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Al-Hajj 25-37 Translation 25-37

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Now I do want to slowly, slowly kill Kareem a maverick for the villa human a Shetland rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, rubbish. rattly suddenly you were certainly angry. Why watch that and Melissa Nia kahuku Ali Baba scenario now, lesson number 169 so little hedge is number 25 to 37

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in there indeed alladhina those who care for all day disbelieved, we also doula and they stop, they hinder us from severely way Allah He of Allah, while Masjid and the masjid al Haram, the sacred one and lady that which there are no we have made it nasty for the people sour and as equal olarak if for the resident fee in it while bad and the visitor the outsider, woman and whoever you did he intense fee in it, they will head in with deviation below men with wrongdoing noodle coo we will make him taste men from other punishment. Aleem painful,

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was it and when boettner we designated we settled the Ibrahima for Ibrahim alayhis salam maganda place elbaite of the house and that lair do not to Shrek you associate be with me Shea anything. What are here and you cleanse you purify completely by the mind my house lipo ifim for those who perform tawaf while our imean and those who stand in prayer, were rocker and those who bow down those who do record as sudo those who do such that those who prostrate

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What are them and proclaim fi in a nurse the people Bill had with the heart, yet to come, they will come to you region and as on feet, wire Allah and upon golly, every burn within lane lien riding camel

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yet Dena they will come main from Cali every fechin Mountain paths army distant, deep

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Leah shadow so that they witness menoufia benefits the home for them, weird guru and dimension is Smith name Allah He of Allah. Fie in am in days Mara lumut once known Allah upon ma what Rosa whom he provided them main from the Hebrew at four legged al anon the grazing livestock

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for kulu. So you all eat main hair from it will alter a move and you all feed. Alba is the hungry. The one in hard times. alpha T is the poor, the needy

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summer then Lia to do they should end they should complete death at home, their untidiness while you fall and they should fulfill nudura home their vows while Yato were full, and they should perform tawaf will Beatty of the house allottee the Ancient One

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there liquor, that woman and whoever you're ugly, he honors her ultimate sacred things, sacred ordinances, Allah He of Allah for Hua then it hiren is better Lahu for him in the near Robbie he his robe, were handed and it was made lawful. Luckily for you and on the livestock animals the grazing livestock in there except man, what you color it is recited and they come upon you first then he boom. So you all avoid a rich set the filth main from the idols, which then a boo and you will avoid old statement a zoo of the false hood.

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However, once unswerving once inclining lilla he for Allah, Allah you know, not wishing again, once you associate be here with him, woman and whoever, usually he associates biLlahi with Allah fekir and Noma. Then, as if, however, he fell main from a Sunnah the sky, Fatah foo so it snatches him up by you the birds out or the who he it falls, it carries be with him every who

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The wind fee in McCann place sahelian for off remote,

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there Lika that woman and whoever you are when he honors Shara it symbols Allah He of Allah for in the hair then indeed it men from taqwa piety kulu of the hearts.

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Lacan for you fee her in it, my nephew benefits. ILA to adderlink time Musa man fixed, so much then my Hulu has its place of dissent, or its place of sacrifice Illa to elevate the house allottee the Ancient One,

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while equally and for every omoton Nation jalna we made man second religious ritual, Leah guru, so that they mentioned isma name, Allah He of Allah, Allah upon man, what Rosa whom he provided them, men from the Hema four legged al anon the grazing livestock

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for era who come so your God in our home is God were hidden one fellow who so for him asumu you all submit or buy * and give good news and mohabbatein to the humble ones?

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alladhina those who either when Luke era he was mentioned, Allahu Allah, would you let it trembled? palooka home their hearts was Siberian and those who endure with patience, Allah upon man what a Saba whom it reached them while mostly me, and those who establish a solar the solar when we met and from what was a cleaner whom we provided them, you don't feel alone they spend while Beutner and the camels and the cattle Alberta, the camels and the cattle

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jalna we have made it Luckily for you, men from Shara is symbols Allah He of Allah. Lacan for you, fee her in it. Hi Ron, good fed guru. So you all mentioned is Smith name, Allah He of Allah, La her upon it somewhere as ones lined up for either, so when would you but it fell down. Do you know boo her insides for kulu then you all eat men have from it will alter mo and you all feed and honor the content, the needy, while more adult and the beggar

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gallica thus likewise sahana her, we have subjected it lecan for you, LA LA County so that you all touch guru you all are grateful.

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Land never Yena it reaches Allah Allah literal mohair. It's meat whether and nor demo her it's blood. Well I can but Yana Lu it reaches him at the Aqua. That Aqua the piety. men come from you. Guernica likewise so hora her he has subjected it Lacan for you, little cat Bureau, so that you all magnify Allah Allah, Allah upon man, what had ericom He guided you will buy * and give good news and mercy Nene to the doors of good

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to those who do utmost Good.

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Let's listen to the recitation of all of these

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one messages in

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any way

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to shriek Ba

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ba ba at

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our booth

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to carry Jana

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war Mary Jean

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Jean army Lee

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Melia boo boo?

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Boo Boo

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Boo at RT there you go ami lymphoma

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the economy

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wasabi arena

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