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Ghafir 23-55 Tafsir 28-33

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So what color Raja Menon mean? alifair owner Yakima imana, who and he was from the family of their own meaning he was from the royal family. It is said that he was a paternal cousin of his own.

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He was a paternal cousin of his own. And he was also the air of fit

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in the sense that he was next to the throne because we did not have any children of his own. So after fit on who would become the next king,

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it was him. It was this man.

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So we'll call Raja Ramadan, Minh airlifted out, even our best of the learn who said that no one from among the family of their own believed apart from this man,

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the wife of her own and the person who said yeah Musa in

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Iran avec Leah ko Toluca, you have learned earlier that musar is an earlier long ago when he killed a man by mistake in Egypt before he became a prophet. Remember, a man came running and he told Moses around that their own and his mullet, they're planning to kill you. So just go.

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So that man was also from the royal family.

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So three people from the family of her own believe in musasa, Who were they? This man, the wife of her own and also that other men?

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So we'll call out to the middleman elevate our own yuck to a man who? He said a taco to Luna, Rosalyn, will you kill a man? In your cooler? That he says meaning because he says or be Allah, my Lord is Allah?

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Is that the only reason why you would kill a person? What does Musa say?

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He says, My Lord is Allah and you kill him because of that. Is this justify? Is this good enough of a reason to kill someone? Just because he says, My Lord is Allah, you will kill him. And on top of that, what are the Jacksonville by enacting or become he has brought you clear evidence as from your Lord.

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It's not that he's making this claim without any proofs, without any evidences, no, he has presented to you so many beginner that show that he is truthful. And he has also given you so many evidences that prove that there is only one God.

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So why would you kill a man when he's seeing something that is not bad? And after all, he is proving it? with logic, he's proving it with so many evidences.

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So why would you give him a complete beginner become?

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What he or coolcat even? And if he is a liar, who this man meaning musasa, if he is a liar, in his claim that he is a messenger, or in his statement, that there is only one God for Allah He capable, then upon Him will be the consequences of his life, meaning he will suffer the consequence of his lie. Why do you have to worry? Why should you kill him? Because no lie is successful? Isn't it so? A person who lies he can only lie for some time? Eventually his lie becomes apparent.

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So anyone who can even further he can even but on the other hand, what he saw the con but what if he's truthful?

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If he is truthful, then you say welcome, it will reach you bearable lady. Yeah, he do come some of that which he threatens you with.

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And what is it that Mossad, Islam warn people off? punishment if they disbelieved?

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So he started them, just think about it. Why would you kill a person simply because he says, My Lord is Allah.

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And on top of that, he's also presented many evidences, yet you don't believe in him.

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If he's a liar, don't worry about him. But if he is truthful, and you kill him, and you disbelieve in him, you don't listen to what he's saying. That I'm afraid, some of what he's threatening you with might befall you.

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And remember that in Allah, Indeed, Allah lay the men who are Muslim from Canada, he does not guide the one who is Muslim, the one who is a transgressor and the one who is a liar.

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So if this man is a liar, don't worry about him, his matter will come to an end by itself.

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But if you can him without paying heed to what he's saying, then who will be Muslim,

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who will be Muslim, you will be Muslim, you will be exceeding bounds.

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So in Allah halaya de men who are Muslim,

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so look at the way that he is defending musasa

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as a third person

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and he is showing to the people of her own different different ways of looking at the situation and was Allison

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But in any way that you look at him, he doesn't deserve to be killed. He doesn't deserve to be killed.

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In his claim he is a liar. Then it will become obvious to everyone through his words and deeds. Because a person who is a liar, what happens to him? He is inconsistent. He says one thing one time, another thing another time, right? He does one thing one time, another thing another time.

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But you see that this man, there is no inconsistency in what he's saying, in what he's proving in what he's doing. He's an upright person. he's not, he's not a liar. And he's not a Muslim either.

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So why would you kill him?

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Now, we see over here, that this person was a believer. Right. And he accepted the message of Busan, despite the fact that he was the only one.

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And he spoke up in defense of masala Sana, where no one was standing up indefensible. Silence.

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Eman is something that is of great value. It's something that is very, very important.

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We learned earlier at the beginning of the sutra that the angels pray for who? The believers. Why, simply because of the relationship of Eman?

