Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 013 Belief Hadith 25 28

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history and use of the title "the holy eye" in Islam is discussed, along with the importance of praying out of Laziness and not being praying out of egolessness. proper documentation and hedge mob rules are necessary for achieving Islam, with praise and rewarders being necessary. The speakers stress the need for acceptance and avoiding labels, citing examples like the use of "we" in the language, and emphasize the importance of avoiding labels and not criticizing oneself. cultural and political terminology, including "has" and " aside from," is also discussed, with cultural and political terminology being "has."
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How are y'all doing

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Sweetie with Kareem. I'm about to lay him in a shade line over Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim published roughly a Saturday we're certainly under the watchful eye of Dr. Melissa melissani okoli probenecid nerima Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad

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Bab for intego acom salata, what was the CATA for Hulu sebelah home chapter. For interval This is a verse from the Quran which isn't suited to Toba is number five. Imam Bukhari mentioned a part of the ayah as the chapter heading the chapter title. We learnt earlier that sometimes a man Bukhari used a part of the Hadees as the chapter heading and sometimes he leaves it blank. And other times we see that what is he using part of an idea of the Quran part of a verse, and this verse is in Surah, Toba and the meaning of this verse for in taboo, so if they repent, what a common salata and they establish the prayer will add to the kata and they give us a care for Hulu sebelah home, then leave

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their way. Who is this I'm talking about? Do you remember the context of sort of the Toba? The beginning verses of Surah totoaba, the declaration of association of Bara that the machine had only four months in which they were allowed freedom, and after which what would happen if they had accepted Islam, then they would be able to stay there. But if they had not accepted, then the command was that they had to be killed, isn't it? So we have learned about that. And we learned about the reasons as well. There's no need to go over the reasons. Again, so you're familiar with the background. So anyway, what do we see over here that if they repented, meaning if the machine

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repented, repented from what their disbelief and became believers and established the salah as well as they gave the Zakat, then what does Allah say, leave their way, meaning let them be Don't, don't fight them. Don't kill them. don't restrict them, rather accept them as believers. So this ayah What is this? It is Joomla shuffle. Yeah, there's a shelf over here for in taboo, it's a condition which means that once the condition is fulfilled, once the condition is met, which is that we will account for that data, then it is widely been the believers that what should they do they should let these people free? Why because they have become believers. What this does is show to us that Eman is what

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declaration of faith as well as performing certain actions. It is not sufficient that a person just says the kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah. He also has to show his Eman And how will he show that through his Salat and

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when these conditions are met, then that means a person is a believer his Islam is acceptable. And when these conditions are not met, then his Islam is not acceptable. So Eman includes certain Armand it demands it requires certain actions, those actions they mean presence of Islam and the absence of those actions. What does that mean absence of Islam, that Islam is not acceptable. Simone Buhari is proving that over here by this ayah and also a hadith to further clarify this. And what's the Hadees had done Abdullah Abdullah Mohammed in a Muslim ad you either had an abortion hayneedle Hello me You've Nirmala on a head doesn't assure but to unwrap the dibny Mohammedan on a scimitar to be

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honest Amir to be I heard from my father. You had this oh he was narrating From who? I named Nero Mata from Eben aroma Roby Allahu anhu What did he know it that unknown Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said omit to I was commanded from I was instructed to do what and party Allah that I should fight to katella this is from PETA and remember qatal is different from battle battle is to kill but Patel is to fight. So I have been instructed that I have to fight who are NASA the people I have to fight the people have until Yes How do they bear witness? And let ILA in the law that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah what a no

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Mohammed Allah so Allah, Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Messenger of Allah, where you female Sonata and they establish the salah, where you do the data and they give this occur for either for loop Erica, so when they do that, when they do that what declaration of faith, performance of prayer and giving us a cat when they do all of this

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Also many they have saved from me awesome, I installed me. Lastly milliohm, I'll save one who saves. So also mood they have saved money from me demand a home their blood, what Amala home and their properties. So when they do this, their lives and their properties are saved for me, in law except behalf to Islam with the right of Islam, meaning while except if when they become Muslim, if they do something wrong, which requires some punishment, which means their life is going to get affected or their wealth is going to get affected, then that is something different. You understand what it means by elaborate Islam, that when a person is a Muslim is life and property is safe, unless if he

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commits a crime,

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which requires that his life and property are affected, for example, if a person kills another, then there's capital punishment for that isn't it? Similarly, if a person steals, then what's the punishment is and has to be cut off. And whatever he stole has to be given back, isn't it? So there are certain punishments which affect a person's life, as well as his property. So in law, vehicle, Islam, what he said boom and their account, who will call them to account Allah Allah upon Allah, meaning on the apparent we will accept them as believers, when they do these things, and the matter of their heart, who knows about that? Allah soprano, because a person might say also enjoys becoming

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a Muslim just to protect himself. But still, we are to accept them on their apparent we are not to judge their hearts. Remember, one of the battles and one of the skirmishes that happened between the Muslims and non Muslims? One person, he said that he was a Muslim and the Sahaba he killed him saying, and He later said that he just said it to protect himself. What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Did you look into his heart? Did you see what was in his heart? You don't know what is in the heart, you're supposed to accept people on the surface. Now, what do we learn this Hadith, what we learn from this Hadees and this ayah that is mentioned over here is the purpose why this is

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being mentioned is that Islam Eman require certain actions, certain actions, they are an evidence of a person's Islam, they are an evidence that a person is a Muslim, that he has accepted Islam. And those actions are what are mentioned over here. When a person fulfills them, when a person does them, then he saved in the IRA, what do we learn for her loser below him? In the Hadith? What do we learn are so many that a person is safe. And in the Hadith, specifically, what is mentioned is that omega two and aquatera I have been commanded that I should fight. What is meant by fighting here is that such people will be considered unbelievers, who will be considered unbelievers. Those who don't

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declare the Shahada, who don't pray, who don't give this attack, because Who are you to fight Muslims know? Who are you to find those who don't believe, isn't it so, and what is meant by this is that such people will be considered as unbelievers, and when the need arises, then they will be fought against when the need arises, then they will be fought against. And remember, many people, they misquote this Hadith, they misunderstand this Hadees saying that, oh, look at this Islamic teachers that kill all people, unless they accept Islam. But this hadith should be understood properly. This Hadith is not general we cannot understand it in a general sense. What this hardees

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means is that such people will be considered unbelievers, who is considered an unbeliever, the one who doesn't, who doesn't give us a God, who is considered a believer, the one who does these actions. Previously, we learned that Islam is based on five pillars. And in order to be a Muslim, a person has to perform those five pillars in order to maintain his Islam, this hadith and this verse show to us that after five pillars, the most important ones are which ones, Shahada, Salah, and zakat. These are of utmost importance, if a person abandons them, if a person says that no, they're not necessary, I don't need to do them. This is not a part of Islam, then Islam acceptable. It's not

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acceptable. If a person abandons and rejects them, then Islam is not acceptable. And if a person performs them, only then his Islamic is acceptable. Now, this does not mean that if a person is not praying out of laziness, or out of egolessness you say they're cafard no person is only a careful when he says the God is not a part of Islam. Salah is not mandatory, you don't have to pray you don't have to give Zakat that is okay. But if a person says yeah, I know Salah I should be praying but

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I don't, I know I should be praying but I don't that person is not committing coffee. So just because a person is not praying don't go and saying seek Africa, Africa, Africa. No. If a person says Salah is not in Islam, so that is not necessary. That is COVID. Which is why we said that Abu Bakar of the Lauryn Hill, who did the fight against those people who refuse to give the car, that it's not necessary, we don't have to give it. We're still Muslim, we don't have to give it. So this is why he fought against them. Now, we have to further understand this that will move to another party law, I have been commanded that I have to fight the people until they declare the oneness of

