Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 16 – L160D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Elon Musk pilots artist says to him, woman tilaka v. armeniaca Musa. And what is that in your right hand? Or Moosa? Womack? tilka and what is that thing that happens to be be aminika in your right hand? yamasa so after assigning this great responsibility, what an actor Touka I have chosen you, Allah subhanaw taala is preparing musasa for this responsibility, that how are you going to go and convey?

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And for that Allah subhanaw taala asks him, what is this in your right hand? Allah masala Sam response here asagna It is my arsal It is my staff. It is my stick. And what is the ASA? Asa is the staff of a shepherd The Stick of a shepherd because it is thick, and it's also very strong. It's also long, it's not like a small stake but it rather it is not. So this is my Asa Masada response. And he says at our coerulea notice Allah subhanaw taala just asked him What is this? And he says it's my staff and the staff of mine, what do I do with it at our Qawwali I lean upon it, a taco from the roof as well gaff Hamza,

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which means to lean on to something weird the word muteki ina ones reclining. So at a walk or lay her I support myself on it. I lean upon it, when I have to leap across something or when I have to walk, I lean upon it. What a who should be here and I bring down with it. A horseshoe color veterus hashing Ching. And hash is to shake something that is light. Remember whose z has is also to shake but that is to shake something that is strong that is heavy, like a bomb like a tree. But over here a horseshoe I shake down what the leaves. So I shake down, I beat down the leaves behind with it.

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For who either one me upon my sheep, so that the leaves can fall down or so that the branches can become lowered. And my sheep can eat from it. While efe her and for me in it are my daddy boo for other purposes as well. My attic is a plural of Robert.

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And Robert from the root letters Hamza or the

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malaba is such a need, that has to be fulfilled.

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And in order to fulfill that need, a person has to plan for it. If he does not plan for it, that need will remain unfulfilled.

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Like for example, you have a need to eat. Now in order to eat something, don't you have to plan? What kind of and you have to do you have to go get the grocery. If you don't have the grocery, will you be able to fulfill this need? No, if you just bring the grocery and keep it in your fridge, will you be able to fulfill your need? No. So planning has to be done. You have to put in some work, you have to do something in order to fulfill that need of you. So it's a very important need for which work has to be done. So he says I have in this also of mine a lot of purposes meaning a lot of needs. I fulfill by using the stuff of my

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life, for example, carrying food supplies, and carrying water skins to drive away animals that are undesirable. So mozzarella, Sam gives an extensive response do indicate the many purposes he had for the stuff

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that I'll do because he was talking to a loss of credit. So he's talking extensively, because the loss of penalty is the best listener. The best listener he is assuming you will talk to a person sharing your problems with him sharing your troubles with him. He will wait for you to stop. He will wait for you to hang up the phone to put an end to the conversation. But you can make dua for an hour for two hours. allows the best listener

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Allah Allah subhanaw taala said to him, lt her throw it down. Yeah, Musa Musa.

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Think about it. Mozart is an en toda la soprano tada about the main uses that he had of the staff. And Allah tells him throw it.

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Throw it on the ground.

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He doesn't say why. Rather musasa for I'll call her he throws it down immediately. without even asking Why? What's the reason? What's the purpose? Why should I throw it it's so useful.

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And all of a sudden for either at once here it became high yet on a snake that was that was moving swiftly. moving quickly. It was running high. Yeah, it's on the routers higher. And hi Yah, is used for a snake and remember this word higher isn't insurgents, which means that the word higher can apply to any kind of a snake whether big or small male or female.

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Any kind of snake just as the word snake in the English language, you use the word snake or describe any kind of snake, isn't it? So similarly, the word hyena is the Arabic equivalent of that.

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So all of a sudden it turned into a snake that was running that was moving very quickly there was slithering

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Allah He said, Allah subhanaw taala said to musar listen and

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take it, pick it up, hold it, while at the half and do not fear. Don't be afraid. Because Santa Maria who has soon we will return it see a lotta had to its condition alula, the former one.

