Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH Optimism – A Mindful Ramdan 2022

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With Ustadha Youssra Kamel Kandil

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mindful hearts. Now more than ever, we are in need of hope and inspiration because we are overwhelmed with so many emotions, so many emotions that we're experiencing maybe for the first time there may be fear there may be sadness or maybe overwhelming feeling of loss and confusion. So we really need to focus on what the guidance is from Ron and the Sunnah. And there's no one better to talk about this than a very loving and special sister Mashallah. With saga your strike hammers can deal who is a motivational speaker whose goal has been to bring focus back to the beautiful pearls and wisdom of Quran and Sunnah. Heard videos have gone viral mashallah, and captured the hearts and

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minds of 1000s of Muslims and non Muslims young at all. What I love about her videos is that she's so genuine, you're so genuine, so humble, and because you speak from your heart, it penetrates the heart mashallah, she's originally from Egypt and she has worked on Islamic media with world renowned preacher almohadas mashallah, I didn't know that. That's amazing. And the masala she's studying towards the away Lim scholarship track with Chef Shadi al Masri. Mashallah, so it is such a pleasure and an honor to have you here with us today on the mindful hearts. Mindful Ramadan. Let's show let's say, thank you so much for this very nice introduction. May Allah bless you and reward you. Just

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like look at her for having me. It's my honor. And my pleasure. And of course, of course, you know, I feel that the way you connect with people and the way you talk about the stories of the Quran, it's so important because many people maybe a little bit overwhelmed with their emotions. And what would you say to individuals who are right now feeling? Maybe they feel a little guilty about what they're feeling? Maybe they feel a little bit confused. What are what are your thoughts on that? So Bismillah R Rahman Darshan. First of all, I think it's very natural and very human, for us to be feeling confused, right? We are human beings. And Allah subhanho wa Taala created these emotions. So

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we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Allah subhanaw taala created, you know, these emotions, naturally, both sadness and happiness. He support what Tyler says, What? Why now what a tug of war advocate. He's the one who makes you laugh. And he's the one who makes you weep. So these emotions were created by Allah subhanaw taala. So, if you're laughing, if you're crying, if you're feeling overwhelmed, it's totally understandable. It's totally normal and human. Actually, I would be more concerned if we were feeling or whatever, that would be a sign that would alarm me honestly. But the fact that we are stressed and worried, it means that we're kind of like, wondering what's going on?

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And why is the loss kind of that is almost pinata. Holla upset with us? Is he just testing us, right? With the sign of a loving heart, a heart that is actually active and interactive, and it's receptive, you would have lost hundreds and is trying to tell us, I love that. I love back that what you said about a heart that is alive, right? So it shouldn't be hard on ourselves. We shouldn't be judging ourselves. Because there's that misconception, like, if you have a mind, you shouldn't have fear. If you have a mind, you shouldn't be sad. And so I love that you said that this is a sign of a living heart. It's a living heart. And it's okay. And you know, we've all had like multiple

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Ramadan's at Hamdulillah. Many many Ramadan's and maybe for some of us, it's very different from others. Like for us, we've, you know, been homeschooling my kids for the past three years, most of the Ramadan for us, we really hamdulillah the last three years have been like, very, very beautiful. We're capable or able to do you know, the entire night at MSG, because we can just flip our day around, you know, knife that benefit.

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Lane, you're in charge. You said this had to be exactly right. For us. I know. It's very challenging, and it's going to be very different. And there's been many tears and I know there are many more tears yet to come when the first edition of the McRib comes in homes are not filled with the people who we love. Our hearts are going to be heavy and we're going to cry and that's normal. It's okay to feel that way. It's understandable. It's not something like Oh my God, why are you crying? Absolutely not. We've shed many tears and we're still going to shed more and that's fine. But the most important thing is that we not dwell on it too much to the point where it makes us not

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productive. Sure, sure. It understanding that we can cry like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would say, these eyes shed tears but the heart is content right? And let it out and allow yourself to feel those emotions don't judge and what else were you going to share about that? So say in the Bahamas, I said I'm always with repeat like and this is the profits alone is anywhere we take our

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example from him. I've seen that Muhammad himself felt sadness if he, you know, shed tears in certain situations, you know, when he went and visited his mother's grave, or when his son pathway or whatever it is, you know, it's a normal human emotion and he would say, what Allahumma inni I would have become, they'll have what has it? Well, I would immunologically work yourself to the end of the job or lie seek refuge in You from grief and sadness, though. And he would repeat this so many times. So just to show you that grief and sadness is something that is valid, it's okay for you ask Allah subhanaw taala to aid you and to make it you know, help you overcome these emotions. So