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If you think about it, what is common between us and the angels? It's only a man, isn't it? They're not of similar creation.

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Because when we look at another person, we see okay, Where are they from? Which country, which race, what language they speak. And if there's a lot of similarity between us and them, then we will like them. And if they're very different from us, we will not give any importance to them.

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But the only reason that the angels are well wishing to words believers is why because of their faith, because of their email.

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And we see that this man also he is supporting musasa.

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And what is it that he had? It was even

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and imagine is something very special angels pray for the person who has a man, because declaring a man is one of the most difficult things to do. living according to demand is one of the most difficult things to do.

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Supporting the believer supporting the messenger of Allaah could perhaps be one of the most difficult things to do.

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And this regional movement, when he became a believer, he took a huge step, he was taking a big risk.

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Because he was from the royal family. Imagine how many hurdles he must have had. If I become a believer, I'm gonna lose this, this, this, this this, I'm supposed to be the next in line. And if I become a believer, I will not become king. Imagine what risks he was taking. And on top of that there was also the threat that if anyone believes his sons will be killed, but still he accepted even this is why he man is something so valuable. Because it's not easy.

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It's not easy. And this is why the angels also pray for the believers.

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And we see that this logical movement, it wasn't just that he accepted email, but then he also defended the truth.

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And this shows the strength of his faith. Because the stronger the amount of a person, then the more he will stand up for the truth, isn't it? So the more he will defend the truth. And we see that Abu Bakar of the learn who he also had submitted.

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We learned that Urban's evade, he said, I asked him to live in us. Tell me what was the worst thing that the most you can do to the messenger? The worst thing?

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So I'm gonna ask you said, once the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam was praying in the courtyard of the Kaaba,

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and Roca, even a Marine, he came and he grabbed the shoulder of the Messenger of Allah and started twisting his garments that it strangled him. Imagine he's praying, he grabs hold of his garment, and he begins to twist it so that he can strangle the Prophet salallahu

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Abu Bakr O'Donoghue came and he grabbed my shoulder and pushed him away from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then he said a Dakota Luna rajala and Nicola Viola Walker, the Jacksonville Beach anatomy Rob Beco. He said the same statement.

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Just imagine somebody walks into heroin and is trying to kill the profits of the line. Nobody's stopping him. No one. Perhaps people are very happy. But I will back around when he comes against everyone. And he comes and says profits or losses and then pushes away and he says, uh, Dr. Luna rajala

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Nicola robiola waka Jia accompanied by Hinata, mira Pico,

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this was a huge a very bold step. Because this means inviting a lot of trouble for yourself,

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isn't it? Because if a person conceals his faith, okay does not even accept the man, then no problem, isn't it. But if a person openly declares his faith or openly goes and defends him, and then he is inviting a lot of trouble for himself, and sometimes it is such trouble, that could be life threatening, that could take his life away.

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This is why he man is such a great deed.

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It has such a great reward that only a person has imagined then he can engine.

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So heavy, so important.

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Which is why even if a person has a little bit of faith in his art, eventually you will be taken out of Hellfire and placed in paradise. Why? Because he man is something very, very heavy, very important, because it's difficult to do.

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And we see that in sort of Guru Ji also, the story of the boy and the king that is referred to what happened when the people believed in the boy in what he was saying about the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. When they believe in Him, the king he became extremely upset. What did he order

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that trenches be dug, filled with fire? Anyone who claims to be a believer, throw him in there.

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Just imagine hundreds and hundreds of people thrown in those ditches, burnt alive. It's not something small. It's something very, very huge.

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So becoming a believer, supporting the truth is not something small. This is why the reward is also very great.

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Now person might think why invite so much trouble? Just mind your own business, live quietly, don't support the truth. Because this is what many people prefer to do. Right? If you learn the deen, if you practice the deen, if you spread the dean, your name comes somewhere, then you'll be in a lot of trouble. Every time you travel, you will experience so much difficulty. So just live a life that is you know, normal and don't come in the limelight or anything like that. Because if you do that, you'll be in trouble. Right? This is what people say. I remember coming across somebody who said that. The only reason why I don't wear hijab is because it just causes too much trouble.

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It causes too much trouble. That's what they said. Okay, it does. But think about the trouble of this dunya and the trouble of the hereafter which one is worse?