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Sierra is from the refactor scene era. And theater, as you know, is the biography, the behavior, the conduct, the manner of someone. So over here sila gives the meaning of the manor. So we will return it to its former condition to its farmer manner, meaning the way it was before and what was its way? What was its condition, that it was a stick, so we will return it to being a stick, as you recognized it before.

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Now, and this is a great lesson for us. What is that lesson? That it's possible that you find something to be extremely useful for yourself? something extremely necessary for yourself. But Allah tells you to leave it at that time, don't say why. Don't say what will I do? But it's so useful. I needed so badly musallam gives such an extensive reply, and he says, Well, he FEMA.

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At the end, he says I have many other users that I cannot mention over here, but many, many.

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So something so useful, but Allah told him to leave it to drop it. Why? Because Allah knows the reality of things. He knows what he wants from us. He knows what is good for us. And we have limited knowledge. And at this point, a person must have trust in a loss. That if my Lord has given me this command, it has to be good for me. And he must obey without any hesitation, without even asking why. And this is what musallam did.

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And look at what happened. It turned into a snake. And then when he is afraid, he doesn't want to come close to it. He ran away from it. Allah subhanaw taala tells him, pick it up, do something you don't want to do.

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Go against your desires, why Allah is telling you do so what do we see that obedience to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala is an obligation whether it appears to be harmful,

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it appears to be useless. It appears to be dangerous whatever you have to obey because when you will obey then you will see the benefit. And if you stop there if you become hesitant over there then you're going to deprive yourself of higher

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another miracle Masada saddam is given and what is that? What Mumia Dhaka and draw in your hand

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up mom from the address bar me me. And Liam is Gemma together together. So old mum yet aka join your hand. Draw in your hand Elijah in Africa to your side. What is Jenna literally? wink, wink of what have a bird. But Arjuna is also used for the wings of the angels. So what is it it's a wink. And for human beings Arjuna is the size of the flank the arm.

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Remember I told you the different meanings of the word Jenna. So for a human being the word Jenna applies to his side, his arm.

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So what

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a legend Erica, join your hand, draw in your hand, do your side, meaning, put it under your arm, put your palm under your upper arm. So in other words, put it in the armpit,

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the hood, it will come out bailable as white extremely white, by law isn't through letters by a lot. And by law is used for something that is white that is radiant, that is almost shining with light. So it will come out by law, men ladies who from other than any disease, meaning it's not that your hand will become disease because of which it will turn extremely white compared to the color of the rest of your skin. Like for example in leprosy, or because your hand is on fire something like that. No, you will not be suffering any kind of soup in your hand. But still it will be shining, it will be bright. And this is a at an aha This is another sign another miracle. So what was the first

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miracle that he was given

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of the staff and the second miracle of the hand linearity so that we may show you mean Aya Tina from our science and Cobra, the greatest ones and Cobra is a feminine Oh

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A couple so that we can show you some of the greatest signs of our kodra and of your reseller of your messenger ship. Now, specifically, the duties being given to him and he installed, it has gotten NFL owner to fit our own. Why? Because in no Taha indeed he has transgressed.

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Go to him, and those people who are with him, why, because their own has committed great transgression. What was the to the end? What was the transgression of it?

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First of all, that he has crossed his own limits. And he had claimed to be a God, when he said, an Arab bukovel Allah, I am your greatest Lord, or my people.

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And secondly, his transgression was also against you, against the Bani Israel,

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where he had enslaved all of them.

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Now, this was not an easy task, to go to fit around, and tell him to believe and submit to a last panel, Tara, this is not something easy.

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Because we're on her claim to be God. And if you're telling him to submit,

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and considering what a great tired frown was, this was something extremely difficult to do.

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And on top of that, this was especially difficult for musallam. Why? Because musasa had left Egypt in order to save his life. Because by mistake, he had killed a man. And he found out that her own and his people were trying to kill him.

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So Musa Islam had left Egypt out of this fear of Iran that he was going to kill him.

