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Allah servants, but fasting in the month of Ramadan, it helps you clean your heart.

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In the Quran we learn wedges at home bml Sabo, Jonathan

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and their reward because of their patients will be gentle and silk, fine silk, meaning the people who observe patients in this world in this life, whether it's patients in the month of Ramadan, or outside of that, but especially in the month of Ramadan because it's difficult to be patient when you're hungry and thirsty and sleep deprived.

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But remember the reward of patience, Allah will give Jim

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Allah will give headies He will give silk comfort luxury for yourself. The month of Ramadan is all to the month of pull on.

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We think that the month of Ramadan is important because we're supposed to fast in it. But you know something fasting was made obligatory in the second year after Hitler and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in Makkah as a prophet he was there for 13 years after that he did the internet to Medina not the first year but the second year the Muslims were told to fast in the month of Ramadan

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but remember that the month of Ramadan was special even before fasting was prescribed.

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The month of Ramadan is special even if a person is not able to fast because some people for some genuine reason they're not able to fast in the month of Ramadan and they're excused by the shedding of genetic fast whether it is extreme old age or it is some health concerns, whatever it may be, but a person is not able to fast so he thinks Oh, Ramadan I I don't really feel Ramadan because I don't fast in the month of Ramadan. So it doesn't really matter to me much. No. Remember Ramadan is important. Even if you're not fasting

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even if you're not fasting still Ramadan is special. Why? Because what makes Ramadan special is not fasting. It is something else. Does anyone know what that is? It is the fact that the iron was revealed in the month of Ramadan.

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Ramadan is the only month that is mentioned in the Quran. Shadow Ramadan. And how does the last prophet Allah mentioned it that shalom Ramadan and Lady owns in a female Quran, it is the month in which the Quran was revealed the month of Quran and this is the reason why we see that the prophets on a loving reading summon would review the entire Koran in the month of Ramadan with his partner and who was that the angels up? And how would he review it. He would listen to gibreel recite the Quran to him. And then the prophets on a lot of them would recite the Quran back to Djibouti. He would listen to the Quran. And he will also recite it because both of these actions listening as

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well as recitation. Both of them are distinct acts of worship. There are two different acts of worship. If you're listening to the Quran, you're actually worshiping Allah.

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If you're reciting the Quran, again, you're worshiping Allah subhanaw taala because there is a lot of excellence of listening to the Quran also into the unfound for example, we learn what you have to do today you may add to that to me manner that the believer is when the verses of the Quran is recited to them, it increases them and

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it increases them in faith.

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And this is how the Quran is reviewed by listening as well as by reading

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for yourself that please once review the Quran, recite the whole Quran at least once and it might seem like a big daunting task, but if you divided over the day, that it would every solid after every solid before every saw that whatever is easy for you, you know, read for example, four pages, five pages, whatever is easy for you. And hopefully inshallah, by the end of the day, you'll manage to read the entire juice. And if you dedicate a juicy day, then inshallah hopefully, you will complete the entire Quran.

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But then what happens when women, they get their time of the month, they were on schedule, every day, a job everyday a job and their time of the month comes and then they fall seven just behind default five just behind there for ages behind whatever it may be another like You know what, I give up? I don't know what I'm going to be able to complete the entire forum in the month of Ramadan. Then remember that first of all, if you cannot read it, certainly, certainly you can listen to it. Certainly you can listen to it and if you're listening to it, that in itself is an act of worship.

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So if you're not able to recite the Quran, listen, some people that find it difficult to read

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Hold on, they don't have much reading fluency. Or they get more tired because they're trying to get their hands, their brain and everything right to their mouth is tired. And when they realize that they've spent half an hour reading on the two pages that they're like, Oh, it's gonna take me so long. So again, don't get disheartened. Spend some time reading the Quran. But also listen to it and remind yourself listening to the Koran is also an act of worship. And you know what the best thing is, if during the day you recite the Quran yourself, and during the night, you listen to it.

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That's ideal. Ideal. But for many women again, it's not possible for them to go over today.

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Especially this Ramadan when the nights are so short, and that is going to be so late. Many women must be wondering from now There goes my Ramadan, I don't know how I'm going to do it.

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If you cannot go to the masjid yourself, again, you can listen to the Quran through the day. Read it. And also listen to the Quran through the day and have children listen to it also. And you know what, the prophets have a lot of sentimental kalon partner gibreel would listen and he would recite to him, find someone whom you can recite the font, and who's Kalani you can listen to

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maybe it's your sibling, maybe it's your husband, maybe it's your son, maybe it's your daughter, maybe it's your friend, maybe it's your neighbor, what a good thing to sit together for. Listen to one another ideal, it's best, you get both benefits. And you see when a person fasts in the month of Ramadan than what happens locally.

