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Al-Araf 9-187 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 171-174

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What is netta Connell jabber fo calm and mentioned when we raise the mountain above them above who above the Bani Israel when musala sam brought the book to Bani Israel, they had difficulty accepting it. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala raised the mountain above

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the takuna is wandering fetters noon, off and into, it means a zarza. One has well just one knocks it is to shake, to move something violently, and to pull it and shake it again in such a way that it becomes loose, it becomes loose.

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And when it becomes loose, if you just yank it out, even once it's going to come out very easily, isn't it?

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Like, for example, if there is a nail that is in the wall, and you want to pull it out? What are you going to do? Just pull with your two fingers, this is going to come out? No, what do you have to do, you have to loosen it how by shaking it by moving it. And when you continue to move it and eventually it's going to become loose and you put it out once and it's gonna come out very easily.

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Similarly, a weed or a plant that is in the ground, how do you pull it out by shaking it by moving it so that it becomes loose. Once it becomes loose, then it's easy to take it out. So this is what not means to shake something to move it to pull it so that it becomes loose. And then it is easy to lift it.

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So is nataniel Geobella, when we shook it when we made it loose, and not is also to lift something and suspend it as a canopy as a ceiling. So when we wrenched out, when we pulled out when we took out the jable, and we suspended it when we unearthed it from its roots, and we suspended it fall above them. I know as if it was Latin a canopy. Left is from the roof mattress was lamb lamb. And Lola is a canopy. And it's also used for a cloud. From the word sleep what is letting me leave shade shadow.

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So Lola, a canopy because it gives shade.

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So the mountain was unearthed, it was wrenched out of the ground, and it was suspended on top of them. And it was on top of them just like a cloud is. And you might wonder how is that possible? It is possible? Because who's doing this and also Planet Earth?

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You may wonder but the mountain is so heavy. How can it stay up there in the sky? But if you look around you there's so much snow? Isn't that heavy?

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It's extremely heavy. Where does it fall down from? From the sky? Where is it in the clouds? Where are they up in the sky isn't there gravity of course there is a loss of power that is making it happen. So he can also make a mountain be suspended in the air above them. So he put it above them. And the hula as if it was a canopy like a cloud was on new and the thought and know that indeed it meaning indeed the mountain was working on him, it was going to fall upon them because of a loss of Paradise threat to them, that it would fall upon them if they refuse to accept the rulings contained in the tower. So they were told who Duma Athena can take whatever we are giving you before then with

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full strength, with determination, take it seriously and earnestly what guru Murphy and remember everything that is in it. Now I look on the horn so that you can develop the core. Because if you don't hold on to the book with who and if you don't remember all that is in it, you will not develop the core.

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And if you don't develop the core, then how will you obtain guidance? And if you don't obtain guidance, how will you get it in? So the key to gender is holding on to the book with over

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if you notice, this has come so many times holding on to the book with Cova. You may wonder why is this being mentioned again and again. The fact is we need this reminder again and again. Because we lose this over when it comes to holding on to the Quran. When it comes to being determined with the Quran. We have a lot of determination, a lot of strength when we want to cook something that we like when we want to set up our house the way we like it. When we want to look for a particular pair of shoes or a pair of clothes that we really liked. We would have a lot of or we will go every day. We will spend hours we will walk a lot. We will not get tired. Even if we get tired. We will put two

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Extra Strength Tylenol in our mouth. But when it comes to holding on to the Quran, when it comes to memorizing the lesson, when it comes to revising for the test, when it comes to doing the assignment, sometimes we lose all the COVID that we have. There is no core. We don't have it. But what is the loss of parents are the same? That hold on to the book with schoolwork. And look what happened with the bunny Israel, the mountain was placed on top of them, take it or else you're done, or else you're finished. Take it with hula. And remember all that is in it. La La Quinta taco.

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So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we learned from this ayah, about the permissibility of using strictness and sometimes harsh measures to teach certain students. Because sometimes, some people, they don't listen. And for their goodness, what do you have to do, you have to be extremely strict with them. Just like last panel data was extremely strict with the bunny slave. Take it, learn it, do your lesson. Otherwise, they're going to be consequences. So if a teacher uses harsh measures, why to benefit the student, it is allowed. Okay, it is permissible. Just like if your child is not doing the homework, what do you say you're grounded, you're not going

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anywhere until you finish the homework. If a child does not pass his test, what do the parents do? There is some kind of consequence, isn't it? So you have to use some kind of harsh measures sometimes, otherwise, some people don't listen.

