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Al-Anam 74-92 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 84-89

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Are we gonna shave their head over him?

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lesson number 82 Sudoku anon we'll begin from number 84.

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In the previous if we learned about the story of Abraham,

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how, through observation on the creation of a last panel down at the sun, the moon, the stars,

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how he observed the truth himself, and he also tried to show it to the people that through the creation of a loss of data, recognize who Allah is, who the Creator is, who the harness is.

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And we learned from other places in the Quran, from other stories that are mentioned about Ibrahim Ernestina, that once he established the hate, and he proved to the heat to them, obviously the people they wouldn't accept it. And because of that, he had to leave his people.

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We know that eventually, he broke the idols because of which the wizard again What did they do, they try to burn him. And upon that he had to leave the place he had to leave his people.

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And when he left something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, look at how Allah rewarded him. That while we're having Allah who is helpful, we are guba he was alone, just one person and Allah, He granted him is have an yaku

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the word will have in his from their own country as well. However, from the word whatever your Hebrew, which is to give a gift,

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it is also used for giving a donation

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and basically it is to give something without expecting any return. It is to give something without expecting any return any benefit. The word is also used for donation. What does it mean that when a person gives a donation then he must not expect anything in return, even the acknowledgement, even the praise of other people, because he's doing it only for the sake of Allah serpentine. So basically, Heba is a gift that one gives, why

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will have an ad This is a loss of panatela, who is giving? So what does it mean literally it is to give why. What's the purpose of giving this gift? You're not expecting any return? You're not expecting any thanks any praise, you don't want anything in return? Why are you giving it then? This is Allah subhanaw taala who is giving out of appreciation on being happy with the other because of what they have done? So what will heaven Allah who is how can we give to Abraham or his center is help.

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And what however, is used in the Quran for restoring children in particular.

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So, as a special favor, as a special favor, a lot of penalty restored his house or his Salah due to Ibrahim A sir.

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And it is called HIPAA. Why because he was given his haircut in very old age.

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He was given the sun in a very old age,

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and not just his happiness, but he was also given grandchildren were over an ultra yaku. And this is a huge favor upon a person that first of all, he lives to see his own children. And then he lives to see the children of his children.

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grandchildren are a huge blessing on a person from Japan.

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So when Abraham and his son was given this news that he is not just going to be given a son, but also the son of the son. This was a special good news for him. Because this meant that he was going to live long enough to see his grandson.

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What will happen Allah who is helpful, we are COVID

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Colin hi Dana. And all of them we guided meaning each and every one of them a las panatela guided What does he they refer to?

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He they are both his shadow.

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Because both of them they were made the prophets of Allah they were given Prophethood

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when Han had dynamin kaaboo and no early so now we got it from before.

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No harness Allah was before Ibrahim racing in time, which is why a lot of times it says hi Dana mickaboo meaning before Ibrahim I listen and we guided him that justice about humanism and was guided to toe heat in the midst of schicke. Similarly New Horizon was guided to to hate in the midst of shock as well.

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Both of them were saved from ship, and both of them were given righteous offspring. were no Hannah Dana and kaaboo. And both of them aboard check day in and day out. Morning and evening. Both of them promoted the hate

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woman's a reality and from his offspring whose offspring

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Both meanings are correct Julieta he can refer to the offspring of Ibrahim our listener, as well as offspring of Elisa. And if you think of it, Ibrahim Hassan was from the offspring of new Hydra Salaam, so his offspring would mean whose offspring? No hensler. So amenorrhoea t their wood was Sulayman

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meaning and are the offsprings of Abraham or SNL or if they were, who else there would answer a man. And he was a man or he said, the son of the widow. Who else What are you? Will you suffer? Well, Moosa will have

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an all of them were Who? prophets of Allah.

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All of them were given hidayah all of them were guided to do hate. All of them promoted the hate as well. They were there. They said, I'm sorry, man, or listen him they were kings, a ubirr hustler? How is he described in the code on nierman. He was a very good servant. And he was known for his sub for his patience, user friendliness. And I'm also known for his sub musasa also for his suffered in dealing with his people, without on the brother of musasa, worker, radica negitive morsani. And thus do We recommend those who do so?

