Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 143F Tafsir Bani Israil 33-36

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not killing people who caused harm to their lives and the three options for punishment, including forgiveness and a large fine for anyone who refuses to comply. They stress the importance of taking action to avoid becoming a victim and fulfill commitments to avoid giving money or privacy. The speakers also emphasize the need to measure coffee weighs and use proper weighting methods for privacy and avoiding fraud. They stress the importance of following people who are not aware of their abilities and using their eyes, ears, and heart for personal reasons.
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What about up to no naps and do not kill the person the soul with soul, which person allottee which and allottee is feminine over here because the word knifes in the Arabic language is referred to as feminine. So do not kill the soul which held them Allahu Allah has forbidden, meaning Allah has forbidden that it should be killed. In other words, that sold that person his life is sacred. Don't kill him, in that except Bill Hawk by right meaning when there is a just reason, when there is a just cause for that person's life to be taken away. Why? Because they have done something so horrible. They have committed such a serious offense, that in order to be punished, their life must

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be taken away. And we hear about such crimes all the time, right that people on the death row, why because of the serious crimes they have committed, so don't kill others. Because human life is valuable. Human life is sacred. And I mean human life, whether that is of a Muslim, or a disbeliever. Or a than me, meaning someone who's living in the Muslim land, human life is sacred. Over here, enough has been used, not Muslim, not men, because human life itself is sacred. allottee have them Allah who in that will help except for Just Cause. And there are several reasons because of which a person it's justified, that his life must be taken away. But remember, we are no one's to

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say, Oh, they deserve to be killed. So you know what, let's take a gun and run into the parliament and shoot, shoot, shoot. No, we are no one's to take the law in the hand. We cannot do that.

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This is wrong. allottee haram Allah, when Allah has made human life sacred, we have to respect human life. Yes, there are causes. But those causes they're not, you know, justified by us. by ordinary people like us. We are no one's to say this one deserves to live in this one deserves to die. We cannot take the law in our hand. Even in a Muslim land. No person can just go and say, oh, you know what, this person has done this. I'm going to kill him. No, in a Muslim land, the Khalifa, the person who is, you know, in authority, the Emir he's supposed to issue the orders, the judge the collie. He's supposed to decide that yes, this person is guilty. Yes, they deserve to be killed

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because of what they have done. And again, no one can go and just go and kill them in public. No, there is a process. Because if there was no process if there was no law and order than whose life would be safe today, we see that people who do take the law in their own hand, who don't respect law, neither the law of Allah nor the law of people, what happens? Who do they leave? Who do they spare nobody.

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Woman putting a Muslim woman and whoever is killed multilumen unjustly. He was Muslim, meaning law was done on him how? By his life being taken away from him. Whoever is killed unjustly. fucka. Jarrell, then we have made legally key for his air for his heirs, Allah has made so far none

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and authority.

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Meaning Allah has given the IRS the authority to take revenge. They can take revenge, how we learned about the law of the sauce earlier, that there's different options. If a person has been killed unjustly than the killer, the murderer, he has to be punished. How would the law of Casals and the choice is given to to the IRS that they decide what they'd like to do? They have three options. Either they can forgive the murder completely.

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Or they say no, he killed our son. We don't want him to live and breathe just like our son is not living and breathing.

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He made us suffer he made our son suffer. We want him to suffer. So equal punishment. And what is that? The punishment exactly like the crime he killed, he will be killed in return. He took somebody's life away, his life will be taken away from him. He doesn't deserve to live. Because if he's killed one person now, how easy would it be for him to go kill five more to go kill 50 more.

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So this is one option that they can say that okay, he killed our son. We want to kill him. Okay, what's the third option? That they say okay, we understand that mistakes happen. He was really angry and he killed our son. Hopefully he's a good person. He has a good reputation otherwise we understand it was a genuine mistake. So you know what, we won't kill him, meaning we don't want his life to be taken away. We spare his life however, he has to compensate us. monetarily. He has to come in

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Save us with a big hefty fine

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and who's going to give that fine that blood money, the murder, and if he cannot give it himself and his family have to come together and pay the family of the one who was killed so woman cutting them off lumen fucka Jana Lee so on and

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so because he has been given the authority to take revenge, Allah says fella used to fill cattle, he should not do a Seraph in killing who the Wali the air the family they should not do is Seraph in killing killing who the murderer meaning when taking revenge. If they choose the option of resource, then they're not going to do it soft. What is it's rough to exceed limits to go beyond the limit. So for example, they cannot say that, Oh, you know what? This guy killed our son. So okay, the judge ruled that he can be guilty, you know what? We're gonna kill him and his father and his son and his brother, the entire family. This is what is raffle? Kotlin you're not allowed to do that by

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yourself. And likewise, this raffle cotton, some have said that, for example, they say no, no, we spare your life, we'll just take the blood money, they take the blood money, and then they hire an assassin. And the SEC kill him.

