Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P11 115D Tafsir Yunus 59-64

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and implications of Islam, including its use of words like "has" and "has not" to describe situations and people. They stress the importance of reciting the Quran for actions and events, being informed of who is recording, and praying to the Prophet in order to achieve good outcomes. The success of Islam in the UK and US is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of friendships and connections.
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All our items say Have you considered man under Allah who look on my wrist thing, that which Allah has sent down for you of provision, meaning Allah subhanaw taala has sent down for you so much provision. And even if something comes from the earth, meaning grows from the earth, if you think about it, it is a result of what water coming down from the sky. So think about all that provision which Allah has given you. And what have you done for Jonathan? So you have made men who from it haram forbidden will Halonen and permissible, meaning you out of your own accord out of your own will? What have you done? Parts of this parts of provision, some kinds of provision, you declare to

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be unlawful and other parts you declare them to be lawful? What's your evidence? Full say? Our law who has Allah evina Lacan permitted for you? Um, or on Allah He upon Allah, Deaf de Roon? Do you all fabricate? Or is it a lie that you're inventing about Allah? Now you know that the Mushrikeen of Arabia, what have they done? Certain animals which were hello for them to consume? What did they do? They dedicated them to their idols to their saints, and they were known as Bahasa Eva Sam and we have read the details of this earlier. All right. And basically these animals which were completely halal, they declared them to be haram for themselves. Likewise, certain produce, what would they do?

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They would dedicate it to their idols and rendered haram for themselves, impermissible for themselves to eat parts of it that would make it impermissible for their women to eat. And it was permissible for who? For their men, right? So they have made up all of these laws concerning halal and haram. What does Allah say over here? Did Allah allow you to do that? Did Allah give us the permission to declare anything Halal that we want and anything haram that we want? Has he given us that authority? No, Allah subhanaw taala did not even give that authority to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the Prophet sallallaahu Salam made something that was Halal haram upon

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himself just to please his wives. Allah subhanaw taala did not allow that right. He did not allow him to do that. Because the matter of Halal haram is only with who Allah why? Because Allah Allah will halco will, To Him belongs the matter of creation as well as the command meaning he is the owner, the creator, and he is also the legislator, he creates and He is the one who decides what should be permissible and what should not be permissible wama and what is the one new, the assumption of who Alladhina is Taruna and Allah who can say, those people who fabricate lies about Allah, those people who fabricate lies about Allah, whether it is in the matter of Halal haram or it

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is in the matter of partners that they've associated with Allah, that Allah has a child any kind of lie about Allah, those people who lie about Allah, what do they think? Well, one knew, what do they think? What is going to happen with them? Yo myopia am on the Day of Judgment. If you think about it, so many people speak about God on behalf of God, as if they are God. Literally, they do that. They declare everything to be okay or everything to be wrong. They think they're right, everybody else is wrong. What Allah has revealed what he has legislated his canal, they completely ignore that. And they go on saying whatever they want about the day of judgement about Allah subhanaw

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taala, about the matters of Halal haram according to their own whims, and they speak as though they're speaking on behalf of God.

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Allah says over here, what do they think? What's going to happen to them? How do you think they will be treated? Think about it. If someone speaks about you, on behalf of you something that is completely wrong, something that is completely incorrect.

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And then they come in front of you, and they know what they've done and you know what they've done. What are you going to do? Just smile at them?

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What are you going to do? Many people that will just go forward and just give a big slap? How dare you say this about me? How dare you say this? Who gave you the right? Who are you to do this to me? Who are you to say this to me? We take revenge immediately. And we are people and how much revenge can we take? Really how much revenge can we take hardly anything. So Allah says over here, that yml one no ladina after Runa Allahu kedi biomol pm and right now, they are busy lying on the day.

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judgment. What are they going to see? And what are they going to think? In hola hola do fuddling Allah nurse indeed Allah, surely he is full of bounty, meaning he shows a lot of fuggle he shows a lot of grace many favors to who are the nurse to all people. He shows a lot of kindness, a lot of generosity to all people while our kin ethylone layers Quran but most of them, they are not grateful. They do not appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala has given. They don't appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala has legislated. They don't appreciate His favours. They don't appreciate his commands, and they go on lying about Allah. They go on rejecting Allah subhanaw taala so what do you

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think is going to happen with them on the Day of Judgement? Woman at the corner official name and you are not in any Shepton WOMAD the corner and the Kuno is singular you are and primarily it's referring to the prophets of Allah and Islam but after him every summer, meaning every person who's listening, well, man takuna fee sharpening and you are not in any shuttin. What is shutting me.

