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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Verse number 101 surah Yusuf.

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Meaning we are in the last 10 verses of the surah being 111 in toto.

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In this verse number Yusuf Ali salatu salam is now turning his attention towards a load of Rihanna, Medina endora. This is after we've already now discussed his conversation with his family, and then the forthcoming of the green. Now, just before we mentioned, what the doula is how he spoke the lotion behind the dialer, we take two steps back. The first step that you wish to revise is when Nabi aku, Allah Azza wa sallam also spoke about, he's do it a lot. And he said it in a very peculiar way. When I was thinking about this last night, I couldn't recall which I skipped the verse with identity elaborate in the verse enough, but nonetheless, it's 86, or something really about when the

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children of NaVi aku are taking him to task for constantly, being in grief over use Alexa to Sarah, as they did a few times in the story.

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And now we are Kumara Salatu was Salam was seriously grieving at the time, to the extent that one might say he was depressed.

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in response to his children, he says in the mash poo bethey or Hosni Illallah.

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And this is such a profound statement that it deserves for us to just look at it once more, if we haven't looked at it before. He says to children, I am only complaining. And I'm only lamenting to Allah.

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This is a beautiful and profound way of explaining himself because it's showing us his relationship with Allah and by extension, how our relationship with Allah should be.

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Someone might say complaining. And there's a very big difference between complaining about Allah and complaining to Allah. complaining about Allah would be saying, why does Allah do this to me? Why must this happen to me? Why did that happen and to be complaining about Allah? This is not what he says. He says in the Mahesh Bhupathi, we're Hosni eloah. I'm only complaining and lamenting to Allah. In other words, whilst I am going through a lot of difficulties in my life, whilst I find myself in adversity, I am not presenting the problems that I face, and to the creation of Allah. Because I know I have conviction and as a man that they creation, no matter who they might be, no

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matter what they might control what they might have, what powers they might have, or ranks they might have. They cannot help me. Because only otherwise in control, La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there's no power to do any good isn't a strength to do any evil, except through the permission and the power and the will of Allah. So when he says I'm only complaining to Allah, it means that I have in my way of, of lamenting, I am completely within my rights because I'm presenting all my issues to alongside behind our data. I'm not turning to you and saying, Oh, this happened, oh, that happened. Now similarly, in our own lives, and this is how we draw lessons from the Quran.

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We should never ever complain about Allah subhana wa Tada. We should never ask, why does this happen? And why does that happen? Why did I have to go through this? It took me the wrong way of looking at things that would be tantamount to questioning Allah subhanaw taala. And worse now it would be learned that we say why did Allah do this to me? And why did Allah do that to me? And why did Allah make that happen? That would be very, very bad. But we have all the rights and not only the rights, but we have the duty as the slaves of Allah subhana wa tada to complain to Allah. How do we complain to Allah? Number one, it is obviously done respected with Adam. We turn to Allah subhana

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wa Tada. Yeah, Rob, Allah.

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I'm going through a very difficult time in my life. I'm facing this issue. I'm facing that health issue. I'm facing this family crises I'm facing that date, era, you know of my condition better than I even know of my own condition. It is causing this to happen and it's causing that to happen. And it's really making me feel miserable, terrible, y'all I'm turning to you because I know only you will have the power. Only you have the strength to change my condition into that of prosperity. You're alive asking that begging of you to help me in this condition. This is how we speak to all if you haven't ever spoken to ally like that.

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Then that's how you should be speaking to others.

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About everything and anything that really matters to the big things in the small things. Some narration speak about other Sahaba radio

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I used to ask Allah for even a shoe lace if they needed one. Not to say that they wouldn't go and buy the shoe lace, but every need that they could perceive, they firstly turn to Allah to fulfill that need for them. Because this is what Allah wants from us. This is why we are ebird law. This is what Allah pleases those who make twice to him, and he becomes angry with those that don't make to act to him. So now we are gonna be teaching us a very, very important lesson. And it's such a beautiful lesson for this month of Ramadan, because all of us need to be making so much Dora, I would say so much more than what we are making. If you go every sujood is an opportunity for Dora,

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every poster avec, right, so we have the pitches in between was the pitches happening, you can join in on that. And you can also turn on and quickly ask a few things about love. So 100 died, after the throbbing again, you can ask Allah Subhana Allah before he thought before so hold off, they start off the boundary between men and women and shall do millions of opportunities. And of course, the greatest opportunities are on our doorstep, the last thing nights of the month of Ramadan, in which is a ninth better than 1000 months. So they whatever we can imagine, we ask Allah Subhana Allah, and yes, we complain to Allah, we complain to Allah presenting our problems and our issues and whatever

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we face to a lotion behind them is data. And we should never feel like you know, I don't want to, you know, always sound negative, and I need to be grateful. All of that in place, you're going to be grateful for all of the favors that Allah has granted you, but Allah wants you to turn to him with you with your needs. Now, the second step that we have to take back

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was just last night, we briefly mentioned, a metaphor that came in the form of the dream of an abusive, and they said that there was Sam, we saw the sun and the moon in the 11 stars, bowing down to him. So last night, we found out that it was actually his mother and his father and his 11 brothers, who would become subjects of ease in the king in the Kings Kingdom in Egypt. And they actually bow down to him. And we spoke about the type of bowing that is not permissible in our Sharia and so on. Now, this a bit more to that some scholars have actually mentioned, if you look at the metaphor of the sun and the moon in the 11th stars, some look at the sun to be the mother. But

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the more prominent example would be the sun being the Father, and the moon being the mother. And they they will start being with children. And there's some interesting points to take note of number one,

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the sun who provides the light, the sun is the provider, the moon reflects that light. If the sun provides no light, the moon will be in darkness. Similarly, any scenario can overflow. It is the duty of the male, the husband in the relationship to be the provider. If he doesn't provide, then there wouldn't be anything because it's only upon him. Not to say that the mother provides nothing but it's not a duty to do so.

