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Juz’ 26: Al-Ahqaf – Az-Zariyat 1-30

Qaf – Az-Zariyat 1-30

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Off Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Poff one call Anil Majeed In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, Poff by the honored guru on, but they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves, they're amazed at the arrival of a human prophet. And the disbelievers say, this is an amazing thing. This is something so strange, when we have died and have become dust. When we return to life, that is a distant return. We know what the earth diminishes of them, and with us is a retaining record. But they denied the truth when it came to them meaning without even reflecting they have rejected the truth. So they are in a confused condition. Have they

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not looked at the heavens above them, they should look at it. They should look at the sky, how we structured it with beautiful colors with moving clouds and adorned it and how it has no rifts and the earth. We spread it out and cast there and firmly set mountains and made grow there in something of every beautiful kind. Something of every beautiful kind. You know, it's amazing, even weeds. Even they look beautiful. It's amazing how when you're pulling weeds out, the kids will say to you, why are you killing plants? Because they don't know what weeds are. They think all plants are beautiful. It's a yellow flower, it's a dandelion flower. So even if something is apparently useless, it is

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still beautiful minko leaves out in the heat, giving insight and a reminder for every servant who turns to Allah. And we have sent down blasted rain from the sky and made grow thereby gardens and grain from the harvest when it used to rain, even our best of the lower and who would order his servant to have his clothes put out for him. And he would say one xlm in SMS email and mobile rocker, meaning he would do that why? Because he would get wet in the rain. He would go out to the rain deliberately in order to get wet. And then he would have his clothes ready so that he could go and change immediately. It is Mubarak water indeed. Because if you think about it, no matter how

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many sprinklers you get installed in no matter how much you water your lawn,

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what rain does to your lawn, nothing else does. One knucklehead Seo katella Health alone, no bleed, and lofty palm trees having fruit arranged in layers as provision for the servants and we have given life thereby to a dead land. Thus is the resurrection. Why do you think resurrection is so strange, the people of New denied before them and the companions of the well and the mood and are odd and fit our own and the brothers of Lulu and the companions of the thicket and the people of Tibet are all denied the messengers. So my threat was justly fulfilled. Did we fail in the first creation, but they are in confusion over a new creation, meaning Why should it be difficult for Allah

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To recreate you, Allah did not get tired after creating the first time. If that was the case, then we wouldn't see trees growing back every year. What do you see at the end of fall? In winter? Trees are dead barren, empty, but what happens every spring? They grow back as if they were never leafless. Isn't it? A farheena bill? How can I what what did you think about Allah? You thought Allah became tired? No way did he fail in the first creation? No way. But they are in confusion over a new creation. And we have already created man, and we know what his soul whispers to him and we are closer to him than his jugular vein, failure jugular vein, just touch your neck. How far is it

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from you?

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It's not far, it's not far at all. Allah, His angels are closer to us than our juggler vein, even idiota la palma de la pena nelia, mini Ronnie Shima licari. When the two receivers receive seated on the right and on the left, meaning the angels of Allah seated on the right of a person, and the left of a person to angels. So a person is never alone. You're never alone. we're never alone, who's always with us? Who's always with us, the angels, they're always with us man, field woman, Colin Illallah de la kbit. Man does not utter any word, except that with him is an observer prepared to record

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prepared to record, what does he record everything that a person says that a person does. You see, Allah has not left us after creating us that we can think whatever we want, and we can do whatever we want. And we can say whatever we want to know. We have been created. And we It seems as if we are free, but we're not actually free. We are constantly being watched. Every action of ours is being recorded, every word is written, even if we whisper it into somebody's ear. It's being recorded. Man does not utter any word, any word loud or soft, good or bad, useless or beneficial, except that with him as an observer prepared to record, it is ready. The angel is ready. This is why it is so

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important that we guard the tongue,

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the prophets of velocity and said that a person he says something good and he doesn't think of its significance. But because of that statement, his honor, his status is elevated near Allah. And at the same time a person could say something one word, and he doesn't consider its significance and because of that, he falls in the sight of Allah. So important that we are careful about what we say because every word is being recorded.

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at soccer, automotive ill health and the intoxication of death will bring the truth. It will bring the true News The Real News, the news of death, for which was no rappelling. That is what you were trying to avoid all your life you are trying to avoid that. But there is no escape from death. When you feel office so and the horn will be blown. That is the day of carrying out the threat.

