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The speakers discuss the importance of remembering the favor of Allah Subhanho wa Taala and avoiding cutting corners or shortcuts. They stress the need to be mindful of one's actions and avoid negative language. The importance of trusting oneself and taking risks to ensure family members' well-being, as well as learning from experiences of God. They also mention the importance of avoiding harming oneself and leaving behind one's children in a positive way.

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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah. He was happy Hagemann, we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of them and every one of us, and May Allah grant us goodness and give us forgiveness during this beautiful month, brothers and sisters, we are going through supplications and do our through the revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the reason is, every one of us has our needs,

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it's important for us to look at how the blessing those who are granted blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala confirmed blessing such as Prophethood we're addressing this matter how they called out to Allah the words they use what happened as a result, I'd like to move today to new Haile Salatu was Salam at a certain point in his life with us that he made you and I know that he called out against his people after so many years. Thereafter, Allah instructed him to do something that was to build the ark, and that was to take the people with him and whatever other creatures Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to be in the ark with him. But something interesting is when he got onto that Ark, he

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thanked Allah.

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Many of us we call out to Allah. When Allah does that for us, we forget to thank him. I spoke about how important it is to follow up the day out with obedience. Now we're talking about you having received what you asked from Allah, what do you do? Let's look at this beautiful verse, where Allah Subhana Allah Allah says

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in Surah mithoon for us Why?

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Give up on Al Hamdulillah in levena Jana Amina, lukumi volley me when you all Noah, and your people get on to the ark, say All praise is due to Allah who has saved us from the people who are oppressive. Well, Allah is saying once you achieve what you have asked for, we want you to call out to us by saying Alhamdulillah he levy levina Jana minakami Valentin. All praise is due to Allah who has saved us from the people who are oppressive. And then we want you to continue

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what could rob be?

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Mobile aka what

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Jeannie see are up, grant us the best of landings. Let the landing be a blessing landing just picture this for a moment. You have a flood you have a an ark that is moving in the water. It has to land somewhere where is it going to land or Allah let it be a blessing landing. Let this landing be a blessing landing For indeed you are the best of those who cause a beautiful landing. Amazing, amazing dude. That is mentioned here in the Quran in surah mithoon and this is verse number 29. Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us that when you have asked him for something follow it up. Many times people ask Allah when they get they forget Allah Subhan Allah We ask Allah for cure when he

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killed us no more Salah. We asked a lot for a job, we got the job we're out in the pubs and clubs and stuff. There are a lot. This shouldn't be the case we should be those who are more obedient. We were reminded to be grateful to Allah. And this is why something that lasted a very, very long time to this day. We call out with visa applications. Do you know what they are? Whenever we sit in a motor vehicle, ready to go on a journey on a train, a bicycle, the back of an animal aircraft, there is a duality that we make. Do you know that is in the Quran? It is a supplication from the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says he has created the animals. Some of them are in order to ride. Some

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of them are in order to consume etc. And then there is a verse in Surah tzav where Allah subhanho wa Taala says Lita Stevo Allah Allahu re

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metal become either stairway into Milan aku. Allah blessed you with all these animals so that when you ride when you sit on the back of an animal, and you are now ready to actually go forth, in order to start your journey, you need to remember the favor of Allah. A lot of us don't do that, you know you jump into your car, you just say that, without remembering the favor of Allah. Imagine you did not have the car. Imagine you did not have the mode of transport. Imagine you did not have the donkey to ride. Imagine you did not have the aircraft to fly. That is the favor that you're supposed to be remembering. Allah says that guru Matata become either Stairway to Mali, what the kulu You

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should all remember the favor of Allah. Once you're sitting on your mode of transport, that should make you say the following.

