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Al-Anbiya 83-112 Word Analysis and Tafsir 89-91

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What's up, Gary? Yeah. And Zachary is meaning and also mentioned, Zachary. Yeah. What about him? His Nether about who? When he called out to his Lord. That will be Oh my Lord, let them need Felton Do not leave me alone when he prayed to his Lord that Oh Allah, don't leave me alone meaning without an heir without a child, don't leave me alone. And the highroad Where is he? And you are the best of heirs. Meaning my Dora is that you grant me awareness. you grant me an air Yeti Sony wireless domain allier cool.

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However, if you do not grant, my wish, if you do not fulfill my prayer, that is also fine with me. Because we're entitled everything if you don't give me an air, then you are a lot are the best hair.

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Why did the Korea listen and want an air anyway? Why did he want one so that he would pass on the knowledge to the people, he would take the responsibility of guiding the money is slightly.

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So he says that yes, I do want an error that is only Felton. However, if you do not fulfill my wish, then that is also okay with me. I will not be upset because we're entitled Where is he? You are the best of yours. I know that even when I am gone, you will make this work continue. Because this work does not depend on me or in my children. This is your work, you can take care of it.

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Faster job and Allah who so we responded to him, what will happen Allah who, and we gift it to him, you're here, you're here listener,

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despite the fact that he was so old, Allah gave him the gift of a young boy, a child?

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Well as Lana who's older, and we reformed for him, his wife, meaning his wife was cured.

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Because she was barren. She never gave birth to any child. And on top of that she was old. So our flesh neither who's older, she was cured.

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In the home, indeed there who all of the profits were mentioned over here.

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What is the special quality about them? What is the common thing amongst all of them? That in the home, can we use it?

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That all of the prophets of Allah, they use to hasten in doing good deeds? You Sadie aroona they used to rush to do what Phil hi rod, in order to perform acts of obedience to Allah soprano time. So this is something that is common amongst all of the prophets. They did not wait. They did not slack, and they did not procrastinate. What did they do? Immediately, whenever there was an opportunity, they did it.

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Like we learned as a career lesson, and when he saw the fruit with money, and what did he do? Who nanika does.

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He didn't wait for a particular time, he made the right to Allah right there. And then

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right there and then so you said your own offense a lot, where the owner and this applicant to us another very big quality amongst all of the prophets of Allah, that they use to make dua to Allah. How Allahabad in hope, in hope of what of the mercy of Allah, what will happen and fear fear of what his disapproval, his anger, which is why we see that where there was hope there was also fear. Like, for example, the career lesson where he was making Dora that or be led only for them, there was hope. But at the same time, there was a hub that were untitled where the theme

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that if you do not fulfill the spirit of mine, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that.

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Then we also see in the drop of a Uberti center, what kind of do it make that aneema center will enter off camera human see the hope in the store. But at the same time, there's nothing that is disrespectful, isn't it? Similarly, we've seen the door of unison of La ilaha illa Anta sobre Hanukkah, in the continent of Laramie, there is hope. At the same time, there is no disrespect.

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What can we learn of course, you're in and they were to us, humble and submissive servants. They were very humble before Allah, they had fear of Allah. They were humble and obedient servants of Allah.

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And remember that, whoa, sure, is such fear that is visible on the limbs of a person that is visible in the actions of a person.

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It is manifested physically on a person. So it wasn't just that they had fear in their heart to know their actions showed their behavior showed their words. They're pretty

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prayers all of them What did they demonstrate? That they were fearful and humble servants of Allah

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and this is why a lot accepted their their us

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because you said your own fly a lot. Yeah their own inner love and what will happen? What can you let a harsh rain? This is The Noble Way of all the messengers of Allah.

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Now all of us we want our doors to be accepted, but what do we see over here? What is it that invites acceptance? It's these qualities, that when a person hastens to perform good deeds, he does not delay

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like masala cinema due to a lack of be literal. He does not wait he does not delay he does not procrastinate. And he calls upon Allah He makes there are to Allah for every little thing even because sometimes we reserved only for big things for important things. But we see that the sermon was really humbled before Allah He will pray to Allah for even the smallest of things. For the littlest of things even and when a person is like this, when he is harsher, then his deeds are accepted by Allah. Then his daughters are accepted.