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And in this month, you don't just fast you alter revive your connection with the Quran, you strengthen it. The book that you read, that you study that you recited, maybe it's been a while that you recited it. Now revisit this book again, recite it again, listen to it again, listen to it in the car, listen to it at home, listen to it, while you're preparing food, listen to it, spend more and more time listening to it, reciting it, when you will do that you will strengthen your connection with the Quran.

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And you know who benefits from the Quran, the people who have the core, because that equal kita la vie Murphy, who

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is a guide for who for those people who have done. So this month is a month of training in which we developed upon God consciousness. Why, so that we can benefit more from the Quran. This is why fast during the day, and recite the Quran in the night. Also, in a hadith we learned that the fast and the whole on our do intercessors for the servant of Allah on the Day of Resurrection,

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the fast will come and say, oh, Lord, I prevented him from food and desires during the day. Let me intercede for him. And the Quran will say I prevented him from sleeping at night. Let me intercede for him, and their intercession will be accepted.

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Has it ever happened with you that you're stuck somewhere and someone comes up advocates for you? Or says something in your favor, and that kind of saves you? And then later on you're thanking and thank you so much for saying that one segment even it saved me. I don't know how I can thank you. I'm so grateful to you.

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When you desperately need support from someone and somebody who supports you through just a word or two, imagine on the Day of Judgment, how desperate we will be for forgiveness, and what will come Come on what will come the fasting.

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Likewise, we learned that when we pay attention to you know, revive our connection with the Quran, we are going to spend time reciting it listening to it but also do review its meanings. Because for many of us, there is a barrier between us and the Quran. And what is that a language barrier. It's in a different language than ours. Or we have studied the Quranic meanings, but it's been a while. Maybe we studied them, let's say a year ago or two years ago, five years ago, and there are portions of the line that was meetings we have kind of forgotten. So it's a good time to review the meetings. Also. It's a good time to review the meetings also. So read the translation. Listen to some, you

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know lecture or attend a gathering in which people are reviewing the meaning of the Quran just the translation, but refresh that meaning so that you can enjoy a recitation and enjoy your pm also. The month of Ramadan is also a month of grace. As you heard the I asked earlier, about the month of Ramadan. Last time was about

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that what either cernak everybody or I need for anybody would you prefer with a dairy

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a lot responds to the call of the caller when he calls upon

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So made God. Also, in this month. In a hadith we learned that boron made by three people are not rejected. daraz made by three people are not rejected for those three people, the father, so make sure you tell your husbands to make drawers for your children. Secondly, the fasting person. And thirdly, the traveler. This is a hadith that is reported by Obi hilti. So who are these three, the Father, the fasting person and the traveler. So when you're fasting this month, take advantage of that last paying special attention to your dogs. Why not ask for whatever you need, whatever you need, you know, the first victory victory of anyone that was in which month in the month of Ramadan,

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the conquest of Makkah, you know, when that was in the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala granted victory to His Messenger in this month.

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So, this is a time when we also have victories and we cannot have any kind of victory, any kind of success, whether it is overcoming something, you know, some bad habit or whatever it may be, we cannot overcome anything, except with a loss help. So make them and especially at the time of breaking your fans make because when a person is breaking his past, he's completing a good deed, then that is the time to make the law because that door inshallah will not be refused a fasting person have you felt as a fasting person upon breaking as fast as a supplication that will not be rejected. But unfortunately, for many women, that time is spent in what last minute things to put

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out the table last minute things to do to serve the table, serve the guests. And we waste those precious moments. Precious Moments. Get everything ready, just 10 minutes ahead. 10 minutes ahead.

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Get everything ready. And so what if the table is not looking perfect? Doesn't matter. Make the right time. And let's say you are in a desperate situation where even the food is not ready. I mean, you have to kind of, you know, prepare the food because it's not fair for your family that they're sitting while you're making God. They're sitting hungry and you're making go. So as you're preparing as you're working, keep your tongue moist, and keep making God to

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take advantage of this great opportunity. And it's the time to remember a long can I had these we learned that once a person came to the Prophet told a lot of cinnamon, he said he was with a lot. I know that many commandments of Islam are upon me, meaning I know that there's so many things I have to do. But just tell me one thing that I may practice consistently throughout my life,

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consistently throughout my life, what is it that I should really focus on? And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, keep your tongue moist with

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keep your tongue moist with the Knickerbocker constantly engaged at the remembrance of Allah.

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And through Ramadan, while you're fasting, keep your tongue moist with the Quran. If a person says ley de la jolla, she can handle a water pollution 100 times in one day, then he will get the reward of freeing 10 slaves. Are there any slaves these days that you can buy and you know, set free.