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Allah. Now, this Hadees it does not mean that the Prophet sallallaahu salam was commanded to fight the people endlessly. Okay, that he had to continue fighting the people. Because if this was the case, then he would have done that. But what do we see in his life? Did he fight from day one till the last day? No, this was not his way. When did he fight whenever there was a need, whenever there was a need, only then he fought, because we see that there were times during the profits or loss of life, when there were wars, there were other times when peace treaties were in effect. There were other times when Muslims and non Muslims lived together in Makkah, there was no scene of fighting in

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Medina Muslims and the Jews lived as well, again, no fighting over there, unless there was a need when they were killed, or they were exiled. So we see that during the Prophet sallallahu, salaams life, there were many times when battles were fought. And there were other times when battles were not fought. And whenever a battle was fought, it was always for a reason. There were times when even jizya was taken, what is jizya you have learned about instead of tobacco

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tax, right? So this Hadees what it's telling us is that those people who don't believe who don't do these actions, they are in reality, not Muslim. They are in a way your adversary until they accept Islam, or they submit until they accept Islam or they submit and this we should not generalize because we see that in the Quran, we learn a lot of parents Allah tells us in sort of to him that lay under common law and Allah Dena la Makati, Lucan, Sumitomo Jazeera 15. Well, I'm Yuri Jochem, in the ericom, antiva, Roma tuxedo, a name that Allah does not forbid you from being good to and being just with who, those people who do not fight you, who do not harm you. So this is not general that

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every disbeliever has to be fought against every disbeliever has to be killed. No, we don't generalize that. Similarly, we see that the prophets are allowed Islam was old enough. So NACA will have the Bashir on when are the era does the Bashir come with a sword? No, the prophets are allowed isn't it was not sent to kill people. seminary we learned when I officer NACA Illa Rahmatullah elemi, we have not sent to except as a mercy for the worlds. So he was sent as a mercy not to kill people. So we must understand this Hadees in the proper way, that we see that the is mentioned, which was specific to a particular context, after the conquest of Makkah, when the Buddha was

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declared specific context, and then the Hadees is mentioned. Because we see that some people they have gone to one extreme based on this Hadees that they say, Islam spread on, you know, on the force of the sword. Do you just terrorism? Do you just getting people getting non Muslim? So this is why we cannot tolerate Islam. We cannot tolerate Muslims. Other people have gone to another extreme those who are apologetics and what did they say? Or how are these? We don't believe in that. Can you ever imagine? The prophet who was sent as a mercy would ever say these words, people say such things, the prophet who was sent as a mercy for the world's you cannot imagine that he would say

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such harsh words. So we see people going to extremes, but if you put everything in perspective, if you put everything in the right context, then there should be no misunderstanding, everything is clear. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was commanded to fight people when the need arises. And also remember that sometimes certain bodies are only to be understood in relation to certain verses, just as certain verses of the Quran are only to be understood in relation to certain ahaadeeth

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meaning both of them are to be understood together, you cannot take the Hadees itself and understand it on its own and then generalize the meaning. No, it's limited to a specific meaning, just as a verse could be limited to a specific meaning. For example, in the Quran, we learned Yeah, are you a Latina, Elijah Minato mahadji Ratan from the honeymoon? Is this applicable to every woman? No. This is relevant to a particular incident.

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That happened in the lifetime of the profits that were after the Treaty of her Libya, when women were coming

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as immigrants, then what were you supposed to do? Keep them or return them. This was specific to the events that happened after the sun who they via. So you cannot understand this ayah in a general sense, you have to understand it in that specific context. Similarly, this Hadees also cannot be interested in a general sense of profits or losses, and I've said he was committed to fight. So, we're supposed to fight non believers until all of them become Muslim. No, this is not the meaning of the Hadees. You have to understand in a specific context, what is that context, that when the need arises, and you understand it in relationship to this verse as well. And some scholars they

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have said that in this Hadees, and NAS is referring to not all mankind, but it's actually referring to the mushrikeen of Arabia, it's referring to the mushrikeen of Arabia. Why? Because the machine of Arabia if they remained in Arabia, if they remained in the Arab Peninsula, what would happen? Good Muslims ever be safe? But they know in Macau What happened?

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in Medina, what happened? After the Treaty of Abia What happened? What happened? They constantly harmed the Muslims. As long as the machine were present. What did they do? They harmed the Muslims. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of the Toba or the leadin Allah you mean una bella he will do me a favor. Whether you have the Mona Mahara mala Hua Rasulullah de una de el Huck.

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Similarly, we have learned about the machine, that layer Corona film Marina Elon, one of them, they don't care for the Muslims at all, for the believers at all, you know, whether the believers are relatives to them, or there's a treaty between them, they have no respect for any believer. So this is why some scholars have said that an S is referring to not all mankind, but particularly who the mushrikeen because if they remained, then Muslims could not survive literally Muslims were not safe over there. So this is why he was commanded to fight them. And if you think about it, even when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam fought other than Michigan of Makkah, for example, the Jews, or for

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example, the Romans eventually, or the Persians, eventually when the Muslims fought them, what was the reason? What did the Romans do? What did they do? You're familiar with the Battle of motor? you familiar with the expedition to the book, how they were gathering your forces to come and attack the Muslims and wipe them out? Isn't it all the prophets on alarmism sent a letter to the king, but nothing happened? Similarly, we see that the Persian can What did he do? He tore apart the letter of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know what that means declaring war. So, whenever the Prophet sallallahu Sallam fought any people, it was always for a reason, it wasn't for no reason. So this is

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why we have to understand this Hadees in that particular context. And we also see that in this Hadith, it's mentioned I've been commanded to fight until they surrender. There's an attack from a verse in the Quran, we learn, fight until they give dizzier so the purpose is not to kill them. What's the purpose, break their power, break their power, because of their giving jizya What does it mean they have accepted your authority, your supremacy, you understand?

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When they are giving jizya they have accepted your supremacy your authority. So and we learned the I had your apologies, yeah, Tanya didn't go home sorry rune. So the objective is to break the power of the enemy. Because if they're powerful, if they have the force, that they will not leave you they will not spare you. And we learn from another Hadith which is reported in Sahih. Muslim, a Buddha he narrated that whenever the profit sort of autism sent a group of companions to fight for a battle or for an expedition, he would always instruct the amid, as to how he should go about don't fight immediately, but rather, offer them a song, right? come to terms and if they agree to give the jizya

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then don't fight, then there is no need to fight. So we see from the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from the various a hadith from the various verses of the Quran, that Islam does not command us to fight any non Muslim, any non believer no matter who he or she is, fighting is permissible, is allowed when the need arises. And when does the need arise when the enemy is harming you when the enemy is powerful, and they're not letting you survive, so at that time, you will fight against them to break their power. Understood. Is this clear now? Now, going back to why it is mentioning this headings. This was a bit tangent that I went to, and I believe it's very necessary because people

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misquote this Hadees online

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They misquote this Hadees a lot and they generalize it. So it's important that you know, because it's quite possible that somebody asks you Oh, you studied Buhari? What about this Hadees you think the Prophet could ever have said these words? Because people say such things. I remember watching video of this particular woman who allowed him if she's a Muslim or not, but she had a Muslim name. And she was going on and on about this hadith that Muslims they say fight everybody, and she's only two katinas, Amir Tanaka, Tirana. And I was amazed that how can you generalize, you cannot generalize, you have to understand it in this specific context. So anyway, going back to the purpose

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of the Hadees, what is the purpose? What does this Hadees show to us? that Islam is only acceptable when a person performs a salah and gives us as for their heart, you're not going to judge them? Like, for example, it happens sometimes that a person is marrying another who was a non Muslim. And they say that, okay, fine, I'll become a Muslim. And at the time of the wedding, or before the wedding, they're made to say the kalama isn't at all. And people say, Oh, they became Muslim, only for the sake of their marriage. So their Islam is not acceptable. First of all, you're not to judge. And secondly, if they're praying for Allah, they're giving this or that, then they're definitely