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Coolio Ming Hua V Shun, what is shutting? It's from the root letters, Sheen, Hamza noon. And Cheyenne is basically condition situation, the state that a person is in, right? Now your condition, your situation is defined by what? By what you're doing. Right? So for example, you are at your house, you are in your room. So what's your condition? What's your state that you're in your room? Know, your state is going to be defined by what you're doing in the room. So for example, you're sitting at your desk and you're studying. So what's your state?

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Studying? Or you are lying down in bed staring at the ceiling? What's your state? If somebody asks you, What are you doing? What are you going to say? Nothing?

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Nothing. All right? Does it ever happen? Somebody asks you, what's up and you say?

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Nothing? What are you doing? Nothing. So even nothing is a shuttle.

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Shuttle could be is basically what you're engaged in, what you're occupied with. It could be something useful, something terrible, something really nice, something that's a total waste of time. And even nothing is a shotgun. Okay. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here, woman Taku fisherman and you are not engaged in any matter, you are not in any situation in any condition.

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Woman clue and you do not recite men who from it meaning from your different shuttin, from the different situations, different conditions that you're in. In any of those conditions, you do not recite men earning any portion of the Quran. Meaning in any of your states, whether you're in the room, you're lying down, you're standing, you're walking, you're doing some physical work, whatever you're doing, while you're doing that, whatever portion of the Quran you recite whatever portion of the Quran you recite. Now think about it. There are many, many kinds of shuttling that we keep ourselves busy in, right. Every moment we're engaged in some shuttin or another. Sometimes we're

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just staring at the screen. And sometimes we are typing away. Sometimes we're just reading and sometimes we are reading actively, right? Sometimes we're reading but we don't understand what we're reading. We read a whole page and we're like, what was that? Go back again? All right. And sometimes what happens every word is like lighting a light bulb in your head. So we're always engaged in something or the other. Now, some things that we're engaged in, they're good and some states that we're engaged in, they're just useless or they're like normal. There's nothing fascinating about it. So for example, we're eating, we're drinking, we're looking, we're talking, we're sleeping out of

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all the different things that people do what is mentioned over here, the recitation of the Quran,

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the recitation of the Quran, why? Because it is one of the best things that a person can occupy himself with. It is one of the best things that a person can engage themselves with. So when matha clue men who men Quran in and then it is general, well at our MeLuna men, Amylin, and you do not perform any armor, meaning any action that you do, the best is recitation of the Quran. And besides the recitation of the Quran, whatever action that you keep yourself busy in, whether it's just staring at nothing, or tucking away or backbiting or eating continuously without any end, or just sleeping away, without getting

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Hang up from your bed even though you don't need to sleep anymore. Women attire maluna Men I'm Alan. What's going on? Allah says INLA except cumnor We are la come upon you sure who then witnesses except that we are watching, you know, shoot this floral COULDNA is Flora and we know that Allah subhanaw taala is working ahead. Right? So why is poro mentioned over here for Allah subhanaw taala remember that whenever plural is used, first of all, it's for royalty to show the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala because this is how the Arabs also spoke, this was a known way of speaking that when someone respectable would speak or when someone respectable would be mentioned, they wouldn't be

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mentioned in singular tense rather, they will be mentioned in the plural tense. So this is one reason why plural is used for Allah subhanaw taala. Another reason is that many things that are going on, in fact, everything that's going on Allah subhanaw taala has appointed angels to it, isn't it? So for example, yesterday, you saw a lot of rain coming and going, you saw a lot of clouds, you know, gliding literally in the sky, we actually went for a walk. And as soon as we got to the park, it just started pouring. And we're like, what do we do now? Because you were like in the middle of the park. And there's nothing nearby the trees are not all leafy and dense that you could go and

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stand under it and we didn't have an umbrella. So anyway, we're just stuck in that rain. And I'm just thinking now what I mean, you see the clouds coming and going so quickly, who's doing that who's behind it? Angels right angels are doing it at whose command at Allah subhanaw taala is command alright. So for example, the angel mica is appointed over the Rosa over the provisions right. And under him there are 1000s and 1000s of angels that are working. Now when it comes to us, when it comes to people what we do, who is recording everything, the angels at whose command Allah subhanaw taala is command who is noting our every movement, every action and recording it, who's

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doing that be angels, and whose command at the command of Allah. So when it is mentioned over here, Illa Hakuna Aleikum Schuiten except that we are witnesses over you. What does it mean? That Allah subhana data has appointed angels to witness us and to record everything that we're doing and report to him? What's going on? Why does Allah subhanaw taala not already know. Does he need to be informed? No, he already knows because he's a Samir al Buckley's, right? But this is the importance that Allah is giving to the actions of man, when he has appointed angels to record them and report them.

