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Al-Anam 60-73 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 62-65


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The meaning of Islam is a process of taking care of people and their finances, and the meaning of " sails" is that the soul is held accountable to the gods and the judge. The cycle of negative behavior is not allowed to be the judge, and the importance of staying at night is emphasized. The use of automatic battery and pray loudly to God is emphasized, as it is used to save people's lives and prevent embarrassment. The importance of forgiveness and protecting from the culture of violence is emphasized, along with the need for natural disasters and working together to solve problems.

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So Morrow do in a law, then they mean his servants are people they returned to Allah and who is Allah molar who will help? He is their true Lord. Allah will unquestionably His is the judgment, he will make the final judgment concerning every person who has to be and he is the swiftest of those who take account.

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So Morrow do reduce from the real cutters raw that meeting all people, one by one, they're returned to Allah.

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Each person is going to be taken to a mosque primadonna no one is staying in this dunya forever. Tomorrow do Where is Allah who is a la Mola humann Huck, he is the real owner. He is their real master. In this dunya we have made many people or many things, our masters

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either we have made our house, our master, or our money as our master. So we spend our entire lives working and struggling just so that we can buy a house just so that we can enjoy some money that we have collected. But who is our real Nola who is a real molar who we should be working for? Who we should be striving day in and day out to please Allah subhanaw taala in the dunya we don't realize that in the Africa will be forced to realize that Moeller will help and Allah will help move unquestionably only he has a right to judge what judgment regarding their end regarding the end of every person,

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and he has the right to make the judgment and implement that judgment as well.

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While we're asleep, I will has there been any visible swift of those who take account

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a slot is from the root ever seen

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from the word Sora which is to be very speedy, to be quick to be prompt.

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So, he is a slower meaning most quick most swift of all of all has been has been is a plural of hazard. And hazard is one who takes account

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there are many who take account there are people whose profession is that they take account of others, they hold others accountable, whether it is our finances or it is a purchases. Similarly, there are many software's there are many machines, there are many computers, calculators, but Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is a star of the hasbeen. What does it mean by that?

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I surround has been has been understood in two ways that first of all, he will take the his app very soon.

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Very soon, once the soul has been taken.

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Once the soul has been taken, the Hassan will be taken very soon. It's not delayed until the day of judgment. Rather, as soon as a soul is brought to the grave, then immediately, the hisab of the person is taken.

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Where do we learn that from? From the Hadith, that each person is asked three questions.

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And each one of us is going to have to answer those questions. So as Ron has to be meaning he takes his hat very quickly, he does not defer it until the Day of Judgment even in the grave. What happens, the hisar was taken.

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Secondly, they said that SRL has been what this means is that when Allah will take the hisab meaning on the Day of Judgment of all people, then he will not take long.

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You will not take long. Sometimes people take years or months or weeks or days to take the hisab of someone's finances, to audit your companies, whatever. It takes very long, but a lot of penalty once he will begin to his app. He will do it very quickly, as though from morning until the time of service Allah very short time he will take you to the Sabbath everyone.

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Now as for the first meaning of SRL has to be that very soon the soul is held accountable meaning in the grave. We learned that two angels of severe represent gone to the believer were in the grave. And they address him abruptly. They address him abruptly. They don't say How are you doing?

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They don't ask any question to break the ice. No. They asked him very abruptly and they make him sit up. And they asked him man rabuka who is your Lord? And the believer replies My Lord is Allah. They asked him, Medina, what is your deen? What is your religion? And he replies my Deen is Islam.

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They asked

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Madhava Raja Lu, Allah de bourree Coffee calm. Who is that man who was sent to you? And he replies he is Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They asked him, What did you do? He replies, I read a last book. I believed in it, and I obeyed it. They abruptly question him again. Who is your Lord? What is your deen? Who is your prophet?

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And he repeats My Lord is Allah my Deen is Islam. And my prophet is Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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And regarding this Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in Surah, Ibrahim is number 27. You said be to love and Ludhiana Avenue will only serve at Phil Hyatt the dunya will fill

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that Allah keeps the believers firm with firm words in the first life and also in the last one. And the Hadees continues, that this is the last trial to which a believer is subjected the last trial to which a believer is subjected. And a caller from heaven announces my servant has spoken truthfully.

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And if a person passes this result, this test, then everything is easy.

