Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 156E Tafsir Maryam 34-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Hey, there leaker isa New Millennium Vladika that Risa re Sarla his Salam, who is he? iblue ammonium, the son of Maria, meaning what is related over here about restarting sunnah? That is the truth about him. Who is he? He's the son of Millennium. Generally, when a person is mentioned he's mentioned as the son of his father, the father's name is mentioned. But for ESRs and I'm every time who was mentioned money him why?

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Because he did not have a father. So he said no millennium. Oh another help the word of truth. Meaning this is the true account, and lovey which feed em tone in which they doubt meaning what is related over here about Risa? Are they Salam is the truth. recited Sudan was born out of what Allah has Kalama Kadima con when Allah subhanaw taala said Khan, Allah subhanaw taala sent Gibreel s&m to blow the roof into Meriam that is how it restarted Saddam was conceived. And Allah DVM Tarun the word em Tarun is from empty rock for me. Yeah, the word media means doubt in the Quran we learned filata Kofi midia timid, do not be in doubt concerning it. So Allah DVM thrown people are in doubt

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concerning the matter of Resource Center, what doubt is it that they have that they have doubt in Allah?

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They wonder how is it that a person could be born just from a mother? How is it that he was born without a father? Impossible? So yeah, I'm told they doubt which is the reason why they sometimes say that restarted Saddam, he was a son of so and so men, right and they have different accounts of that. Or sometimes they say that he is the Son of God, depending on who is saying. So Young throne, essentially, if you think about it, they are in doubt, and the word em Tarun Indira also means to argue, to debate, meaning to not be in agreement over something to defer over something. So they differ over the matter of Resources Center. And that difference will be mentioned in the following

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If so, when there is doubt about something, when people differ over something, what should you do?

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When everybody's saying whatever they want to based on ignorance concerning a particular matter? What is it that we need to refer to? What is it that will give us confidence or the true version? What is it that we need to refer to the Quran? What is it that Allah has said, what is it that the messenger SallAllahu Sallam conveyed to us? Because if you begin to listen to what people have to say, then every individual will have a different account. So for example, the birth of Rhys Arliss and how many different versions are there? I mean, it's confusing. It's confusing. You watch one movie, it says something else. You read another account that says something else. You hear one

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person he says something different. So Young, the room there is doubt it's complete chaos. So what Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned over here, coal will help alleviate him. Tarun Maracana Lilla He it is not possible for Allah it does not befit Allah azza wa jal. It does not behoove Allah and yet didomi wala that he would take a child, notice the word one word, well, it is used for any child, you know, male or female and over here, what has been negated is the belief of certain people that recited Salam is a son of Allah. Allah says, it does not befit him to have a child Subhana who Exalted is He? Perfect? Is he and remember the meaning of Sapan? What does it mean? Saba Hazza ha

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literally means to swim. Alright, to move quickly in water or in air. All right, this is the literal meaning of the word. Now when you're swimming, you're going from one place to another or you're swimming away from the place that you were originally in. So there's this meaning of moving away, removing, taking away. So when you say Subhan, Allah, what you're saying is that Allah is perfect. And I remove I distance, my Lord from any imperfection, or any flaw or any deficiency. Subhana who perfect is he? Exalted is He meaning he is above the need of having a child. He is above the imperfection of having someone who is like him, or having a child. Because you see, Allah subhanaw

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taala Who is he the creator and we are the Creator.

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Should, right? And when he is the creator, what does that mean? He is different. And if he were to have a child than what does that mean?

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He's not different. There's another one like him. And if he's had one child and what does it mean? More children? Right? More children, then he's not unique. He is not worried. He's not ahead. You understand? So this is why it's a deficiency for Allah subhanaw taala to have a child. Now, if you think about it in the Surah, what did we learn earlier? At the beginning, about zakhary rla Sana, he needed a child. It's a human weakness. It's a human need, because we are dependent on others, whether they are children or friends or relatives, or whatever they may be, we are dependent. And Allah subhanaw taala. He is above that weakness. So Subhana, who perfect is He glorified? Is he

