his messengers would you be real and Gibreel? Were mica eel, will McHale and McHale mica is another pronunciation for Mica. If you think about a Gibreel and McHale both of them aren't the angels. Yes, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned already whoever is an enemy to the angels, but then he mentioned these two specifically, why these two specifically because it's more relevant to the context and also to show the highest status of these two angels compared to the rest

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of the angels. The Bani Israel they said we don't like Gibreel because he brought revelation that we don't like to follow and he brought punishments that harmed us. But they said we like Miguel. Why who is mica is the angel that has been appointed to bring rain risk. So they said we don't like debris but we like Mikael in Allah then indeed Allah He is our the one enemy for who little caffeine for those who disbelieve than Allah is an enemy to such people, meaning such people deserve the enmity of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And how dangerous is it to have Allah as your enemy? Allah subhanaw taala no one is stronger than him. No one is more powerful than him. No one is greater than him. No one is more knowledgeable than him. No one is more wise than him and if a person declares enmity against

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Allah, then this is a lose lose situation, he is going to lose in this dunya and in the Yahara How can a person ever save himself protect himself from the punishment of Allah? Allah says in the Quran woma and can be more disease you can never ever escape Allah never. Because where are you in the dunya in this world that has been created by who? Allah subhanaw taala that is controlled by who? Allah subhanaw taala can you escape this world? You cannot? Your life it's in the hands of who? Allah subhanaw taala everything else under whose control is it Allah subhanaw taala then how can you ever be an enemy to Allah it's a lose lose situation for in Allah or do want little caffeine? Let's

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listen to the recitation

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legionary Allah the

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we can be evening

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we can be easily on the

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bush morning. Many

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learn you

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time. Really?

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What do we learn these verses and excuse that the Bani Israel presented for not believing? And they said that we don't like Gibreel and Allah subhanaw taala says that whoever is an enemy to the angels of Allah, that Allah is an enemy to him. What is the show to us that there are some people who are enemies to the angels how those people who deny the angels reject them say wrong things about them hate them. There was a person who was once told that when a person goes out in the way of Allah, especially when a person goes to learn the deen of Allah and the angels we learn from the Hadith that the spread out their wings. So this man said, okay, he went out and he started stomping his

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feet that he had the angel's wings are here, I'm going to crush them with my feet, extreme pride, hatred for the angels mockery of the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. It is said that he was picked up and thrown, literally picked up and thrown and people were amazed at how what happened. I remember seeing a video once of this man who was playing and it was so he was picked up and blown in the face picked up and blown in the face and people could not see any anything doing that. The angels are an obedient creation of Allah subhanaw taala if a person dislikes them in reality, who does he dislike? Allah subhanaw taala. And we should be very careful, because Iman in the angels is

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a part of our faith. So there are people who hate the angels who've gone to the extent of rejecting their very existence, such people, their enemies who Allah, we also learn these verses the high status of Angel Jibreel that Allah is defending the angel Jibreel isn't it amazing? Allah says whoever is an enemy to Gibreel then for in Allah azza wa jal Caffrey then Allah is an enemy to such disbelievers. Allah is defending who Gibreel the Bani Israel dare to speak against Jibreel Allah defends him. Why do you think Allah is defending the little Gibreel? Why? What's so special about him? What we learn in these verses is for inner Hoonah Zilla who are Allah will be coming in Allah.

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He is the one who brought the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was the carrier of the revelation. He is the one who conveyed the message to the Prophet of Allah. He is the one who brought the book of Allah. And he performed that task very obediently, perfectly in the best way. What does this teach us? That if a person is a carrier of the Quran, if a person preserves the Quran in his heart, and he also conveys it to the other people in the best way, in the most trustworthy way, just fine Gibreel honestly conveying to the people, that his status is definitely raised in the sight of Allah soprano. Then such a person will have Allah's protection, and Allah will defend him

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Allah Who will protect him he will take care of him. The Prophet sallallahu sallam was told to convey by little by little convey whatever that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you. And Allah subhanaw taala altered all the prophets of Allah has no Allah who your symbol COVID and NAS Allah Who will protect you from the people. Don't leave there's any other man in the history of human beings whom people attempted to kill as many times as they attempted to kill the prophets of Allah

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As Salam, the prophets Allah, Allah is Allah. So many people attempted to kill him so many. They attempted to harm him. They even drove him away from Makkah. They even drove him away from thought if, but were they able to finish him? Were they able to kill him? Now there weren't. People tried every strategy, waging wars against him, coming in to kill him. Don't you know about that incident with the Prophets little auditor was resting under the tree and his sword was hanging and this man came and he took his sword and he said, Who will save you from me? He could have killed him very easily. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Allah and that man he was petrified the sword has

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dropped from his head. How many times does that happen? Amazing, that are heard. People who were looking for the Prophet saw a lot of times that he could just find him and kill him. And the Prophet SAW was also remind you he was in the battle, he was participating in the battle. They couldn't do so.