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Do you understand? It shows the importance that Allah subhanaw taala is giving to the actions of people? How much they will be valued, if they're good, and if they're bad if they're useless, what a shame. What a shame, how embarrassing What a waste.

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Is, so primarily, what do we learn from this idea that no matter what task, a person is engaged in, something good, something useless, and the best thing that a person could do recitation of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala is watching his angels are witnessing the angels are recording and look at what is mentioned, is to feel Luna fi.

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We are witnesses over you, when you are to feel buena fi when you are deeply engrossed, deeply immersed in it deeply immersed in what in that action in that task, to feel Luna is from the root letters fail, blah, right? And it's basically to be when a person is engrossed in something so much so that he completely forgets about anything. He forgets about everything, basically. You know, how like, sometimes you're doing something, but what's going on in your head?

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What's going on in your head? 1000 things are going on in your head, right? You're thinking about your laundry, you're thinking about your homework, you're thinking about your assignment, you think about what your friend said, You were thinking about what your professor said, You were thinking about what you saw at the park, you're thinking about why that person was looking at you in a strange way. Right? One thing after the other keeps coming in your head. You're doing that work, but your mind is completely distracted.

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But there are other times when you're doing something and you don't even realize that somebody is calling you.

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You don't even realize that it's time to go home.

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Long Has it ever happened? When does it happen? When we're doing our work like an assignment, or when we're doing our readings, is that when it happens, or when we're busy talking away with our friends, or when we are busy reading tweets of other people and reading what people have posted, we think, Oh, just a minute. I just have a minute I'm gonna do it. And by the time you shut your phone off, you realize you've been on your phone for the past 20 minutes. Does it ever happen? Or doesn't happen with you guys?

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Doesn't or does. Okay?

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So is to feel buena fear when you are deeply immersed, deeply engrossed in that action. You even forget about your own self, you forget about the passage of time. You forget about the people around you. But who's watching? Allah subhanaw taala is watching.

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So what should we do then? Like yeah, of course, Allah is always watching us.

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What should be our attitude then?

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Why is Allah subhanaw taala reminding us of this? What's the lesson in it for us?

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To be more careful.

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Even when we're reciting the Quran, even when we are studying the Quran.

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No matter where we are, what we're doing. Don't think about whether a teacher or group in charge or a mother or a sister or a friend is watching you or not. Think about the fact that Allah is watching me right now. His angels are recording how I'm sitting. What I'm writing, what I'm thinking about what I'm looking at what I'm daydreaming about? Allah knows. So I better be alert and attentive. So observe yourself right now. Are you in a state where I mean if the angels worked last panel data right now that this is how this person is sitting, and this is what they're looking at, and this is what they're doing. And this is what they're writing? Is that really a good image that you'd like to

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be, you know, seen by others, especially Allah subhanaw taala.

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If somebody's watching us what happens?

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What happens we become extremely careful and conscious, right? fix our hijabs. People look into their phones to make sure their teeth are fine. There's no food stuck anywhere. Right, they make sure that their hijab was looking perfectly okay, from every angle.

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Right? We focus so much on the physical aspect.

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But Allah subhanaw taala looks at us from every aspect. So fix yourself now. And always, in every way, and the way you're sitting in the way you have your things laid out. Because it's a very noble activity that you're doing right now. The study of the Quran is to feel Luna fee. Why am I here Azubu Arabic, and it is not hidden from your Lord era. zooboo Irene Ze, but as,

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as basically when something is too far. And because it is too far, you can't see it. It's out of sight. It's hidden from you. Right? If something is nearby, you can see it. But if something is way in the distance, you can't tell what it is. It's hidden from you. Allah says over here one man a year Azubu owl Rebecca it is not hidden from your Lord Mithali don't let him fill up. Even something like Mithali Dawa myth or wait, the law of an atom. Even something like the weight of an atom something so small, fill early in the earth whatever summer nor in the sky. Well, a US law Romans Ehrlich and not even anything smaller than that. Is there anything smarter than the atom?

