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Juz’ 27: Az-Zariyat 31-60 – Al-Hadid

Az-Zariyat 31-60 – At-Tur

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So I'm ready to look at who

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the who was earlier I thought was really good Kareem and Abarth fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish. rocklea assadi were Sidley, MD washlet melissani. Cody

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was at the listen he was

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just number 27.

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LED on FML horrible coma au helmore saloon Ibrahim alayhis. Salam said then what is your business here all messengers Ibrahim run his son I'm knew that the angels who had come to him could not have come just to give him good news of the birth of his son. For that even one Angel would be sufficient. Why a group of angels he knew there was more to the story callooh in order Selma ala calm imagery mean, they said indeed we have been sent to where people have criminals, Lee nocellara him who gelato midplane descend down upon them stones of clay, marked in the presence of your Lord for the transgressors. Meaning for each stone, it is determined it was decreed where it should land

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and who it should hit and where. So we brought out whoever was in the cities of the believers. And we found out within them other than a single house of Muslims, only one house, and that was the House of Lords are they Salam. And we left there in a sign for those who fear the painful punishment. When the interest came to Ibrahim alayhis salam. He wasn't philosophy at that time. And the cities where the punishment was brought to this punishment was to be brought to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were a little early Salem had been calling people for a very long time. But despite his many efforts, people were not willing to change. And we learned that even his wife did

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not believe in him, she betrayed him. And what was the sin of these people, they were addicted to a particular desire, lust, and they were unwilling to change their behavior to change their habits. So what happened ultimately the punishment of Allah came upon them, Luther, they sent him and his family were brought out, and the remaining people, they were picked up, thrown down, rained with stone swallowed by the earth and drowned in the water. And the one who wants to take a lesson can take a lesson from this, and leave his sins leave disobedience to Allah. And then Moosa was assigned when we sent him to fit our own with clear authority, but he turned away with his supporters and

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said, a magician or madman, so we took him and his soldiers and cast them into the sea. And he was blameworthy and and was assigned when we sent against them the barren wind, it left nothing of what it came upon, but that it made it like disintegrated ruins, and in some old when it was set to them, enjoy yourselves for a time, but they were incident toward the command of their Lord. They didn't listen. So the Thunderbolt sees them while they were looking on lunch, but slay her Bali all of these words come in the Quran to describe the punishment that was sent upon them.

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And they were unable to arise, nor could they defend themselves. They couldn't escape. When the punishment came, they couldn't escape despite all their prosperity, their resources, their riches, they couldn't run away, and we destroyed the people of North before. Indeed, there were people defiantly disobedient was summer abena, Herbie Aiden, were in Ireland will see your own and they haven't we constructed with strength, and indeed we are, it's expander we are constantly expanding it. You know, just like when you're blowing a balloon, if there are two dots on the sides of the balloons as you blow the balloon, what will happen those two dots will grow apart from each other.

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So the universe is constantly growing, expanding, and the earth we have spread it and excellent is the prepare and of all things we created two minutes, perhaps you will remember

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Fulfill rule Illa in Neela, come in hoonah the Rama been softly to Allah run to Allah. Indeed I am to you from him a clear Warner. take a lesson from all of these incidents, leave your sins, pay attention to your Lord and run to your Lord. When is it that a person runs in a particular direction to a particular goal when he likes it? When is it that you will run? When is it that you see children running to a particular truck when it's the ice cream truck, because they like it? When we see some benefit in something for ourselves, we run towards it. This is why we set some things as our gold center of our life our focus, when a person's objectives and goals are clear, the no one

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needs to tell him to run. Or does anybody have to tell him to run No way. When your objective is clear, nobody needs to tell you run, it's not difficult to run them when the goal is clear than a person can run. And you see, a person can only be productive in life when he has a goal to which he is running to. Now what should be who should be our goal, ultimate focus of our lives. Allah xojo that every effort of mine is in the direction towards Allah. I want a lot to be happy, everything, everything I'm doing, I want a lot to be happy with me. I want his pleasure. And this is why it is necessary that we find in our hearts, immense love for Allah, greatest love for Allah alone,

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greatest fear of Him alone, that no one needs to push us. Come on, get up and pray. Come on, get up and recite the Quran no needs to push us and motivate us to obey Allah, we would run ourselves. This is why love for Allah is essential. The prophets are the laws that I'm saying that Allah says all son of Adam, get up for me. I will walk to you, you have an Adam, comme la and she like when she will have will be like, get up for me. I will walk to you walk towards me and I will rush to you, I will rush to you. This is why never delay run to Allah seek His protection seek His help and do not make us equal with Allah another day at no one is worthy of being an equal to him. Indeed I am to

