Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L117E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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For lack of direction, then perhaps you would leave. Now Allah gives the meaning of perhaps. And sometimes it is also used for a question that would you leave? Meaning you should not? Is it possible would you possibly leave? Meaning you should never leave?

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federal law categorical. And Tarik is from the new federal

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law caf. What kind of analysis

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that he can? What's the structure? Farrell? So what is this is from farming

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and what's the Arab?

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By the way, the name Barack is different. Okay.

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The name is Barack with a BA and a cough. This is Derrick. So if you know someone who is named porac call them thorac not Derek because Derek means one who leaves okay.

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So for Nikita recon, perhaps you would leave who does you refer to the prophet SAW the Lotus

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Baba, some man that which you have in a car which has been inspired to you which has been revealed to you.

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Perhaps you would leave out some of that which has been revealed to you, meaning you would not convey it to the people.

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Why? out of their fear

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perhaps you would not tell people some of that which has been revealed some of the Quran which has been revealed out of fear of them one by one. And it is constricted by again it isn't far from the root factors. But yeah, have we by that which is tight.

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So we'll buy a gun and it becomes tight, constricted behave because of it. So the ruka your chest,

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your heart feels very tight when you have to convey perhaps you would leave something out, or at least you feel very tight inside. When you have to convey why. And you know, that they will say, Lola, why not on Xena it was sent down an ad upon him meaning upon the messenger Muhammad said a lot is on them guns on a treasure that you would leave out some other revelation or at least you feel very uncomfortable when delivering the message to them out of fear that these people are going to say how come no guns has been given to you?

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What kind of a messenger are you? If you haven't brought a guns? The word Kansas from the federal gaff Nunes I remember when Medina yakni zona.

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So Kansas is a treasure. It's basically used for a great amount of wealth. And from this, the word is also used for wealth that has been hoarded Why? Because that is great in its amount that is a lot in its quantity. But the word cans is actually used for a great amount of wealth.

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And the word counts also applies to such wealth on which the cat has not been given.

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It is also used for such wealth on which is a cat has not been given. Because when the cat is not given, what does the person think that it will remain? A lot.

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I mean, if he takes out two and a half percent of it, it's going to reduce it's going to decrease. That's what a person thinks, whereas in reality when a person gives that is when his wealth increases.

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So they say that How come a wealth a treasure has not been given to him?

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Oh, or j he came Mara who with him Malecon an angel or at least an angel should have gone with him to confirm him to confirm his truthfulness? What does Allah subhanaw taala say that intimate indeed not but until you are not the only one, you are only a warner. So your duty is to convey the message that has been revealed to you. Your duty is not to show that Okay, I have this wealth and I have this type of money and I have this type of wealth. No, that's not your job. Your job is to go and convey the message will love where I live in Joaquin and Allah is upon everything a trustee. So what should you do trust upon him? And don't leave anything that

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we learnt earlier in South America that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was commanded in number 67 that Yeah, you have a soul by live Maroons, Allah, Allah, that all messenger convey everything that has been revealed to you from your Lord. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to convey every single statement of the law.

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He could not leave any part of it out. Not even one word

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This was obviously very challenging for him.

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Because as you can see, as you read the Quran, there are statements which completely nullify check. And for those people whose life is all about, how can you dare to say such statements to them? It's very difficult, because you never know how they're going to react. They might listen, they might not listen, they might become very upset, they might get furious, and they might start arguing with you, they might even start physically assaulting you. So this was something very challenging for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to convey the Quran in its entirety, whether people like it, or they don't like it, whether people accept it, or they don't accept it.

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He was not allowed to alter it. He was not allowed to water it down. nor was he allowed to leave it. He wasn't.

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Now what happens with us?

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If we have to deliver the message to someone? What do we choose those ads, which we know they're going to like, isn't it? It's a good way of doing Darla. But it does not mean that you don't tell them about the entire process.

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You must tell them,

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a person must get to know about the entire column because a loss of planetary has read the entire column, not just parts of it.

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But just imagine the state of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was supposed to convey, regardless of how people behaved.