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the trouble of the hereafter

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because the trouble of dunya eventually it will come to an end. Eventually Your life will come to an end. And you never know the struggle might go. But the trouble of the hereafter that is never ending.

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That's never ending. Therefore, the one who accepts EMA prefers a man defends him and defends the truth, his reward is it measurable

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and the person who does not accept it stays away from it prefers to do it over then no matter what he brings on the Day of Judgment, nothing will be accepted from him nothing at all.

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Because he man is extremely precious.

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So this person he spoke up in defense of musasa

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and he advised his nation

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and now he tells them yeah call me or my people. He warns them slightly. That Oh my people locomole melkonian sovereignty is yours today. You have milk today. Milk meaning

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Power Authority that you are the leaders. You are the owners, you are the possessors you have so much and Lahaina once were dominant. Meaning you are dominant you are prevailing over who

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the bunny is right. And also the Egyptians. They were extremely successful.

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They were extremely successful people of their time.

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If you think about what they had at that time, we still don't have today.

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For example, even their language we can't figure out how to read it.

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So local mall, Coloma la harina fill up, you have multi day and you are ones who are dominant in the land.

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But this is what your situation today. But think about it for me on pseudonym but Silla he who will help us against the punishment of Allah injure Anna, if it came to us, this is your state today you are perfectly fine. But think about tomorrow. What if the punishment of Allah does

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upon us, who's going to save us? Who's going to protect us?

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Can these buildings save us? Can this wealth save us? It cannot.

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4 million tsunami but Silla he injured Anna

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so he's making them worried about their future. And this is exactly what a person should think about that today I'm perfectly fine. Tomorrow is not in my control, tomorrow things could change.

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So, if I do wrong today, then I may suffer tomorrow.

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What happened then call a fitter own fitter own know spoke up, and he said to his people, Marie, can I do not show you a llama all except what I see. What does it mean by this? I do not show you except what I see.

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I do not show you except what I see as right. Except what I see as proper best. I'm only showing you the best option. Whatever I consider to be the best. That's exactly what I'm telling you.

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So in other words, I'm very sincere to you.

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I'm well wishing.

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Whatever I see to be best. That's exactly what I'm showing you and what is it that I should kill Musa Mariko Illa Allah, I only suggest to you what I suggest to myself what I see as best and that is to kill Musa

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Alma de como ella Sabina, Rashad, and I do not guide you except you the way off the way off Rashad meaning the way that is correct. What a big lie.

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Woman decom illa Sevilla Masha, he says I'm only guiding you to the way that is the best Russia, Russia this reason good sense correctness.

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So I am guiding you to the most correct way.

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What was the guiding is people do?

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worshipping idols himself. Right? His own glory that worship me another bukovel Allah. And what was he guiding his people to killing innocent children wama de Camila Sabina Rashad.

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What was he taking his people to violence? rejection of truth even though the truth is very clear.

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Why am I Camilla Sevilla Bhatia This is what her own said. And allows a parent artist says about for their own instead of food and 97 for whatever amount of either owner, one owner owner below she'd, but they followed the command of her own and the command of her own was not at all correct. It was not at all discerning Because ultimately, he led his people to

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he led his people to hellfire. In Surah Taha 79, were upper left or okoma, who wama hada, and for their own lead his people astray. And he did not guide them.

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But according to fit our own, he was showing to his people the best way Why? Because his evil deeds seemed very good to him.

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And this is a problem that not just for their own suffered, but many others suffer. interoperate. Allah says, FM and xuyen Allahu suwama, Li for hersa. Then the one to whom the evil of his deed has been made attractive, so he considers it good.

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He's doing something that's evil, but he considers it to be good, which is why he does it.

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And many, many people suffer from this problem. They do not consider the evil to be evil. they justify them. They consider them to be sound they consider them to be good. And which is why we see that very, very few people admit their mistake,

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isn't it? Very few people admit their mistakes. Because whenever a person is doing something, he thinks that's the best thing to do. But if he considers wrong to be good, is there any hope of this law? There isn't.

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We'll call a lady and the one who believed he spoke up around interrupted in the middle. And this believer then he continued afterwards

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Wakanda Ludhiana and he's addressing his people. Yeah, call me all my people in need a half for aleikum. midlayer Mila Indeed, I fear for you a fate like the day of the companies. I fear for you mitla similar to yo Miller has a day off the different companies who does the exact refer to as AB refers to the previous nations who were destroyed who were punished.

