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Al-Ankabut 1-15 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 1-3

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Out of the blue let him initiate long overdue Miss malaria over him.

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So number 204 so to learn Caboose is number one to 15

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allarakha boat means spider. And the Sora is called an anchor booth. Because the example of alenka booth is given in a number 41

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This hula is a Maki Sora and it contains 69 verses. And it was revealed after Soto room

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim earlier Alif Lam Meem who have matar and the head of MOCA Todd, what do they show? The miraculous nature of the Quran that these are the roof, the roof of the Arabic alphabet.

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And from these hurdles, you make up words and you make up sentences. But you can never ever compose a column like this.

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Here are these hurdles, take these three hurdles. Alif Lam me, can you produce something like the Quran? Not at all. So these hurdles, they display the miraculous nature of the Quran.

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And if you look at it, usually these halluf who have macatawa they appear were at the beginning of the sutras, and they're followed by an ayah which mentions the Quran, which glorifies the Quran, praises the Quran in some way or the other.

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But we see over here, that after Alif Lam Meem something different is mentioned.

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The Quran is not being praised, it's not being mentioned. It's not being spoken about something completely different as mentioned. Typically what happens and if let me Delhi Calcutta Bula Buffy yes in welcome Anand Hakeem off welcome Anand Majeed. The Quran is praise. But over here, something completely different is mentioned. And what is that the result of believing in the Quran? The consequence of believing in the Quran? And what is that result?

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What is that result? that a person will definitely be tested?

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So Allah subhanaw taala says, has he been asked to do the people think have the people assumed have the people supposed to trochu that they will be left in their state as they are? And your kulu? Just because they have said, Amanda, we believe we're home late afternoon and they will not be tested? They will not be tried? Is this what the people think? Has he been NASA, they should not think like this,

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this is Hamza is the fan. And this is the famous for the purpose of encounter for the purpose of negation for the purpose of Toby, for reproach, they do they think like this? No, they should not think like this. So we see that a thought, a presumption, an idea. A belief is being negated that people should not think like this. If they think that they will be left as they are just because they say they believe and they will not be tested. They are wrong. Because this is the Sunnah of Allah that when a person says I believe he will definitely be tested.

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Or has he been NASA and youth Roku utako from dark which is to abandon something to leave something as it is. So they think they'll be left. If Hulu and ANOVA here gives meaning of because that they'll be left alone because of their saying that Amanda? They have said the kalama and they have declared their faith before the people. So the thing they will be left as they are go home left alone and they will not be tested. No, they will definitely be tested.

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The word afternoon is from the roof veterans fair. The noon fitna

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fitna means a test. But basically, fitna is an empty hand. Be sure that he did take a leaf, it is to test to examine someone with severe difficulties and hardships, to test them, to examine them to examine their true worth How? By putting them in difficulties by putting them in hardships so that their true worth is revealed.

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And fitler How does a person experience that or in what different forms does a person experience fitness? It could be in the form of leaving one's home, like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to leave Makkah. It could be in the form of struggling against the enemy, like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to do. Edit includes all the difficult matters of obedience. Like for example a person finds obeying a certain command extremely difficult. He finds it extremely painful.

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This is also what a fitna. It's a difficult situation that he has been put in. But what does it show his true worth? Similarly fitna includes that a person has to go against his desires, his desires, they tempt him to do something that goes against the commands of Allah. So it becomes a fitna for him, it becomes a test for him, it becomes a very difficult situation for him. Similarly, it's possible that a person suffers from poverty, that a person suffers from some difficulty in himself in his wealth, and he has to do suffer, he has to bear with patients, all the difficulties that are coming in his way. So Allah subhanaw taala says to the people think that they will be left as they

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are, just because they say they believe and they will not be tested, no, they will be tested through opposition. Through separation, they will have to be separated from their loved ones, perhaps they will have to leave their home, perhaps they will have to struggle in the way of Allah, perhaps their test will be to control their desires, perhaps their test will be to stay firm on commands on active obedience. Perhaps they will experience different different kinds of difficulties in their knifes in their mind, in their circumstances.

