Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L275D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a culture where mis passenger were sent on a route to their home causing damage to people and causing disaster. The culture had a culture where people were punished for their actions causing them to lose their jobs and become "weirds of the world". The speakers discuss the importance of being aware of one's actions and the use of shatter and the use of dry twigs to protect animals. The segment touches on the history of Islam, the use of alcohol and force in the military, and the use of shatter and the word Mahdi in the context of history.
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Good the

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odd also denied for K for can either be one other. So how was My punishment and warning, meaning the punishment was justified and the warning was also clear.

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In our center I lay him Rehan sorcerer, what was the punishment that was sent upon them that we sent on them Rehan a wind we unleashed on them a wind, what kind of wind was it? subtle, Sora violent, noisy, called salsa. What does it mean? That which is extremely cold, extremely noisy, and also very fast. This was a wind that was sent upon them. When was it sent? Fie Yomi Nasim was damaged on a day of continuous misfortune. Meaning once the wind started blowing, it only brought misfortune to them, and such misfortune that never came to an end for these people, because when they died here, the punishment began in the hereafter. Yo me Nelson. Nelson is from the root letters known has seen and

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nurse is that which brings misfortune to a person, that which has no head in it, disastrous that which proves disastrous for birth. So this day was a day of calamity, a day of misfortune a day of disaster. And this disaster was was damaged. What does it mean by Muslim ish?

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we learned earlier, one of the meanings of Muslim it is one that is continuous, never ending uninterrupted. So this wind it brought them misfortune, that was continuous severe ill fortune that was continuous that never came to an end. Because when the died here, the punishment began in the hereafter fee Yomi nurse and Muslim it and Muslim is one of the meanings is also very strong, very powerful. So very severe ill fortune

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10, zero, NASA, this one, how was it, it was pulling the people 10 zero noon say I know, to pull something out from its place to dislocate something. So it was pulling out the people from their roots from where they were hiding from where they were sitting from where they were standing. They were trying to protect themselves. But this wind was literally pulling people out, renting them out. The unknown are just nutlin one carat, as if they were trunks of boundaries that are uprooted

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and nomas if there are a jazz or jazz as a pejorative.

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And notice is not a

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weakness and it is the end part of a body. And it's also used for the trunk, the stump the root of a tree.

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So as if they were trunks, what kind of trunks knuckling have dead farms, as if they were found trees that are month period, one period from their newsletters off.

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And curl is to be deep, to be very, very deep.

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And in Carrara is to uproot something that is very deep. So something that is deeply rooted in our era is to pull it out, wrench it out and throw it in the face of the earth.

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So dead palms, they have deep roots, or jazz or nothing more than carrot, as if they were dead palms that had been uprooted and thrown on the face of the earth.

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Why is this set? As if they were our jazz? Why are they described as date bombs? Because it is said that these people they were very dull in their built very strong and mighty. We learn about them in sort of tosylate I have 15 that for Mr. Adam festac bottle fill out the related help wakanow Manisha Dominica. They were so mighty, they would say who is stronger than us in strength, meaning no one is mightier than us. We are the mightiest of people.

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So they were so mighty, so strong. Now imagine if a strong person is standing and wind is blowing and the wind do anything to that person? Will he move? No. But if a person is very small, very thin, very fragile, and wind blows, will the person be affected by the wind? Yes, we see that sometimes literally people will move because of the wind because of their petite finger. But if someone is huge, doll, heavy, strong, then they cannot be moved by the wind, typically. But Allah says over here that these people, it was as though they were trunks of dead farms that were uprooted.

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They were strong and mighty. But when that wind blew, they couldn't withstand it.

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Similarly, deeply rooted. Why? Because they

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were hiding. They were trying to save themselves from that wind. If there is a furious storm outside What will people do to stand in the storm? What will they do? They will go hide somewhere hide behind something, take support from something. But these people no matter what they did, they were wrenched out of their places by that wind and picked up and thrown unknown are just

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as if they were dead farms that are uprooted, thrown on the ground. They were so proud but look at how Allah destroyed them. Allah says fuck Eva can either be one of those that how severe was my punishment and my warning? How severe was it?