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What was their son? What was their beauty in their actions?

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That, despite the fact that they were alone, despite the fact that they were alone? What did they do? what they wanted them to do?

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The sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala everything, even their family, even their people.

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And look at the way that our last penalty rewarded them even in the dunya.

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And over here in particular, that is that what it refers to is that Ibrahim Hassan, he left his people for the sake of Allah, Allah gave him offspring, not just his children, but even grandchildren, not his grandchildren, but his descendants, amongst whom was what? Knowledge Prophethood so that he can educate mercy. Likewise, do we recommend those who listen? So over here we see that Ibrahim or listen first of all, it has mentioned that he was given the news of having children. And we learned that at that time, and Sarah, his wife, she had given up hope of having children. Both of them were very old. And we learned that angels, they came to Abraham and Esther

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and they were sent by a loss of panel data. And they gave them the good news of his health of having children. We learned from the Quran that when the wife will listen when she was given the news and having children she said pilot dry letter LED will enter our user will have Alicia she said in amazement. That one to me, shall I bear a child? Well, I'm an old woman will have a very cliche heart. And here is my husband, who is a very old man in the head Elijah energy. Indeed, this is a very strange thing.

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But what did the angels say? They said, carlu they said authority venum and umbrella. Do you wonder at the decree of Allah Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu alikum the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you and invade our family of Ibrahim restaurant in no hurry to Majeed. Indeed, Allah is all praiseworthy, as well as all glorious.

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So we see that he was not just given children, but before having the children he was given the good news as well. He was given the good news as well. And he was not just given the good news of having children, but he was told that they were going to be prophets of a lullaby shall now be is how can I be a minister to him, we gave him the good news of his health, a prophet among the righteous. Just imagine a person is told your child is going to be the president of your country, how happy they would be. And look at this good news that our last panel Darla gave him that your child is going to be a prophet, and not just one child, not just his children, but from the offspring from your

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descendants are going to be many prophets.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that if temporarily, for some time, a person does suffer harm, because of the religion of a loss of data for the sake of a loss.

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And this harm means that perhaps a person is suffering from loneliness. A person becomes a loner, literally, this happens. And there are people who cannot take this, that since I started wearing the hijab ever since I've stopped hanging out with these people, I don't have any friends. I when I go home, I don't know who to talk to. I don't know who to call. On the weekends. I don't know who to invite. I don't know whose house to go to literally have become alone.

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This is a part of the package. This happens. And this is only a test. And when a person goes through this, a las panatela definitely rewarded. It when I hear this. I was alone.

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alone. His family even left him. Forget about friends, even family abandoned him.

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He was literally alone. But look at how Allah subhanaw taala recompensed him, he rewarded him, he made up for the loss that he suffered.

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Similarly, if there is any other laws that a person suffers in the way of a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah will definitely make up for it, somehow or the other, but you have to trust upon him. You have to trust upon you.

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We learn from the Quran elsewhere as well that fellow martyrs Allah whom were may or bounnam unduly left, we have another who is hacker where we're kolender. I learn every year.

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So when he turned away from them, meaning from his people, and from those whom they worship besides allow meaning from their gods, then what happened? We gave him his hell and yaku and each of them we made a profit. It's possible that today you lose your friends because of following the deen and tomorrow, you're given those friends who are much better than your previous friends much better, but you just have to have some sub. You have to be patient, you have to be consistent, you cannot give up or you cannot give up.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that anyone who does a person, any person, whether he is a prophet of Allah, or lesser in degree, a righteous person, anyone who does a loss of penalty Allah definitely reward to work I there Lika negitive Marcin, yes, and this is the prophets of Allah are mentioned. But it's not just them, who are rewarded for their son, any other person who does what they did. They will also get the same Recompense.

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Was that any Yeah, we are here meaning and we also gave him Zakaria and you're here

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of his descendants rules or Korea and you're here who is a Korean restaurant, the uncle of Medina, his center while you're here, and who was your hair and he said, I'm the son of the Career Center. Where is a research center? Who was the son of Maria? What alias as well as alias. It is said that alias or the salon was a paternal nephew of her grandson, con Amina father in all of them, were of the righteous meaning each and every single one of them was of those who are righteous.