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you become productive because shaytaan you know, his whole goal is to put you down, he doesn't want you working. Right? And I think Subhan Allah, this Ramadan is the only means for us to really get closer to Allah subhanaw taala the focus there is no running around, there is no hosting. There is no going to other distractions. Absolutely we are we have our goals and no other distractions that could be a great great Ramadan. Insha Allah You know, so just repeating that Doha and just accepting right and all those kinds of talents selves says what what that that anyone out there has anyone will allow in continued meaning meaning what so do not we can and do not agree and you will be

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superior? And what's the key word? If you are true believers, meaning if you are true believers, right? Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that if you believe in Allah subhana wa tallas Quadra in his, you know, ability, trusting him and accepting his decree, then it's you know, don't worry, don't be upset, don't be sad. Just have acceptance, that word, whatever Allah subhanaw taala brings is good, Masha, Allah subhanaw taala. From a from a psychological perspective, acceptance is such an important part of making progress, the idea of not getting fixated on the problem, because maybe times when something happens, maybe the sadness, maybe anger or whatever it is, people get fixated,

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and then they can't move. So it's really taking those emotions and channeling it, and accepting what's happening. So that okay, we understand it's not going to be the same Ramadan, but, but taking action towards it. So that acceptance is critical. Absolutely, absolutely. So knowing that, you know, accepting what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed, and knowing that allows Panatela finding the comfort, and you know, consoling yourself in the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing his ally. He's all seeing, he knows what we're going through right now. He knows and feels our emotions, right? He knows what has been falling upon us, right? And just, you could let in this, you know,

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with this knowledge, you can let yourself rest assured that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is just right. And what he promises is always true. Not like human promises, right? Right. Unfortunately, sometimes when we interact or deal with Allah subhanaw taala. We unfortunately, this is not right. But sometimes so many times we think of like, oh, well, you know, it's like I'm dealing with another person. We don't understand that this is a wall subhanho wa taala. When he promises His Word, His his promise is Huck, there is no I'll do tomorrow on Titan, we just postpone there isn't that if he promises? It's a done deal, right? We kind of because of our shortcomings, we think it's like, you

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know, it's like another dealing with another human being sexualized, we can't exactly exactly what I hear from you is that really, we have to know the names and attributes of Allah, we have to know that he is Al Hakim, and that he is you know, that he's doing this and it's good for us. And when we realize that then we can surrender. Right. CLI? Absolutely. No, almost one of His Names is like we could do a whole other, you know, tie cut off to delve into that. So it's like it's about what is it that we're having that understanding that what I love brings us good. Can you reflect on that and share with us some Yes. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says ensuite facilities, what about those who say

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the people who say our Lord is Allah and then they stand firm, and we both firm you hold firm to the de you understand that this is coming from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah says what in the following area, now your only comfort dunya waffle feet of water co P Hermeto. Stay and physical wallet comfy hunted down. So there's a promise here What if you stand firm you hold tight you accept Allah subhanaw taala says what we the angels were your allies and worldly life and are so in the Hereafter, right? And you will be there and whatever your soul's desire, wow, whatever you want, right? And you will be or in whatever you request or want anything you wish or want. You just have

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to be firm. Just accept and say you know what, it's from Allah it's alright and with that assurance will last 100 Sahana you know that when Allah subhanho wa Taala takes away something from you that you desire or want it because he wants to give you what's better, right weights and that in that deprovision from this something and

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that, you know, whatever it is, there's something that usually is, you know, adorned and beautified with the glamour and the glitter of the dunya. Like, oh, I have to have this or will have this job. It's because you know, we think of like the dunya scales or the what what is externally things, the worldly than the worldly definition of success, we like to see what's behind it, we just see the glitter and the glamour and we're so attracted, right. And he subhanaw taala is more knowledgeable of the good and the evil, we don't see what falls behind that, right. And when he Subhana, what's 100 takes away from us a good that we know, it's always to give us a better good that we are not

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aware of, right, that we with our limited abilities as servants or as you know about just creations, we're not understanding to what this unknown is we don't have the ability to surpass or encompassing comprehend that, at that moment, right thing that you said about the deprivation? Yes, actually, what comes out of it is appreciation. Yesterday, when we had been taken so many things away, so many things have been taken away from us. Now suddenly, there's this appreciation for dropping off kids at schools, how many people complain about that every morning? Well, you didn't have to complain because

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the home to be honest with you, like I like being at home, I miss my friends and my family.