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Smaller than the atom? What's inside the atom? What's an atom made off?

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Are there things inside? Come on? You haven't studied science, basic chemistry?

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What is it that we learned in it? About atoms what's inside? electrons and protons. And that's just the extent of our observation, our knowledge, Allah who are alone, there might even be something smaller than that. Right? So Allah says over here, nothing even smaller than that will occur about nor greater than that. elaphiti Tabby Mubin except that it is in a clear record. So vast is his knowledge that nothing is too far. Nothing is too small. Nothing can hide from him. So where can we escape? Where can we hide?

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Where can we take shelter? Nowhere. We're always exposed to Allah subhanaw taala no matter where we are, no matter what we're doing. And this is something that we need to remember. And if we remember it, then we will

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Speak right then we will do right? Allah says Allah unquestionably, in Olia Allah indeed the friends of Allah.

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Allah has friends.

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Allah has only he has friends.

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Think about it. Is there any person whom you know, whom you consider to be your friend and they're very special person and you feel honored to be their friend. You feel honored that they know you personally. You feel honored that they text you and we feel honored that once in a while we also talk and once in a while we also go out for lunch because they're a very big person and they know me.

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Being a friend of someone who's great, such a big honor.

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Allah subhanaw taala, the one who was most supreme, the one who has knowledge of everything. He honors some servants with what with his friendship. In Olia Allah, indeed, the friends of Allah, Lao how often I lay him, no fear shall be upon them, wherever we are, is unknown, nor will they grieve. They will not be afraid, and they will not grieve. They will not be afraid of the future, and they will not grieve over what happened in the past. Why? Because they have Allah as their friend, and the one who has Allah has nothing to lose. The one who has Allah as their friend has nothing at all to fear. This friendship is the greatest source of comfort, the greatest source of relief. Now the

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question is, who are the only Allah? Who are those people whom Allah honors with his friendship?

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Yes, yes. Allahu wali EULA Dena Manu. Allah is the friend of who those people who believe. So the first thing the first thing is what Iman the first characteristic Iman. And the stronger the Eman the stronger that friendship. The stronger that bond.

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So who are only Allah, those who believe in Allah. But Is that sufficient? You see, friendship is at different levels, right? One is that you just know somebody and yes, they say something nice. Can you say something nice to them? And yes, those are times when you're in a desperate situation and they find out that they come and help you.

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Then there are those friends who are very close to you, who look out for you. Who make sure you're okay.

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They text you if they haven't seen you Is everything okay? I didn't see you.

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They look out for you. Isn't that a greater level of friendship? So how is it that a servant can have a greater level of friendship with his Lord how the more a person seeks Allah The more a person remembers Allah The more a person reaches out to Allah, the more Allah subhanaw taala takes care of him also.

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If you think about it, the Olia on the highest level of Olia are who the prophets of Allah right. But the prophets of Allah, what is it that they did, they always remembered Allah, they turned to Allah. They asked him for help. When they got something, they thanked him. If this suffered from something, they were patient for his sake, they remembered him. Don't we learn the Hadith remember Allah in good times, and he will remember you in your hardships in your bad times. When a person remembers Allah than Allah also, Allah also remembers him. When a person makes mention of Allah, when he's alone. Allah subhanaw taala also makes mention of him when he's alone. When a person makes

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mention of Allah in a gathering, Allah makes mention of that person in a gathering which is far better than that gathering. All right.

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And what happens when a servant loves Allah, He strives to please Him. Then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala also loves him. And when Allah loves him, he tells Gibreel to love him. And then Gibreel goes and tells all the angels, all of you angels love this person, because Allah loves him. And I love him. Allah in Olia Allah, now hold on, I lay him without whom ye is unknown. So when a person has Allah as his friend, really, why should he ever be afraid? Why should he ever feel lonely? Will he ever feel lonely? No, even if he's suffering a lot will he ever feel abandoned and neglected? Never

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Because when is it that we feel at rest when we have people around us, right? When our loved ones are nearby? And as soon as their loved ones are gone, they're traveling or they have to go to their work, then what happens? We feel lonely and sad. Because we love others the way we should love Allah

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and others besides Allah, they can never be a source of comfort for us never. Because who are they imperfect beings, imperfect and needy creatures themselves, who cannot even look after themselves.

