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Al-Qamar 1-55 Tafsir 9-17

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Are you in the shape of a gene Bismillahirrahmanirrahim lesson number 275 suited to comma.

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Now the unbelt of the previous people are mentioned again, despite the fact that they have been mentioned many, many times in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala mentions the embed of the previous people again, why? so that people can take a lesson and a warning that if they haven't understood yet, perhaps this strong reminder, this will help them by this they will understand because you will notice the way of the surah the eloquence the words, it's very direct. It's very effective, just as we learned earlier hickmott on Bella so now the ambassador previous people are mentioned so that people can take a lesson. Allah says cassava tabula whom who call Menuhin, the people of New, they

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denied before that before who the people of Makkah, the people of Makkah, see the messenger, they see the miracle, yet they don't believe the prophets are allowed Islam was stolen, leave them very soon, the punishment will descend upon them when in the Hereafter, and they should take a warning from the previous people that comes about cabela home komamura the people of New halter denied before them, no harness and I was a first messenger as we learned in sort of the Nyssa ii 163. Allah says in our hayner alayka come out Oh hayner illa new Han, one Nabina mimbar de so knew her lesson and who was he the first messenger? And what do we learn here? The first messenger was also denied.

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The last messenger was denied. The first messenger was also denied. Allah says *a boo, boo Donna, so they denied our servant who does our but then I refer to new

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and he is mentioned as our slave servant servant of who? Allah subhanaw taala Why is it described as an odd because being an of Allah, this is the most noble and the best title that any human being can be given.

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Because the purpose of our creation is what do worship Allah do be a servant of Allah to be a slave to Allah. And when a person is a servant of Allah, that is the most noble title that he can have.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, called His Messenger, Newhart escena, our banana our servant.

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And remember that our Buddha servitude to Allah, what is it? It is to show submissiveness to show humidity to Allah through various ways such as if our obedience such as such as acts of worship, so on and so forth. And our Buddha has different levels. The first level of Buddha is our general, which is at every single creation, what is it? And

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whether it believes or doesn't believe, whether submits or doesn't submit? How is it an odd because they are submissive to his own workone they are submissive to Allah subhanaw, taala and workone you understand and workone right, I don't need to translate it explain it. So for example, even if a person does not believe, he refuses to believe in the existence of God, but is he still not a servant to a lot of course, why? Because he is still submissive to Allah and workone. If Allah decides, for him, he should read, he will breed. If Allah decides for him, he should die, he will die. This is why in sort of money and we learn, in koloman system, it will have a lot of money,

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either every person in the heavens in the earth, He will come to the Most Merciful as what, as an art. The second evidence of Buddha is hustle, meaning special level and that level is for who those who believe and submit to Allah. So who are they, the believers? This is why we learned the Quran, wherever the man and the servants of the Most Merciful.

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The third level is hospital has meaning the very special level of herbal dia, which is specifically for who for the prophets of Allah.

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This is why many times in the Quran, the prophets of Allah, how are they called are because that level, another believer cannot reach no matter how righteous he becomes.

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Like for example, we learned the Quran Subhana Allah de aslo Blvd he Laila men and masculine haram emotional, Aqsa cemetery toronto canada natural for Karna Allah agua de over here for castable other than a was good other than a so conservative Kabbalah home como Han *a Baba, Donna will call Luma junoon and they said Majnoon, they called New Harrison Majnoon was the jeep and he was rebuked. They called him a junoon who is much known someone who is mad someone who is in

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Seeing or someone whose article has been covered by who? by a gene, meaning someone who is possessed by a gene.

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Because when a person is possessed by a gene that he cannot use as alcohol anymore, he cannot use his intellect anymore.

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Because the gene is as though controlling him. We learned sort of that he had a 52 Corolla come at a Latina and hobbling him or suelen ala Carlo Saharan. Imagine every messenger what was he called by his people, either magician or someone who was gone mad. So new Harrison and he was also called Majnoon was digit was digit from the root letters Xay gene. Well, what does that mean?