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You can't, you don't have that opportunity. But if you say this 100 times you will get the reward of freeing 10 slaves 100 good deeds will be written for him and 100 things will be erased from him.

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100 sins will be erased for who for the one who says this liquid 100 times.

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And you know what, you can fix this with a certain chore that you have to do. So for example, after school, everybody's gonna go upgrade their soda and go to sleep. But what do you have to do? Stay in the kitchen and wrap up the food and clean up the kitchen and you tell herself you know what I might as well do all the cleaning up right now so that for the whole day, I won't need to worry.

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So as you're doing that, keep your tongue moist.

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As you're preparing food, keep your tongue moist with

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my clients this month is a month of compassion. When we when we feel hunger and thirst, that we feel other people's pain.

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We can empathize with them, we can experience what they experience. So this is a time to remember. Others also especially those people who are needy in society, whether it is our family members, or is the poor and needy in some other country or the poor needy in our own country in our own city. Someone who's sick, someone who needs help. This is a time to really act

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Sell in good deeds, and help others also who are needy.

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And there are so many opportunities which have Hello we are formed off in this month. local food banks are, for example Russian programs where you can send food abroad for people in need. You can donate clothing, 100, Allied Olga and Mississauga, we're actually having a toy drive, in which you can donate brand new toys, not even like in the US just brand new, like literally packaged fresh from the store, you can donate them, for children, for Muslim families will get those gifts agreed. Because those families cannot afford much for their children, and hamdulillah. We did this last year also. And so many children were given these gifts, that there was a little girl, she was shocked.

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She was literally shocked that that given was for her because she had never seen anything like that before. She could never imagine, can you imagine being in that situation where you cannot buy a gift for your child, you cannot buy a gift for your child, you find out that your son really, really likes, you know, those day blades, or your daughter really likes some kind of a doll or something. But you realize that you can't afford it, you're either going to get groceries for them, give them milk so that their bones can be strong, or you can buy them with Beyblade. And obviously, where are you going to prefer food rather than being in that situation. So remember other people also, we

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become really extravagant in the month of Ramadan, where we spend a lot of money on our food,

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on entertainment, having people over giving gifts to one another attribute that we forget other people.

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But this month teaches us compassion, you're hungry, you're thirsty, think about people who are not hungry and thirsty voluntarily. They're hungry and thirsty by force, they don't have a choice. So remember them and alleviate their difficulties so that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will remove difficulties from you. So take advantage of these opportunities which come our way. And this is a time of giving sadaqa and we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to give so much amount of Amazon that is giving sadaqa is described as fast when he was more generous in the past when you know, when wind blows, then it affects everything. It affects everything. You know, from

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the rooftops to the trees to little plants. I mean, recently, in the past week, we saw those really windy days, at least in Mississauga, we saw them. And I noticed that in my backyard, there were these certain plants, which were very, very small at that time, I noticed that one of them was completely bent, our neighbor's a part of their tree had broken off. Literally it had broken off because of that fast when it affects everything the profits are the longer suddenly was more generous than the fast when meaning you would give so the hot everywhere, everywhere, any opportunity that he would find every opportunity that he would find he would get, he would give a

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charity now are these weird that the rich ones, people who are rich, the people who have many blessings, they will be poor and the Day of Judgment.

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Except for those who spent here and blame and like this. And like that mean, the prophets have a lot of really exaggerated, that they give a lot of subtle, but they spend a lot in the way of law. So this is a time of protecting ourselves from Hellfire off securing for ourselves shade on the day of judgment because a person will be under the shade of a subtle call on the Day of Judgment. So this is the time to do that. Give us a call this month. Think about it from now, how much you're going to give and give more than that. And recently, I was at a gathering where somebody was telling other people about the different ways in which they can give something called this month, basically

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different opportunities that are coming up. And this lady was sitting next to me and immediately she pulled up some money. And she said can you please give it to the sister so that she can spend it in whatever cause she finds best. I was amazed that speech was not even over that announcement was not even over and this woman had already spent she was already given sadaqa

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but sometimes what happens when we hold back? We think if I give money, if I give my savings and what will I have left? How am I going to eventually buy that house that I really want? And how am I eventually going to buy that car that I really want? No. Who is our provider? Not our bank account, not our paycheck. Our providers almost

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the last panel Darla says in this particular or son of Adam spend and you will be spent on you give an alone will give you

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you give an Allah will give you so give in this month, so that you can receive more from Allah subhanaw taala and if there is any Zakat that is due the first and foremost give this account that 100 Allah that is taken care of. Then after that, pay attention to more subtle calls.

