Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 158D Tafsir Maryam 88-98

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I will call you and they say it the huddle. Rahman Allah, the so many people, they claim that the Most Merciful Has a child has a son. You see earlier on in the Surah, we learned about the story of the courier lesson and we learned about the story of Medea. Right? And restarted Saddam. And then this belief of the Christians that recited Islam is the Son of God that was refuted. And then we saw that having a child is a human weakness, it's a human need and Allah subhanaw taala he's above that. So we'll call on top of the rock man who Allah again this concept is being refuted look or the dome che and it

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Laqad certainly DME, you have come with meaning you have committed jatim from JIRA, JIRA, he came jatim You all came meaning you have committed, you have brought shame on a thing that is in the that is atrocious, that is terrible. You have said something that is absolutely unacceptable. The word is from the letters Hamza doll done, and is used for a calamity, for something that is evil. But the Who am at the who is when someone is struck by, you know, a calamity, or when someone is being oppressed, or when a terrible thing has afflicted him. So it is something that is extremely reprehensible,

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extremely disturbing, like a disaster. Look at the term che and Ada, you have committed something terrible. And you have said something that is extremely reprehensible it's as if you have brought a calamity upon yourselves. When the words of shrimp are uttered, when partners are associated with Allah subhanaw taala it's as if we are bringing calamity and disaster upon ourselves. What is that disaster? Allah says the cow do summer with the caribou it is near a summer why to the skies yet have a thomna they would almost rupture men who because of it because of what

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because of what because of what you have said because of your associating partners with Allah because of your saying that Allah has a child the word yet have autonomous from Falco Fatah literally means to tear apart so the sky is imagined they would rupture they would tear apart

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and some calamity would fall upon you what then shuffle Aldo, and the Earth would split open then Shaco from sheen, cough, cough, sharp to split open to break. So the Earth would split open.

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Have you ever seen an earthquake? The aftermath of which mean you see like a big crack on the surface of the earth? Just imagine what then shockwave or do? What the * roll the Bell who had the halo it would fall ha rah rah algebra Blue Mountains, had the in devastation had from the letters had that then had the Thomas when something falls down crashing, collapsing with a lot of noise, a lot of distractions. So just imagine. So terrible is the statement. So disastrous is the statement that Allah has a child that the sky is they would rupture, the Earth would break open, the mountains would collapse. Why? And I will live Romany while

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I'm that meaning because they're out they call meaning they attribute little man for the Most Merciful while other a child

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meaning the sky's the Earth, the mountains, they are all appalled by the statement. Even they get so disturbed when they hear such a statement. Even they get so upset. But how merciful is our Lord? How tolerant is our Lord, that this lie is said over and over again. And what happens? Allah does not cause the sky to rent asunder. He does not cause the earth to split open. He does not cause mountains to collapse. Because the last panel Tara is Al Halim on ramen, the one who is very tolerant and if you notice in the Surah, the name of Rahman is coming over and over again. The really it is only because of Allah's mercy that we're still alive

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only because of His mercy. Because the kinds of things we do and the kinds of things we say, and the kinds of problems we bring to ourselves. It is only because of Allah's mercy that we are safe. And Tao little man, one other woman a young bully, and it is not

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appropriate, it is completely unfitting it is not possible. It does not befit lira harmony for the Most Merciful and yet Dafina Wallah that he should take a child.

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It is not possible that Allah would have a child, that Allah would take a child, why is it not possible?

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I remember I said this to a Christian person once, and the set, but then how would God understand us? You know, when someone has a child, they increase in their love and their affection. So if God has a child, that means he really loves more, you know, he loves His creation more, and why is it not possible he can do anything? He can have a child?

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What would you say?

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What would you say? Yes?

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Yes, he doesn't need to have a child in order to understand us. Because he's our Creator. And he understands us without being us, without becoming like us. And if he had to become like us in order to know us better, then how is he different than us? You understand this is a cricket concept of God than

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anything else? Yes.

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Exactly. Like, for example, people make so many things. Right. But you know, just because we've made a laptop doesn't mean we have to become a laptop in order to understand

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we're intelligent enough to understand something without becoming it. Right, we're able to study people and the different roles that they're performing without adopting those roles. So if this is possible for us, then Subhana he's exalted.