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Exalted is He either Acaba, Amman, when he decides a matter for in nama than indeed not but your kulula? Who he says to it can be for your cool then it is? Meaning Why is it difficult for you to understand? That is our son is the son of only a mother? Why is it that you say that he is the Son of God because you cannot figure out how he could be born without a father? Is this why you say he's a son of God? Well, what's the answer to that? That Allah can create him even without a father without using any means? Why? Because for Allah, nothing is difficult. He just has to say con and it happens. Gunfire calm. We're in de la hora B and indeed Allah is my Lord who said this Reese Arliss

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and I'm sad this this is a continuation of restart listen, I'm speech what he said earlier. We're about rhombi Wiley that he will a major I need about on shotty was Salam wa ala Yama will lead to a OMA a motorway OMA Ooba Whoa, hey, yeah. And in the middle, there is a lesson that Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us of what of his oneness that don't say that resize a son of God, and then resign this and I'm speechless continued we're in the law has not be what I've become the message that result is that I'm gifting his people was Allah is my Lord, and your Lord. And when he is the Lord of all of us than far boo then worship only Him. *, that's it almost muster up. This is the right

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way. What is the right way? What is the right way? worshipping Allah alone far boo hoo.

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So if a person does not worship Allah, is that the right way?

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If a person does not worship Allah, is that the right way? No. If a person worships others besides Allah, is that the right way? No, far boudu who had their only this is slaughter Mr. Payne, for Tana Zab. Woman benei him photographer. So he deferred it fellow via Filippo FTF. What does that mean, to defer to have differences? So the deferred who has a reserve is a plural off his and his group.

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His results are used for like a political party. Right? Because there's competition, right? Each has a different view, a different goal, right? And there is competition. So people, they became divided into factions into different groups, differing from each other men benei him amongst themselves, which people are these which groups are these? One group of the Jews, another group of the Christians? Because you remember that when there is artists and I'm was sent majority of the people, what did they do? Do they believe in him?

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Did they know they didn't? And who were those majority of people, the Bani Israel.

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All right. So they rejected him. Why did they reject him? Why didn't they believe in him? What did they say about him? They said that he was a liar. They said that he was a magician. They said that he was an imposter, someone who was pretending to be who he was not. Right. And they said that he is the son of so and so they accused Meriam of Xena. And eventually there were people who believed in reciting sunnah. And you know that the Hawara Yun there was a group of some people who believe and resolve this and gradually what happened. They exaggerated in their faith in their belief and resigned this enough that from the status of a prophet they elevated him to the status off Son of

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God. So on the one hand, the Jews accused him of lies. And on the other hand, the Christians made up things about him for his abdomen, binding him and this if dilla if you think this was just a difference in thinking or in belief

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This difference led to many battles also to persecution also of certain groups. So for falafel Zaboo membrana him notice the word men by name amongst themselves, meaning this difference was between themselves and who did they are only themselves for way you learn. So Whoa, well yeah lamb What does the word whale mean? It's a claim of other meeting, punishment will befall on such people and whale is also like a threat of punishment. Waylon Lilla Lena Cafaro for those who disbelieve me Mashhad, at Mashhad, what is Mashhad sheen have done? What word comes to your mind?

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shahada shewed showerhead, right? What does it mean?

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Okay, scene meaning to witness. Right. So for example, Shahid is who a witness meaning someone who is witnessing a scene. All right. And Mashhad, what does Mashhad mean? Mashhad can be understood in two ways. First of all, we understand Mashhad as a noun

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right a noun giving the meaning of Mashhad as in scene, right a scene meaning that which is seen and secondly, we can understand Mashhad as a lot of meaning, a noun that describes a place meaning when they will be present at that place, when they will be brought at that place. Now, what is that scene? What is that place where everyone will be brought? The Day of Judgment, the place of Marshal so when all people will be gathered, and they will be made to witness that great day, Yeoman or Aleem great day, a tremendous day they have Judgment. Allah says Wally Lydia Cafaro.

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On that day, there will be punishment for those who disbelieve

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what does it mean then? What are we being told that this is not a simple matter? This is a very serious situation.

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One is to believe in recited Suriname in the prophets of Allah as they should be believed in, as Allah has informed us off,

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according to reality, believe in their, in their truth, the fact that they were sent by Allah and the others to believe in something else, something that people have invented, or something that people have accused the prophets off. One is help and the other is badly. One is truth, and the other is falsehood. Truth is based on knowledge, and what knowledge could be more certain than that which has been given by Allah subhanaw taala. And the other is that which is based on doubt.