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After that, also remember that this is a time of

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the month of Ramadan is a time when we should really be a lot of attention to standing in prayer because whoever spends the Ramadan fasting during the day and standing pm at night, then of course we learn from her these that his past sins will be forgiven. In the hold on we learned about the people agenda that they use to sleep little in the light candle polyallylamine a lady manager and this one Milan as you will experience that. Literally you are saying to yourself how much sleep do I managed to get this night, two hours, one hour, three hours. What happened? Where did my sleep go? Don't feel pity for yourself.

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You know, give yourself a bed humbled. And

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finally I can be of those people who sleep little at night. I'll make it up during the day. Hopefully I will be amongst the people who slept a little in the night so that they could relax agenda. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best prayer after the prescribed prayer is the prayer at night. The best prayer after the fourth prayer is the night prayer beyond name. So if you're able Go for it, because when you bring together it becomes easier. But if that is not a possibility due to your schedule or due to your family situation, then don't deprive yourself completely fair enough all that all the profits on the medicine has happened just to bring it Raka knuffle at night and

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finishing that off with three with every night This was happened in Milan and also outside of rubber bomb. So make sure that you bring at least a record. Even if you cannot recite you know all Jews recite as much as you can, but do some kind of gambling. And if Allah subhanaw taala gives you the ability to go for a run and go with that home of reward that in the month of Ramadan is like doing Hajj with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because any good deed that is performed this month, its reward is multiply and take advantage of the last 10 days of Ramadan. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would strive during the last days of Ramadan more than he would do so at any

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other time. I shall do longer and undescribed with the beginning of the last 10 days, the prophets on Alonso would title his waistbelt you like if you're ready to do something, and given your best what do you do you gather your clothes off together. You're like I'm I'm all set for it. I'm all ready for you bring your hijab, you tie your the butter or whatever it is, so that your clothes don't become a hindrance for you. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would also strive his best in the last 10 days, and he would also wake his family up during the night. Why so that they could also find Leyland

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because Laila to othering higher on men and Fisher is better than 1000 months, if a person manages to worship a Muslim guy that night imagine it is as though he's been worshipping the love for 1000 months, which of us has that ability, which wasn't gonna actually live for that long, we don't even know. So this is once a year opportunity, which a person must not deprive himself from because if he does, so that he is depriving himself have a lot of good. He is depriving himself of a lot of good. And it is necessary that we engage in a bother at this night because unfortunately for some people, it's going to the muster than having their coffee and tea and, you know, socializing, no, these are

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not nights of socializing. These are nights of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and earning his forgiveness. I told the Lord that she asked to do so like I find I love the other one should I do? I'm shall I say, and she was told to make them. What is that?

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a llama in our form, to hibbeler for

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that, oh, allow you Wherever pardoning you love to bargain. So please forgive me. All of these laws, all of these virtues and that I shared with you today. All of these are hobbies, you can actually find them in a book shabu Ramadan, which is available in Urdu as well as English and 100 other sisters, I have them over here. So if you'd like to remind yourself of anything, increase in your awareness of any of these aspects or share with your family and friends of any of these virtues, please do take advantage of this book in Sharla. And there is also a checklist that's available. a checklist that inshallah will remind you, of having dates for suhu having dates for your thought of

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you know, reciting certain hath God through the day. So inshallah, this checklist will be a source of motivation for you and your family to make sure that you are performing certain deeds and you know, make the most of this Ramadan. Because you see, Ramadan is a very unique opportunity. Everyone doesn't get it. There are many people who died yesterday.

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There are many people who died today because every single day people die. Some people die old, some people die on. Some people die in a state where they're expecting death to approach them and some people die unexpectedly.

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The other is lady came to me and she told me that her mother died one day before we move on last year, over one of the previous years, her mother died one day before Ramadan. So we don't know whether this Ramadan, we're going to actually see it or not. So made the intention from now. Because when a person makes the intention to do something good, then a good deal is already recorded for him. So make the intention from now. And if Allah subhanaw taala gives us that month to see then make the most of it.

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Make the most of it. Because what if we don't get to see nexternal bond? What if we don't live to see an extra mobile because in Ramadan is layer two and layer two. One of the meanings is that it is the Night of Decree. When the decrees of Allah servants are handed over to the angels that go and do this for my server. So we don't know what was decreed for us last Ramadan, if the angel of death was given the list of people whom he was, who sold he was supposed to collect. We don't know if our name was in that list. And we don't know perhaps our name will be on that list this Ramadan.

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So when Allah subhanaw taala gives us an opportunity, let's make the most of it. My last point on I really give us the ability to make the most of the struggle every day of it every night of it. every moment of it made these fast really developing us a stronger sense of taqwa. And may we develop more patience. Man, these fasts and this recitation of Quran and the standing in prayer at night, be a source of our forgiveness. I mean, so Chronicle long way behind the sugar lady, the healer and Mr. Finca wanted to do they are suddenly in a coma.