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You understand? So they're taking the blood money, and they're also killing him secretly.

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Another way of his life could be that the person is killed and then his body is mutilated. Let you sort of feel Patil

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don't exceed the bounds. Yes, you're angry, you're hurt. But control yourself. Allah has taken your side by giving you the authority to take revenge. So when you've been given a right to take revenge, then calm down fella use riffin. Patil, in the hook Hanuman Surah, because he's been helped, who's being helped the family of the person who was murdered, they're being helped by the law in this dunya. And if there was so much injustice that you weren't even given the authority to take revenge, like it happens that the murderer, he escapes, you can find him? Or even if you do find him, you know, he has so much power, that Who are you to question? Who are you to take him to court? You take

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him to court? He doesn't even show up. Right? So in AlGhanim, Surah, don't worry, you will be helped, if not in dunya, definitely, in the Accra. This is why the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said that the first of affairs to be judged between people on the Day of Judgment, are those involving the spilling of blood,

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the first cases to be resolved on the Day of Judgment, the disputes between people, which cases are they off murder,

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of killing? Can you imagine?

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What does that show to us how important human life is to Allah subhanaw taala how sacred human life is that if it was violated, if someone's life was taken away unjustly? Then you know what this is going to be one of the first matters to be resolved on the Day of Judgment.

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When at the caribou and do not even go near Mandalay, a team, the wealth of the orphan, the property of an orphan, Allah says don't go near it. Why? Because if you go near it, you will be tempted to take some of it. And that orphan child, what can he do to defend himself to defend his property? So you know what, keep away, don't even look at it. Don't even set your eyes on it. Keep away.

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And this shows to us that if we find his greed and our heart for money for things, then you know what, keep away from them. Why for your own good, if you can afford them, good for you. But if you cannot afford them, then don't even go near them. You know, for example, a person goes into a store clothing store, and they say nice socks. Oh, I love them. They're so nice. They look so good. I'd love to have a pair. And then they look at the price tag $20 for two pairs of socks, too expensive. So they're like, wait, I have an idea. Let me get a dress and go in the change room. And you know what I'll do? I'll pretend like I am wearing this dress. But I'm going to take the tags off of the

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socks. I mean, they don't have those thingies, right which when you walk out with out of the store, it's going to start you know making noise. So, see what happened. When a person set his eyes on something you could not afford and he was stumped it it made him commit theft. You understand? So Latta Karabo don't even go near these things. Earlier we were told let the club was Xena don't even go near Zina.

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When you find a weakness in yourself

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with respect to a particular thing, keep away from it.

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You know about the hypocrites we learned that on the Day of Judgment. They will be told well I cannot comfort and to and full circle. You put yourselves in

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Bitna you put yourselves in situations where you became weak, and you couldn't hold yourself back, you put yourself in temptation

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to keep away from it as much as you are able.

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So, Latta krobo mallia. Team don't even go near the wealth of the orphan

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who is an orphan?

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A child who has not yet reached the age of puberty and their father has passed away. Now what does that mean when their father has passed away, they've inherited so much money.

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Right? Whatever their father left, they've inherited it. So don't go near it in that except bility. In that way, here it is isin best. And what is that best way that you're going only to look after the orphans property, to invest it, to preserve it, to protect it have that until ye beluga he reaches meaning the child the orphan child reaches I should do his maturity, meaning once he reaches the age of maturity, then give the wealth of the orphan back to him. What Oh, full beloved, and fulfill the promises the commitments, why? Because in the law, the kind of Missoula indeed the promises your commitments, cannabis, Ola, they're definitely going to be questioned about Allah is

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going to question you about the promises that you made. So for example, with the orphan he's promised, they know, it's all written in legal terms. And when he will reach this age, he will get this back. And then what happens when the child realizes Oh, I'm supposed to be having this much money? And he goes to the uncle and says, oh, where's my money? He says, Yeah, whatever, go away.

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fulfill the promise. Because Allah is going to question you about the promises that you have made with people about the commitments that you have made with people, whether those people are orphans, or they are your co workers, or they are your employer, or they are your parents, your friends, your spouse, even your children. If you make a promise, you better fulfill it. Because if we don't fulfill it today,

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we cheat them then who is going to question us about it? Allah subhanaw taala when on the day of judgment, and we will have to give them something as compensation and what is it that we can give to people as compensation on the Day of Judgment? Money

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good deeds in Milan, the Canon Missoula so preserve your good deeds fulfill commitments? Well, full kale and give full measure Oh for welfare Yeah. Wafaa to fulfill. So fill the measure meaning when you are giving somebody something according to a particular measure, so for example, somebody selling you know, for instance, one cup of a particular ingredient, then they better make sure that it is actually one cup and not three quarters. What Oh, full scale.