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When the Prophet salallahu Salam was migrating from Mecca to Medina, he was a most wanted man, a huge price was set for anyone who could bring Mohamed Salah to set him dead or alive. And the people were at the mouth of the cave, and they couldn't harm him. There were people who came into Medina to kill there were people who were very close to him in order to kill him, but they were not able to. Why? Because Allah protected him. Why did Allah protect him because he was the carrier of the Quran, the Hamad Al Quran, the one who had the Quran, the one who conveyed the Quran. So if we want Allah's protection, then we must convey the book of Allah, with all honesty, with all honesty, and if we do

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that, Allah will protect us. Look at the way Allah defends. Gibreel what makes Angel Jibreel special from the rest of the angel does his desk what he performed of conveying the Quran.

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And then we also learn in these verses that a person must never have enmity against to Allah subhanaw taala His angels, His messengers,

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Allah angels and his messengers, who are the Allah servants, Allah's friends, if a person is obedient to Allah, then what do they deserve your love and not your hatred? They deserve your friendship and not your enmity. We may have differences, we may find something in the other person that we don't like however, we should still love them. Why because they're obedient to Allah because of their religion because of their Deen. We must not have any hatred for another believer. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he reported to us in a hadith quartzite Allah subhanaw taala says that men are our daily mulligan for them to who will help. This is an Behati that whoever opposes my Welly

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whoever opposes any friend of mine, then I have declared war against him. Any person who opposes who hates a Welly of Allah and by way of a lie, don't mean some saint who lives in a mountain know a person who is obedient to Allah, the One whom you hate because of his Deen, then this is a problem because such a person Allah has declared war against him, and this person can never ever be saved. Allah says Welaka De Anza, Allah Elijah and certainly we have revealed to you a prophet Sallallahu sallam, I asked him BNF, clear signs clear versus clear evidences, all of these ions that are mentioned over here, what are the clear evidences pure proofs for the truthfulness of the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, because of any Australian representing one excuse after the other for not believing and Allah subhanaw taala refuted every single one of them. So I added by looking at when I ask for will be here, and none will deny it. None will disbelieve in the inland first your code except for who those people who are disobedient, who are sinful who crossed limits, the verses of Allah, the signs that Allah has sent has shown, the verses that Allah has revealed are clear in there meaning clear as evidences. But we see that still there are people who will not accept still there are people who will argue who will object who are those people physically. So there's no

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problem with what Allah has sent. There is a problem with who the people there is a problem in their hearts which is why even if the see the truth, they don't accept it. Because you might wonder all of their excuses were refuted. But still the Bani Israel, especially those present at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam in Medina who heard all of these verses they didn't believe they didn't accept. So Allah says all of the signs are clear. It's only the first call who will not believe and this is not something new, Allah remind us of their history. I welcome lemma Raha do earthen is it not that Calama whenever every single time I had to they made a covenant they made an eye in huddle,

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every single time that they made a promise. Never the who he threw it none other known back then. Enough is to leave something to throw something why?

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because you don't think it's worth anything? No brother who he threw it, he left it, he abandoned it. Who abandoned it for you coming home a group of them. Not all of the Bani Israel but some of them What did they do every time a promise was made? They disregarded it. They went against it. They broke that promise.

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A promise is made with who? with Allah subhanaw taala and also with who? With the people of Allah. For example, we see that the Bani Israel did not make many mistakes with Allah, of course. But what was the reaction of the Bani Israel? What did they do with the promise? They broke it they went against it. So Allah saying never the WHO for you coming home. But look at the justice of Allah. It wasn't all the people who broke it. who violated it. It was a group of them. Never the who for the coming home Bell actor home Brother, it is the majority of them a cow calf that raw cathedra when something is abundant, more so accidental, will most of them lie you know, they don't believe a

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group of them they openly breach the covenant. The reality is that the majority of these people don't have email. They don't believe. For instance, when they were told about the Sabbath, that they weren't allowed to fish, they weren't allowed to do any worldly work. Did they not break the covenant? Did they not go against the conditions the against the rules? Yes, they did. Never the HuFa do commend home well ACDelco home law you know, this is something that is not new, this has been their habit. And even now when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has come they have done the same thing. Well a manager whom Rasul Allah and now when there has come to them Rasul Allah and a

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messenger Minar indeed Allah He from Allah, this messenger has not come by himself claiming to be a messenger. No, this messenger has been sent to them by Allah, Who is this Rasul Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he was sent as a messenger by Allah, and this messenger, whatever he brought Musa Deacon Lima Mara, whom confirming what is with them, they were given the descriptions of the final messenger, and the Prophet sallallahu said was exactly like that. Masada Colima Mara, whom, then the this is why we see that there are so many people from among the Al Kitab, who when they saw the Prophet salallahu Salam, they recognize the signs and they accepted this submitted, but there were

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many others in fact, majority, who did not accept simply because it did not like the Prophet salallahu Salam, for example, we learned that when the Prophet saw a lot of sin went to a thought if to convey the message over there. What was the reaction of the people? Did they welcome him? No, that turned him away very harshly. In fact, they sent their children and their slaves after him to throw stones at him so that he left just to save his life. And when he left, if he went into a garden in order to rest over there, and that garden was somebody's property, they were grape vines over there. So he went there to take some rest. And the owner when he saw the profits on a lot of

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them in that state, he felt pity for him, because the Arabs at least they had compassion for guests for visitors. So this owner, he sent his slave to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with some grapes and with some drink or something. The slave was a Christian man, and that Christian man, when he came and he served the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Bismillah before eating, and he said, What did you say? I've heard nobody say this ever before. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him where that man was from and he told him, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Yunus the Prophet of Allah was also from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spoke to him and

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that man, he was amazed he saw the truthfulness of the Prophet salallahu Salam. We know about salamander Pharisee but he was a Persian he was a fire worshiper, he became a Christian. And he went from one Christian leader to another until eventually he came to Medina and when he saw the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he believed at the livened salaam he was a Jewish man. He also believed there were many among the atom Kitab, who when they saw the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they believed in him and there are many people today as well. That when they come to know the prophets that Allah has hidden they see his signs they read about him the study about him, they

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believe. So Allah says that Willem magia Omura Solomon are in the Lehi, Masada Colima Marvel what has been the reaction of the majority of the people nevertheless very nearby that he threw away who threw away for the con a group, a group of who mean Alladhina Otto kita from those people who have been given the book and Alladhina Otto Kitab, who is from the root letters Hamza, yeah.

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Tina, who to same root so those people who have been given the book which people are they the Jews and the Christians they your hood and then a surah so a group of them What did they do? They threw away Kitab Allah He the book of Allah What are other hoody him behind their backs? What are well i Yeah, behind glory hymns award is a plural of lucha and so had his back so the fluid behind their backs

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Got a new home layer and as soon as if they don't even know, what do they not know that what they're throwing is the book of Allah, or that this messenger is not the messenger. So I've got a new home layer animal as if they don't even know that this is the right messenger, as if they don't even know if this is the book of Allah. What does it mean by this, that when the prophets of Allah Addison came to them with clear signs, and he is exactly as was described in their Scripture, the reaction of the majority of the people of the book has been what that they have disregarded the book, which book is this Kitab, Allah Kitab already is referring to the book that was given to them, in which

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were the signs the description of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they just threw it away, that disregarded it. They threw it behind their books as if they didn't even know that such a description existed in their books. And this is true, that it is as though they have completely eliminated from the scriptures any sign of the prophet solonius And those that are present, they interpret them differently,

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that they have threw it behind their backs and notice behind their backs. What does it mean by this? If you throw something behind your back, what does it show that first of all, you've turned away from it completely. Secondly, you have no interest, that thirdly, you're never going to it. It shows the worldly turning away from it. Secondly, it shows error logs that a person has no interest in. And thirdly, it shows that a person will never have any real joy to it. Many you will not even go back to it. You know if there is a document if there's a paper and you feel that it's too difficult to follow, what will you do? You will put it aside and you will say yeah, I'll look at it later.

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Where do you put it? If you throw something in the garbage can, it means you don't want to go back to it again. But if you put something on your table on your desk, what does it mean you are going to go back to it again. So when they threw it, they turned away from it. They disregarded it and they had no regrets no intention of ever going back to it the unknown layer or the mod as if they didn't even know that it was the truth as if they didn't even recognize the profit sort of artist that listen to the recitation man.

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can see he was only one hour

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long on

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the wall

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kita Bakhita law you all

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were the messengers that a lot of them came to them. And look at the description that is given to Satya Colima. Morahan what should have been their reaction, they should have been happy they should have accepted Him. But their reaction was completely opposite. That they threw the book of Allah behind their backs as if they didn't even know some of the book of Allah kitab. Allah over here refers to the Quran, that when they were given the Quran by the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when they were told about the Quran, when the Prophet said Allah doesn't recited the Quran to them, what was the reaction that threw it behind their backs?

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And notice the word never threw it disregarded it, what do you DOS, throw it away? Something that you don't give any importance to something that you declare as garbage and throw it behind themselves? Because if they had thrown in front of them, or on the right or on their left, they would have seen it, they would have visited it again. But when they threw it behind their backs and said that said we're never going back to it, we're never going to look at it again. They completely disregarded it. They ignored a major reality. But at the end, ignoring the reality, does it eliminate it? No.

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Just like that, if you ignore it, it's not gonna go away. Similarly, the truth if you ignore it, it's not going to go away. It is going to become victorious.

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