Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L190E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the "has been better to sleep" concept, which is used to refer to people who have saved their time and achieved their goals. They stress the need to be a good person for others, not just a person, and to show comfort and joy to others, especially when seeing their children and spouse. The success of designs like Horace and the Her Her is also highlighted, along with the importance of feeding people's desire for homes and creating a culture of peace. The speakers emphasize the importance of fixing one's behavior and not giving up on one's weaknesses to avoid embarrassment.
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eligibility measures on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 194 Khan will begin from number 74,

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one Medina yaku Luna banner, and those people who say, Oh our Lord, another era of their rebuttal Rihanna's mentioned. Because the draws of a person, what do they reflect his inner feelings, what he really wants, what his goals are, what his concerns are.

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So, one of the doors that we learned of or Babylon, or what about being saved from the punishment of the Hellfire, and another dog is mentioned over here, which is that a log burner heaven Anna, Oh our Lord grant us bestow on us men as well Gina from our spouses, as well as the plural of zolgensma, which can apply to both husband as well as wife. So they're about to rock man, they pray that our Lord grant us from our spouses with God yet Tina and our children, grant us through our spouses and children, what, God What are you in the comfort, the coolness of eyes,

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meaning make them a source of comfort for us, make them a source of pleasure for us? How can one's spouse and children be a source of comfort for him? How, think about it,

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when they do what you want them to do, like for example, if the children are obedient, that it makes the parents very happy, it brings them a lot of pleasure. And on the other hand, if the children are disobedient, then it makes them very upset. No matter how successful the children may be, no matter how educated they may be, no matter how many friends they may have, no matter how beautiful they may be, if they are disobedient to the parents, they're not a source of comfort for them, how else

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that when the entire family is a means of support for one another, to prepare for the that all of them have the same goal all of them are striving to become a better version and

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that all of them are means of support and strength for one another to obey Allah subhanaw taala even more. So then what happens then they become a source of comfort for one another. So have been an admin as well you know whether the Yeti cola terrarium or even as a chlorella and the word Allah is used for such coolness, that is very pleasant, because sometimes coolness becomes a bit disturbing. However, there is some kind of coolness which when you have it, when you experience it, it's a source of great comfort. So what what are you?

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What's your ulna? and make us a little more delina? For those who have the core impairment and leader, meaning make us a leader of all of those who fear you have? What does it mean by this? Does it mean that they're asking that they should become the leaders of the Muslims? Or they should become the halifa? They should become the immutable meaning is this what their desire is? No. What does it mean by this? What's your understanding with the cleaner email?

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If you think about it, every person has authority over the others in some way or the other. Like, for example, a husband has authority over his wife, the wife has authority over her children, the grandparents, they have authority over their grandchildren. So in some way or the other, every person is responsible, especially when it comes to his household, especially when it comes to his family. So what's your analogy? matakana imama. This means that those who are under us, meaning our family, our spouses, our children, our grandchildren, our relatives, those whom we have authority over, make them God fearing.

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Make them have fear of you. Would your honor little mattina imama make us a leader for which kind of people, those who have Taqwa Why is this necessary? Because many times children, they will obey their parents or they will do something of the deen just in front of their parents. They have no fear of Allah. But if a person has fear of a lot, then whether the parents are there or not, whether the in charge is there or not, whether the teacher is there or not, whether the boss is there or not. Still a person will do what he's required to do. So in a way over here, they're making a draw for who for their subordinates, those who are under them in whatever capacity in whatever way.

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And what's your anelli mattina EMA Hmm. You know, it's not just leader but also a role model. Remember, Ibrahim alayhis salam was oma so a man is not just a leader, a guy

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But also a coda, an example, someone who is emulated someone who is followed.

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Like, for example, the Imam Insider, you follow Him, you emulate him, whatever he does you do. So mmm is also an example. So when you're unknown and mattina imama, meaning makers, the Imam of the righteous ones, in other words, make us the very best of people, that we are an example for others. We are a source of guidance for others. What's your unmet need in mattina? Email at the best of best? So what do we see over here? That they're irrelevant man? What brings them the most comfort? What brings them the most happiness is not the things of Estonia. It's not good food. It's not good clothes. But what is it that they truly desire? What is it that really brings comfort and pleasure

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to them?

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It's when their spouses and children are righteous. This is the greatest joy, that a believer can experience the greatest joy that when he sees his children, obedient to Allah, when he sees his children serving the needy, when he sees his or her spouse, how obedient to a loss.