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Now imagine, he was going to go face the enemy that was in search for him.

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musasa was like a wanted man. And now he's told, go back. And don't just go back over there, but tell for their own to submit to Allah to change his religion. Just imagine. And we'll start Islam. What does he say over here, he asks a love for help.

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And he says, Allah, He says, Robbie, oh my lord, it should open up, expand Li for me, suddenly, my chest, expand my chest for me. It sure is from Shara Shara, literally is to cut something. It's used for cutting meat. Because when you're cutting meat, what happens? You open it up, you spread it out. Just imagine a huge piece of meat as you're cutting it from the side, you open it up, you expand it, and then you eventually cut it into smaller pieces if necessary.

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So it's sre is to open up something to expand something.

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Because when you expand something, only then you can put something else inside it. If it's small, if it's tight, you will not be able to put anything inside. So it should open my chest for me, expand it, make it big, make it vast. Why? So that I can fully comprehend, I can fully understand what I have to convey. Because if you don't understand yourself what you have to convey, then it will be impossible for you to convey.

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Imagine you're telling a child about a story, you have not fully understood that story yourself. And he asks you a question in the middle, what are you going to say? We don't know? What will he think she doesn't know anything. And he or she is telling me Don't trust her.

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So you have to fully understand what you have to convey. And also open my chest for me, so that I have the confidence, I have the courage, I am content with it, I am confident about it. Because if I'm not confident about this message, I will not be able to convey and also open my chest that I am not afraid of her own and his people. So whenever you feel that you have to speak in front of someone, you have to tell them about something and you feel that you don't have that confidence. You feel that you don't fully get it. Then ask for help. Ask him for help but Oh Allah open my chest for me remove this fear from my heart so that I can be at ease so that I can relax what I know I can

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fully convey because remember, even if you know something really well, you know, I thoroughly and you're afraid he will not be able to convey you will leave out the most important things even because you're nervous you're worried. So ishara he suddenly were suddenly angry and ease for me my task, which task was he given to convey the message to fit on the web of risala I cannot perform this task without your help. I need your help. Therefore make this work easy for me. Remember, ease does not mean simple.

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That you give it one shot and there it happens immediately. No ease means they see user means when a work when

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Doing something is facilitated for you, when you're provided all the means to do it,

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it may require effort, it may require several attempts, but it is possible for you to do it.

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And this word is derived from yesod feroza little cube that the horse has been prepared for writing, what does it mean? That the horse is trained, the saddle is on, everything is ready, you have to go have the courage and go sit on the horse. And when you will sell the horse, perhaps the horse will not listen to you. Or perhaps you will be afraid of giving instructions, perhaps you will find it difficult to ride the horse. Perhaps you will ever take many attempts, but the horse is ready. Now you have to try

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the workers facilitated for you. You have to try. So a moose is an embrace. Yes, certainly agree. It does not mean make it so simple for me that I go to off if it only becomes available right there. And he says yes, he has been nice while can go? No. They say it means make it possible for me.

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Yes, sadly only gave me the ability to do it. provide me the means to accomplish this task. Give me the courage. Give me the steadfastness Give me the endurance, give me the supporters. Give me the help that I need in order to perform this task with success. And remember, you need the assistance both internal as well as external. You need the internal courage and determination. And you need the external assistance as well. So yes, silly Emily, provide me with both internal as well as external assistance, and remove all the obstacles, whether internal or external.

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And untie open up, open that and not melissani from my tongue. Open up this knot that is in my tongue

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is from the author's Helen and Helen literally means to untie something. And then from this the word is used for Hillel. Because when a food is halal, what does it mean? There's no restriction upon you, you can eat it, you can enjoy it.

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And when something is held on, there's a restriction upon it. It's forbidden upon you. So why and untie open up this Eroica this knot? That is melissani. That is in my tongue.