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So in this ayah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been reassured that Be patient, be patient, remember, the surah was revealed at a time when the opposition had increased.

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It had increased and there was a lot of tension in the air, there was a lot of opposition and there was a lot of hostility. So it was becoming increasingly difficult for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to convey especially because the machine of Makati would make such demands, that How come a trans is not been given to him. How come there is no angel that is coming along with you, affirming your truthfulness. So when they would make such demands, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would feel very uncomfortable.

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Instead of the hedged item or 97, we learn what are called the narrow llamo uneca de casa de Luca de Maya Kowloon and indeed we know that your chest is tight because of what they say.

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It feels tight. It feels constricted because of what they say to you.

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Now what kind of things would they say to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam?

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We learned in sort of units that they would say a TV or an invitee had opened they'll

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bring it under Quran in place of this or at least change this one. We don't want to listen to this Koran of yours. Similarly, we learned elsewhere in the Quran as well that work on Oh man, he has a lasagna Kuru Tom ymg. Phyllis work, Lola en de la la la la confiar coonawarra una de la. And they say that why does this messenger eat food? How come he eats food and walks about in the markets? How come? If he's a messenger, he should not be doing such things.

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And why is it not that an angel has been sent down to him to be a warner along with him? How come no angel has come along with him to be his helper? And they would say oh, you call la cancel out akula? Who Jonathan? Coleman ha ha karnavati. Muna intersubunit Ilayaraja masura are they were taken? Why has not a treasure been granted to him? or Why has he not got a garden? How come he does not have an orchard? Because he was in Makkah.

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And in Makkah, he couldn't grow trees over there.

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Now perhaps you can see. But at that time, what are the demand that he should have an orchard in this barren Valley, and he should be able to eat from the fruit of that tree. So this is the kind of demands that they would make on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so that he could prove his truthfulness.

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But making such demands is like asking why a doctor does not drive a tractor. Really, because a messenger is there to convey the message. He's not there to show his wealth. How do you figure out if someone is qualified for a particular job? When he has the necessary skills, isn't it that's all you're going to see if he has the necessary skills to perform that job. You're not going to go asking a farmer if he has a law degree because he doesn't need a law degree to do his farming. You're not going to ask a doctor if you drive the tractor whether he knows how to drive a tractor why because he doesn't need to. His job does not require him to do that. So demanding that a

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messenger should have chickens should have a big treasure or that he should have an orchard. This is completely irrelevant. Because he does not need these things to perform his job. What does he need the message in NEMA antenna D You are a warner and when you have been given the warning that is sufficient

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For you to perform your job, so be confident and be patient, don't leave anything out and keep doing your work.

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And if he was to have all that money, and the highest status that they demanded, then people would accept Him and follow Him. Why, because of that money and status not because of what he was telling them.

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So, the messenger has warning, he has a message, and that is sufficient.

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So primarily in this ayah The Prophet said, a lot of them has been reassured that regardless of what people say, you have to do your job,

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a mucuna or do they say that if there are who he has fabricated it? Do they say that he has fabricated the Quran, that it is his own invention, it is his own words. It's not and if they think that he can come up with this Quran himself meaning Mohammed Salah Salem can then call say to them for two then you should also come be actually with den sewaren chapters. So what is the plural of surah then you should bring 10 chapters mid Li like it means they're very similar to the Quran, in their eloquence, in their conciseness in their precision in their beauty, as we learned earlier, at the beginning of the sutra, that keytab akima ayah to Thoma for say that. So if he can bring the

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Quran, then you should also be able to bring something like the Quran.

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If you cannot bring 114 chapters, then at least bring then produce 10 chapters that are like the Quran, that are similar to the Quran.

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If he can do it, you can do it and these are going to be moved to it ones that are fabricated, because you will have fabricated them yourselves with that is a plural of move data.

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So you should be able to bring it about as well. Whether all and you should call upon man, whoever is the third item you are able to do left besides

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meaning call upon others besides a lot to help you, to assist you. To assist you in what

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to assist you in what in fabricating these 10 chapters mean doing a lab besides Allah in quantum soldering, if you're truthful in your claim, that he has invented it.