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Yes, if a person says that God has a child, then that implies many other things. And that means he should also have a spouse. Right? That means you know, other relationships also. And then that means that child should have more children. And that means that God should lose his, you know, perfection in his sublimity. Go ahead.

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Everlasting, but then you also think,

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like, you have to ask what happens to things like hair and nails and things like that? Because if they disappear, then they're almost not everlasting.

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I mean, then essentially, he's been resembled with the creation, right? He's being resembled with the creation and then what's the difference between the creator and the creation? So Allah says, Why am I unbeliever money, a donkey, the weather that it is not appropriate for the most merciful that He should have a child? Why? The reason that Allah gives us is, that in not Kulu, every man who ever fished summer what you will, that is in the skies and the earth, meaning there is nothing there is nobody that is in the sky, or that is in the earth inlet, except at the one that comes meaning except that it will come on man to the Most Merciful rather than as a servant. Meaning he alone is

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the master and everything else, whether it is in the sky, or whether it isn't the earth. What is its status, its status is slave to Allah. Everything is a servant, is a slave to Allah, he's a master, he's the owner. So to say that he has a child, then you're basically saying that his child, he owns his child? I mean, that doesn't make sense because Father child, they're supposed to be similar, right? And everything else besides Allah subhanaw taala what is that creation of a servant. So in collusion for Sama, what you will have many other because you see, the parent, whatever child they have, the child is like them. A human being as a human child, an animal has a animal child, right?

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So technically, God should also have a god child. Right, the child should also be God. But then there's two gods, right? And then also the problem is that Allah alone is the Malik and everything else is

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everything else is creation.

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And this idea, it also teaches us that everything everyone whether obedient or disobedient man, animal living nonliving thing ignorant aware, what ever everything what is it status before

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Last round Donna servant whether they accept that servitude or they don't accept it, everything is a servant to Allah subhanaw taala he owns everything, lipids saw him, certainly he has enumerated them bassline, exercise to enumerate to number, exercise, he is also used for statistics. So he has enumerated the meaning he knows exactly how many servants he has. Just imagine in your head, everything in the sky, everything in the earth is a servant to Allah, how many are there? I saw him, he has enumerated them. Now remember that if everything is numbered,

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then what does it mean? Nothing escapes his knowledge. Nothing escapes his authority. There is not a bird except that ALLAH has a hassle. He has enumerated it. He knows about every bird he knows about every bug he knows about every human being and every nail of every human being and he knows about every grain of sand, leopard, Assam, how complete is his knowledge, How perfect is his knowledge? Look, I saw him why dumb and he has counted them as a full counting, meaning nothing is forgotten by him, nothing is left out by him, everything is written and it's accounted for. And everything about the creation is also written.

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Everything about the creation is also numbered. So for example, how many number of breaths are we going to take? How many number of days we are going to live? Allah subhanaw taala knows about that also leopard. So where are the whom at the look at how short this idea is. But if you start elaborating it,

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it's endless look at Ursa home or the home or the what color home and all of them at T one who will come to him, meaning every creature will come to Allah yo multi AMA, on the Day of Judgment, phone will die, alone, individually accountable, empty, and each person will have to fend for himself on the Day of Judgment. But in Alladhina amanu indeed those people who believe why AMILO Solly hats, and they also do righteous deeds. They believe in their hearts and they also obey Allah on the outward

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the faith is in the heart and on the limbs are righteous deeds because deeds are what prove your Eman right so I'm no Salah had such people say a dry loo. Soon he will make law home for them are human the Most Merciful? A rough man will soon make for them would love affection. Would what dude what does it mean love? What dude is one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala The one who loves

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those people who believe and do good, Allah is going to appoint love for them. What does he mean by that? It means that he is going to a point from himself, special love for them. They are going to become Beloved's of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah loves them and Allah will show his love to them. That time is not far

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these people will be protected from the horrors of the Day of Judgement. These people are not alone. And that time is not far when they will feel His love when they will be as close and beloved once were in the aka.