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At coluna. Ma has a commercial he and every soul will come with it a driver and a witness a person will not come along that day. Every person will be brought with the driver meaning an angel to drive him to make sure that he doesn't run away and a witness to testify to his deeds. It will be said you were certainly in unmindful pneus of this and we have removed from you your cover. So your sight this day is very sharp meaning now you see everything clearly before you doubted heavily. And his companion the angel will say this record is what is with me prepared Allah who will say throw into hell. Every obstinate, disbeliever preventer of good aggressor and doubter who made us equal with

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Allah another day it then throw him into the severe punishment, his devil companion will say, Our Lord, I did not make him transgress, but he himself was an extreme error. I didn't force him. He himself was an error. Allah will say do not dispute before me. While I had already presented to you the warning, the word will not be changed with me and never will I be unjust to the servants. Yo Monaco Lee Johanna hallym, talathi otaku Halima z.

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On the day we will say to hell have you been failed? Are you full? And hell will say Are there some more? There is room for more. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the Hellfire will keep on saying Are there any more Are there any more it will keep demanding more and more until the lord of power and

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Honor will place his foot over it and then it will say chapati sufficient, sufficient buyer power and honor and its various sides will come close to each other meaning hell will be contracted, it will be reduced it will be shrunk. May Allah protect us all from the punishment of hell because if you think about it really the center so many sins in our aqeedah and what we think about Allah, what we see what we hear, what we watch what we think, what we do with our feet, with our hands, when we say with our tongues, endless every day, we promised ourselves today I'm going to guard my tongue, what happens?

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We really earn a lot we really seen a lot. And this is something that we need to take seriously. Beg Allah for forgiveness because jahannam is not an ordinary place. What was leafleted agenda today mattina, zero Berry and paradise will be brought near to the righteous not far. They will not have to bear any hardship in order to get there done, no will be brought to them. It will be said this is what you were promised for every returner to Allah and keeper of his covenant meaning and every matter he used to turn to Allah in joy in worry in distress in anxiety whatsoever. Whenever he found something difficult in his heart he turned to Allah He remembered Allah begged Allah.

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One who returns to Allah and happy who is happy is one who guards the limits obligations, the trust, the time that he's been given the money that he has the efforts, his driving, everything is done, he guards his deeds, he guards, luckily, a word in her field. Make note of this generous promise to whom a word happy is one who turns to Allah and one who guards what he's supposed to guard. And you see a word. A word is one who repeatedly turns back to Allah, in remembering Allah in seeking Allah help. And also, in worshiping Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, none will guard solid to do her except the web. And that is similar to a webbing. What is what is that at the time of Doha when

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the sun has fully risen, performing solid that time? Who is it that can do that who's really consciously turning back to Allah, because what happens, you sleep, you wake up, you pray, your fudger, you do your stuff, and then you want to get busy with your work, or you want to go back to sleep. But who will pray at that time, the one who chooses to turn to Allah.

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Monica she'll Ramana believe, who feared the Most Merciful in the unseen and came with the heart returning in repentance, repeatedly turning to Allah, enter it in peace. This is the day of eternity, they will have whatever they wish they're in and with us as more and how many a generation before them did we destroy? Who are greater than them in striking power and unexplored throughout the lens? Is there any place of escape? Meaning did it save them from the punishment of Allah? Indeed, and that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens while he is present in mind. And we did certainly create the heavens and earth and what is between them in six days, and they're

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touched us not anywhere illness, so be patient Oh profit over what they say. and exalt Allah was a very humble Arabic copulatory shamcey wa Carbonell who exalt Allah with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before it's setting and for that, you have to be awake and in part of the night exalt Him and after prostration also make use of these times and worship Allah do this be was the mayor and listen on the day when the caller will call out from a place that is near the day they will hear the blast of the horn and truth that is the day of emergence. That is the day when people will emerge from their graves in nano. No one knew me to what Elena Mosley indeed It is we who give

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life and cause death and to us is the destination on the day the earth breaks away from them, it will break away from them and they will emerge rapidly. That is a gathering easy for us. We are most knowing of what they say. And you are not over them a tyrant but your mind by the Quran whoever fears my threat. So those who take the warnings in the Quran seriously. They will listen and change man like me, among such people, sorta to that yet.

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Miss Miller you learn you're walking the walk

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wanna see

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this Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah the entirety Merciful, the Especially Merciful with their deity Dawa fell hamdulillah tea with Cora fell geria to Yusra fell mocha sumati Umrah in number two Arduino saw they were in Edina lower pair

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by those winds, scattering dust, dispersing wind storms that scattered dust and those clouds carrying a load of water heavy clouds carrying so much moisture and those ships sailing with ease and those angels, apportioning each matter indeed what you are promised is true. Take lesson from the blowing wind and the falling rain, the Lord at whose command all of this happens, Fiamma will also occur at his command. And indeed the recompense is to occur. Amen. You are not free that you can do what you please, you have to meet the result of your deeds, by the heaven containing pathways. Indeed, you are in differing speech. You see, every celestial body has its own orbit in