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Secondly, we also learn from this I bought the obligation of holding on to the Coca Cola. So we need to check ourselves. What is the strength of the translation that we're memorizing? What is a strength? Is it just on the passing Mark? says I make it to 18? I make it to 17. I make it to 20. Is that power?

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Is or could you tell me? No. That's not cool. What is cool, and a more than 95%. We know that 80% is passing marks for you. That's not cool. That's just getting by, for what is when you know it 100%.

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When you know it very well. Unless the penalty is commanding us who do take it with over just getting by is not acceptable. You have to do your best. And you have to keep trying. You have to keep trying. So we need to check the strength of our translation, the strength of the meanings of the Quran, the strength of the singulars and plurals, the strength of the root words the strength of everything related to the book, How strong is my grasp? How strong is what I have memorized? What I have understood? Because Allah subhanaw taala is commanding us, take it with

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them. Thirdly, we also learn from this idea about the obligation of remembering and learning all of the Quran. We skipped a lesson or two and I are to adjust or to What does Allah say? What guru Murphy all that is in it, that is necessary. Because if we leave out even one word, even one I even one Jews, that is not all of it. What Kuru Murphy all of the book, learn look on that account so that you can develop that.

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And this also shows to us about the importance of reading or understanding the whole pillar, because many times our focus is on only learning the 30 pages, only reciting surah trc. Only reciting sorts of Bukhara yes are very important. But at the same time the whole and must also be given importance because Allah says what call McAfee What does my fee mean? All that is in it. Take all of it. Don't choose parts of it.

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What is the header of bukem Ambani Adam, I'm including him and mentioned when your Lord took from the children of Adam from their loins laureato their descendants What is the meaning what is recall the time when such and such happened? When did this happen? Basically in this ayah there are a nest is mentioned What is it inshallah we will learn about it. But over here lost pounds it says If

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so, when did this happen?

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In our bus well, Darren who said that a loss Pennell Darla took the covenant of aleste at a narrow man. What is a narrow man? It's a valley that is outside of Makkah. When on the day of arafa What day was it

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out of how that he extracted from the line

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of Adam or his salon, every single soul that would be created every single soul that would be created, meaning every single human being, because it's the descendants of Adam Madison. So why is this human being is to live for a few moments, a few days, or many days or many years, every single soul to be created was brought out from the lines of better medicine. And he spread them before himself, Allah subhanaw taala spread on people, their souls were before himself, and he spoke to them face to face. And he said, Am I not your Lord? Unless to build up become

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LS to build up become Mr. Natural or and what was their response? Or rubella? They said, Yes, of course you are. And this is reported in Muslim government. But remember that this is a statement of who,

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even our best listener.

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But as a general rule, also remember this fact, that anytime a companion, as a hobby of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he talks about the matters of the unseen, or the matters of creation, or the matters of life, then it follows the same level as that of the Hadith of the Prophet sort of artisan.

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Because it cannot be imagined that they would say something like this, without any evidence. It cannot be imagined that the Sahaba would say anything like this without any evidence. So when it comes to a pizza, we give it the same importance, as that of the statement of the profits are allowed to settle. But when it comes to matters of fact, that it remains their opinion, and it does not take the status of it.

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So if you look at it, a loss of penalty took the covenant, when, on the day of autofit. And at what place, the Valley of Norman, which is outside of Makkah.

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So, a hoarder of buka, when your Lord took money, Adam, from the children of Adam,

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when he took out from the children of Adam, mental udim, from their loins,

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the words the word is a plural off.

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And the word father is actually used for the back for the spine.

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What is it, the back or the spine,

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and it gives a sense of lines in Arabic. So basically means avoiding him, meaning, he created the progeny of Adam or s&m generation after generation, and each generation being produced from the loins of their predecessors. So who was taken out of the ghetto, their offspring,

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meaning men, women, each generation was produced every single human being you and I, all of us what I showed him and he made them testify ashadha from the roof letters, she had the Shahada.