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So about Han analisa harana

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polini in what in

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Isla Mina,

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Connie boo Subhana Allah, Glory be to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has made this or facilitated this mode of transport for us. So panela we are praising Allah we are declaring his greatness for having facilitated this mode of transport for us. Look at how this do our was meant to be right up to the end of time because Allah says Sahara Lana hada. He didn't say this animal, this ship this car. This because then it would have been it would have been inapplicable if we were to be on an on, for example, a Concorde or a spaceship or a drone, for example. But here Allah is telling us clearly, Sahara Anna haha we praise Allah who has facilitated this for us. This whatever mode of transport

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we're on right now. And we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for it, yet we were unable to control it. We were unable, you know, we're not in control of this thing hates Allah. And then the second part of the duel is to remind you that your ultimate journey is another one. Allahu Akbar, have you ever thought of that? When you are making a dua, where as you're embarking on a journey, you saying, Oh Allah, I thank you for giving me this mode of transport. But I want to reiterate that my real journey is to you, Allahu Akbar. It means ultimately, I'm moving through this world in a way that I'm going to end up passing away and getting to you. We're in now all of us. ihlara Bina to our

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upper Naaman Caliban are going to return. So we want to bear witness that while we are happy that this journey is being facilitated by you through this mode of transport, Oh Allah, we confirm that we belong to you, we're going to be returning to you. That might just be your last journey. So many people have passed away on journeys, accidents, so many mela grant agenda to fill those and make it easy. But don't we think for a moment that the doula is so powerful, reminding us that while we're on this small journey, the bigger journey is actually unto Allah Subhana Allah, the day that happens May Allah subhanahu wa tada grant us Jenna, may Allah grant us paradise. May Allah open our doors,

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my brothers and sisters. This is an amazing it's amazing because look at how it's so fresh on our tongues in the tongues of our children. So behind a lady's head, Alana hava lahmacun Allahu mcaleenan. We're in a lot of Ala Moana Caliban I want to actually make mention of a hadith in Sahih Muslim, narrated by Abdullah hepatoma radi Allahu Allahu Allah. He says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, when when he used to ride upon his mode of transport, and he's going out, he used to say Allahu Akbar three times. Then he used to read this duet that I've just read now from the Quran Subhana levy to Helena hada lahmacun Allahu mcaleenan. We're in Isla abena La Mancha, Lee

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Boone. And then he used to say, Allah hum in Lucca fie safarinow hada albir la taqwa, O Allah, we ask you in this journey of ours, that You grant us righteousness and God consciousness. We're asking you on this journey to grant us righteousness and God consciousness. wamena Lima Lima tada and you make us do deeds that will please you alone. Allah humma Whoa, when Elena Safar Anna Oh Allah, make easy for us. This journey of ours, what we border

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and crumple the distance

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sense of the journey for us. That means make it short. You know, sometimes you have a long journey ahead of you five hours, six hours, and it feels like it was just 30 minutes an hour, that was a lot crumpling it for you. He crumpled the journey for you so panela so he made the distance shorter. Whereas in real life, it was the same distance but it seemed that way. So we're making a dua, or Allah grant has consciousness have You grant us righteousness? make us do good deeds while we're on the journey. And Allah make this journey easy for us and crumble the distance for us? Allah hemanta Sahaba suffer Oh Allah, you are the companion the ultimate companion on the journey. So panel, I

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always tell people, when you're going to use your audio device, video device on your journeys, be it an aircraft, be it a a vehicle, make sure it is something very beneficial because you may die in that condition in that state. You may return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So don't use it in the disobedience of Allah. Rather than listen to the Quran. Listen to something beneficial the melodious recital of the word of Allah, what better way can there be to pass away while you were listening to the words of Allah. I recall many years ago, when I was living in Madina, munawwara there was a brother who passed away in a motor vehicle accident, his car was written off. But you know what? The

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audio cassette device was still playing with the words of Allah, beautiful recital of the Quran. The man had passed away the car was a wreck. Everything was destroyed completely. mela give him Jenna. But in my heart, I said this is a good death. It's a good ending. You've ended May Allah grant us all a good ending in a way that you were listening to the Quran, it could have been anything else something dirty. I mean, if it was an aircraft and we were watching a video, it could have been something that we would not be proud about. And that's your last moment imagine. So when you're on a journey, it's even more important to ensure that you are being obedient. Hence the importance of

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this do our Oh Allah. Why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam repeat or Allah give me righteousness God consciousness make me do good deeds. Make it easy for me make the journey easy for me, Oh Allah, you are the best companion on a journey. It's so tempting sometimes to do things wrong or to cut corners and shortcuts. But Oh Allah, you remain with me. And the dog continues. When halifa to fill an O Allah, you are the best. Whom could who could be left behind with the family to take care of my family. You know, the one whom I've left behind with my family, you're the best.