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When it's supposed to be a cup of coffee, make sure it's a cup of coffee and not half a cup of coffee. I will fall kale fulfill the measure either kill Tom, when you do measure? Was he knew and weigh Zeno from the letters was a noon, because while at the beginning is Humphrey law, right? Well, Olivia, remember, have Allah, what happens to it? Allah is like a disease. So it's diseased, it's ill. So what happens? It either changes its form. Wow. Turns into Allah for Yeah. Or it completely eliminated. All right. So Xenu it's actually there's supposed to be a while at the beginning, the wild that you see what it means. And this is how to.

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So wasn't why was I noon? And what does wasn't mean? Wait. So was he knew and way below the stars? With the crystals? What is the source of balance? The scale?

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It's from best coffee and power, what is justice? Why is a scale used for the purpose of

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justice, right. So what is the noble cause falls within scale with a balance that is almost ducking, that is trait that is proper? That is even meaning don't use a faulty balance of faulty scale?

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Make sure that it is not faulty. It is Mr. Payne.

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What does this mean?

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What does this mean?

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You know, let's say you have meat, and you wanted to weigh one pound, for instance, right? But you don't want to put the wet you know, * pieces of meat on your scale. So what do you do? You take a bowl, right? And you put the meat in the bowl, and then you put the ball on the scale, right? But what happens? The total weight that you get, it's going to have

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The weight of the ball also. But you have to kind of exclude that. So what can you do? You turn the scale on, you put the ball, it tells you how much the ball weighs. And then you press this button. Okay, which will take the weight back to zero. And then you add the meat, and then it will tell you how much the weight of the meat is. This is what Elkins thoughts are most shocking. However, if a person doesn't do that, and this is yeah, the weight of the ball is already included. And he doesn't do that. And he just puts the ball and the weight that he gets at the end includes the weight of the ball. Did he get the right amount of me? No, that's not fair. So was he No bilkis Dawson was

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looking, don't cheat others when you're weighing things for them.

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Don't cheat others when you're weighing things for them was the nobilis Dawson was takim. So both things are mentioned, when you're measuring the length, the volume be just unfair. When you're weighing, again, be just unfair. Valley go higher on that is better. What Senator Wheeler and it is a son, it is good. It is best intent. We'll what is that we interpretation that we observed while lamb oil is to return to origin. And this is done in two ways through and through knowledge. So for example, that wheel is used for interpretation, like you're interpreting the meaning of something, because you're telling them about what it originally means. What's the intent, this is

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interpretation. And then that wind is also through armor through action, meaning you carry out you actualize what was supposed to be done, right? And when you actualize, you carry it out, you take it to its ultimate results with that will also means result, consequence. So it will be best with regards to consequence, meaning it will produce the best results, what will produce best results, honesty.

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Honesty, when you're dealing with others fairness, when you're dealing with others, this will produce the best results in the long run.

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What happens is that for a little bit of benefit, a person thinks you know what, if I cheat this person you won't even know they won't even realize, and I can, you know, get some extra benefit out of them. I can make a few dollars here, I can save a few dollars here. But what will happen, you can cheat them three, four or five times. And then one day when they go to a different store and they got more for the same money, they will know that you're cheating them. Will you keep them as a customer? Will you lose them, you will lose them. So what is better saving a few dollars making a few dollars extra dollars or keeping that customer forever? What's better, keeping that customer

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right or Senator Wila likewise, when we're dealing with children, sometimes we bribe them constantly. You know, you do this I'll give you a candy the child listens. No candy for you. Have you seen the amount of cavities you have in your teeth? This is not fair. If you said that you're gonna give it give it be fair, be honest, be just

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what's going to happen if you keep dealing with a child in this way. He's gonna listen to you maybe three or four times and then after that is going to say whatever. I'm not going to listen to you. So any relationship, any kind of benefit that you want? How should you get it? What's the best way through honesty? Because if a person is dishonest, he's not going to get good results. What at the Kung Fu and do not pursue my that which laser it is not lucky for you be with it element any knowledge. Meaning when you do not have knowledge of something don't follow it. Don't pursue it. The full off. Wow offer offer is basically the neck when you're following somebody, what do you see

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their neck alright. So this is why this word is used for etbr following. So do not follow that which you have no knowledge of what does it mean? Bing if you don't know about something then don't follow it blindly.

