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Al-Maidah 6-14 Translation 6-14

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Karim Allah Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem furbish rightly so de la Sidley, MD wash loads of data melissani yokocho coli probenecid in our in

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Lesson number 69 suited to Merida is number six to 14

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Yeah Are you her or you and levena those who knew they believed either when quantum you all stood ealer towards a solidarity, the sooner the prayer

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Foxy Lu, then you all wash would you comb your faces? What a vehicle and your hands either do a mirage flip the elbows once and you all wipe bureau OC comb on your head, what are jhula comb and your feet? ILA to elk garbain the two ankles were in and if

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you were do burn in a state of sexual impurity for for hooroo then you all purify completely,

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what in and If confirmed, you were marble once l o or Allah upon suffering a journey o or journey he came a hidden anyone men come from you mean from a heart if the toilet or you all touched sexually and the SIR the women

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felon, so did not that you do you will find man water

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for the yamamo then you all intend for purity or do thermo

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sorry then dry Earth by Gibbon clean, pure from social, then you are white. They will do he come with your faces or on your faces. Were a deacon and your hands. Men who from it. Man not URI do, he wants Allahu Allah later Allah that He makes or they come upon you men from halogen any difficulty? Well I can but you redo he wants leotta hirako that he purifies you completely when you demand and that he completes near matter who his blessing are they come upon you. Law law calm so that you can screw you I'll give thanks.

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What guru and you all remember near Mata blessing, Allah He of Allah, Allah come upon you when we zurka who and his binding old His covenant and Lady which was a comb he firmly bound you all be here with it

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is when you said Sameer now we heard we're Aparna and we obeyed.

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What the Oh and you all fear Allah Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah our Lehman are resolved annoying. Be daddy with possessor of sudo are the chests.

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Yeah, are you hurt or you and Edina those who knew they believed kulu you all become over meaner. Ones who stand firmly lilla he for Allah. Xu had a as witnesses built this plea with the Justice Waller and not yejide Monaco it definitely forced you It definitely compel you or incite you, Shanna Anna and muddy omen of a people I know upon and learn that not 30 do you all do justice?

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era de leeuw do justice? Who was it? A caribou is closest? Let Aqua to the taqwa Allah consciousness.

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What Taku and you all fear Allah Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah hubiera always all aware, the man with whatever that minute you will do.

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What he promised Allahu Allah and Medina those who knew they believed what our middle and they did. Aside they had the the righteous deeds, the home for them. masirah Tony

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Forgiveness will add your own and a reward, or Li one great

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one Lavina and those who don't follow the disbelieved work at the zoo and they belied Be it now with our vs. Allah aka those of horrible or companions of Jane of the hellfire.

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Yeah, are you hurt or you alladhina those who knew they believed? Would Kuru you all remember, near Mata blessing Allah He of Allah, La come upon you. Is when her mum intended a woman a people and that yerba sufu they stretch out la come to you idea home their hands, so Casper, so he withheld he restrained idea home their hands on come from you

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with the hope and your fear, Allah Allah wa ala and upon Allah He Allah failure the workers so he should trust me known those who believe

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what occurred and certainly a hoarder he took Allahu Allah Mita covenant bunny children is la isla of Israel. Well Basner and we appointed and we raised men home from them is not a to our shadow 10 is that they are shadow 12 now labor leaders

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what color and he said Allahu Allah in me indeed a miracle with you. The in Surely if of dawn you all perfectly established a salata de sala de dum and your game, as the cutter desica mentum and you all believe bureau silly with my messengers, where as to move them and you are fully supported them, you are assisted them will corrupt them and you are lent Allah Allah have been alone has been a good beautiful

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Luca furon surely I will definitely expiate our income from you so he as the comb your sins, while odd auditory learner calm and surely I will definitely admit you, Jeanette in, in gardens, tragedy it flows, men from Turkey her underneath it, and how the rivers

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famine. So whoever Guevara he disbelieved BARDA after the letter that men come from you for God then in fact, Birla key straight so we're from straight A Seville of the way

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fermina so because of nakoda him they're breaking Lisa home their covenant learner home we Kirsten, watch our na and we made kuruva home their hearts, RCS and heart. You have a foreigner they distort and Kadima the words on from Manuel de it's places

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when a zoo and they forgot how one a portion member from what the kiru they were reminded, believe with it.

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One and not desert it sets. It seizes who you be acquainted. Allah upon her in attain betrayal, men home from them Illa except believe in a few men home from them for food so you pardon on home from them was Spanish and you overlook

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in aloha Indeed Allah you hibou he loves and mursaleen those who do have most good

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woman and from Allah Vina those who call you they said in their indeed we Masada are Christians. A hardness we took misaka home their covenant fan a zoo but they forgot or so they forgot how one a portion member from what. Looky loo they were reminded busy with it

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for arena so he instigated so we incited by no home between them either whether the enmity well Baba and the hatred either to yo de la tierra Mati the standing for sofa and will soon Yuna vo home he will inform them Allahu Allah

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FEMA With what? Ghana they were yes my own. They do. They perform.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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Man, you

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yo Sony was

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come see

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surbey habima napolean

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