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to yell at someone rebuke someone? Why, in order to stop them from something in order to restrain them?

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And was the JIRA additional letters additional meaning? So what's the additional meaning that we get over here, that zijin on Schaden that they rebuked him very harshly, very severely. They reported him with insults. And when they insulted him, they insulted him very badly.

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First of all, they refuse to believe in him and secondly, they rebuke him as well.

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We learned to look No, no. Hello, Sam said we're in Nicola Maduro Tomita ferula home, Geraldo casabianca, Danny and they put their fingers in their ears they refuse to listen to him was to show Theo on the cover themselves with their clothes. While somebody was stuck a little stick Bala they remain arrogant. They refuse to believe in him. And they didn't stop there. But they actually rebuked him

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instead of the sharada i 116. We learned on July 11 20. Oh no. Let's akuna nominal module mean? They said Oh no. If you don't stop, we're going to stone you. We're going to kill you was dude. They oppose him. they mocked him physically harmed him until further out of the hole. So he invoked his Lord, he called upon his Lord against you, against his people. And what did he say? aneema helluva on that indeed. I am a Hulu. I am overpowered. I am defeated here I am overwhelmed here. fantasy. So help. Help who helped me against these people?

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Look at the storm. So beautiful, very short, anemic, Lubin. I am defeated. Must loop from hollyburn What does it mean? To have the upper hand over someone? Molyneux I am defeated. I have no power. I'm powerless here. I don't know what to do anymore. I've tried everything. So fantasy. So you help me, help me against those who deny I am weak. I cannot resist my people. Now you help me. Because we learned from some reports that know how to snap he was not just a post but he was even physically abused by his being physically abused by his people, that the people would beat him physically. Because he would go into our imagine 950 years. That's how long he conveyed to the people for 950

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years. And still if people didn't believe, obviously he was Muslim fantasy, sort of MBA 7677 we learn when your hand ignore them and cover Lou festa Japan era who finished jayna who who may not be lovely, wonderful now homing and comb alladhina Keller will be Aya Tina in the home can okoma so in forever Akane home edgy marine.

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insert new is 2627 we learned will call a new home or billeted or an ugly male cafe in the year. He prayed against his people that oh my lord, don't leave even one household even one family even one house one inhabitant of all of these disbelievers because if you leave them in NACA into their home, you will lose a burden whether you need to lF agilon casa, if you leave them they will only mislead others and they will only give birth to who they will only procreate to people who are disobedient and disbelieving.

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So he made this draw after a very long time 950 years and we learn instead of to die 36 that new Harrison was told we're all here Illinois and anahola new minimum comica 11 that now no more people are going to believe in you. And how many people believed in him woman and America. In luckily only a few people had believed in him. So uh, no more people were believing he prayed to his Lord further Allah who aneema of luban fundamentally, so Allah helped him. He gave him victory. He assisted his servant How? Fattah Hannah. So we opened up, we unleashed what abueva sama the gates of the sky of Webb is a plural of Bab, the gates of the sky, we open them up, and as we open them up, what came

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forth Bhima a moon hermit with Venus

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with water that was pouring down, pouring down my a Mohammed. Mohammed is from New fetters Jaime Ma.

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And Hamas is when something falls and it flows, it falls down and it flows just imagine a waterfall.

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The water is constantly falling down and it's constantly flowing, flowing, flowing. And you stand there for 15 minutes for half an hour for one hour. You go there in the morning, you go there in the evening, you go after weeks, you go after months, and what do you see? The water is continuously falling and flowing, falling and flowing. This is what in her eyes

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that when water is constantly pouring down, constantly flowing. There's abundance of water, a lot of quantity. And also the fact that it's constantly flowing, flowing. And when water is flowing, especially when there's a lot of water, how does it flow with a lot of speed? It's extremely fast, which is why we see that in many places, such as even the Niagara Falls, what do they have over there? Because of the speed of the water? What do they have?