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Don't do that. In the summer, indeed the hearing will bussola and the site division Well, fu ad and the heart canola econ on houmous Goulet, all of them are going to be questioned about meaning ALLAH is going to question you. I gave you eyes. I gave you ears. I gave you a heart. Why did you not use them before you followed somebody? Why did you blindly follow them? Why did you do something just because the whole world was doing it? Did you not have eyes to see what did you not have ears to hear with? Did you not have a heart to process the information that you receive?

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Allah is going to question us about these faculties but

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because he didn't give us these faculties these abilities just for the purpose of entertainment, just for the purpose of enjoyment. No, it's so that we look, we see, we hear, we reflect, and then we see, is it really worth following? Is this person really upon the hawk? Should I really follow them? Should I really do what they're telling me to do?

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In the summer well buffer Well, further canola can earn homeschooler.

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Also, this is means that Latok formulae Celica hearin, meaning don't pursue that, which you don't know about meaning when you don't know about something.

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When you are ignorant of something, don't pursue it, and don't start talking about it. Because Allah is going to question you, but what you said about what you heard about what you saw about your heart, so don't assume without looking, don't assume, without listening, and don't open your mouth, just on the basis of assumption. Because you will be asked about what you said, you will be asked about what you thought.

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Even our Bastille did or anyone's you said about this, I had that do not accuse of that which you have no knowledge of,

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do not accuse of that which you have no knowledge of. So for example, you see your friend at school, sitting across the table from men?

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Some people, what do they do they instantly assume she has a boyfriend.

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Oh, so this is what's been going on? Really, you just saw from one side. Okay. And there is a pillar in between. Because of what you could not see the third person sitting at the same table.

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You don't know that they're sitting together for a school project. But you're assuming that she has a boyfriend, and something is going on? No, don't assume. Don't accuse without knowledge.

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Don't do that. Use your ears, use your eyes, use your heart and use them wisely. Think before you pursue something. Is it really your business to be thinking about somebody's relationships? Is it really your business? To find out about what's going on and what people are talking about at a particular table? No, if it has nothing to do with you mind your own business. These eyes, these ears, we don't have them forever. We don't have them forever. Use them wisely. Use them for things that really truly matter.

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That really matter.

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Recently, I met this person who was telling me about a family member of theirs who got sick one day, they had really high fever, and they became deaf.

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So literally, they cannot hear no surgery can help them. Nothing can help them. Literally, they've lost their hearing how just because of a high fever. They look perfectly normal from the outside, because they don't even have those hearing aids because they cannot hear no hearing aid is going to help them.

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And when they were telling me about the screening I felt these years, we don't know when we're going to lose them.

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So really use them for something that actually matters. Why waste your time listening to other people's conversations that will have no effect on your life, that you've got nothing to do with listen to something else that's actually going to benefit you. Listen to people who are talking to you, whom you're constantly ignoring. Instead of listening to people who are trying to have a private conversation and you're constantly interfering in the summer well bizarre our other Kulu like a canary who Missoula are the other said that do not say about something I have seen when you did not see it.

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Or do not say that I have heard when you didn't actually hear it yourself. Do not say that I know when you don't know about it. Because Allah who will question you about that. Because sometimes, just to prove that we are right, what do we say? I heard Yeah, yeah, they were saying this. Yeah, of course. Yeah, I saw I saw myself whereas we didn't really see. We didn't really hear. So what do we learn from this I don't follow blindly use these eyes, ears, hearts that Allah subhanaw taala has given us and secondly, use them wisely. Allah has given them to us for a reason, use them productively. The first also includes like celebrity magazines like you'll get like MSN or Yahoo

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News or even like on SparkNotes when you're doing your English homework on the side, they have all of this oh this celebrity wore this and wore that and did this and did that like we waste so much time on it. Forget about those celebrities. Even though Muslim celebrities have been the

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kinds of things. People wonder about them, the kinds of things people are curious off concerning their personal lives. It's amazing.

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It's amazing how sometimes you're looking for a particular article or a particular lecture by someone. And as you're Googling, what happens, you know, the suggestions that come up, so and so's husband. So in source marriage, so and so, divorce.

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Really, if those are the top suggestions, what does that mean? This is what people are searching for. This is what people are interested in.

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Don't do that.

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Don't do that. So what if they're married? What does that have to do with you? Seriously? And what if they have five children? What does that have to do with you and one of their divorce? What does that have to do with you? That's their personal life, leave them stop harassing people, you know, small minds talk about who? Other people. That's what they're interested in. They're not interested in what they are saying what people are talking about what they're telling and what they're teaching and the kind of work they're doing. Know, what are they concerned about? The person the individual.

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So let's start using these abilities that Allah has given us for

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for good causes.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these ayat Allah

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Father John.

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He's on

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team be

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for the

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school. Will cannula in the killing to Morzine

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response you Mustafi that he got for you.

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We're on top of Seneca be in Santa

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