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Get To Know – 26 Surah Al-Masad

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Episode Notes

Episode 26 – Surah Al-Masad – Nouman Ali Khan

Episode Transcript

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umina shaytaan YG rajeem Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim

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Allah hubby mu na

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Kassab say us lernout en toda hub on rato Hamilton health hub. Fiji, the hub loom method, rubbish. Silly Emily. Emily Sania califa hamdu Lillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah, so Allah, Allah, Allah, he was a

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pseudo mosaid surah that's dedicated to the condemnation, apparently of just one individual and his wife. But through that one individual and his wife, a an archetype has been created, a standard has been created. There are people that are family, sometimes married couples sometimes that are absolutely there's just this very angry people, very aggressive people, and they are the go through, they have no barriers in causing other people harm. They're just a terror and a horror to be around and that that's what I will have was he's from the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what an honor it would be for him to be from the family of the prophets, I saw them. And yet these are the

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most wretched, horrible, aggressive mean mean people she said, his wife and he said some of the most horrible things and did some of the most horrible things that have ever been done to the Prophet himself, and his family and the believers. Now, what is the sutra doing in the order of the sutras I've been emphasizing the sequence of these sutras all along. This is actually in one sense, a combination of what was said and sort of COVID your enemy shall be discontinued. And now your enemy has been spelled out. You're the worst of the prophets enemies was in fact, a Buddha. Even a Buddha had actually the Quran says may have had some decency, he had the potential of being a great

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believer. So you think about a Buddha. When you think of our ada incana alhuda. livan says, Did you see if he had been committed to guidance, taqwa, or he commanded to taqwa meaning he had that kind of potential? And you see that even the prophets, I said, I'm praying for one of the two owners and one of them is Allah meaning Abu Jahan, right, but Abu lahab. Man, this guy's bad guy through and through. And he's the meanest, nastiest enemy of Islam. And so what did Allah do? In the previous surah, he promised His Messenger victory is coming. And in this surah, he said, Well, if you think victory so impossible, when does somebody think victory is impossible or unlikely when they have a

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major obstacle in front of them. So you know what, as a token of that ultimate victory that's coming, let me give you a taste of it. Let me get rid of your biggest enemy for you. Let me take care of that one obstacle for you. It'll give you motivation, and strength of faith, to realize that I can wipe out these obstacles, they're nothing to me. And so you'll see that the ultimate victory that Islam is going to be given is going is bound to happen. It's kind of like a good news, you know, an A major hurdle that's been passed, that it encourages the believer that the victory that's ultimately coming for Islam is on its way. And that's what Allah did. Through this chapter. His

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title is also important to mention. He's called a father of love instead of the father of a burning red flame, as opposed to actually being called his actual name, his nickname is used. Now this nickname plays a duality because he has a hot temper. And so some of the enemies of Islam are some of the most heated vile aggressive enemies that speak ill and alive, so just says, Don't you worry about them, I'll deal with them. You just keep doing what you have to do and victory of this Dean will come melacha which will make us see the victory of this Dean. You know, wherever we may find ourselves metalizer we can instill the love of this Dean in good people's hearts all over the world.

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barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah.

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