Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L290C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallavi's secret was revealed during a meeting, and the sharing of secret was shown during a meeting with Ayesha. The household of the Prophet was a model for other households, and people share secrets to improve themselves. The importance of acknowledging one's mistake and not giving up on one's mistake is discussed, along with the high rank of the Prophet sallavi sallam, which indicates loyalty to him. The potential for abuse and retaliation is also discussed, along with the importance of respecting the Prophet's wife and not just his wealth and family.
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Now it is said that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he swore in front of his wife that I will not drink honey after this and he also told her not to tell anybody about it.

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I said that I know when she narrated that narration She didn't say who it was exactly it was either I showed the learner or have sort of the time.

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So over here we learned and according to other nations, we learned that it was have settled in on one particular home the Prophet sallallahu Sallam swore to that I will not have honey and don't tell anyone else about it.

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So if someone nubby you and remember when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam confided a server, from Israel, and Asana Ella, is to speak to someone secretly to share a secret with them.

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So he can find it in a better way as well. He does some of his wives, hobbies and a statement meaning he shared a secret with one of his wives and who was that have subtly? Lauren Hmm. And what is it that he confided or with

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the prohibition of honey that he wasn't going to have honey again? But what happened? She couldn't keep that to herself. So phenomena but be so when she informed bV of it? To who to I should have it on her?

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Because it was a plan of both Ayesha and hafsa.

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Right, both of them plan together.

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Now, how is it possible? That have said the owner finds out about it, and she doesn't share that with Ayesha, of course, she was going to share about their success story. So she shared it with her fellow man of atvi. But Allah subhanaw taala also, what else huddle hola who are Li and Allah made it known to him? As ehara Youth hero is hard to make something known to reveal. So Allah revealed it or lay upon Him who the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What did Allah tell him about that hafsa had told?

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What did the Prophet said a lot of them do then? I don't know if about the who was involved. He made known some of it. And he turned away from some.

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What does it mean by this? That he told have sort of the learner? That Yeah, I know that you told Ayesha. But how much did he talk to her about this issue? Just a little bit out of rough about, although we're on board,

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meaning he just indicated towards this, that you did not keep my secret, and you pass it on. This tells us something very important that sometimes there is an issue between two people, a matter of conflict. And you could just be talking about the main thing and get it over with. But then we go into these side issues, other details that are not that necessary, which only lead to facade. The profits or losses that I'm just indicated to have settled on, I know that you told you that my secret out what our

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fellow men have better have he and then when he informed her of it when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam informed her about the fact that he knew

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that she said, Men Amber, aka Heather, who told you about this, because it was a secret between her and I show that on her as well. And they had made a promise not to share with anyone else either. So they're like, how did you find out? Caught in a bunny? He said he informed me who informed me and Arlene they always all knowing a hobby, they always are aware He is the one who told me.

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So you see that Allah subhanaw taala informed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about how subtle the nine had conveyed the secret for to Arusha. And when the Prophet said a lot is an Astra, she was shocked that Who told you because no other person knew about it, and she trusted I showed the learner, what is it show to us, that how much the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also trusted one another.

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That How have settled in on how I should have dinner, they trusted each other, that they knew that if we share a secret with one another that will not go out. So yes, we see that on one hand there were jealousies. But on the other hand, there were also friendships, you understand? Why? Because they were normal human beings.

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And this also shows to us that the household of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went through the same issues that other households go through. other families go through, people share secrets, they also shared secrets. They spoke to one another, they also spoke to one another they had, you know, envy, friendship. They also had that. But we see that because the house of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was a model for the rest of the oma if there were any ups and downs, they were

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corrected immediately, you understand? Because their household was a model for others. An example for others, if there was ever a mistake, if there was anything done, that was incorrect, they were corrected immediately. Because normally, if you think about it, a husband shares a secret with his wife, and she tells somebody about it. Besides, what was it? I'm not gonna have any other if you think about, it's not really a big deal.

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You might wonder, what's the big deal? Why is it made such a big deal? Because that family that household was a special, a model, an example.

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Just like the wives of the Prophet SAW the Lotus and what do we learn about them less than a minute massage, that you're not like any other women, you're different, you have a high status.

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And you are to serve as example for other people. This is why over here also, they were corrected.

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But it shows to us that there is no person who is free of the need to reform themselves. Every person has that need to improve themselves to reform themselves.

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It is only a loss of power data, who is free from any imperfections and weaknesses and mistakes and errors.

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people no matter who they are, no matter how righteous they become, they are prone to making mistakes, isn't it? So

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we learned that on the Day of Judgment, people will go to so many of the prophets requesting them to request a loss of data to begin the judgment. But what will they say? That No, I made this mistake. I cannot the prophets of Allah. So what does it mean for the rest of the people that no matter how knowledgeable a person becomes, no matter how righteous they may become, there are after all human beings, there's always room for improvement.

