Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 105B Tafsir Al-Tawbah 38

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not taking risks and not getting too tired during the journey of Islam, as it is difficult to live a long road trip. They also talk about the history of the Prophet sallua sallam's actions, including the Battle of optimization and the Battle of opinion, leading to the deaths of the Muslims and the loss of their country. The importance of being prepared for life and using one's time to make the best use of it is also emphasized. The conversation also touches on the hesitancy of Muslims to go to battle and the weight of heavy foods on speed.
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Lesson number 105 Surah Tober. I had number 38 to 52. Have you heard of the expedition to the book?

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Have you heard of the book by the way? Yeah. Where's the book?

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I want you to google it tonight. Okay, go on Google Maps, and type into book D. A. B. UK, and you'll find out that it is were

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in Saudi Arabia.

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Okay. It is in Saudi Arabia. Where? North of Medina, how far from Medina? Is it? Somewhere between 607 100 kilometers?

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Okay. Have you ever gone for a walk like a really long walk? And you've checked yourself as to how long? You're going for? Like, is it a mile? Two miles, one kilometers, five kilometers? Have you gone anywhere like that?

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Anybody who goes hiking or something? Okay, so how long does it take to walk? Let's say a kilometer? Yes.

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Of course, it depends on the speed.

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Okay, so brisk walk for an ordinary person, maybe about half an hour? For some people, 20 minutes for some people 45 minutes to walk, how much? Just a kilometer.

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Multiply that by 600 times.

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How long would that take? If you're walking? Imagine how long would that take? It would take a really really long time. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions? How many 30,000? They all went to to book from Medina.

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Why? Let's find out why. Because it doesn't make sense to go so far on your foot, or 20 Men sharing one camel to taking turns one after the other. Going all the way to the book.

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Have you ever traveled really far?

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How is it? Not fun? Fun is when you get there. But the journey itself? no fun at all. I remember years years ago, we went to northern Pakistan, because it's really beautiful. And we were told that it's amazing. It's beautiful. So we have to go. So we're like, okay, good. So we took a flight to this particular city. And from there we had to drive. And basically we were driving through mountains. And all those roads were covered by rock. Why? Because landslides are very common over there. And obviously roadwork is something that keeps getting delayed and delayed because there's so many other urgent things to do. So you can imagine we were on the road for like eight plus hours,

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sometimes three hours in a row, sometimes five hours in a row, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, and oh my god, how I wished I could just fly out of that car and go home. It was very difficult. Have you ever sat on a camel? Anybody? How is that camel ride?

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Nice and smooth? Is it? No, not at all. People go on a camel for like 10 minutes and they say oh, oh, something happened to my back. And the next day you feel all the aches and pains. Right? And you sat on the camel. Why? Just for fun? Just for fun. So at least there was that excitement that Oh, I got to sit on a camel. Now imagine the prophets of aloneness and him and his companions, going almost 700 kilometers, either on foot or sitting on camels. Such a long journey. Such a difficult journey in extreme hot weather at a time when there was drought. When there was drought. Why? For fun? No. You know why? For the purpose of battle? Imagine the journey itself was so difficult. And

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what lay ahead of that journey was supposed to be even more difficult. Why were they gonna get richer? Where they're getting paid for every second and minute? Would they be able to share photos with their families? I went here and saw this and saw that and tell their children about their adventures. What was the reason? Why did they go Why did they undertake such a difficult journey for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in order to do jihad, FISA beat Allah.

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My dear sisters, sometimes it has

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happens that we get tired,

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because it's so cold outside. And we have to put on our boots and put on our jackets and get our children ready, and then clean the car and then wait for the car to warm up and then go sit in the car and then drive and then get to our destination. But alhamdulillah at least when we get to our destination, we can take our jackets off and sit in a warm cozy place so cozy that we fall asleep sometimes. But yet, unfortunately we complain, we complain, it's too difficult. I'm too tired, I need a break. Can't wait, how many days left to the March Break?

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Isn't it we're always counting down to when our next break will be. But we see that the attitude of the prophets of a lot of some of his companions was completely different.

