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The Pharaoh had very high power in the land, nobody could look him in the eye. And he had broken his population into groups that hated each other. What are the two groups you already know about that hated each other, the Israelites and the original Egyptians, and he kept them apart from each other. And this also teaches us, the pharaoh in order to remain a dictator. He wanted to make sure different groups of people in his country hate each other. And that way, they won't ever stand together and stand up for their rights together, because they're too busy doing what? hating each other. And that's when he can do whatever he wants. Sounds familiar in today's politics? Right?

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That's federal policy. Giada Allah Sheehan. And then he says, the next part of his strategy, Allah says, Yes, not a full thought if I hadn't been home, he took one group among them, and especially made them victims. Who did he make into victims? The Muslims of that time, the Israelites are the Muslims of that time. And how did he make them victims? You the bill abna home, were yesterday in his home, he would slaughter their boys and let their women stay alive? Why would he let the women stay alive? Because he still wants future slaves, doesn't he?

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He still wants more children later on. Because he still needs a new workforce, just can't have too many of them. He would slaughter the children. And I'll give you the story of how he would do that in the preview, right? So he would do that. And he said, Allah says no guy nominal mousseline he used to be from those were the most evil kinds of what kind of evil human being would be okay with killing babies, and not just one or 2000s of them as a policy and say, Oh, that's good for the country. It's okay. It's good for the country. This was the kind of person that spread spreading great amounts of corruption. You know, I sometimes cringe when I look at our our dollar bill, and

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there's a pyramid on it. And we celebrate the great Egyptian empire. When I look at, you know, courthouses and government, Governor mansions and things like that, if you notice, Governor mentions, they have columns that are bulging in the middle, and then skinny on the top and bottom. Have you seen those, though? That's an Egyptian architecture. They want their architecture to look like the ancient Egyptians, because they, they looked up to them. They mimic them, they say, where the new Egypt, where the new great empire. So people don't look at the evil that they did. People just look at the buildings they built, and the government that they had and the control that they

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had. And Allah says, when we read this part, this is still the opening. Allah says, When would you do a nomina AnnaLena study fulfill Earth? When Niger Allahumma ima when Allah who will listen now this is confusing. He says in our plan, Allah says, The King has his power. He's got all these slaves, you can do whatever he wants with them. And Allah says our plan is to take those that were turned into victims, who was turned into victims, the Israelites. He says we wanted to make those people give them a special favor. And then give them stable government on earth. No machina long fill out. Okay. And he says, we are the home I am we wanted to make them into leaders hold on a

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second. Make who into leaders, the Israelites? Do the Israelites have any government? Where do they live?

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Okay, let me ask you something. If you take the poorest neighborhood in America,

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the poorest neighborhood in this country, and you take some people from there and remove the people from the White House and put them there as government.

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Are you going to have a stable government or an unstable government probably more stable than what we have now. But still,

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generally speaking, would you have a more or less stable government? Why? Because people like that have no experience in what? In God. They don't have any experience in leadership. They're so weak, they can't even protect their own household. Soldiers walk in and kill children and they can't do anything about it. And now they're in charge of an entire country. Allah says, the people who are made victims, I wanted to turn them into leaders. And I wanted to turn them into inheritors. When I know who will be seen, what's an inheritor? When does somebody get an inheritance?

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Anybody know? When does somebody get an inheritance? When someone dies, so Allah is saying, they're not just going to get land, they're going to inherit land. But in order to inherit land somebody has to what? Die, Allah is saying in the opening, I'm going to make the Pharaoh die. And I'm going to give them the kingdom that the Pharaoh once had the Pharaoh being the mightiest King on earth at the time, the pharaoh being the mightiest mightiest empire on earth at the time. Everybody else on Earth was either afraid of the pharaohs or looked up to the pharaohs, princes from around the world in different countries and different cultures. The the princes were sent to Egypt to get a higher

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education. They were the Harvard and the Yale and the Oxford of that time. This is where higher education used to happen. And Allah says, I want to replace them with these slaves. That's the opening. And he says when you look at

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Hello, I'm Phil, I'm not only when I give them government, I will give them stability. That's the part that's wild to me. Even if you have power. If you don't have experience, you're not going to have what? stability when no Makina the one fell out. And then he says, We're newly I found out Well, how am I not? What do you do the home? I mean, how can we act alone, and my intention was to show the Pharaoh with his own eyes. And my intention was to show her man her man is his general, his commanding officer, I wanted to show the Pharaoh and Hamas and their armies, everything that they used to be scared of. That's the last part of the opening. Allah wanted to show these people what

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they were what scared of but the Pharaoh has all the power. He owns the military. Why is he afraid? Because when he goes to sleep after killing all those children, or when he goes to sleep every night after keeping people as slaves, he's afraid one day these people will what?

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They're gonna wake up and they're gonna kill him. So even though he has power, he's paranoid all the time. He's scared all the time. He looks like he's powerful. And this is Allah's way of telling us what happens with bullies, bullies and people who oppress other people. They may look tough on the outside and terrifying on the outside. Allah is telling us that they actually live in fear on the inside, you know what they're afraid of somebody standing up to them.

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There's something somebody's realizing how weak they actually are, and calling them out on it. They can't stand that they're terrified of that idea. Hey, guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job and billionaires to make deeper study of the Quran, accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section