Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 04 – L051A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu the hammer the windows Sunday a lot of Sunni Hill Karim Allah borrowed Pharaohs Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah AR him. Rubbish Riley assadi were Sidley and the ruler of that Emily Sani yaku holy Robin probenecid

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lesson number 51 surah earlier on I am number 156 to 168.

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Yeah Are you her or you and Medina, those who

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knew they believed law do not the kulu you all be can Latina like those who care for who they disbelieved

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although, and they said Lee when he him about their brothers either when Babu they traveled, they struck fee in an OB the land.

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Oh or Kanu they were Gaza fighters. Low if Kanu they were in dinner with us, man, not motto they died. Warmer and not potty do they were killed Leah Darla. So that he makes Allahu Allah velyka that has written a regret. fee in cannubi him their hearts will Allahu and Allah, you he he gives life wa and you Me too, he gives that one law who and Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Duna you will do bursledon all results in

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law and let in Surely if Patil don't you were killed. fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah O or mudam udeid nanofiller tune surely forgiveness min from Allah He Allah wa and Ramadan mercy hiren are better mimma than whatever yajima own they gather

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water in and surely if matome udeid Oh or hotel room, you will kill la isla surely to Allah He Allah to Sharon, you all will be gathered

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for Bhima so because of much Metin mercy, men from Allah He Allah, Linda, you will lenient the home to them.

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Hello, and if

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you were fallen, rough, harsh, rude. Vanilla hard, I will call we have the heart, LEM fabu surely they would have dispersed, they would have broken away, men from Holika around you.

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fairfull so you pardon on home from them was still fit and you seek forgiveness, the home for them? What and share with whom you consult them, fee in the matter. For either so when

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you resolve firmly fatawa can then you trust Allah upon Allah He Allah in Indeed, Allah, Allah, your hibou he loves omotola Killeen, those who trust

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in if young circum he helps you Allahu Allah. Further so not only but anyone who overcomes law come for you. walk in and if you then come, he forsakes you famine, so who there is that? And lady who? Young solocom he helps you men from body after him what I learned and upon Allah He Allah failure token so he should trust me noon, those who believe warmer and not gonna it was leaner begin for any profit and that your winner, he deceives he acts unfaithfully he acts unfaithfully

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woman and whoever yolen he receives x unfaithfully yet D he will bring he will come Bhima

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with what Allah he received yoma en de la Amati the standing some then to offer, it shall be fully paid Gullu every naps in Seoul, ma whatever Kassar but it earned, well whom and they learn not use the moon they are wronged or they will be wronged.

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If a man is then who? It turba he followed completely, they have one pleasure approval, Allah He of Allah, command like who, but he returned bissa hoppin with anger with displeasure men from Allah He Allah Wa Wa who and his abode Johanna mu is * will be sir and how bad Alma sleep the destination

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home day the Rajasthan have grades ranks in the near Allah He Allah Wa Allahu and Allah bursledon always all seen the man with whatever Yama loon they do. laqad search certainly men he bestowed favor, Allahu Allah. Allah upon me Nina the believers in when bartha he raised fee him in them or Sula, a messenger men from and foresee him themselves yet Lu he recites are they him upon them as he is versus what end user key him he purifies them well and your limo home he teaches them LP taba the book, while hikma and the wisdom we're in and indeed, can Oh, they were men from fabuleux before Luffy surely in Berlin misguidance may have been clear.

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Why, when a man when I saw that comb, it reached you.

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Mostly button a misfortune, a hardship. But in fact, a sore thumb you all reached, Miss lay her twice of it.

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You said and now how From where? Heather this poll say who it men from are in the mirror and fujichrome yourselves in Indeed Allah Allah, Allah upon Cooney, every shade in theme pudieron always all able warmer and whatever a sober calm it reached you it befell you the oma on day in the car, it met a Gemini the two groups Furby isni then is with permission Allah He of Allah, wa and Leah Noma so that he knows and meaning those who believe

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what and they are lemma so that he knows and Medina those who know aku they showed hypocrisy. What Kayla and it was said the home to them there are no you will come potty loo you will fight Fie in Sibelius way Allah He of Allah O or it Pharaoh you will defend or do they said low if only now we know the tyrant fighting let tabernacle surely we would have followed you. Home de Lille kufri to the disbelief Yama even that day or Cora boo nearer main home than them lil Eman to the belief. Yoko Luna they say we have where he him with their mouth mouth what Lisa is not fee in kulu be him their hearts will law who and Allah our Lomo is most knowing Bhima with whatever you have to move they

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hide and loving and those who follow they said the one him about their brothers. What while car do they sat down low if only a part owner they obeyed us, man not cootie lu they were killed.

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You say further Oh then you all avert ward off. I'm from and foresee calm yourselves and motor the debt in if you were the ones who are truthful.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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is one hidden

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Tommy voila habima una don't see what I

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mean a la, la, la la, la la,

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la la la

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de la

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boom in

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la mina

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on the

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Al-Imran 156-168 Translation

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