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And so many people used to, you know, when Monday would come around, they would complain about having to go to work, or the traffic or the lines and all of these things that we really took for granted. So the fact that he took it away, has led to so much Subhanallah appreciation. Exactly. Subhan Allah is just simple thing. I mean, my husband was doing some grocery shopping and it took us like two hours to disinfect everything and then disinfect the floor. And then his was like, like, you don't even think about these things like just been able to bring your food come and put in the fridge and you're good to go. Subhanallah like, it's, you know, it's very different. It's very

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trying and very challenging. But again, at the end of the day, Allah subhanho wa Taala will never burden you with more than what you can bear, right? Where you can live for long enough sunny Llosa. He's never ever going to give you anything more than what you can actually bear.

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That's always comforting. I feel that that's something I always tell my clients, maybe they've been abused, maybe they have had certain things taken away, they've gone through a divorce or loss of children. And that reminder that you know, Allah doesn't burden you with more than you can handle. It says it comforts your heart because you feel like okay, he believes in me, he knows that it's like a and Allah is above all examples, but it's like a it's like a coach that really believes in your ability and pushes you to the limit. And you feel like okay, he believes in so I can do it. So absolutely, absolutely. And subhanAllah I don't know if we have time, I would just wanted to share

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with you a very quick story about always trusting that whatever Allah brings, there was good. About a couple of not a couple quite a while ago, actually, I was expecting my second child or before even that, we applied to go to Hajj, right. And everything was said, you know, we picked a company, we I wrote the checkout, I remember and I threw it in the mailbox. And then literally, and then I opened my mailbox while we were still in an apartment. So you know, you have to open it with the key, you throw your mail somewhere else. The other side, I get this letter Subhanallah of like, you know, deportation. And I'm like, What, oh my goodness, what do you mean to protection? This is like maybe

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17 or 16 years ago, maybe so anyway, I was like what is going on? You know, and of course, you know, we reach out, we changed our address and handle I had like, you know something to prove that I notified them and they didn't update on their system. So anyway, subhanAllah we had to cancel right away the Hajj prep plans, how disappointing that must I would like to add and heartbroken. I was like, Is Allah subhanaw taala upset with me? No, it was a lot of you know, wanting to invite me to his house. It was very, very painful and it was not easy to accept. And subhanAllah Three years later, three years later, we are at a barbecue at my my husband's sister's daughter whose knee right

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and we're sitting down casually and we you know one of the their family friends is sitting down an older man and he's like you know, do you know you know I went to do hush three years ago I was like oh really uncle that's so exciting. What did you use? Like it was miserable. The company was like a total scam and they lost them we were lost for three days with that luggage whatever well I was like Oh really? I was like you know we were gonna go three years ago as well what company was that? And lo and behold we the same company we're going to be together the Panelo I got goose thumb That's unreal. Will light three years three years I would you know it would go and come back in my head is

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Allah subhanaw taala know me, you know how why we were you know turned away three years later you know I got answer I came some Yeah, some how to love so it's beautiful that you reflected on yourself and thought you know, what is it well, you know, we always have to have an introspection and reflection. But how amazing is it that when we surrender and trust Allah's plan, then we know things are happening.

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And it's fair so what a beautiful story supply and how did it go once you did go to heads? We went actually nailed this last year now this first hashtag for Subhan Allah it was amazing it was it was so facilitate everything online like they actually practice they said you know for the worst thing like they had you know prepared waiting at the airport from six to 10 hours book have a yoga mat I use Apollo when you go with the mind that everything is going to go wrong and anything could possibly happen then you're prepared nothing happened everything I was

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handling we were very blessed me a lawyer up inshallah open the doors very soon again and invite all about being

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shot alive. That's a beautiful reminder that we have to trust Allah's plan. And sometimes, you know, we may we may love something, it's bad for us and we may hate something that is good for us. And this may be the best thing you know, subhanAllah how we're uniting as a family. One of my friends was telling me yesterday that you know, usually every Ramadan, each person of the family member would go to a different master. They would go to their favorite masters for teta, we are all dispersed. So now it's like we have no choice to gain

