Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-012D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 67-73

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Surah's actions are related to the cow and the cow's behavior, and the holy month is a cultural holiday. The history of Islam is discussed, including the legalization of cow slaughter and the holy month. The speakers emphasize the importance of clarification and understanding of rules of the temple, as well as the need for leaders to treat their messenger with great respect. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning from the Prophet's teachings and avoiding unnecessary questions.
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Then the next incident, which is the incident of the cow, and this is the incident after which the surah is named right so little Bacara and this incident is only mentioned in the Surah. So, what is this incident? We learned what is called a mu Sally Comey he and recall when Musa alayhis salam said to his people, and look at the love that Musa alayhis salam had for his people, the concern that he had for his people that Allah subhanaw taala mentions this over and over again he said to his people, right, his people because when you treat a people your own, you want the best for them. All right. So Musa alayhis salam said to his people, that indeed Allah orders you in the Lucha Moodle

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calm. Allah is the One who is ordering us to take this matter very seriously. What is the order the instruction is untouched by who? Bacala that you should slaughter a cow? Why should you slaughter a cow? We'll just discuss that. But the response of the bunny is Surah eel was follow they said at a ducky do now whose word you take us in mockery? Are you making fun of us? Why did they think like this? Because they could not understand why they were being told to slaughter a cow. What is the reason behind this instruction? One opinion is that they were told to slaughter a cow because a man was killed among them killed later on. And the verses we learned what is put aluminum Epson in verse

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number 72 When you killed a person and you exchanged accusations, so someone had been killed, and the murder was unknown, okay, they couldn't figure out who killed that man. And this turned into a huge dispute. So of course, they took this dispute to their messenger, they went to Masai salaam, and they asked for his help in figuring out how to resolve that case. So mozarella has sent him he responded to them that Allah orders you to slaughter a cow. So the Bani Israel responded at duck era who's Why are you joking? Because they couldn't understand what was the connection between the murder case and the slaughtering of a cow. Right? They couldn't see a logical connection. Okay. And

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another reason the relay must say why they said this call with a turkey Dona Hua, is because they had a certain love and attachment to this animal. Previously, they had made a calf out of gold, and they worshipped it. Right? So what happened? We learn in pseudo thought about how that golden calf was burned. Okay. And later on, they're told you should slaughter a cow. Why slaughter a cow now, in order to completely you know, remove that love and attachment that they had for this animal. Okay, so they said, Are you joking? Because they love this animal a great deal to they couldn't even think of slaughtering it. So this is why they said at a dinner who's Where do you take us in ridicule? Are

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you joking with us? Are you making fun of us? When you answer us like this? Are you making fun of us? Are you mocking at us by instructing us to slaughter a cow? Musa alayhis salam answered by Rudy Billahi an akuna minal Jaya Helene, I seek protection with Allah, lest I be among those who are ignorant, may Allah protect me that I become of those who are ignorant. So who is an ignorant person, then ignorant person is one who says something that has no benefit in it? Okay, because any for someone to say, oh, you should do this, when they don't actually mean it. This is what there is no benefit in it. Right. And the one who marks at people is also someone who is behaving ignorantly.

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Because a person who is truly intelligent will first of all, you know, mean, what they say. And what they say is going to be useful. And they're not going to make fun of people and they're not going to use the name of Allah. Okay? to joke with people. And Subhan Allah, it is so common, you know, where religion is used in jokes, or people will, you know, try to trick one another or make fun of each other? By using jokes that involve the name of God? Any This is ignorant behavior. So most artists and EMS response teaches us a lot. Now, I mentioned to you two reasons as to why they were commanded to slaughter a cow. Right. Now the Bible in the book of Numbers, chapter 19. There is the ordinance

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of the red heifer. Okay, were the children of Israel, you know, they were given different commands with regard to ritual worship, prayer, purity, charity, how they were supposed to

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who earned money how they were supposed to you know spend it when it comes to farming even the year of Jubilee and things like that Marriage Divorce in a lot of commands are given. And one of the commands that the children of Israel were given were was the ordinance of the red heifer where they were commanded to obtain a cow that did not have any spots on it, no blemish. And upon which never came a yoke, meaning it was never tamed, never made to work. Okay. And then they were told to slaughter it, and burn it, you know, slaughter the cow and burn it because a sacrificial animal. This is what the Bani Israel we're supposed to do. Allah has blessed us when we slaughter an animal,