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So we think that we brought him a lesson I was bestowed with many righteous offspring, and not as righteous, but they were also prophets. And this was a huge blessing from Allah soprano God.

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What is my ILA one year sir? And is Martin who was the smart resident the son of Abraham Madison and the other son. The first words were mentioned thus far was his Hawk. And now it was mentioned is Mary.

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Well, yes, sir. As well as Elisa over here Elisa, the actual name is Yes sir. And it is said that it is or the lamb is that it is extra. So while Yes, sir. And Elisa, where UNICEF, where Luther University salon as well as Lutheranism, I mean, all of them were from his descendants.

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Now, Luca is was actually a nephew of Ibrahim,

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who is Luthor isn't the nephew of Ibrahim. And so it is said that he was the son of Heron who was the brother of Ibrahim or his son.

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And if you think of it, a person's nephew is not a leader.

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He is not of his offspring, nephew.

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But he is mentioned over here amongst the descendants of Ibrahim alesana. Why?

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Because a nephew Yes, he is like a son. There is like an offspring. But since he is the only one who is not of the descendants, therefore the whole list is not going to be altered. It's just generalized. Because it's understood Luther isn't I was his nephew, he was not obvious, direct offspring, he was his nephew, but the same rule is going to be applied to keep the parent general.

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And this is something that is common in the Arabic language, that you may be mentioning, particular members of a particular group. And amongst them is one who does not necessarily belong to that group. But you mentioned him anyway, as part of that group, just to keep the Kalam general. For instance, he believes Was he an angel? No, but what do we learn that phosphatidyl melodica to colome edge Maroon Illa he believes that all of the angels they prostrated except for he believes. Now he believes was not an angel, but because he was amongst that group. That's why they said except for he believes he was in similarity will

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walk on land and all of them, meaning all of these prophets of Allah Who ever mentioned over here for living on an island mean we gave them preference over the

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People have the words, how that we gave them Prophethood all of them were given what Prophethood and this is how they were made superior above all the people of the world.

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So we see that when a person leaves something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, then Allah gives him more in return. You need one thing for the sake of Allah, and Allah will give you something much more in return.

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What made about him, and from their ancestors from their forefathers, whose other who does them refer to them refers to those prophets who have been mentioned over here that from among their ancestors, being among their forefathers, whether reality him and their offspring, their descendants, what is when him and their brothers, meaning all of them fat burner? Over here, woman This is connected with what the previous ayah that were colon for banana and an Al Ameen, all of them, we preferred over the world. And who was that mean? That he was reacting with when he that it wasn't just Ibrahim and Islam was chosen? But along with him who was chosen of his forefathers

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meaning no Hadassah? What the reality of his descendants is wanting him his nephew. So it wasn't just these individuals in particular who were chosen. But along with them, who else was chosen who else was selected? there? A sense ascendance, their descendants, their brothers, their contemporaries, they were chosen as well.

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What's the vein at home? And we chose them. It's the Vayner from the route address gene bear. Yeah,

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from Dubai, which is to collect and it is to collect something and take it elsewhere. So each other is to choose to select someone out of a group. So from all those people, we selected these men, which the Rainer whom we selected them for what for Prophethood were heard in our home in our Serato, Mr. Clean, and we guided them to the straight back, meaning we guided them to the message after he and the worship of Allah soprano guy alone.

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So we see over here, that all of them as a family, as a family, they were involved in the they were dedicated entity,

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that the Father, the children, the brothers, all of them together, Allah subhanaw taala chose the entire family. So if a person sees that his entire family is serving the deen, that it's not just the children, but it's the parents. And it's not just the parents, but it's also the siblings, that the whole family is involved in the deal, then that is a huge favor of a loss of parental data upon a family.

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A HUGE favor. never become proud of this. That Yes, we are so righteous, we belong to the family of righteous people. My sister also wears hijab. My mother also wears hijab, my father has a beard, and all of us we go to the Hanukkah together. Yes, it's a good thing. But it's a huge favor of Allah soprano Dada upon you.