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What are the suddenness analytically? For helmet Ducky? Is there anyone who will take a lesson? Is there anyone who will remember the Quran has been made very easy for remembrance. If you want to take a lesson, even the story is enough.

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Is there anyone who is willing to reform himself do his Islam

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because the but some mood to be neutral? Some will deny the warnings. Remember the two meanings of the word know the Warner's and warnings. So they denied the messengers. How did they deny all the messengers, when in fact only one messenger came to them? How? Because nine one is like denying all and which messenger was sent to the people of somewhat Sally Harrison, which messenger was sent to the people of odd who'd an incident. So cut the bad smoothie noodle for carlu. So they said about Shannon min, a man from us,

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of asuran a man men not from us and this man also why hidden only one not aware who we are to follow him.

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In other words, is it only one human being that we should follow?

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one human being that we should follow? He is alone. So I had a Sam he is alone. He doesn't have a huge army with him. He doesn't have angels with him. He doesn't have many followers. One man we should follow Why then let the bear who we should follow him. And after all, who is he Bashara? A human being just like us, one of us. He has no superiority above us. Why should we follow him? If we follow him in? Indeed, we even then if we were to follow Him, we would be in Luffy alone and we would surely be in error was Earl and madness.

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If we were to follow Him, we would go astray. And we would go crazy. We would be crazy. If we were to follow him. left field or that field will add meaning we would be lost going astray from the path to success if we follow one person. And if we follow him especially. And if we follow Him we would also be in syrup. syrup is from the roof ever seen or in law? And the word syrup is understood as insanity. Madness from the same root is a word sorry, blazing fire. Because anger also is what it's like fire, isn't it? And there is like fire. And madness is also like fire. Just like in anger a person cannot think straight. Similarly, when a person has gone mad when a person has gone insane

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Can he use his mind? No. Does he understand logic? No. Does he do that? Which is sensible? Not at all. So we would be in syrup. What does he mean by syrup? Meaning we would be crazy if we followed him.

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If we followed him we would suffer a lot.

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It is said nap button Masuda. Naka a chic animal that is missoura must rule of meaning insane. Why is it insane? Because it is not tamed. It's wild.

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And when it's wild, you will do something very normal with that camel. And that camel will react very severely. Isn't it? So? Like, for example, any animal that is wild, you just go to the animal and what will it do? It will start defending itself, isn't it? It will start reacting very severely. It's not behaving in a sensible manner.

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And an animal that is tamed that is trained how will that react in a sensible way? So we would be encircled meaning we would be insane if we followed him. So we're not gonna follow him. And then the further set to the crew on a human being Nina, has the message been sent down upon him from among us? Out of all people that the message has been given to him? Was he the only one left? No, it hasn't been given to him. But rather who are he is meaning Sally Harrison. He is according to them cuz they're a liar, a shill. One who is insolent because they call him Why? Because he claimed to be a prophet. They said he's a big liar and

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said he's a chef. A chef is from the reflectors Hamza shinwa. Hamza sheen.

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And this ship is used for a person who is extremely arrogant, extremely proud, and very boastful as well.

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We have read the words model for, for Mara, and also McDowell, for whom

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I share is the last stage of being boastful. The highest level of being proud, self conceited and boastful.

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When a person thinks too highly of himself, and he belittles others and he shows off, and when he reaches such a high level, then does he differentiate between what is true and what is false? No, isn't it? When he just wants to impress other people, he doesn't care whether what he's saying is true or not. So they said, He is kazembe and

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he is a liar and so arrogant and self conceited, that look at what he's coming up with. He's claiming to be a messenger of God. What a big liar. how proud he is, say Allah Muna harden, Allah says, soon they will know tomorrow, rather than tomorrow, the following day, in the future, these people soon they will know tomorrow, money will cut there will usher who is the real liar? And who is the real I should? Who is the real arrogant person?

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What does it mean by tomorrow? Tomorrow's understood in two ways, first of all, on the day of judgment, and secondly, when the punishment descends under

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today, they called him kuzava and usher. Allah says tomorrow, they will know who is actually conservatorship? How will they know when the punishment descends on them?