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The fact is, that a person who claims to have a man who says that he is a believer, he has to go through various tests, he has to go through difficulties through fitna

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and this is very similar to how if a person wants to get a particular degree, if he wants to get a degree from a university, he has to take tests, he has to go through the difficulties, he has to spend his money, he has to spend hours studying, he has to go through so many hours of anxiety, and fear and concern and suffer. Why? Because unless and until he goes through that difficulty, he cannot achieve that degree. He cannot get ahold of that degree. Now this is for a degree that a person wants to get in this dunya. If a person wants to enter agenda, if a person wants to get to paradise, and he says La ilaha illAllah he enters the fold of Islam, then obviously he will be

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tested. Why? So that his reality is exposed? So that it is revealed that what kind of a believer is he? how determined and how sincere is he?

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If you think about it, many times, you know you have a good relationship with someone, everything is perfectly fine. But they're, you end up in a difficult situation with them. And they're you find out who they really are. in normal circumstances, you don't know who's sincere, you don't know was really a well wisher, you don't know who really is a friend to you, who really is dedicated to you. in normal circumstances, you cannot figure that out. You can only figure out who is sincere to you in unusual circumstances. In unusual circumstances, when you are tired, they're tired, when you're exhausted, they're exhausted. What do they say to you? How do they behave with you? How do they

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react to you that will show who they really are? What they really feel for you. If they are still nice towards you in difficult situations, what does it show? They're very loyal to you. They really love you. But if at the moment of difficulty, they begin yelling at you, they lose your temper, and they don't respect you at all. They completely abandon you they leave you What is it? Sure. They're not sincere to you at all.

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala tests a person when a person claims that he is a believer, he says yes, I believe in Allah. Yes, I love Allah. Yes, I will obey Allah, that Allah tests him. Is it just verbal claims? Or do you really mean it? Allah will put a person in difficult situations where he will be tested, where his true worth will come out, it will be exposed that in difficult situations, Does he still obey Allah? Does he still have positive thinking about Allah? Or does he abandon the religion? Does he turn against Allah? Does he turn away from Allah? Does he remain steadfast? Or does he give up? It's only the difficult situations it's the fitten that will show the true worth of

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a person's Amen.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, do the people think they will not be tested? They will be left as they are not at all. No way. This is wrong. They should not think like this. The moment you say amen. The moment you say Islam to there, your test will begin one after the other so that Allah will know who is truthful, and who is not truthful.

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So what does this ayah show

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us that a man and tests both of them, they go hand in hand. They go side by side.

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And this was not only true at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. This is not just for the Macan era, that at that time, the Muslims, they accepted Islam. They believed in the Quran, they believed in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, so they had to suffer a lot. They were tortured, they were persecuted, they were left hungry. They were opposed, they were boycotted. No, it's not just at that time. It happened before. And it happened after that. And it happens today. And it will happen until the end of time because this is the son of Allah. This is the way of Allah.

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Why? Because when a person claims to believe, he binds himself in a transaction, to gain gender in return, what did we learn sort of adobo in the lush dot Amina Amina, and for some what Amala will be another homegirl Jana, if you want gender, then what do you do? You have a man, you sacrifice herself, you sacrifice your wealth in the way of Allah. So when a person accepts a man, he wants to get gender in return.

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And remember that the way to gender is not easy. It is surrounded by difficulties, it is covered with hardships with disliked things. This is why when a person walks upon this way, of Eman, it's inevitable that he will suffer from difficulties he will suffer from fitten.

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And why would a person suffer from difficulties? There are many, many reasons behind that.

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First of all, as I mentioned to you, that it shows the true worth of a person's email, is he sincere? Or is he just verbally claiming that he is a strong believer that he will do anything for the sake of Allah, He will do anything for the religion of Allah and also a person is tested secondly, why so that his level may increase. So that is the Rajat may increase, so that he may do Saba and get reward. Because one is that a person does not experience any difficulties, what will motivate him to pray more? What will motivate him to sacrifice more? What will motivate him to keep going to keep struggling? Hardly anything, isn't it? So when we are put in difficult situations,

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then we turn to Allah, then we do some of it's more clear to do suffer in difficult times than it is to do suffer in good times. You know that when you're going through a difficult situation, what do you think to yourself, I have to do some work. But when everything is normal, do you say to yourself, I have to suffer? No, you never say that to yourself? You hardly ever think about that.

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So what's the purpose of putting believers in fitna so that their levels may increase, so that they get an opportunity to do something.