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like, for example, that Eid, it's a ritual sacrifice, but we are allowed to eat from it. And we are allowed to give charity from it, the Bani Israel were supposed to burn it, okay. And then the ashes basically, were supposed to be used to purify those who came into contact with the dead body. Okay. Now, you know, within Judaism, there's different understandings as to why this ritual happened. Some say that, you know, it was done. Okay, it happened, it was done. And the point was to basically establish the temple and ritual worship, okay. Others say that, you know, they were supposed to do this, to atone for the sin of worshipping the calf. Okay. And others say that, especially those

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people among the Jews who believe in and time prophecy, and basically who are preparing for the Third Temple, they believe that this cow needs to be obtained now. And it needs to be slaughtered and ashes have to be burned. And you know, it's going to be used to purify the area, the temple and the people, et cetera, it's going to be used for the purpose of purification and establishing the Third Temple basically. So there are people who are actually actively breeding cows right now to obtain a cow of this nature. And historically, in recent years, because this is all part of Zionism, which is not very old, there have been two times when they actually obtained a cow, which was like

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this. But again, they did find some problem with it. So there's different understandings of it actually within Judaism. And some rabbis actually place the understanding of this particular sacrifice, as you know, something that is a complete mystery that we cannot understand this, you know, by our intellect. This is why you see the Quran is needed. Right? The Quran tells us why exactly the Bani Israel were told to slaughter the cow. Right? What the purpose of this sacrifice was, and how the Bani Israel responded to this instruction. And we see that, you know, here, the URL amount say that the reason for slaughtering the cow comes right after the incident in verse number

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72. This was regarding a certain murder case. Okay. And then a miracle happened, which inshallah will tell you about. But there's a deeper lesson over here. Okay, which the main point that people were missing. And the main point was, they were told to slaughter a cow, and they did not obey right away. They began asking questions, they began stalling, they began avoiding, and that only made the matter more complicated and more difficult for them. So the main lesson over here is that when an instruction comes from Allah, then hear and obey.

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Don't challenge. Don't stall, don't find excuses, because then you're only going to complicate the situation for yourselves. What were the Bani Israel doing in regard to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam? I think the matter is very clear. Every now and then somebody would come from among them and test the prophets of Allah who already have said and they would ask him different questions. What do you say about the rule about the soul? What do you say about the young men who went and slept? Right? What do you say about the man who traveled the world? And every single answer was given? How did the Bani Israel end up in Egypt entire sort of use of was revealed, so little calf

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was revealed? And then they would come and ask him, you know, different questions to which the Prophet salallahu Urdu Sinha would respond. And they weren't accepting. But our bleiben salam ala de la Mourinho, he saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, This is not the face of a liar. This is not the face of a liar. And he believed and the matter became very clear to him. And those who did not, who kept asking different questions, you know, who kept testing the prophets of Allah who are using them in different ways. You know, for example, when that woman you know, poisoned the meat, that she served to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when she was asked, Why did you do it? She said, if he's a prophet, He would not be poisoned, he would not die. And if he's a liar, we will get rid of him. So well the prophets of Allah who Edison did not die, right? When he just a morsel he spat it out because your view told him any they tried different things to ascertain the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but they would still not believe they would still not believe. So what were they doing? They were basically complicating the situation for themselves, just as their ancestors complicated the situation for themselves when they were told to slaughter a cow. So they were told slaughter a cow. First of all,

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they showed their hesitation, they said, Are you joking? And then they said, on to the rule and our buck Ubu Linna he they said Call upon your Lord to make clear to us what it is. And he there was no need to ask this because the instruction was clear. slaughter a cow slaughter a cow means get a cow and slaughtered. That's it. A cow is a cow, right? A brown cow is a cow, a black and white cow is a cow. An old cow is a cow. A young cow is a cow. You know, a cow that is tamed is a cow, a cow that is not tamed as a cow. Any cow is a cow. But they said, clarify. Okay, why did they say this? Because they did not want to slaughter the cow. You know, for example, if your mother asks you, can

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you bring me my sweater? Okay, if you don't want to bring the sweater to say which one wrong? Okay, she will say any? Okay, where is it? She will say in my room. When your closet in the bathroom? Is it hanging? Is it folded? Is it in the drawer? Any? Why are you asking all these questions because he don't want to do it? Right? Because if you want to do it, then you will just go and you'll figure it out. And if you don't find it, then you will ask questions, but you will at least show some form of obedience. Right. So they said this because they did not want to slaughter the cow. So they said oh, the rule and Rebecca, you by Ilana Mahi. So mozarella is Sinha look at how affectionate he was

