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Al-Anam 151-165 Translation 151-165

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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nahezu Anissa Leanna surah Hill Karim amavasya

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Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim are bestow the surgery you will see certainly every rock data mill listening who call the openers in Lesson number 87 so total anom is number 151 to 165

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say hello you all come at Lou I will recite ma what have Rama he made unlawful for poco Europe r la come upon you and let that not to shikou you all do shake you all associate partners be with him shake anything

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what and Ville Allegheny with the two parents? If Cerner do utmost good while there and do not talk to Lou you all kill Allah the comb your children, men from him laughing poverty or fear of poverty

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national we know Zuko can we provide sustenance to you what your home and also for them wanna and do not the color blue you will approach you all go near and forward the indecent acts man what were her it was apparent mainhand from it warmer and what Botswana it was hidden one and do not the Cthulhu you will kill an upset the soul and Lottie which are who have armor he made unlawful Allahu Allah Illa except will help with the right will help with the right Valley comb that are y'all was

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he enjoined you all believe with it?

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LA LA County so that you are alone, you all understand?

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Wonder and do not dakara boo you all go near you all approach manner well, and your team of the orphan Illa except bility with which here it is best had that until your beloved he reaches a should the who his strength, his maturity. Wonderful and you all fulfill al Qaeda, the measure one reason and the balance will persist with the justice. Let's not look at the food we burden nevsun any soul in that except was a her its ability, its capacity.

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What either and when Don't you want spoke for the loo then you will do justice? Well, no, even if Ghana he was the possessor torba of close relation.

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What and Brd with covenant Allah He of Allah Ofu you all fulfill them recall that oh you are was cool. He has enjoined you busy with it. Learn Lacan so that you that karoon you all take heed

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and that indeed Heather this sloppy my way. My path was Mr. keema one straight factor be rude. So you all follow it

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once and do not that that'd be rude. You won't follow a similar path for the federal court. So it will divide become with you on and from Sebelius his way, very calm that are you all was so cool. He has commanded you he has enjoined you be with it LA LA County so that you that you are here. So then at Dana, we gave Musa Musa alayhis salam Al Kitab the book The moment to complete either upon and lady who are Santa's he did utmost good work and the sealer and explanation a detailing.

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Luckily for every shaving thing, what and who then a guidance What are modern and immersive that are in the home so that they be recording with meeting or being up there up? You know, they believe or wherever and this keytab on a book. And then now who we have revealed it was about a con one lesson. But who who so you all follow it. What the coup and you are fear. Learn the comb so that you don't have moon you are shown

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and that the Hulu you all say in the AMA indeed not but on Zilla it was revealed Akita with the book Allah upon if attain two groups men from avelina before us were in and indeed corner we were on from the last team they're studying levar faline surely one's unaware

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Oh or Taku you won't say low if a net indeed we wound Zilla it was revealed arlena upon us and keekaboo the book lacuna, surely we were more guided mean home from them

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for heart so in fact Jericho it came to you by in a tone a clear proof a clear statement. But you know, a clear proof or a clear statement

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means from or become your well hidden and a guidance or Hamadan and a mercy

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for men so who is more unjust women than who get the VA eagleeye Be it with versus ally of Allah was so different and he turned away I'm have from it. synergy z soon we will recommend and Medina those who yesterday funa de turn away I'm from Iowa Tina, our vs sua evil are there of the punishment be mad because of what can I do they were yesterday food they turn away

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How are young Luna they wait Illa except and that that they are when it comes to them and melodica to the angels Oh or yet he comes rabuka Europe or yet Here it comes. parable some verses or signs for a beaker of Europe. Yama on the Yeti it will come Babu sung it signs but beaker of Europe lead not young Pharaoh it benefits Nelson any sole Emmanuel her its belief landed not the con It was a minor it believed main from kabu before or cassava it earned fee in Romania its belief hierarchy Hira could

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say interview you all wait in there indeed we won't have a loan once a week

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in Indeed Allah Vina those who for Roku they divided the in a home their religion or can oh and they were Xiang factions groups less than you are not mean home from them fee in che in anything in Nevada indeed not but Umbra home their affair either to Allahu Allah. Summer then you know be a warm he will inform them Bhima with what can they work if they do.

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Man whoever he gave bill has done it with the good fella who then for him or shrew, Jen, I'm sorry, her it's like

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woman and whoever. You came to see it with the evil fella they're not you deserve he will be recompensed in there except missler her like of it. We're home and they lead not us on the moon they will be wrong.

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See in the knee indeed. I had Ernie he guided me.

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Robbie, Myra, enough to sit up that was the team one street

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Benin a religion gearman one stable one rate. Min letter. creed way, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Alayhi. Salaam hanifin unswerving warmer and not Ghana. He was mean from a witch licking those who associate partners with Allah.

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Say in indeed, sanity, my prayer. When Uzuki and my sacrifice or my worship, well and Maria, my living with my mighty and my dying, they let him for Allah or be an island mean of the world's

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lead not cherica any partner, the who for him. What and be delicate with that, who made to I was commanded, will enter and I will do first and muslimeen of those who submit

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all see, shall

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other than Allah Allah I believe I seek Robin around what was

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While he wrote a book club colleague of every shade in thing, why not and not taxable he earns could lose every Epson soul in there except or later upon it against it whether and nor does he do it will bear was zero to any bear of burden wisdom burden or flaw of another summon than Illa to become Europe Madeira Kong your return failure in a vehicle then he will inform you Bhima with what control you were feeling in it destiny for you all different

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Well hello and he and maybe is the one who journal comm He made you 100 if successes

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of the earth whatever and he raised by overcome some of you photo above bourbon some others that are jetting in ranks in degrees.

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Leah Blue accom so that he does to fee in man What can we give you in indeed? Rebecca Europe, sir your most swift and the thought of the retribution? We're in the hood and indeed he lover Fudan surely most forgiving and vehement. Always All Merciful.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these Ayah

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National Zoo

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most awesome.

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Learn una Illa

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de la terre.

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lady accent a lot of

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a lot of

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movie a

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movie man

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B C and D

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