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They undertook expeditions which were 1000 times more difficult than ours 1000 times more difficult. But they did not complain. They strove. And with each day they're striving got harder and harder. Why? Because this life is a struggle. Each day that you live is supposed to be more difficult than the previous. Why? Because you have more on your plate each day. Yesterday, you were single today you're married tomorrow, you have one child day after you have another one. And then you have more and more responsibilities as you grow older. Right? So this is true with regards to the worldly sense and also in the religious sense. And only when a person is going forward in his life, or his

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challenges increasing. Correct. If he's going backwards, or if he's stagnant, he's not progressing, then his challenges are not going to increase. So the prophets of Allah said on the Companions, they went forward in the way of Allah undertaking such difficult expeditions. Why Jihad fie Sabina to preserve this religion to pass it on. Because otherwise, people are going to burn in * for eternity. If we sit back and enjoy our lives in our comfortable homes, and don't take that extra step, and inconvenience ourselves, you know what the consequences, people are going to burn in the Hellfire forever. Because they're not going to know about what the heat is. They're not going to

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know about what they're supposed to do what they're supposed to refrain from, because those who have that knowledge, are too comfortable in their lives.

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Was a call this morning.

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Come on, it was called minus 13. We asked Siri this morning. And Siri said, not looking good today. Minus 13 with a wind chill.

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And as we're getting ready, putting on our children's snow pants and jackets and everything, we hear the doorbell like what's happening, who's that?

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Knock on the door and we open there's a lady. And she's saying, I know you weren't expecting me. But I just have something very small to share with you. And then when she saw that we were getting ready to leave. She said you must be in a hurry. But I just want to share this with you as to how you can make the best use of your time.

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And we turned it JW

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Jehovah Witness walking outside in this cold and wind promoting their faith. And what do we think? Well, you know what I prayed my son so that's enough. I have my children, my family, my house. Allah's Pandora is going to ask me about my responsibilities as a woman towards my children towards my husband, I'm answerable. So I have to make sure that my children are bad, they've eaten well. And there's plenty of food in the house and my house is speaking span. And everything is set. Really? Is that why we were created to serve a house to make a house to serve a house that's going to be one day demolished? To look after children and spend our entire lives doing that? Who are one day going

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to go their own ways? Who are going to form their own lives? Is this why Allah subhanaw taala gave us our youth? The time the talent that Allah subhanaw taala gave us is it just that we can stand in front of the stove and cook or just so that we can sit in front of a computer and browser favorite recipes and favorite ways to dress up and shop? Is this why Allah subhanaw taala made us know for a different reason. And the companions of the Prophet salallahu Salam understood that and this is a reason why they left the comfort of their homes and went on this expedition 600 plus kilometers in the heat of the summer, walking through the desert on their foot 18 people sharing one camel, people

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eating day

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it or leaves just to survive because it did not have food, or a smile really low on who had a whole lot of camels that were ready to go on a business trip, he basically had all caravan set. But instead of sending it for his business, what did he do? He spent all of that in the way of Allah subhanaw taala? Can you imagine spending all your savings for the sake of Allah, if somebody did that, we'd say they're crazy. They're becoming too much of an extremist.

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But they took responsibility of the religion that Allah subhanaw taala gave them, they valued that blessing. And they didn't want to keep it to themselves only they wanted to take it forward. And this is why they strove, and here we need to reflect on ourselves, that what is the level of our striving? What is it that I am doing in the way of Allah? What is it that I am giving up, that I am sacrificing for this religion that has brought me peace that has brought me happiness? What am I doing? What am I doing to take it forward? When people are suffering, miserable, unhappy, and I am at peace? Because I'm doing vicar of Allah? How is that fair that I'm not telling other people about

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the same liquor so that they can also find peace? So really, we need to think about it.

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So this expedition to the book The Prophet SAW, a lot of them undertook why,

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remember, that the treaty of her Davia, one of the clauses was that between the Muslims and the Mushrikeen, there will be no battle for how long? 10 years. So from the Mushrikeen, the Prophet told Audison was basically at peace, meaning he didn't expect any danger from them. Because from the time that the Prophet SAW lawless and migrated to mithya, year after year, what was happening? battle with them was sticking one thing after the other. All right, and all of the Muslims energies were directed to self defense. Correct. But now, after this treaty, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he decided to call other people, the non Arabs to Islam. Why? Because he was sent as a messenger, not

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just to the Arabs, but to all of mankind.

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And this is amazing. It's like he's opening another chapter. It's like, as if someone is inviting more trouble.