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One of the scholars he said that indeed in this dunya in this world, there is a Jana

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and whoever does not enter that Jana here. He will not enter that Jana in the hereafter. What is that Jana?

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What is that Jana? Take a guess.

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Loving Allah subhanaw taala loving Allah subhanaw taala really loving Him, actually loving him with the heart, feeling that closeness. The heart being filled with, you know, gratitude for Allah. Thanks to Allah, you know, overflowing with emotion for Allah subhanaw taala not other than Allah. Allah in Olia Allah, Lao how often are lay him what to whom you are known. Who are they? Allah says Allah Nina Amanu. Those who believe what can we talk on? And they also have Taqwa. They also fear Allah, in every state. They're conscious of Allah, whether they're with their families, or they're at work

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or they're alone. In every state, they are conscious of Allah. If you think about it, the Prophet saw a lot is

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how was he described that he used to remember Allah fie Cooley here any in all of his states, in all of his states, what would he do? Remember Allah

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it's amazing that when you read this ayah Allah in the hola hola, hola. Hola. Hola. Hola whom you know, you wonder immediately. So who are those special people? Who are those lucky people? And Allah gives us the answer immediately. Alladhina amanu Acharya taco and the more Eman a person has, the more Taqwa he has. The greater his friendship is with Allah the weaker this love this Eman and this decoy is the weaker that friendship.

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All right. So Allah Dena Amma know what can we add the goon every pious God fearing servant is who a Friend of Allah. But obviously, it demands that a person first of all believes in Allah follows the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam because will inconvenient to him when Allah Azza wa Rooney, your webcam, Allah Allah will also love you. Right? So Alladhina amanu what can we add the cone?

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If you just reflect on the life of the prophet Sallallahu wasallam in a hadith in Bukhari, we learned that I shouldn't blow on her. And also some other wives of the Prophet saw the laws and the narrative that the Prophet said a lot of them when he would come home, after a certain you would pray to Dakar. Now some scholars is that is it necessary to pray to the Carson of rasa? Or is it something that was exclusively for the prophets of Allah to send them some said it was exclusively for him. And others said that he did that on certain days, not as a regular habit, but on certain days when when he would miss his sunnah of look after the whole tour ACARA if he ever missed it, he

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wouldn't just leave it completely. He would even perform it after us

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because there was a time once what happened was that right after the whole Salah there were some people a delegation that had come and they kept him busy until the time you know, for Salah was over and he had to go do something. And by the time he was done it was also an after also he made a fistula car.

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What does it show? How much he used to remember Allah?

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When it comes to the recitation of the Quran, how much of the Quran did he recite? In our Hadith we learn

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that one of the younger companions he was one standing with the Prophet saw a lot of them in the night prayer. And the Prophet said a lot of them kept reciting and reciting and reciting Surah Baqarah. I mean, think about it's another bucket and one Roker Have you ever thought about it even

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if you find out that a whole Jews in eight rakaats oh my god, I can't do it. And a whole Joses what?

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Less than half a solo to Bakara.

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And record would be equally long and such though would be equally long.

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What was he doing?

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In record, what was he doing in such though?

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What was he doing? remembering Allah right? glorifying Him, praising him, thanking him, begging him. Those who remember Allah or Allah's friends Lahoma Bush law for them is good news filha to dunya in the life of this world what Phil after I'm also in the hereafter Allah who will give them good news in this life and also in the next life letaba de la Calima Atilla there is no changing. In the words of ALLAH Kali Mata requires meaning of promise, meaning this is a promise of Allah, such people, they will continue to receive good news that will comfort them that will be a source of peace for them a source of happiness for them, no matter what turmoil they're going through in their life, led

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to Videla Liikanen Atilla Velyka who will foster Alene that is the great success. Now the question is What good news is this? What good news does Allah subhanaw taala give to his Olia in this dunya, and also in the akhira. In this dunya, the real man have said different things. One of them is

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a true dream or a good dream.

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Let a person who is doing something in order to please Allah subhanaw taala in order to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala in order to do something in his life that will make Allah happy with him. He's striving. And then what happens? In a dream you see something really positive.

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Or somebody else has a dream about him that's really positive. You know, like mumble hottie. He had a dream that he met, the Prophet saw a lot of sentiment, there were flies. So he was fanning them away.