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What people think, what people assume, what people have come up with, is there a difference between the two versions? There is in this life? Certainly there is. But there will be serious consequences on the Day of Judgment.

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whaler Lilla Rena Cafaro those who disbelieve in recycling center and believe in a Silas and I'm Doesn't this mean you believe in the fact that there was a man recited sunnah no believing this or this and it means that you believe that he was the prophet of Allah, the servant of Allah, the Messenger of Allah. And if a person says that he was the son of Allah, then is that belief or disbelief? Its disbelief. So this is a very serious matter. In Serato KEF right at the beginning of the surah What Did We Learn? Were you in there? Alladhina Carlu

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et de haut Allah who will order the Quran has been sent specifically to warn those who say that Allah has a child. Allah has a son.

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Those who say this, the Quran warns them. And this is the warning for way Lulu Dena Kapha Roman Mashhad Yamuna Aleem the prophets of Allah Julio sallam said, Whoever testifies that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone, who has no partners, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a servant and messenger and that Isa was ALLAH Servant and Messenger and his word that he cast upon mme and disparate from him and that paradise is true, * is true than Allah will admit him into Jana who is going into Jana who, what is a Hadith fellas the person who believes in your isa the cinema as a servant, as the messenger of Allah

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and someone who believes in something that's other than that, then for way Latina cafardo May Masha do mineralium a smear be him what elbow slash a smear be him whatever slit

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seen me my summer to hear that slog bustle to see form that you see over here a smear became a smear of behavior, right? This is a form of mobile lava.

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And what it means is that how well they will see how clearly they will see.

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All right. So it doesn't mean a smear listen be him to them. No, you'd not literally translate this. It's an expression. It's a form. And what this means is how clearly they will see how clearly they will hear how well they will hear how well they will see. When yo maya tune and out on the day they will come to us on the day that they will come to us meaning the Day of Judgment. All people they will see very clearly they will hear very clearly. What does it mean by this if a person is seeing clearly they're hearing really well what does it mean?

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That they cannot misunderstand now. They are perceiving reality as it is.

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So right now they're in doubt about it right now they're closing their eyes and ears to it but on the day that they will come then the truth will not be hidden from them. They will be made to see it they will be made to listen to it. Yo Maya tuna lacking a Wally Munna Leone but the wrongdoers TODAY FEEL bull lm rubine are in clear error. You see there are certain things that are part of life. They are reality, but we don't like them. So we don't want to see them. We don't want to hear about them. Every time they are mentioned, what do we do? We ignore we go away. Every time they come we go away. It's a reality that we are avoiding.

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But this reality but restarted sinner, this reality of Allah's oneness, this reality of the truth of His messengers, will people be able to avoid it on the Day of Judgment? No. And you see if you've made a mistake,

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if you've made a mistake, and you realize you've made a mistake, then it's very difficult to look at your own mistakes.

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Because when you look at your own mistakes, what are you admitting before? Everybody? Yes, I was wrong.

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Right. So you don't want to look at it. Every time that subject is mentioned, you change the topic. Every time that test paper is brought out, you just put it away, you don't want to look at that test paper, you don't want to look at that exam. Why? Because you've made so many mistakes in it. You don't want to acknowledge the fact that you've made a mistake. But on the day of judgment, these big mistakes, even a smear of be him were opposite. Each person will see very clearly the wrong that he did. You know, for instance, if we made some mistakes in the past, and somebody reminds us we say, Please don't talk about that. I don't want to remember it. Don't remind me, right? We say Don't

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remind me. Or any thought of the past comes to our mind, we say software Allah and we just try to ignore it.

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But in the Quran, Allah says, Sahil, Allah wanna Sue. Allah has enumerated when a zoo and they have forgotten it. So yes, this is talking about a particular group of people. But this is a lesson for us also, that there may be sins in our life in our past that we don't want to see we don't want to acknowledge but remember, just avoiding thinking about them is not going to make them go away. What is necessary that we change our way we repent to Allah, we seek forgiveness from him, even if it's a sin that we committed five years ago, 15 years ago when you remember it cry before Allah, ask him to forgive you. Because you don't want to be made to see those sins on the Day of Judgment. A smear

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behavioral opposite the day when we will not be able to close our eyes. The day when we will not be able to close our books and throw them away.