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to his people that he did not any get upset with them over here. He gave them a chance. Right? And so he asked Allah subhanaw taala for further clarification, and Allah subhanaw taala responded to Musa alayhis salam and gave more clarification. So call it into who your Kulu moosari Sanam cetera Allah subhanaw taala says that in the HA baccarat tone left alone will be crone that the cow is supposed to be neither very old, nor very young. Any This is the age. Okay. And it should be our one on Boehner VALIC middle aged between that. And like I mentioned to earlier somewhere between three and four years of age. So this kind of a cow you should look for. Okay, and then we'll start this

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and I'm set for for Luma to maroon do what you're commanded. Don't delay. Just do what you're told, and don't make the matter difficult on yourselves. But again, they were not ready to slaughter a cow. So they stalled. Right? And in order to avoid the command, they asked more questions. And it's almost as though you know, they're playing with Musa Alice and they're mocking at him. They were making fun of him. They were making fun of the religion of Allah. So they said follow the rule and go back and look at how they constantly dissociate themselves from Allah. they distance themselves from Allah. When they say you make dua, you asked for us, right? That you be EULA nama Aloha, Allah

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should make clear to us what its color is and stuff that Allah some people, they talk about Allah in the same way that Allah should do this, Allah should do that. You know, Allah does not have to listen to you. Okay? Allah has already made his religion very, very clear. Now use your mind and put in some effort. Okay? Don't wait to be spoon fed, act like an adult, right? Grow up and do what you're told. But some people when it comes to the matter of religion, it says though, they don't want to put in any effort. They show extreme laziness. So now they said what is its color? What color should it be? So Mozart has sent him again he asked Allah, Allah subhanaw taala clarified and

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Musar listen and went and told his people on an inner who Jacobo he said that indeed Allah says that in her Bacala tons of fraud you want a specific color it should be of this color. What color yellow factor alone haha, intensely yellow in its color, but it should be such that the pseudo naledi it pleases those who look any it should be a good looking cow.

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Now, again, they came up with another question.

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Okay, to put off the command to delay call to the ruler now Rob buck, they said, Call upon your Lord for us, you may get an AMA, he should make clear to us what the cow is. What question number is this? How many times have they asked already? First time they said, Are you joking? Are you joking? Second time They said, Call upon your Lord for us to make clear what its age should be. Right. The third time, they stalled, they said Call upon your Lord for us, he should clarify to us what its color should be. And now the fourth time they're saying the fourth question, they're asking that what its work should be. Right. So this is the fourth question. Okay. The first question was, are

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you joking? And so far, they've asked three questions about the exact nature of the cow. So what kind of a cow? Should it be? Does it work? Is it wild? Is it a pet? You know, what kind of a cow is it? Because in the Lakota, shabiha, Elena, all the cows look the same to us. And this is such a lie. Because all the cows don't look the same cows very, you go anywhere you see any herd, you will see, you know, cows that are different in terms of their age, their size, their appearance, their colors, any, there's a whole lot of variety, especially if you're looking for a cow of that color. Then again, it's not going to be easy to find a car like that. Alright, so basically, they're saying

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we're still confused. We're still unsure. And, you know, when someone keeps saying this to you, that I don't get it. What are you saying? You know, for example, you tell your friend, your sibling, siblings typically do this, right? You tell them a concept you mentioned something is like what? What did you say? What does that mean? You know, I don't get it. Why are they saying this? Is it really that they don't get it? They're actually making fun of you that you are dumb. You are dumb to even say something like this, right? So they said inner Bacala Tasha Bahar Elena what inner in sha Allah hula Mota dune and how they use the name of Allah they say if Allah wants will obtain

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guidance. Subhan Allah. A lot of people do this, when they don't want to do something. They say if Allah wants I will pray. Right? If Allah wants I will be a good person. While Allah already wants you to do good, which is why He has commanded you He has sent His revelation. Now the ball is in your court. So don't blame Allah take responsibility over here. So they said, if Allah wants we will obtain guidance. And why do they say insha? Allah, some say that they said in sha Allah, because they're implying that Allah does not want us to be guided, like a lot of people will, you know, blame Allah for their own choices, to basically say that Allah does not want us to be guided right?