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in Mozilla NACA, indeed, we are sending the she camel, why? fitness Allah home as a test for them as a trial for them. Because the people of sila Harrison and they also demanded a miracle from him, just as a machine of Makkah demanded a miracle from him.

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And these people, they demanded a specific miracle and what was that, that a pregnancy candle should come out of Iraq? Just imagine, should come out of Iraq of pregnancy can when it comes out will believe in you? This is what they said.

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So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala made that happen. In now Mozilla NACA. Indeed, we're going to send the NACA, but this NACA is going to be fitna de la, it's going to be a big trial for them. Why? Because once they have the NACA, then they can actually kill the NACA, they can harm the NACA, they have an opportunity to do sin.

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They have another opportunity to disobey the messenger. Because when the NACA came, it came with certain rules, wasn't it? What rules were there? Don't touch her with evil. Let her have her drink, isn't it leave her way. Don't interrupt her don't harm or in any way it came with a certain package of rules.

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So when those rules came to the people, more restrictions, that meant more opportunity to disobey, isn't it? So?

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When you're given more rules, what does that mean? more opportunity to do wrong? If you haven't been given rules, that means whether you do what you do or you don't, it doesn't make a difference. Correct. Just as the bunny is what you what happened to them, when the fish came to them on Saturday. It was a fitna, why, because they had more opportunity to disobey. Correct? Sir, remember, sometimes a loss of data provides a person with an opportunity to disobey even, but this is what a fitna attest that what does he do over there?

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we learned earlier when Medina yejide buena Cava is one why is that even when the opportunity is there? That's the real test. So these people also they were tested through this she camel. Allah said photo paper home beside a hairdresser and he said to them first okay mom, so watch them. Watch these people. See what they do, see if they believe or not. And watch what will be done with them was stop it and be patient and again was COVID additional letters, additional meaning what's the additional meaning? Be very patient, remain patient. remain patient. It's going to take some more time. But at the end, you will have success for the paper one was the

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one a bit home and inform them inform the people unelma that indeed the water this Martin bainer home is shared between them. FISMA What does this mean? division tilka Aiden pace Matan, Luiza, the smells division to unlock shares. So this water is divided between them between who

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between the people and the she camel.

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So, one day is their drinking turn and the other day is the drinking turn for who? That she can only be smitten by in a home, this was a big test for them and cola shares each share, what does it mean by sheer drinking turn.

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So, every drinking meaning every portion of water, every drinking turn is more of who want to be attended, want to be attended by who by the one whose turn it is?

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You understand? Look at the words. Colucci when every drinking turn, meaning whoever stern it is. It will be more about it will be attended attended by who by only the one whose turn it is not the other. So when it is the turn of the camel, that people cannot take the water. When it is the turn of the people the camel will not come and drink.

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You understand

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kulu shadowbane more

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mastaba from the route setters How about Roku? What does it mean to be present? So it will be one for which one has to be present meaning attended by the one whose turn it is.

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In total alafaya 73 also we learned Sally Harrison m said to the people had he Napa de la de la comida federal ha so lever that coffee or delay it will eat from the land of Allah. What Adam was so happy so I don't touch her with evil for the kumada

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so he told them that they should not harm the she camel in through the Sharla I 155 to 156 Allah had he Napa to LA Shiva. Welcome SHABOOM Mr. Lune that this is the she camel for her is a drinking turn. And for you is also a drinking turn that is on a day that is well known. Well. I am so happy. So in fact who the kumada Yeoman, are we

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but the people that found it very difficult. So what happened? Fernando Sahiba whom so they call their companion y which companion

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we learned that the she camel when it would drink from the water source, it would drink a lot of water because it was a huge camel. And on top of that it was a pregnant she can say it would drink a lot of water. And besides the people their access to water was limited. They couldn't access their water every single day, isn't it so and they were to leave the sheikh mo not that should not harm her not prevent her way at all. So they got tired of it. They got sick of it. They wanted to get rid of that chicken. So what did they do? Nadel Sahiba whom they call their companion, who is this companion their slaughter, meaning one person from amongst them. And they said that his name was

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Kodak even Salif.