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And we also have to see that Ibrahim are listening, he started alone, right? He was alone at the beginning. And as he started, his nephew came along, Lutheran insula.

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And then he was given his son is happening to them, and not just his son, but also grandchildren, he lived long enough to see his grandchildren. Sometimes we just see, you know, a group of people, family members, people who are related to one another, they're working together for the sake of a loss of penalty for the dean. And when we look at them, we're like, oh, they're so lucky and poor us. But the fact is, that each person starts alone.

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Each person starts alone as those people who are working for the dean, if their family was always like that, and you will hear no, their family was not always like that. It's possible that the parents were busy and the Dean of the children were not interested at all. Or the children were very interested in the theme of the Father. He doesn't even care about Sunnah. It happens in many families, it takes many years. It takes time. But someone has to start,

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one person has to start at least.

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So we see over here, that if a whole family is working for the dean is practicing the dean, then it is indeed a huge favor of a loss of parental data upon them.

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velyka who the law that is the guidance of Allah, what does it refer to the dean to which they were guided?

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That Allah subhanaw taala gave them that they'll feel to follow the religion to practice the religion. That is the guidance of Allah. Yeah, the vdma Yeshua and Allah guides with it whomsoever He wills based on what his knowledge and his wisdom

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so he guides to this he Daya whomsoever He will mean everybody from his servants without a shadow and if

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Data check. Who does it refer to? All of these prophets who have been mentioned over here? If they did should if they're associated partners with Allah, then what would happen? The habitat on whom Mecca and we know all that they used to do would have been wasted nullified.

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The word Have you heard from the reflectors her back and help is when something becomes nullified, it becomes useless.

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So, they did a lot of good deeds. But if they check that check would nullify all of their good deeds, the habitat and human can we

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know it can never be imagined, that the prophets of Allah, whom Allah subhanaw taala gave where he, he died, they were to shake can never be imagined.

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Can? No, it's not even expected. You can't even think about it. You can ever imagine this, that a prophet of Allah does ship, then why is it being mentioned like this, that if they check, then all their good deeds will be wasted?

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The reason behind this is to magnify the serious danger of ship.

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That this is how dangerous shark is. This is how serious this is how grave it is.

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That no matter who the person is, even if he is a prophet of Allah, regardless of who he is, regardless of how righteous he has been all his life. If he does shake, then that's it, all of his deeds are wasted.

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So we see that the greatest evil, the greatest evil is what

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it is.

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That because of all deeds of a person are wasted, regardless of who he is. Whether he is an alum, or he's an Abbot or worshipper, or he is a prophet of Allah, no matter who he or she is, if he does ship, that's it all the critical wasting. We learn intellect, Azuma is number 65. What are the UI? Like, what Elan levina mean carbonica. And indeed, it has been revealed to you as it was to those messengers before you let in a shock that layer upon I'ma Look, if you associate others with Allah, if you join in worship others with Allah, then surely your deeds will be wasted.

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They'll be in vain.

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Who is being addressed in this I in particular, instead of Zoomer I 65 that I just mentioned to you, the profit sort of artist.

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And over here who has been mentioned all of the profits,

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so regardless of who a person is, if he does ship, his deeds are wasted.

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Basically, in these if the people of Makkah, they're being reprimanded. Remember, this is sort of the last we revealed in Makkah. And what was the problem with the people of Mecca schilke. They weren't willing to give that up. They weren't willing to give that. So over here, they're being reprimanded, that this is your ancestry. These prophets are the those who promoted the heat. Those who lived to worship Allah, those who sacrificed whatever they had to establish their heat.

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And you being their descendants, what are you doing? What are you doing? You're doing ship, you are their descendants. Look at those before you. They left everything for the sake of Allah, and you're leaving the hate for the sake of your dunya for the sake of your idols.

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So over here, they're being reprimanded because the main problem that they suffered was a chick,

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Anika Latina. Those are the ones who meaning all these prophets were mentioned. They're the ones who are the you know, homolka taboo, and

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we gave them the book. And the

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key tab over here is its engines, and it refers to Kota, meaning scriptures. We gave them scriptures that each and every one of them was given the guidance of Allah soprano, Darla, and some of them they were given the scriptures of Allah. Some were given the scriptures and some were followers of those scriptures. Like for example, musasa was given the Torah, but the prophets who came after him, what did they do? They followed the dodo.

