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At-Taubah 1-15 Translation 1-15

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Sandy Hill Kareem amudha for the villa him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. beshara he suddenly were Sidley, Emory, New York certainly listening any acabo de probenecid

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lesson number 102 suta tober is number one to 15.

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for a tune, that this association mean from Allah He Allah, what are Sunni he and his messenger Allah to Allah Nina those who are you all made a pact men from a wish to clean those who do shake fussy who saw your travel fee in a way the earth, the land or barter for asuran months? Where are the move? And you all know unknown that indeed you are you are not more Gz ones who make helpless Allahu Allah or under and that Indeed, Allah Allah, mu z, one who disgraces alkaff irine those who disbelieve

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well and other known a declaration, main from Allah He Allah, wa su li and His Messenger, ILA to a nurse the people yoga on de ehedg the annual pilgrimage, the Hajj, and a couple the greatest and that Indeed, Allah Allah, very own free from obligation. Men from a wish the king those who do shake What are Sulu and His Messenger for insert if Toba to you all repented, for whoever so it hiren is best Luckily for you were in and if they were later you alternate away for the room then you will know an account that indeed you

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are not more Gz ones who make helpless. Allahu Allah

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will bless you she and you give good news and Medina to those who care for who they disbelieved. They're either urban with a punishment and even painful

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in law except, and Medina those who are hooked on you all made a pact, Maine from Alicia kina those who do shake some of them lamb not yakusoku they reduce for you share anything. Well I'm not your hero they support I may come against you. Or her there anyone

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for the move. When you all fulfill you all complete la him towards them. Or the home their promise in a to move that to him. They're appointed time.

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In Indeed, Allah Allah, your hibou he loves I would agree. Those were two of the core. Those who fear Allah

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for either than when in Salah her a past assured the ones on home the sacred ones for what to do, then you all kill. I wish the cleaner those who do shake Hazel wherever whether to move home you all found them well and close to home you all capture them seize them, or solo home and received them workers will do and he will sit at home for them. cola at every model salad place of ambush. For Indian if terrible, they repented, were accountable and they perfectly established a salata the solar will Earth oh and they gave us the data

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for Hulu, then you all leave sebelah home their way in aloha indeed a law reform most forgiving or Haman own resolve merciful. We're in and if I hadn't anyone, men from I wish the team those who do shake is the Joker. He seeks protection from you

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For a Jew who then you protect him, had the until, yes man he hears galana words a lot he of Allah. So, let them know who you make him reach you escort him manner to his place of security vaniqa that be unknown because indeed they own a people learn not your alemu they know kafer how your kuno it will be or it is then wish the cleaner for those who do shake I've done that affect a promise in the near Allah He Allah were in there and near was soo Lee His Messenger in LA except, and Medina those who are hooked on you all made a pact in the near Masjid, the masjid or heroine the sacred feminine so as long as is the como de remains that first Lacan for you first ottimo then you all remain

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steadfast love home for them in the Lucha Indeed Allah you have both he loves and with the team those who fear Allah kafer how what in and if yo they overpower alaikum upon you learn not Yakubu they will take into consideration they will take care. faecal in you or concerning you in land, any kinship any relationship with Allah and nor the mutton any fact any responsibility you're born at home they please you all be FYI in him with their mouths, whatever and it refuses to go home their hearts work for whom and most of them farcical are ones who disobey or want to cross limits. estado de bartered Be it with vs Allahu of Allah feminine a price talyllyn very little

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for so do so they stopped so they hindered I'm from Serbia Lee his way in the home in the day, sir How bad ma what journal they were your Malone they do love not Yoko buena they will take care or they take into consideration fee concerning what meaning a believer inland any kinship any relationship whether and nor the mutton in effect any responsibility or owner eager and those whom they are mortal don't those who transgress for Indian if terrible they repented were accountable and they perfectly established a solar the solar What the Who and they gave as a cutter does occur for a while to come so they are your brother's fee in a dean the religion well and no fossa do we explain

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openly we explain in detail I add the verses the Coleman for the people here on the moon they know we're in and if nakasu they broke a manor home their main from body after or the him their promise what I know and they defamed they taunted fee concerning the unicorn your religion for Kathy Lou then you will fight a mother leaders and cause of the disbelief in the home indeed they love not a Myrna any odds the home for them. Now I'm the home so that they enter home they stop.

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I know why not? Or would not to Aarthi Luna you all fight Toleman a people neck so they broke a minor home their odds will humble and they firmly intended the Hodge with expulsion of a soul of the messenger or home and they by the EU come they initiated against you. They started against you. I wanna first model at the same time. Oh, do the Shona home you all fear them for novel so Allah a Haku is more rightful is more deserving. And that the show who you are fear him in if you were meaning once you believe

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are the new home, you all find them. You are the people who will punish them. Allahu Allah. Be a deacon with your hands. Will you see Him and He will human

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Leave them he will displace them. Well and young circle he will help you. I lay him against them wish and he will he'll, he will cure. So Dora, just hearts, Coleman of a people, meaning once you believe will you the hip and he will take away Rayleigh anger, fury will be him of their hearts were terrible and he will turn in mercy. He will accept repentance. Allahu Allah. Allah upon, man whoever your shadow He wills will now whoa and Allah and he was always annoying hekima always always.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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mean he was he

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knows who.

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To the

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a keen eye

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to move

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l l Marina

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You boo, boo,

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boo boo.

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V in

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meaning in

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the one who taught

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me homi

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a man

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or woman

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Welcome to a man

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Shona home.

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meanie meaning why would

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you want to be him