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What does Shahada mean? True to bear witness. So Allah subhanaw taala made the people bear witness Allah and force him upon themselves. He took Shahada from them about themselves upon themselves against themselves, so that they cannot offer any excuse on the day of judgment that we had no idea.

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What was the Shahada? That was apparent it made everybody take that LS to be have become a las panatela question all people, Am I not your Lord?

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Am I not your Lord? Oh, no, they said, meaning all of the bunny Adam, they replied, Bella, yes, of course, you are under a boon. So why was the Shahada taken against the people? Or how is it against the people under oluwo? lest you all say Yokoyama, on the day of judgment in the corner on HANA or feeling. We were unaware of this, that we had no idea. We had a Lord,

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that there was a loss of power without whom we were supposed to worship, whom we were required to worship, we had no idea.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, before sending people to the earth, what did you do? All of the souls were gathered in one place they were produced. And they were all made to testify that Allah subhanaw taala is their Lord. And this Shahada was taken, so that no one can say later, that I had no idea.

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If you notice the word I had to Shahada

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remember that Shahada is of two types. One is only what does that mean? That when a person bears witness through words, and the second is highly, that the state of a person bears witness.

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An example of coli is the person says, I am hungry. His words testify that he is hungry, isn't it? Shahada. Holly is for example, a person

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And looks extremely tired. He doesn't say he's hungry. But he looks extremely tired. He doesn't seem to have any energy His face is going bear. Now his stare testifies that he is hungry, isn't it? So,

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over here when Allah subhanaw taala took the coveted this Shahada is only remember that this is as Allah subhanaw taala has described it. Because there are some people who say no, no people don't actually say it's not possible. It is possible, because Allah subhanaw taala is a shadow minor unforeseen unless the bureau become what happened kalu look at the word called What does it mean people said it. So this is Shahada, there is only

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so what do we learn from the side that every person who comes into this dunya is born upon the fitrah what is

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the innate disposition, the innate nature, which is that people in their nature, with their nature, they want to worship Allah soprano died, this is within the nature of every single human being. Search for God. Search for one Supreme Being. This is in the nature of human beings.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala says in me Hello to everybody, whenever I have created my servants, hona fat meaning monotheists fudgier atoma shout out Lino, but the devils came to them. And then they deviated them from their religion, prohibiting what I allowed for them.

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So every person was created on what

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unfetter but later on, when they came and they deviated the people from another Hadees, we learned that every child is born upon the fifth one, that is only his parents who turned him into a Jew, a Christian or the restaurant, a fire worshiper.

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Just as animals are born having full bodies, do you see any of them having a cut off knows when they're born. So people would later cut up their noses, or their ears or something like that. But naturally, animals are born with their full bodies, just as people are born under federal, and federal necessitates the acknowledgement of a loss of identity. And the love of Allah is placed in the heart of every person, the acknowledgement of a loss of penalties existence of His Lordship is placed in the heart of every person.

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Then many times people deny this, that No, no, people are born with an empty slate, and they have nothing, especially people who are in sociology and psychology. Some say that there is a nature from before and they say no, there is no nature. And people as they grow older than they learn. And if you were to leave a child on his own, he would not know what to do, he would not know how to use the washroom he would not know how to eat what to eat. And they present cases such as a child was left in the forest with Wolves or other animals, and he grew up to be just like that alone. I'm sure the wolves developed such

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a love for them, but what do we learn that every child in his heart, he has this acknowledgment of the Lordship of Allah subhanaw taala that is what every person is born with. And later on this nature is wiped off or it is altered because of what the person is exposed to. And if you look at it, for example, look at the example of those countries where religion was completely banned. For example, look at turkey population, the Quran was not allowed, there was abandoned hijab, studying the Quran, reading the Quran, all of this was not permissible. But when that era was over, the people went back themselves.

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Similarly, in Russia, religion was not allowed at all complete ban. But as soon as that was over, people went back to their religion. Why? Because it is within the nature of people. So many stories of conference, you will hear that I was in search for fees I was in search for one true God, one supreme power. And that is how I found Islam. So this is when the nature of every person

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but no, over here, you see that a lot of parents it says under kolu, lest you say on the day of judgment that we were unaware of this, how many of you remember this covenant? How many of you remember this covenant?