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And secondly, some or Allah may say that they said insha Allah because they were eventually any realizing that this is serious, and we cannot get away because any question they asked they were given a response. So now finally, they said insha Allah because they were realizing the seriousness of this command and you know, they were repenting and showing some kind of obedience. So Mozart as Sam said, color in who your Kulu in her baccarat tone, leather Loulan it is a cow Allah says that this is a cow which is not subdued for labor, such that it to thiol herba it plows the land while at the spill helps her and it should not be such that it irrigates the fields and moreover it should be

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Musella mutton, it should be completely sound, you know from any fault, it should not be lame, it should not have any, you know, impairment on it any effects of toil on it. And last year to fee her. I told you two meanings of this, it should have no blemish meaning no spot on it and no defect on it. Follow they said I'll energy will help now you have brought the truth. They're saying this to Musa alayhis salam. He brought the truth the first time when he said in the La Jolla Medical Center The houbara right he brought the truth the first time why are they saying this that now you have brought the truth. What they meant was that now you have made the matter clear. So the truth as in

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completely clear command. Okay. And another interpretation of this is they said now you have brought the truth. What they mean to say is that now we know you were not joking. Stuff it Allah when a prophet of Allah said that although Billahi an akuna minal Jaya Helene. And if a prophet of Allah is saying that Allah is ordering you to slaughter a cow, the Prophet of Allah is not joking. The Prophet of Allah means

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What he said, right what he's saying he means that he's not playing around with you. So, you know, for example, if someone tells you something you ask questions. One question, another question. Another question, why are you asking all these questions because you want to make sure that they're serious. So they're saying, Now we know that you are serious about this, okay, we will slaughter a cow. Now we know you're serious. Now we know that, yes, we're really supposed to slaughter a cow. And this shows how they had no respect for musante. He said, they did not treat him with honor and dignity that he deserved. No leader should be treated like this. Some people are very disrespectful

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of their leaders, they give them a very hard time some children give a very hard time to their parents. And some adult children also give a very hard time to their aging parents. Some employees give a very hard time to their employers, some students give a very hard time to their teachers. You know, this is not appropriate, in the name of challenging authority, and in the name of speaking your mind and living your truth and things like that. We make life miserable for other people. Any what are we getting out of this? You see the Sahaba their behavior with the prophets of Allah who already said it was so different. The prophets of Allah who are decent and would tell them something

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once and they would listen. Once, and Subhan Allah, we have to be told three, four or 510 times by our mothers do this, do this, do this. And then finally we'll pay some attention. That is not fair. No mother, no father, no teacher, no employer, any no leader in any capacity should be treated like this. Alright, so we learn in solitude. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that you do not hurt your messenger like the bunny is sloth you'll hurt their messenger do not be like those who, though Musa they hurt Musa alayhis salam, they bothered him a great deal. And Musar de Sena McKenna in the law, he would Jihad he was very honorable, near Allah. Look at how honorable he was. That every time that

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he asked a question, on behalf of the bene Islam, Allah subhanaw taala answered, this is how honorable musante Salam was in the sight of Allah. But look at how poorly the Bani Israel treated him. So there is a number of things we learned from this. First of all, we should not be of those people who bother and hurt and annoy others. We should not be like that. We should make Toba to Allah, we should seek forgiveness from Allah. And we should seek forgiveness from people whom we just tease and bother and irritate for no genuine reason. And then secondly, we learned from this, that even the best of leaders can be harassed by their people, the best of leaders. So, you know,

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sometimes, for example, a mother is struggling, you know, parents are struggling, they're trying their best to treat their teenager daughter, for example, well, with dignity, they give her space, you know, she wants to buy clothes, they take her shopping, you know, she wants to hang out with her friends, they let her do that. But that teenager daughter has nothing except to complain, right? And then what happens when that teenager daughter behaves in a bad way? What do people do? People will blame the mother, people will blame the Father. All right. So there comes a point where parents begin to have self doubt that I'm not doing enough, you are doing enough, you are doing enough, you

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are doing a lot. You know, sometimes you do your best. But no matter what you do, it's not enough for others. So it's not that you're at fault, you are doing the best that you can. And you should understand that. Most artists Anna was not a bad leader. He was an excellent leader. He was affectionate to his people. He was concerned for them, he wanted the best for them. He was very clear with them. It's these people who did not deserve him. salAllahu alayhi wasallam. So as a leader in any capacity, you know, when you're doing your best and recognize that that you are doing your best. And it's not that you are a bad leader. It's that there are some people who just not