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And also, so that they may own this religion of Islam, and they pass it on. Because anything that you get very easily, you tend to leave it very easily as well. But when you have to sacrifice when you have to put an effort, and when you have to struggle to get a hold of something, you don't let go of it easily. You never ever let go of it easily. You hold on to it, you never let go of it. So the videos will be tested. Why? So that they have this sense of ownership of this religion of Islam, they hold on to it, because without difficulties without having gone through difficulties, they will not hold on to it as firmly. And only when they hold on to it firmly, then they will pass it on to

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others. Like parents who have worked extremely hard to establish their business, how they train their children from a very young age, they put it in their minds, that when you grow up, you will take care of this business, you will go study and you will come back, you will get married and you will live here you have to take care of this business. Why? Because the parents know how much effort they've put in to establish that and they don't want it to just finish they want it to continue they wanted to pass it on.

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Similarly, when a person has gone through hardships for the sake of this religion, only then he will take it seriously. Only then he will make sure he passes it on to others.

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One other fraternal idiom and cabling him And We have certainly tried those people before them. This is the son of Allah. This is the way of Allah. He has always tested people. He has always always tested the believers. So he will also test you. This will also happen to you. When are the fatahna Latina men, cobbling him? And who does them refer to the believers of Makkah, that before these believers of Makkah, the people before were also tested? Why falaya lemon Allahu, so Allah will definitely no alladhina Sadako those people who are truthful while a lemon Nell caddy been and surely he will definitely know about those people who are lying

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through these tests through these

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difficult situations. Allah subhanaw taala will definitely come to know of those people who are true in their came to have Eman and those people who are lying about their email.

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We learned that hubbub even avati narrated that once we came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and we complained to him, of the persecution inflicted on us by the crush. So a group of these Sahaba, who were being persecuted What happened? They came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, while he was sitting in the shade of the Kaaba leading over his book. So he was leaning, and as he was leaning, the Sahaba they came to him and they started complaining to him of the persecution that they were suffering.

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And we said to him, Yasuda, la aletta, Elena, that O Messenger of Allah, will you not pray for us? Will you not make the offer us? Would you seek help for us? Would you pray to Allah for us, that we are going through so much difficulty? Our lives have become so difficult, we have to suffer so much. Once you pray for us. We're going through so many difficulties, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was leaning, and he sat up straight. And he said, among the nations before you, a believing man would be put in a ditch that was dug for him, and a saw would be put over his head, and he would be cut into two pieces. Yet that torture would not make him give up his religion. His body would be combed with

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iron combs that would remove his flesh from the bones and nerves, yet that would not make him abandon his religion, by Allah, this religion will prevail till a traveller from Sonora to Hydra mouth will fear none but Allah, or a wolf as regards his sheep. But you people are hasty. Well, I can confess that Judo

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to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reassured the companions that these tests these difficulties, they're temporary, they're not forever. At the end, Allah will send help, Allah will send aid, he will send relief. But before relief comes before success comes what will come your way? difficulties, trials, hard times, hardships in different different forms. So do not be hasty. What I can start doing.

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If you look at it, the Sahaba who were in Makkah, what kind of difficulties were the suffering from difficulties that we cannot even imagine? We complain of a headache. We complain that our body is hurting. We complain that people said something harsh to us. We complain that people give us a dirty look, they do not support us. But the Sahaba what kind of difficulties did they face? physical abuse, verbal abuse, abuse, not just looks, they suffered from abuse? But did they give up their religion? No, they did not. They never give up. We see that tests, as I mentioned earlier, they come along with him and it's not possible that a person says I will believe I will obey and he will not

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be tested. No, this is the way of Allah He will definitely test people. He does not leave a person unless and until he tests him. And there is great wisdom behind that. And what is that reason? phulera lemon Allahu La Nina Sadako. Will a lemon Academy that Allah He wants to see who is truthful. And who is a liar?

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Who is just saying that I will obey Allah and who really means it.

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We learn in through tobacco i a 214 that I'm hesitant and tell the whole agenda. Well, am I taking methadone ladina Holloman Kovalenko, do you think that you will enter agenda just like that, while such trial has not come to you, as that which came to those people who passed on before you,

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people before you suffered so much and you have not even suffered a fraction of that, and you think you will enter general dislike that? No way impossible. My settlement, sir over the law was Zulu hedaya kodava suit. rasuluh Valentina amanu Mara, who Mata Nasir LA, the people before they were touched by poverty, they were touched by hardship, and they were shaken. They were shaken by the difficulties that they had to experience until even their messenger and those who believed with him they said, When is the help of a law coming? metta natural law, when will the help of a law come? Allah says Allah international law Hikari unquestionably the help of Allah is very near.