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for better or for worse, but of all law it is it is here that we're not going to be we're not going to be divided. We can really focus on that with that is truly important. MashAllah of Hanalei. It's true when you tried to see the good, you know, it's not always easy, and I understand again, you know, we have our emotions and it's alright, but we really should try to see the good in it. We try to see what Allah subhanaw taala saying, and then maybe it's bringing us back to the way it was at the time of seeing the Mohammed sites and because this didn't happen till way later that we have in the masjid, you know, except during the time of say, No, I'm gonna I'm gonna have dogs. So this is

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the reason that Mohammed did it, you know, out of womb. Yeah, he prayed, of course, in Jamaica, and people prayed with him. But this was their total we I wasn't official in the masjid till during the life of say, No, I want them to love you know. So back again to just being home praying with the family, praying, you know, maybe a couple of records together with the family, maybe a couple on your own, trying to find that true connection with Allah subhanaw taala making it really strong, and thinking how am I going to come out after this because a lot of people are waiting, like, you know, saying, I can't wait to go back to my normal light. But I don't think Allah wants to go on your

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that's such a good point. Because so many people are waiting, waiting, like they're holding their breath. Now, why this is this is a mistake, even when you look at it from a psychological perspective, thinking that you just want to go back to the way things work, sometimes change as difficult as it is because I'm in the profession of change, right? It's all about making changes, but being able to accept that things are going to be different, but it's going to be inshallah better. So I'd love for you to reflect on why is it that we don't want to go back to the way things were? What do you think are your thoughts? I just think honest to God, like we we've been in a

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grind, like, we just do things without even thinking autopilot, or it's on autopilot. Exactly. As you said, we don't appreciate everything that we have. Even if we said hamdulillah like it handed over the traffic people haven't done it yet. But do we like this? Alhamdulillah

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it's not with the smile.

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The panela I think there's going to be a real true appreciation of everything, like even the kids Subhanallah we were talking to the very beginning. You know, there were very limited types of food that we could get or couldn't get right. There wasn't rice, we couldn't find rice. Okay, fine, we're not going to have so I told them whatever you have right now just really cherish it because I don't know when is the next time we're going to be able to find rice, right? Something simple. This other thing that is hugely, I mean, no big, big deal. We don't have to erase that. I'm just saying the simple things that we just usually take it's normal to have whatever we want. It's normal just to

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run to the store, get what we need, but we just need to really understand that it's not normal. This is anathema. It's a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala right being able just to be outside and not having fear in your heart is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala been able to go and just drink a cup of coffee with your friend and get the hug that's an AMA that we got hi guys i missed the height

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is what I missed because it's like we're social beings and it's the thing that you know so many times people the they missed out on that right sided this idea or missed out on going to the masjid missed out on those events. So it is I think it is an awakening. So instead of thinking that we're gonna go back to normal, we're gonna go to something much better inshallah and awakened and heightened senses, right, we're gonna be much more in tune. And that's what mindfulness is all about. You know, when you're mindful and you're aware of your surroundings, you're aware of everything that is happening, and not heedless. Exactly, absolutely. I'm thinking just telling the

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kids imagine the first time we actually get to go back to the masjid. How's that gonna feel gonna be emotional? I think there's gonna be lots of tears lots of cost a couple of times. Just go drive by you know away even just you know

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We were really missing, you know, going hamdullah. Because, again, of our homeschooling schedule, so we spend a good like 14 hours a week in the masjid so much.

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That was a big part. That must have been hard try it was very difficult, very difficult. SubhanAllah. But again, I just want to, you know, point out something like, if we look at all of ourselves and our kids, specifically, in the beginning of this quarantine, that first week, they were miserable. They do not understand what do you mean, we're not going to go outside? Like, we're not going to do this for another. I was like, No, her ankles, align this online. Everything's online now. Now, they've just adapted. Now, what's the new norm? Is there a blade of changing or not solid rock we page, we can change our habits. We can you know, we can pray on time we can memorize for and

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we can do. We are so capable. So huddle. I think we just put ourselves down. We allow shaytaan to pull this down and think no, no, I can't No, guess what you can look at us now. Like, really? We wake up in the morning. There's nobody whining about wanting to go out or crying about oh, I can go to the masjid or, Oh, we've accepted it. There's

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a resilience right that? Yeah, initially, there's the shock. There's the confusion, like you were saying the emotions are overwhelming. You except, and it's just the stages, right? It's like the stages that we go through. And then sometimes there's a little anger involved after the shot. And then it's like, you know, then we have to surrender. Right? That's the whole objective is that we need to surrender. And tell us about making use of our time because this is such a precious gift. Yes. Tell us about that. So Subhanallah the first week when we stayed home, like I mean, we homeschool but a lot of the activities are outside. So we're always buying up something back. And I

