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Al-Baqarah 221-228 Translation

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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salam ala rasulillah. Kadeem I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim

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for beshara he swatted away safely emri Washington data melissani kahuku openen sytner in my lesson number 30 surah baqarah Ayah number 221 to 228

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Translation one and do not Thank you who you all may emotionally care. The polytheistic women

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have their until you mean they believe

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what and surely, Amazon a slave woman might mean atone, believing hiren is better men than wishmaker then a polytheistic woman Willow even if our job earthcam she pleased you all weather and do not don't care who you all give in marriage and emotionally kena to the polytheistic men had their until you know they believe

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what and then surely I didn't a slave minion believing hi Ron is better men than me she became a polytheistic man. Why now even if our jibba come he pleased you?

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owner aka those yeah their owner they call Illa to and now the Hellfire will Allahu and Allah gather Ooh, he calls he invites either to Agenda the paradise. One more Pharaoh and the forgiveness. The evening he with His permission.

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What and you obey Him He explains clearly. It is versus lunacy for the people. Lyla home so that they get other karoun they take a lesson.

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What and yes, aluna aka they asked you on about al mohib demand situation

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wholesale. Who it either hurt for so here does he do you all keep away. And Lisa from the women fee in an mohib demonstration, wonder and do not dakara bhuvana you all go near them had their until year two horn they are clean for either so when the heldman they attain purity or they purify themselves fat to hoonah then you all come to them. Men from Hazel where American POW Allahu Allah.

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In the Indeed Allah Allah you hibou he loves at the Webby. Those who always repent. What and you have good healers, Al Mujahideen, those who clean themselves those who purify themselves. Lisa welcome your women helps them are a field Lacan for you

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do so your GM helps the comb your field. And however, sheikhdom you all will work and are the move you will send the head the unfussy comb for yourselves with the glue and you won't fear Allah Allah what are the more and you all know? And acoem that indeed you will aku who are wants to meet him? What and But should you give good news and meaning to the believers?

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Wanna and do not that your Allu you all make Allah Allah or button a shield and excuse

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Li a monochrome for your own words and that the above rule, you all do good with that the cool and you want to Allah or to slay who and you will make peace by in between anass the people

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on level and Allah semir on always on hearing our leemon always all knowing

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that not you see the comb he will call you to account. Allahu Allah. been lovely with the game with the unintentional fee

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In a monochrome your ODEs when I can, but you are free to comb he will call you to account. be mad for what cassava is parent, boo boo comb your hearts.

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Allah who and Allah have a futon always all forgiving halimun all resolved forbearing.

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Linda Dina, for those who use Luna this way either this were a vow of sexual abstinence. Men from Lisa him they're women that are also waiting or bar or for assuring months for in them if for whom they returned. For in then Indeed, Allah, Allah, Allah phoolan always of forgiving for him on our resolve merciful. We're in and if as a move they firmly resolved of political divorce for in them Indeed Allah Allah semi on always on hearing our Lehman always annoying

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what and unlimited law court the divorced women yet are Basma they shall wait be unfussy him with themselves. The latter three Kuru in menstrual courses whether or not your Hello it is lawful lohana for them and that yet they hide man what halaqaat he created Allahu Allah Fie in our harming him their wounds in a corner they were you mean they believe believe in Allah while yummy and the day and the last one and Marula to one their husbands I have two or more entitled are more rightful bureau dinner with taking them back fee in their liquor that in if Aurora do they wanted they intended is Lucha reformation.

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One 100 and for them mythical, like similar to a lady which I lay him against them build my roof in the recognized manner well every journey and for the men are they hidden upon them? The Raja turn a degree arranque

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Allahu and Allah as always Almighty Hakeem on always always

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visit the recitation of these verses.

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Well, thank you

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gotten me a man he

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loves me

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Kumara ki

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Bhima cassava boo

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boo boo

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Are you

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been lucky that he can do

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what I

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to was lucky