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insolent earlier in Bonn io 142. We learn um has a bottom anti the whole agenda. Well Am I on am 11 Latina jaha domain calm? We are llama sabihin or do you think that you will enter agenda while Allah has not yet made evidence

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And those of you who will struggle in his way, and those of you who are steadfast, he has not separated the people yet the people who do jihad the people who do suffer from those people who do not. So you think you will enter general just like that without any hardships without any difficulties wrong, what you think is wrong, you should not think like this. Be prepared difficulties will come your way. And what is that over here that Allah will test so that he comes to know who is truthful? And who is a liar?

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Now, isn't it so that Allah subhanaw taala already knows about everything? Isn't it that he knows about the worth of every single person's email, the level, the commitment of every single person's email, of course, you know, it's because his knowledge is not limited to the present in the future, but rather, it includes the past as well.

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And the first thing that Allah created was the pen, and he commanded the pen to write everything that was to happen. So before even we came into existence, Allah subhanaw taala knew about the level of our email, the type of our email, what we would do what we would say. So why does Allah say this over here, that Philemon Allah, Who does Allah not already know? What kind of elements This is of my Shahada, and of the whole realm of observation and aim of making it known?

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You see, a lot of knowledge is complete. He knows about every single individual, but he does not give punishment or reward. Until and unless a person does what he has to do. He only gives punishment or reward after a person has done whatever he has done. And this is the justice of Allah. This is the justice of Allah. Like, for example, it's quite possible that there is a professor, he has very good hopes of his student, he knows a student very, very well. He knows that his student is extremely hardworking. He can say, even before the exam comes, you will have this percentage I know,

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isn't it? So? Some teachers, they're so confident about their students? They know them so well, why, based on how they have been in the past.

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But can the professor can the teacher give the mark to the student without the student taking the actual test? No. He can say whatever he wants, but he cannot give the mark unless the student has taken the exam. Can he say at that time? No, I know, my students, oh, well, we put into our chip. I know he will do well, anyway. I don't want him to go through hardship, let him go enjoy himself. No, he cannot do that. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala. He knows about every single person, but he does not give reward or punishment until a person does what he does. This is what is meant by phulera, lemon, Allahu La Nina Sadako, la elemental Khatibi, that Allah He will show you will make known

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those people who are truthful, and those people who are liars.

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Now in this ayah is a great warning. A warning of what a warning of what that once you have accepted a man, once you claim to have belief in Allah, once you claim that you will obey Allah, be prepared to be tested.

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So when difficulties come our way, should we say this so difficult and leave our work? Should we say people don't understand? Should we say people don't cooperate? No.

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If you think about it, who created the difficulty for you?

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And who can replace that difficulty with ease alasa panel data,

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desks and difficulties they come from who? from Allah.

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So when we do suffer from some difficulties in this path in this way, don't get angry with other people. Don't get frustrated with other people don't think it's because of them. And it's because they don't cooperate. And it's because of my children. It's because of my husband. It's because of this. That's because of that. No, accepted, this is a reality. When you come on this way, you will definitely definitely be tested. And each person's tests are different.

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each person's tests is fitted, there are different. Why? Because every person is in a different situation.

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For a young person who's not married, who does not have children, other people may think look, everything is so easy for her. She doesn't have to worry about cooking or cleaning or ironing or doing anything. All she has to do is study I wish I was in her place. But you know what? She has her own challenges. Like what? Like controlling her sleep, like controlling her desires, like lowering her gaze like forcing herself in

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Not watch television and instead do her lesson, forcing herself to dress differently, forcing herself to not do what her friends are doing, to stay away from the things that her friends are doing. You might not think of these things as difficult. But believe me, it's a huge, huge challenge for her. It's a difficult test for,

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as I mentioned to you that fit and there are different different types. It includes leaving your house, it includes struggling in the way of Allah, it includes controlling your desires.

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Now, for a young person, they might think older people, they have no problems, they have no peer pressure, they have no friends, they don't have any Facebook, they don't have this, they don't have that. They get it so easy. But you know what, they have their own set of problems. When they go home, they would love to sit down and relax and just open up their juice and do their assignment and put their you know all their mind to it. But you know what, they have children to feed, they have a husband to please, they have a house to clean, they have their own set of challenges and problems. Every single person is tested. No person gets it easy. You might think that No, no, I don't get any

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difficulties, it's very easy for me. You don't see the problem. It's yourself maybe that you could be doing much better, but it's your own knifes that's preventing you, you could be putting so much more effort in accomplishing more, achieving more doing 100%. But it's your own ups that's preventing you it's your own desires that are stopping you. Every person is tested. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the people most severely tested are the prophets. And then the righteous then the next best. And the next best. What does it show that the higher the level of Eman a person has, the greater his destiny will be.