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It is said that Musa Hassan he was not entirely fluent in speech. He had a physical disability that prevented him from speaking fluently. that prevented him from speaking with ease. We learned intro to soccer if 52 that fit our own set of Agusan in Santa Ana Hiraman had a lady who was a marine while I occurred to you being he said or am I not better than this one who is insignificant and hardly makes himself clear.

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So musasa was unable to speak fluently in sort of puzzles ii 34. We also learn roughly how long who will have Saruman a listener musala salaam said and my brother Harun is more fluent than me in speech in tank

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into the Shara is 13, we learn whale vehicle solidity while a young party who listen and my breast tightens, and my tongue is not fluent, meaning I find it very difficult to speak fluently. So this is why musar listener is praying to Allah to grant him fluency in speech. Because when it comes to Dawa fluency in speech is very necessary for good communication for effective communication. So having good communication skills, good speaking skills are necessary. But we see that despite the fact that musasa was unable to speak fluently, still alive.

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What do we think? Because I don't know how to talk. I don't know how to communicate properly. This is not my first language. I'm not really an expert in this language, therefore, I cannot convey the message.

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So, we see that still a latos. What does it show to us that good communication skills, fluency in speech, yes, this is something very important, but it is not everything.

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What is important what is necessary is sure

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that when a person fully understands a concept, when it has penetrated his heart, when it is in his heart, because when a person has fully taken something inside, then he will be able to convey even if he does not speak the same language, even if he's not an expert in that language, he will be able to convey so he says, what Dr. Melissa Annie, that you assist me in speaking fluently and this will come you understand fully. You give it your best you have a burning

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desire in your heart to convey and Allah will inspire you with words he will give you the ability to speak fluently.

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You see, there are so many people who are unable to speak properly otherwise, but when they're reciting the Quran, when they're giving the other, when, for example, they are giving a lecture, when they're speaking, for the dean, you will not find even a single mistake, you will not see them stuttering, you will not see them finding it difficult to speak. So we see that the main thing is sharks. When that is there, then the tongue is untied by the help of a BA. And why does he want his tongue to be untied Yahoo coli so that they can understand why word his objective is not. Because if I make mistakes, and I will be embarrassed, people will begin to laugh at me know what is objective,

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that I should be able to convey properly, that people should be able to understand, because the person whose focus is to convey the message, then his eyes are not on himself. His eyes are on the message, he will forget himself. He will ignore himself. His focus is that I should be able to convey properly. So he says yes, Coco Lee so that they can understand my speech.

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What's your ID? And a point for me was Ilan, a minister a helper mean, at least from my family. He asks for support now that grant me a supporter, from who from my family. And who is that supporter from my family. Hello, Luna. Hi, Harun my brother, make him my supporter, make him my assistant make him my wuzzy. Who is was he was he is on the roof as well as the Euro wizard. And wizard is a burden

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a heavyweight? And was he is one who carries the heavy burden for you the heavyweight for you. This is why the word was It is also used for the secretary or the minister. Because he is carrying the burden of the king or the president or the boss. The boss is going everywhere. And here the Secretary is doing all the paperwork, the Secretary is taking all the phone calls. Correct. So the secretary takes all the burden. Why? So that the boss can do their work properly. Because when you have these little things to do, it makes you less productive. So what you're allowing was zero min. Utley grant me a minister for my family how Runa he wish to be increased through him as re in my

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Through him increase me in my strength, as re as re from the roof letters, Hamza, they,

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and as it literally means back. And from this as the word is, an easel is the lower garment which a person dies around his lower back. So from this is the word as if. And as it is also used for strength for help for support. Because your back, especially your lower back is a big support for you. If a person has the slightest pain over there, even something's wrong with the discs over there or the tailbone. How difficult it is for a person to move, to walk to lie down to sit up, it's impossible. So as his strength, so I urge you to be as ready through this brother of mine, increase my strength, increase my strength, so that I am able to convey the message will actually call and

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let him share memory in my task how