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Muslim. You accept them as Muslim. I mean, obviously, we're not judging their heart, but we are judging them based on their life on their appearance. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said what he said, boom, Alabama, there hisab is with Allah, Allah who will judge them with regards to their heart. This also shows to us that Islam has to be manifested through a person's actions. We cannot just say that, yes, I'm very righteous and very pious, I love Allah. No, you have to do certain actions as well. Because people deal with you based on your appearance on your actions. So to show your Islam not to prove it to the people, but to come across as a believer, you have to do

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these actions. Because sometimes people tell themselves that, you know, Salah is a matter between me and my Lord. Allah knows that I'm not going to pray, and I'm not going to pray. This is something between me and my Lord. Well, Allah has also told you, you have to pray. And if somebody tells them pray, they say, No, this is a matter between me and my Lord. No, Allah has told you, you have to pray. And you have to show your Islam to other people as well. Not to show off but to prove it, so that they can deal with you as a believer. And we see the Sahaba were praying together. It was time to pray. And one of the people he did not get up to pray that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked,

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unless the Muslim man are you not a Muslim. So your Salah proves that you are a Muslim, you are as a cat proves that you are a Muslim, certain actions are a requirement of Islam, they're necessary they cannot be compromised ever moving on next Hadees but manakala the one who said in an easy manner indeed a man who alarma it is action manpower who said that meaning the saying of those people are the opinion of those people who say that indeed a man is action. Why do they say this based on what what's their evidence licola tala Li lamb over years of our lives because of the statement of Allah subhanaw taala with statement, what is congenital and this is paradise allottee Orissa Maha which

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you have been made to inherit? Why Bhima Quantum Time Alone because of what you used to do. You understand this verse, people will be told in gender This is gender that you have inherited. Why? Because of what you used to do, because of your armor. What's the most important armor for which a person is admitted into gender? Even because of a person has done every other action except for when will these actions be acceptable? Will he be admitted into general know if a person including his vocabulary, Assalamualaikum, waalaikumsalam, insha, Allah, Alhamdulillah Masha Allah, they include all of these things in their vocabulary. Does that mean they have email not necessarily word words

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alone are not sufficient liquor alone is not sufficient. What is necessary imagine a person cannot enter gender without certain armor and the first armor that is necessary that is required is even So a typical gender to let the artist be back on time alone what Carla and he said who said or done a number of men lol me a number of people have knowledge they have said Phil only tala Fie meaning concerning regarding the statement of Allah soprano data which didn't have a law for up be colonists lm Nomad marine I'm can we are Malone that so by your Lord we will definitely question them all together about what they used to do.

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So many of the people of knowledge, they have said concerning this idea that I'm McCann we are Malone. This means what about coli statement La Ilaha Illa McCann we are in Milan What is it referring to La ilaha illa Allah. So the people will definitely be questioned on the Day of Judgment whether they said law in the law or not. And if the Senate did they do what it requires what it demands are not so many of the people have knowledge of said Americana yamalube refers to what the Kol La ilaha illallah wa Kala and he said meaning a las panatela has said Li Miss Lee has for the likes of this. What does this refer to their award in paradise to forgiveness, failure man, so he

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should do alarm Elune those who do those who work they should do armor in order to get what in order to get paradise and the rewards that it has. So which armor is necessary?

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Because if you don't have all that armor is useless. So what's the bag what's the chapter heading remember what is given over here that eternal Eman who l

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Eman is action Eman is action. Now this should not be misunderstood the statement that Eman is normal and therefore I'm alone is sufficient. Because we have been learning that imagine fluids um Alright. So for example solid liquid. So if a person says I do they could I do Salah I am a believer, even though in his heart he rejects the belief in Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't believe in Allah. He doesn't believe in the Day of Judgment, but he prays he remembers alight his tongue he recites the Quran is that almost enough? No. Amal is only acceptable with Eman Amal is only acceptable how with Eman Why? Because Ahmed is in reality result of a man and if a person does not

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have the root does not have the foundation the basis then the branches will not be accepted. Okay, the foundation has to be there. Otherwise, that building is useless. So remember that karma is not accepted without EMA. Amal is not accepted without email. And also that a man is an action and action of what an action of the heart because it brought its acceptance. It

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does leak. Where's all of that? Arpita where's all of that in the heart? Okay. And after that, I will have come the armor of God. They are a result. They are secondary. But it doesn't mean they're not important. They are important but they are secondary. What's primary what's most necessary that will have the

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Hades had another blue Eunice were Musab notice Mary. Carla. Both of them said had definite massagin color Henderson Avenue she had been I'm sorry, the minimal set up I'd be hooray Rita. And the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Isla, he was questioned, he was asked au which allama deed action have been best, most superior, most excellent. Which action is the best for Carla? So he said, a man who

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believe in Allah wa rasuluh he and his messenger, this action is the best, which action believe in Allah and His Messenger dealer. It was said, same my mother, then what meaning What's next? What's the next best action? Allah He replied, LG had a FISA beat in the jihad, struggling in the way of Allah peeler, it was said some other than what what's next? Allah He said, had Jun mirboo run a hedge that is accepted. That's the best deed that's the best good deed. Now in this hadith it's very obvious that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called Eman Amal, he was asked which one is best which deed is the best. And what did he say? Amen Bella, you are solely. So what is this hadith show to us

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that Eman is in fact, Amal is in fact an action, an action of the heart. And Eman includes action of the heart as well as action of the limbs because we see that the next best action According to the study says Which one do you have and the next best action hedge if you think about a Jihad and hedge both are, I'm going to do it.

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So yamahai is proving over here. That a man is on

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It requires armor. It includes armor, and on the Day of Judgment, people will be judged on the basis of their armor of the heart as well as of the jewelry. And based on that, they'll be admitted into paradise. Have you heard of another hobbies in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked which action is the best? And he gave some other answers? I'll slow down to Allah worked here. Similarly, they can give the parents another version tells us guarding the hand and the tongue. Right. So there are many versions of this hadith. Does this mean that there is a contradiction? Was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying, No, it's not a contradiction, because first of all, it shows to us that

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many Sahaba they asked this question, which deed is the best? What does that teach us about the Sahaba? The question that what kind of questions they asked, they want to do the best of actions, not just any but the best. And secondly, we see that when the prophets are allowed to send and responded to them, he responded to them, based on the circumstances, and the situation of that particular companion as well. Imagine there is a companion who was not that well off. And if he asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, which deed is the best? And if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him going for Hajj, or Jihad Lisa vitola, could he do it? Won't he be left out? But if he was

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told of Fernando, Allah Bhakti ha, could you do that? Yes. Similarly, if the time if the season was of Hajj, if the time was to go for a battle, and somebody asked which deed is the best, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them, a solid to Allah walk the head, and what would they say I'm not going for the jihad or Hajj because my Salah, you know, I'm going to have to join them, I'm going to might have to delay them. So I'm not going to go, I'll stay here and I'll pray. So, this teaches us about the wisdom of the Prophet sallallahu. How when he taught the Sahaba he taught them, what was relevant to their situation, their circumstances, he taught them practical things, what they could

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actually do, what they could actually apply, there are many such studies which teaches about how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told one thing to one companion and another thing to another companion, because he only taught what people could do, he would not overburden them with knowledge, that were ama should be paid attention to, a man should also be paid attention to, because sometimes we only focus on for example, memorizing or reading or doing one action after the other and we neglect the heart, the heart should not be neglected,

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it should also be given attention, that we see that if in one situation, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best deed is Eman, Bella, he will also lead in another situation is that the best deed is a solid to Allah work to her. This shows us that a deed is best given the situation and the time in which it is performed per mile leads are various levels. Yes, there are some are more superior to others. But what makes an action more superior. One of the factors is

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what the circumstances in which it was done. The situation in which it was done. For example, if a person remembers Allah does, sitting on the prayer mat, no pain in their body.