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Because you see, when the believers will enter Jannah when they will enter Paradise,

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then they will be told that there is a meeting that you have with your Lord, in which your Lord wishes to reward you. So the people of Ghana will wonder what more could there be, Allah has already given us so much he has brightened our faces, he has delighted our hearts he has forgiven our sins, what more could we want? What more could we have?

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But they have to go they are taken to a special place where they have to meet Allah subhanaw taala and then there's podiums of light members of light member, right? And high stations and each person will be on a beautiful unique high station, close to Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah will show his face to them. Allah will show himself for them. Number mozarella Sam, you requested the Allah I want to see you. Allah will show himself to the people in Genda.

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And Allah will ask them what do you want? Again, the people have generally you've given us everything more than we could want. What do you want?

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Aren't ya Allah, we want your forgiveness. Allah will say, if it was not for my forgiveness, you would never have entered agenda. It's because I forgive you because of which you entered him. What more do you want ask ask Ask.

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Ask. Allah will insist that they ask for more. And basically they won't know what else to ask for. And they'll say, Yeah, Allah, you'll be happy with us. You'll be pleased with us. You will be satisfied with us. But that Alina foregone, yeah, Allah, we're happy with you, you also become pleased with us. And Allah will say, I have bestowed my deadline upon you, my pleasure upon you. So I shall never become upset with you again. I shall never be angry with you, I shall never be disappointed with you because I have bestowed might have won upon you. Say Gerardo Allahumma Ramana would

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Allah will appoint for such people special love from himself, they will become worthy of Allah's love. They will become His Beloved. They will become those who are close to him, near him, enjoying those privileges, enjoying that honor, say a gerund hula hula Ramona would. And this is such a comforting is such a, you're satisfying i because so many times there are people who were running after what chasing them. So many things. We're chasing so many goals we're trying to pursue.

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But we don't find any door open, or we find it open. But then again, we're not fully satisfied. We thought getting married would make us happy. But then there's problems we think having a child would make us happy. But then again, there's more. There's more that we want. We think having money would make us happy. But then again, it's not fully satisfying.

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But knowing this, that you have Iman, you do Ahmed Saleh and you will win Allah's love. Allah will love you.

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These are the most comforting words say Agera Hula, hula.

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This also means this is another interpretation as well. And that is that Allah will create love for them.

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Allah will create love for them. Were in the hearts of people.

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Because you see the Muslims in Makkah, they were going through a very rough time. Very rough time, there were so many families where the husband had believed but the wife had not believed the wife had believed that the husband had not believed. Can you imagine that rift in the couple. Just imagine how difficult it must be to survive to live every day.

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And friends were turning into enemies, people who they trusted, returning into hostile enemies. It is sad that this idea was revealed about are the right man, even if I'm the right man even or off, who was one of the richest men in America. And obviously a rich man means

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no friends. What does that mean? Many friends,

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good friends, lots of friends. But when he accepted Islam, what happened? His friends left him. And there were times when he felt very lonely. Alone.

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It is said that that is when this idea was revealed. Don't worry.

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You're lonely right now. You'd have no friends right now. Sad, your Allahumma Ramana Would you believe you do good. Allah will create love for you. In the hearts of people. You don't chase people, you only pursue the pleasure of Allah, you run towards Allah. And Allah will fulfill every need of yours. We run after people so that they will be our friends so that they will spend time with us they will give importance to us.

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And it's possible that people do that. But how do you know they're genuine in their love? They're sincere in their love, you don't know. But when a person pursues the pleasure of Allah,

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then what happens? He gets friends that love him for the sake of Allah and friendship and love which is for the sake of Allah, that is a best friendship. And that is the best love that can ever exist between people say at your alula, home of Rama. And we see this in the Sahaba that yes, they lost many friends but they also made many friends, friends who were so sincere to them, such friends in Medina who welcomed them in their homes who share their property with them.

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shared their wealth with them. Who does that for you? Can you imagine somebody telling you walk into my house? Right? You own half of it. I'll own half of it. If

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Somebody did that to us, we would be like, I love you so much. And why are you doing this for me anyways? What's the catch here? Right? If somebody's doing too many favors to us, we feel insecure. But imagine the Sahaba This is how much they loved each other Allah subhanaw taala describes them as banana muscles as a strong solid structure, because the one who loves Allah than Allah will send people to protect him. Look at the example of the Prophet saw a lot of sun and how much the Sahaba loved him how much

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so much so that they were willing to sacrifice her own lives for his safety.