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What happens is that if you have a big problem to deal with, and finally when it's over, or you're temporarily relieved from it, what do you want to do? Take a break. Right? Relax, enjoy, have some fun, enjoy your children. Enjoy your friends, go party, go do something, you know, take it easy. But what is the profitable audits I'm doing? If not this, then something else, but either ferrata funds.

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So what did he do? He sent letters, he sent letters to who do the rulers for the kings of Abyssinia, Persia, Egypt, Rome bus for Governor of Bahrain, Yamama, Damascus, Oman, so basically, all the neighboring areas, all of their kings, their rulers, or governors, whatever it was, whoever it was, whatever political system was in place, whether it was a superpower or not, the prophets have a lot of them sent a letter to them, addressed directly to them, inviting them to Islam.

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Now, remember, that Rome and Persia were the two major superpowers of that time. Have you read about the Byzantines, the Byzantines however you want to call it in history? The Persians the Romans, right? They were superpowers. Right? So the prophets have a lot of sentiment even sent a letter to them. Now, many of these letters that he sent were well received, there was a positive response. And that means that many embraced Islam. But there were others who showed hostility, such hostility that some toward the letter of the Prophet saw a lot of snow apart out of pride and arrogance. And others, they killed the envoys of the prophets of Allah is Allah, meaning the person who the

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prophets of autism had sent with the letter, that person was killed. And you know, what? An envoy, a messenger, you know, someone, like for example, an ambassador to a country is what the representative and if you tell the ambassador leave, that's like what that's like showing we're not friends anymore. And if the ambassador is killed, what does that mean? We're at war with you. Okay, so when they killed the ambassadors of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this was a display of hostility, of enmity, basically saying we don't care about your company.

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with us if you really want,

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this was declaring war.

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So one of the ambassadors of the Prophet salallahu Salam, who was sent to Basra and basically that was part of Rome. He was intercepted by an ally of the Roman king. And that and why the prophets, Allah Laden was killed.

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Now remember that room next to Arabia, but in the middle, there were Arab tribes that had alliances with the Romans. So we're talking just about the Romans, we're not talking about the Amazonians or the Persians or anything, we're just talking about the Romans over here. Okay. So the NY The Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent he was killed. Okay. Now, between Rome and Arabia, there is what? Arab tribes now because they're living at the border, they're living at the border, what do they want? That we are friends with these people and those people? Why so that we are safe? So there were Arabs, so obviously other Arabs would be okay with them. Now, these Arab tribes had alliances with who? The

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Romans so basically they were pro Roman, you understand? They were pro Roman.

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Now, these Arab tribes, they didn't have any treaties with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Mushrikeen of Makkah, other tribes. They had treaties, but these tribes living at the border, they didn't have any treaties.

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What did they do? They began showing hostility to the Prophet salallahu Salam, ala they were pro Roman and B, they were showing hostility to the Prophet salallahu Salam, and why they killed and they're also did other things. So what happened the Prophet salallahu Salam, he sent a group of Muslims. Okay, and this is just before the conquest of Makkah. Just before the conquest of Makkah, in the eighth year after hijra, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam dispatched an army of 3000 men. How many 3000 Men led by Zaid Bin hadiza, who was a admin had

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freed slaves of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whom He called his son also remember, and then later on Allah subhanaw taala forbade that an adopted child be called a son, meaning he should be addressed by his biological father's name. Okay. So anyway, they had been had a thought who was very beloved to the Prophet sallallahu sunnah was sent as a leader of this group of Muslims 3000 men, and in this army was also Khalid even Walid.

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So this group of 3000 Muslims, they headed towards muda muda meme while with the Hamza on it, and thug with a demo booth at the end, mata. Mata is basically a village that lies on the border of Syria, a sham and a sham at that time was part of the Roman Empire. And here what happened was that these Arab tribes that were pro Roman, they got together with the Romans. And they gathered 200,000 Men,

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how many 200,000 Men 3000 Muslims come from here, and the Romans have gotten together 200,000 And this was a mix of Roman troops as well as these pro Roman Arab tribes.

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Now, the Prophet saw a lot of sentiment given clear instructions if they had been Hertha is skilled and so and so will be the leader if he is killed and so until will be the leader because he was a prophet of Allah, He expected something like this to happen. So what happened a fierce battle took place, fierce battle, and one after the other, the leaders of the Muslims they fell. Okay. Darfur had been amputated was one of them. And you know what it is said that in Bahati, we learned that he had over 50 stab wounds on his body. But you know what, not even a single on his back.

