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He was having

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Allah Allah, Allah,

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that all glory and majesty, and all praise and thanks.

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And great and glorious is

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the one

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in whose hand is

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the milk. The milk in this case is not a country and will kill all operations

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available via the

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wahoo ally coalition, and the one who is who has control over everything

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that Allah is describing his own glory and majesty

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and introducing himself

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to us

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in a way that if it's

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the one who controls everything,

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the reason is that when we read desires of our heart,

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two things should happen. Number one,

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is pleasure for life.

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And number two, is power can Allah

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pressure the law, because it is natural, that when we are in the presence of or when we are hearing about somebody who is so powerful,

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and someone on whom we depend for every single thing, and someone in whose control There is everything, there is absolutely nothing and that's why reflect on the forum.

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For Anna, Luna,

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they reflect on the forum don't they think

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that their hearts are filled, there is a

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bit of a lock on the heart. So therefore we have to reflect on the veranda.

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Allah because we are in the Presence of Allah, we depend on Allah.

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And Allah Subhana, Allah has the power to control everything.

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And that Allah has given us the trophy

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has given us the honor

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of standing before him

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of reciting his alarm with his water column with our mouths and our tanks, and of baking soda.

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This is a mercy for life. We are not doing a silver dollar we're making sense of

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Allah. And one of the reasons I sort of said that when he went in Mirage, he said when I went to the heaven, the first one, the second heaven, and so on. He said, I heard a sound like the sound when a very heavy man sits on a chair, you get a ton of creaking with a chair is taking the weight of the very heavy man.

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hours, he doesn't know what was the sound. That is the sound because of the number of melodica who are making pseudos and rowboat Allah. Allah is every one of them.

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That they haven't made the sound as if the heavy man is sitting on a chair. So Allah is only for us.

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Alone only for us. We may XLR to those, because it is our number one. Number two, it is the greatest honor that can ever possibly be given to anybody.

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Because first of all, the question is, when you look at an honor, the question is who is giving this honor?

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Our servants also

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observe that whatever

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giving honor biochim.

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But if the chief minister comes and calls you and says this is the state government has given you this honor,

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there is a difference. And then if the central government calls you from Delhi and says this is the Government of India has given you this honor, which is the bigger honor the one that you get from government of India when you get from the state government.

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The honor depends on the one who was giving this honor.

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The value of the honor depends on who is giving the honor.

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Right now who gave us the honor to make sojos before him to come into into His presence will be a dishonor Guevara gallery via the

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the one who is in all that is everything.

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So this statue that

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is something which is a matter of great honor. And because it may so

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the first thing you should do is this idea and the center should bring cash

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Berliner has

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to have his or his passion for

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the purpose of acquiring yield is not to fill our brains. You know today we are like many of us. We are like walking library we have books and books and look

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but the effect of the book is not in our hearts

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and that's not the letter but people like that. Kamata linamar Yeah,

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they're like donkeys which are loaded with books.

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All those books do not do any benefit to the donkey because he doesn't know what he's getting into which

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you should not be like for us

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for the person of

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one is

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100. Now, this does not mean we should not you know make use of the veranda, we should not get a we must definitely jello all our life, we should try to get as much as possible. But as we are acquiring the last lab, we was consciously and constantly reminding ourselves saying where is the effect of him in my life, because if the effect of the ailment is not coming into my life, then this will manifest and resemble protectors will become a hedge against the authors of

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the new, but you do not do. So the first effect of this is a shift in the heart. And the second effect, the result of cache

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is not

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the result of the cache itself.

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When we are aware of the oil and majesty of others around us, and then we rely on them.

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That is why this is what I enjoyed. Although

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MonaVie while a

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second class I have attended although

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the name of an advisor Robert

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Mondavi, we have a wide array.

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And we have talked,

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it begins with a lot, it ends with this talk.

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Religion without prejudice. And if you're

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free from the fear of anybody,

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what they will will of you

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who will develop a man who is a man,

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he does not even have control over his own breathing, he has no control over the TV food, he cannot order the vote to the only good no one will do what Allah says that the Corolla whatever has happened.

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He wakes up in the morning as my wife say, one of my children

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is a thinker so powerful, that when you wake up in the morning, and you have to go to the pilot, either stop it,

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get control on your own pilot.

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He said you cannot even control something in your own belly. You want to control the world,

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self made man in English they're the same. I'm a self made man, the heroine in 911.

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If you even if even if that is true, then you are making yourself valid, because one is a Allah made man and the other one is a self made by Allah Allah.

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Even if it is true, what is true, he cannot even make a blade of grass forget about making, making a self made man that the the the the effect of the grass and the effect of a bowl of a bad must be to bring Harsha in our hearts and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his glory and majesty and to fill our hearts with this question and with his hope which is love as a result of which to make us with our children to make the people who have not gone and we remember we had the son of his Allah tala when he said that 70,000 of whom I will go into agenda without research and desire

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they have done a lot and we are included on this and one of those hours stood up and yeah so please make that for me that I should be among them and as soon as you are among them another one

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the one was for follow up

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as it shows on Roku that input there you go I know it don't don't sit and delay

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when there is a one

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those people who will enter into the writing because I was

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70,000 does not mean exactly 70,000 70,000 means a large number inshallah we have. We have the we have a lot of faith on the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah Allah as well as I always will be realized not an accountant,

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counter and God 70,000

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this is

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another as well as

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dangerous in jail, but we need to do something and make ourselves ready

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For that inshallah and have dark house Allah lordship, no joining anybody with Allah

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and Allah life Allah which are

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to ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah.

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We ask Allah to fill our hearts is open in this project and we are going to make our lives obedient to the sender of his messengers, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and to be pleased with us and include us, among them with our Lord. So Monica Lama VMD