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Juz’ 29: Al-Mulk – Al-Mursalat


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Now another one was earlier at our studio Kareem Barrett firoozeh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Rubbish rocklea sorry were Sidley Emery, while Dr. melissani of Coco Lee along with the Colby Watson WhatsApp did listen, he was

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just number 29.

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So what

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this means

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for the

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Laura xizhou levy holla.

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at you

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on you fubu.

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Eli, you can

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see Warner Brothers

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vena cava won't be on

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He has me

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a tuna

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de como de

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sola tolc. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is a surah in the Quran that is comprised of 30 verses that interceded for a man until he was forgiven. And this surah it is developed on keleti big hill molk it is Surah mulk. It will intercede for people who recite the surah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said Surah tabarrok Sula. tabarrok is maniera from the punishment of the grave, meaning it is a soldier that will prevent its people from being punished in the grave.

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Bismillah Al Rahman and Rahim, devout okay lady via the hill molk wa who are the militia in Cody bersted Is he in whose hand is dominion, and he is over all things competent. He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best indeed, inactions alone Allah azza wa jal created us and he blessed us with numerous gifts, and he is watching our actions observing us as to what kind of lives we live. What do we do? Do we live as obedient servants or as disobedient servants? Each person is being tested in this regard, no person is exempted from this each person's armor is being seen, it is being observed.

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And Allah has given us clear guidance regarding what is good and what is bad. What is it that we have to do and what is it that we have to refrain from? and fortunate is the person who observes the commands of Allah and attains the eternal success of the hero. What is this test of life? It is of us an animal that whose work is best? everybody's working, isn't it? Everybody's doing their things. Everybody's got their own way. Allah is observing that whose deeds are the best. whose actions are done are performed with excellence in the best way. So what we really need to see is that are our deeds really arson?

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Are they really good? How is my sauna? Is it really good? How is my solder calm?

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isn't really good? How is my sub?

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How is it when I'm interacting with other people when I'm dealing with people, whether they are parents or siblings or children?

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These are all our tests, right? So Allah is looking that which person does best we need to analyze ourselves that where is it that my actions are good? And where is it that my actions are not good? We think good action is limited to worship rituals. Yes, they are good deeds, but they're just a portion, a section of good deeds, because in our lives, we do many actions. Many are mine, right? Certain Armand, yes, their Salah sadhaka, likewise, reciting the Quran, these are all good deeds. But the large chunk of our deeds is what dealing with people.

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Because what we say is also an action, how we look at somebody that is also an action, how we walk up and down the stairs, that is also an action. These are all actions, and Allah is checking whose action is arson, whose action is arson. And remember that for us and Rama, for an action to be good, yes, it has to be done in the best way, in the most beautiful way. And what is the most beautiful way that which Allah likes? When is it that Allah like a deed? When it's done for him, when it's done well, remembering him, fear of him, hoping reward from him, and then also performed with excellence, the method should be correct and that is that the action is performed in a way that

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Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed, that the messenger sallallahu Sallam showed.

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So this is the test of life. And he is the Exalted in Might the Forgiving, meaning he has full authority over his servants. If they do not do us Anoma, he can punish them in this world, but he gives them time, he is awful. He forgives people despite their repeated failures. He is the one who has created seven heavens in layers, you do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return your vision to the sky. Do you see any breaks? Do you see any breaks? No, you don't. Every action every work of Allah, how is it? It is beautiful and excellent. And what does he want from us that we also perform our actions beautifully, and with excellence. Then return your

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vision twice again, your vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigue. Why? Because the work of Allah is flawless. Everything that he has made is beautiful. Everything that he has decreed. It is good. Allah has decreed the axon in everything. So we also need to do axon and whatever we do, that is what will make our actions beautiful. And if you want to see the beauty, the perfection, the purpose of what Allah has made, just look up to the sky. Allah says, We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars, and have made from them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze. And for those who disbelieved in their Lord is the

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punishment of hell, and wretched as the destination and when they're thrown into it. They hear from it a dreadful inhaling while it boils up.

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Hellfire is noisy, our beloved amo said in hell will be sounds of screaming, howling and wailing, and their sounds will resemble that of donkeys, the beginning of witches Shahi and the ending of which is a feed, inhaling and exhaling.

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The profits of a lot of them said, certainly the people in hell will weep they will cry so much that if ships were made to sail in their tears, they would sail and they will weep tears of blood. This is real Hellfire Allah says it has when they're thrown into it. They hear from it a dreadful inhaling while it boils up to Academy azumino. It almost bursts with rage, hell will rage at those who are thrown into it. Imagine how angry at those who are thrown into it merciless, vengeful towards them. Every time a company is thrown into it. It's keepers will ask them the angel guards at hellfire. They will ask people who were being thrown into hell did they're not come to you Warner.