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Because if you think about it, anything that you love, anything that you desire, whatever goal you have, you want your children, your family to have the same thing. It's only natural, whatever you love, you want your children to love that as well. You want your husband to love that as well. Whatever you enjoy, you want your husband and children to enjoy that as well. So if they're able to recommend they enjoy the worship of Allah, they have love of Allah, they have fear of Allah, they want the same thing for their children and their husbands as well.

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So it doesn't matter who those who want others to become regarded as those who want good for others as well.

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So we see over here, that their development, they yearn to take their family along with them.

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And you see, it's very, very difficult to walk on this path alone, on this path that Allah subhanaw taala has said, it's very difficult to walk on this path alone. It's possible. But it's extremely difficult when a person has support from his closest family members, and it becomes very, very easy. Many, many times people will complain, my husband is not like this. My children are not like that. My husband does not allow me My wife is not cooperative.

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Now at this point, instead of complaining to people, what should we do? Make dua to Allah.

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If you find a fault in yourself, if you find a fault in your spouse, because the relationship between husband and wife is like what leavers, they're closest to one another. The things that you see in your spouse, no one else sees, isn't it. And when you see such things, instead of mentioning it to other people, instead of complaining about it to other people, pray for them, make to offer them that robina habit, and I mean, as well as you know, with reality, no matter what you're dealing with the cleaner.

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And we see that the hours of the man, what do they revolve around their success in the year after that, first of all, save us from the Hellfire, and then make our families righteous as well.

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Because if the family is righteous, if your spouse, if your children are righteous, then you will remain together for eternity in the hereafter. And if they're not righteous, then the separation is for eternity as well. Just think about it. If your husband is away for a month, if you haven't seen your child for a month, if you haven't seen your parents for a month, how do you feel?

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someone whom you love a lot? If they have been away from you for over a month? How do you feel? You miss them? Sometimes parents become so concerned about their children, that they're calling them all the time? Have you reached your school? Are you leaving? Okay? Call me when you leave. Okay, Call me when you get home. They are so concerned about their children that even for some time, if the children are away from them, they want to make sure they're fine. So how is it possible that we love to be together with our family members in this dunya but in the hereafter we're not concerned.

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So they're evaluated man. Whatever goals they have for themselves, they have the same goals for their family members as well. They want the same for their children. They want the same for their husbands. They want the same for their wives. This is what our that's what our men want. And this is a sign of a true servant. That he does not just one good for himself, but also for his family. We also notice a very important thing.

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That the rebels are man, they are not such people who have got off from the linear completely, who do not get married, who do not have children? No, they are normal human beings. They have families, they have children, they give them rights.

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And this is possible for a sermon, because we see that the prophets are allowed is an abuser, best example for all of us, will sweat and Hassan. And we see that he married, he had children, he was extremely righteous, he was an extremely obedient servant of Allah.

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So when is a person a true servant of a law when he obeys a law when he worships a law to every aspect of his life, even through marriage, even through having children, because when a person has children, then he has an opportunity to leave behind himself a great idea. And if he does not have them, then he will not have that opportunity.

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So what do we see that they're evolved over time, and they're normal people, they have families. However, they do not leave their families in the sense that they actually take their families along with them in this in this way. Because whatever a person desires for himself, he also wants it for his family.

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Now, many times that happens that we're studying the Quran, we're learning a lot so much, but at the same time, our own children, our own brothers and sisters, our own spouses, they may have no idea, they may have absolutely no idea what treasure we are exposed to every single day. And this is unfair. This is not right, that we get to learn so much, and we get to enjoy so much, but we don't share the same things with them. Many times when people come and ask me that, how do I convince my husband to do this? How do I convince my husband to do that, I tell them, share the ayat with them, share the ayat with them, whatever you have learned, share the same thing with them and see, see the

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change, because many times our words cannot have the same effect as the ayat of a loss penalty.

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So, our responsibility is that we must take our families along with us, especially those who are closest to us. So make the offer their guidance,

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let those people mean that

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you design a little further, they will be awarded the chamber in the Hereafter, they will be awarded the wolfer why Bhima sabado. Because they patiently endure, this is the key Why will they be successful in the hereafter bml suburu where you will have Kona fee has the Hayden wasana and they will be received their in with greetings and words of peace.

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Alpha is from the roof reference line warfare. And the word warfare is used for such a room that is in the upper part of a tall building.

