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Al-Hashr 18-24 Translation 18-24

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Leonardo suta hilarium Annabeth Farooq Abdullah Humana shaytan al rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim bisnis suddenly were simply under the owner of data melissani Coco Lee urban as in our in my

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lesson number 283 so little hash is number 18 to 24 Translation yeah are you are you and Latina Avenue those who believed it the cola her fear Allah Welcome to and it should see knifes on a soul man What are them at its center head lever for tomorrow what the coup and you all fear Allah Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah hubiera and always all aware Bhima with whatever Dharma loon you will do well, and do not the kuno you will be kalinina like those who nesu they forgot Allah Allah for unser home, so he goes do forget them and foster home themselves. Owner aka those whom they are unfair sukoon those who cross limits. They're not yesterday he is equal as horrible companions. And now of

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the fire was horrible and companions and agenda of the paradise as horrible companions agenda of the paradise home they are alpha is rune those who are successful. know if einzelner we sent her the this is an

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honor upon jevelin a mountain level Ada who surely you saw it harsher on one that humbles Moodle sat there and one that rents asunder men from hushai Attila fear of Allah, what do you get and that the examples not believable have restrike it the nest for the people that are in the home so that they get a Quran they reflect who he is Allahu Allah ality The one who learn not enter any god in the except who are key. Our animal nor alive of the unseen was Shahada and the scene who he is of the entirety Merciful of Rahim, the Especially Merciful who he is Allahu Allah, under the the one who learned not Isla had any god in that except who he al Malik became the sovereign. I'll produce the

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a salon, the perfection

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and min the Restore of faith,

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Elmo, Haman, the overseer

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and Aziz the exalted in night.

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LG above the competitor

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al Motta cabbage,

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the superior

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so the HANA glorified, Allah is Allah, I'm above what you see on the associate, who Allah who He is Allah, Allah, Allah, the creator, and bury the inventor, Alamo song with the fashion now who for him and the names and Huisman the most beautiful

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use of visual aid glorifies law who for him, man, whatever, fits somewhere in the heavens while up and the earth wahoo and he is a disease the Exalted in Might. And Hakeem the always always recitation

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