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We won't be able to avoid this reality what we have done we have done it there is no turning away from it. It's a reality. Accept it and fix it. How to fix it. Repent seek forgiveness a smear be him what other sin yo maya tuna.

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Blackie Nuvali Munna Luoma field Allah Allah moonbeam what unzoom and warn them warn the people will Prophet salatu salam warned them Yeoman has authority of the day of Hazara

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is the day of regret, what is her sort of passing

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hustler is to feel regret over what a person has done. Why did I do it? I should not have done that. And there's two kinds of regret. One is that over something wrong, that was done a mistake that was made. So what is the regret that you have? I shouldn't have done it. Why did I do it?

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And the other type of regret is over, leaving out something not doing something. I should have done it. How could I have left it? How could I have forgotten it? I should have made use of my time, I should have made use of that opportunity that was given to me.

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This is hustler? Do we feel hustle? In this life? Over missed opportunities over mistakes a lot?

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Like for example, you had three weeks, right? And in that time, you could have listened to the you know, Miss lectures, and you could have reviewed your notes and you can, you know, done your translation. But you kept thinking it's okay. It's okay. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it.

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I'm busy right now. I'm enjoying my break right now. Come on, it's good to take a break. But then what happens the night before the test, you realize you have very little time, which is not enough to review everything that you have to review. So what do you feel at that time?

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Has surah? What do you want to do? Take back that time that was missed and do something in it. Right? But in this life Alhamdulillah life we miss an opportunity, we can always get another opportunity. Right? So for example, if you're not ready for your test, you just fell your group in charge Sorry, can't make it today.

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And then because she really wants you to complete your results, she's after you. When are you taking your retest? Right? So you can always make up in this dunya.

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But when it comes to Ira on the Day of Judgment, can we fix anything that they

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can we say, Oh Allah, just give me one hour and I'll fix everything. Can we get one hour back? Can we get even one day back? Can we get any opportunity back? No, that's it. This is why the Day of Judgment. yomo Dean is also called yo Malhotra. This is one of the names one of the descriptions of the Day of Judgment, the day of regret. Why? Because every person will regret that day.

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Each person will have regrets, what kind of regrets?

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What kind of regrets?

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So for example, if a person has committed sin, you will say I wish I had not done that. And if a person has brought someone good, he will wish that he had done more good hustle.

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You have just five extra minutes, you know, read your notes just a little bit more. Right before the test, you have that anxiety fully I taking just a little bit more time. And so that always comes to mind. Like especially before exams, I think back that you know what, what will I do then? You know, if I'm stressed out right now that I haven't been able to go over my notes properly. What am I going to do then when I'm standing there and I have no chances to try again.

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Now, again, like in this life, we can fix our mistakes. But on the day of judgment, there is no fixing. Why is Allah subhanaw taala telling us who under whom Yeoman Hustla warn them about the data of regret. Why do something now, so you regret less on the Day of Judgment. You don't want to be regretting so much. People will regret over their sins. People will regret over their missed opportunities. And on the Day of Judgment, we also learn that yo Omar Abdullah Ali Moralia day, the day when the wrongdoer will bite at his hands, do people bite their fingernails? When some people have a habit and others, they only do it when they are in stress. Right? They're nervous about

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something. So imagine, on the Day of Judgment, the wrongdoer will not just bite at his fingernails, he will bite at his hands. Yeah, they he.

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And he will say, I wish I had followed the messenger. I wish I had not taken so and so as my friend.