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They have free time, nothing to worry about. They're doing the okay they're doing the remembering Allah soprano. Okay, there is another person who is in pain, who is suffering, who's going through hardship. And he remembers a lot at that time, he doesn't forget to do that, at that time. He still remembers isn't that much better. So both the deeds in a way they're the same. But because both of them were performed in different situations, one became more superior to the other. So we should not just worry about the action itself, but also the situation the circumstances in which we are performing them. Because sometimes we take it very easy. We say, Well, I'm in a difficult situation,

00:34:08 --> 00:34:26

forget it, it's okay. You know, overcome that hardship or do it with that hardship and the reward will be much greater. The expedition to the book, when was Harvey brought only a handful of dates, how valuable they were. This is why we see that a person who gives charity while he fears poverty. That's the best

00:34:28 --> 00:34:46

isn't it? Why, because in that situation, that deed is indeed very great, that we see that where actions are important Eman Billa, who is also very important maintenance, we focus on the actions, but we neglect La Ilaha Illa la because the best deed is what Eman Villa he also

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

Eman Villa he also de that should not be neglected. So how is Eman? Billa he was so he must have been of all deeds. How Why? Because it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

If Eman velocity is there, then the rest of the DS will be accepted. This is why it's the most important, the most superior, the most excellent. If that is not there, everything else is useless. If a person performs various good deeds, being charitable, smiling, fulfilling promises, you know, helping other people. But if a man is not there, then all such deeds will be useless for there are no Hubba Mansehra that Eman Willa alone is not sufficient. But along with the Mandela what is necessary? What else would he and obviously, believing in Allah and His Messenger means believing and everything that they have also informed us?

00:35:44 --> 00:36:27

And notice how the next best deed is which one? Do you have free civilian struggling in the way of Allah? Because in this person is doing extra, isn't it? He is not just concerned about his own personal life, but he is concerned about the Muslim community, not just Muslim community, mankind at large. Because you have to remember his run into his interest though, but that's what we learned. What is that in the battlefield and the other is through of Quran and Sunnah. So when a person pursues either of these two ways, he's concerned about other people, he's doing something extra. So it's the best deed, and it requires a lot from a person. It requires energy it requires as well it

00:36:28 --> 00:37:17

requires everything from him, his sweat, his blood, everything, quite literally and also metaphorically as well. That when a person accepts a man, then his Jihad begins, because he has to struggle so much learning in practicing and implementing that we see that a man is a difference between a non believer doing good deeds, and a believer doing good deeds a believer is doing perhaps the same good deeds but with a man and non believers doing the same good deeds but without email. One person's actions, accepted the other person's actions rejected. So what is the best deed then? emanuela eurocity. And the third one that's mentioned over here is hedge mob rule. What does he mean

00:37:17 --> 00:37:19

by mob rule? It's from bears.

00:37:20 --> 00:37:52

And what is bad mean righteousness. So mob rule is that which is full of bears, and when hedges full of bear meaningful of good deeds and that hedges, acceptable. Hedge in which there is no law office, whatever. So koala doll, that had just had a bad chapter, either lemmya Kunal Islam, either when lahmacun it is not al Islam, Islam, Island hockey karate, Allah upon a Hachiko what is becoming reality.

00:37:53 --> 00:38:52

In actuality, so when Islam is not inherited, meaning it's not actual, in other words, a person's Islam is not genuine. A person's Islam is not genuine. We're Cana and it is Allah upon. And it's this lamb is this lamb submission? I will hope or fear, mental capital, of killing of being killed. So when a person's Islam is not genuine, but rather it is why, just for submission, or just out of fear of being killed. So such Islam is not from the heart, isn't it? It's not genuine Islam. Likoni tala because of the statement of Allah soprano, tada palatal, arrabal, Amana, the Bedouin, say, we have believed Paul say lamb to me, no, you have not believed Well, I can call you a slum rather say

00:38:52 --> 00:39:44

that we have submitted. So this is shows to us that a person may submit may accept Islam, but that Islam is not genuine meaning he doesn't accept in his heart, he only submits on the outward. Why? Out of fear for either Canada or they'll haqiqa when it is, in reality. It is in actuality Islam meaning it is genuine Islam. For whoever then it is based on Allah Kohli upon his statement gela the crew. exalted is as mentioned mean Allah subhanaw taala in a dinner in the life of Islam, indeed, the religion near Allah is Islam and the only acceptable religion is Islam. What does it show to us? Yamaha is mentioning two points over here. What he's trying to prove here is that the term Islam is

00:39:44 --> 00:39:52

used in two ways, in Quran and Sunnah. What are those two ways? First of all, submission

00:39:53 --> 00:39:54

and secondly, the mean.

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

Okay. The term Islam can be used in two ways. First of all,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:27

In its literal sense, literally, Islam that is literally literally what's the linguistic meaning of the word Islam? To submit. So it is when a person is submitting, this is obeying on the outward, there is no faith actually in the heart. The second meaning of Islam is Islam that is sugary. What does it mean by that valid belief? When a person accepts in his heart,

00:40:28 --> 00:40:32

okay. And we see that the word Islam is used in both meanings.

00:40:34 --> 00:41:15

Sometimes it's referring to just submission and sometimes it's referring to actual Islam actual Deen on the outward, surrender, obey, like for example, the person to submit on the outward, he starts praying with the rest of the people. He gives a cut as well. He does what other people are doing just to show that he is a Muslim so he has submitted on the outward like the monastic attended. But in the heart there is no Eman. There is no faith, there is no true Islam. So the term Islam is used in both ways, sometimes linguistically, and sometimes the short remaining sometimes it means just mere submission. And other times it means religion of Islam, genuine Islam. So what's the evidence

00:41:15 --> 00:41:50

that Islam is used for in its literal meaning the eye and the Quran? There are little Allahu Amana column to me know what I can call Islam. Now they said, Oh, we are believers. We are believers to hypocrites. Allah subhanaw taala says say to them that no, you have not actually believed you should say Islam now we have just surrendered. We have just submitted because that's your reality. You don't have any faith in your heart. Well, am I a total Eman vehicle Rubicam? And what's the evidence that the term Islam is also used as shadowy meaning the religion of Islam genuine Islam when a person has actually submitted from the heart and also on the outward, the ayah in Edina in the Lucha

00:41:50 --> 00:42:05

Islam and also the we learned the Koran Romania with Islam, Idina felonio, Kabbalah middle so these are the two meanings of Islam. What's the Hadees have a Boolean Ernie about Russia or even on his

00:42:07 --> 00:42:20

war on your army robe? No sir. I didn't know we were passing on sir then of the Allahu anhu another Sunni Allah His sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Erica he gave

00:42:21 --> 00:43:04

a group, a group of people, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was giving to them giving them what distributing wealth amongst them. The word Roth is used for group that is number between three and 10. Any I have the Quran that has the word Roth in it or can feel Medina at this thing, DISA? What does this mean? Nine so number between three and 10. So, airport often they will group of people sitting by the profit center of autism and he was giving them was Sarah Don jellison and sad he was sitting there as well, who is sad, sad even everyone costs because he is narrating this. So he was sitting over there. This group was there. The Prophet said a lot of stuff was distributing something