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So the machine would say that the Quran is fabricated, it is not the canal of Allah, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself wrote it. But the Prophet sallallahu, again, is being comforted over here, that this demand of there's

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this objection of theirs rather, is completely baseless, because if you should be able to produce something, then they should also be able to produce something like it. And when they cannot, what does it show that call on is from Allah?

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For a Lamia, study Buddha calm and if they do not respond to you, who who does you refer to? And who does they refer to? This is been understood in two ways.

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First of all, for lm yesterday Bula calm you all refers to the machine.

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If they do not respond to you, and who does they refer to them? In the previous iOS where the machine told that we're the route minister to minima, call upon whomsoever you can, besides a lot to help you.

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So, when you call upon your idols, when you call upon your gene, when you call upon your false gods to help you and they do not respond to you, for a lemmya ajibola con they do not respond to you, to help you then ferula more than you should know that unless that indeed not but only Liberian when this has been revealed with the knowledge of Allah.

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Secondly, this ayah has been understood as that for a Lamia study, Bula Kuan Yew refers to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that if these people meaning the deniers, those who do not believe in the Quran, if they don't respond to you, they do not bring something like the Quran, then you should know that this Quran has been revealed by who? By Allah subhanaw taala.

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For Allah mu Anima, Anja berrimilla, you should be certain that this is from Allah. Was the prophets of Allah sort of not certain.

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Of course he was.

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He was a recipient of the Quran. Of course he was certain. However, when everyone is doubting you, when everyone is objecting at you, then you begin to wonder, isn't it? So over here he is being given your clean as well.

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That ferula mo Anima on zerah berrimilla?

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What does it mean by this that it has been revealed with the knowledge of Allah

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that this Court has some of

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There are a lot of

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Allah subhanaw taala has revealed some of his anywhere in the Quran

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which is why it is completely true, authentic, factual, there is nothing that is doubtful in the Quran.

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Nothing at all, not even one word, not even one statement, nothing of it is doubtful, because it is revealed with the knowledge of Allah. And it has also been said that furthermore unima unzila berrimilla. What this means is that it has been revealed, with knowledge of Allah meaning a lot knows about it, it's not a fabrication.

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What Allah Allah, Allah who and that there is no god except him. There is no god except who except Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because these idols, these false gods, when the people call upon them to assist them to produce something like the Quran, they don't get any response, no response at all. So the fact that there has been no response, what does it show, that when the Quran has been revealed, it has been revealed by who have lost panatela? And who is he the only one true God?

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What Allah Allah, Allah, who, for * and the Muslims? And then will you out submit or not?

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Who does anthem refer to those people who are denying the Quran? That now will you submit? Will you accept? Will you give in or not? And for help until Muslim? This is like a question, which conveys the meaning of a command that would you submit, meaning submit?

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Moncada, you're either highest adonia whoever desires the life of this world?

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Any person, man, what is the word man? What does it mean?

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Whoever, Whosoever no matter who he is, any person who desires who wants to do near the life of this world was in at the heart and its adornment.

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What does he mean by this? You read?

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You read the recent newsletters are out there that from the word in order and what is your other main

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intention? Right? What is the intention?

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What is in here? What is an intention?

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Think about it.

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Okay, the first step to inaction what you plan to do? Okay? The reason behind an action, why you are doing something?

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What do you want to do?

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What do you want to achieve by doing this action?

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Like, for example, you're going somewhere,

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you're driving the car? Don't you have an intention? What's the intention? Why are you driving? Where do you want to reach? Where do you want to go? So your other is the reason behind an action, why you do something.

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So man, can you either hire the dunya, whoever is intention, meaning whoever is goal, whoever's objective is the life of this world.

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He is doing whatever he is doing, why, to get the benefit, where in the life of this world. So in other words, he wants instant, he wants immediate gratification.

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He wants instant reward for whatever good that he's doing. Whether it is Salah, or it is joining relations, or it is giving sadaqa any good deed that a person does, but what is his objective? He wants to get the benefit in this worldly life.