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They make electricity over there and why?

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It's a powerhouse over there. Why because of the flow of the water because of the abundance of the water. So because there is a lot of energy, a lot of force, my a Mohammed suggests imagine the doors of the sky were opened up, water is pouring down continuously, heavily, endlessly. Just imagine marine 100.

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And the water was not just pouring down from the sky. But it was also coming out of the earth, well fed journal of the union and we cause the earth to burst with strings or Java, we exploded so that the water was gushing out of the earth. First journal above the earth we cause to gush forth into what into a union or union floor and of the word I springs.

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So from the earth, also the water was flowing out, emerging out, bursting out, coming out into the to die 40 we learned how to either Jamuna without the new fella the new.

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The new meaning the oven overflowed From there, the water begins to overflow. So imagine, it wasn't just from one place that the water was coming out. But reunion, reunion. Just imagine a ship that's on the sea. There's rain pouring down. And the ship has many, many holes in it.

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Many, many holes, if there are many, many holes, what's going to happen the water is also going to come out from the bottom of the ship. Right? So effect journal, other union. Now imagine the water is pouring down. It's coming out of the earth fell takelma. So the water net, which water, the water from the sky, and the water from the earth felt calmer iltacon What does it mean to meet when two things meet together? So the water from the sky the water from the earth? It met together on a membrane upon a matter why did it meet together? Why was all of this water brought together from the sky and from the earth on a marine? For a matter which matter? I'd put it that was already destined

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that was already decided? And what was that matter? The destruction of the people of New Harrison and how were they to be destroyed by being drowned? And how is that to be accomplished by the water pouring down from the sky and erupting out of the earth or the Kurdish matter that was already decreed What does it show to us the power of a loss of power

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that when a person does believes when a person turns away, a law can do anything.

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The person is not safe. Just imagine the skies are made to pour down their water The earth is made to erupt out its water on a

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Warhammer nanhu and we carried him new hardware tsunami was carried on what I learned to allow him to surf on something that was made off planks and nails that had planks and nails and what is it a ship that meaning one that possesses meaning a ship that was made off what Allah Allah is the plural of lo and what is

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a tablet aboard a plank. So planks and also do so those are is a plural of these have just as kutub is a plural of kita. So those are plural of these are and what is this out and do something with which a plank or something

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The Lakers fastened down boards are nailed. So what am I now where I left him? Where do serve Allah subhanaw taala save to serve in new Harrison, how that he was in a ship. And despite all of that water that was pouring down from the sky coming out of the earth flood, he was saved.

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And we all have learned about how when he was building the ship, the people laughed at him. they mocked at him in solitude i a 38 we learned while snarl fulica wakulla mama La La Humana Omen Kamini Saruman who they laughed at him. But Allah subhanaw taala saved him on that ship, inserted halka 11 in lemma dolmar homiletical filled geria that indeed, when the water overflowed, we carried you in the sailing ship harmala konftel geria This is how new hires Sam and those who believed in him were saved.

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The GDP our union, a tragedy, it was sailing, it was flowing, what the ship was how the union under our observation

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are unison Florida. And over here, what does it mean by this, that under our eyes, meaning under our observation and protection, because when someone is watching something very closely, their eyes are fixed on it, what does it mean? They are observing it, they are protecting it. So similarly the ship was protected. It was saved from drowning, from getting lost from any harm from any damage. Why? How in that huge, massive flood? How did that ship survive? Isn't it amazing?

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When nothing else could survive? How could that ship survive? Because it was flowing, it was sailing under a lot of observation. He protected it.

