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Al-Kahf 9-26 Translation 9-26

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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hashmatullah Wanda slowly Allah Allah Sudan Karim a maverick for the villa him in a shape Iowa Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Baba surely suddenly were silly Embrey wash Lula melissani yokocho Cali poppin as in our EMA lesson number 151. So, I have I am number nine to 26

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or has said that you thought and that indeed, US harbor companions al caffee of the cave work team and the inscription

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Colonel, they were men from iopener our signs are Joba a wonder is when our he took refuge lcti to the young men either to El caffee the cave

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for corlew so they said the robina or our rub attina give us men from the Dunker near you rush mutton mercy what and how you you provide you prepare learner for us men from emelina our Mater Russia are right guidance

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for door opener so we struck Allah upon then he him there IRS fee in a cafe the cave see Nina years are the number counted so much then barista whom we awakened them leaner lemma. So that we know are you which has been of the two groups of saw is most precise in calculating a saw is most precise in calculating Lima. For what? levy so they remained a mother in time.

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National we nakasu we relate or Laika upon you, never a home their news. They'll help with the truth in the home indeed a fifth year to use Avenue they believed bureau be him with their up was it in our home and we increase them who the in guidance

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was a bottleneck and we made firm we died upon God to be him their hearts is when they stood for callooh so they said Rob buena, our Rob, Rob is rob a semi word of the heavens will up and the earth land never Netherworld we invoke men from dooney he other than Him Illa and a god laqad. Certainly, to learn we said he then then Sherpa for excessive transgression. schelotto excessive transgression. How old are these omona our people in the huddle they have taken men from dooney other than Him and He has eaten God's Lola Why not? yet do not they come? I lay him upon them be so fun with evidence begin clear.

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From answer who is more unjust may mum then who is Tara he fabricated Allah upon Allah He Allah, Khadija la

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wa and it when it says oh to move home, you all have withdrawn from them. Warmer and whatever. Yeah, Bududa they worship in there except Allah, Allah for Whoo. Then you seek refuge, then you take shelter, either to Allah caffee the cave, ensure he will spread Lacan for you, Rob bukom, Europe, main from rajmata he has mercy, work and you hate, he will provide he will prepare lecan for you, men from Emory comb your matter modificar his facility,

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whatever. And you see a shumsa the sun either when

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it rose, does our inclines and away Gaffey him from their cave that on site Alia mean the right

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one either and when Robert it said Dakota boom, it cuts them off that on side a shimmer the left were home while they see in February in an open space men who from

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their liquor that men from IR signs Allah He of Allah, man whoever yesterday he guides Allahu Allah, for whoever that he is a look daddy

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The one who is rightly guided woman and whoever you're going he leads a stray felon then we'll never judge you that you find level for him when he when a friend murshida A protecting guide

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What are several home and you would think them a r1 once a week while home while they ruku one's asleep one only boom and we turn them that on side and Leah mean the right word and that on site a shimmer the left elbow home and their dog bicycle one that stretches there are IE his four legs bill was sleep at the entrance low if if you had looked or lay him upon them lower later surely you turned away men home from them fear on in flight work and learn surely more later you would be failed men home from them or bad in our entire

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work ehrlichia and us partner who we raised them Leah Tessa Alou so that they ask so that the question each other bainer home between themselves either he said or Elune speaker main home from them come how much lobbyists from your state ALU they said the base now we remained we stayed Yeoman a day Oh or baba some yo have a de

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Carlo they said boom Europe is more snowing Bhima with what love is to you all state you all remained forever I do. Then you will send a header comb one of you be one of the come with your silver coin, heavy this inner to Almudena the city for aliens. So he should look at you her which is good is your fireman in food, fairly ethical, so he should come to you bear his pain with food men who from it while he atella and he should be careful. He should be gracious. Whether and not use Iran, he definitely become aware. He definitely perceives

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become of you. Or Heather, anyone

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in the home indeed day in if yo they come to know they overcome la come upon you. Your jumeau come they will stone you

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or you're a Ducati they will return you fee in miletti him their religion, one and never does the show you all will succeed even then ever there ever.

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worker there Lika and likewise ourselves, we caused to be found

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ourselves we cause to be found I lay him upon them Leanna move so they know that indeed we are the promise Allah He of Allah happen is true. We're under and that indeed Assad the our less not braver any doubt be her in it. It when yet another una demutualization dispute beta home between themselves amerihome about their matter for carlu so they said boo boo you all build you all construct. I lay him upon them banana and a building.

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Boom they rub our limo is more snowing. Be him with them. Allah He said alladhina those who called Abu they overpowered Allah upon emri him their matter. letter he then surely we will definitely make or lay him upon them. Must Judah a Masjid a place of worship.

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Say a poo Luna soon they will say selesa two three ravera whom fourth of them can be home their dog way of Luna and they will say home set on five. Sadie so home six of them Galbo home their dog regimen. Throwing guesses guessing Belgrave at the unseen

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or una and they say seven to seven or thermae newhome and eight of them can go home their dog own say Robbie my rub or Nemo is more snowing. Buried that to him with their number man not yard mo whom he knows them except a lead on a few. fella so do not to marry you mutually dispute you debate fee him concerning them in that except mirror and dispute and argument right here on one outward winner and do not best fit you seek verdict. fee him concerning them.

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main home from them a header anyone? winner and do not Poland you definitely say Leisha in for anything in me indeed a fairyloot one who does their Lika that further tomorrow

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in law except and that Yeshua He wills Allahu Allah work good and you remember Rebecca Europe either when necesita you forget

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will call and say I sir perhaps unpack your DNA He will guide me Rob be my rub the UK robber for near men from further this Russia right conduct right guidance whether it be through and they remained fee in caffee him their cave bellezza three may attain 170 years was their due and they increased this nine on sale say Allahu Allah, our level is most knowing Bheema of what led me through the remainder. Now who for him rabl unseen a semi word of the heavens while up and the earth ever seen. How seeing

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be he? Is he

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ever sleep? How seeing be he is he was and a smear how hearing

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ma la la home for them. Men from dooney he other than Him men from Wellington, anybody any Guardian wanna and nor your Shrek he associates be in shock me he is decision I had anyone

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listen to the recitation

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walking in a room in

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our movie theater

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Marina roshanda

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pc Nina the

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the National Novel sorry Canada

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una una

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so Blanca Mora boo

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work in blue.

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All right.

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The Medina

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do me let

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boom, boom, boom rugby

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Baku Lhasa. I

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is he knows the piece

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abusive he was

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at me