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And he asked different people about the interpretation of that. And he was given this interpretation that all the lies that people associate to the Prophet salallahu Salam, false are Hadith in sha Allah, you will remove those.

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And he did it. When he put his collection together of the most authentic hadith, he did it.

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Right, all the lies that people ascribe to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know the word discarded, I mean people recognize that these are faults or Hadith and these are so Hadees so, a good dream. That comforts the person that yes, inshallah what I'm doing is good. And hopefully in sha Allah, I'm on the right way. And hopefully in sha Allah, Allah is happy with me bushwalk good news in the form of dreams, in the form of good dreams that others may have about him or her Lahoma was shut off in hayati dunya.

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Another opinion of this Bushra is that you know what I can Hadees we learned that when Allah subhanaw taala loves a servant, He tells Gibreel to love him, right? And then Djibouti loves him and Gibreel tells all the angels up in the skies to love that individual. And in the earth, what happens also love for that person is spread.

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Love for that person is spread. So people have love for this individual. Even though they don't know him that I haven't seen him they haven't met him. And as it happened, that there are many people in this world whom you've never met, you've never met but you just have this love for them because of what they do because of how they've benefited you even through one court. Even through one you know little thing. Like think about it a Mamba hottie we mentioned him would you know so much happiness, we talk about him and we are inspired by him. Which of you has met him?

00:33:31 --> 00:33:34

I mean, how many of us are from his children?

00:33:36 --> 00:33:37

It is sad that he didn't even have children.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:43

There is a dispute about that. But majority of the scholars say because he never got married, he didn't have children.

00:33:44 --> 00:34:15

So, I mean, are we related to him through blood or anything? But we love him, isn't it? We look up to him. So this is also a form of good news. When Allah subhanaw taala he spreads a boon for that person amongst the people of the earth, that the people of the earth they accept him, they look up to him, they support him, they have love for him. This is also a form of bourgeois another form of Bushra is Allah subhanaw taala is help.

00:34:16 --> 00:34:21

Allah's help you know in little little things that a person does

00:34:22 --> 00:34:25

his help his support, which becomes very evident

00:34:26 --> 00:34:57

that literally a person realizes that Allah saved me from this trouble Alhamdulillah this didn't happen Allah saved me from this Al Hamdulillah I came here even though I really didn't want to because you know this had happened. Alright, so Allah's help and support in little little things in life. So life is not empty of blessings rather a person can feel and experience Allah subhanaw taala is help the human Bushra filha to dunya and also Bushra in another form

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

in the form off

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

The reward that is promised for certain good deeds, right? And this reward we learn about in the Quran we learn about in the Sunnah. So like, for example, a person could be doing something good for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. They're like, you know, I really think that this is important, I should do this to please Allah subhanaw taala. And they don't really know about the many great virtues of it. But then they learn that this is a very, very virtuous act. So what happens? It's like, as if somebody gave you a medal,

00:35:33 --> 00:36:13

right? That you've been doing all of this right, all along, you've been doing it right. Like, for example, a person gives a lot of importance to their parents. Meaning they respect them, they love them. Their father, they're very concerned about what their father likes, what he dislikes, they pay attention. And they do it why simply out of goodwill and out of gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala that, you know, Allah, you gave me such good parents, I also want to take care of them. They don't know about all of those are Hadees that tell us about the rewards of looking after your parents and your son will validate. They don't know about all that. Now, once they do come to know about the

00:36:13 --> 00:36:39

virtues, what would their feelings be? Like? Like, wow, really? I've been doing it right. That one bush Shaw, Phil had the dunya waffle akhira. So Bushra in this life, and also Bushra in the ACA. What's the good news in the hereafter? Hereafter begins from when, from the time of death, it begins from the time of death.

00:36:40 --> 00:37:27

And there in the Quran, we learn that there are people who are a ye being who live their lives as they you being good, clean people, what happens, the angels come to take them and those angels are also very beautiful. All right, they give good news to a person, even before they take his soul out. Right? They tell him, oh, good soul in a good body, come out to the pleasure of your Lord. Come on, let's go, you know, you've had enough of this world. Come on, let's go now. And then the soul comes out of the body as easily as water coming out of a pouring out of a pitcher. So easily it flows out of the body. And it barely comes out that they immediately take the soul and wrap it in fragrance

00:37:27 --> 00:37:53

and in the shroud of Jana. And there's so much you know, encouragement and good words, and friendly behavior, and then the angels that take the soul up, because when the soul is extracted from the body, it's taken up into the heavens. Right? There's a journey up to the heavens. And what happens as a soul is taken to each heaven. The angels of that summer they say, welcome or good soul.