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They called him why in order to slaughter the sheik Mo. So what did he do further out? So he did. And then Pharaoh call and he hamstrung hamstring glue, the she camel, the outer from the root letters I am Paul well outward altona thought What does it mean to give

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out to his office also to dare to do something because in order to give Don't you have to there you have to dare to borrow it away from what you owned. Many times you know when a person is giving something he really has to take a bold step, a bold step you have to have a lot of courage to give it away.

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So Tata, meaning he dared he dared he dared to do what distract the she camel. He took over the she camel, he drew out his sword, and then farakka he hamstrung as she can why in order to slaughter the camel.

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The proper way of slaughtering the camel is what

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bring the camel down how

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laid down on the ground. Impossible, you cannot do it. We learned in sort of hedge

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that the camel is made to stand on three legs. The fourth leg is to be tied up with a rope. So the camel does not have perfect balance. And then the camel has died at that time. And then the proper way is that just as a sheep or a goat or any other animal when you slaughter it you got wear on the neck Why? So that all the blood can come out to the camera also same thing once you make it stand like that then you cut it on the neck and as a result it will lead and eventually it will fall to the ground and then you can slaughter it. You can cut it out. But these people What did they do?

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They cut the leg of the camera in order to cripple the camera. This is a very mean way. Why? Because when the leg is cut, when the camera is crippled, will it die instantly? No

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What's the most efficient way of making the camel die that you got on the neck? Isn't it

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because then the most blood can come out and it will die very quickly as well. So farrakhan if you notice how our our current cutter This is mentioned so many times in the Koran, why? Because it's a very brutal way of killing.

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A very brutal way of getting a camel. You cut the leg so it's crippled, and it's injured. It's bleeding to death. It's been found

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in through the Sham side 13 to 15 we learned for cornella hombre sobre la de naka de la he was looking at her for caribou Farah Kuru her for dum dum Alejandro boohooman me him for so what I have.

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Allah says for kafer can either be one of the how severe were my punishment and my warning.

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Insert the shout out 157 we learned for our Kuru have Varuna Dini, they hamstrung the chic mo and they became regretful

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what's the punishment that was sent upon them? Because Allah says fucka can either be one noodle How was that or that? That in our center I let him say what

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we sent upon them just one single cry, just one blast for Kanu. So they became gushy mail more like the dried tweet fragments of an animal.

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Just imagine

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people who were so arrogant, they became like broken twigs, broken twigs that have fallen off of what offense and animal Ben

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has. She is from the root letters hashing meme. And Hashem is used for dry stalks, straw, dry stalks, or straw. How is it? You touch it? You pick it up? And you can easily break it, isn't it? You step on it, it will crumble. Correct? Because it's dry, it will turn into fragments.

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And mortality is from the roof letters, how long?

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How long?

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And how long is to fence in something in order to protect it? So it's basically to make a fence around something.

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What does that mean? One that is inviolable, meaning you cannot go there. You understand? It's within a fence. It's within certain limits.

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So more lives more to live. This is who isn't for a mortal it is who one who makes a fence.

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One who makes a fence but what kind of fence is it?

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How Leila is a fence that is made of small twigs, dry twigs, dried tree branches, and thorns.

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You understand?

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So much the leaders who a person who will make a fence who will make a pen With what? With dry twigs, with dry tree branches, dry leaves, so on and so forth with thorns. Why, in order to protect his sheep in order to keep them inside? You understand? This is who are mortal is

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Hashem of mortality. What is the Hashem of Martha with? Hashem is the broken pieces of those dry twigs, those dry leaves that have fallen off

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because when you approach such a pan when you approach such a fence every time you hit it every time the animals headed, what's going to happen

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a piece or two of those wooden twigs what will happen to them they will fall off isn't it and when you look to the ground you will not find just nice and planes and what will you find a lot of broken bits and pieces from that house.