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The stronger your man is, the stronger your test will be.

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The greater reward you want, the greater tests you will have to face.

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The profits of a lot of them said a man will be tested in accordance with the degree of his religious commitment. The stronger his religious commitment, the stronger his test.

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Many times people wonder that if I'm supposed to be studying the Quran, doing something good, why is my life become so difficult? Why I never had these problems before. I had a perfectly fine relationship with my own laws with my husband, with my children, everything was fine. And here since I've started studying the Quran, one thing after the other is happening, isn't it? You begin to wonder what's happening? What's going on? Am I doing something wrong?

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The fact is that because you are doing what you're doing, this is why you're facing challenges.

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We think that if a person is on the straight path, everything should go smoothly for him. He should not face any difficulties whatsoever. Everything should be fine for him. But what do we learn over here, the country that when a person is on the straight path, he will face challenges, he will face difficulties. We think if a person is facing difficulties, it's because of some wrong that he has committed. And as a result, he's suffering from some punishment. No, it's not always like that. Sometimes it is. But many times it's also because a person has claimed to have Eman And Allah is testing. And this is the way of our last panel data.

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And every person goes through different different tests, as I discussed with you earlier,

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that when a person claims to have human, and when a person seems to have stronger level of demand, and he is claiming that he is worthy of entering into gender, so when he wants to enter gender, and a level definitely testing. And we see that history is full of examples of people who suffered in the wave of multiplanetary, who had to make great sacrifices, whether it was financial, or physical, or social, or with regard to their families, great sacrifices they had to make, why for the sake of this team, in order to serve this team, like for example, if we look at the example of Mohammed

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Ahmed have been humble when the issue of the fitness of health have fallen, when that came about that there was a group of Muslims who claimed that the Quran is created. And just as anything that is created, it comes to an end, it's finished, it can be replaced with something that is better. Similarly the Quran is created, it will come to an end it will be replaced with something that is better. It's not the final word. And they said the Quran is not the Kalam of Allah.

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And Muhammad is one of those scholars who stood very firmly at that point that no Quran is not a fluke. It is the Kalam of Allah

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and he had to suffer.

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He was publicly tortured publicly. Imagine a scholar who is respected. People look up to him. People die to meet him. People traveled to learn from him. He

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is brought out in the open, and he is lashed in the public lash to the extent that his body is bruised to the extent that he's bleeding. To the extent that he cannot lift his arms anymore. He was imprisoned, he was tortured. He was sent from one prison to the other. But he did not give up. He was insulted, he was reviewed, he was told by others, it's okay just give up to save your life for God's sake, but he did not give up.

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And we see on the other hand, that there were some companions who when they were tortured to a very, very severe extent what happened. We learned in sort of denial that they said some Kalamata gopher just to save their life at that time.

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Right? Like who?

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amount of money acid. But what did we learn at that time? That in sort of nallah 106, we learned man kafa billahi min bardi Imani in Lamin Oklahoma was not my enemy.

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He was compelled, but his heart was multiple enemies. So we see that when a person is going through difficulties, it really depends on his position.

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One is that your position is such that whatever you do, other people will follow. You are like an example for others. Like for example, I'm mad at the situation that he was in. If he said okay, yes, just to save his life. Just to become famous, just to preserve his dignity and honor. He said, Okay, fine, the Quran is no fluke. And he gave up he did not stand for what would happen. What would happen? There are a leader of so many people after him would be corrupted.

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Because he stood firm at that point, there are so many people were saved. The Muslim Omar was saved from such a great downfall.

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But on the other hand, were amount of money I said he said those Kadima just to save his life, we see that other people were not dependent on him, you understand?

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Other people's demand was not dependent on him. So, it really depends on the situation that a person is in. If a person is in a situation where other people are looking up to him, they will do what you are doing, then you have to remain firm no matter what the difficulty is.

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And on the other hand, if a person is in a situation where whatever he says or whatever he does, does not necessarily affect others. Then in order to save himself, as long as his heart is multi my inability man, he may say something in order to save himself.