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the son has such radiance, that it is difficult to look directly at the sun. It's not the type of beautiful thing, Mashallah, look at the beautiful sun today. We don't speak like a nice sunny day, for example, but you don't look at the sun and say, Marshall, what's a beautiful sun, because the beauty of the Sun is in its power, not in the way it looks. Whereas the beauty of the moon, you could stay at the moon, you could stay at the moon for minutes for hours even and your eyes would have begun. So why because that's the radiance of the moon. Similarly, the man his strength lies in his power in the role that Allah subhana wa tada had given him and he should be a powerful figure,

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where as the woman, the wife in the relationship, she's considered to be the beautiful figure. So yes, it is Beauty and the Beast and unfortunately males we have to be the beasts.

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The moon has another interesting factor.

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The moon has a cycle that runs for about 2829 days. And the women folk they also have a natural cycle that their answer about 2829 days

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when the sun is out, do you see the stars?

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No, because it is the duty of the stars to become completely subjected to a greater form of light as far as we are concerned, right in terms of our vision of the stars. So the stars don't come out in the sun as they are. In other words, the respect and all that the children should be given to the Father is one that they they to an extent they actually are in awe of him. So they would never attempt to outshine the father so to speak.

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Not to say they must never

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aspire to be greater and reach greater heights. This is just terms of respect. Whereas when the moon is out, the stars shine perfectly well, because the children feel and should feel very, very comfortable around the mother, they should be able to confide in the mother, they should be able to speak to the mother with about anything and everything because they are always with the mother. These are just some of the points that scholars have mentioned about the metaphor between the sun the moon, and they live in stars, and how the use of stream came to make sense as well. And alarm superheterodyne knows based. Now, there's one last point and it's a very important one.

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You see the sun has its own orbit this time for it and the moon has its own orbit this time for it that was decided tonight. And so as he was shampooed he really was tougher. Brenda, Daddy cathodal Aziza Lally walpa, Mara condemnor manansala had the article or the junior team, last shanshui, ambarella and trickle.

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Allah says the sun has its cost that it runs that has been proportion for it that is decided by the most mighty the most wise, the moon has stages as it waxes and wanes. And inevitably, the sun cannot catch up to the moon no can the moon catch up to the sun, each one swans in the orbits, we did this in the Tafseer of Surya seen shortly before Ramadan, a couple of weeks before Ramadan.

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This is another beautiful example of the dynamics of the relationship.

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It is not appropriate for the father to try and assume the role of the mother. No isn't appropriate for the mother to try and assume the role of the Father. It could happen. But if it does, you have an eclipse. And when there's an eclipse that everybody goes crazy, has I'm sure we've seen in many eclipses. This is another funny point that people have brought up. So there's no law in regards to this. This is just a metaphor, but I thought it would be interesting to see now number Yusuf alayhi salatu salam back to verse number 101. He now turns to Allah and he speaks to Alex behind Allah. Now again, I want us to take cognizance of how he mentions certain things that Allah is not saying some

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duality memorized. He's speaking from his heart, and he's speaking from what really extreme from the reality of his own life. Robbie Oh, my Lord, called the Add Data Nieminen would you have given me part of this kingdom, because he's now been placed in charge. One Lampton him into a hottie, oh my god, you have granted me the ability to interpret dreams. So you've given me this kingdom, this position, I've got this ability, all of it comes from you, I have no control over these things. For the rest of Europe, you are the Originator of the heavens, and the earth, you made everything in existence.

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And if we do Mia, you are my guardian and predicted in this life in this dunya one hero, and you will be my guardian and protector in the year after that one funny muslimah

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all caused me to die as a Muslim, what will happen is soil heal and cause me to be resurrected, with the righteous

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such as simple Dora. But look at how person he made this.

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Many of us make a similar,

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though, to be, do to live a life and then die as a Muslim to be selected with a bias. But who of us customized our diet like this? To speak about our own lives?

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Let's say for example, you're successful architect to engineer something that effect and $100 granted you a certain amount of dumi a certain level of accomplishment in this life, how often have you spoken to all sec?

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I am only here we are and because of you. You get you grant me the knowledge to attain this position, you facilitated my path so that I get to this self directed disposition and you elevated me in rank so that I may attain of the dunya that which you are pleased with, Oh Allah, you are the creator of the heavens and the earth. You are in control of everything. I'm just in control of this little bit of this little chunk of dunia. It's nothing you in control of everything in the heavens and the earth. Our law, I ask of you, my true desire. Allow me to live a life as a good Muslim allow me to die as a Muslim allow me to die with a man allow me to be resurrected with Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba and to be entered into Jelena simple but it's so meaningful because it comes from the heart. And it's personalized. It's speaking about your own personal journey with a load of behavioral data.

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But to talk with all of look at the humility displayed by

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all of us at should we ever attain any rank of power in this life, and we always remain as humble as an abusive example here. After all that he has achieved. He's standing above his, his two main decision brothers and so on. He doesn't take any vengeance. He doesn't even hold a grudge. And on top of all of that, he doesn't feel high and mighty. He simply, he simply bows down to Allah. Allah Allah. Then

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we now are completely

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we are completely through with with a narrative of Nabil Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam in his brother's first number 102 is going to take us back to something that is mentioned at the beginning. When Allah Subhana Medina revealed the sutra what was its intention? What was its purpose? What was its role? I mentioned a few things I hope that the brothers and sisters in shall lead followed and remembered what the circumstances were around the revelation of these are yet because now Allah subhana wa tada is going to tell us how this entire revelation of the surah actually supports the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and how does it do that? today tomorrow night

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