Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L082D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the dangerous association between Islam and the false gods and the dangerous people driving out fear and becoming fearless. They stress the importance of peace and security in bringing people out of fear and becoming fearless, and warn against allowing fear to dominate one's actions and beliefs. They also discuss the negative impact of people bringing up issues like sex, drugs, and drugs on people's health and the importance of showing evidence before a court. The legal argument against Abraham Lincoln is also discussed, along with legal scenarios and the importance of showing evidence to prove the legitimacy of actions.
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Well, hello Joe como who and his people argued with him on he said to her dooney, do you argue with me?

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Why were they arguing with him? concerning his Deen concerning his belief? That because he said, I don't worship these gods and instead I worship the one who created the heavens and the earth, He is my Lord. So when he declared his belief, obviously, the people turned against him. And they didn't just say, okay, it's your choice, but rather, they argued with him, they disputed with him concerning his religion concerning his Arpita. And they also threatened him that if you abandon the religion of your family of your forefathers, and what's going to happen, these gods of ours are going to harm you. They're going to inflict some harm upon you.

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So how Joko they disputed with him and the word had is on the routers hygiene gene, the word herder is used for argument and Mohajer is to debate with one another. Because in a debate what's happening, both the parties are trying to overcome each other and both the parties are showing their point or their refuting one another. So we're headed to Hong Kong who his people are used with him or that he said to her junie are you arguing with me? If you notice the shutdown the noon This doesn't mean definitely. Okay. They're actually to noon, the first noon is up to hide Juna and the second noon is off me.

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So to hide junie is actually to hide June nanny nanny has been changed into to hide junie.

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So are you arguing with me filet concerning a lot meaning concerning the oneness of Allah? What are they had anyone he has guided me? Meaning Why are you disputing with me? When Allah has guided me to himself, when I have proven to you that he's the only one who deserves worship, when he's the only one who deserves worship? And Allah gave me this hidayah? Then why are you with me? Why now have they threatened him, that if you abandon this worship of our gods, they're going to harm you. He said, what a half. I don't fear Masatoshi gonna be that which you associate with him. Meaning all these gods and goddesses whom you associate with Allah, thinking that they can harm you, or they can

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bring you benefit, I don't fear them, because they cannot harm me. In that anger shall be accepted, my Lord will. Meaning if Allah wishes to inflict some harm upon me, then that is possible, and therefore I fear Allah.

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But these beings, they cannot harm me, so I don't fear them at all. Once you're out of shape, my lord has encompassed everything, meaning, the arraignment in knowledge. So in knowledge, my lord encompasses everything. So if anything, does affect me, if I do suffer from something that Allah knows about it, it has come with His permission, not because of these idols, or these false gods.

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Don't you take a lesson? Don't you understand?

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So we see over here, that the people they were arguing with him, they were trying to threaten him, they were trying to scare him. And they were trying to make him abandon the heat and return to ship.

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So he's telling them, why should I? When I am worshipping Allah alone, who deserves worship? And why should I fear your threats when you and your Gods cannot harm me unless and until Allah wills?

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And if he does intensive harm for me, it says, will and he knows he encompasses everything in knowledge? He knows if I deserve that effort, I don't you take a lesson that is only a law who can benefit and who can harm

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not these gods of yours. It's only Allah who causes benefit and harm.

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What can a harmful and how should I feel? Meaning Why should I fear? Why should I feel scared? Or what? Morocco? Have that whom you associate with Allah? Meaning Why should I fear these false gods and goddesses?

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Whereas what are the whole funa when you don't fear and nakoma Shahrukh Khan Villa that you are associating with Allah, whereas he can harm you. And he is one who can bring benefit to you. Why should I fear something that cannot cause me any harm, and you look at yourself, you're not fearing the one who is over harming you and giving you benefit. When you are associating partners with Allah and you are doing shit with him. Madam Yunus will be here on a console foreigner for which he has not given you any authority. So fun is our

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authority evidence. So he's not giving you any authority to associate partners with him, you have no evidence to show that Allah has partners with him

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for a universal claim, So which of the two groups but you find is a duel off for you?

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What are the two groups referring to?