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So then how come a loss of friends are they saying that you cannot present this as an excuse on the day of judgment that we did not know?

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Do you remember the day you were born? Do you

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know? Do you remember how your mother first told you how she treated you when you were young? Know how your father cared for you. Which people looked after you in your first few years, how they played with you know, you don't remember anything. But has that not affected you? It has affected you

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the way a child is treated in his first years initially

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Here's the way he is treated the way people play with him the way people deal with him, that is how he develops. If he is shown love, he will become loving. If he is ignored, he will become very rebellious. If his needs are not catered to, he grew up to be extremely unhappy. So there are some events, many events that happen in our lives, but we don't remember them at all. But they definitely affect us, they definitely affect us. And they are in our minds were in the subconscious, because of which they continue to affect us.

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And maintains what happens. You don't remember all of those events, but who tells you, your parents, sometimes they will show you a picture. You see, there was this child, this was our neighbor and used to play with her every day. You used to love playing with her, this toy you used to love and when you hear these stories, you believe in them. Why? Because your parents are telling them

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and they have affected you.

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So similarly, this is a memory that we have forgotten. But Allah soprano data sent messengers to remind us, he sent messengers to remind us and just as we trust our parents, similarly we trust the Messenger of Allah. And he is reminding us of this. Which is why when the messenger so the Lotus anymore, every messenger, when you remind you that people have this covenant, when you reminded them about what they were supposed to do. Many people they responded positively, because it made sense to them. They accepted it willingly. So it is in our subconscious, and it affects us. And the fact that it was apparent God has sent messengers. Why, in order to remind us about this, so that nobody can

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send a day of judgment that Oh Allah, I had no idea.

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otaku, or you might say, in Nima Ashoka about when I'm in Kabul, that it was only our forefathers who didn't shake before meeting before us, our forefathers, our parents, they used to do ship Hakuna, and we were the reta members. We were children after them. And children, they learned everything from their parents, whatever they did, we followed them in that effort to win a corner, then would you destroy us be my final move alone, because of what the falsifies used to do?

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alone is a torrent of movement, and he was looking a little better, meaning one who is a follower of falsehood.

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So if they don't followers off falsehood, why would you punish us for the wrong that the previous people did before us.

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So we see that no excuse will be accepted on the Day of Judgment. No excuse.

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People cannot present the excuse that I had no idea you created me. I had no idea that you sent me in this dunya for a purpose. I had no idea because my parents, they taught me the wrong ways. And I just followed them. So there is no fault of mine in this. No, no excuse will be accepted on the Day of Judgment. Because every person is born in fitrah. Every person has this alarm or has his voice in his heart search for God search for God. There is someone out there whom you must worship. There is someone behind all of the Sun and Moon and everything that's going on. And this is within the nature of every single person.

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Some people they suppress this voice, they completely kill it. And other people, they don't stop until they get the answers. They don't stop until they get the answers. And we see that even prophets are allowed a solemn before he became a prophet. There were some people in Makkah, who were called crona, fat. Who were they everybody was doing check. But there were these people, some individuals who did not do *.

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And they only used to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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When we learn about their stories, how they traveled or they went to many places, but they knew that check was wrong, and there is only one God and they must only worship Him. So if there were some people who in the midst of darkness, could respond to the call of their heart that there is one God, then what is it

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that other people should have done the same as well? They don't have any excuse. If there were some individuals who found the answers, then how come the rest of the people did not have the search for those answers? Of course it did. They just suppressed that call. They were indulged in their dunya because of which they didn't care about those answers.

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Welcome, glad you can have as little as and thus do We explain in detail the verses when are alohomora your own and perhaps they will return

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These verses, they're made clear to us so that we can reflect on them and we can take lead into that we can return from disobedience, do obedience. So Allah subhanaw taala took a covenant from all of us, and he sent us to this dunya so that we would worship him. But there are some people who become lost. They work on the path of shaitaan. So Allah subhanaw taala explains these ayat clearly so that people can return

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a loss of panels or that has spread clear signs because it's a lie and I had this I had Sheree as well as County, their county I had all around us, so that people can return to their Creator. They can return to their master.

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We listen to the recitation of desire

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Miss Lu, Lu,

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V me

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kita Bo, bombs

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coo coo

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forcing us to do all

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