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And when a person does something wrong, he makes a mistake, then it doesn't mean that you know his status has been reduced because all of the children of Adam, who are they cut their own, and the best of the Hata owner who the web, those who do the work to Allah.

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And in this is a huge lesson for us as well, that if they, as the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went through some ups and downs, we are also human beings. And if we ever go through ups and downs, are we ever made mistakes? And what should we do? Correct ourselves, improve ourselves, accept our mistake, accept our fault, and change our way. Not that we become stubborn, but that we repent immediately. Because making mistakes is okay. I mean, in the sense that it's normal, but becoming stubborn and arrogant, and firm on them. That's not okay. Doing Islam is what is required of us.

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Another thing that we see in this ayah is that the Prophet said a lot of them shared his secrets with his wives.

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So it's okay for a person to share their secret with their spouse, if they trust them. It's okay for them. And also, we see here that if your spouse has shared a secret with you, then what is your responsibility? Keep it to yourself. Women love to share stories with their friends and with their mothers and with their sisters. But no matter how tempting it is, remember that if your husband has confided in you with regards to something, keep it to yourself, you don't have to share it with the whole world. You don't have to put it immediately on Facebook.

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The secret between you and your husband is to remain between you and him only. Remember earlier we have learned that the righteous women are who what are their qualities is have a lot, one to guard. So any secret that has been shared with her she should guard

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and this is also a proof of what he laid mutlu is there that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Never any Allah Allah will hobby Allah Allah Mojave told me about it. And well how to hula hoop la he Allah revealed it to him. Allah showed it to him. Is it mentioned in the Quran

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that all prophets are allowed Is that him your wife have laid out that secret to Russia? Is that mentioned? It's not mentioned? What does it show to us? That there's also where he laid mutlu where revelation was sent him which is in the Quran. Revelation was also sent to him that is not in the Quran.

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In the tuba in Allah He if you do repent to Allah, the tuba both of you who both of you I shoved it on her and have settled in on her. If both of you do Toba in Allah to Allah falcoda solid kulu Kuma then your hearts have already invested

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Lying to it. So what is from the root letters? solid line well, and so who someone is to incline to bend towards something to lean towards something.

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So if you both do Toba to Allah, then in fact, your hearts have already inclined to Toba. So what does it mean? Do Toba then,

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whatever has happened has happened. mistake was made. And now you should do Toba.

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You see, on one side is a person who makes a mistake, but then he does not accept his mistake when he does not accept it. Will he repent from it? No, he will not.

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And the other is a person who does something wrong, accepts his mistake, and immediately thinks about turning to Allah seeking His forgiveness. You understand? But just because the thought of repenting came to your mind, that's not enough. What do you have to do? You actually have to do Toba as well. So over here, Allah says into tuba in a love for God Assad kulu coma. Your hearts have already inclined to doing Toba to Allah so do it already. You understand? Do it already. change your ways. Now, reform your ways because remember, Toba includes feeling remorse, feeling guilty and then seeking forgiveness and then changing your way as well stopping from the wrong making up for the

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harm that was caused as well. So for caatsa, hot kulu Kuma your hearts have already inclined to it. Therefore, do it complete turnover.

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Then the word solid has also been understood by some people as have deviated.

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Meaning you committed an error you made a huge mistake in doing what you did that first of all, you made that plan against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and then you let out his secret as well. So for Kotaku Kumar, meaning you have committed a mistake, you have committed an error, your hearts did deviate in the sense of making a mistake. So therefore, you must do Toba. Meaning it was actually a mistake, you should not have done it.

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However, of the two the more appropriate meaning is the first one because it's not right to say that you know your hearts have deviated.

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So for Contessa what, kulu bukhoma.

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We're into la hora, la he and if both of you support one another against him, meaning if both of you still support each other against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for in Allahu wa Mola who then remember that Indeed, Allah He is his Mola, he is his protector, he is a supporter, you can make plans to harm him, to deceive him, but Allah will always help him.

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Would you be really and also gibreel is his mobile I mean, gibreel is also the helper of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he assists Him and who else will slowly move money in and the righteous believer is even they are the friends and supporters of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. One Mullah eager to end the rest of the angels, but are the Delica after that, after who, after what, that after, all of the support that he has all of the angels on top of that are the heat, meaning they are also helpers of the prophets of Allah.

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So, in other words, just because you are the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam does not mean you are not to have respect for him, you are not to support him, know, you also have to respect him because look at this, Allah is his mo legibly is his molar sila, meaning they also support the Prophet Sunnah.