00:43:04 --> 00:43:52

amongst these people for Tanaka. So he left who left Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Olajuwon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam left out one man meaning he did not give anything to him. And this man who he was our djebel whom he layyah our job What does it mean? not strange, most impressive meaning the one whom I liked the most. Remember I told you that our job is of two types one is of income and the other is of is their son is their son is when you find something amazing, impressive. And you like it? Okay the most impressive and the other is the most weird and because of that you're rejected, so are Jebel whom Elijah meaning the most impressive of them to me meaning the

00:43:52 --> 00:44:37

one whom I liked the most of them the one whom I liked the most from those people. It's the profit sort of artisan and didn't give anything to that man. For whom to so I said, meaning Solomon because he's narrating sorry, different costs that for call to your rasulillah on messenger of Allah Melaka on Fulani, Melaka and Fulani polunin meaning what about that person? How come you did not give it to that person? Okay, Maya what lukka for you I'm about Fulani meaning how could you leave that person? Why did you not give anything to that person? For Allah He so by Allah in Nila Allah who Mina, indeed, I surely see him as a man as a believer. How come you did not give anything to him? For

00:44:37 --> 00:44:40

Allah so he said, Oh, Muslim man,

00:44:42 --> 00:44:59

or just a Muslim for soccer, too. So I became quiet soccer to sink after I became quiet Cullinan for a little while. Some mahalo Bunny, then it overpowered me. What my mo what I knew I mean who about him?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

About you about that man for two. So I repeated Lima Pilati my statement I repeated my statement for cool too. So I said Malika and Fulani favela in Nila Allahu Mina, how come you did not give anything to him? By ally see him as a believer for Allah so he said, oh Muslim and or just some Muslim. Some mahalo Bernie man or a woman who, then again, it overpowered me it overcame me what I knew about him for 30 mortality. So I repeated my statement, where are the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he also repeated his statement, which statement almost Riemann sum makalah then he said he asserted

00:45:44 --> 00:46:38

in me indeed I love or Utley, surely I give a jeweler, a man I gave to a man. Well, hello. And someone other than Him is a horrible Elijah man who is more beloved to me than him. I give to one man and I don't give to the other. The one whom I leave out whom I don't give anything to he is more beloved to me than the person whom I am giving to. In Nila theological, I give to a person. Well, you and someone other than Him is a humble Illa human who more beloved to me than him. I love him more than I love the person whom I'm giving the things to why harshita out of fear and that Jacobo, yet could be who he will throw him on his face, who will throw him on his face, Allahu Allah, where

00:46:38 --> 00:47:28

for now in the fire, out of fear that Allah will throw that person on his face into the fire, whatever who you know, Sue was Alejandro Maroon webinar is really unnecessary in these people have alternated this Hadees from s3. What does this mean? We see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam routinely distributed wealth spoils amongst you. amongst the people. The people included the mahogany, as well as the install, as well as new commerce to Islam. Remember, in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam distributed certain spoils of war only amongst you demo hygiene. Which one was that? Which mal was that? The fate? Remember the fate? It was only distributed amongst the madry?

00:47:28 --> 00:47:57

Not the answer, they were not given anything out of it. Similarly, we see that at the conquest of Makkah, when all of the spoils were brought in from where, especially after the Battle of her name, or from a thought if all of the spoils were brought in, and the profits are allowed isn't distributed amongst two people who had accepted Islam at that point, and he did not give anything to the insaan Isn't it so? And they felt left out? And what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to them?

00:47:58 --> 00:48:43

That you have me once you like that people return to their homes with their goats and sheep and you return to your home with the Messenger of Allah. So there were certain times when you preferred some people in giving wealth, meaning he gave to them and he did not give to others. Why? This Hadees tells us why that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that I give to one man, and leave another who is more beloved to me out of fear that Allah might throw him into the fire. Who does him refer to? Your Kabbalah? Who Phil now who does him refer to this can be understood in two ways. First of all, the person whom the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave to generally the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would

00:48:43 --> 00:49:26

give to the newcomers, and especially at this occasion, as well, who was it given to newcomers people who had recently accepted Islam? Why would the Prophet sallallahu Sallam give to them? Why would Allah, Allah obey him remember into the worlds we have learned about God that the god money can also be given to people whose hearts have to be inclined towards Islam. So the newcomers those who are weak in their faith, they need some encouragement, they need some incentive, they need instant reward, so that they can become stable. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would give to them. And he would leave out other companions who were already stable in their faith. Because the

00:49:26 --> 00:49:59

newcomers, if you don't give to them, what's going to happen? They're going to say, there's no benefit in Islam, I have to pray five times a day, I have to give the cat and there's so many hardships I'm being tested in every way possible. It's only brought difficulty to me. So if this person is given some wealth, what's going to happen? He's going to feel good, isn't it? This is not a bribe. But this is just to make him comfortable, because they had to to horrible, isn't it? So at least the people would have this feeling or the profits that alarmism cares for us. Yes, I'm going through this hardship, but at least he cares for us. He's concerned about this. So he would give to

00:49:59 --> 00:49:59

the news.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:45

comers, why? Because of their weakness, okay, and out of fear that Allah will throw him into the fire, that if Islam became difficult for him, if he found it too challenging, he would leave Islam. And then as a result, he would be thrown into the fire. So to stabilize his faith to make him more firm in his face, the profits or losses and would give him Secondly, there could be who, who may also be referring to the man whom the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not give to? And who are they those who are already stable? And why would he not give something to him out of fear that along with throw him into the fire, what does it mean that that wealth would become a fitna for him, it would

00:50:45 --> 00:51:29

become a trial for him a test for him in his religion. Because what would happen is that when he would gain that wealth, he would perhaps think highly of himself, or he would get so involved in enjoying that well, that he wouldn't neglect the rights of the last panel that he wouldn't neglect his Dean. Because it happens. Some people, they get very much affected by money. And other people. They're not that affected. Some people instantly, there is a change in the way they walk in the way they talk in the way they behave in the way they dress up in the places they go in the places they don't go to. in the car, they drive the car, they don't drive other people, they're unaffected. For

00:51:29 --> 00:52:07

some people, wealth becomes a fitna and other people it does not become a fitna. This recently somebody was telling me about this person they met. And this woman, her husband was a wall street banker. Just imagine I mean of any person who's worked there. You can imagine what kind of money they have. And this woman she dresses up so simply as if she's an ordinary person who drives a car that's perhaps five or six years old, not an amazing car. from nowhere Can you tell that this woman is a wife of so and so person not affected by the money at all. And other people don't even have enough money? They're driving cars that they cannot afford? They're wearing jewelry they cannot

00:52:07 --> 00:52:48

afford? Isn't it? So this is this is normal, it happens. It happens and Eman or no Eman still it may happen. A person may have him on and he still may get into the fitness of wealth. And the person may not have Eman and wealth may not affect him in any way. It may not change them in any way. Okay, because sometimes you think what if a person is the man, then well should not affect him? No, it's normal for a person to get affected. Some people, you know, people have this weakness, other people don't have that weakness. So anyway, you understand what it means by your cubicle life enough. So one thing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained to start to learn who was this? The second thing

00:52:49 --> 00:53:33

that he taught him was that he should not make a statement regarding the inner intention of a person. The Prophet said a lot of them differentiated between a man and Islam in this Hadees when Sutherland who was repeatedly calling him men, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No Muslim Muslim, does that mean that that person was not a movement? We don't know? We don't know. Because where is he man in the heart, and where is Islam underlying on the apparent. So when we meet another person, we don't say, oh, that person is a generality. Know, if a person is very righteous, we don't say that person is from the dwellers of paradise. We don't know the state of the heart. We don't know

00:53:33 --> 00:54:17

the final outcome. We don't know the sincerity of faith. We are to talk about people based on what their VA hears, and we cannot make judgments about them. So this is why the prophets are allowed Islam corrected him, our Muslim and that it's more appropriate to use the term Muslim for a believer. Okay, except for obviously the Sahaba we know that there were probably a lot more on whom what to do, and no doubt about that. But for other people don't say Oh, she's a woman, but I think she's only a Muslim. We don't do that. We talk about all the believers as what Muslim. Okay. Now this video teaches a number of lessons. First of all, this Hadees teaches us about the

00:54:17 --> 00:54:47

permissibility of not giving something to someone, even though it may be very good, but you don't give it to them. Why in order to save their Deen in order to protect them from fitna people are different. Some people they live on praise, appreciation, reward system, and other people, they get corrupted because of praise and rewards, isn't it? And too much of anything is bad. For example, children, if you keep rewarding them, take this bite and I'll give you a candy.