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The group of Ibrahim is set on one man on the head, and the group of the rest of the people that wish taking on ship.

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So of these two groups, the one who is under heat, the one who was worshipping Allah, subhanaw, taala only, and the other group of who have those who shake those who are not giving the hug of Allah, Ibrahima Salah, who does not fear the false gods, but who does he fear?

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Allah, the machine on the other hand, they don't fear Allah. And instead, were they fearing

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the false gods. They don't fear the one who can punish them, but they fear the one who cannot harm them in any way whatsoever.

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So of these two groups, which group is a hukou is more deserving Bill omny of peace of security in quantum television if you know, security against what, against a loss wrap against a less punishment.

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Just imagine there's a person, he just has this imaginary concept, and he's very fearful, very concerned of things that don't even exist, things that don't have any reality to them. Is he going to be at peace? Is he? No, because he's going to be scared and worried all the time of something that is unreal of something that is untrue. And on the other hand, someone who is worried about real dangers, is he going to be successful? Yes, because when he is worried about real dangers, then he is going to take the correct steps. So which of the two groups is more rightful of peace? If you know better, obviously, who is rightful the one on the heap?

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So what do we learn from these two is that first of all, we learned that when a person leaves something for the sake of Allah, when a person leaves something for the sake of Allah, and what happens?

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Other people, they don't even,

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they don't leave him. They come after him. They threatened him, they scare him, they make him worried. They argue with him, they warn you about harmful consequences, or that he could suffer from some loss. But when a person has a man, then he does not fear anything. Can you think of some examples? When you leave something for the sake of Allah, other people don't leave you. They come and they scare you.

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For example, if a person had a house on a river, and he gets rid of it, and instead now he's renting, what do people say you're wasting your money? What are you going to have in 20 years? Nothing. Whereas if you had bought a house and mortgage at least in 20 years, you would own something. This is what threat. So for example, people say, well, you're going to spend two years during the deal. By that time, we'll be done half of our university half of our bachelor's degree and you'll still be here.

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Thanks, for example, you wearing the hijab, then no one's gonna like you.

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For example, the person has a job that was not appropriate for them where it was earning that was not permissible if they leave it. And other people, they scare them that what are you going to do? How are you going to feed yourself? Are you going to walk the streets? No. People really scare you. We will try to threaten you that what's going to happen.

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And sometimes people come with a lot of sincerity and relishing really, what a lot of sincerity. You know what, I'm really concerned for you, you should not spend so much time learning to do something else as well.

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Right now, you know you're not married. Right now you don't have children, focus on your university. Everything else will come later. But what about the youth who worships Allah, when he was young, he will be under the shade of Allah, not a person who spent his youth studying something else. People can do University even when they're older. But this time, this prime age that you have right now in which you don't have responsibilities you don't have many of you who are sitting over here who have children, when you can learn the deen the way many other people wish to learn.

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And other people will come to you with a lot of sincerity. So don't spend more than a year don't spend more than a year and a half. And people will scare you. They will threaten you. They will speak to you with a lot of sincerity. And same thing happened with Ibrahim medicina.

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And sometimes it's literally an argument sometimes over email. Sometimes they will say you can learn the deen as well but do it online. Why didn't you go to school during the day? Well, why didn't you do school online?

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For example, if it's banned and what are you going to do it

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Going to keep it or going to take it off or the niqab? Who's going to look at your face, then what if, you know nobody likes you? What if you don't get married? You know, people bring these concerns to you, and sometimes out of a lot of well mission. So what I hear and I said, Well, how'd you come? And this is something that happened with all of the profits and all of the righteous people, that people came to them, threatening them.

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And sometimes, you know, people come to you telling you stories that I know of that girl, she was to wear hijab, and she never got married. She became so old. She spent her three years at Alberta and that was it. Maria, Maria Salah, she gave her youth to worship Allah soprano, Darla, and Allah give her a son. And she's remember till today, we'll set the beginning at europea surah of the Quran named after her.

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Sometimes a person who intends to become a Muslim, other people also threaten them that we're going to do what about your family. So this is something that happens, other people will come and discourage you.