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And this protection or this flood? It was what just it was a Recompense. This was a recompense that was given to Lima and Cana COVID For he who had been denied, who had been denied. New Han s&m had been denied. But look at how Allah rewarded him. Look at how Allah recompense to him. What was the desert? That first of all, Allah responded to his prayer. He said, fun, does it. Allah responded to his prayer. He said, Don't leave even one inhabitant of these people. Allah did not leave even one inhabitant, even if it was new halogen lamps own Sun, desert and lemon kana. COVID. And in that flood, Allah saved him how on that ship, that Allah protected that ship as well juice and lemon can

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Aqua fish COVID Coffee Allah, he was denied, is also understood as he was not valued. Because remember that cover is one to disbelieve and also to be ungrateful. Correct. So new Harley ceram, first of all, Goofy law meaning he was rejected he was disbelieved in by his people. And secondly, he wasn't valued. People weren't grateful for that blessing.

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Because remember that the Prophet of Allah, Who is he? What is he, in fact, a blessing of

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a huge blessing of Allah. Because through him comes guidance, through him comes knowledge, through him comes the way to salvation, because when the messenger tells people, this is what you do, this is what you stay away from. The people are successful, then they're saved. So the Messenger of Allah is, in fact a huge blessing of Allah. But those people did not value that lesson despite the fact that they had a four hour long 950 years. Instead of Ibrahima 28. We learn torah either Latina but de Luna, dermatological fun. Well, hello como homegirl Bella, what does the name of Allah refer to the nirma of the messenger? So tragedy br you Nina doesn't live on Kana COVID. This all happened as

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a recompense for the one who was rejected for the one who was not valued. Allah valued him so much. The people didn't value him. But look at how much Allah valued him

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that all those people were punished, all those people were drowned.

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What a katakana ha I attend and we left it as a sign talk now ha ha What does he refer to? That he or him will do so the ship itself so Allah left that ship, meaning he made it last. He made it last so many things over the course of history, what happens to them, they get deteriorated, they get lost, they're finished, but that ship a lot preserved it in sort of uncovered if 15 also we learn for Angelina who has herbal Safina tea which are Ulla hair as an island.

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So Allah katakana Haha, I attend. We left it as a sign amongst the later generations. So when they see it, they believe they get warrant

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They take a lesson.

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And secondly terracotta hair, hair also refers to this deed, this farla this action which action of the destruction of the people

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and what does it mean by talking to her, we left it meaning we preserved it,

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that this incident of history, a loss of panel data has preserved it, he has mentioned it so many times he revealed it to the previous messengers, and he has also revealed it in the Quran. Why, as an ayah as a lesson

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in sort of the Shariah, 121 in the finale, color editor, one mechanic, meaning in that is surely a lesson assign what sign that look at the outcome of those who denied and those who believed

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this, as we learned at the beginning of the sutra, will kulu amarin was selling, every matter has an end, isn't it? So those who deny the meter and those who believe they meet their end will have katakana? Ha, I have a lot of questions for Jaime Mata Ki. Is there anyone who will remember? Is there anyone who will take a lesson? Who is my target? market is actually most decade is from estacada. From through Tetris, they'll Kapha mood Decker is one who takes a lesson, one who has benefited from what was said to him.

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Because when has a person benefited from what was said to him when he's actually taken a lesson.

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When it has really touched him when it has impacted him. And when it has had an impact on him. He will bring about a change in himself a change in his actions a change in his behavior.

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So for Halloween McDuck it, is there anyone who would like to take a lesson? Anyone who would like to be admonished for Halloween mode? Okay.

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This whole question this is different is for the purpose of the live and the shriek it is for the purpose of arousing interest and the shriek to encourage us to motivate us that Allah has preserved this incident for you. He is telling you about this incident in detail. Why? So you take a lesson. So have you taken a lesson for yourself? You better take a lesson for yourself. And secondly, this is the farmer's altar for the purpose of for the purpose of commanding, it's understood as an imperative that you better take a lesson home a motorcade, meaning take a lesson be a motorcade.

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Okay, if I can either be one of those, and how severe were my punishment, and my warning photographer can either be one of the What punishment, the punishment that was descended on the people of New, how was it, that it destroyed, every single one of them, all of them were drowned,

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and knew the How am I warnings, the warnings that were given to these people before they were punished before the punishment came to them? Meaning the punishment was justified, the warning was clear.