00:54:49 --> 00:54:59

Let's go. I'll give you this chocolate, then what's going to happen? They're going to need a reward for everything that they do, isn't it and if you don't praise them at all, if you don't reward them at

00:55:00 --> 00:55:38

All, then they're gonna feel horrible about themselves, they're gonna think I'm never good enough. So balance is required. However, every person, you know, some people, they thrive when they're praised. They Excel when they're praised and other people, if you praise them, they will slack off. Some people, if you don't praise them, they will not do anything. If you don't reward them, they will not do anything. Other people, if you reward them, they will think they're so good. They don't need to do anything extra. So deal with people according to how they are. And for this a person needs farsightedness, wisdom and understanding the other person as well. You have to understand the

00:55:38 --> 00:55:49

other person, what's their nature? How are they? What are they like? And generally we see that from this hadith as well, that who needs praise, who needs reward someone who is

00:55:50 --> 00:56:29

newer, or weak is at the edge or is going through some difficulty, some hardship, which could push him off, which could make him fall and who does not need praise or reward? Who, someone who's already stable. Because if you praise them sometimes or if you give them a reward, it might break them. It might destroy them, it might ruin them, it might corrupt their intention. For example, people have knowledge, what happens that shaitaan comes to them, how, you know telling them that all you have so much knowledge look, everybody's praising you, everybody's looking up to you. So it makes them arrogant, it corrupts their intention and ruins them. Like for example, a person may be

00:56:30 --> 00:56:31

recited the Quran.

00:56:32 --> 00:57:11

But on the Day of Judgment, you'll be brought and will be thrown into the hellfire. Why? Because he recited but his intention was not correct. It's quite possible that what corrupted his intention was the constant praise that he got from people of constant appreciation that he got from people. So limit your praise, limit your reward that you give to other people, give it only when necessary and only when relevant and give it to those who need it. Because if you give it to those who don't need it, you're corrupting them. But it doesn't mean that someone who is doing good, you don't faze them at all. If for example, we say Oh, these people have been studying here for almost two years, expect

00:57:11 --> 00:57:37

every difficult thing from them. Never praise them. No, because people are human being after all, isn't it? So every person needs, you know, slight pat on the hand that you're doing well hamdulillah This was good. Okay, because if you leave praise altogether, even that is not good. So balance is necessary. Another important thing that we learn from this hadith is the difference between a man and Islam. Because the prophets Allah said I'm differentiated between the two here.

00:57:39 --> 00:57:42

What is the difference between the two? Is there a difference?

00:57:44 --> 00:58:29

Okay, email is inside the heart and whereas Islam on the outward on the appearance, okay. Yes. Good. gibreel asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what is Islam? What is Eman And what is x and this shows to us there is a difference between Islam Eman and your son. Now, in certain situations, Islam and Eman they both mean the same thing. In other situations. Eman means something else. Islam means something else just as the term Islam Mr. Bahari proved it over here, that at certain times Islam refers to outward submission. Other times Islam refers to actual real submission. So these terms Islamic man sometimes refer to the same thing. Other times, there are different differences made

00:58:29 --> 00:59:18

between the two. And we see that Islam is on the outward and a man is on the inside Eman is in the column and Islam is in the jawara. Eman is set secret and Islam is alania. Eman is hidden. And Islam is is manifest. We don't insert that yet. I 3536 Can you tell me how to understand this. If the man is on the inside as long as on the outside. He man is in Islam as a parent and how to understand these verses that with regards to Lutheran Islam and his people Allah subhanaw taala says but a hydrogen atom and canopy hamina meaning from our jet and if you have a euro beighton mineral muslimeen for Arjuna men can FEMA mean we brought out we took out from there whoever was a believer

00:59:18 --> 01:00:00

movement, but we did not find in there meaning in that city right arbeiten mean al muslimeen on the one house of Muslims, there was only one house of Muslims and all the believers all the movement in were taken out that we see on the outward there was in reality only one house of Muslims who had apparently submitted including Lutheranism, his daughters as well as his wife. Outwardly they had submitted but what is Allah subhanaw taala Arjuna McAfee Amina mini only the believers were taken out who are the believers who had autism on the inside who actually

01:00:00 --> 01:00:48

Man, and his wife was excluded from that. She was not a part of that. So we see there's a difference between a man and Islam. Eman is inside Islam is outside Eman is faith. Islam is Islam his actions that we see that a man also has levels. Okay. Rather you can say that Islam is the basic level Then comes a man Then comes a person. Islam is just submission, acceptance, Eman from the heart, and then all of these branches of email because a person may be a Muslim, but he's not necessarily performing all of these actions like higher. Okay, all of these branches have faith that we learned about, isn't it and then comes

01:00:49 --> 01:00:52

to their levels, a person grows gradually.

01:00:53 --> 01:01:32

So in this Hadees that difference has been made between a man and Islam. So Eman is one thing and Islam is something different. The Sahaba that we know about that his name is not mentioned here. We don't know who he was, what his name was what he did. But it just teaches us a basic etiquette that we are not to judge people. We are to accept people as Muslims. We don't say she's a Martian, and she's a woman, and cheese and tea and cheese this No, we are not allowed to label people. Just as we don't go on labeling people as men or more sin. We don't even go on labeling people as kafir or fasciae. So on and so forth. We are no authority.

01:01:33 --> 01:01:35

Because the fact is that people may change,

01:01:36 --> 01:01:45

isn't it? And you don't know about that change? You say someone is a movement and allow them they may have nupoc

01:01:46 --> 01:02:07

they might develop Novak you don't know. But those who have died on Islam, like the Sahaba, rhodiola and humara Diwan about them. We say they're Mormon. Okay. You may have heard some of you about this debate. If somebody asks you, are you Mormon? What do you say? Have you heard of this? No. What do you say?

01:02:08 --> 01:02:09

I am?

01:02:10 --> 01:02:17

Because you're not to say about somebody else. He's a woman. Then how can you say about yourself? Yes, I am a movement.

01:02:18 --> 01:02:26

You can't say that. Okay, but you can say inshallah, Allah wills, if Allah wants to become a better believer. Anyway, let's continue.

01:02:27 --> 01:02:35

Verb if shall salami means Islam? If sharp, what does it mean? To spread to propagate?

01:02:36 --> 01:02:44

So if shall Salaam propagating the greetings, greeting widely, is mainly Islam. It is a part of Islam.

01:02:45 --> 01:03:07

If Chateau Salaam, spreading Salaam means spreading it amongst the people, how do you spread it amongst people? by initiating it? by responding to it? By greeting those whom you know, by greeting those whom you don't know, by greeting people as you're going up the stairs, or you're coming down the stairs, you're walking, or you're sitting?