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And was he at the end, he also wants the adornment of this life, Xena from the reflectors I knew and remember the different levels of Xena, it's off than upstander by then, and then it's external as well.

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So he wants the glamour. He wants the beauty, the grander of this worldly life. Meaning he wants fame, he wants praise for the good that he's doing. So he wants the results in this life. And he also wants to get praised for it. He also wants fame for the good that he's doing. He wants to be known for it.

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So if a person has this goal, then what is the last panel gonna do? know a fee? We give him info. What the reward the recompense that he deserves.

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noir fee we given full la him to them Urmila home their deeds that man is a Florida farmer. And what does it mean by we give them in full their deeds, meaning the recompense of their deeds,

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the recompense of their deeds,

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the reward for their deeds. We give it to them where fee

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In it, meaning in this world the life in hire to do near

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wolfy hair and they are in it meaning in the reward that they get into near labor assume they are not reduced at all. You will also know from the root letters baja c bus and what does it mean

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to reduce someone's right to lessen it to diminish it, do not give it in full. Remember earlier we learned that while at a VA hospital, NASA, Assia a home Do not reduce the people their things, meaning give them fully.

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whose story was that? Which profit

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because the people that would buy and sell,

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they were businessmen, merchants, but in doing that they would cheat one another a lot.

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Then when it came to paying the price, or giving what they had sold, they will not give it in full.

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So we're home fair labor soon they will not be reduced in their reward at all.

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But what does Allah say? That will Erica for such people and levina they are those who laze around Phil ferati, they do not have in the hereafter in the know except the fire. Why?

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Because they got their recommended Alinea. They never worked for the author. So in the author, they will have nothing but the fire. They will have no good deeds left to show because they got their reward in the dunya.

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And all the good that they did, it was wasted. What have you found Sanofi here? What about little Macedonia, Milan, and last is what they did there in and worthless is what they used to do.

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So what do we learn these ayat

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that a person who does good, who performs good deeds in order to get reward in the dunya

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in order to get fame, in order to get wealth, so through acts of righteousness, what is he striving for?

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worldly blessings. That's what he's striving for. His goal is not the author of

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that such a person, he will only get the benefit for the good that he's doing in this dunya. And he will not get any benefit in the hereafter.

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Because he never worked for the director, he never aimed for it.

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So the person whose ultimate goal becomes a junior, that it becomes the purpose of his life. He's always concerned about just his house maintenance and his business maintenance and itself maintenance. And he does not look beyond that he does not strive for the era, then he will get all the good where in this life and nothing in the hereafter.

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Even our best of the learner he said concerning this ayah that verily those people who show off because basically this is about those people who show off, show off what the good deeds that they do.

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Those people who show off they will be given the reward for their good deeds in this life.

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They will be given the reward for their good deeds were in this life, how that they will do something good and people will praise them, they will do something good, they will get a certificate, they will get money. That's what they were striving for. They weren't doing it for the sake of Allah that Allah I'm doing this your award me in the hereafter. They're doing it to get praise from people to get fame to be well known for the work that they're doing. So that they can make some money so that they can build a reputation, they can put another thing on their resume.

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So when a person does that, his reward is limited to the life of this world only.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:51

Why even Ambassador on who said this will be so that they are not wronged even the amount equivalent to the size of the speck on a date stone.

00:23:53 --> 00:23:55

This is that a lot is not wrong a person

00:23:56 --> 00:24:08

he did good he wanted the reward in the dunya Allah will give him reward in the dunya Allah will not be unjust by wasting the reward, he will give it in the dunya. However, in the Hereafter, such a person will get no reward.

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But either he said that whoever is concerned intention and goal is this worldly life and Allah will grant him for his good deeds in this life.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:27

But then when he reaches the next life, when he reaches the Hereafter, he will not have any good deeds,

00:24:28 --> 00:24:37

he will not have any good deeds that will be rewarded. However, concerning the believer, he will be rewarded for his good deeds in this dunya and also in the hereafter.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:43

So basically this ayah is about those who show off the good deeds that they perform.