00:37:54 --> 00:37:59

You were good, or good soul who inhabited a good body

00:38:00 --> 00:38:08

or good soul who inhabited a good body come welcome. They ask about that person. They congratulate him, they welcome him.

00:38:09 --> 00:38:20

And on the other hand, if a person is not living that kind of life, meaning he's not friends with Allah subhanaw taala then what kind of angels come to take his soul?

00:38:21 --> 00:38:26

angels that are very horrific in their appearance scary, we're very harsh.

00:38:27 --> 00:38:43

The first things they say to that person is come out to the punishment, and a painful punishment and torture that will never end come out or evil soul wicked soul who inhabited have a wicked body and the soul doesn't want to come out. So they pull it out. They extract it out. How

00:38:44 --> 00:38:57

do you know how? Like a thorny twig like a thorny branch that is stuck in wet wool. Have you ever had your hijab? Or rather have you ever had lots of pins gotten stuck in your hijab?

00:38:59 --> 00:39:26

Has it ever happened? And you try to pull the pin out, but it's not coming? So what do you do? You just yank it out. And in that process, what happens to your beautiful hijab gets ripped? Right? So imagine a thorny branch being stuck in what wet wool and you pull it out? What's going to happen to that wool class? Storing it's shredded. And that's exactly what happens to such a soul. But only Allah

00:39:27 --> 00:39:34

Lahoma Bushra. Phil hire the dunya waffle Akira. And this good news for them is never going to end.

00:39:35 --> 00:39:54

In the grave. There is good news. When a person is tested and he passes the test. A window to Jana is open basically right from where he receives the fragrance and the wind agenda the breeze of Jana. The reward it begins from there onwards. And so he wants the day of judgment to come immediately.

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

Reverse and he says Oh Allah, cause the death doesn't happen right away so I can

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

agenda wished a lot of good news has been given Lahoma Bushra Philhealth dunya. When people will enter Jana. Good news at that time in Jana. Good news at that time also in sort of Toba air 21 You were Sharon Raghu Rama two men who are a blend which unnati loan fee and our evil MIPIM we also learn the Quran Alladhina totowa pheromone Mala Iike to find EB in your coluna Salam or Aleikum, or the hollow Jana to be my quantum thermolon and in the Hereafter, so the MBI 103 We learned Layyah zunow humulene Fazal a kebab the Fazal Akbar, what is further Akbar the greatest terror? The greatest terror is the Day of Judgment. What do we learn in this ayah in total mbi 103 That layup

00:40:46 --> 00:41:37

zunow home it will not grieve them on the Day of Judgment they will not be panicking. They won't be terrified. Like in the Hadith we learn that there will be seven kinds of people whom Allah subhanaw taala will provide shade where where under his ash under his arm. Imagine provided shade. There will be people who will be on pulpits of light imagine on huge seats high elevated, there are glowing there will be people who will be honored with crowns on the Day of Judgment. This is all good news. This is just the beginning. There's more to come and Jana Lohan will brush it off in hieratic dunya waffle era law letter but theoretically Murthy Allah, there Lika who will Fosun or Aleem. So if we

00:41:37 --> 00:41:57

want to receive this good news, if we want this greatest comfort, what do we need to do then? Be friends with Allah? And we cannot be friends with someone? If we don't remember them? If we don't know them, if we don't spend time with them, how is it that we spend time with Allah? How can we do that? In which way?

00:42:00 --> 00:42:14

In which way can we do that? If your friend says come spend time with me, let's hang out. What are you going to do? Okay, you stay in your room, I'll stay in my room and we'll just hang out. Is that sufficient? What do you do? You talk

00:42:15 --> 00:42:32

right you talk either on a phone or through text messages or through anything you talk that's one of the first things so talk to Allah more and more in the form of dua in the form of in the form of recitation of the Quran in the form of Salah.

00:42:33 --> 00:42:34

Let's listen to the recitation.

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men who have

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A 911.

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you can eBay a woman the

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one through

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I mean normally

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done is Doofy bonusing one I

00:43:58 --> 00:43:59

love becoming

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all either one

00:44:03 --> 00:44:04


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fi kita

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SRAW Shroff mill hire don't Mia was

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busy learning Kereama

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One fellows we

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