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So what is their day? Yo Mila has a the day when the punishment descended on them.

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So I fear for you the same fate.

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That just as they witness the day of punishment, similarly, I fear that you will witness the day of punishment.

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We see over here that the Rogen movement, he warns his people,

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first of all, he makes them analyze that really isn't logical. Does it make sense? Should you deny Musa? Should you kill him? It doesn't make sense. Why should you kill him?

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And then he's warning them, that I feel for you. If you deny Him, if you oppose him, then the consequences will not be good. And if you look at the past, if you look at history, then we see that the people who oppose their messengers, what happened to them, what happened to them, they were punished by Allah. They suffered great consequences in the dunya. So we see that he quotes history over here.

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He quotes history over here. First, he uses logic, analyze, look at it yourself, does it make sense it doesn't. And then he quotes history. So he must have had knowledge of the past nations. And if you think about it, referencing to history, quoting examples from history, that is beneficial many times

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mithila that will call me new when we're adding was the Buddha, when Medina, minbar, the him, like the custom of the people of New and of art, and of the mood, and of those after them?

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Mithra This is a continuation. This is the explanation of Yeoman. What is your we'll accept the like of the call me know, what does that mean?

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What's the literal meaning of the word that

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the other?

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The yvaine

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was a Hola, como shumsa Welcome Allah, the evening.

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And he has objected the sun and the moon for you the events that are continuously moving in their orbit, right? So the other is to continuously engage in a particular action,

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to constantly do something

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and do it with effort, even if it means burying a lot of difficulty.

00:22:13--> 00:22:18

On the same route that is also used for a habit, how do you develop a habit just by doing it once?

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Is it how do you develop a habit

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by doing something repeatedly again, and again and again, even if you're tired, you still do it. Even if you find it difficult, you still do it. And when you do it continuously, then what happens? It becomes a habit, it becomes easy for you.

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And this is also used for usual practice, the tradition, the custom.

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So over here, misled that become the usual practice of the people of knew of art of the mood and what was it that they typically did all of them.

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That the denial opposition that was there that and what was it that above along with them? How did Allah deal with them

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of punishment.

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So I fear that you're just going to become like them, you're going to see the same fate, that you're going to follow in their footsteps, denying the messenger and as a result, punished by Allah. Myth. Let that become in your hand wired in with a Buddha will let him embody him and also all those people who came after them.

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Woman law who you need a little military, that and Allah, He does not intend any injustice for the servants. What does he mean by this?

00:23:38--> 00:23:49

That Allah does not intend any injustice for his servants? That if the people of the past were punished, it wasn't injustice, that punishment was justified.

00:23:51--> 00:23:56

If a law punish the people of the past it was an injustice it was rather justified.

00:23:57--> 00:24:00

So be careful. What are you doing?

00:24:01--> 00:24:05

If you deny your messenger you end up seeing the same fate

00:24:07--> 00:24:16

Why are call me and all my people in need a half were aleikum. Indeed, I fear for you. Yo Madonna had the day of calling.

00:24:17--> 00:24:29

If nothing happens in the dunya there is definitely a hereafter. And I'm afraid for you that you might suffer on that day in the ahafo la comunidad. What does it mean by this attended?

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What do you think the root is?

00:24:35--> 00:24:41

known that Yeah. NIDA. Earlier we learned the word, the law.

00:24:42--> 00:24:46

Right, that was the law key. And that was bad.

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

The Federal okay. The nod is also bap deferral, okay, because the root is known Dahlia and the year at the end is eliminated. So tonight What is it

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

mean mutual calling, calling one another, doing neither to one another.

00:25:08--> 00:25:22

So, what is this yoma tenet, this is also day of judgment and why is it called yo matternet because on this day, people will call one another a lot or people will make a lot of requests.

00:25:23--> 00:25:33

There will be a lot of calling or not just that people will be calling a lot but others will also be calling basically a lot of calling a lot of inviting.