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you from him a clear Warner similarly they're came not to those before them any messengers, except that they said a magician or a madman did this suggested to them it's amazing how old generations new generations everybody's saying the same thing about the prophets, magician madman. Rather they themselves are transgressing people. So leave them a prophet for you are not to be blamed, whether cared for in the cloth and for all meaning and remind For indeed the reminder benefits the believers who benefits from reminders? who are believers, and a believer is in need of reminder. Nobody can say Yes, I know. I don't need to be reminded no every person needs to be reminded the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam said in the movement of Holika move tenant to weapon, nessa, NASA and either the killer, the killer, the profits or loss and I said the believer has been created in difficulties, meaning his life is going to be full of difficulties. He's off to repentance, meaning he makes many mistakes. Then he keeps doing Toba to Allah. He's very forgetful. He learns that he forgets and then he remembers and goes to Allah. And when he is reminded,

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he remembers he takes a lesson. He doesn't say Don't tell me Look at your own self go tell somebody else goodbye somebody else know when he is reminded he pays attention. He acknowledges his error he corrects himself he searches for good so he takes it wherever he finds it. When the HELOC tool general insert le r Boone and I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me this ayah reminds us of the purpose of our existence. For what purpose have we been sent to the world? What is that purpose? To worship Allah and to worship Allah correctly? What is essential for us to do? Firstly, know Allah, Who is Allah? Do I even know him? Because if I don't know him, then who am I

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worshiping? If I don't know his names and attributes, how can I please him? How can you please someone without knowing them? This is why many scholars have interpreted li li or bodoni as li li funy that they should recognize me, they should come to know of me. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, He who died knowing fully well that there is no God but Allah, He will enter Paradise. The person who dies with this knowledge this awareness this up that there is no God but Allah and this is the basic tenant, you know basic principle that people should be taught

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First thing that Allah is our Lord, and we have to worship Him. This is why the prophets Allah said when he said more, I live in devil to Yemen, he said that you're going to have people of the book. And first when you call them, call them to the worship of Allah alone, when they come to know Allah, then tell them to pray five times a day. So the prayer comes after knowing Allah, you understand. So it's so essential, that we learn about who Allah subhanaw taala is, and then we also tell others about who Allah is. I do not want from them any provision, nor do I want them to feed me. Allah created us for his worship, and what have we gone after? What are we chasing? This world? What is

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our greatest worry in this world? What is it, that is food, money, groceries, cooking, right? This is what we have made the purpose of our lives, to collect riches to collect wealth over here, and the person thinks that the way he can please his wife and children, or the way we can impress our friends and family by making money, perhaps this is something that will also impress on law. No, this doesn't impress Allah. Allah is not impressed by the richness of people, because he is the provider. What is it that Allah wants from us something else or he by the law? In the law, who was? Indeed it is Allah who is the continual provider, the firm, possessor of strength, so he who does

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not have risk? Who should he ask Allah, the ultimate provider? Think how much Allah has provided us since we were created? So let us be grateful. And indeed, for those who have wronged is a portion of punishment, like the portion of their predecessors, so let them not impatiently urge me to the people of makara Warren take a lesson for a lonely lady nica follow me young lady you are doing and water those who have disbelieved from their day, which they are promised. They're warned about. They're frightened with, and everyone should have fear of this day, because this day is real Sora toto

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was settled.

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superato Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, what to buy the Mount wakita hub in Moscow, and via book inscribed, which mountain the mountain where Allah spoke to Musa and he gave him the Scripture, and which book, the low hammerfall the record of this universe, field of payment shoot in parchment spread open water basin marmo and by the frequented house, the busiest house, the noble house in the heavens, situated above the Kaaba, where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that beighton marmore is where 70,000 angels perform prayers daily, and when they leave, they never return to it. their chance their turn will

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never ever come again. Why? It's a once in a life opportunity for the angels. Just imagine how many angels there are, how many creatures there are worshipping Allah. So if we don't worship Allah, what does he care?

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What does he care? He doesn't need our worship. We need to worship a love for ourselves was self fulfilling metaphor. And by the heaven raised high, well, burial must do and by the sea that is failed. Right now it is filled with water, and on the day of darkness, it will be set alight with fire, and now it'll be color welfare, indeed the punishment of your Lord will occur. Do you have doubt in the power of the one who has done all of this? Look at the sky. Look at the mountains look at the sea.