00:24:20--> 00:24:37

So we gave them the book, and we also gave them an income. What is her coming? How come has several meanings, it means hikma wisdom. So we gave them wisdom. And what does Heckman mean? What the rochet family to play something where it belongs.

00:24:38--> 00:24:45

So they weren't just given the knowledge of the book, but they were also taught as to how to follow the book.

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

Similarly, hurco applies to nerfed beneficial knowledge, beneficial knowledge, because yes, the book that our last presenter has given that has knowledge in it and that is the most perfect knowledge for us.

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But along with that, along with the knowledge of the clicker, don't you need other knowledge as well? Don't you? Of course you do. Because if you don't have that knowledge, you will not be able to understand the kicker,

00:25:14--> 00:25:18

you will not be able to implement the keytab you will not be able to appreciate the data.

00:25:19--> 00:25:35

But not every knowledge is beneficial. hokum refers to which knowledge in one nerfed beneficial knowledge. So, whenever a person is learning about something, even if it's something of the dunya, then what should you consider that it must be

00:25:36--> 00:25:37

beneficial knowledge.

00:25:38--> 00:26:10

For example, in the Quran, we learn about Makkah, it's known as The Omen Cora, the mother of towns, what does that mean that it's a central town in different ways, but also geographically. But for that, you need to learn about geography as well. Somebody similarly, the sun, the moon, all of these are mentioned in the Quran. And for that you don't just need what Allah Subhana Allah has mentioned, but you also need other knowledge as well, to understand better what Allah subhanaw taala has said. So, hokum is beneficial knowledge.

00:26:12--> 00:26:21

seminary, also applies to fick a deep understanding of the religion, because many people they know about the facts, but they don't understand.

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Which is why when they don't understand they cannot implement, they cannot relate.

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So we gave them the keytab. And we also give them how it is alternate that hokum applies to the outcome of the Sharia, the laws of the Sharia, which are not just given in the Scripture, but they're also given to the Prophet whom Allah Subhana Allah has sent. So for instance, Muhammad Sallallahu is no he was given the Quran and he was also given what else

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the sooner the way

00:26:50--> 00:26:52

in which he was given other.

00:26:54--> 00:27:20

So we gave them the keytab and the hurco, one, Nebraska, as well as Prophethood. For ENIAC for behalf. So if these people, they disbelieve in it. For ENIAC, for, if it is beliefs, be happy with it, with what, what does I refer to? How refers to the three things that are mentioned over here that kita the hokum and then a Buddha,

00:27:21--> 00:27:27

who denies them? How will I eat these people? Who does that without you refer to? What do you think?

00:27:28--> 00:27:29

The people of Mecca,

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that if these people have makaha, Allah is useful to those who are close, if these people of Makkah of this time of this place? Because remember, machi surah? Where was the Prophet sort of artisan in Makkah, so these people would be which people, people of Makkah, which time of his time, so, if these people they deny the kita, the hukou, then

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that has been given to you, or Muhammad savasana, then we don't need them. Further, we can, then in fact, we have interested be here with it, what does I refer to the three things

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that we have entrusted these two who Coleman and other people, and these other people, lace will be happy can fit in there or not at all disbelievers in these three, rather, they believe in it fully and completely.

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Now, the word that has been used over here is what can that we have entrusted these three, the one worker less on the roof as well cash flow from the same route as a work though, which is to trust upon someone from the same route is a word working on whom one trusts to whom a person hands over his matters, his affairs to

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So what can we have interested, we have put in charge we have assigned.

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So we have given, we have entrusted these three to who to another people who will not disbelieve in it. Who does this other people refer to?

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In the context it refers to the people of Medina,

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the people of Medina,

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that the people of Mecca, they rejected the Prophet sort of on us and they rejected the hook when they're rejected. And the Buddha they rejected everything that he had brought.

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So lots of Pantheon says if they don't accept it, we don't need them to accept it. Yes, they are. The people are macabre. We don't need them. We can find other people and we can give them the blessing of a man in the street.