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And sometimes they're not doing it out of spite. They're really doing it out of sincerity. And this is something that is common. We learn about who there is, and I'm as well, that when he appreciates people in solitude, we learned that they said to him,

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no evidence of you brought us and we shall not leave our gods for your mere saying, and we are not believers in you. All that we say is that some of our gods have seized you with evil.

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Some of our gods have seized you with evil, they have affected you with evil. Why? Because you don't respect them anymore.

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So people threaten you, that if you leave something for the sake of Allah, you're going to suffer some harm. But what should we remember that if we do suffer some harm it comes from, from a loss of penalty, this is what Allah will for me, in that inshallah? Yes, it's possible you leave your job for the sake of Allah, and you don't find another one. Or you don't find another one for a long time. Or you don't find another one that pays you that well. Or that? Yes, at the end of 20 years, 25 years, you don't own a house? Yes, it's possible. But I You shall Allah, and Allah knows everything. He knows what's good for me, he knows what's bad for me.

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So it takes us to the next lesson that no harm can reach a person except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And if a person does suffer from something because of following the commands of Allah, because of leaving something for the sake of Allah, then he must realize that it has come his way by the permission of Allah, and this life is a test. This life is a test.

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It's very clear, when you study the Quran for two years, you go back to school, your friends are your seniors. They're working and you're still in school. They're making money, and you still don't have a penny. It's possible.

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So it is difficult. But what should a person realize this life is a test anyway, if it wasn't this test, it would be some other test. I'm never free from a test. So this is the test that Allah sent for me in my way right now.

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We also learn from these is that though he makes a person confident, it makes a person fearless.

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That when he's focused on Allah subhanaw taala. He's so confident, no one can harm me, no one can benefit me. If something does come my way, it's from Allah.

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When a person is focused on a lot when we're just to really let the phosphorus on our table, when that happens, when a person becomes very confident, he does not become scared of jinn and people and harmful consequences, because he knows if something is going to harm me, it's only going to harm me by the permission of Allah.

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We also learn from this is that a person who does not believe in Allah, a person who does shake or a person who does not give the hack of Allah, he is at risk. Because Ibrahim alayhis salam said that you don't fear a lot while you were associating partners with him. You are not giving the hook of Allah, you should be scared you should be worried. So a person who does not give the Hakama he should be worried he's at risk

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and letting me know Allah subhanaw taala gives a response to what to the question that Ibrahim elicit and pause that for a very tiny help put me in control.

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Who is more worthy of being at peace being secure in this dunya and in the afra? If you know, the last panel, Tara says who is worthy of fees alladhina amanu those people who believe while Ameobi so imagine a homeless woman

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and they have not mixed their amen with injustice. Yell be sued for newsletters lambaste in What does love listen

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to mix. Remember, it does not mean to close.

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That is live bass. This is to mix clothing something means hiding it. And lovers LBC is to mix.

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Okay, there's a difference between hiding and mixing.

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So let me I'll be so mad at home. They did not mix their Eman with injustice. What does one literally mean?

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Next, to fall short to reduce in giving the help of someone

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so they don't mix their Eman with injustice. What does this injustice refer to injustice against a law, which is check

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whether it isn't Earth either in belief or it isn't Riba in worship?

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Allah ecola, homall Aminu such people they will have, no matter what difficulty they're going through, even in the dunya. They are at peace, their content, this is what my Rob wanted. This is what my Lord will for me. They have, um, they're at peace, what they do and their altar rightly guided, they are shown the way they're given the tofield. Who a person who becomes firm under hate. So what do we learn from this is

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that a person who doesn't, he does not have

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a person who does world injustice, he does not have an were

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in dystonia, or in the ACA, even the smallest of things, they break him.

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They make him upset, they make him worried. They make him concerned, but a person who believes very firmly into hate, who does not do well, then he is at peace. And even if you look at it in the other way, but all those little over here, first two, in particular lunarlon would just shift. But even in the other way, when a person has been unfair towards others, can he be at peace in his heart?

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He's always scared. He's always worried. What is that person saying? What is that person doing? What is he thinking? Are you okay? He's always concerned about this. Why? Because there is a guilt inside. He has done little when somebody or the other. That's why there's this guilt inside him.