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Allah the same one will cause the day of judgment to come out of it. There is no preventer no escape, yo Matamoros. Mr. O'Mara. On the day the heaven will sway with circular motion, such a massive sky, just imagine moving in a circular motion, and the mountains will pass on departing such massive mountains, what will become of us then? For a Luma, a little mukade db, then whoa that Day to the deniers they will be in deep trouble, who are an empty discourse amusing themselves, meaning right now, they're busy talking, amusing themselves in deep conversations, which are basically useless. Honestly, we need to think about it. Where does our time and our life go? Why are we too

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busy to pray? Why are we too busy that we don't even have time to recite the Quran, because our time is wasted in useless conversations, useless discussions, whether it is with people that we live with, or it is the friends that we talk with, or it is the social media that has consumed our lives. And now forget social media, all you need is one app on your phone, and a few groups that need to add you and your time is consumed, your life is wasted. precious moments are gone. And levina houfy holy, boon. This is so dangerous. That right now a person wastes his life and useless conversation in just talking and talking and talking and doing nothing at all. I will sorry, the hoadley said

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that one day, we were sitting near the door the profits of the Law Center. And we were discussing amongst ourselves and one person would say one I have the Quran and another would bring another in response. So basically we were answering each other with is from the Quran. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came out on us as if pomegranate had been burst on his face, meaning it was red in the face. so angry, visibly upset. And he said, Oh people, Is this why you have been sent? Or is this what you have been commanded with? After me Do not strike each other's necks off returning to disbelief, because you see these kind of discussions? What do they lead to? What do they lead to?

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Nothing, nothing productive. What they do for sure is that the divide people up, her comment was better than mine. And oh, she shared something today and I didn't share anything today. Or she copied my forward and she shared getting upset over these random useless things. But especially when it comes to fighting in the name of religion, because of religion, countering one I have the Quran with another as if it was some poetry competition. This is not correct. This is not correct at all. When the hokum of Allah comes and there are no wise and ifs and buts than we do somewhere in our arena. And we don't waste our time just discussing and talking because if we spend all our time just

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talking, when are we going to act? The day they're thrust toward the fire of hell with a violent thrust? Just imagine being pushed in a crowd feels so insulting, but they will be pushed into hellfire. And the angels will say, this is the fire which we used to deny, then is this magic? Or do you not see Enter to burn there and then be patient or impatient? It is all the same for you. You are only being recompense for what you used to do. Indeed, the righteous will be in gardens and pleasure, enjoying what their Lord has given them, and their Lord protected them from the punishment of hellfire. May Allah save us all. They'll be told, eat and drink in satisfaction, in satisfaction,

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eat and drink to your heart's content. Why, for what you used to do, so the real value is of deeds, not words. They will be reclining on thrones lined up, and we will marry them to fair women with large beautiful eyes. And those who believe and whose descendants follow them in faith, children were also believers. We will join them with their children. What coolness of the eyes, parents and children families together were in the best place Jenna and we will not deprive them of anything of their deeds. Every person columbarium Bhima Casa Bella hain every person for what he earned is retained, what is that a he Ron is basically collateral that what is given as a surety when taking a

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debt when taking a loan. And once that is paid off, then the collateral is also returned. Like for example, you want to $1,000 from somebody they say I need to make sure that you'll give me my cash back. You say okay, keep my phone

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when I return the money to you give my phone to me. So just like that, each person is locked. It is not free. It will only be set free. When a person brings good deeds on the Day of Judgment, then he will be set free in general otherwise locked. So what is it that will set us free our good deeds and of the deeds

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That set us free our charity. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Every one of the children of Adam has been created with 360 joints. So he who declares the glory of Allah, meaning he says Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah astok fetullah or he removes a stone or a thorn or a bone from people's bath, or he enjoys what is good for bids, what is evil to the number of those 360 joints? Then he will walk that day having saved himself from the fire.

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Meaning if we managed to perform 360 good deeds in one day, then yes, we are free, we have freed ourselves from the fire. And if we don't, then what? The we are locked, we are imprisoned, we are not free. If you think about it, what this Hardee's mentions is

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I mean, they could Is there any act of worship that could be easier than they could? You could be lying down in peace relaxing, really in the most comfortable position with your eyes closed? And all you have to do is just say, soprano law he would be handy. So Hannah law hula Allium, you have to say Allahu Akbar. And the whole space between the sky and the earth is filled up. A lot of other ones, is there any D that's easier than

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then why not keep the tongue moist with the vicar of Allah.

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And we will provide them with fruit and meat from whatever they desire. They will exchange with one another a cup of wine, were in results, no ill speech or commission of sin, they will circulate among them serving boys, especially for them, serving boys, dedicated for them, not shared with others so that they keep waiting, as if they were pearls, well protected. And they will approach one another inquiry love each other. Now they will chat now they will talk because in donia, what happens, you want to talk to your friend, you want to just pour out your feelings in front of them and tell them how your day has been your month has been your life has been so many stories to share.

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But when you sit with them, there's so many other things to do. So then what do you do? You leave that conversation for later. And that later, never comes? So many feelings you want to share that just stay in your heart. So people who will enter Jannah Allah tells us that in general, they will talk. Why because in dunya, they never really got a chance to just sit and chat

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corlew inner Kanaka roofie, Elena Muscatine, and especially these days in Ramadan, what happens?