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The regret is over what a bad company. Why did I not befriend certain people? And why did I befriend certain other people? My friends were bad he will regret over his friends yomo Hustla why because our company affects us. What Annville whom Yellowman hustle

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off. And this regret a person will begin to feel from the moment of his death in truth and when Africa not so we learn about this, that spend in the way of Allah spend give do something. Otherwise what will happen? That when the moment of death arrives a person will say you're a B Lola, a herd attorney in a Jalen curry, why did you not defer me for some more time? Why did you not give me some more time one more day. If you had given me more time, I would have given sadaqa and I would have become of those who are righteous, I would have done a lot of good deeds. But when you hit Allahu nevsun, either Jarrah, or Jeju, Allah will not delay for any person, his time when his time has

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come. Meaning the moment of death is not going to be delayed for any person, any person,

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a lot of good deeds, they will not be in the accounts. That's really very horrifying. That is also a form of regret on the Day of Judgment. So one regret is I wish I had done something and this begins from the moment of death onwards than in the grave, on the Day of Judgment when people will be resurrected, when people will be given their records. Regret, regret, regret, who regrets more who think about it, someone who hasn't done enough?

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And yes, everyone will be in some form of regret, but some people they regret will be more and others they regret will be less slowly. When you talked about biting on the fingers. I remember, I met a girl in the jail and I saw her hand, the knuckles were raw. So I thought she had some kind of illness. And I asked her, I said, why are your knuckles what's did you have something on your hands? She said, No, I tend to bite them. So I said, Why do you do that? She said, No one I'm nervous. And then later I realized, mashallah, her parents had given her a very good Islamic ground, you know, foundation, she knew a lot of the was she knew how to read Arabic, like compared to the other girls,

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she was very much advanced. But I don't know how she had fallen into wrong company, and moved out of the house. And you know, it always starts with moving away from the parents away from the family, thinking that you know, I'm going to live with friends or whatever, and shaitan will take them step by step, the story, I've noticed that it always starts with moving away from the family, and then they have a boyfriend and then things start, and I don't know how they end up in jail. And then that's the time when they regret the most that why did we leave the house and this girl used to be in touch with her family who was in the States and she will tell me that, you know, when I go out

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Sister, I'm going to just go back home just go back home, but I remember her hands. I can't forget them. I've never seen anybody with you know hands like raw flesh. So

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one zero home yo mill has sloty in the aisle, when the matter will be concluded, when the decision will be made concerning each person, there is no changing their records now, they cannot fix their mistakes, and is only an hour when the matter will be concluded. This is specifically referring to when the people of Paradise will be in Paradise and the people of * will be in * and everyone who has to be taken out of * is taken out and sent to Paradise, and the rest are remaining in hellfire. So, each person when he will be in his final destination, then we learn in Hadees that death will be brought in the form of an animal of black RAM.

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And the people of Jannah will be made to look at that RAM and the people of hellfire will also be made to look at that animal.

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And then it will be said this is death and that animal will be slaughtered.

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Meaning death has died now. This is the death of death. And it will be said that all people of paradise you remain in paradise forever. And oh people of hellfire you will remain in Hellfire for ever. If anyone could die out of extreme happiness, the people of Ghana would have died out of extreme happiness. But since there is no more death, they will not die. And if any person could die out of extreme grief, the people of hellfire would die out of extreme grief at that point, but there is no dying then some Malaya moved to be here. While you're here.

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At that time, extreme regret, were unveiled home Yeoman Hustla.

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And basically the message that we are being given over here is that don't delay anything good. Don't leave out anything good because you never know when your time will end. You don't know. I was reading an article the other day about the incident that happened in the shower

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That school in Pakistan. And there was an account of one boy who got killed over there and the mother and mentioned, but his last day that how there was a wedding in the family. And, you know, they told the son don't go to school today. Because you know, there's a wedding going on everything but eventually was said that he should go to school. And he woke up late. And his mother said, Have breakfast he said, Mom, I'm getting late for school, how can I have breakfast, and he ran out the door, went to school, and never came back.

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And I was just thinking that, you know, when you leave your house, in a rush, you skip your breakfast, you think you're gonna have your meal later on. You don't know you might not even get there. You might not even get there.

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When you have a fight with your mother or with your father or with your husband or with your children or with your siblings and you walk away. You don't know you might never see them. They might never see you after this. We don't know.

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We don't want to die with regrets.

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So fix your relationships, fix your relationships, relationship with Allah.

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You know, if we're doing something wrong, and we're feeling guilty, and that guilt is killing us, it's haunting us don't delay it till next week or till next month or till next year, when you might go for Imran, then you can do Toba know, don't delay, you might never get that chance.

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Sometimes we defer, you know, for instance, doing a car and we think oh, you know what, I'll do that later, later later. How long does it take?