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On the other hand, the person who does not believe, or the person who does not have strong event, for instance, the monastic what happens to him that when he is asked these questions, he says, I don't know. I have no idea what you're asking.

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For example, the Hadees tells us that as for a non believer, two angels of severe reprimand come to him and they shake him. They shake him and they make him sit up. And they asked him who is your Lord? He replies, I don't know. And in the Hadees, we learned that he says, ha, ha. Jani. I have no idea what you're saying. I don't know.

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They asked him what is your dean? He replies, I don't know. They asked him who is that man who was sent to you? He cannot recall his name. He cannot recall his name.

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It's possible that he claimed to believe in him when he cannot recall his name. Why? Because he never followed his ways. He didn't have love for him. He never thought about him.

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And then he is told his name is Mohammed. He says, I don't know. I just heard people say that. He is then told you neither knew nor did you recite and the caller from heaven announces he lied, this person has not passed the test.

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So, what do we learn that Allah subhanaw taala is a cycle has to be

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so what are the main lessons that we learned from this ayah First of all, we learn that all people, all people one after the other are going to leave this world are going to be returned to Allah subhana wa tada who is there,

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one after the other, the husband leaves and then the wife will leave or the wife left and the husband would leave one sibling goes, the other sibling follows, one parent goes, the other parent follows. One friend leaves the other friend follows one family is gone completely. The other family is gone completely one generation is wiped out completely and the other generation is also gone. Because no one is staying in this world forever. Every single person is going to leave. Today if somebody has gone very soon, our turn will also come.

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We also don't even decide that after that. The soul is taken to a loss of penalty meaning it is presented for judgment. It is not left to wander around or to enter another body. No, that's it. The time of living in this dunya has been over and now the soul is taken to its destination. We also learn from this is that in the hereafter only Allah subhanaw taala will be the judge. No one else can be the judge on that day.

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So if a person has pleased Allah, then he will be successful.

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And if he has not pleased,

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then he is the greatest loser. He is a greatest failure

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so what's the main lesson that we learned from these?

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Do we have to live our lives carefully? We have to take our lives seriously. Each moment, each minute each day, it has been given to us for a reason that we use it to prepare for our

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because one day at one hour, and one minute this life is going to finish. And how is it going to finish? Is it the angels who have bright faces like the sun? Are they going to come with shrouds of gender? Or is it angels with dark faces who are going to come with shrouds of Hellfire?

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So we have to take our life seriously, each day passes? And we're so heedless, we're so negligent.

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A very important lesson that we learned from this is that when we go to sleep at night, check your day. Analyze yourself, what have I done this whole day? What did I accomplish in this whole day? 24 hours I was given. I've been up since about 19 hours is about 20 hours. What did I do? What did I do? analyze yourself before you go to bed.

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Because you don't want to be analyzing yourself, when the angels come to take you.

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Analyze yourself now. So that you can perform yourself so that when the angels come at that time, you can live happily

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all say, my unit Chico, who is the one who saves you means automatic battery while back who rescues you from the darkness of the land and the darkness of the sea. who saves you a loss of primal data saves you

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the runer who you call upon him, you pray to Him, who will help you then you pray to Him you call upon him imploring aloud and also privately. What do you say that like in and gentlemen had he if he should save us from this crisis? Lennar coonan, Amina shackling, then we would surely be among the thankful

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as the people that who rescues you from darkness of the land and the sea.

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What does it mean by the darkness of the land and the sea? The darkness of the land and the sea is taken into us. First of all, it is said that this is hissy, Lumet

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that literally when you are on land somewhere and it's pitch dark, it's absolutely dark, you don't know your way, who rescues you when you're in trouble.

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Or when you're in the sea when you're on water, on a ship in the middle of an ocean in the middle of the sea, in the middle of nowhere. And there's no light to guide you, who is the one who protects you from their a loss of

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battery well.

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Secondly, they set the automatic battery will back over here it is figurative and in the Arabic language people would say. So limited battery will be for calamities or difficult situations that a person would be suffering from.

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Automatic battery or battery was used figuratively to mean barrels or difficulties or calamities on land and sea terrorists that a person goes through. For example, a hurricane, an earthquake, a flood.