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Now sign I mean what does it mean by this, some have said that side mean, silence means meaning, the righteous one among the believers and this is referring to especially who Abubakar atiku

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Abubakar of the learner

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then, slowly heard what mean has also been understood as silence. And silence over here is used as it suggests. So it refers to righteous believers, meaning all of the righteous believers.

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But why is it that the believers are described as silent over here because it excludes them when the whenever clean or not sincere to the prophets.

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It's only the righteous believers who are sincere to him who are loyal to him who support him.

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Then thirdly, others have said that silent mode meaning what this means is solly hoon, and meaning Sila hoonah. Meaning So, again, the second meaning that all of the righteous believers, who are they, his supporters, and all of the angels also further support him after the support of Allah BARDA, Delica lucky

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so if you didn't

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Stop this way and continue to help one another against him. Then there are many who are his supporters. What does it show to us? That how much love Allah subhanaw taala has for his prophet.

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And it also shows to us the high rank of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in the sight of Allah.

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The high status of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the sight of Allah, and not just in the sight of Allah, but in the sight of the angels, and also in the sight of sincere, true righteous believers.

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And if you notice, the righteous believers are mentioned separately, isn't it slightly more meaning they're mentioned separately? What does it show that it is a sign of a man, it is a sign of one's righteousness, that he loves and respects and supports the Prophet sort of obvious.

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It is a sign of a sincere fit.

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Because as I mentioned earlier, it excludes them when they're 15. They're not a part of this. A person who supports the Prophet loves him, follows him, obeys him is loyal to him. He In fact, has the right email. What do we learn in the Quran, in content, there have been Allaha Fatima oni. If you love a lot and follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that is a criteria that we have been given, honoring the Prophet, loving the Prophet respecting the Prophet, and this is for all believers, including his wives.

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You know, because sometimes if you have a very close relationship with someone, then you become frank with them. And out of that frankness, you forget the respect that they deserve. So it says otherwise at the profit side of autism are being reminded that just because you're his wives does not mean you're exempt from respecting him. It doesn't mean you're exempt from being sincere to him being loyal to him, No, you also have to respect him. Because yes, he is your husband. However, he is not an ordinary husband. He is a messenger of Allah. We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, let me know hadoken had akuna Hubba lay him in whether the he will rarely do he will nasty

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edge Marine, none of you can truly believe until I am more beloved to him than his children, and his parents and all people.

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So if this was necessary for his wives to love him, respect him be sincerity and be loyal to him, then it is all the more necessary for us as well. Every single believer that he must love the Prophet more than himself, his wealth, his family, his parents, his children, and this is a part of a man and without it a man is incomplete.

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As our boo perhapses, Lord in Bulacan, if he divorced you now there is a warning that if the profits are allowed is that I'm divorced you it's quite possible and you will dealer who that he will change him, he will give him an exchange, as well. And wives that are higher on men, that are much better than you. Just imagine what I show they don't have to have settled down who would have gone through.

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It's quite possible that Allah will replace you with better wives for him.

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And these wise will be Muslim at once very submissive to Allah, ones who are Muslim minute, believing believing women. So ones who are submissive to Allah, and ones who also have the right a man who show their email, Anita to work on it a devoutly obedient, obedient to Allah, obedient to the messenger, that he bet once you do Toba. When they realize their mistake, they actually repent to Allah. And then I'll be the ones who worship said he had said he had the support of so.

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And so I have we have done this word earlier as well. So your own asset your own? What does it mean? Those who, fast good, it's understood as those who first saw the math, because when a person is traveling, he's away from his home, the normal things that he does similarly, when a person is fasting, he doesn't do what he normally does, what he normally does as an eating and drinking and so on and so forth. And so, he had is also understood as mohajir lots that ones who have traveled meaning ones who have immigrated, you understand ones who have immigrated, so for the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said he could give him some wives who are sorry had to also

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because have son I show that I have both of them had immigrated as well right. So equal, if not better, wives.

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And thirdly, so I had is also understood as you know, those who are very simple in the sense that they live like travelers, considering everything to be temporary. So salahaddin se evaton ones were previously married what other cars

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And also virgins, say you bet is a plural of Sega. And Sega is a woman who was previously married. So now she's either divorced or she is a widow. And it's derived from the word selb. So it's clots, and it literally means to return something.

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So they Eva is a woman who was unmarried before she got married. And then she went back to her previous state of being unmarried, either through divorce, or by the death of her husband,

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and Florida. And what does that mean? virgin? Meaning previously unmarried. So Allah subhanaw taala can always replace you with some better wives. We learned that I'm one of the Naranjo he went to have settled down her and asked her, do you talk back to a loss messenger? Because when he found out his daughter was talking back to a loss messenger, he was very upset. Just think about it. Any other Father, what would you do? Yeah, good. You have him in your control.