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Well let the Sona torture her and mentioned the one who guarded her chastity. Who is this money in our data center. She guarded her chest at her private bar folders, literally private parts that she guarded that she fortified that how, from what from Hillel as well as how long is wanted for her. She guarded her chastity. She did not commit Zina,

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foreigner foreigner fee her so we blew into her Marina from our rule, meaning the spirit was blown into her. Watch her under her, and we made her webinar her and her son as an aside for who Lila I mean, for the people of the worlds

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insalata him I number 12 we learned well Maria Emma vanetta, Emraan and Letty axon advocate you have fun fl nafi human Lu hanaa. And the example of Miriam the daughter of Iran who guarded her chest. So we blew into her garment through our Angel and she conceived the Saudis in

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front of us now. 300 Rowena and thus, she and her son bought what were they assigned for the people of the words?

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If you notice, I attain has not been mentioned. I yeah, has been said. Because both the mother and the son together were an ayah.

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What was that I that Allah can create a child with just one parent, without the father even. This is a huge sign a huge miracle.

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And what does it show? That Allah is Able to do all things and he creates whatever he wills

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and if you look at it, they were both signs and other ways as well. Like for example, Medina, right, I said when she wasn't the Heiko, so could er Addison and would find with her provision, Wasn't that a huge sign? Wasn't that a huge miracle? What are there in the head is polyamory mo anala kihavah Kala Who am entering the law, and he was also assigned because she bought she gave birth to restart listener without a father. And jabril came to her and said, Yeah, Maria Mo, in the last effect, you will the Hauraki was the factory Arlanda in our enemy.

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And how was it resolved is that I'm assigned otherwise that he was born without a father, he spoke in the cradle. He was lifted up to the heavens that he will come back to the earth near the end of time.

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So all of these are who the righteous servants of Allah, the patient servants of Allah, who accepted whatever came their way who did not complain to people, but they asked Allah

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instead of complaining to people about the difficulties that they were suffering from, they made to our to their own inner Robin.

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What can we learn Ohashi?

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What are you?

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me know for me

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we see that the worship of all of these prophets of Allah was not conditional, it was not set on certain conditions that only if such is the case, if I am given this, if I am given that, then I will do such and such. If things are easy for me, then I will do it if things are difficult, then I will not do it.

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It was not conditional. they obeyed Allah, wherever they were, however they were. And what enabled them to do that was because their eyes were fixed upon their own shortcomings, that La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in economy.

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And when a person is like that, but when he looks at his own shortcomings, and he knows what he has done is not enough, then he has fear of Allah, then he will be longing to obey Allah wherever he is.

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This recently, I was reading somewhere where people were giving their comments on covering the face. And some people were saying things such as, it's not worth the risk, it's not worth the hardship. It's not worth the opposition. You know, when there's so much difficulty, why put yourself in so much problem. And I thought nothing in this dunya comes easy.

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If you want to do anything, nothing comes easy. You have to suffer hardship, you have to suffer opposition from people. Now, just because it's difficult doesn't mean you leave it.

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If something is necessary, you believe it's necessary, then you should be doing it regardless of how people are, regardless of what they say.

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We see that the way of the prophets of Allah was what? That regardless of what situation they were in, they didn't say, Oh, it's not worth the risk. It's not worth the difficulty. No, they did it.

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Are you ready? So now when you're suffering from that physical ailment, financial difficulty? Did he give up? No. Did he say it's too much? No. Whatever is important is important. He did it

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when in every sort of we say a year can narrow would what a year canister in what does that mean? That Oh Allah only You we worship in any situation in any circumstance that when it's only you, we worship and when we say what Yacon is 13 it's only You we ask for help, then why is it that after Salah will begin complaining to people, this is happening and that is happening? Sometimes it's natural to tell other people what you're going through. But there is a limit to that. You've told somebody once you've told somebody twice, okay? But don't talk about it again and again and again. Because when you do that you are making other people negative, you're making yourself more

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We should really reflect on ourselves and our behaviors and we should think At what point is it that I give up I lose my patience. Think about it in what situations do I lose my patience? Because that is a time when we need to implement this. So identify that situation and the next time it comes to it.