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So who saves you from the perils of land and sea, that the owner of the land when you're calling upon him, humbly, don't work from the reflectors worldline. And as we learned earlier, that the builder is to show one's weakness, to show one's humanity before someone

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do implore, to beg to humble oneself to request earnestly to plead to beseech. So you besieged him and over here to loveline because it is being used in contrast to Hosea, it gives a sense of outloud alania

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meaning very loudly you cry out to Allah, very loudly, openly, you show your humility

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We'll help you attain also secretly, meaning in your heart in your mind with hulu's without any idea.

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Because sometimes what happens is that when we're praying out loud, there's the fear of Ria, but when we're praying secretly, then there's more airfloss. And also, if you look at it, that over on those people who regularly pray to Allah subhanaw taala, they're not shy in making the art to him out loud. But people who don't generally pray, they're shy, even to make their art before other people. So if they do have to pray if they do have to call on Allah subhanaw taala Where did they secretly quietly they're too shy to make such that even before people because they're not in the habit. The loved one will fear them. And what do you say Ladies and gentlemen, howdy Nana coonan,

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Amina shackling.

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That if you save us from this oma, we will be very grateful.

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Allah says Cooley Luna jiko say it is a law who saves human hair from it from what from the little metal battery will die from the perils of land and sea. When you are in an earthquake in the middle of a hurricane

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in a flood, who saves you a loss of power, it saves you and he saves you women currently kerbin and he saves you from every distress from every suffering. He is the one who takes you out of it. Though it covers from the roof address calf robber, and curb is one machete meaning a severe anxiety and concern and worry that a person is experiencing. It is said that it is such it is such distress and anxiety that suffocates a person

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that a person feels he cannot breathe anymore.

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You know, sometimes when you're overcome by fear or by anxiety by nervousness, or do you feel that you can't breathe, and you don't say anything, you sit down, you calm down, and you take a few deep breaths, right? Why? Because you are in a cup.

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So he is the one who saves you from every cup, recorded distress that you went through, whether it was a stomachache, or a lot of pain, or a very bad news, who saved you from it? Unless a penalty saved you some time to sleep on. And then yet you dare to do * with him afterwards.

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He is the one who saves you from every problem. And when you're saved from the problem, what do you say, so and so helped you so and so saved you? The doctor came, the nurse came, they came and that medicine was given? And that treatment worked out? Yes, that was only a suburb but it wasn't the main cause, who gave you protection at that time who saved you a loss of safety? So what do we learn from these is

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that when a person is saved from a difficulty, he should realize that he has been saved by a loss of time.

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Because when a person is in some difficulty, who does he call upon? He makes her to Allah. Then why is it that after the problem is over, he starts thinking other people or he starts ignoring the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who helped him.

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Now it doesn't mean you don't think people of course you do. But you don't forget that Allah is the one who sent them. Allah is the one who taught them how to help you.

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Allah is the one who gave him the trophy to help you. So whenever a person is saved from a difficulty, you should realize that it was Allah who saved him.

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Secondly, we also learn from this ayah that the meaning showing humility, and calling out to a last panel Tada, begging him, imploring besieging. This, at the time of difficulty arouses the ram of Allah, the mercy of Allah.

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As we learned earlier that even if there is a person who is not a Muslim, and he calls out to a loss penalty with the door, unlocked response to his door,

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even if he's not a believer,

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we also learn from these is about the permissibility to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala as well as Sophia,

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it is permissible to make drama out loud and also in one's heart or privately, secretly.

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Because sometimes people think that you can't make it out loud. You should only whisper Yes, you should speak in a low voice because Allah subhanaw taala is not deaf. You don't have to shout out. He can hear he is a semir.

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There were some people want to work very loudly calling on a las panatela and they were told that your Lord hears he is not deaf. But we learned that it is permissible to make the art the butler meaning a person may pronounce the word out loud. Doesn't mean that he has to shout doesn't mean he has to yell. But he can verbalize his drive and you can also make it in his heart.

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We also learn from these

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I had Allah subhanaw taala is the one who saves a person from every difficulty that he has been in. Yes, this little mats have been a while back, but also when koliko whether it is small or big, major or minor, whether it is something that a person suffers in his body, or it is something that he was suffering from in his money in his world, in his relationships, any kind of difficulty who saves you from it, Allah is one who saves you from it. So if he has saved you, then give credit, where credit is due, take some time out to thank him.

