Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L184A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of men who are staying in a home with their relatives, and they are being instructed to do so. They also mention a woman who is fearful of someone and is given guidance on how to handle them. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a mix of technical and political discussion.
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Santa Monica.

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Malibu Salli ala rasulillah Kareem Mr bird Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim furbish Raj Lisa de were silly MD, Washington. Dr. Miller melissani kuqali probenecid.

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Lesson number 184 sorta to note is number 47 to 57.

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Translation waiuku Luda and they say, Amana, we believed biLlahi in Allah were built with a soul and in the messenger, what Alterna and we obeyed so much then, yet I was there, he turns away 30 akun a group, men home from them, men from body after their liquor that warmer and not cooler, aka those bill more meaning in the least those who believe at all the believers

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what either and when there they were called in Allah to Allah what as soon as he and to his messenger or just his messenger Leah coma so he decides by now home between them either suddenly, farrakhan a group men home from them Maria Boone wants to turn away

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what in and if yakun it is the home for them and have the truth the right yet to they can lie to it, with it renamed as one's in submission.

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His fee in Peru be him their hearts motto bone disease or if they were in doubt

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or you have foreigner they fear and that yeshiva he will deal unjustly. Allahu Allah, or lay him upon them. What are Sulu and His Messenger, but rather Allah, Ecuador's home they awali Moon, those who do wrong in Nevada, indeed not but Ghana, it was own word saying and what meaning of the believers either when do they were called in Allah He to Allah or su li and His Messenger, Leah coma. So he judges by now home between them. And that yaku they say semir enough, we heard we're Aparna and we obeyed what Ola iica and those whom they are mostly shown those who are successful

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woman and whoever you're there he obeys Allah Allah wa sola, who and this messenger we are sure and he fears Allah Allah way a Ducky and he fears him and he adopts the core of him. For Allah ecosa those whom they alpha his own those who are successful.

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What ox ammo and this word belay by Allah Jetta firm, amen him their oats in Surely if about the home you ordered them layer Rajan, surely they will definitely come out and say, do not do Cosimo you all swear

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by our tone obedience meroofer one known in Allah Indeed Allah hubiera on always all aware, the man with whatever Dharma loon you all do.

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Say a prayer. You all obey Allah, Allah will offer you and you all obey of Rasulullah the messenger. For in then if there were low, you alternate away for a number then indeed not but I lay upon him, ma what, from Miller, he was made to carry, what are they come and upon you, ma what from Milton, you were made to carry? What in and if totally you who you all obey Him, do you all will obtain guidance, woman and not Allah upon our soul, the messenger in that except and Bella the conveying and will be the one clear

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word he promised? Allah who Allah, Allah Dena, those who knew they believed men come from you. What army do and they did a soil he had the righteous deeds, layer stuff under him. Surely he will definitely give them succession

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fee in the earth command just as is the fluffer he gives succession and Lavina to those who mean from probably him before them whether you McKinnon enjoy

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You will definitely establish the home for them dinner home, their religion, Allah D which is the bar. He was pleased. He approved

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the home for them whether you bet dilemna home and surely he will definitely exchange them. Men from bardi after COVID him their fear, a mouthpiece. Er bodoni they will worship Me lair not usually Guna they will do should be with me che anything.

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Woman and whoever gaffer he disbelieved BARDA after vaniqa that for Allah, then those whom they and facetune those who disobey will actually move and you all established a salata, the Salah, will add to and you all give as the character desica will appear and you all obey Allah Sula, the messenger, La La calm so that you don't have own you all are blessed with mercy. You all are shown mercy.

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Law Do Not Disturb and you definitely think alladhina those who care for all day disbelieved more Xen ones who make helpless fee in the earth will not wear home and their award and now is the hellfire. What a bit sir. And surely how bad and mostly the destination, the place of return.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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da de de de cama

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why ye

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LTE open soon

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you met Kenan

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una de

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An-Nur 47-57 Translation 47-57

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