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You are the best companion in my journey. You are the best whom I've left behind with my family as well. Which means Oh Allah while I'm out, take care of my family. Take care of my loved ones. I'm out whether you're at work, whether you're gone out for whatever else it was, some people go for high drama, they worry about their little babies, that they're going to be leaving behind me Allah make it easy for you. I had a brother who was asking me he says I've been accredited for the Hajj. I have a little baby should I go? Shouldn't I go? I said brother pause for a moment. You know, hotjar Allah has Salatu was Salam. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam left his baby as a result Allah granted them

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sustenance. Because that was for the obedience of Allah. It's different. If you're going on holiday leaving your baby, I would not recommend that at all. It's different. If you are going for something or not necessary, not important, and you left your family members behind. But here you are going to fulfill a pillar of Islam. You have a six month old nine one year old. Well, that's exactly the same type of baby who was left by Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And hotjar alayhi salatu wa sallam was alone and in fact she had left him as well. Allah provided sustenance and water for him in a way that that became known as the city of Mecca. Amazing. So don't leave what Allah has instructed you

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to do. Simply because you have children he may take you away. When Allah takes you away. He does not consider the fact that you have or don't have children. Remember that your time is up your time is up. What will happen to those children, the same that happened to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the same that happened to everyone else who were orphans. They were taken care of sometimes better than you could have taken care of them. I know of a poor man who left and he passed away.

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His children were looked after by a wealthy family Subhanallah even better than he would have been able to do if he were there. So Allah has taken care of them Allah put them in the world in the first place. So he will take care of them. Look at this beautiful two hour well halifa to fill an O Allah We leave you with our family as well to take care of them allow me to be caminhada is suffer or you could say a lot more in Nana ob caminhada is suffer Oh Allah, we seek protection from you from the hardship the difficulty of journeys of this journey can kill monger that which is not good for the eyes to see was sumangala

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Field Manual and a bad outcome. We seek protection in you from a bad journey, the difficulties and hardship of journeys, that which is not soothing to the eyes, you know, it includes so many things, and a bad ending of

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our wealth and our family members have something bad that may happen to them, we seek protection in you. You have to trust you have to take risks, my brothers and sisters you have to leave things, it doesn't mean that I need to stay with my family in order for me to ensure that they're okay. When I know I have to go to work and come back. Yes, if there is a danger that you know about, then definitely you have to take care of them as best as you can. Still, you might have to go out to get something and you make a day out while you're going out or you take care of them. Ultimately, it's a lot. So look at how powerful this is. And look at how beautiful this do our Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has taught us such a blessing. I want to repeat this beautiful day out in the Arabic language. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say Allah humma in Nana's iluka fie zeferino alborada taqwa. wamena Amelie Mata Allah Maha when Elena Safar Anna haha what we earn Buddha Allah hum and the Sahaba suffer well halifa to fill an Allah hum in Nana Oh to be caminhada is suffer worker but Amanda was through illman Kala de filma un. So we diverted and went into the sooner do app because of mohalla is Salatu was Salam having been instructed to make the dua as well, when he was on that particular journey of the ark. And another one no honey is Salatu was Salam used a different wording

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for the same purpose. And Allah makes mention of this in sort of hood.

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What Allah okay boo fi ha Bismillah he made a vow marusia ha, in Nairobi, lava foodora

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Allah says, or he said, he said, ride in it right in what ride in the ark Bismillah In the name of Allah, maggiore Ha, ha ha those of you who speak the Arabic language you might have come across this. Notice the majori Ray is generally not an Arabic dialect of

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the proper, eloquent Arabic, the classical Arabic rather it is more of a colloquial, dialect. But in the Koran here, Allah wants us to say it that way, in order to express the precise way it was said. So Bismillah himadri ha amasa

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We are in the name of Allah,

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we start the journey, we will end the journey that's one translation In the name of Allah who is going to send who is going to take control of this mode of transport and who is going to send the wind in order to be able to move it and this was in the case of an arc. But generally the one who is in control the one who is making it move and who shall make it stop. So if it's an animal for example, allow me to move and allow me to stop if it's a car alarm, makes it move alarm Make it stop a few years ago, when the auto cruise you know,