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When he has saved you, when he has helped you, don't ignore him. Don't forget him. And we see that sometimes we're going through difficulties in our lives, for instance, become very busy in our work, or there's just so much to do. Work never ends, there's one thing and the other thing, or if somebody is very upset with us, and we're crying, and we're very sad, we're very upset. And then all of a sudden, the work becomes easy, and people are fine with us. And at that time, because we're so happy, what happens. We forget to thank almost

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every car, every difficulty that you're going through every single difficulty, whether it was a cart, or it was harsh words of someone, any cup who saved you, Allah save you. So after that, thank him, say Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah give some sadhaka to thank Allah subhanaw taala

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we also learn from these if upon being saved from some difficulty, a person should fulfill the promises that he had made with Allah.

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Sometimes in a difficult situation, we say Oh Allah, if you help me over here, that inshallah I will do this and this, just let me go through this situation. And then I will memorize this surah

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or I will read this surah every single day. I will give this much money in South Africa. Just get me through this. And when we're through that problem, where our promise has gone, forgotten, when I go I didn't really mean it. I only made the knee I didn't really promise what Allah knows about your knee. And you said that to a loss of panel data.

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That in and gentlemen Howdy, then a corner nomina shaky

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and afterwards Allah says, you do shake, meaning you thank others and you forget to thank Allah, you ignore him completely.

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Can you say that he is the one who is able either. Arthur Aleikum either means

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that he is able to send upon your affliction from above you.

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Or mentality of Julie come from beneath your feet. Or Oh el VISTA CompTIA on or he could confuse you. So you become sex. When you leave kabara we'll come back several and make you taste the violence of one another.

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What happens when a person goes through one difficulty and it's over? Everything becomes fine? What do we think? Everything will be fine. Now nothing will happen again. Almost without a warrant is over here. You're in a club, he saved you. And he forgot him. Remember, he could put you in another difficulty as well. Because Allah His father, he is fired. You cannot resist him.

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What do you think that if one difficulty has fast another cannot come your way? Then with what confidence Are you ignoring Allah?

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With what confidence? Are you being negligent concerning his rights? Who will pardon his father either and you have are thoroughly kamadeva. menfolk, he can he can send a punishment from above you. What does it mean by this punishment from above you.

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This could be taken the tangible sense as well as the intangible sense. In the tangible sense, physically, something coming down from the sky, for example, the shower of stones, a thunderbolt, a hurricane, or tornado, a snowstorm or ice storm or something that completely devastates a person, he is able to send a punishment from above, it's not difficult for him, and in the intangible sense, for instance, that he appoints such rulers or such leaders above you who oppress you who are unfair, who are involved in corruption, leaders, and this leader could be the leader of the country of the nation could be of the workplace, you know, the boss, the employer, the person in charge, even once

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parents or a woman's husband, once father, someone who is above you, who oppresses you who is unfair to you, who is involved in corruption,

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or they haven't been focused on our mentality or junocam or he could send a punishment upon you from below your feet from beneath your feet. This also can be taken the tangible as well as the intangible sense, tangible sense. For example, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes lead

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slides. Similarly, the earth opening up and swallowing, all those who are on top of the earth.

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Or sometimes what happens is the earth, the soil beneath it becomes very salty or it erodes land erosion because of which a person is not able to use that land anymore for anything, you cannot have any buildings on it, you cannot go any crop on it. It's dangerous to put anything on it. Land erosion, salt, flats, flooding, all of this is what punishments from beneath your feet. Literally, if you think of it water, when there's a flood, I mean, the water is beneath your feet. And it rises and rises and rises and that's it. Everything that you have is gone is finished, a punishment from beneath your feet.

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And in the intangible sense mentality, Ergenekon refers to punishment through those who are under you, through your subordinates. So for example, a person is in charge somewhere and he has hired some people, his employees, they're cheating him, they're committing theft, they're not doing their job, they don't respect him, children are very disobedient could be in different ways mentality

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or meaning you can also send another type of punishment upon you that yell be circum Shia and that he confuses you into groups yell baisa from the routers, lamb bassy labasa is to mix, do things together so that they become jumbled up and they cannot be differentiated, they cannot be recognized. The reality to do things have been completely jumbled up so that you cannot distinguish between the two confused.

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So Oh, yo visicom he could confuse you into Sharon Sheeran is a torrent of shear from the router SR I.