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And we see what they call lil RBD it's only the Aberdeen who will take a huge lesson from this who will benefit from the story of hubris and and because I'll be this one who does everybody. So we bother it leads to suffer. When a person does it, reverse it then you will be able to

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Have some

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and receive an issue for how to the stories that our last presenter has mentioned.

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I was thinking that both Ayub and Eunice on a histogram, it mentioned that you had a skin disease and unicycle. And when he was in the fish, only his skin was affected. So the punishment or the hardship that they suffered only skin deep. And similarly, they sometimes were in difficult situations, but we change ourselves completely. They continued in what they were doing, they may do as they continued in whatever worship they were doing before in their difficult situations. And similarly, we should do the same, like we shouldn't let it get to our core

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difficulty that they suffered the hardship that they suffered the distress, it was only to their skin, it was only skin deep. And similarly, when we're going through some hardship, we should not take everything to heart. Because if we take everything to heart, then we will not be able to do anything.

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I was just thinking about how we're talking about patients. And we're so proud of the kingdom, Allah subhanaw. taala is teaching us how to be patient and all these samples and all that stuff. But we are living in a society where the society is encouraging us to be impatient. Everything is fast paced, and all that stuff. Like when you're driving on the road, you see these people, they're very, very impatient. Like, you know, they honk at you, they get angry when you're in front of them, and you're not moving fast enough. And it's traffic and all that stuff. Same thing with using microwave, everything is like you know, when you go to a grocery store, instead of buying something that you

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can cook, you just buy the the pre made, and then you just put it in the microwave, and then it's in one minute you have a dinner, we lost that patience already. Because when a person is patient, it reflects in every aspect of his life, in everything that he does, it will be reflected in the way that he talks and be reflected in the way that he walks in the way that he behaves in the way that he eats in the way that he does his work. It is reflected in every aspect.

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And so now like you know, because everyone is impatient, then everyone is stressed out. You can see how people are so stressed out or for nothing. We see that the prophets of Allah, they went through so many difficulties, but you see them stressed out. Now. Do you see them giving up what they're supposed to be doing? No. Because it relaxes you. It takes the tension and the worry away from you. It takes a misery away from a person. And when a person gets busy or ibadah, then even that makes him free of the difficulties that he's going through. Because it's something else that's occupying your mind, isn't it? If you're sitting with your hand that's hurting with your stomach that's

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hurting you. You're just thinking about, oh my god, my stomach is hurting, my hand is hurting, my stomach is hurting. My hand is hurting. Every time you think the pain is going to increase, isn't it? But when you get busy in something that is important, your pain will go away.

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These stories that demonstrate to us that inna lillahi wa inna illa urogen we have come from a lion to Him we will return anything that has come our way comes by the will of Allah and when it will be taken away it will be taken away by the will of Allah

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and Yunus artists around he was swallowed by the fish. Allah inspired the whale to swallow and the fish took him deep into the sea.

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Can anyone ever expect that such a thing would happen to him? What is the story show to us that over marijana mudaraba is none knows about the troops of Allah except him.

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He can catch a person. He can constrain his circumstances in any way through anything wherever he wants. He's not limited.

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Nothing is difficult for Allah.

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This is why lemon German ilaha illa la

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there is no refuge from Allah except to

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the only refuge that a person has is with him. No refuge against him away from him.

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And we see that in the drives of the profits of a mummy. We see that you said a rod with rune and a verb and what about what can cause you in Where are you barely Sam said we're under a hammer Rahimi. It shows hope. It shows fear, it shows humility. And when a person is like that, then his daughters are accepted because both of those are mentioned over here what is almost as if as the janitor who responded to his door we accepted it. So when a person makes the law in this way, with hope with fear, then there are more chances to be accepted.

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Boo me

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meany meanie carry

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all anti

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Medina in

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