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that make him a prophet as well. Now this is something very strange. Think about it, someone is given a very high position. And he says grant me a supporter, who will help me in my work. Generally we think supporter is someone who is lesser than you. But Musa Lam says, actually, Kofi on the given Prophethood as well, who can be so open hearted who can be so well wishing, the one whose focus is the work and not himself. He wants the work to be accomplished. He realizes that this work is a difficult work. It's a challenging work, it's a huge task, and he needs help for that he cannot do it alone. And he's not concerned at all, if he's also given profited than my status will become less

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No. He realizes that this work is extremely necessary. I need help. Yes, give my brother a share of this as well make him a prophet of Allah as well. So the one who understands the responsibility, the one who understands the importance of the work, only he can share the work with others. Typically what is our behavior, if we find out about something, if we are given a task to do, we will hide it from others because if they find out about it, then they will also do it. This is very selfish attitude. This is not correct. If you want good for yourself, you also want it for others. If you think that your work

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Important you want it to spread you want it to increase you don't want that you're the only one doing it. So actually Kofi Andrey

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gayness A B hacker kathira. so that we may exalt you much okay is helped early meaning making my supporter make him my helper and give him Prophethood as well so that both of us together can exalt you much both of us can do your SV What does is the spirit refer to the worship of Allah soprano done literally doing the spirit of ALLAH so kindness of behalf aka to because what happens if a person is doing something alone. And let's say he's doing the vicar of Allah after some time you forget. But if he's doing the work with somebody else, if he stops at this view, the other person begins this way constantly that they can have Allah is being done. So tell us a bit hacket kathira

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whenever Kovach Akira, and we can remember you much because when two people are together involved in something, then they will end up remembering a lot more. Whereas if a person is doing a work individually alone, then he will forget after some time. So when that Cora kakatiya, we can remember how much it is also said that this VI is referring to personal remembrance of Allah and Victor is referring to Darwin to the belief so therefore appoint my brother as a supporter for me.

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in Mecca indeed, you content you are Vina of as bustling at all ever see, you are watching us, you know our circumstances, you know our condition, you know our situation, you know what we need, you know, our shortcomings, you know, our limitations. Therefore, Allah help us, assist us. Do not abandon us, be with us and support us. Now, and this is a very important lesson as well. That when a person is doing something for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala, what should you remember that my lord is watching? Because sometimes we want that our work should be acknowledged by other people. We want them to know how hard we're trying how much work we're doing. But if you remind yourself that

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whether people see or not Elia is watching me, that's enough. I did this for Allah and he has seen it. If I did this for other people, then this work is useless. If I did it for Allah, and Allah has seen it. So why should I expect praise and acknowledgement from other people? I don't need it. Because in NACA condobolin Oh Allah, you are watching us, you are whistling over us. And in Agha Khan, Sabina vasila also gives a meaning of that you have been so gracious to us. You have been watching us for all this time. And you have taken care of us in the past. So also assist us in the future in a condominium

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you have been ever seen ever observant of us. So also take care of us in the future assist us in this work that you have given us.

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Lee Nuria coming

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on the show for the

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Yes, only

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three, washing.

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Now, no matter how knowledgeable a person is, no matter how fluent he is in his speech, just a thought of going in front of your own and his court here.

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And speaking in front of them, it's enough to make you nervous. It's enough to make you lose your vocabulary to make you lose your fluency to make you forget what you know.

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This is why he prays to a lot color of Mishra. He's odd. And sometimes it happens that you go somewhere, you're going to speak to someone, and there you find this one person. And all your confidence goes down the drain, this one lady, this one person and you're like, I can't talk anymore.

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And if you think about it, we are able to talk otherwise at home with our friends. But when it comes to talking about the deen, when it comes to telling somebody about the dean will become extremely nervous over there. Like, how do I speak to them? What do I say? At that time, pray to Allah, Oh Allah, he suddenly opened my chest for me, tell me what to say, made me understand. Make me say the right thing. Give me confidence, take this fear out of my heart. Whereas Silly me Emery facilitate this for me. And grant me a supporter as well. Why don't you listen, you have to Callie, what your alley was the ramen alley. This is also very important, because it's possible. You're talking to

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someone. And there's just one person who comes and confirms what you're saying? Isn't that a big support? Here? So support it is? Even if one person says yes, what you're saying is right. It gives you so much confidence. And if even one person opposes you, it can ruin it can completely finish your confidence. So grant be a supporter as well. And push to the V ezri.