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realized like, wait a minute, all of a sudden, like I have time like

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this is actually something that I've never ever had in the past like 15 years, you know, ever since I have it Wow. And it's not something that we really can just sit down and cut the cord and actually sit and just reflect without feeling the rush I have to be here and I have to be back. So I realize like wait a minute, almost Panatela is really gifted us time. And Allah will ask us what have we spent this time in. And you know, we don't know when the next time or if we ever will get a chance like this again in our lives. In Java, this will be overseeing everything, pass it everything that has a beginning has an end. But we don't know when is our next chance to get this time and when to

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benefit from it. If you want to start memorizing Quran now's the time, if you want to start you know learning a language Arabic, or you know, teaching somebody something, whatever it is that you are not able to do to kind of like redefine your, you know, your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala and to reconnect, this is like, you know, a gift on a fleet of boats are given to you right there.

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Do what you want to do, you know, yes, that's how I'm looking at it really. I think that's a great way to look at it where you see this as possibly that last Ramadan, we've always said that but I think now more than ever since we've seen so many losses of lives and you know, thinking about it's like right in our forefront, right, we see it and we experienced. So really seizing the opportunity and preparing ourselves preparing our deeds and recognizing that, I think what you're saying about setting the goals and seeing the end, that's so critical that we have this is this is going to come to an end in sha Allah Charles, tell me about like any inspiration from the Quran that kind of

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exemplifies what we're going through right now and May comfort the hearts of those who are in darkness or feeling overwhelmed. What do you have to say about that? So of course, I know that you have to have a story maybe a week or two ago about the sort of Sydney University he sat down, right? And we all know Sydney unis how he went, you know, to the people of Nineveh in Iraq, and then he was just frustrated by them left and got on the boat. And it's Pamela huge, you know, Storm rises up and leave aside illustrata Good Zoloft. No, it doesn't work out one of us has to be thrown in let's do lots. So you need to still be looks like a pious man. Let's keep him alive. It's a you'd know Uranus

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and SubhanAllah. You know, so you know Yunus has to be thrown in order for them to be saved. And this is the one thing of course I want to talk about is that we are in isolation right now. But in our isolation, we're saving other lives. The people on the boat were saved by Yunus being paid for reflection, so that the first thing and then he of course right away once we all know the wheel swallowed him, and then he's in darkness of not knowing darkness of isolation darkness of this seeming darkness of the dark, just being in the dark and darkness of not knowing right like we are right now in isolation in our homes. But of course with no comparison we have already in our bodies

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and our computer and our you know our family friends and you know, FaceTime or everything, you know, but still compared to what our normal life look like. It's a huge shift, right? It's change and Subhan Allah He puts up his hands and his boy like Leila under Subhanak and you could I mean, you know, you know there's no God except you your Allah You know, I have been from there what the oppressors I'm this is

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From my shortcoming. And instantly it was kind of a dialysis fair right away is the gym that we work, we kind of responded to him and believed him, right. And this is how we save the believers. And again, I keep repeating this, he didn't say this, how we save the prophets or the messengers, or else wouldn't relate to us, it wouldn't be fine, believable, but a believer, we're included in this, we're going to be saved. And this is a washer for us now, yes, it's a glad tidings, like, just believe. And this is how we save the believers, how I believe in Allah. So let Ilaha illa Allah subhana iniquity will have Donlevy beautiful that is, it's such a beautiful reflection to realize

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that even in the darkness when you make the art and you're sincere, that Allah can deliver you from it. And know many times we find that people during Ramadan, they get all motivated and they make the changes and they have that connection with the Quran and we're in this euphoric state and then after eat it kind of fizzles out. And, and I think it's so important to have that continuation. And part of the mission of like, the mindful heart is to keep the sisterhood to keep the motivation but we're together and we keep striving so that it doesn't end right. So this can be like a launching pad. Right? Absolutely. Think about maintaining that with a group of sisters. So I think honest to god, I

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remember our teachers used to tell us, like, you know, when you come out of Ramadan, try to finish the 40 days with the same enthusiasm with the same piece because they tell you 40 days is when you can actually keep a habit. Right? Right. So they always used to tell us like, make sure those first 10 days after Ramadan, you are unprofessional, make sure that you know you're fasting the six, five days after of course breaking for the first day fight, right? Sure you're reading you're just after and still like do not drop it. And I think it's so important if we maybe I don't know, maybe just as an idea out there. I know. Like there are a lot of Michela like WhatsApp groups where they have