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So it's such a room, which is in the upper part of a tall building. Now we're not talking about an apartment building that has multiple floors. So we're talking about the penthouse over here No, because that would mean some people are in the penthouse and some people are in the lower levels, but this is not how gender is warfare is the highest compartment the highest compartment and the highest compartment of any building that is tall and high and elevated.

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So we let you design a Warfighter what has worked for me has been understood as a high ranking Jenna della della here and a very very high rank in Paradise and has also been understood as that engine in the garden that they will get in the level that they will be in their houses, their residences will be how they will be elevated. They will not be a ground level they will be elevated. This is why when we learned about the rivers of Paradise, what do we learn

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their dream in the * and how, why? Because it is as though it is flowing from underneath them because they will be high.

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So like can you design a logo Horford de Bhima savato because they were patient Subbu Subbu is the key because if you look at it without Saba, you can not walk with home. Without Saba. You cannot say peaceful words do the jehlen. Without savoured you cannot stand up during the night. Without solid you cannot turn away from Zoo and turn away from love. No bml suburu when you look at her and there will be met in it meaning in paradise as they come, they will be met by what the hayyan greeting was Salomon and bees from, from the angels from a loss of handle dialogue by one another the hay yet and

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all of this because of

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derivations into the turbo I number 37. We learned well homefield little fatty me noon and they will be in the upper chambers of Faraday's safe and secure.

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So because of their patients they'll be rewarded with the highest degree in paradise.

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Instead of the Zoomer is number 20. As well, these words are mentioned these high lofty chambers are mentioned that lacking in ladina Takara bajo la hora from infotech Vodafone, my baniya to daydream and tactical and how that those people who feared their Lord for them are chambers above them chambers built high, beneath which rivers

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and we also learn from our hobbies, which has mentioned Bukhari and Muslim that Abu sereno hoodie he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the people of Paradise, we look at the people dwelling in the chambers above them, in the same way that people look at a brilliant star shining far away on the horizon in the east or the west.

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So the difference between the jets in general is what is as big as as great as the earth and the stars that we see in the sky, because of their superiority and reward over them. So the people asked or messenger of Allah Are these the dwellings of the prophets which no one can attain.

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The Prophet sort of artisan replied No, by the one whose hand is my soul, they are for the men who believed in Allah, and also in his messages. So such high levels such high hoerauf are not just for the prophets of Allah, but also for those people who believe in the prophets.

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We also learn from another Hadith that said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the people in the higher levels will be seen by those below them, as if they were looking at a star rising in the horizon,

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like a star that is rising in the horizon.

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So Alo Artem how exactly these work will be. But what do we see that there will be a great difference between the levels of Faraday's and such people, they're evolved over time and they will be given the highest levels, they will be granted the highest levels. And these residences, these vooraf these upper chambers, these lofty chambers, what are they like?

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We learned from another Hadith which is reported in Muslim Ahmed, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in Paradise, there are rooms that there inside can be seen from outside and the outside can be seen from inside,

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you understand?

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their insight can be seen from outside and the outside can be seen from inside for us, oh, wow, glass, maybe this is what we're thinking, right. But just remember that at the time of the profit sort of bonus, where people had, you know, houses that were made of mud or brick or dance or something like that, for them, it was amazing. And even for us, this would be amazing. Why? Because many times in Estonia, what happens when you have a glass, it reflects too much. You want to look outside but you only see yourself or you only see the lights that are on in the room. So it's amazing how the inside can be seen from outside in the outer can be seen from inside.

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If you are in such a place if you are in such a room, what feeling does it bring to you? How do you feel? You don't feel restricted.

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Whereas if you are in a room that has walls and you cannot look beyond them, you feel restricted no matter how big it is. But we see that these gloves in general they are such that even if the person is inside, he will not feel restricted.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked for whom are these rooms or messenger of Allah? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there are four The one who is soft in your speech, who feed the people.

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First of all, soft in his speech, secondly, feeds the people. Thirdly, continues to fast. And fourthly and praise at night while the people are asleep.

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What do you need for that?

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To be softened speech when the other person is upsetting you? When the other person is being harsh towards you?