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And she is used for a group of people a sect a party. So he could divide you he could confuse you into groups. Meaning he could confuse you with differences. So that you become divided into groups. And if you look at it, sometimes within one family, one family, one brother, or the man he thinks differently, he follows one particular opinion. And the wife follows another opinion, they cannot even celebrate or even the same day.

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Really, they cannot even decide what kind of meat they're allowed to eat and what kind of meat they're not allowed to eat. This is what

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the reality is confused to you. And as a result, you are divided into groups, even at home at the dinner table. On the day of read, you cannot be united. This is also a form of punishment. This is also a form of punishment. Remember, this unity? This unity is a form of punishment. It's not a mercy.

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It's not a mercy, it's a punishment. Yell baisa come here and he divides you into groups confuses you with differences and you don't know what's right, what's wrong. And when we're in this situation, instead of wondering how come there are so many opinions, what should we be doing?

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seeking forgiveness from Allah soprano dharna

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that Oh Allah leadin and Helga Hakan, will Allah show us the truth as the truth as it is? We're gonna try and give us the ability to follow the truth. We're l&l bachelor Bachelorette. And she was bartholin as badly as zoeken HD nabba and give us the ability to stay away from it.

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Oh, he'll be so comfy on

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what you do corbera welcome that suburb. And he would make you test the violence of each other, the violence of one another.

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And this is a result of what this is a result of division of disunity. When people become divided than what happens they become violent. Sometimes they expresses violence through words, through harsh statements. And sometimes it becomes physical. And literally, we see this within Muslims, that within the household, for instance, people are very violent when it comes to words when it comes to talking to one another. Sometimes over differences in religion. And then it goes to such an extreme where people are willing to even throw bombs in the masjid of one another when you do come back home, but

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at this point, again, we should realize that this is perhaps a punishment of Allah, and we need to seek forgiveness, because we did not thank him for what he gave us. Only look, can you vernissage people I add how we diversify the I add that our Lumia phones so that they get it so that they understand, but unfortunately, we still don't get it. We still say it's the conspiracy of other people. We still say there is a problem with our religion. We don't look at ourselves. We still don't get

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There are Lumia cohoon.

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What do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala is fully capable, if he has saved us once from a problem, don't think that we are free now. And we can do whatever we want.

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If he can send a copy to us once and save us from it, he can send it again. affliction can come anytime, from anywhere.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that if a person suffers difficulty from those who are above him, or from those who are under him, if a person suffers from difficulty coming from those who are above him, or those who are below him,

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like for example, a woman her husband is giving her a very hard time or her children are giving her a very hard time

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or those people who are around you are also giving you a very hard time, then what should you do? What should you do? seek Allah's forgiveness, seek His protection, because it's possible that it is a consequence of our own deeds. Instead of negative thinking that it is his fault. It is their fault. They're so disobedient they don't listen. What should we do secretiveness La Ilaha Illa, anta super Hannukah in the conterminous, I have done wrong.

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Then we also learn from this ayah that differences and disunity is also a form of punishment.

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And fighting against one another, is also a form of punishment. We learn from a hadith says recorded in a Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I asked my Lord for three things, I made the proper three things. I asked him not to destroy my own by drowning. And he gave that to me.

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Like the people of knew they were destroyed by drowning,

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a loss a penalty to fulfill this.

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I asked him not to destroy my oma by famine. And he gave that to me as well. And I asked him, not to make them taste the violence of one another. But he did not give that to me. Why? Because this is a consequence of what of our deeds. And when we go through this in our lives, that there people are working in the same place, people are living in the same house, but they just don't get along with one another.

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This is a result of what our own needs

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to if we're suffering from this, that people from above people from below people from around, we're not getting along, there are too many problems, we need to increase in our history.

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Because if you look at it, or that main focus is leaders, right, those who are above us mean that the up junocam is what subordinates those who are below us. And you do the converse about this is what you can say contemporaries are people who are working along with you.

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And we face problems from each type from above from below, from those who are at the same level as ours. And if we're suffering from problems in this, that we just don't get along with the in charge, we just don't get along with our friend with the person in our group. We need to do some stuff.

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We also learn from this ayah that punishments they come through natural disasters as well as through people. Because remember, I mentioned you can go as well as intangible. So sometimes they come through natural disasters and sometimes also through people