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So Allah says in the center I lay him say Hatton where Haider

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they became like the dry tweak fragments of an animal

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This was their worth. This is what they became the Hasheem and they all perished. All of them were finished. So powerful, mighty arrogant. For the outlaws they dare to hamstring the she camel and they brutally killed the she camel. But look at how Allah dealt with them.

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Well according to Solomon Quran Allah decree for helmy Mata Ki is anyone who would like to take a lesson

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cuz the word como Lutheran venado the people of North also they denied the Warner's they denied the warnings. In our center, I lay him howsoever we didn't leave them either. We sent upon them a storm of stones a shot

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stones and these stones said Jean Mahmoud in the loop except for the family of loads, meaning they were saved, that this house in the shower of stones, it wasn't sent upon them. The family of Lutheran Sam which included only him and his daughters, not even his wife that Gina when we save them how bizarre how, at dawn, we save them before dawn, because remember, the angels came and told them leave. Because a punishment Elisa Silva hobbico De Niro, Mata Minar and Deena Why were they saved? as a favor as a blessing from us. This was a special blessing on Lutheran Salaam, and those who believed in him from his family. This was a special blessing from Allah soprano.

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That they were saved from this disaster. They were saved from this punishment, this calamity.

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Notice how Allah calls it a neuroma of blessing. What do we think it's our right? Isn't it? This is what we think I'm supposed to be Muslim. I'm supposed to be a believer. So it's my right.

00:26:08 --> 00:26:20

But Allah says it's a narrow mark of blessing of Allah. Because Allah cannot choose he does Deus do we recommend this blessing is given to two manchaca the one who is grateful.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:27

Just look at this, the one who is grateful look at how Allah bestows this blessing on him.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:38

Because remember, the in ceccato, let us see the knuckle when a person is grateful for the blessings of Allah, that Allah will increase the blessings for him such blessings that he cannot even imagine.

00:26:39 --> 00:26:46

Lutheranism was a grateful servant. Look at the blessing Allah bestowed on him that he saved him from the difficulty of this world.

00:26:47 --> 00:26:59

What was the sugar? What was the gratitude of Lutheranism in particular? It was his belief. And not just his belief, but the fact that he was patiently continuously warning to people.

00:27:00 --> 00:27:37

Remember, he didn't belong to that nation, isn't it so he didn't belong to that nation. He was an outsider. He was an immigrant, when he was grateful for the fact that he had Islam. And he didn't keep it to himself, even though the entire society opposed him. The entire society was corrupt. If we were in such a place ever, what would we do? I cannot stay here anymore. isn't a talk, which is why we see that every now and then there are people who are saying we're going to do digital, we're gonna do we're leaving, we're leaving, we're leaving. I cannot tolerate this. But the thing is Lutheranism was there. And he took it as an obligation on himself to tell those people, this was his

00:27:37 --> 00:27:54

sugar, sugar for the blessing of the heat, or the blessing of a man. And look at how Allah saved him because Allah can educate him and chuckle. This is why they said that the scholars say that if a person lives in a non Muslim land, then the only justified reason is that he stays there in order to do that.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:06

Not just to make his own dunya not just to make his own world, the only situation where it is allowed for a person to live in a corrupt society is what

00:28:07 --> 00:28:11

that he is calling people to Allah. And this is gratitude.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:14

Because Alexandra z manchaca.

00:28:16 --> 00:29:03

One or the N Zara home, and he had certainly warned them who had warned them. Lutheranism had warned these people of what, Bertha Shanna of our grass, but what does Bosh mean, to attack disease with violence? And it's also used for military might. So he had warned the people already of our bunch of our severe punishment. But did they take a lesson from that warning for tomorrow? But they disputed, they doubted. They knew, though, that the Warners the warning, the warning that was given to them, they doubted it, the warning that was given to them, they only disputed about it with who wouldn't do traditional, what was the dispute? Bring the punishment.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:15

Allah says well, other law will do more under a fee. And they had demanded from him, his guests, Raja do who are all well done, you know, either from the same route, what does that mean intention?

00:29:16 --> 00:29:29

And when a person has the intention to do something, then that demands action, isn't it? When you have the intention, then that demands action? You can't just say yes, I intend I intend if you really intend, you will automatically do it.