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When big answers great answers are coming to your mind, and you can throw them at those people. But at that time, stuff in speech, what do you need sub

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feeding the people for that you also need somebody to cook the food to prepare the food knowing that you're not going to eat any of it. It's actually going to other people and to prepare the way you would want to eat it. What do you need some of and in offering the food to people also, what do you eat sour because many times what happens you give something to someone and they begin to criticize immediately. Only

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As much, this is too much, this is too oily, this is too greasy this like this, this is like that. So feeding food to people is also a huge challenge, you need sulfur that continues to fast and prays at night while the people are asleep. So this is the price of getting the huruf in the hereafter. If you think about it in the dunya, what happens people desire the best of homes, isn't it? They want the best of homes, the best of houses, whenever people want to buy a house to have, literally a list of things that they want in their house. And if those things are not there, they're going to get the house altar, they're going to get the house renovated, and make sure that they have whatever they

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want. And every sometime What do they want, that they should be upgraded, they should go to a better house that suits their desires even more.

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And sometimes you will find very old people as well. What are they doing? Buying bigger, better houses. And it's amazing that you know that your life is coming to an end still you have a desire for such a big house. Still you have a desire for such a perfect house when you know you don't even have the strength to enjoy it, to maintain it. But still people desired Why? Because a house is a source of peace. And a house is a place where a person can really enjoy himself, and he can enjoy the luxury. It brings satisfaction to a person. So when for the houses of lunia people strive so much they research so much. They put in so much effort to renovate the houses to buy the house to

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pay off the house so much money people put

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it it's amazing how some people they just to pay off their mortgages. The husband is working, the wife is working. The husband is working during the day or the wife is working during the night, one after the other constantly. There are some people since I came to this country, I've seen them working, why they're trying to pay off their house till today.

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Till today, and I'm amazed that so much time and energy and money people are spending just to have a house in their name. How much do they really got to enjoy it hardly.

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If this is the effort that we have to put into the 1000s of dounia then how much more effort is required to get the house of Paradise to get the huruf in the hereafter. So les Can you design a little further, we must savato because they were patient. When you look around if he had to he yet and Osama and as they enter agenda, they will be met by greetings as well as words of peace. In that regard I 23 to 24 we learn that one Mullah eager to hear the whole lunar on a human

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that the angels they will enter upon them from every gate from every gate the angels will enter upon them and what will they say Salah when I lay can be masa Burton for near Morocco but doubt that these be upon you for what you patiently endured, and they will welcome that an excellent is the final. Excellent is a final. Holly Dina fee her abiding eternally they're in

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neither will they become old. Neither will their enjoyment ever reduce. Nor will Jenna become old no Holly Dena fee has an irrevocable state has soon it was the common one we'll call them a good is a settlement and residence meaning gender is an excellent place of settlement an excellent place of residence. Earlier the same words were used for Hellfire that said Mr. karamo, comma, and what do we learn about gender that has an IT Mr. kavon mama.

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So in general, their youth will never come to an end, they will never have to leave, they will never die. None of what they possess will fade away and they will never ever become sick. Intellectual cap is 31 we learn near Moscow Abu Hassan networked Africa, excellent is the reward and good is the resting place. On my elbow, it will be cannot be say what would my lord care for you, Lola will come if not for your application for AutoCAD debitum for so for your corner designer, for you have denied so your denial is going to be at here.

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This is the final I have the conclusive I have the soul,

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as we have seen at the beginning of the surah that all of the objections that were raised against the Prophet sort of artisan, they were mentioned. And they were all refuted. One after the other. The people said How come the Quran has not been revealed at one go? How come he's a human messenger? There is many many objections and all of them where if you did one after the other, and then Allah subhanaw taala showed to us the difference between truth and falsehood between what is right what is wrong.

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And this surah is for Khan. And then finally, we are told about the characteristics of those people whom almost everybody who will be successful in the year after that their way of life is of belief of submissiveness of humility.

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And if a person is not humble before Allah, if a person does not submit to Allah, and he remains stubborn on his disobedience, he remains stubborn on his denial. Then Allah subhanaw taala says for Mayor but will be Komarov be Lola dropcam. What would my lord care for you if not for your application? Meaning, my Lord does not need you. If you do not obey Him, if you do not believe in His Messenger, if you do not submit to Him, you have no value in the sight of

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a person is only honorable. He will only get a status in the hereafter when, when he's obedient to

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the word yerba. Oh, Dr. Bow is from New fetters. I invite Hamza you're a

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rainbow. striker. Yeah, after that, and on the year.

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And urban means circle. What does that mean? circle Wait, Miss Hall. And it isn't meant to be meant to be. Meaning he has no value in front of me. He has no weight in front of me. I don't assign him any weight, meaning I don't care.