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Notice how he says my brother from my family, because you're most comfortable with who? Your family, your own siblings. You have grown up with them. You have played with them. You've studied with them, you've done so many things with them, so you're most comfortable with them. And it's not Maria, what did we learn taking your family along with you. And over here we see the same thing as well, that musala Santa is taking his brother along with him

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that he shares this work with him. Because when you get support from your family, then you can really excel in your work, you can really do a lot and if from your family, you don't get support and it becomes a constant struggle very difficult. So ask Allah to give you supporters from your family. To make those who are very close to you. Your supporters are not your opponents. Because when they will support you, it will become easy for you.

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There are different works that can be done different types of things that can be done for the deen of Allah soprano data to serve the deen we see that Musa Islam was the main in charge and then homeowner is now his status was also a Prophethood. But he was under the authority of majority center. So there are many different things that a person can do many different roles that a person can play to serve the deen of Allah. And if a person's goal is to attain the pleasure of Allah, then he will remember in a cocoon tabula rasa

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whether people see me or not, whether I'm sitting in the back room, nobody even knows my name. And here I am working for so many hours, nobody acknowledges my work, nobody praises me, I should realize that Allah is watching me and that is sufficient in the cocoon, who

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ultimately, something very important over here that musala Sam is asking for a supporter, Why?

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So that he can have someone to talk to

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so that he can have someone to have fun with to hang out with? Why cane so be hacker

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one as

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we learned earlier, that many people refrain from coming closer towards the end. Why because they don't like loneliness, they don't like being alone, they love being with people having fun talking all the time chatting all the time hanging out with other people, but we see that musasa if you want company, it so that he can increase in the worship of Allah gayness of the haiga to one o'clock kakatiya because good friends, they will encourage you in doing more good, instead of making you waste your time, they will encourage you they will motivate you in doing good things. So, these are the kinds of friends that we should be looking for. This is the kind of companionship that we should

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be seeking out for. Also one more very important thing that along with the work

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along with the work that a person is doing for the deen of Allah, regardless of what work it is, whether it is in the front or it is talking to people or it is at the back any kind of work, what is essential that they could have Allah that this be

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because many times people take the work of the deen also as a job. This is just my duty. I get paid for it. I get to volunteer for these many hours. So this is the benefit that I get. And that's it. And there is no spirit involved.

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We see that the work of the dean. Yes, it's work. Yes, it may be a job. You may be getting money for it.

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However, there must be spirit over there. There must be the worship of Allah, a person must be doing it with dedication, glorifying Allah, praising Allah, thanking Allah, Oh Allah thank you for this opportunity, I could have been working elsewhere, perhaps making the same amount of money perhaps making more, but Glory be to You, you gave me this chance. So when a person is doing the work of Allah, regardless of what it is, whether it is standing at a bookstore, or it is at the cafeteria, or it is marking test papers, what should he remember to do?

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This we have Allah Vicar of law

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because that is what will keep you focused. That is what will remind you of what your mission is, what your purpose is, what your objective is.

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So we see that musar Islam is responded by Allah subhanaw taala. Carla, he said, Allah subhanaw taala said to him, or the UE that, in fact, you have been given so lucky, your request yeah Moosa.

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So, gives the meaning of muscle, meaning that which has been asked for the mutlu that which has been sought for so you have been given you have been granted your request, almost.

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Meaning everything that you requested all of your prayers, but I'll be sure he saw that he was really angry with me listening, whether it was your own Minelli all of these requests have been granted. They have been fulfilled. They have been given to you and this is not something strange

Ta-Ha 1-40 Word Analysis and Tafsir 17-36

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