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You understand? Okay, if I can either be one of those, how are my punishment and warning, the punishment was justified. And the warning was also very clear, just as a warning that has been given to the people now is also very clear it is hickmott and vallila. Similarly, the warning that was given to the people of the past was also very clear for kafer can either be one of them, but when they didn't take a lesson, when they didn't benefit from the warning, then what happened? The punishment of Allah descended upon them, the punishment of Allah descended upon them.

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And for kafer can either be wonderful, this is also arouses fear. That how terrible was the punishment? How severe was the warning? Look at the consequence.

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So this incident is a lesson for all people that save yourself from the punishment of Allah. Save yourself from the punishment of Allah, just because the people of the past were punished does not mean that other people have the president of the same thing. They will not be punished No. Okay, if I can either be one of them it was justified. So if a person repeats with the people of the past if the same end awaits them just as incidental and file I have 25 we learn what the whole fitness and legislation under the Nevada woman comparsa where Alamo and Alicia didn't occur, what do we think they did wrong? They were punished were perfectly fine. Allah says fear the fitna it's not necessary

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that it will only strike those who have done rule only it can even strike those who have not done so. And it's not necessary that it strikes only the people of the past it can even come today. Remember know that unless God the record

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will occur the seminal analytically And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance for her alma mater. So is there anyone who would remember? Is there anyone who would like

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To take a lesson, the Quran is very easy. For the purpose of taking a lesson. It's up to you whether you take a lesson or not. Well look at the assembler, the assembler is from the root. Yeah, seen for usage, what's the structure of the word he has sadhana for Ireland, so far Allah you fairyloot the free the subtle, you Yes, they see they see is the Muslim and they see is to make something right to make something perfect, appropriate for a specific purpose.

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What does it mean by that,

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that, in order to achieve something, in order to accomplish something, you facilitate the means, you provide the means, you facilitate the means, and you make the means convenient as well.

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So that it is possible to achieve, do accomplish, whatever a person wants to accomplish. You understand?

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Like, for example, if a person wishes to go to school,

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if they wish to go to university, the parents say we are very supportive. What does it mean? That will make it very easy for you how that, for example, will help you with your finances, we'll help you pay for your fees. And then we will also cooperate with you, we will not force you to do anything, we will not demand anything from you. So all the means are facilitated money is there. opportunity is there time is there. cooperation of the family is there, this is what they see.

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Now doesn't mean getting that degree will be easy, will be simple. It will not be simple. However it will be possible.

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When we look at the word usage, what do we think? Simple. It doesn't mean simple. It means possible.

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It's possible, you have to put in the effort. And this is derived from the expression Yes, sir all fossa, liberal cool. That the forest the horse has been prepared for the purpose of writing. What does it mean by that? The horses trained, it's not a wild horse. The saddle is there, everything is there. The horse has been fed. It's not tired. It's not it's bedtime. It's not a wild horse, everything is ready, what do you have to do? Go and sit on the horse.

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Now when you sit on the horse, it's up to you how you use the horse. Whether you run very fast, or you run very slow, or you scream and you frighten the horse and harm yourself and harm the horse, it's up to you, isn't it, the horse is ready. Now the control is in your hands. This is what the word de seed means.

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So Allah says over here, what are called the assignment. And we have made Quran easy. We have facilitated it, for what purpose for the purpose of Nick, for the purpose of taking a lesson. If you want to take a lesson, it's very much possible to take a lesson from the Quran.