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He has no value in my sidebar, but to be I don't care. So may or will become Robbie. Meaning what what my lord care for you. If you do good, it's for your own benefit. If you pray to Allah is for your own benefit. If you humble yourself before Allah, It's for your own benefit and if you do not, then you have no value. Mayor but will be cannot be Lola

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and yerba also, it is said that it's from the phrase are better to sleep, meaning I kept the perfume meaning I did not use it, I saved it to meaning I saved it. I did not use it, I did not spend it. So my butt will become robbing meaning My Lord will not leave you. He will not spare you. He will not let you be low ladder outcome if not for your calling. Meaning until you call upon Allah and calling upon Allah is a sign of what humanity and submissiveness are neither. So until you call upon Allah, you are fine.

00:27:39 --> 00:28:21

And the moment you turn away, the moment you think you do not need Allah, Allah does not even care about you, God may or will it will become Robbie, lo ladra will come for codekit verbatim, but now all you people you have denied that despite the fact the message has been clarified to you, all of your objections have been refuted all of your questions and your concerns have been answered. And you have been shown the two paths and you have been told about the characteristics of those people whom Allah likes. If still you deny for other conservative, then remember that for self or your co designer, then soon Yakumo lizama, it will be lism and it will be inseparable, what will be

00:28:21 --> 00:28:35

inseparable, the punishment, the consequence of your denial, then you will not be able to get away from it. lizama is from the ruthless lambs, I mean lezama and what is lezama mean, to stick to something to adhere to something

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and it gives them meaning of the ram of being perpetual, and also off the bat, that when something is firm, so for Sofia, kulu lizama it will constantly adhere to you, not leaving you

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what the punishment, it will be permanently bound to you in the Hereafter, you will not be able to get away from it. And others have said that for sofa your kuno lizama your Konami alter refer to their COVID their technique, that it will remain bound to you until you die, that if after seeing these clear evidences still you don't believe then you will never be able to believe. So what can we learn in this ayah

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that a person only has value in the sight of Allah when he humbles himself before when he becomes other.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:35

When he develops the qualities of humble people, those whom Allah likes.

00:29:36 --> 00:29:40

And if a person is not like that, that he has no value in the sight of

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if you look at it for their own, he was such a great direct, such a great ruler. he possessed so much wealth and so much authority and so many people were under him. He would just have to give one command and immediately it would be observed. People would obey him immediately without any question. He had a very

00:30:00 --> 00:30:45

Very high position he was considered as God. But what happened when he did that leave? What happened to all of his prestige and fame and glory was finished. May are but will be cannot be loaded or outcome. If you yourself, don't humble before Allah, you have no value. You have no side. What happened to him rude? He was finished as well. He lost everything as well. Similarly, all the people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, all of those who opposed him Abuja, Abu lahab, what happened to them degraded, humiliated. So in this is a huge lesson for us. That the only way to glory, the only way to success is obedience to Allah.

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Many times people think that if I begin to do this, if I begin to do that, if I do not answer back to the people are going to be insulted. I'm going to be humiliated. Like for example, what either horrible murgia hironaka lucilla. What is it that makes us argue with the Jae Hoon? That if I don't argue that if I don't say something, I'm going to be humiliated, I have to show them something as well.

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But what do we learn from here, that when a person humbles himself before Allah, when he obeys Allah when he does what Allah likes, only then he will be successful, only then he will be assigned any value or rank.

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Because Muntadhar the law, he refers, the one who humbles himself before Allah, then Allah will elevate him, Allah will raise him.

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And if you look at it, all of the characteristics of their bedrock, Mandela mentioned over here, what do they affect humanity, humbleness.

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We learn from our Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala says, All my servants, you can either do me any harm, nor can you do me any good. You cannot harm me, you cannot benefit me, or my servants if the first among you and the last among you, and the whole human race of yours, and the whole race of jinn even become equal in God consciousness, like the heart of a single person amongst you, if all the people, all the jinn, they became very, very fearful of Allah, as the most fearful person amongst you, then nothing would act in my power, you cannot benefit me, even if you become very humble, even if you become very, very obedient, and oh my

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servants, even if the first among you, and the last among you, the whole human race of yours and that of the genes do if all of you become the most wicked, like the heart of a single person, that is extremely wicked, it would not cause any loss to my power.

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Allah does not need us. He does not need us at all. If we worship Him,

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if we humble ourselves before him, then we are only benefiting ourselves. We are only benefiting ourselves. So called Mayor but we'll be covering up be Lola

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fukada debitum, for Sofia, Condoleezza.

