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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of labor on society, including stress and anxiety. They encourage people to take the means to ease things up, and to not rely on labeling and negative experiences. The speaker also mentions a positive process called " blessing is an amazing process" that involves taking the means to make things easy.
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What do we take home from this beautiful four or five verses in the Quran?

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Labor is painful. Labor is stressful. But Allah makes it easy. Say the money was unknown. There was no physician. There was no label. There was no nurses. There was no support. No husband, nobody, by law means tz so for every woman he was inshallah gonna go today but soon, or do you just start, find out you're pregnant. Don't worry, Allah who made things easy, number one, number two, take the means to make sure things ease

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as almost Hunkeler such surely, the palm tree whatever makes things easy, do it. But don't depend on these things depend on Allah subhanaw taala that he will make these things work. Subhana and then always think This is Indiana. It says a blessing is an amazing process. Subhanallah

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