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Why 50 stab wounds on his body, not even one at his back. Why do you think so? Because he just kept going forward and he never turned his back. No matter how difficult it was. He never ever turned his back. And you know what, when the Muslims were there before the battle, some of the Muslims have said Let's send a letter to the Prophet salallahu Santo inform him of the situation should we even go ahead Should we go back? What should we do? But the other companions they insisted they said no, we've come here we have to go forth. So anyway, fierce battle. Then eventually when one after the other, the leaders of the Muslims they fell Khalid bin Walid he took charge, because he had a lot of

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experience. He was the one who led the machine to the victory at the Battle of jihad against the Muslim

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But now as a Muslim, he is fighting on the side of the Muslims. Okay. And this is the amazing part. So anyway, Khalid bin Walid was very clever, he was a very intelligent man. What did he do?

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He swapped the sides of the army. So basically the right flank of the army. He told them move to the left, and the left part of the army said move to the right. So the Roman army that was so big, they didn't have to reshuffle their ranks at all. The people standing on the left side, now they're seeing new faces from the side of the Muslims. And the people on the right side, they're seeing new faces. So they thought, Oh, my reinforcements, reinforcements are coming. And harder than when he kept doing that in different ways. And then what happened? Eventually, he decided that we have to retreating is that allowed from the battlefield? No, unless it is part of war strategy. So he told

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them Wilson's we're going to retreat together collectively in a very organized way. And when they did that, the Romans were already puzzled. So they thought, Oh, these people are taking us, you know, they're going back, and they're taking us to the heart of the desert. And then more troops must be waiting for us. And they're going to attack us from all sides, and we're going to be done. So what happened? The Romans, they fled.

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Can you imagine 200,000 chased away by 3000.

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This was who's out? Allah subhanaw taala is help. Right? This was the battle because of which Khalid bin Walid he got the title safe Allah. Because he used eight, eight swords that day, he broke them one after the other, he fought so courageously so firmly.

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Now, this battle, I mean, this didn't mean that the Muslims were victorious. And it didn't mean the Romans were victorious. But it showed to the Romans that the Muslims aren't afraid of you anymore. They can come to face you, you can't threaten them anymore.

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Because you see, until now, the Romans didn't care about the Arabs, the Arabs, Bedouin scattered, they're lost in their internal fights, who cares about them, there's nothing in Arabia, there was no oil that was discovered back then. Okay, so they didn't have any interest in Arabia at all. But now all of a sudden, this rising power, the Romans were concerned that one day they're going to come attack us. So this is why they killed the envoy of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they have prepared an army of 200,000 to face the Muslims. But when this battle was not successful, the Romans were aggravated. They said, we have to do something about it. They felt insecure. They felt

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insecure, they had to do something about this. So what happened? Again, they started gathering up their forces. Okay, in order to attack the Muslims. Now, fast forward, do after the conquest of Makkah, the Battle of mood that took place soon after conquest of Makkah. All right. And then after that, what happened? The Muslims received news and this isn't the ninth year after hijra, before the Prophet saw a lot isn't a win for Hijjah. The Muslims received news that the Romans are getting together in order to attack Medina.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he decided that instead of the Romans coming here, what are we going to do? We're going to go there. Why? Why did he decide that?

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It was such a difficult journey? Why did he want the Romans to stay where they were and fight them at the border and not let them come into Arabia? Why?

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yes, they could pick up more allies moving along, this would disturb the stability that had just happened, right, that had just taken place after the conquest. Finally, the people were accepting the authority of the prophets of Addis. And then finally there was some peace, some stability in the peninsula, and with the Romans coming in attacking Medina, it might be difficult for the Muslims to fight them. So the prophets of Allah some did not want the Romans to come in. So he decided that everyone is going to go to to book to Rome and fight the Romans over there.