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When the prophets of Allah Islam asked him to come with him on the journey of digital, what did Abu Bakr do, he wept. He wept because he was so happy.

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He cried. He put his life in danger. His son's life and tender his daughter's life in danger, because his journey was difficult.

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And his whole family was involved. Santiago Lahoma Ramana would, and if you pay someone to do something like this for you, today, they'll never do it.

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Even if you give them hundreds and 1000s of dollars, but when they love you for the sake of Allah, that is true love. In Alladhina amanu. Why middle Sonya had said your alula Huma Rahman would say, Don't worry, they're the Stein. When you're so lonely, you're alone. You're all by yourself. You feel like you have no friends, even your family has left you your family has abandoned you. It's just a few years, just sometime, Allah will replace those friends with better friends, that family with better family. Didn't that happen with Ebola, he ran his center. He lost his father, he lost his entire tribe. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala gave him an even better tribe.

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So anything that you give up for the sake of Allah,

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Allah will give you better in return. But you have to bear that hardship for his sake. You have to make that sacrifice for his sake. For in nama so indeed not but yes, so now who we have made it easy, meaning this Quran Villa Sanic in your language, which language is this? The Quran? It has been made easy in the Arabic language because this way the Quran is clear. It's precise, it's eloquent. Little Bashira begin with Ducane why has this Quran been sent so that you give good news to those who have Taqwa? What tone there will be He'll calm and look the any worn by this Quran of people who are loaded, loaded lamb dal dal, plural of the word Aled. Remember the word Allah Abdul

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Hassan. Someone who is extremely argumentative, fiercely quarrelsome. Now imagine the Arabs are being described as Coleman luda. You have been sent to warn these argumentative people. The Arabs didn't just argue. They didn't just argue verbally. When they had differences, what did they pick up?

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They fought many wars. They fought against each other they raided one another regularly this was a norm in that society.

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What totally Robbie Coleman looked at just imagine the state of the Arabs how they were and how the Prophet saw a lot of sudden completely change them.

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Revolution revolutionize that entire place.

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There's a Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle.

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And he wrote, In one of his books, he dedicated an entire chapter on I don't remember the name of the exact chapter, but profit as a leader. Basically, that's what the chapter spoke about. And in that he described the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That how the Arabs were before he came and how he completely transformed them and just two decades, two decades, people who were warring nation meaning constantly fighting with each other. Now what happened they became the most disciplined man.

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Less than two decades, done the Robby toma luda. So when you see

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a lot of wild characteristics in yourself or in a particular individual, then what do they need? The Quran?

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The Quran? Because the Quran tames us It trains us the way nothing else does. Believe me, nothing else can change a person the way the Quran and Sunnah can change a person.

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The machine where people who used to drink regularly commit Zina, many of them commit Zina regularly.

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sleep anywhere, take anybody's money, make an idol and then eat it up.

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Literally no system nothing just following desires and then what happened? They were transformed. Welcome Lucknow papilla hoomin COMM And how many we have destroyed before them of generations. These coma luda what do they think their time in this world is forever? Think about it think about the past how many nations were destroyed before them * due to his suit you perceive has seen seen his sense do you sense any of them? Held to his so minimum from them men are higher than anyone

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do you sense any of them? Meaning do you hear them? Do you see them? The people of the past? Do you see them walking? Do you see them driving? Do you see them sailing in their boats? Do you see them anywhere? How to hit someone home then? Otis Morrow? Or do you hear LA home for them? Rick zap a sound RyX raw calf ze a very low sound that is heard from far. Meaning when you go by their civilizations when you go by the ruins Do you hear? Do you hear their noise? A place that was once busy and full of people.