00:25:34--> 00:25:39

For example, we learn that people are going to be called by Allah for his up

00:25:40--> 00:26:01

isn't it? Yo another cola una sin be emailing him, the day that we will call every people by their leader by the one whom they followed. Similarly, we see that there will be a lot of conversations between the people of Ghana the people of Hellfire, the people of our off

00:26:02--> 00:26:09

into the era 544 4850 we see whenever the US herbal jannetty of heaven

00:26:10--> 00:26:15

whenever the US herbal arrabida Jelani article una bellissima home

00:26:16--> 00:26:19

whenever the US have a nadie us have agenda.

00:26:21--> 00:26:24

So there will be a lot of mutual calling on that day.

00:26:26--> 00:26:31

So in the ahafo la comio Martinez I fear for you The day of mutual colleague,

00:26:32--> 00:26:37

the day when you will try to call one another for help but you will not be able to help one another.

00:26:39--> 00:26:53

So do something before you meet that day. And what is that day yoma to aluna would have been the day when you will turn your backs fleeing to aluna you will turn away mode Marina running away running away from

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each other because it's the day when people will run away from each other. yo maya field will not woman a fee will mean he will be. So Yamato Luna Marina, Marina camino la human are awesome and you will run away in order to protect yourself. But you will have not besides Allah, any protector, anyone to protect you. Anyone can save you. You will try to run away from punishment. You will try to run away in order to escape in order to help yourself in order to defend yourself. But you will find no protector on that day besides Allah.

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Awesome. It's from the rotators inside me Asana. Asana is to protect something by keeping it with yourself.

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Protect something how by keeping it with yourself. So Malcolm in Allah him in our awesome woman utility level from the human head and the one who allows industry that he does not have any guide.

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The one who has been allowed to go astray by Allah, no person can guide him.

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And this is also a warning

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that if you don't take advantage today, if you don't benefit yourself from Hidayat today than tomorrow, nothing can help you. No one can help you. And I fear for you the consequences of that day.

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He will listen to the recitation.

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Tina wants to

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move me

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up on

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Dena orlu

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walk on

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Deena Deena, come

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to me.

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walk on

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the moon, B, and

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Cola for the

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the year

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walk on me,

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So what can we learn from this?

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So I was just thinking that this man, he didn't use emotional reasoning he had logic, we had different arguments to give the people so that they could use their intellect and understand what he was saying. And also the importance of knowing history. And not just saying that look at history, but he had examples to share with them some solid examples. A believer has to be concerned about other believers that another believer is in trouble. He's in difficulty. And you're seeing it, you're witnessing it? How can you turn away from it? How can you? How could you think, oh, they're not from my country? so who cares? I don't know them. So who cares? No, they are a person, a human

00:32:29--> 00:33:14

being, they need help. And if you have any ability to help them to support them, you must do that. Because what does Allah subhanaw taala like that when believers are together, no more sauce, that when they are together, when their means of strength and support for one another, but unfortunately, what has become our way, cutting off from one another, splitting away from one another? Just one difference of opinion. And that's it, we say, I can't work with you. I can't study with you. I can't do this with you. And we split our efforts. And this only leads to division, it only leads to bad feelings, it only leads to failure. Because when believers are together, their means of support for

00:33:14--> 00:33:23

one another and they can accomplish much more. But when we split away from each other, then what would we accomplish? We can hardly attain anything then.

00:33:24--> 00:33:49

And also over here. Another point that you mentioned about having knowledge of history, not just about history, but the world because only then can you give relevant examples. Only then can other people understand you. He had solid examples. He didn't just say Oh, the people of the past no people of new people are people of the world. Because when you speak with facts, then the other person he can trust on you.

00:33:50--> 00:34:07

And when you quote history, when you quote facts, then your statement has some weight, then people will give some importance to your statement. But if you're saying things without any evidence, you're just saying things that oh, I heard I I think then your statement doesn't carry any weight whatsoever.

00:34:09--> 00:34:44

Sound I got I was actually thinking about how is warning people because he is already used his logic and everything. And now after the interruption of your own. Now that people are slightly like doubting him or something like that he uses a good technique. He's actually connecting with the people. He says yeah, call me and then he warns them so he's doing two things at the same time. He's supporting masala Solomon is also warning his people by connecting with them. He's not just saying, Oh, you guys are disbelievers, so you're going to hell right away. Exactly. So he's defending musasa and at the same time, he's also doing our because how could he defend musasa by doing if people

00:34:44--> 00:34:46

believe only then will they not oppose him?