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satisfied no matter what. So look at how they said to him an energy that will help now you have brought the truth. And he this is so offensive. He brought the truth the first time and another lesson we learned from this is that we also need to treat our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with great respect. If the prophets of Allah who were to send them has said something, we should accept it. We should not say Oh, does the Quran say this? Or it's only Hadith? It's only sunnah. It's not font. Any what are we trying to do? We're trying to lower the status of the Prophet salallahu aureus. And unlike that, when we're belittling his ways, when we're belittling His words,

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His instructions

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So they said, now you have brought the truth, and then further but who had they finally eventually slaughtered the cow? Well, Macedonia falloon, and they almost did not do it. Because the rate at which they were, you know, stalling and asking these questions, it showed very clearly that they weren't interested in slaughtering the cow. So they almost did not do it. And another reason why they almost did not do it is because they almost did not find a cow that met this description. Because you see, when they made things difficult for themselves, the matter actually became very difficult for them. And you think about it any community, where people have animals like cows, they

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will use cows for what, either for plowing the land or irrigating, or, you know, we know that historically majority of the people did, you know, suffer shortage of food etc. And you know, if these animals are being used for work, there is going to be some blemishes, right? But so it was very difficult for them to obtain such a cow. And finally, they found a cow like this, it is said that, because this is supposed to be a cow that is a pet, right? Because it's never worked. So they said that there was a boy who had a cow like that, and they had to pay a huge sum of money in order to purchase that cow. And then finally they slaughtered it. Why were they told to slaughter it? We

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learned here some orlimar say this is connected with this following incident in verse 72, with cotton knifes and fedora 10 feet, when you kill the soul, when you kill the person, and you accused one another in regard to it. Now, again, you might wonder, why don't you all killed the people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Arneson did not participate in that murder. So why are they being addressed that you killed because an alma is like one body? Okay. And what the earlier generations do, definitely has an impact on the later generations. And also you kill the soul any they had no regrets, even the later generations had no regrets for what their ancestors had done. So remember

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that a person can be guilty of an action, even though he did not commit that action, when he supports the people who committed that action who committed that crime? Right? because had he been among them, he would have done it. So you know, for example, in the Quran, we learn about people who did not go for the expedition of taboo with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, because of a genuine reason, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding them, that they were equal in reward. So the Sahaba were surprised that how, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam explained that it was a genuine reason that prevented them had that genuine reason not been there,

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they would have been with us. So likewise, you know, a person sometimes is not present among the people who are committing a crime, but Allah subhanaw taala knows how, you know, if this person was present among them, he would have committed that crime, and he actually supports that crime. So what is Qatal? Tom nevsun When you kill the soul, and then you accused one another in regard to it? Well, Lahoma What did your McClinton tuxedomoon And Allah is going to bring out what you have been hiding. Okay. And you see, sometimes an entire community is blameworthy when they're silent about a crime.

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When a crime is committed, and you're silent about it, that means that you are supporting it. So Allah subhanaw taala says here that will Allah was going to bring out what you were hiding. Now, if you think about it, the details of that murder are not mentioned over here somewhere, you know, they've mentioned about how there was a wealthy man and basically one of his heirs killed him so that he could inherit, you know, all of that money quickly. But there is no benefit in knowing those details. Because if there was benefit in knowing those details, Allah subhanaw taala would have mentioned it because if you look at the verses of the Quran, there are some places where there's so

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much detail, right like the description of the cow so much detail, but then when it comes to the details of this murder, all right, no details have been mentioned because they're of no benefit. And wala who Mohenjo McClinton took to moon Allah was going to bring out what you were hiding also means Allah continues to bring out what you have been hiding any Allah will expose it just as he exposed the truth then he will expose the truth now for Call of Duty whoo hoo be badly hurt. We said strike him meaning the slain man with some of it. So basically now the Bani Israel we're told to take a part of the slaughtered cow, like for example, a leg or something and strike the slain man with it.