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But he went to her and he said, You talk back to him as messenger. She said, Yes, I do. How truthful she was.

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And he said that does any of you keep Allah's Messenger angry all day long? until night? She replied, Yes, it happens, that he gets upset, and then he's upset for the whole day. I said, Oh, my God, no, no, he said that whoever among you does, this is a ruined losing person. Meaning of any one of you doesn't, she's a loser, she's gonna be destroyed, You're upsetting the Messenger of Allah, you're arguing with him, and you make him upset, and he's upset for the whole day. Doesn't she fear that a lot, make it angry for the anger of His Messenger and thus you will be ruined. Don't ask Allah His Messenger, too many things, and don't retort him in any case, demand from me whatever you

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like, and don't be tempted to imitate your neighbor. He was advising his daughter.

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Don't be tempted to imitate your neighbor, who was he referring to? I should have the honor for she is more beautiful than you, and more beloved to Allah, His Messenger than you.

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So he told his daughter that don't do this. Because if you do it, you're gonna ruin yourself. And just because I should does, it doesn't mean you have to do it because she's more beloved to the profit side of autism. So if she does it, he won't be as upset. But if you do it, he might be upset.

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So we see over here, that the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they're being warned, that if you continue with this behavior, this is not good for you.

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Because Allah can always replace you with other women.

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We have learned in the seed of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that constantly they were attacks in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was dealing with one thing after the other, but had been morona incident.

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Then, before they've been cleaned car, then w undelete bonacasa, the Battle of azopt. So many issues one after the other, then dealing with them when africaine isn't a tough, one after the other. Now, for any other person, if he has an argument with his wife, and he's upset because of what she said, it's not a big deal, because this happens in family life. Correct. Similarly, a wife may let out a small secret, and it's not considered as such a big deal, because after all, it doesn't really have a huge impact. Similarly, for the sake of pleasing the wife, the husband may do something. However, in the case of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this was something very different. Why? Because he had

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a huge responsibility upon his shoulders,

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that where he had to deal with all of the challenges, so much pressure on him.

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At the same time, he had a huge responsibility to convey the message as well. And if in his home, he was being disturbed by his wives to the extent that he would be upset the whole day, would it allow him to do his work properly? No, it would make things even more difficult for him.

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This is why we see that the wives are told to be extra careful, where it would be okay for another couple to be like this. It was not okay for the profits or a lot of Saddam's wives to be like this with him.

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Because his situation was very different. And besides, his family was a model family. They could not have such things going on that would actually become an example for the rest of the people. And we see that the eyes of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they became so careful, in total, where they were given the ayat of the head, that you make the choice that either you stay with the messenger or you leave, what did they choose? The Messenger of Allah. And when they chose the Messenger of Allah, they had to undergo many, many hardships, but they took all of them very patiently. This is why we don't insert the last app I have 52 that lay ahead Lula cannizzaro members

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Do Allah and Tibet de la Vina Minh as well as in Willow are dibaca hosts no one

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over here a warning is given that you may be replaced by some other wives. But until later What do we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not allowed to divorce them, he was not allowed to take anyone else in their place either.

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And then this is a huge lesson, that when you compromise when you give up your health, when you become extra careful, and you're dealing with the other than who will reward you, Allah will reward you.

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Because sometimes it happens, that you are giving up your right you are becoming extremely careful. And you may feel that the other person is having it so easy and you are taking the burden all on yourself. But remember, you're doing it for the sake of Allah and Allah will reward you. It wasn't easy for the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to live that life. It wasn't easy, it was difficult. And were these things were perfectly fine. For other families, it was not fine for them. They had more strict rules. But again, the more difficult rules, the more strict adherence, the greater the reward as well. So look at how a loss of data rewarded them, that the profits or loss

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was not allowed to even divorce them or take any other life in their place.

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What's the lesson in this for us?

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that a man and wife should be supportive of one another?

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Isn't it?

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That the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam basically they're been told that you have to be supportive, you cannot make demands, you cannot play tricks. You cannot make life difficult for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. No, you have to make it easy. Why? Because he has a huge responsibility on him. So similarly, every other husband and wife, they should also be supportive of one another. Not that they're creating difficulties for each other.

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This is how they were being of the inside of law supporting the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Yes, sometimes jealousy envy, ill feelings they make you forget about big realities that maybe what you're doing is wrong. Maybe what you're doing is inappropriate. That Allah knows you can hide from people but you cannot hide from Allah. So person should constantly strive to cleanse his heart.

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What is

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for the

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At-Tahrim 1-12 Tafsir 3-5

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