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An-Nisa 86-93 Translation 86-93

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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the hemudu who will also do a lot of sweetie he'll get him a mvat for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem for beshara By the way, silly MD or Hello Dr. Millis Ernie Yakubu Cody probenecid in a

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translation lesson number 61 suited to Nyssa I am number 86 to 93 what either and when

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you were greeted bita hatin with a greeting for how you then you all greet the center with better men her than it oh or redo her, you all return it

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in Indeed Allah Allah Ghana he is ever either upon cooling every shade in thing has CBRE account taker

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alone Allahu Allah La not enter her any god in there except who he

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led monochrome surely he will definitely gather you either to Yomi de la Yama to the standard layer not rubber any doubt fee in it woman and who asked is more truthful men then Allahu Allah had Isa in statement former so what law come for you fee in a mana 15 the hypocrites fee at a in two groups or law who and Allah arkessa whom he reverted them Bhima because of what Casa boo they earned

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a due to the donor you all want and that do you all guide man whom upon he let go astray? Allahu Allah, woman and whoever you blame he lets go astray Allahu Allah Phelan then will never Vegeta you will find la who for him sebelah away

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What do they wished low? If the coruna you all disbelieve karma just as kifaru disbelieved fetta coluna then you all will be server equal further so do not that definitely do you wanna take your adopt men home from them only close friends had the until you had euro they migrate fee in severely way Allah He of Allah for in then if the one low data in the way for who to whom then you sees them work through whom and you kill them hey so where would you like to move home you all found them

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all now and do not that they do you all take men home from them? Were Legion close friend whether and nor nazira any helper

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in law except I live in those who yes Luna they join inner to calm in a people buying a comb between you or buying a home and between them. me sir can a treaty Oh or Joe Kahn they came to you has a lot It was confined. It was constricted. So due to whom their chests and that you are deluna Can they fight you out? Or you? Are they do they fight? Over whom they're people? Or no? And if he will, Allahu Allah, less than LA for whom? Surely he gave authority to them or he gave control to them.

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I may come upon you. Fennec alter lucam so surely they fought you fill in then if it doesn't come, they withdrew from you. phenom. They're not you rt lucam they fight you or I'll go and they offered la come to you a settlement, the peace, FEMA, they're not Jana he made Allahu Allah. Luckily for you, I lay him upon them against them. sebelah away

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setor gtuner so

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You will find our harina others UD Duna they wish they want and that yet mono come baby secure from you were Maru and they be secure oma home from their people.

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cola when ma ever could nama whenever would do they were returned in a to an fitna the fitna the temptation, the trial kizu they were plunged facedown fee her in it

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for in then if lamb not Yahtzee lucam they withdraw from you where you will go and they offer in a come to you a settlement the peace where Khufu and they withhold idea home their hands for who to whom, so you all sees them, catch them, walk through them and you won't kill them. Hey, so we're starting to move on you all found them? Well, Ola, ECAM and bears for you all. Jana. We have made luck home for you. I lay him against them. So fun and evidence. Authority bobina one clear

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Warner and not Canada, it was Lima meaning for a believer and that year kotula he kills meenan a believer in law except hotter by mistake. Women and whoever katella he killed meenan a believer hotter and by mistake. further review, then set free or then setting free rock aubertin of iNec maintain a believer well and the atone Blood Money misson Lemma don't want to be paid or one that is sound killer to a he his family in there except that your son the coup they give as charity for in them if Ghana he was men from a woman or people are due when enemy like home for you, or whoever and he may known a believer for the hero, then set free or then setting free rock aubertin of iNec

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minute in a believer

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we're in and if Canada he was main from parliament of people buying a comb between you were buying a home and between them Misa on a treaty for the atone ban Blood Money was Salama don't want to be paid, or one that is sound Illa do early he his family well and the hero setting free recovering of iNec minute in a believer

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from him. So whoever loves not gadget he finds firstly me then fasting Shalini of two months, motor bearing two consecutive delbarton repentance, main from Allah He Allah what can and he is ever Allahu Allah or Lehman always annoying hakima always always.

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Woman and whoever yocto he kills Milan a believer, Madame Madan intentionally fetch Rosa who then his recompense jahannam is held highly then one abiding eternally fee her in it was all labor and he became angry. Allahu Allah. I lay upon him when I know who and he cursed him.

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And he prepared for him. A punishment of Lima Most Great.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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mukhiya Mattila de burfi woman, double Mina, la

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Boo. Boom

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Boom. Una

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mina Pamela

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Moshe, Hawaii mutata big Neato burrito

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