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the universe. So likewise, people also they have differing speech. One person says about the hereafter there is no afterlife another person has a very distorted viewpoint of the author another says oh there's no eternity and other says there's no hell and then there says there's paradise for everybody each is guessing. In Nikola field coulomb afterlife, diluted away from the Quran is He who is diluted or diluted away from reality is the one who is diluted being the one who's not using his mind. coated al-hurra soon destroyed are the faults of fires mean ghosts were just guessing. alladhina homefield on Rotten Sarah hone those who are within a flood of confusion and heedlessness,

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they ask, When is the Day of Recompense, it is the day they will be tormented over the fire, and they will be told, tastier tournament. This is that for which you were impatient, but indeed the righteous they will be among gardens and springs, accepting what their Lord has given them in the home Canon cabela Delica masini they didn't waste their lives guessing and talking. No indeed they were before that doors of good. They were actively preparing for this home. So much so that can Colleen Amina la Lima, Joan, they used to sleep but little of the night, hardly a few hours will be less hairy homea stuff. And in the hours before dawn, they would ask forgiveness. So Alhamdulillah

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the nights are short, that we can also say that yes, we are getting to sleep very little, because for the rest of the year, perhaps we wouldn't do it. It is Allah's mercy that the nights are short. We are forced to say that we can sleep only a little because the people of Jenna are those who slept very little in the night.

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And in the hours before dawn, they wouldn't sleep what would they do? They would ask forgiveness, they would beg Allah to forgive what will as Harry homea stuff Iran, and this is something we need to remember. Because while we are busy preparing food and eating at that time, we also need to remember that that is the best time to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala because at that time the prophets of Allah said and said, Allah waits, Allah waits until when one third of the first part of the night is over, he descends to the lowest heaven and he said, Is there any supplication or forgiveness? Is there anyone who wants forgiveness? Is there anyone who wants anything was making

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the wrong? Is there anyone who wants mercy and favor? Is there anyone.

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And I'll keep saying that until it is daybreak. So Allah is offering forgiveness at that time. But what happens to most of us, either we are sleepy or we're grouchy, or we're hungry, so make use of this time and really ask Allah to bestow His forgiveness on you. And for this set a reminder for yourself, you see, you have to be in the kitchen anyway. Alhamdulillah Allah gave you the opportunity to wake up before other people and to prepare food in silence when there's nobody around, you know, child to disturb, you know, person to ask you make use of this time, Allah has blessed you with this time, even if it's just 20 minutes and set a reminder for yourself. Keep a

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book standard something in your kitchen on the counter, so that you can open up a book in which all these doors of Estefan are mentioned. So for example, this book had a loader we have a canister in there's a whole section of stuff, all the different doors that you can say that are Muslim from the Quran and Sunnah in order to beg Allah for forgiveness, open that up, keep it in front of you. So as you are heating up the food, you are also reminded to seek forgiveness from Allah because these are precious moments. Don't let them slip away. Wolfie unworldly him heavily sur la walmer home and from their properties was given the right of the needy petitioner and the deprived meaning from their

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wealth they gave to those who asked, and also to those who are deprived to such an extent that they wouldn't even ask, and on the earth are Signs for those certain in faith and in yourselves, then will you not see and in the heaven is your provision and whatever you are promised then by the Lord of the heaven on earth, indeed it is truth, justice shore as it is that you are speaking. The hour is certain adakah Hadees halifa Ibrahim and mukuro amin has their reach to the story of the honored guests of Ibrahim, when they entered upon him and said, We agreed to with fees and he answered upon you bps, you are a people unknown. Then he went to his family and came with a fat, fleshy roasted

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calf and placed it near them. He said will you not eat and he felt from them apprehension, they said Fear not and gave him good tidings of a learned boy and his wife approached with a cry of alarm and struck her face and said I'm a barren old woman. How will I have a child called Luca Alec color of book in the who who will hakimullah Eileen, they said thus has said your Lord, indeed he is the wise, the annoying. Look at the way that Ibrahim A lost friend served his guests. May Allah grant us such as well, that we also show respect to the people who come to us. Look at how he brings to them food, he welcomes them. And then he puts the food in front of them. And then what's amazing over

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here is that everyone here at his center, he is given good news of his son. And the amazement of his wife is quite understandable because she was an old woman at this point. But what we learned from this is that Allah is Knowing he is wise. He knows how to execute his will. And he is wise in determining HIS WILL whenever he decides because it's possible. We want something at a particular time, but it doesn't happen. It happens later allows decision. So my luck it was the ability to accept his decisions and trust his decisions.

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soprano cola hammer behenic A Chateau a la ilaha illa Anta a stockbroker were to LA Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh