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Al-Asr-Al-Maun Tafsir Al-Maun 1-7

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim pseudotumor own I am number one to seven.

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Sultan my own is Mr. Kimura. And according to some, it is a madness Allah and it was revealed after sudo to the castle.

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It has seven verses 25 words and about 125 roof. It is also said that the solar is called a dean or Aliyah team. Why because both are mentioned in

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this video you Rahman AR Rahim, our ATAR lady you can live with the dean.

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Have you seen the one who denies the recompense? Or have you seen? Do you know who he is? Have you ever reflected on his case? who led you can be will be deemed the one who denies the dean?

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The word Dean has several meanings of them his religion of them as Recompense. And over here a dean means recompense meaning the Day of Recompense Maliki Yomi Dean.

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So our HR lady, you can deal with the dean Have you reflected on the case of the one who denies the day of judgment? who denies the concept of recompense? If you think about it, the day of judgment has many descriptive names. We have learned about many descriptive names of the Day of Judgment.

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But over here in particular, a lot mentions a dean

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because what is Dean,

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that whatever you do, you are recompense for it. If you do good, you are rewarded for it.

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If you do evil, you are punished for it. So in other words, you meet you face the consequences of your actions. This is what the means.

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Allah says over here, have you considered the case of the one who completely rejects the concept of recompense rejects the belief of accurate, that whatever you do, you will need its result.

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When a person thinks like this, that whatever you do, you will not meet it result there is no recompense, there is no punishment, there is no reward, what is he gonna do?

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He's gonna do whatever he pleases, there is going to be no rules, no laws, no fear of any consequences. He's going to treat people however he wants.

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He's going to take whatever he wants, he will be selfish, he will be arrogant. And that is the exact description that is mentioned the funding if

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Allah says further Lika so that is meaning the person who you can be will be d that is the one who and the other only a team, the one who drives away the orphan.

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He is the one who will drive away the orphan Yeah, do that. Then I, we have learned earlier that yoma you, the owner, illusionary Johanna, that they will be pushed and shoved and driven into the fire of hell.

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So what does this person do? He yet earlier team who is your team?

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A child under the age of puberty, under the age of puberty, who has lost his father, his father is not alive anymore. This is where your team is. Now any child, any child, whether your team or not, does he deserve to be pushed? Does he deserve to be kicked away? Does he deserve to be treated harshly and repulsed and rejected and refused? Does he deserve any treatment such as this? No, even if a child has done something very wrong, you never ever treat a child like this, that you repulsed him, you push him away, you speak with him harshly. You don't do that. You never do that. But if a child is a team, if a child is a Yeti whose father has passed away, then what does he deserve? more

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compassion, more forgiveness, that even if he's done something wrong, you don't repulse him, you still treat him with kindness. Many times it happens that if, for example, the parents are living separately for whatever reason, let's say the father is in another country because of his work. And the mother is the only one looking after the children, even when she gets very upset with the children, she will not show that anger why because she feels that already they miss their father. So how can I be harsh with them? How can I be strict with them? You know, I let them do this because their father is not here. But imagine this he a team child, Father is not there. But this person,

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look at his hard heartedness that he had earlier team.

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A child who was worthy of compassion and mercy

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worthy of attention, what does he do, he drives him away violently, does not give him his right does not help him, does not assist him does not show any kindness to him, pushes him away, pushes him away, get there earlier.

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Because you can imagine, if there are children somewhere, and something is being distributed amongst the children,

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even if a child is not yours, he will come and ask you for it.

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If you're giving something to children, some food, even if a child is not yours, he's just looking at you, and He will come to you ask you for it. Because children, they don't have that shyness, or that kind of barrier that will prevent them from asking what they want.

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So at this point, what should a person do?

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respond to the child give something to him?

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If you don't have anything extra, at least smile at him say something nice. But imagine pushing the child away from here either go away from here, get away,

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who do you push away? What do you push away? What do you throw away

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something that you find very despicable of no importance. So for that he can do the earlier thing he doesn't have any respect for the orphan color biller to criminally a team, you do not respect you do not have any honor or respect for the orphan,

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whether you are allowed to Iman miskeen and nor does he encouraged the feeding of the for your help do definitely, which is to encourage someone. So he does not encourage the feeding of the poor. He does not encourage himself. He does not encourage other people to feed the needy.

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Again, a needy person. What does he deserve? compassion, mercy. Someone who is hungry, someone who cannot afford much, someone who is a destitute, what do they deserve,

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that you feed them.

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And if you think about it, feeding the hungry person is the most important thing. Clothing them good providing them a shelter good. But food is the most essential thing. Because if a person does not get food, he will die.

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So when I helped her out army Miskin, he doesn't have any affection for the needy, that he doesn't encourage himself or other people to feed them. We have learned earlier whether to have lunella, time and miskeen you don't encourage one another to feed the needy. However, the people who will enter agenda, they're evangelia inserted inside what do we learn when you don't have

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to be miskeen and we're a team of zero.

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It's the quality of the people agenda. It's the quality of the people agenda, that they feed the needy.

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They give them food.

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And it's the quality of the people of Hellfire that they don't feed the needy when I have time and miskeen.

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Now if you think about it, who is this person, the one who you can deal with the because the one who denies the Day of Judgment. He doesn't have any fear of consequences. This is why he doesn't feel bad when he's treating someone with disrespect. This is why he doesn't feel any shame when he does not care about the needy members of society.

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When I have grown up, I've been miskeen for a little while suddenly. So woe to those who pray.

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Woe to those who

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mousseline, those muscley, one who performs the Salah, but officers for whale mousseline word to these people.

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It doesn't mean war to all those who pray No. The following is specifies such people,

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which people which performers of prayer,

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and Medina whom Ancelotti himself

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those who are heedless of their prayer,

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to pray, but they are heedless of their prayer, war to such people.

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Who are these will suddenly in referring to

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some have said that it refers to the machine of Makkah, because they would also worship Allah soprano Dada, they would also perform their rituals, but how do they perform their rituals?

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How, in the most negligent way how by clapping and singing, then we also learned that when they will perform the laugh, they will do so well being naked.

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Then mocha and what does Leah whistling and clapping so their Salah did not benefit them?

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their worship their rituals did not benefit them.

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Worship, performance of rituals, whatever kind of worship it is, what should it do to a person make him

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make him more

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humble, make him more respectful,

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make him more attentive.

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But we see that these performers of prayer, how are they? And Medina whom Ancelotti himself when they were heedless of their prayer, meaning their prayer didn't benefit them.

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This is those people who say that the sutra is murky.

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And those who say that the surah is muddy, they say or Mussolini refers to those who actually pray. But how do they pray, meaning how they perform the solid, the solid that we know. And Medina whom Ancelotti himself whom

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they are negligent, heedless of their prayer.

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What does anybody say huzzah Hoon is applauded of say him from the root letter seen how well and sir when is someone who is forgetful, someone who was unmindful, someone who was inattentive towards something absent minded. So what does that mean? To be absent minded, not pay attention to something. For example, if a person is not paying attention during his Salah, what's going to happen? You will forget whether he is on the second record the third record, whether he performed three record or four. So at the end, what is he supposed to do?

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Such the

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same sex so it's essential that he has to perform why because of being negligent because of forgetting.

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So what does it mean by this? alladhina hooman Salatin so notice, first of all, it hasn't been said a Latina home fee Salatin

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fees for that team sanghoon would mean that while they're praying, they forget.

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While they're praying, they forget whether they're in their second record, the third record, you know, one is that a person you know he doesn't pay attention to his letter, which is why he forgets. But the other is that you are paying attention and all of a sudden you cannot figure out where you are what's happening all of a sudden. So that is forgiven, which is why we perform such as a wedding.

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The problem here is Ancelotti himself. What does it mean by onsala teamson, that they're heedless about their prayers. Being heedless about the prayer means that a person does not care about the timing of Salah, the proper performance of Salah he doesn't care about the prerequisites of Salah, he doesn't pay much attention to performing the Salah properly. So for example, he delays performing, he delays until the last moment he doesn't care about the proper timing. Similarly, when he's praying, he's not performing the record distribute properly. He's not paying much attention to it. He doesn't know how much he has prayed.

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Similarly, he prays sometimes, and other times he completely leaves us Allah. He prays sometimes and other times he doesn't pray at all.

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So in other words, Ancelotti himself and what does it mean that they don't give importance to Salah

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they don't pay much attention to the prayer because a person who cares about Salah he will perform at the right time, in the proper way, fulfilling all the prerequisites, fulfilling all of the conditions all of the can.

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And a person who doesn't care about Salah. He doesn't care about the timing.

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He doesn't care about how he's praying. She doesn't care about how her hijab was if you know the hair is showing or not if the clothes are proper or not, the sleeves are too short, or the clothes are too tight. You don't care about that.

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So the one who cares about sada who gives importance, he will pay properly and the one who doesn't, he will not pray properly.

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Now again, if you link it with the first day of eternity you can be will be Dean, who is careful about his son

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who pays attention to Salah.

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The one who cares about his ohana.

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The one who cares about is

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that every single movement is important. Every single prerequisite is essential.

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Every single step of solar is important and how much ever I invest in solar, that is what I get out of it.

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So the person who is concerned about the offer, he will pay attention to the solar and as a result he will benefit from his solar and a person who doesn't care much about the author, he will not care about the solar either.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, this is the prayer of the hypocrite. This is the prayer of the hypocrite. This is a prayer of the hypocrite

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that he watches the sun at some time until when it reaches between the two horns of shape on meaning when it's about to set, that he gets up quickly and performs a prayer carrying asleep

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in which he remembers a lot but little.

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So he's waiting until

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the last moment, the last moment delaying until the last moment and then he gets up quickly and performs quickly just to get it over with and how does he perform the Salah without remembering

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Think about

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If you're ever praying at the last moment, for example,

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can you pay attention to what you're saying? You can't

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because you're running against the clock.

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You're running against the clock. So you have to speed up your Salah. And in that process you also cannot pay attention to what you're saying. You cannot have you cannot get much benefit out of the sun.

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So, for Wayland minimal saline and Medina who answered it himself Hoon

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Allah says Allah Dena Homura Oh, those who make sure those who show off your own raw Hamza, yeah. What does it mean to see and raw raw he is to make someone else see to show to someone. So, why are they performing the Salah. Why, just to show to other people that look, I pray

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I prayed just to satisfy the eyes of other people and Medina, Humira.

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So on the outward, they are doing apparently good deeds, but this is for whose sake just for the sake of people just to satisfy them and live in your own way on their own on their own and the withhold simple assistance yumna own a manner they withhold they stop it, they don't give it what my own, my own from their own flatters. Me I knew Marina Marina literally means to flow marine Marine,

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marine marine water that is flowing one root of the word marine is from idea known and the other is me minute. And Myrna literally means to flow. So my own refers to those things that are meant to flow.

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What does it mean by that? Meaning there is a small things, small things that are meant to go from person to person means understood. Like, for example, a pen or a pencil. There you have it, you're using it. And then tomorrow, it's with your friend and day after your sister takes it, it happens, right? These things are meant to flow. Like for example, if you have a particular place of stationery in your house, there you have it tomorrow you leave it at school, and then your colleague is using it. And then somebody else is using it. It goes from person to person. Why? It's something small. I mean, we're not talking about a Montblanc pen. I mean, something that's very expensive, but

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we're talking about an ordinary pencil,

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ordinary pencil, something that's small, insignificant, not that valuable. How many senses? A few cents, and it's meant to flow.