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Generally, the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was any battle, he wouldn't tell the people from before. This is what we're going to do remember the Battle of but did they plan it? No. And otherwise, also, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went for an expedition, he wouldn't tell everybody to come along. Right? He would send a group of Muslims and that meant that some were allowed to stay behind. But at this occasion, the Prophet saw a lot of sense

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made it very clear that every single person has to participate. He even sent word to Makkah, and the other Arab tribes come, we're all going to go together. So is it clear the prophets have also made it very clear, everybody has to go. And there was a lot of fear in the Muslims. A lot of hesitation, a lot of reluctance. Why do you think there was reluctance? Because they had heard about the Battle of Malta, where 200,000 Romans showed up, and now they're preparing for their next battle. You're not expecting 200? You might be expecting 50 I mean, they're Romans, much larger empire. Many, many more people, many more allies. So firstly, they were afraid of the Romans themselves, because they

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were a superpower. And what were the Arabs? Nothing compared to them financially? All right, in their numbers. So that was the fear, fear of the enemy. The other fear was, what do you think? The journey going all the way? In this hot weather? When we've just been victorious, when it's time to relax and enjoy? Now we have to go 600 plus kilometers with what what are we going to eat? What are we going to sit on? What are we going to ride? And when we get there, what are we going to fight with? So there was a lot of hesitation, fear? And of course, the moon africaine what was their role always create confusion in the Muslims, create fear, make them lose their confidence. So that was

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happening. And there was so much fear, that are modeled Lauren, who, once what happened was a member modeled alone on his companion, both them would take turns. One day one would spend his day with the Prophet saw a lot of somebody would come back in the evening and share everything with the other. And then the other day, the other would take his turn, right? They would take turns in spending their day with the prophets of autism. So one day or model did or did not go it was not his turn. It was his Friendster. So when he came back in the evening, he's banging on the door for multiple hours.

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Where is he? Is he sleeping or body armor? So remodel the door and who came up? What happened? Have the Romans come?

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And he said no. The prophets Eliasson divorced all his wives.

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That didn't actually happened. That's what they thought had happened. Because the profits on a lot of them swore that he was not going to go to any of them for a whole month, because he was upset because of something that had happened. Something horrible happens between couples, okay. That's another story. But this just shows to us how terrified the Muslims were in general. They were expecting the Romans anytime, sir, a modal dude or in his head, the Romans Come? What happened? Why are you freaking out? So anyway, the Prophet said, a lot of them decided everybody has to go and preparations were made. But because the journey was long, it was difficult. And the Muslims had very

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few resources, no matter what they got together, even if they spent everything they had. It was not enough. It was not enough. Remember, this was a time when Abu Bakr Al blow er and who he brought, what 100% of his everything, whatever he was asked, he basically brought it or muddled, I want to know, how much did he bring 50% Right, or smiled lower and who like I mentioned to you earlier, he had 200, some camels, horses, whatever, ready to go for some business trip. And what did he do, he gave all of that for this expedition. And he brought 1000 dinar, and gave that to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also, a whole lot of gold. He gave that also some companions, they brought silver,

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others brought gold, and some brought just a bushel of dates, just a handful of dates, because that's all that they could afford. But they gave the sincere believers they spent whatever they could. And there were other believers who didn't have anything and they wept and cried because they couldn't afford to go. There was nobody to sponsor them. And they couldn't afford the journey themselves either. So they cried because of that inability. So we see that amongst the Muslims, there were those who were very sincere looking forward despite the difficulty. And there were others who were hesitant. Put yourself in that situation and ask yourself, would you go ahead? Or would you

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be hesitant?

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600 plus kilometers walking? Would you be hesitant or would you be like yes, ready to go? What would make you go? What would make you go?

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Think about it. What would make you go your

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Eman? Right, because otherwise it doesn't make sense. It's completely illogical drought.

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Okay, less food, you're exhausted, the journey is very long. Are you crazy? Why are you going? Who would go the one who's really passionate about his faith? The one who's really committed to his faith. So there were Muslims who were committed like this. And they went forth, and there were others who were hesitant. So Allah subhanaw taala says concerning the hesitant ones, yeah, you had ladina and Manu, or you who have believed Malecon What is wrong with you? What happened to you? Either Akela come when it was said to you, in Pharaoh go forth V. Sabine Inlet in the way of Allah, what happened to you? It's called Tomb in an art. You adhered heavily to the earth. It's a cartoon

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from the real letters, sir cough lamb.

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What does that mean? To be heavy, is so called Tomb ill out means that you felt the weight and the burden. And because of that, you clung to the earth, you didn't have the energy to move on.

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You don't like if you are carrying something heavy, heavy? Will that slow you down? Will it? Yes or no? Of course it will.