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Did you miss out what happened? Nobody told you about how nobody told you about the hereafter. It's impossible that a person makes it to hell when Allah subhanaw taala has made guidance so clear. And he has given so many opportunities for a person sins to be forgiven for him to accumulate good rewards. How did

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Do you ever end up in hell? The angels will be shocked. Did they're not come to you a warner What happened? They will say yes, a warner had come to us. But we denied and we said Allah has not sent down anything you are not but in great error. This is a very common trend, that the person who tries to advise others, he is blamed. He has spoken it off. He is discouraged heavily so that he also gives up. And this is exactly what people will regret over when they enter hell. Today they say you are wrong in anatomy laughable Alan cubby those who advised them they say you are wrong. Where's the world going on? What are you stuck in? But in the Hellfire they're going to regret and they will say

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local Nana smart, if only we had been listening, if only we heard, or we reasoned, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze. So in order to learn the Huck in order to learn about what Allah wants from us, in order to be saved from Hellfire, ultimately, what is it that a person has to do? According to this ayah? What is it that we have to do? Next, Maru? naraku we must listen. And we must understand now. We must learn now. We must continue to listen should never refuse to listen to good things. You see, listening is something very easy. It's very easy to open your mouth to speak. Do you need to open your mouth? Yes. To get a good smell of something Do you have to sniff? You do

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to see something you have to open your eyes? Yes. But to listen, you have to open your ears. No way. You don't have to do that. They're open. You don't close your ears. I mean, if you close them, that's when they're closed. But you don't have to keep opening and closing your ears in order to do to listen and to not listen. Listening is something we don't have a choice about,

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isn't it.

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So listening is something very easy to do. But if a person doesn't even listen, then what will happen? They will admit their sentence. So it is alienation for the companions of the Blaze, meaning they'll be far removed, their pleas will not be heard what they admit then it will be useless. They will admit their own sense, the very obvious of which is not even bothering to listen to what has come from Allah, not paying heed to that. You see, we learn. But do we forget? We do. But when we listen, do we remember again? Yes, we do. Now many of you might already have studied all of these sutras in great detail. And many of you might not have each person's level is different, isn't it?

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But each time a person hears the Quran, whether it is the ayat of the Quran, or it is the meaning of the Quran, then that is beneficial. Why? Because it reminds a person by listening, he is reminded, but if he doesn't even bother to listen,

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if he doesn't even bother to listen, then what? Who is he harming? Who is he depriving himself

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isn't it so he's depriving himself. Now, for example, this review of the Quran, I mean, it has certainly been beneficial, at least for me, because Alhamdulillah I got to listen to the whole Quran 100 Allah, and then also deliver it melas Pantheon enabled us to complete it in due time, and also with the hook, but many, many forgotten matters. I mean, things that we studied once upon a time when we forgot them Alhamdulillah I was reminded of them, many mistakes that we forget, in ourselves, we neglect when we read the Quran again, when we listen again, we notice those mistakes, many important matters which are neglected. Like for example, they could have a lot this be, I never

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ever realized how important it was, until this review of the Quran. That how many times Allah says do they do this B? Do they do this V. I mean, these are things that we generally know, but we forget about them. So when we listen, what happens, we remember and when we remember, then we can do it. And if we think we have learned it all, then what will happen for sure after a few days we will forget and when we forget, then what is our action going to be like? We're going to fall behind. This is why it is necessary that we keep listening we keep learning we keep reviewing the Quran, even in the car, listen to the Quran, listen to the recitation in the Latina shannara bonville why

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lahoma forgotten what I did on curvy, indeed those who hear their Lord on scene will have forgiveness and great

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award, none of us has seen Allah.

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But inshallah we can say that we fear him how much our deeds show how much we truly fear Allah, our beloved Massoud narrative, that there was a person who had never performed any good deed except for though hade he just believed in Allah that's it oneness of Allah. And when his time of death approach, he asked the members of his family to burn his dead body until it would become charred, then crush the ashes. And on a day when the wind is blowing fast, blow the ashes in the ocean. So his family did that, as they were told, but he was still in Allah's grip. So Allah caused the ashes to come together. And Allah asked him, What caused you to do this? The man replied, out of your

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Well out of your fear, I didn't have the confidence to face you.

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So Allah, forgive him.