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Okay, so what happened? The Mufasa rune say that when the slave man was struck

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With the peace of the cow, that dead man woke up. Okay. And he spoke the name of his murder, and then he died again. Okay, so now what happened? This was a miracle. And it's not difficult to understand how this miracle could happen because if Allah subhanaw taala could park the waters for Bani Israel, and he could cause mon and salwaar to descend for them. And we learned earlier about how a group of the Bani Israel, a thunderbolt struck them and they all died. And then they were resurrected, they were given a new life. So if that can happen, this can also happen. Right? So this was a miracle. The man woke up, he spoke the name of his murder and he died again. So a number of

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things happened through this incident. First, the Bani Israel eel, you know, their love for the cow was tested. All right. And then we see that their obedience to Allah and his messenger was tested. They were taught that if you stall and you make excuses, and you come up with unnecessary questions, you are going to make things difficult for your own self. Alright. And then this particular murder case was resolved. Right, the murder was found. And another important lesson that the Bani Israel were taught was the lesson off resurrection life after death, that Allah is Able to resurrect the dead, because the body is for any long history. So in that long history, there were many periods

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where their belief in the hereafter became very weak. Okay, so we learned that even at the time of ESRD, salam, there was a certain group of people from the Israelites who actually did not believe in life after death. Okay, and this is clearly mentioned in the New Testament, a certain group of them who did not believe in afterlife. So this incident that happened at this time, brought them certainty and conviction that Allah is Able to resurrect the dead. So this is why we see in the next part of the IEA kundalika, your healer who will Mota. Thus Allah gives life to those who are dead, where you recall, Aya T and he shows you His signs are under contract, so that you will understand

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you all understand that you cannot hide the truth. You cannot ignore the truth by trying to avoid it, right by trying to bury it. And Allah will resurrect the dead. So you are going to die and meet your Lord, you cannot avoid reality. So there's a number of lessons that we can learn from these verses. First of all, the main lesson is that when the bunny is slow eel demanded more details. When they asked too many questions. They put forward unnecessary questions. They only made the matter difficult for themselves. And now when they were demanding too many details, and asking too many questions to test the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were only

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complicating the situation for themselves. The truth is clear at the beginning, okay, any you look at the face of the Prophet sallallahu where it isn't him and you know he's not a liar was erroneous and I'm sad slaughter the cow and you know that He's not joking he means it the truth is clear. And sometimes you know, we read an eye of the Quran we find out about a command the truth is clear. Okay, when Allah subhanaw taala says Alladhina Yukimura Salah those who establish the prayer this is very clear salicylate you have to pray okay, but some people will keep asking you know, what about this, what about this? What about that? Any Yes, we should ask questions in order to further

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understand, but there is a difference between asking relevant questions and asking irrelevant questions. relevant questions are questions which help you follow a command properly. Okay. And irrelevant questions are questions that which are of no benefit, okay. Like for example, there was a time when people discussed is the Baroque Halal to eat. The Baroque the Baroque is the animal on which the prophets of Allah who are using it was taken from Makkah to muscle Aqsa, well, have you ever seen a Baroque? Have you ever caught one? Do you know where they live? When you do that, then discuss whether you can hunt one you can slaughter when you can eat one has nothing to do with your

00:34:36 --> 00:35:00

nothing to do with your actions. Right. So learn to ask necessary questions and even when it comes to questions, actually, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala dislikes for you Kathrada su al asking too many questions. Because when you ask too many questions, then the other person gets irritated. Right and you ask one question to

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

questions maybe three. But if you keep asking one after the other after the other after the other, any, you are almost harassing the other, right? And asking too many questions, any irrelevant questions or even relevant questions, sometimes it just means that you're stalling. So avoid this behavior. And if you have too many questions, that means you need to learn, start learning more, start reading more, start listening more. And this also shows us this incident that we should not take the commands of Allah lightly. And we should take every command of Allah seriously. And we also see over here, that person should not delay in doing good, right, we should be eager, and we should

00:35:42 --> 00:36:27

be eager to respond to Allah and His messenger. And finally, we also learned that when a person makes something difficult upon themselves, then Allah also makes things difficult for them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in Edina, your soon, religion is easy. When you shared the dinner, I had an Ella Oliver and whoever overburdens himself in his religion, and you will not be able to continue in that way. It's going to become extremely difficult for them. So religion is clear. It's easy, and do not overburden yourself by going into extra details. Because if there was any detail that we needed to know the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam clarified that to us, okay, he

00:36:27 --> 00:37:10

made it very, very clear, and demanding more details and specifying an overly specifying. This only makes the deen impractical and difficult and complicated. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all wisdom, the ability to understand what question is the right question. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us the eagerness to obey and surrender and be of those who are eager to worship Allah, not of those people who stall and who delay and who make fun of the deen of Allah will area the villa, inshallah will conclude over here subchronic Allah humo behind the shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Astok Hirokawa to Blue Lake was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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