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But him No, no, no, they don't even give that so stingy, so selfish, so selfish, that they don't even give that these past few days, I've had to read this book and mark a lot in this book, this book, everyday, my husband sees me with a different pencil is like, by the time you're gonna end your course, all of our pencils are gonna be gone. Why? Because, you know, I have a pencil with me. And then just this morning, in fact, it happened by the time I came in, I saw my pencil the nipples broken. So I gave it to the lady on the office desk, and I asked her Do you have a sharpener? She said, I have a sharpie. Let me sharpen it for you. That she was doing. She said, Why are you waiting

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to state the other pencil? So I left mine with her. And I took hers.

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Now, okay, mine was newer, it was longer. So what?

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This is my own. But I'm like, No, no, that's my pencil.

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This is selfishness.

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My Own it refers to something small, insignificant, something that's not too valuable, like salt. It is a man who certain when a monotone being neither does he have something big nor something small. So my own is something small.

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Now with regards to my own, it hasn't been said, it refers to something that is a very small quantity. So for example, the cat.

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The cat is how much of your total wealth 2.5%. But we have never owned in Maryland, they're so selfish, they can't even part with 2.5% of their wealth.

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That Maroon is also understood as small things of daily use small things of daily use utilities, like a pin, a safety pin, and neither a piece of bread, a bowl,

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like for example, your neighbor, they come and they asked you have solved Can I please borrow something like myself? Why should I give it to her. They never do their groceries on time and look at her. She's coming asking me for salt. And she's not going to give me my inbox back. And I'm going to be in trouble.

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Similarly, it happens that sometimes you're cooking and all of a sudden you realize you're out of garlic and ginger, you're out of a particular spice. And if there's some relatives who live close by or some good friends who live close by, you can just quickly go around to their place and ask them for it.

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I remember that.

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I had a very, very good neighbor and humble and now also have amazing neighbors. That many times it happens that you're cooking and all of a sudden you realize, oh my god, I don't have this

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So many times I would go up to her house and ask to have garlic please have a little bit and make him shoot also come to me and ask me.

00:20:07--> 00:20:15

And it's so important to give and share these things, because it develops a healthy relationship. This is what develops friendship.

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But if we become selfish with our onions and garlic and our bread and our milk and our yogurt, then what is it going to lead to? What is it going to lead to a lot of distance, a lot of distance.

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So my own the first few small things of daily use utilities, then it's also that that my own refers to such things that should not be forbidden by for example, water.

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If somebody asks you for water, I mean, this is something that we should not forbid.

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This is something that we should give, we should share.

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I remember when I had gone from when I was outside the machine,

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and I was looking for water containers where you can find some of them.

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Some had dumped them in them and some didn't. And as I was leaving the women's area I couldn't find any so I asked the man who's sitting there making sure that no men go inside. I asked him that. Do you know where the Zamzam is? He said yeah, it's there you can go he was telling me and all of a sudden I saw can write by him. like okay, I have a kid with me How do I go all the way? And then he said why don't you take it from here? I was so grateful to him

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that he just told me take it from yours I just sat down and drank a whole lot of thumbs up and took some with me as well. I mean that had been kept for him for those people who work there. But water is something that should not be permitted.

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It's something understood it should not be forbidden something small something of daily use something that everyone has a right over and remember that when it comes to my own there are some things which if a person forbids which he does not give, he's actually sinful for it.