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Alone love forgive him. Even though this man The only thing he did was the only good deed he did was the hate. That's it. But so much fear that because of that fear, he's doing something wrong. You're not supposed to do this. It's not wrong, to burn a dead body. It's something not permissible. I mean, this happened, but Allah forgive him because of the fear that this man had. fear of Allah is a means of forgiveness. And I don't coveys the prophets Allah wa sallam said, No man will enter the fire who weeps for fear of Allah until the milk goes back into the other.

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Can the milk ever returned to the other? Never, ever? Like was a person who weeps out of fear of Allah, genuine fear of Allah and he weeps he cries, such a person is never ever going to go to the fire.

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May Allah make us among such

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and conceal your speech or publicize it? Indeed, he is knowing of that within the breasts, does he who created not know while he is a subtle, the acquainted, it is he who made the earth dam for you, so welcome on get slopes and eat of His provision, and to him is the resurrection? Do you feel secure that he who holds authority in the heaven would not cause the earth to swallow you? And suddenly it would swear?

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Don't you fear Allah?

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Don't you fear Allah? Every one of us should fear Allah and ask Allah for Aafia for protection for well being morning and evening for safety. The profits of a lot of salon he never ever failed to make this draw in the evening and in the morning, which one Aloma in the local alfetta for dunya will after all, I asked you for wellbeing for safety for protection in this world and in the hereafter. Allahumma inni as a local art for will afia VDD with Daniela O'Malley along Mr. alati will amravati Allahumma Falcone Minh baney and a woman Humphrey Rania mean Yuan Shivani. Woman folding will be automatically an element it you're asking Allah for protection from all sides

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basically. Because really our sins they make us worthy of punishment? Do you feel secure? Allah asks. So we should also never ever leave saying this morning and evening? Or do you feel secure, that he who holds authority in the heaven would not send against your storm of stones?

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And if a storm of stones would fall, what would remain safe? Just imagine if a shower of stones falls? What would remain safe? Which car would remain safe? Then you would know how severe was my warning? Meaning my words don't affect you? What are you waiting for them? And already had those before them denied? And how terrible was my reproach? Do they not see the birds above them with wings? outspread and sometimes folded in none holds them aloft except the Most Merciful? Indeed he is of all things seeing or who is it that could be an army for you to aid you other than the Most Merciful. The disbelievers are not but in delusion or who is it that could provide for you if he

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withheld His provision? If Allah withheld this provision from you, where could you get provision from

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and if rain is prevented, I mean rain is is one form of provision right? If that is prevented can we bring rain? Can we cause rain to fall never. And sometimes remember, excessive rain also can prevent risk. The profits or loss of them said famine would not break out because of drought. But there would be famine despite heavy rainfall, as nothing would grow from the earth because sometimes what happens excessive rainfall causes everything to get flooded and plans to die. But they have persisted in insolence and aversion. mean they're very arrogant, so they do not believe then is one who walks fallen on his face better guided, or one who walks straight

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operate on a straight path, who can see better, who will find the right way? Say it is he who produced you and made for you hearing and vision and hearts. Little are you grateful that you do not use these abilities properly? You do not and instead, you walk on through life like animals without even thinking, without using your eyes, your ears, this is something that does not perfect men say it is he who has multiplied you throughout the earth, and to Him you will be gathered, the one who created the one who scattered you, he will call you back also. And they say when is this promise if you should be truthful, say the knowledge is only with Allah, and I am only a clear Warner. But when

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they see it approaching the faces of those who disbelieve will be distressed. And it will be said this is that for which you used to call you used to demand punishment. You used to wonder where it is you doubted us here, it's right before you say have you considered whether Allah should cause my death and have those with me, or have mercy upon us who can protect the disbelievers from painful punishment. Say He is the Most Merciful, we have believed in him. And maybe he won't wyrley ito kalna and upon Him we have relied and you will come to know who it is that is in clear error, say have you considered if your water was to become sunken into the earth, then who could bring you

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flowing water? Who could bring it to you? Nobody could. So never, ever take anything for granted. We think this was a problem of fear that the people of the past had now we have huge reservoirs and lakes and dams. And we'd have easily accessible water running water in taps. more water than we can use. Well there are places in this world not far from where we are, where lakes are drying up.

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Where there's famine, where water has become very, very expensive. farms are drying up. This is a warning. Never ever take anything for granted. Just think you turn the tap on no water comes out. What would you do?

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Do you feel that desperation when there is a blackout? When there's no power or something for just a few hours? Do you feel helpless? Imagine if there is no water. So be grateful. Be grateful for the blessings that Allah has given.

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Sula total column when the recitation is played. If you would like to stand up, please feel free to do that. Okay.