01:03:08 --> 01:03:22

Any place you're in, anywhere you are in? When you meet someone when you greet someone, when you come across someone? What does it mean that you say Salaam and things around initiating it or responding to it? What is that spreading the Salah,

01:03:24 --> 01:04:16

propagating it in writing. Similarly, in speech, there are different ways. So propagating the greeting. This is what middle Islam This is a part of Islam. What color Maroon? And I'm upset. This is our mod urban. Yes, it will be lower. And he said this is his own statement. Okay. We don't understand this as a Hadees. But this is a statement that Mr. Urban Yes, sir said. So lesson three qualities. Man, whoever Gemma are when he collected them, whoever collects meaning has all these three qualities in him for the general man. Then in fact, he has gathered email and meaning he has collected email. Whoever has these three qualities and in fact he has even in other words anywhere

01:04:16 --> 01:04:19

in Islam, we know that sometimes it can also be used interchangeably.

01:04:20 --> 01:04:31

First of all, in sorrowful min Neff sick and in soft justice min of sick against yourself or with yourself.

01:04:32 --> 01:04:47

Secondly, we're bandless salami and spreading the Salam lilla column for the world. Meaning for all people while in Falco and spending many

01:04:49 --> 01:04:51

minutes ACTA instead of

01:04:52 --> 01:04:53

what is it the

01:04:54 --> 01:04:59

stinginess suspending instead of being stingy

01:05:00 --> 01:05:01

Well in Falco minute.

01:05:02 --> 01:05:21

So whoever has the three qualities and in fact he has a man first quality in soft enough sick. What does it mean by this in soft enough sick being just against oneself meaning being just even if it means you have to stand up against yourself, you have to do something or say something that's going to harm you.

01:05:22 --> 01:05:43

This is just like the last panel Darla said, Yeah, you're Latina, Amano Kanaka wamena will test shuhada Allah He wello Allah and forsaken. So I'll install min Nasik. It is to deal with others the way they deserve to be dealt with, even if it means you're doing something to harm yourself, even if it means you're going to suffer in that process.

01:05:44 --> 01:05:48

Even if it means you're going to be embarrassed, or you are going to be deprived.

01:05:49 --> 01:05:50

Can you give me an example of that?

01:05:51 --> 01:05:55

Say the truth, even if you're going to suffer the consequences, what else?

01:05:56 --> 01:06:04

That lady named Fatima, she stole something in the profits that a lot of them said that if my daughter stole and I would also give the punishment to her. Anything else?

01:06:06 --> 01:06:46

That for example, you're waiting in a queue, okay. And your friend happens to be the second person. I mean, they're there in a second. And they say, Come here, come here stand, you know, stand right behind me stand with me. But you should be just over there. Just with other people, even if it means it's gonna go against you. You could get priority. But is that fair? It's not fair. For the people who have been standing there for so long. Admitting your mistake, asking for forgiveness, recognizing your mistake. So for example, you go to a store, you're buying something, and let's say the cashier, they make a mistake, they don't charge you for something, they give you double discount

01:06:46 --> 01:06:51

on something. And you realize, either at that time or later on, so what should you do?

01:06:52 --> 01:06:56

Go back and give the money back, or pay for it.

01:06:57 --> 01:07:10

That if you're in a parking lot, and you open your door, and you end up renting somebody else's car. So be just over there, be fair over there. leave a note, leave your contact information.

01:07:11 --> 01:07:47

You know, it's amazing, you go to the grocery store, and you find a bag with broccoli in it. Were in the clothing area, in the dairy section. And you wonder why is this broccoli over here? Or you find a lot of stuff right by the cash, isn't it? So you pick up something and halfway, you're like, No, I don't need it. So you just leave it there. Yeah, somebody else will come and put it away. It's their job anyway, be just, if you leave it there, using they're going to open up the bag and put it back in the pile? No, it's probably going to go to the garbage, it's going to be wasted. So just as you don't like the children pick up one thing from here, and then leave it somewhere else. Don't do the

01:07:47 --> 01:08:09

same thing in somebody else's property with somebody else's things. So instead of mean of sick, we just stand for justice, even if it's against yourself, this is a part of a man, if a person has this, then he has a man. And this can also be understood in another way. That being just with oneself. What does it mean by that?

01:08:10 --> 01:08:29

That sometimes people are not fair with themselves, either they go to the extreme of not forgiving any mistake, or error or shortcoming or negligence at all, rare examples. But there are that people don't forgive themselves. People not easy with themselves.

01:08:30 --> 01:09:13

They think if I didn't do good on this test, that's it. I'm not going to take this course because I don't want to fail. I'm an excellent student, I've always been an excellent student, I cannot tolerate taking only 70%. No, I have to take 90%. If I cannot take 90%, I'm not doing this. be easy with yourself. When you were taking 90%, perhaps you do not have a lot of workload. Perhaps it was stuff that you were already familiar with. Perhaps your circumstances allowed you to study more. And now your situation is different. And if you cannot get a 90, at least you can get 70. So don't kill yourself over getting 90. Be just with yourself. Let go. If we try to do something, we want to do it

01:09:14 --> 01:09:36

in the excellent way possible. And it's good, you should definitely have a high standard for yourself. But if for a genuine reason you're not able to don't hold on to that forever. That thinking I'm not capable. I'm never going to do this. Again. I cannot do this, I cannot do that. No. Be fair with yourself. Be just with yourself. Do what you're able to do.

01:09:38 --> 01:09:45

Do what you're able to do realize your ability, realize your capacity and don't leave everything just because you think you're not going to do it.

01:09:46 --> 01:09:55

Because we think if we cannot do it in the best way, then we're not going to do it at all. If I cannot do it perfectly, then I'm not going to do it. Like for example, if we're cleaning.

01:09:56 --> 01:10:00

If I start cleaning that means I have to finish it and if

01:10:00 --> 01:10:38

I cannot finish it. I'm not going to start it. And since I know I'm not going to be able to finish it, therefore, I'm not going to start it. Be fair with yourself. You're learning how to cook somebody criticizes you like that sort of not cooking again. Forgive yourself. Other people forgive you, but you don't forgive yourself. So be fair with yourself. Other times people go to another extreme, which is that they're too easy with themselves. It's okay, I'm passing. It's okay. It's edible. Nobody's gonna die if they eat this food. It's okay. My house is not that dirty. There are no roaches. There are no cobwebs. It's okay, we can survive. No, be fair. Okay, so I'll install

01:10:38 --> 01:11:15

enough sick be fair with yourself. And you can only be fair with yourself when you recognize your ability when you understand your circumstances. And when you have a higher goal when you have a greater goal when you actually want to achieve something that we learned in the previous videos I was mentioned that for some people, one particular good deed was best and for other people another good deed was best so every person situation is different. Don't compare yourself to others all the time. Don't compare yourself to the best student in the class for example, because she may be single she may not have children she may have no responsibilities at home. This may be the only thing she's

01:11:15 --> 01:11:36

doing full time so don't compare yourself with them be just with yourself. So Elaine, soft magnetic second point is we're bedroo ceramidin Island spreading the salon for the world meaning greeting everybody greeting everybody in we have discussed earlier with regards to greeting Muslims greeting non Muslims

01:11:37 --> 01:11:39

and thirdly well in Falco minute.

01:11:40 --> 01:11:42

In fact spending meaning

01:11:43 --> 01:11:45

what does it mean by this? It

01:11:46 --> 01:11:50

literally means to have little to have less.

01:11:51 --> 01:12:04

So in Falco, mean Elekta, what does it mean? That spending even when one meaning is that even when a person has little, even when a person is for

01:12:05 --> 01:12:14

spending even when a person has little even when he is born, and a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam verifies this, when he was asked what was best, what did he say? algebra?

01:12:15 --> 01:13:03

No one who has little and still he is he strives hard to give whatever he can. So spending even in poverty. Second meaning of this is an info mineral if the if that means stinginess, like we learned in the Quran, we're Latina de la musica Willem yaku. They're not extravagant nor are they stingy. So if that is stinginess, so what does it mean by this, then, that in fact, means extra men over here gives the meaning of instead of meanings of different types as well. You're familiar with some types, sometimes men is also have been given the meaning of instead of like, we learned the Quran willona Sha, Allah, Allah men come Mullah, he can fill out the Anglophone, if we will, we could have

01:13:03 --> 01:13:08

made men come Mullah, he can fill out the phone doesn't mean from you, you will give birth to angels.