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It doesn't take much. And this you know, these wasted moments will be a source of regret for most people on the Day of Judgment, wasted moments, when we're just sitting and staring into nothing. killing ourselves, killing our time destroying ourselves. What are we? We are these moments, right? Because this is all we have to make our O'Hara and if we're wasting these moments than we are wasting ourselves and this will be a source of regret on the Day of Judgment. Recently, I attended one of the sessions by my mother, a buddy of Elan Jana path to paradise the recording is available on the website. Those of you who understand what do I encourage that you definitely listened to it,

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it's not very long. And then that basically, she taught a booklet in which is a compilation of different ADKAR which we are encouraged to do. One of them being Subhan Allah who will be handy, or Allah Allah in Allahu Allahu la sharika Homolka Allah will handle who are their coalition colleagues saying this 100 times a day. And when you think of 100 You're like,

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not possible. But in that session, she said, Okay, now you Say Subhan Allah who will be handy and time yourself, say that 100 times you know how long it took two and a half minutes to Say Subhan Allah who will be handy 100 times two and a half minutes. La ilaha illallah Hula, hula Shakira this because you know how long it takes to say 100 times 10 minutes.

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That's it.

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We have 10 minutes to spare. We have two and a half minutes to spare, don't we? But we delay we say yeah, later when I become very righteous. And I have all the free time in the world. And I'll do that.

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But it's these moments that we need to avail. So I was just looking at some studies and numerous data shows that, you know, we spend more than half of we're like just waiting, waiting in line waiting in traffic jams or waiting in different things, right? Or we spend like more than three to five years of our life just driving. Right? So those little opportunities or maybe an opportunity that we might regret if we're not using it. Exactly.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:53

And hustle over this. But I wish I had done something I wish I had at least done Vic.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:17

Last Sunday I got into a very bad accident. And after the accident i x the lady was sitting next to me she was nine months pregnant. I said I didn't do that card this morning. Did you do it? She said no, I didn't do it. You were rushing for the test. And you said we come here and and revise our lesson right? Then first thing came into my mind was did you do that crap? She said no. And I said I didn't do it either.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:28

Both of us are fine. Even the guys really bad and right off, you know, because less than two seconds, not even a minute, two seconds.

00:34:29 --> 00:34:59

Think about it. If we live out something, we face consequences, right? And that difficulty that we are suffering from becomes a source of regret in this life. What do we wish at that time? I wish I'd done my I wish I had done such and such. I wish I had not said that. I wish I had said that. Imagine the regret on the Day of Judgment were unveiled whom Yeoman has slotty is Khalil Unruh? Well whom feel off Latin but right now they are in here.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

heedlessness they are heedless, completely negligent they are in offline for a while whom lie to me no one and they do not believe. They do not think about what's to happen. They're busy in their lives.

00:35:15 --> 00:36:06

Later they will see in Narita. herba indeed we are going to inherit the earth who? Allah subhana horadada what does it mean? Woman RLA Han also those on it meaning everyone upon this Earth will die everyone because no one is eternal except for who? Allah subhana wa Tada international nodetool herba woman I lay her Ricciarelli Sinha he was taken up he will be sent back to the earth and then eventually you will die. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Zachary artisan and money of all righteous people what happened? All the prophets of Allah they came and they went every human being he will come at this time and he will go and who will remain forever who will never die? Allah

00:36:06 --> 00:36:44

subhanaw taala what Elena your own and to us they will be returned they will leave this earth this present life and they will come back to Allah subhanaw taala who will recompense them for their deeds therefore it is that day that we should be preparing for that day that we should be preparing for how much do we prepare for special days special events in this life and every specialty that comes eventually it's over we move on from it. But remember that when death comes there is no going back to life.

00:36:45 --> 00:36:58

There is no returning to the life of this earth. So it is that day that we should be preparing for because everyone will go each and every single one of us no one is staying behind. Let's listen to this edition.

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You guys

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Oh, Mack and

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dashi them

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so they're

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either on

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Oh, one

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b Debbie Feldstein Zaboo

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Lena cache Oh,

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mush her the only novel

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a smear bidding more

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Millman Hazaragi in mobile

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home feel off let

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me know.

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In nerdy soul

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