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On the other hand, a person whose heart is clean, who has not done lumen other people, he's given the half that other people deserve to his maximum ability, and he's at peace he's addressed.

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Secondly, we also learn from this is that a person who does well, he does not even get his

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he does not get hidayah. Even if he does get the dire in media, he doesn't get hidayah Amelie, Allah does not give him tofield.

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There's a hadith that is recorded in a body that Abdullah said that when the IOM you'll be so imagine when they told me this, I was revealed the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they became very worried. And they said, Who among us has not committed?

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Me each person does some kind of, isn't it? Either it is sort of against ourselves or against our family members or against our children, against so many people, we do one. So we have mixed loan with a man in some way or the other. So the profits are a lot of sudden told them that over here, loan does not refer to any kind of loan, but rather it refers to shitcan particular,

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we learned that he said, it's not what you understood from it. Did you not hear what the righteous servant said? Meaning Look, man, what he said that he had when he had led to Shrek we live in a shaker level.

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So this also shows to us that it's very important to look at the son of the Prophet sort of understood him to understand the Quran properly.

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What do you call her Jelena and that was our argument. What? What does it refer to?

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Finca refers to the fool of the star, the moon and the sun, the disappearing of the star, the moon and the sun, that he used that as an argument against his people. Or it may also refer to the statement of Ibrahim Ursula K for a moment I shocked him while at the half moon and nakoma Shaka Milla de la consultado, for your for your training.

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So this statement was our project, meaning our argument that we gave to Abraham, I think we gave it to who Ibrahim are now calling me against his people. So Allah subhanaw taala inspired this project in Ibrahim, and he said, and he used it to defend himself against his people. He used it to prove the heat to his people. And this was a special favor of a lot liberal humanism.

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Because sometimes, you know, you're talking to someone, you're explaining something to them, and nothing comes to your mind. You don't know what to say you don't have how to defend your religion. You don't know how to explain something to them.

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And sometimes the ayat of the Quran, they're just popping in your head and you can say one thing after the other

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happens right? In some situations, you know the answers. You're getting so many ideas you're getting so many thoughts. In other situations you're completely blank.

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So over here, Ibrahim Hassan, he had the herder. Allah says we gave it to him.

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No further knowledge and we elevate the ranks of who Manisha whoever we will. How, through through hekla.

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That inner illman hikma we where's the de la jet of some over the others?

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That in this situation Ibrahim Elisa was given in. He was given Hicklin. He was given a reasoning I heard you and with that his daughter was elevated.

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So now Pharaoh della Jatin, Manisha, we elevate the ranks of whomsoever we will interrupt Becca, Hakeem and, Arlene, indeed, your Lord is wise. And he's also knowing

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he is wise in his creation, in his dispensation in what he does, and he is our name of everything.

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So what do we learn from this?

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What do we learn from this is

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that if a person is able to present some evidence before another, or he's able to prove something to the other, he's able to justify something to the other defendant. So then who does the credit go to?

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Us? I don't think I'm so smart. everything like that. I didn't know I was that smart. I didn't know I I remembered so much of the Quran. Yes, thank you last panel that came to your mind and that's exactly what we should remember that Allah subhanaw God is one who gives selfies.

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And we also realize that a person who has a person who is able to use them at the right time, apply the knowledge at the right time. That is a special favor of Allah. With that, his degree his rank is elevated in the sight of Allah nefazodone Raja, Manisha whoever we will. And this is not just with regards to Edmund Hickman, but this is general that Allah raises the ranks of whatever he wills for whoever.

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And the following is the award that was given to Ibrahim Hassan has mentioned

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that how almost penalty recompensed him that he had to leave his family now. He said anybody on remarquer Chico, I am very, I have nothing to do with you.

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And when you leave something for the sake of Allah, what happens? You suffer some loss. But look at how Allah subhanaw taala recompensed.

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Look at how Allah subhanaw taala made up for that loss. He had to give up his family. Allah Subhana Allah gave him children,

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not just a son, but sons. And not just sons but who were actually prophets and noticed that they were prophets. He even got to see his grandson being a prophet.

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This is how Allah subhanaw taala makes up for the loss that you may suffer in the wave of loss.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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To me,

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