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And remember, the word Deacon is not just to take a lesson, but also to be reminded to remember that which is forgotten. So if you want to remember and not forget, if you want to be reminded of that, which is very important, like the matters of the law, like your duty to Allah, your duty towards other people, if you want to be reminded of that of what good as law is, or what your obligations are, then what do you need to do refer to the

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similarly they could is also to memorize. So what are the essential core analytic, we have made the Quran easy for the purpose of memorization? So three meanings over here of the first of all, taking a lesson understanding. Secondly, reminder of that which has been forgotten by a person and thirdly, memorization. So what are the essential core analytic? For all of these purposes, the Quran has been facilitated. Now it's up to you for help. Is there anyone who would like to take a challenge? Anyone who would like to read the Quran, take a lesson, who wants to be reminded of what he has forgotten? And if you think about it, all of us made the art with the last panels or the last one reminds us of

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that what reminds us of our fitrah of our duty to Allah, the purpose in our lives, the Koran correct. So whenever the sermon for analytically for helaman mode again, and again, this whole This is the fam is meant for the purpose of the shriek to arouse interest to encourage us and also it's meant as an armor as a command.

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Now, you will notice that this ayah is repeated after every incident in this aura.

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It's mentioned many, many times and sort of a few times and

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Every time that it's mentioned, it's an invitation to us that take a lesson from this before you move on.

00:30:07--> 00:30:52

Take a lesson before you move on. And this is being repeated again and again, is also a sign that in order for a person to be saved, in order for a person to save himself from the punishment of Allah, because that's what the warning is about, right? In order for a person to save himself from the punishment of Allah, what does he need to do? Take a lesson, isn't it? So? understand the message over here? And how will that be possible? by referring to the that is the solution. So if you want to be saved, if you want to be successful, what's the way during to the take a lesson from the Quran? understand the Quran? Read this Quran for helmuth decay.

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And what is this Quran? How does Allah describe it? That he has seven that we have made it easy?

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And the question is, how has the Quran made easy for the purpose of the How is Allah facilitated it for this purpose? How?

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If you think about it, the warnings that are mentioned in the Quran are dimensionally once. No, they're mentioned repeatedly, again and again, many, many times.

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Like, for example, this warning that if you disbelieve, then the punishment of allies there, it came to the people of the past it can come today as well. How many times has it been given?

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So many times? The stories of the people of the past have they been mentioned once? No, repeatedly they have been mentioned. So first of all, through repetition, through repetition, this is how it has been facilitated.

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Similarly, when a person is trying to memorize the Quran, if you think about it, the words of the Quran it repeated. So very often, where jannette are mentioned that demons FTL and how hard enough he had, right? So when you're memorizing, isn't it easy to memorize, because you know, that agenda, this description is going to come? So it's easier to memorize.

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So first of all, through repetition.

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Secondly, that through the brief that how something is mentioned in different ways, that yes, there is repetition. But it's not redundant in the sense that you find it the same every time. No, it's mentioned in a different style in a different way.

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So when you read it in a different way, it has a different impact on you. If it didn't touch you once, it will touch you another time. If you didn't get it once, you will get it the other time. Take this as an example only the story of New Orleans and I mentioned many times in the Koran, but the way it's mentioned over here, it's very effective, very effective.

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Similarly, through its contents, thirdly, the contents of the Quran. They also make it very easy for a person to take a lesson to remember to be reminded because the contents of the Quran, what are they from laws from commands, to stories of the past news of the future? The clock that is required, isn't it? The signs that are around us, so many things are mentioned. So it makes it easy for a person to take a lesson. Because if a person cannot relate with one thing he can relate with another, isn't it depending on his background, depending on his level of understanding.

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So what are the essential for another victory for her alma mater? And this ayah shows to us that the purpose of the Quran is what makes this is the purpose of the Quran. This is for what Allah has made the Quran very easy as well. This is the main purpose. So if a person uses the Quran for many things, but doesn't use the Quran for is he fulfilling the purpose? Is he benefiting? No, he's not fully benefiting.

00:34:04--> 00:34:13

Allah says flf the Bruno Quran do they reflect on the Quran? That's the main purpose instead of Maria Maya 97 for inner Maya so nanobodies Anika Mashallah.

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in the lobby. Another way through which the Quran is made easy for this is what the language the Arabic language

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