00:21:54--> 00:22:02

He's actually sinful for it meaning if you don't give it to somebody when they're asking you and they need it. You actually get sin for it

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you know, what is that if you don't give something you don't get sin for it Why? Because it's yours it's your decision you want to give gift if you don't want to give it's okay but there are other things which if you don't give you actually get sent for it amongst them is also water

00:22:18--> 00:22:26

amongst them is water that you have water the other person is thirsty they need it and yet you don't get it we're

00:22:29--> 00:22:41

so upset that the word Maroon is right from the word our own and what is our own mean? Our own yeah cannot Buddha you're gonna stay in it help. So, my own are those things which are given in order to help the other

00:22:42--> 00:22:50

those things which are given to assist the other. So, every good and kind gesture, anything that is given to help someone

00:22:51--> 00:23:08

like for example, a person is struggling with a tiny pencil and you have an extra pencil you can give it to them. So I am their own their own, they withhold my own they withhold small kindness, basic necessities, things which if they give they will not suffer

00:23:10--> 00:23:22

things which if they give, they will not suffer. If you give a pencil, how much will you suffer 25 cents, 50 cents, maximum $1 that's what you will suffer.

00:23:23--> 00:23:32

And remember one more clarification over here that there are some things which may be very small. However, they are extremely important to you.

00:23:33--> 00:23:53

They may be very small, but they are very, very important to you which if you give the other person takes then apparently doesn't seem like a big loss but you will suffer because of that. For example, you have one pen only one pencil only. And you're sitting in class and you're writing

00:23:54--> 00:24:07

and other person comes in they asks you can I please borrow your pen? So at that and if you say that I'm sorry, I'm writing my notes with it. And even if that pencil costs five cents or 20 cents, that doesn't make you bad Why?

00:24:08--> 00:24:15

Why? Because you need it. You need it. If you give it you will suffer you won't be able to write

00:24:16--> 00:24:32

so why am their own in their own my own refers to such things which if a person gives it will not cause him any harm. Things that are very cheap in the sense of they're not that expensive. They're not that valuable. And they're always floating around the house.

00:24:33--> 00:24:35

They're always floating around everywhere Marana.

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this me learn you learn you

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wanna wanna miss

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00:25:41--> 00:25:49

Another good example of one could be, for example, if somebody gives you some food, and they give it to you in a yogurt boxes.

00:25:50--> 00:26:24

Now at that time, you're not going to go on saving those yogurt boxes and say, Oh, I have to return this Amana to them. I mean, a yogurt boxes a yogurt box, it doesn't cost much if you don't even have to pay extra for the yogurt box or don't go on making your life difficult and making the life of other people difficult. Here's your yogurt box, please take it back. So those are some boxes with their very cheap like the ziplock boxes, you're only meant to use them a few times and then get rid of them. It's not even good if you use them many times. So if you save such boxes, and you're making sure that you return these are not thinking that Oh my God, if I don't return it, this is going to

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be the same on me. It's not a sin on you. Why? Because it's not like a Pyrex box. It's not a corningware boxes, not a Tupperware box with what is it? This is a simple Ziploc box with a few get rid of it. Or if you don't return it, it's not a big deal. Okay, it's my own

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something small, it doesn't mean that we start considering everything of other people or something, you know, okay, doesn't matter. What's the big deal of no respect the things of other people, however, be realistic as well.

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See, who will give my own, who will share it with other people, the one who wants us has an Act to increase the one who believes in a dean because he knows that even if I give something to somebody and they use it, everything they do with it, inshallah I will be rewarded for it. So for example, you give a pen to someone you could be selfish about, oh, that pen is so precious to me, by the way, you know, Yes, I got it for free. However, I like it. And I don't want to give it to the other person. What if they don't give it back to me? But remember, every time they write with it, anytime they write something good with it, imagine they're taking notes with it, they write their test with

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it, inshallah you get the reward for what they've written for what they revise, and they act on it. Because of that, you will get rewarded for it. So who is able to give my own

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someone who is greedy for reward, that I don't want to miss this chance? I don't want to miss this opportunity.

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Then that 10 doesn't become too important to him. What becomes more important to him? The reward?

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Okay, let's listen to recitation again.

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The Shadow Illa Illa. illa Anta the Sufi Luca Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.