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defects happened, and vehicles were not stopping. I remember this day I said Wow. So panelists, Allah who actually started and stopped it most of the time, he gives us the energy to put a foot on a pedal, but if he wants that pedal won't work, ask read the stories online about the times when pedals have not worked. People are pressing the brake and the car is not stopping. What do you do? It's very scary. So that's why Bismillah haematuria Omarosa in Nabila Rahim indeed, my hub is most forgiving, Most Merciful. Indeed, my lord is most forgiving, Most Merciful. So that is a beautiful to add that is made. Now I want to show you the results of the many times we make a dua, Allah grant

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me a blessed journey, make it easy for me. You know, let it start in a nice way, let it end in a nice way, and so on. We've seen all these two as

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the blessings achieved from the dua, Allah subhanho wa Taala says as a result of his dua to us, we called out to him ya know, better be Salah min min.

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Oh, no. We want you to land in peace from us. When you land, nobody's going to harm you. All those who are harming you before will no longer be and everything is going to be calm and easy and everything is yours. Whatever you asked for you've been given. Imagine he made a dua to say Oh,

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Let me land in a nice way. Do you remember that we spoke about earlier in this session?

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Or B and z moons Ellen Mubarak and Wanda Haldeman zilean Allah grant me a good landing You are the best of those who cause landing. So Allah says, We called out to him we told him oh no land in a beautiful piece from us. We're Baraka, Tina Lake, and we want you to achieve to receive the peace, the blessings that we are sending on you.

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Subhan Allah,

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Allah Salaam called out to Allah asking him to make his journey easy and grant him a good landing. Allah says hey, wait, we are going to give you the blessed landing and shower you with our blessings. We want you to taste the peace, no more harm, etc, etc. So it's a beautiful verse, verse number 48 of Surah Hood. As a result, Allah made no Holly Sanam, a person who was filled with peace, tranquility, calmness, those who were with him with the followers, they were convinced about Allah and about Allah, his power and the promise of Allah. And Allah says, watch I would return.

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Back in backing me in verse number 77 of surah two Safa, Allah says, and we made his offspring, we made his offspring, the offspring that remained the rest of them became extinct. So no, Allah is Allah was blessed in such a big way, that those who were with him in the ark, none of them had children and offspring. He was the only one who had children and offspring so by right, we are actually the family of the Prophet alayhi salam, all the blessings that came thereafter, were on and upon no Hello a salatu salam imagine

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we calling out to Allah. When Allah gives, he gives you much more than you've asked. So many things we have in our lives my brothers and sisters, I want you to consider the following

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so many things Allah subhanho wa Taala has bestowed upon us without us asking him for them. We only asked for things we feel we really need but so many things we need more desperately but we feel we don't need them because we already have them who gave them to us it was Allah do we thank Allah for all of that Oh ALLAH forgive our shortcomings. Forgive our short sightedness, forgive our sins. We have so many things take a look at the eyes, the nose the how many of us have made it to Allah helped me breathe in a proper way. I very few of us only when you have a breathing problem, do you make that dua Allah helped me taste my food in a beautiful way. We don't make that dry because we

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tasted without it's a given. But when you don't have it, you call out to Allah. So I want to end the session by saying my brothers my sisters, remember to thank Allah for what he has already bestowed upon you. Remember to thank Allah for that because

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without thinking and pondering deeply over the favors of Allah upon you, you are not going to be able to be thankful to Allah. How many of us here Allah give me a good sense of feeling, you know, the senses, my five senses that I have? Allah helped me see correctly with proper eyesight. When you don't have a problem with your eyes. You don't call out to Allah. Allah helped me to my food he helped me to digest helped me to do this, do that. No. So we need to learn this. My brothers and sisters know Allah is Salatu was Salam. What a beautiful lesson we learned today that we call out to Allah and we achieve so much more in return. So keep calling out to Allah my brothers and sisters.

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Indeed, this is the way we will earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow with another lovely session. Speaking about supplication supplications from Revelation and learning lessons there from May Allah subhanho wa Taala really make us from amongst the favored akuto kolyada sallallahu wasallam albaraka la Vina Mohammed was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.