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

Santa Monica, as thinking about the importance of dark as we learn that a man is something hard that we really need to go and Allah says mommy love my mom and dad and whoever loves and guidance

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

can guide. And if we need to ask a lot Raman strongly men, because if we want agenda, that's what our key to done is very true to the strength of women because it was the strength of women that enabled this man to speak up as well.

00:35:18--> 00:35:55

I was just going to share with you one time we were fixing our shelving and all that stuff. And I came across this Egyptian book. And we open it, my daughter and I were discussing and all that stuff. And we saw these constructions. And they're intricate, made, like, you know, the language that is written on the wall in color, and the designs and all that without architects back then, without engineers. And this course is like, you know, you take five years of these courses. And the reason I'm telling this is, look at these people, they're super intelligent, they're very strong, like, you know, they must be tall people and very, very strong, because it's too late to carry this

00:35:55--> 00:36:30

Boulder. And I was like telling my daughter and look at this, like, you know how intelligent they are. And that made them very arrogant. And they don't want to believe in the message of Prophet Musa alayhis salam. And so they were destroyed, and up to now no one can find out how they did these things. When it came to dunya, very intelligent when it came to the obvious miracles, they can't figure out if it's magical miracle. They're confused, clear proofs lies. So many times people use their mind only Fredonia. And when it comes to them, they don't use it.

00:36:33--> 00:37:04

I was thinking about why the people don't have the courage to speak and say something is wrong for wrong. I realized that at home, whether it's our children, or as we always get immune to the wrong things going on. We allow our children to play games, which the wrong things like with their shooting or firing, and we teach them we make them immune that this is not wrong. And that's why when they go out, they don't say that this is wrong. Like, for example, if you're in a headlock or something, and somebody will ask you a question, Is this wrong? I think people will just wait to other people answer and they will not answer. They're not bold enough to say no, this is wrong. So I

00:37:04--> 00:37:22

think we should go to the bottom of this, that why we are not like this man who was so courageous, to openly say that was wrong, we should go deeper to that and see that how we can make ourselves like that, that we can openly say that this is wrong, because so many things are going on wrong around us around our society, but we don't have the courage to speak and say that this is wrong.

00:37:23--> 00:37:33

And we just follow the crowd. Whatever everybody's doing, that's what we like to do. Because that's very comfortable. And if you stand out against the crowd, then that you look bad.

00:37:35--> 00:37:39

But we see that we have to support the truth. And we have to speak up against the faults.

00:37:40--> 00:38:04

As I go, this reminded me of the story and sort of the scene where a law sent two messengers and then he sent a third. And no people believed in them except a man who came out of nowhere. And then here were more so was in a position where they were just, you know, people who are so strong and mighty and powerful. And they have nowhere there was a man who spoke up in his defense. So when you do things for the sake of a lot more, you're in the way of a Lala helps you in so many ways you don't you won't make drawers.

00:38:07--> 00:38:25

Previously, we know that one of the manometer is a Salah. So one of the manometer is your fear. So whether you have the fear of people more yet really lonely man, and if you have more fear of Allah subhanaw taala. And don't fear about people, the level of demand is very high. So this is a kind of another remark.

00:38:27--> 00:38:57

I just wanted to focus on the point where he says that if he's a liar than a caribou, so a very important principle that truth will always prevail. So something we also need to remember sometimes we are frustrated when we see a lot of wrong things happening and then they seem to be thriving. But eventually truth will prevail, you know, and wrongdoings will be defeated. And also a person should be careful himself that if he says something that's wrong, it's a lie. You might be able to hide the truth temporarily but eventually the truth will come to light.

00:38:59--> 00:39:03

Just one thing that look at the way he is addressing the people yeah, call me

00:39:04--> 00:39:49

with so much gentleness. Remember when Allah subhanaw taala sent masala salmon Haruna and he said and he said to them for COVID Allahu kolon Lleyn and say to him colon lane and gentle word, y la la jolla de kado au yaksha. Perhaps he will take a lesson or he will fear. So, we think that if we are speaking the truth, then we have the right to be rude. We can be harsh we can be loud, we can be offensive, no. Speak gently, speak appropriately. Speak with facts. Don't be driven by emotion only. Because if you're driven by emotion only then you may say something that is incorrect. You may do something that is disrespectful and because of that the other person will not listen to you anymore.