00:29:30 --> 00:29:37

So rahua do over here gives meaning if they demand it from him. They try to lower him to try to tempt him.

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And levy his guests. They demanded his guests from Him and who are his guests, the angels. Why? For homosexual enjoyment because these people who were the homosexuals, and the angels came in the form of men. So they said, Give us your guests. But what happened for thomasnet our you know, home, but we eradicated their eyes.

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From to wipe off, we wiped off their eyes meaning we made them blind for thomasnet our uniform so they weren't able to harm the angels at all. This is why the angel stole booth Alice lamb Don't worry. In Slavic lane you're sitting in a We are the angels of your Lord, these people cannot harm you. You don't worry about us leave. For those who are there be one who, though. So taste my punishment and My Warnings, meaning the consequence of my warnings. The people didn't take benefit from the warning. Allah says For those who are there be one or the

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ad set that job reader listener, he struck their eyes with the tip of his wing. And all of these people who are demanding those guests, they lost their eyesight, they became blind instantly. Why? Because they were blinded by their desires.

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What are the sub the homebrew Clutton other booster kit, and there came upon them by morning and abiding punishment. Sub the home saw the house sub, what the sub mean morning, so it came upon them in the morning. Remember, earlier we learned dawn. So when I first saw the home bukata, early morning, the next day, by morning, what came upon them, or there was a punishment that was

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that was that was abiding, was delayed from the letters of rah rah and is the crowd is to establish oneself firmly to become stable to become stationary.

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When something is moving, moving, moving, and then it comes to a stop and it becomes still What does it mean it stays there, it doesn't go away. So Mr. COVID over here gives the meaning of permanent a permanent punishment, continuous punishment that never came to an end. They finished in this world, however, the punishment continued, and it will continue for eternity. For those who are there be wonder though, so taste my punishment and warning

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will occur the sudden or an early decree for Halloween would decay. And We have certainly made the Koran easy for remembrance. Is there anyone who would remember? Why is this being mentioned over and over again? Because most people don't get it? Most people don't take a lesson. They don't pay attention to what is in the Quran. So for Hellmuth Okay. Is there anyone who would like to take a lesson?

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fee Amina

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boom boom boom was Bobby Wagner.

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Okay, you

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don't leave

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boo, boo,

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boo boo.

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So what did you learn?

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The longer you look back, the farther ahead you will move to the longer you look back in history, the more you reflect on what happened in the past, then the less mistakes you're prone to make it.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:23

So all of these, and that they're being mentioned again and again. Why? Because that we take a lesson and we don't do what they did.

00:36:24 --> 00:36:35

People say history repeats itself. Why? Because people don't take a lesson. And Allah says for Helman wood decay. Is there anyone who would take a lesson? Because if you were to take a lesson, then you wouldn't repeat what the people of the past did.

00:36:36 --> 00:36:49

If you think about it for a for can either be one, although this is mentioned so many times that the warning was given. Again and again very clearly, when people didn't take the lesson, the punishment also came. How was it?

00:36:51 --> 00:37:00

With regards to the splitting of the moon, it is said that there's a mark on the moon which people cannot figure out and the only explanation to that is that once upon a time it did split.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:15

Now, whether or not we find these evidences whether or not it is proven by science, or like I mentioned by other nations, their history, this is sufficient for us that Allah subhanaw taala has said it and we also find it in this era.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:45

We see that even the people of Salahuddin Salaam they demanded a miracle. They said we want this kind of Sheikh camel and that's exactly what came out, but they didn't believe. Similarly the machine of MacArthur didn't believe why, because they were not searching for the truth. If they were interested in the truth, then the Quran was sufficient, the warning of the messenger was sufficient. And when a person is trying to argue with the other tried to refute him, then from

00:37:47 --> 00:37:49

the warnings they don't benefit a person.

00:37:50 --> 00:37:52

Listen to the recitation of all of these is

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Oh no.

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Take a

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decade Hello

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Hello, Jane

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take a break

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Al-Qamar 1-55 Tafsir 18-40

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