Ali Albarghouthi – A prayer for our brothers in Palestine

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video featuring a man named Jesus who is protecting the Muslims in the area. Jesus's actions protect the Muslims and their wealth and safety. Jesus's actions include walking away from harm and causing chaos, as well as setting up a wall to protect Muslims from attacks.
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To ask Allah Allah Allah Allah mean or hamara Herminia Allah protects, protect the people in Palestine. Yeah Allah protect the people of Gaza and Palestine and surrounding areas Yara Bill al Amin. Here Allah preserved their lives and preserve their wealth and preserve their children and preserve preserve what they have your hammer Rahimi your hola hola hola takuna la mia Allah P for them and not against them your Allah protect them from the plots of their enemies the Allah protect them from the harm of their enemy Yet Allah protects them from the harm of their enemy honorable al Amin, the Allah we asked you that you clothed them and feed them in sheltered them Yahama Rahimi ya

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Allah Ya Allah plan from them the plastic land your Hummer rahimian and protect them from the worst of plots Yahama Rahimi? Yeah Allah we are weak and we cannot do except that we should ask you so your Allah except our draft for mercy or hamara honey yeah Allah cleanse our hearts for us so that our dua would be acceptable yeah Allah we asked you that you would help them and aid them you know Allah help them and aid them yet Allah helped them and aid them. Yeah Allah protect all the Muslims in that area. Dr. hamre himedia Allah we ask you, that you will change us and make us of those who are worthy of your victory. Yeah, Allah changes and make us worthy to be of those who receive your

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victory ya Allah changes and transform us and make us better. So that would be worthy of those who will receive your victory Yahama Rahami allow us to do with the great things in this life that will please you allow us to stay away from the things that displease you. You are hamara Hamid, we ask that you would unite the Muslims upon your book upon the synovia messenger Alayhi Salatu was Salam was horrible al Amin to protect us and all Muslims from what what displeases you, Europe al al Amin, Allahu makan Lea Halima Philistine, our Hassan Ali him era al al Amin Allahumma photomonth vocal or the omitted or the one a man one Shema le him without Touch ID I don't know him yet. Then either

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here or hamara Jaime Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Sham Allahu Mufasa Hola. Shem. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Shem Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. feel asleep? Hola. Hola. I love you to sleep. Hola. Hola, Philistine mean coolly? Hum Minerva, Minerva are in Europa alanine Allahu Malaika with caffeine in the home now your resume Allahu Malaika will caffeine on the DNI your Sedona answer de Rica for in the homeless? You are assuming that Allahu Motyka will caffeine and letting you know you're so do wanna answer Vivica? inocula You are presuming that

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Allah Makina whom Bina shade Allah Who McPhee now whom Bhima shade Allah homak phenom Bhima shade, Allah Masha Allah Michigan home B and fusi him Aloha Michigan home B and fusi him Aloha Michelle Hornby and footsy him Allahumma Arthashastra sa home Allah Hamada yet Vera home Yara Bill al Amin, Allah may Allah Allah Allah aminophylline Muslim Nina furthermore Allahu Allah the humble am word on what are the Hamada ready him? Allah hamara dinner la Kardon Jameela Jamil kufr, Elena sir de la Aloha MyData Jana fitna Lila de Anika, for Allahu Allah Jana fitna, Linda de Nikephoros Allah Amanda Jana fitna, Linda de una Cafaro Allahu Mata Helena Kulu been our sukhna If Lhasa was a year that an

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email and you know Matata will put the unmonitored BioPerl al Amin allah how much an amendment to pee bottarga Aloha maganda naman na Surah Kahuna Salah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala maganda manasota Kawana sobre su lecuona softer houfy dunya will FLTR Bella Mia Allahumma Fidel Mussolini in if you could Lima can Allahumma further infusoria were Idlib a photo phillium and a photo op of Ronnie Stanley a photo of you Colima, Kenya mobile al Amin, Aloha moment Rahman Khanna, moody and Dhaka rubble Allah mean fair in what fashion in a woman can almost fit under that rubble al Amin Feherty here in them to hear about Al Amin factory in Oshawa. Yeah, how you react to your

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movie of magic and a steady oscillation a measure and an Akula hula tequila Isla and fusina Arthur Fattah I well famous

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