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Now, things are heavy, obviously, things tangible, physical things. When they're heavy, and you're carrying them, it affects your speed. But sometimes it's not a tangible load that you're carrying on your head. It's an intangible load that you're carrying. And what happens, like for example, somebody tells you, you hate to do dishes, for instance, and your mom tells you, your turn to do the dishes tonight. How are you going to walk towards the kitchen? I'm gonna drag your feet, isn't it? And if somebody tells you, there's a surprise for you on the kitchen table, how are you going to go? Even if you're really tired, you're going to run? Isn't it? Even if your foot is hurting, you're

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going to run?

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So what is it that makes you light? Passion? What is it that makes you slow and lazy? What burden?

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So Allah subhanaw taala says what happened when you were told in federal feasable, Allah is the ultimate analog. And by the way, this word infura, nonfat Nevada, Nevada is basically to go forth, running towards something as a group, it's basically when people are going out together, rushing towards something, chasing it, with zeal with enthusiasm. So like, for example, a very energetic group of fighters, when they go out, they can't wait to fight. Right? It's like when you see a team coming into the field, what are they doing jumping, they can't stand still, like Come on, stand still already so that the game can start but they're just too excited. Too excited. They can't sit

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in one place. So when you are told in filthy subete Allah is consuming an earth you adhered heavily to the earth. You didn't want to go ahead, you became lazy. You dragged your feet on all bleed to mill higher the dunya. are you just happy with the life of this world? You're satisfied with this? The life of this world? You're happy with this? This has satisfied you and you're not looking forward to anything greater? Why not? Aleta? Manhyia to dunya?

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Why is it that you're not rising up to the challenge? You're not going for us in the way of Allah subhanaw taala? Because you're too comfortable in your house? What is the house of this world compared to the house of Jannah?

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A very low standard, right? The House of this world what is it and you're happy with that? It's like, somebody gives you five bucks and says Come here, do something and you'll get 1000 and like no five.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:16

I like my five bucks. I'm not coming. Ship like, here's your mind what's wrong with you? It's only five get up do something and you'll make 1000 No, my five.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:18

Isn't this childish behavior.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:30

So when we become happy with the life of this world, and don't go forward in the way of Allah, this is being satisfied with something that is so petty.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:41

You don't want to get out of your house. Your house is too comfortable. Nice and clean and spacious. You're enjoying it? What is this house compared to the mansions agenda?

00:34:42 --> 00:34:59

You're happy with the food of this world? With the cool water with the dates with the deserts of this world? What is this food compared to the food of Jannah? That is real food. And you're satisfied with this little bleed some Manhyia dunya Why Why are you happy?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

With this mineral, instead of the Hereafter, you're letting go of the Hereafter to get the benefits of the dunya. Because the thing is that when a person goes out in the way of Allah, then what does he get? Reward in the akhirah. So you're giving that up. You don't want it so that you can enjoy this world. In a hadith we learn the Prophet salatu salam, he once said, about the people who don't go to the masjid to perform prayers, and this is specifically with regards to men. That one day the Prophet sallallahu sallam was so furious, he said, I wanted that I should tell somebody to give the event to lead the people in prayer, and that firewood is brought and it is lit, and I take that fire

00:35:45 --> 00:36:07

and go see who is not coming for prayer and burn their house down on them. This is how furious he was. And he said that by Allah, if one of them knew that he would find in the masjid, a meaty bone, or two good hooves, he would come happily. He would come readily.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:29

And this is true. If there is a party at the masjid, even if it's that typical biryani that's going to be served. What happens people come happily free dinner free dinner. But if it comes to Russia, oh, too tired, too tired. I've got so much to do. I don't have time I'm exhausted. This that list of excuses.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:41

Allah says Aleta and Bill higher the dunya mineral alpha. What is this meaty piece of bone and two good hooves compared to

00:36:42 --> 00:36:54

endless endless pleasures in Jannah. But it's sad that people are satisfied with less here, willing to give up much more than Allah subhanaw taala has to offer to the Marxian even

00:36:55 --> 00:37:04

when a person goes to the masjid, for every step, he takes a sin is forgiven. A diraja is raised for every step.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:20

Every single step imagine, but what happens? We will drive an hour, we will drive everyday to school and back to work and back. But when it comes to going to the masjid, we say oh, no, too tired.