01:13:10 --> 01:13:22

What does it mean by men come instead of you, in place of you? So I'll In fact, mineral ACTA spending, instead of being stingy?

01:13:23 --> 01:13:28

What's the opposite of spending? Being stingy? Spend instead of being stingy.

01:13:30 --> 01:13:40

So a person who has the three characteristics, then what do we learn from the statement of Mr. vinyasa that he has? He has EMA and he has collected email.

01:13:41 --> 01:13:42

Why these three qualities?

01:13:44 --> 01:13:45

What is the first quality show?

01:13:46 --> 01:13:48

If a person is just with himself,

01:13:49 --> 01:13:50

he'll be just with others.

01:13:51 --> 01:13:53

If a person stands for justice,

01:13:54 --> 01:14:05

what's the greatest justice that last panatela should be given his hook? So he will give the hook of Allah He will give the hook of people if he gives the right of others even if he has to suffer?

01:14:06 --> 01:14:16

Then he will do what is required of him. Secondly, spreading Salaam What does that lead to many good things love unity, peace

01:14:17 --> 01:14:18

and a third quality

01:14:19 --> 01:14:20


01:14:21 --> 01:14:25

because a person who will spend in poverty will he spend when he has a lot

01:14:26 --> 01:14:34

of course he will. If he is giving when he has very little of course he will give when he has more, isn't it

01:14:35 --> 01:15:00

and giving includes many things. It's not just about giving money to the poor, but it means spending on your relatives as well your family as well your friends as well, giving person generous person and not just giving money, but time advice, food, different things. So these three characteristics, what are the characteristics of a man when a person

01:15:00 --> 01:15:02

has them that means he has even

01:15:03 --> 01:15:19

what's the Hardys had this an aqua Deva to Allah had done a lace Anya z that needs to be heavy been on a bit Heidi on our delay him near Ahmed in analogy land sir Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, au islamically if

01:15:20 --> 01:15:27

a man asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which Islam is best meaning which part of Islam, which character of Islam is the best?

01:15:28 --> 01:15:45

Allah he said to me, that you feed the food, meaning you give food, what taco salad and you say, the sun and lm and after, upon those whom you recognize when we left RF and those whom you do not recognize, obviously feeding food over here, which type is that?

01:15:46 --> 01:15:49

That which is from Islam, not Islam.

01:15:50 --> 01:16:00

Okay, feeding food properly, not with Islam, that a person is just giving food to the point that he's wasting food.

01:16:01 --> 01:16:39

Or he's doing it for the sake of showing off, but he's doing it for the right reason in the right manner, where needed, then it would be from Islam, then it would be the best quality. what occurred was salam, Ala Moana, laughter, woman lender, if that you say the salon meaning you say As salam o Alaikum. And this means that you initiate the greeting as well as that you respond to the greeting. And when a person initiates or responds to the greeting, then what does that show his humility, his good character, it leads to a conversation, it leads to many good things. Because if you ignore someone, you don't say Salaam to them, or you don't respond to the greeting, then what does that

01:16:39 --> 01:16:40

mean? Something's wrong,

01:16:42 --> 01:16:45

isn't it either in you, or in them? According to you.

01:16:46 --> 01:16:54

The first statement is not the Hadees but rather it is an asset, it's a statement of a companion. Okay, we'll call it a maroon

01:16:55 --> 01:17:10

that if you combine all these five characteristics that are mentioned over here, first in the asset, and secondly, in the Hadees, then it shows a very giving personality like you're giving constantly whether it is salon, or it is justice or it is somebody else's right or it is food.

01:17:12 --> 01:17:18

And these actions cannot be done. You cannot be a giving person unless you have a man and Allah

01:17:19 --> 01:17:23

that if I give to somebody else, a lot will also give me

01:17:24 --> 01:17:40

that if I give salam, if I say Salaam if I respond to the greeting, Allah will reward me. Yes, I don't know this person. But things that I'm brings reward. So a person can only perform these actions when he hopes reward from Allah when he has a man.

01:17:41 --> 01:17:45

What it means whether you recognize somebody or you don't recognize somebody,

01:17:46 --> 01:17:58

for example, I know you, if I see you in the hallway, I should say Salaam to you. But if I see a guest, who's walked into another for the first time, I don't recognize them. I've never met them.

01:17:59 --> 01:18:21

Okay, I don't know their name. I don't know what they do. I don't know why they're here. But should I say Salaam to them? Yes, I should. Because I lamina laughter Hama lamb tarrif. You know, and you don't know. And whether you like them, or you don't like them, still greet them. Because you don't like them. You know them at least.

01:18:22 --> 01:18:34

Okay, you like them, you know them. So the condition is whether you know you don't know what you like or you don't like when you make dua for others, then angels also pray for you when you say Salaam to someone that allows us a sense of peace upon you.

01:18:35 --> 01:19:10

If they don't respond, it's okay. You did your part, you did your part. And many times you will see that people will respond and they will feel comfortable around you. They will smile back and they will not feel all tensed and worried and you know, strange people here I don't know. I feel like such an outsider know, when you greet someone you don't know you're welcoming them. You making them feel comfortable. That when a person gives, whether it's a lamb or food, then he can only do this with the conviction that by giving he will not decrease in any way. He will only get more

01:19:11 --> 01:19:24

does it take a lot of energy to say a Salam or Aleikum, a lot of courage sometimes Yes, it does. It takes courage isn't it. But you can only give it when you know that you're not going to decrease on the whole give you more

01:19:25 --> 01:19:43

that we see that if somebody greets you with a smile, all of a sudden you feel alert and active and happy to smile at you you smile at them. And you never know you're saying to them to someone you're greeting them with a smile may make them happy and may make them do something which might be a good idea for you because it makes them more energetic.

01:19:45 --> 01:19:53

But we learn from the hard is that you cannot enter Paradise until you love one another and the prophets of Allah Islam such an attorney about how you can love one another.

01:19:55 --> 01:20:00

Spread Salam amongst yourselves when you spread Salaam then you will

01:20:00 --> 01:20:02

one another, you will be happier people.

01:20:04 --> 01:20:19

You'll be more comfortable people, there will be no tension, no awkwardness, get rid of that awkwardness, get rid of that tension, so that you can work freely. You can be relaxed. It makes it feel good that you're one oma, you belong to the same nation, you belong to the same community.

01:20:20 --> 01:20:27

One thing that I'd like to mention over here is that this had these we learned earlier as well, isn't it? But what was a number? How are you proving over there?

01:20:29 --> 01:20:30

What is a part of a man?

01:20:32 --> 01:20:33

Get the army Tommy,

01:20:34 --> 01:20:38

isn't it? So before he mentioned his hobbies to prove what

01:20:39 --> 01:20:42

is Ramadan? And now he's mentioned this Hadees to prove what

01:20:43 --> 01:20:44

if shot was Santa.

01:20:45 --> 01:20:51

So the same Hardee's is being mentioned, but the objective is different, the purpose is different. So remember this rule

01:20:52 --> 01:21:19

that whenever remember how it repeats or Hades, it's always for a different objective. Another reason because later on you will find that a Hadees comes like once, twice, thrice. And you wonder why, why is it coming again and again? Because he's proving different, different points. Okay. And many times remember that the chain of narration is also different, is a different in this one. It's different. And this shows the great amount of knowledge that he possessed.

01:21:20 --> 01:21:28

subhanak a lot more we have the concetto La ilaha illa Anta esta heruka wanna to LA assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Lesson 13 – Chapter 17-20 Hadith 25-28

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