00:24:44 --> 00:24:52

Because when a person is showing off, he wants to be praised. He wants to get the Zener he wants instant gratification.

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

The fact is that if a person is doing something for the sake of a loss of Prime Time for the author

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

Then whether people praise Him or they don't praise Him,

00:25:04 --> 00:25:17

whether people appreciate his efforts or they don't appreciate his efforts, whether he is facing a lot of challenges, or he is enjoying a very easy right, he will still continue his work.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:23

He will do it regardless. Why? Because his goal is the Astra. It's not the dounia

00:25:25 --> 00:25:37

it's not the praise of people that drives him. It's not the appreciation of people that motivates him. No, it's the reward in the alpha that keeps him going despite the challenges that he faces.

00:25:39 --> 00:25:44

So how do we know whether what we're doing is for the dunya? Or for the ohana?

00:25:45 --> 00:25:46

It's With what?

00:25:47 --> 00:25:48

our determination

00:25:49 --> 00:26:00

that how are we when people praise us? How are we when people criticize us? Do we think that's it? This is over? I can't do this anymore. Or do we say that? No. I have to do it regardless.

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A person whose focus is the donia he will get the reward in the dunya nothing in the hereafter. Allah ecola Dena laser landfill authority Elana for them they will have nothing except the fire in the hereafter known reward because all their good deeds have been finished. You took all of your good deeds were in the dunya you enjoyed them in Indonesia.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:28

This is why the Sahaba when the world was put before them, they would get worried.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:34

They would get worried that we're getting auto reward in the dunya we don't want it here. We want it in the US.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:40

Because if a person gets all their award in the dunya then he will have nothing to do

00:26:42 --> 00:26:50

with that he can Latina ladies alone, Phil acidotic Elena will have you from Arizona, and whatever they did, it's wasted. It's gone. It's finished.

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See her in it in what? In the dunya in the dunya it was all expired. What bathroom Academy or Milan and worthless is what they were doing.

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We will listen to the recitation of these items and we'll continue

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Walla in

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money has

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Elaine como

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enemy long wanna

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too big.

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Miss Lee moved to

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to saw the

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mystery g

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We can also understand these last two is that a person whose goal becomes the success of this journey, that is go, he just wants to be successful in this worldly life he wants to Xena of this world, he wants to have wealth, he wants to have a good house, he wants to have a lot of degrees, he wants to have a very beautiful spouse and lovely children. That's his ultimate goal. He does not think about the answer at all.

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So for such a person, he will get whatever he wants in dunya, because he's striving for it. And what is the promise of a lead that when a person is charged for something, then that way is made easy for him, he gets it.

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When a person puts in effort, whatever is written for him, he gets it. But because this person is not working for the author, His goal is not the answer. Therefore, what will he have to show for the ACA? Nothing? Therefore, where is he going to end up in the fire? engine? No, because he never worked for it.

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So we all have to see that what is the purpose in my life? What is my goal? What do I want to achieve?

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What are my goals? Are they all dunya oriented? Or are they oriented as well?

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Is it just the Zener of this dunya that I want to achieve the glamour of this world?

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That having a good house and a nice car, and a very handsome husband, successful husband with a good career and a stable income? That's all what my goal is? Or is it something beyond that? If my goal is limited adonia, then I can only do nothing.

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And do near as temporary as we learned earlier, that no matter what enjoyment a person has in this dunya it is short lived, it is temporary.

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Sooner or later it will be over.

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And when a person's goal becomes a denier, then when a blessing is taken away from him, he becomes your oops and he becomes confused. Because he thinks there is no purpose to live anymore. Why should I be alive?

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I wanted this house I wanted this woman I wanted this, you know degree and when he doesn't get it, he thinks his life is over. He becomes your rules and he becomes a food.

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And when he's given a blessing, he thinks he has become very successful. Attorney in no different than he cannot keep it within himself he has to boast.

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When does this happen when a person's goal becomes

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and when a person's goal is after that he does not look at dunia as a big thing anymore. He gives as much value as it deserves. Not more than that.

Hud 1-24 Word Analysis and Tafsir 11-16

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