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Ibrahim 35-52 Translation 35-52

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to slowly and out of suiting and Kareem Ahmad for the Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara he saw that he will save it and re watch that on melissani Hakone probenecid. Now in

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Lesson number 131 sort of Ibrahim is number 35 to 52. Translation. What is and when he said Ibrahim, Ibrahim and he should

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be Oh my rug HR you make Heather this Alabama the the city of Milan peaceful work and would you know Bernie, you keep me away, work and baniya my sons and that nabooda we worship Allah snam the idols. Robbie oh my god in the Honda. Indeed they have learner they have led astray caphyon many men from a nasty the people finance or whoever who he followed me for him know who that indeed he mainly from me. Women and whoever assignee he disobeyed me for innaka then indeed you have a food on most forgiving. For Haman most merciful

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robina our in indeed I as country I have settled I have made to 12 men from good Righetti my children, my offspring, the wedding in a valley variety other than the possessor Zetterling of cultivation. In the near Baedeker your home. Elmo harem, the sacred one robina or our Leo Ki Moon so that they establish a solar, the solar federal so you make as a dozen parts mean from a NASA the people that we it implies aim towards them. What zucman and you provide them men from a summer off the fruit learner home so that they could own they are grateful for banner or our rub in Mecca indeed you Darla moon you know, man, what newfie we hide warmer and what norlin will reveal warmer

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and not Yes, it is hidden Allah upon Allah He Allah min from Shay in anything fill all the in the earth water and nor is summer in the sky

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and handle all praise lillahi for Allah Allahu wa Hubba He granted he gifted leave for me Allah upon and given the old age is Marina is married with his haircut and his hair in indeed Robbie Myra, less than zero surely one who hears the call the prayer

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Robbie Oh my rub aegiali You make me move Lima one who establishes a solar the solar woman and from the Yeti my offspring robina our water copper and you accept dry my invocation? Michael robina our effects you forgive leave for me while you are leader here and for my two parents well meaning and for the believers, the oma on day Yakumo it will stand it will establish a reserve the account

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winner and do not that's abundant. You definitely think Allah Allah wa feelin unaware negligent

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from what yamalube he does a volley moon the wrongdoers in Nevada indeed not but your hero whom he delays them Leo men for a day Tasha so it will stare in horror fi in it and absorb the eyes

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move their inner ones racing ahead. More Canary ones raising up McCleary no one's racing ahead. More Canary ones raising up

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through see him their heads. Let's not do that do it comes back. It returns in a him to them but for whom their guns were either to whom and their hearts power. empty void.

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Well, NZ and Warren and NASA the people yoma have a day yet the him It will come to them. Either Buddha punishment for your colusa he would say Allah Dena those who wanna mood Iran robina our rub a Hittner defer us delay us

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Isla del ajilon a term but even one near Najib, we will respond that whatever your call when at the beer and we will follow a Rasul the messengers, our lamb did and not the kulu you all are you all were accustomed to you all swore oath men from fabulou before man not law come for you men franza well in any decline

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was second to any dwelt fee in Masaki mean dwellings and Medina of those who want to move around and force a home themselves whatever Jenna and it became clear Luckily for you gave her how for now we did be him with them. What are robina and we struck Luckily for you and observe the examples

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were called and in fact mokoro they plotted macro home their plot were in the near Allahu Allah macro home their plot we're in and indeed, Ghana, it was macro home their plan their plot, lead azula that it moves, men who from it, LG Bell, the mountains,

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fun so do not that's urban you definitely think Allah Allah wa Khalifa one who goes against worthy He has promised Rasul Allah, Who to his messengers, in there Indeed Allah Allah, Aziz always Almighty do possessor in the comment of retribution.

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yoma on the Tibet deleeuw it will be changed, it will be replaced and our boo the earth, vida other than ugly, the earth was semi wet and the heavens were bozhou and they all appeared lilla he for Allah, Allah hates the one alcohol the prevailing the overpower

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What are and you will see almajiri mina the criminals Elma it in that day, mocha Nina once bound together once chained together fee in

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the shackles the jeans

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so are below whom their garments men from copywriting liquid pitch door

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What else Sure. And it will cover would you whom their faces are now to the fire?

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LEAH Zia so he will recommend Allahu Allah cola every nap since Oh, man what gusta but it earned in Indeed Allah Allah said he or swift and he said in the reckoning Heather this benevolent conveying leanness he for the people, when a user and so that they are warned, be here with it, when they are in a mood and so that they know a number that indeed not but who are he is Illa whom God where he don't want where the attacker and so he takes heat, olu possessors an adverb of the internet,

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recitation of the sine

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to me

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He is

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New York.

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Gianni Moti masala.

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What are they

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