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like, you know, the Shabbat groups where they're, you know, the mother shop, and they're actually prepping and they're doing a certain amount of use the hogs a certain amount of Salawat. So maybe creating something like that a platform where we could, you know, submit, okay, we all read our entity, like check, you know, give own varsity something to keep that motivation going on. Because Subhanallah it's really, this is the month I feel like we kind of, you know, thrive off for the rest of the year. It's like reboost, and that recharge, and then we just kind of like blast off from that. Keeping that and keeping that pace or maybe even setting certain, you know, once of the year

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where we're gonna re meet again, we're going to, you know, have this time where we're going to reconnect to sisters, and we're going to, you know, one another up, you know, Michelle, a lot of people have to hazard groups where they wake up, they're called the circles of light right on what

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are you up, okay, if you're up to this, if you've pre drunk at the port, you know, everybody's motivated. Apologies. It's like, there's a whole bustle going around in the middle of the night when everybody else is sleeping out. Yeah, encourage one another and dance, the platform, the mindful hearts were sisters are united globally. And everyone gets reminded, and we because there is something, there's something so powerful about Jamaat, like be together, because sometimes on your own, you lose motivation, but it's just it reminding each other so Inshallah, that we can, you know, keep this up. And it's such a pleasure. And you know, and an honor to have you today, my salah,

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there's so much that we can benefit, and I'm sure everyone's going to enjoy these and sha Allah and may Allah, would you reward your family think looking forward to having more lessons together? Let's look at for having me, thank you so much.

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I like a little honeycomb.

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Again, we know that we have we have emotions, and it's just about channeling it the right way, it was a beautiful reminder that we should not feel bad about it. And there are certain steps that we can take to overcome it. Right. So we need to reflect on emotional freedom, because many times we're shackled by emotions, I have so many clients who will tell me that they have no control. Let's say for instance, when it comes to that time of month, many of them say, you know, I just I just lose it I you know, I'm cruel, I am a tyrant, that the home everyone knows that there are some clients that their husbands actually travel and during that time because they don't want to deal with that. And

00:29:18--> 00:30:00

you know, when when we discuss it, it becomes very much like well, I've just accepted it. This is how it is. And I'd like all of you to reflect on this because it's so critical to feel empowered. When you feel like you're in shackles and your emotions are in the driver's seat. That can be a dangerous thing because that's where people react, they become, they become very violent. They do things that they normally don't do because they're allowing the emotions to rule them and their brains actually shut down. So what we need to do is realize that we have some control over our emotions. And let me give you an example. Let's say it is that time and you are horrible.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

You know what there's, you know that struggle is real, I understand that some people get more emotional, some people get very angry. But let's say you're invited to a, like a VIP dinner, right? Are you going to pull yourself together for that, let's say you have a very important job interview that you've been waiting for, are you going to be able to pull yourself together and be able to address that and be your best? Of course you are. And you can tap into that, because we know how to do it. But we just choose not to. So I encourage you to be in charge of your emotions, and allow yourself to be in the driver's seat, and you choose. So we're okay with having that motion. But

00:30:39--> 00:31:23

we're going to choose the ones that really benefit us and help us to get to our goals. So we have our GPS set to Jana, and we have to get there. And definitely our acts of worship are very important, and they are going to help us to get there. However, those acts of worship have to affect our heart, they have to change our behavior, our character, the way we talk, the way we deal with our spouse, the way we deal with our children, the way we talk about each other. If we do all this acts of worship, and we are not changing, then that's a problem. And we have the plasticity of the brain, you know, before they used to think that the brain is static, but it's actually changing. And

00:31:23--> 00:32:10

I talked about this extensively in the mindful hearts, I think it was the phase two, about how we have plasticity and we're always able to change and that gives people hope that if you create new synapses and the neurons of your brain, guess what, it's like a pathway. So some pathways, it's like a multi lane highway, right to misery, like a six lane highway to misery, but then a dirt road to happiness, right? And we need to just create that neural pathway and make those synapses so we can be happier individuals and we can take control of our emotions just like a Lafayette and it's such a pleasure to have you here may Allah continue to bless you, keep you in high spirits and give you

00:32:10--> 00:32:20

that ability, the strength and the patience to be in the driver's seat of your emotions, and be very compassionate to yourself and to others and Charlotte