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We listen to the recitation of these as

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Tina, Emma

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DeSoto, we learned that which I hate whom big hasn't Kabira

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when when a person do that effectively, when he has support, because if you go to face at a challenge all by yourself, as one person, you cannot accomplish as much. But when you have the support of others, then you can do much better. So they're evaluated our man, this is why they're printed, have been a habit enemy, as well as you know, whether the Athena COVID What's your analogy with Athena? Mm hmm, can only be off some people, right? So keep us together. So that all of us together Do you haven't communal with the Quran in order to deliver the Quran to the people and we see that there are two forces one is of good the others.

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The first one is of truth, and the others have false. And constantly we have been shown this contrast in this world, through the Sweetwater, the bitter water, the night and the day. And we see that one is the forces of who are

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the servants of Wu, have,

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whose goal is to earn the pleasure of Allah to live according to the instructions that Allah has given. And their goal is to take everybody along with them. And what do they do jihad in Kabira? And what is their destination? Jenna has an acoustic karma karma. And on the other hand, there are that rebel to shape on the servants of Wu shaitan. Like we learned earlier, what cannon capital that the disbeliever he is allowed to be as a healer, he is an assistant against his Lord to who? To shaitan so when a person turns away from Allah, when he turns away from obedience to Allah, then in fact, who is he serving, who is he supporting shaitan. So, there are two ways, either a person becomes a

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very valuable man, or he becomes a very bad shape.

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In order to become a better, man, you have to fix your walk, you have to fix your talk, you have to fix your behavior, your manners, your way of life.

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And as a result of shaytaan, then a person does not care about anything. What does he do, he just follows his desires.

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He just followed his desires, he has made his God his desires, and such a person you cannot assist him.

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earlier in this video, we learned that what you're unavailable, only broaden fitna. And many times this test comes from those who are closest to us, that you want to do something, but your children do not allow your children to not cooperate with you. They do not support you, your husband does not cooperate with you. So these are the moments when your closest family members they become a fit, at that time what is needed.

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But along with that, what else do you need to do make the offer

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whenever whenever you feel that there's lack of support, even in the slightest way, whenever you feel that your parents Your husband is not being as supportive as you would want them to be, your child is not being that supportive, that cooperative, start making the start making the art immediately. What happens to us we go complain to people make the wrong ask Allah to change their heart, ask Allah to give them the same feelings as you have been given.

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When a person is living a good life in this dunya his family's very good children are very obedient husband is very successful, that what happens he tends to forget that the but what do we see over here? that the children, the husband, the family, what are they a source of support for the thing.

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If you think about it, many times, we feel that only if we spend every moment with our children, every mode with our spouses, then we can have a strong relationship, then we can have a very good relationship. But we see that it was only a loss of panaderia, who can truly bring comfort to you from your

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that even if you get to spend a little bit of time with them, even a few hours with them in the day, not the whole day, but a few hours, a few moments, even those are a source of great comfort for you Why? Because they're on the same path as yours, you know that they're going the same way. And that will bring you true comfort. And

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many times we see that people that give up on their family members, my husband, he's just not like that. There's no way I can convince him, there's no way he will ever understand there's no way he will ever do this, Phil, don't give up. Never give up, keep making the rock keep struggling keep trying, you never know the time might come very soon when their heart will change.

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We think that when it comes to telling our family members when it comes to sharing with our family members, we have to lecture them, we have to make them listen to a lecture we have to make them read a book. This is why on every occasion we give, such as books and big lecture tapes and lecture CDs, but what happens they don't get to listen to them. But we see that one of the most effective ways of taking your family along with you is that when you show it to them with your actions when you tell them what you're doing, and when you you know for example, put something up on the fridge and they will ask okay what is this or they will read it everybody opens a fridge and if you have a beautiful

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saying or a quarter Hadees or an ayah part of the I have written up there, then they will wonder what is that they will ask you they will want to know as well.

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So, be creative, come up with these ideas and share with them. I remember one of the sisters was saying that she tries to share with her husband daily whatever she learns, but there are times when she doesn't get to share. So what she does is that she will send him an email or she will put something on the fridge and like this. She gets to take him along with her.

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If you really really love your family members and that love is true

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and sincere, then it's not possible that the treasure you have you will not share, you will definitely want to share

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we see that Lofa is an upper chamber it's at the loft right? You can compare it with a penthouse with has more value, because it's higher. It's right at the top. So in order to get that position, then your actions also have to be of that standard.

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So panicle lahoma will be harmonica. Misha La Ilaha Illa and a stockbroker wanted to be like I said, I'm already from what

Al-Furqan 63-77 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 74-77

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