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Even your family members are not able to talk to them much. Because when they come home, you're reading the Quran, yes. Okay. Salaam a little bit, and then they need to go for their nap. And then you go for your nap. And then you wake up and they're visiting their father, you're visiting your brother, even at the dinner table before eating dinner, what happens? Everybody's making their own during dinner, everybody's rushing because you have to go for therapy. So it happens. You feel like you haven't spoken to your husband and ages you feel like you haven't spoken to your family or loved ones in ages. You're busy. So in general, they will talk calu inaka nakaba Luffy Alina mush. 15.

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What is it that they will talk about? They will say, indeed, we were previously among our people fearful. Meaning in our families, for Elina, in our families, we used to live in fear. You think generally, when a person is in the family, with the family members, how do they feel? secure, relaxed? And because we feel so secure and relaxed, we turn the TV on and we're like, okay, let's enjoy this music video. It's okay. Just enjoy this show. Okay, we cover up each other since we allow each other to send. This is typically what happens in our families, because the same actions we wouldn't do outside or what do we what do we know we say things to one another that we would never

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say outside?

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But what do we see here? People of gender are those who remain fearful of Allah, even when they are with their families, even when they are at home. They are fearful of Allah mushfiq clean and we need to see how concerned are we about our families that do their prey? What kind of clothes do they where do they have higher? Are they performing the forearm? How concerned are we? Are we afraid for our families, we are afraid of them. Which is why we leave the good that we should do we are afraid of them. We are not afraid for them. What we need to do is we need to be afraid within our families. We need to stop them from wrong out of fear of Allah not stop our good out of fear of people from

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anila who Elena. So Allah conferred favor upon us and protected us from the punishment of the scorching fire. Indeed we used to in the worldly life supplicate him before we used to make the rod to Allah before so much do all indeed

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Is he who is the Beneficent the merciful in the who who will borrow Rahim, serene mind or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for you or not by the favor of your Lord, a soothsayer or a madman? Or do they say have you avoided for whom we await the misfortune of time? Say, wait for indeed I am with you, among those who weighed Let's see who was caught me or you? Or do their minds commend them to say this? Or are they are transgressing people? Or do they say has he made it up? Rather, they do not believe? Then let them produce a statement like it if they should be truthful? Or were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators of themselves? Or do they create the heavens and the

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earth? Rather, they're not certain? Or have the depositories containing the provision of your Lord? Or are they the controller's of them? Or have they a stairway into the sky upon which they listen, then let their listener produce a clear authority? Or has he daughters while you have sons? Or do you a prophet ask them a payment? So they are by debt burden down? Or have they the knowledge of the unseen so they write it down? Or do they intend the plan but those are disbelief they are the object of a plan, or have the ability other than Allah Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with him. You see over here, any possible excuse that people could come up with for not believing is

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refuted. And if they were to see a fragment from the sky falling, they would say it is merely clouds heaped up, they would still deny for that one to such people who are adamant on their disbelief what can you do leave them until they meet their day in which they will be struck insensible. The day their plan will not avail them at all, nor will they be helped, and indeed for those who have wronged as a punishment before that, but most of them do not know was barely hooked me Robic for in Nicobar unit was a bit behind the Rebecca Hina Taku woman and Layla was a bit who worried about oh no do and be patient Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the decision of your Lord, for

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indeed you are under our eyes, we are watching you and exalt Allah with praise of your Lord when you arise meaning when you get up from your bed, then praise Allah and in a part of the night also exalt Him and after the setting of the stars meaning at the end of the night also exalt Him over here this video it's referring to solid the night prayer. But in addition to that, what is meant is glorify Allah dude is this be when at all times when you get up in the middle of the night? At the end of the night? Also? In the night? You have to? Then what do you think about the day? You have to remember Allah do this this beer in the daytime also?

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Shall you kick him dry shadow the lower on her and he asked her that how did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam begin his prayer in the night when he woke up? She said, You asked me about a thing which no one asked me before, when the prophets of the Law Center would wake up at night. He would say Allahu Akbar 10 times Alhamdulillah 10 times Subhana Allah He will be humble he 10 times soprano medical Aqua those 10 times La ilaha illAllah 10 times and then he would say Allahumma inni are also becoming Li dunia will lead to multi Anna 10 times that Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from the difficulties of this world and the difficulties of the Day of Judgment. He would say this 10 times

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and then he would begin the prayer. So we see that the emulator also it shouldn't just begin like okay get up go to will do under start. No, as you get up, engage in the dhikr of Allah. Do this be Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah stuff but a lot of these Earth cards that we learn about over and over again 10 times each. And remember Allah also when the stars set meaning end of the night. This is the time of sahul