00:37:22 --> 00:37:55

So what you're referring to is called delay of gratification, and according to studies, like people who have that skill, and who can delay gratification, are actually more successful in the long run just in this life. But can we imagine how successful they'll be in heaven? Yes. What happens is that we want immediate results, right? I go to the masjid there should be dinner, no dinner. I'm not going rewarding the aka Yeah, yeah, well, we'll see. Allah is Most Generous, he will reward everyone anyway, eventually we'll make it to paradise. We don't want to defer. We don't want to delay that reward.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:17

That's why we are so close to the dunya. And we want everything right away. And the word Africa is last next, which is so you don't look forward for it? Yes. Dunya is closer. And Acura is farther. So we want duniya. And we don't want the alpha because it seems too far.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:45

But the thing is that there's nothing that is valuable, except that it's difficult to get, isn't it? So if you want your degree in one month, then you say if it takes me six years, I'm not doing it. One month only would you get it? No, too bad. Don't have it then. If you want that degree you have to study for six years. You have to study for four years. Anything that's worth it requires from you time sacrifice, delayed gratification, right?

00:38:47 --> 00:39:43

So Allah subhanaw taala says Alito Middle High added dunya middle alpha, if the dunya is what you want, then remember that former amateur will hire to duniya Phil Irati. in Cali, then the enjoyment matar the enjoyment of worldly life compared to the Aquila is nothing except very little compared duniya to the accurate what is little, what is less? The dunya Jana is what are all who has summer worth while Jana itself is so massive that it's with alone is the size of the heavens and the earth combined. combined. Imagine that's the size of Jana. Each person in Jana will be the owner of massive property. Jen net. Why do you think Gemini is called Jana? Jana is what a garden

00:39:44 --> 00:39:53

and a garden can be as big as you want it to be. And Allah subhanaw taala will make people owners of Jannette within paradise

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

and Dounia Remember, no matter how much a person has have it, no matter how

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

which a person can enjoy in it, no matter how much a person can live in it, it is shorter, it is lesser compared to the Akira always in every way. If a person lives a long life of 100 years on this earth, will that 100 years eventually come to an end? Yes. After that 100 years is what life in the grave in the bottles are?

00:40:26 --> 00:40:51

Well, that'd be 100 years, 50 years, Allah who are them, it could be 1000s. And imagine people who died at the time of no holiday center. So the life of bizarre alone is longer compared to the life of this world. After the life of Barack comes, what the Day of Judgment 50,000 years. And after that is what the home of Eternity Eternity.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:42

So if a person clings to a cent and gives up a million, isn't he crazy? Isn't he making a very dumb choice? If he had even a little bit of wisdom, if he used his mind a little bit, even he would realize that a million is worth more than a cent. I should give up the scent and go for that million. But unfortunately, the scent seems so precious to us. Because it seems that this is all we know. Like, for example, a child if all he knows is a candy, will he care about greater things? No. Because the only joy he's experienced? Is that particular candy. You'll convince him No, no, this is much better leave this it's much better. It's a no no, I want this I want this stubborn, foolish

00:41:45 --> 00:42:10

thing to live. I was listening to a lecture where they said a man from back in the day I can't remember his name. said give athletes to write the dean is to write and Estonia is to write so compared to Accra in Estonia, what is it second 30 compared to nothing right? So work more for Africa than you would in Estonia but at least give to Estonia it's right because it is worth one wing of the mosquito compared to

00:42:11 --> 00:42:26

that this world its value compared to the other was what? Like a drop of water in our bodies. We learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the life of this world compared to the hereafter is just like when one of you dips his finger in the sea.

00:42:28 --> 00:42:39

dips his finger in the sea. Let him contemplate how much of it his finger would carry. What's your finger God is the duniya and the sea is what the.

00:42:41 --> 00:42:46

So what is worth it then, what is worth preferring the hereafter?

00:42:48 --> 00:43:36

He was quoting something that I think Imam Shafi said a quote and the quote was that this moment, this dunya is a moment so make it a moment of obedience. Because if you make it a moment of obedience, then there is a there's an eternity of happiness and pleasure and success. And if this moment is a moment of disobedience, then there is an eternity of trouble and difficulty. It doesn't mean that the life of this world is not important. It's actually very important because based on how you live is how your future will be. This is why a person must spend this life very wisely. So Aleta. Manhyia dunya, from Emma Terrell here to dunya. Karate Illa Khaleel. recitation.

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A human being

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your face and being

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all tuned in

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to be Bill higher dunya.

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Dunya see about the folly.

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You are limited to my early email,

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standard and the look on and while you're Kumala Tambu che will long Coalition for the

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