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And these people lace will be happy carefree they're not at all disbelievers in it.

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Notice, be here, be careful in this bear over here because our feeling is that there is extra for emphasis that there are not at all this believers in these three things

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meaning they fully and completely

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Believe in all these three aspects, all these three things,

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they will not even deny one idea. One command, one aspect.

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It's not that they will believe in the keytab. But they will deny the unabomber. Or it's not that they will believe in an Ebola but they will deny the hokum No, they believe in everything.

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in totality.

00:30:25--> 00:30:39

They believe in all of the Quran, all of the ayat, even if there are some AI at which they don't fully comprehend. Some of them if they don't even fully comprehend them, still, they believe in it 100% lace will be heavy carefully.

00:30:40--> 00:30:53

So over here, we see that indication is towards the hitter, towards migration. And remember that this was towards the end of the meccan period, when the prophets are allowed to swim soon after this. He migrated from Mecca to Medina,

00:30:54--> 00:31:07

to the people who are being given a final warning, final warning that if you don't believe you reject your messenger, then we don't need you. We have other people, and they're much better than you.

00:31:08--> 00:31:21

And you notice the story of Ibrahim al Islam is mentioned right before because Ibrahim renessa was also rejected by his people. He left and Allah subhanaw taala gave him who much better people.

00:31:22--> 00:31:34

Similarly, Mohammed said a lot of them if you're rejecting Him, you think he's going to finish his mission is going to come to an end? No, it's not going to come to an end because of loss of habitat is the one who's supporting him.

00:31:36--> 00:31:37

So what do we learn from these if?

00:31:38--> 00:32:07

First of all, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala does not need people to accept his religion. He does not need people to observe his religion to serve his religion. Rather, when a person follows the deen, then who is benefiting himself? And if he does not follow the deen that Who is he harming himself? Who is he causing loss to himself. And this is such an important lesson that Abbas penalty retweets his message over and over again throughout the

00:32:08--> 00:32:09

throughout the Quran.

00:32:10--> 00:32:27

Because unfortunately, many of us, we think that if we're studying the Quran, if we're practicing the deen, it's a favor that we're showing to the people of the know. It's a favor that we're doing to ourselves. It's not a favor upon Allah, it's not a favor upon other people, it's a favor on ourselves.

00:32:29--> 00:32:36

Remember, in any capacity, if you're serving the beam in any way whatsoever, you're helping yourself first.

00:32:37--> 00:32:43

Then we also learn from these if that if a person does not take advantage of a blessing that is given to him, then what happens,

00:32:44--> 00:32:47

then very soon, he is deprived of it.

00:32:48--> 00:33:20

And it's not just that he is deprived of it. It is given to someone else before his eyes, before his eyes, it's given to someone else. And you cannot do anything about it that he's only left to regret and feel bad. Because Allah subhanaw taala says, can be here, our lace will be here we carefully we are going to give it to other people, we will entrust it to other people. You don't want it, you rejecting it. Go ahead. Don't take advantage of this blessing very soon, you'll be deprived of it.

00:33:22--> 00:33:33

And notice over here, when Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh man and other people, this other people yes, it refers to the people of Medina, the unsought. But it's not just the unsolved.

00:33:35--> 00:34:05

It's not just the unsought, it actually refers to all those people who follow the way of the unsought, the Menagerie basically the Sahaba until the Day of Resurrection, who follow their way, who follow their lead until the Day of Resurrection. So it includes a tie between that of our Dabiri and all generations, until the day of judgment, who follow the way of the Sahaba. In believing in accepting in spreading the message that the prophets are the loudest.

00:34:06--> 00:34:12

Whether they are of the auto or the Archon whether they are Arabs, or non Arabs.

00:34:13--> 00:34:22

And we see that so many times. There are people who are born Muslim, but they don't serve the deen the way that other people serve the deen who become Muslim.

00:34:23--> 00:34:36

So, Allah subhanaw taala does not need us. it's we who need him. If we don't take advantage of this opportunity of God has given he can use other people to serve his

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de de una una

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was that Gary?

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Me, woman.

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dB me,

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