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Now that same place is lying empty. Do you see those people do you hear any sound of them, you go to their homes, you'll find them empty. You go through their streets you'll find them laying desolate abandoned, there is no life it's as if they never existed. completely wiped off from the face of the earth. This is a warning. Our time is limited. We are heard today. We are sensed today we are felt today and sooner time will come when we will not be sensed we will not be heard we will not be seen and before that time comes let's reflect on ourselves and fix ourselves let's listen to the recitation of these if Well golly

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gee tune che and

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God knows

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or Nam In

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our Moto G

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one or the one

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Manny and death either though

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in Kelowna this

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one of the

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money on the border

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not walk

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the man to

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wall he had his

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early two machines are being removed

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from the work and blackness

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in door his domain

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does now.

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So with this 100 Allah we reach the end of sort of medium and sort of medium as you know was a Maki surah. And in the Surah we saw typical machi themes being covered which are the hate the emphasis and or hate negation of Schick and also details of the era to strengthen our Yaqeen our certainty in that day because unless and until a person has firm faith in the Hereafter, his actions cannot change. His behavior cannot change. In the Surah. We also learned many other lessons. One was about the importance of Deen that how it is necessary to not just hold oneself firm upon Dean, but also ensure that our families those closest to us are also upon the DEA. The Prophet sallallahu sallam

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was commended in this little was a bit leery that he be firm on his worship.

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And we also saw in the example of Zachary Arlette salon how he was concerned about the deen of his family is my real or his salaam he commanded his family to pray and to give zakat.

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And then we also see in the Surah

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the importance of the importance of fearing Allah. If you notice from the very beginning of the solar taka, yeah, that was mentioned with the cane Alladhina taco, they're mentioned over and over again in the Surah. And this teaches us that no matter how much good someone else

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swans for us. And no matter how good people you know we are associated to, unless and until we fear Allah ourselves and we change our actions. association with someone is not sufficient to save us. It's not sufficient to protect us we have to fear Allah ourselves we have to modify our behavior because we learned bahala from embody him holophone although sunnah a generation came in this generation was descendants of the prophets. But what happened? The prophets they wanted Deen for their children. But then gradually what happened over the course of time people their priorities changed. What is our priority? Do we want Dean for our children? Do we want Dean for our families?

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And then just because our mother's religious, our father's religious our grandfather was a Hatfield, what about me?

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What about me, unless and until we take responsibility of ourselves,

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nothing is changing.

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And this is something that we reminded off again and again that each is going to go to Allah how alone further further, we are individually accountable, I am responsible for myself, remind yourself I am responsible for myself, I must protect myself.

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I must look after myself meaning my dean. And then we seen the sort of that certain characteristics are praised repeatedly. Like for example, the qualities of the hairless and ovaries are Lisanna their behavior with their parents, right?

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Also chaste, right, hi, Nana, Mila, Guna kind and affectionate towards people. And we see that in the manner of Ibrahim Rani Sena. as well. I would like you to say something to the person sitting next to you and share some reflection from the sutra with the person sitting next to you.

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What did you learn from the sutra?

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All right, anybody would like to share?

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Anybody would like to share volunteer victim?

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Any volunteers? Or do I have to find a victim? So Aliko

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I don't exactly have something to share. But I remember I was just telling my friend over here. I liked listening to cert to cap a lot just to memorize it. And then when when they accidentally just went on to sit at medium. And I just listened to it without knowing like just knew the general meaning of the words, but I didn't really know the meaning but it just touched my hearts. I love this hula. It's very powerful. Yeah, beautiful. If you listen to it in one sitting right from the beginning to the end, it will really hit your heart. Because the eyes are short. They're so powerful. The ending is so strong. And once you go into the depth of the meaning it's even stronger.

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There is also the vsido sort of marimba, shake up the NASA agenda. It's on YouTube, I recommend you to listen to it. Just the introduction is over an hour long. All right, and do three i Arthur like an hour long. So the lesson that we covered in one day, that was covered in one week. Okay, well over several hours. So if you really want to benefit more and enjoy and get to learn this sort of better, I encourage you to listen to that recording. It's free, free. And it's in a language that 100 Allah we understand.

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Right and Masha Allah Shikata NASA the way he's delivered it in the way he's so many resources he's used, the way he has presented the information it's really worth listening to. So inshallah do benefit from that.

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