Suleiman Hani – The Promise of Allah is Always True

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and potential of Islam, including its promise of Islam subhana wa Tada and the upcoming battle of the Battle of Bedford. They emphasize the importance of support on victory and prioritizing Islam in one's life. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and repeating promises, as it is recognized as a habit and lifestyle. They also mention the promise of rewarding one's actions and protecting people from evil behavior, and suggest seeking guidance from the Quran in order to achieve their goals.
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We notice something really interesting as soon as you start reciting from any Jews of the Quran, you come across certain themes that are repeated.

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And amongst the themes that are repeated throughout the Quran, and not discussed often enough, are the promises of Allah.

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The promises of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, come in different forms. Sometimes they are explicit and direct, you'll notice the word word, or wire or the law or L worried. And other times you'll notice that the promise is implied it is stated without the word word, such as woman supplementary info, your cliff or whatever you give in charity, Allah will replace it and also bless you for it.

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And it's really interesting for us to explore this question of our interaction with the Quran. In light of these promises, because some studies have found some studies conducted by Muslims, they found that the more a Muslim engages with the Quran, and specifically the ayaats that have promises, there are promises of all types in the Quran will cover some today in sha Allah, that there is almost instantaneously an increase in motivation, resilience, perseverance, and with that, when you have that increased motivation, you're much more likely to also have more righteous actions. But all of this goes back to what, how often you connect with the Quran. One time I was speaking to a number

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of students just a few months ago, and I asked the students to open up their quota and apps or a must have and to start reading from any sort of the Quran and to stop as soon as they came across a Promise of Allah. And almost everyone in the class stop within the first two minutes because the promises of Allah subhanaw taala are repeated in so many different forms in so many different places. But I want us to think about what it does for us in terms of increasing your Eman in terms of your mental health, in terms of your optimism and happiness, and to ask yourself about all the times in your life in which you had a personal experience with dua being answered, or baraka from

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Allah subhanaw taala, or something in particular that maybe you did not pay attention to? And you think of the example of the companions? Why was their Eman so high? Why were they so strong in their faith, especially the early Muslims who witnessed so many different promises coming true at that time. Imagine the first few years of Prophethood the Muslims are persecuted, the boycott is taking place the boycott is complete, you cannot buy and sell you cannot access anything at all and they're starving. Some of them thought they would starve to death.

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The persecution was at an all time high at that point in Mecca.

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And they were receiving revelation still was coming down receiving promises from Allah subhanaw taala. And amongst the most interesting is the promise that the believers would be successful at the upcoming battle that the pagans have boorish, that are attacking the Muslims that they would be defeated soon, how the Muslims are small in number. They have no military, they have nothing. They're wondering how is this going to happen? And Allah subhanaw taala makes this promise but before he makes this promise, there is an address to the disbelievers a reminder. Do you remember the people have fiddle around that they rejected the truth when it came to them? Do you remember

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they rejected the signs of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah took them with a mighty seizing a mighty power, a mighty punishment. And in addition to this, Allah subhanaw taala reminds the people of Quraysh a cathedral come home in Kampala, when feasible, do you think you disbelievers? Are you better than the people who rejected the truth and they were already destroyed? Or do you have some kind of protection that's granted for you in the previous scriptures? Is there something you think will protect you on this day? And Allah subhanaw taala then says and this continues with the threat which leads to the promise Emile coluna Nahua Miramontes. What are they saying that we are basically

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going to prevail, that we will unite and prevail over the Muslims because they are small in number because they do not have power. And here's the promise. So Yahoo's mo jamberoo, where you will Luna Dubois Allah subhanaw. Taala says they will soon basically their united group will be disconnected. They will be divided, they will be defeated. They will be running. They will be running scared, they will be churning and fleeing, meaning there will be a battle soon. This was revealed according to him in our basketball the Allahu on seven years before the Battle of budget. I should know the Aloha nurses this was revealed in Mecca five years before they migrated on what about the Allahu Anhu he

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said when this idea came down and we were reciting the Quran, remember the Sahaba were experiencing live revelation like they were hearing that as they were being taught to them

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and they were wondering what is this referring to? And the Prophet sallallahu Hyson would have to explain it to them. So he asked, he wondered, what's that group of Gemma that's going to be running? What is that group? And then he said on the day of the Battle of budget, when the pagan flourishes were fleeing from the battle when they were being defeated. I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his armor as he was rushing forward, he was reciting this I say, young Muslim jamberoo While you were Luna DuBois. He said only then did I realize that this is the defeat that had been foretold some of the Sahaba were talking about how there was a fear that the disbelievers were

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attacking the persecution was really severe. And even Ambassador the Allahu on he says that this was revealed before and that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, according to a number of companions, as he's leaving the tent on the day of the Battle of budget, he was making so much dua to the extent that Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and took him by the hand and said, yo rasool Allah, you've made dua pressingly meaning so much dua it's time to go meaning it's time to head out we need to start the battle. We need to go and defend so it's time to go we've made so much more up. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam went out wearing his armored reciting saloon was Mr. jamberoo. While you were Luna

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doober It says though, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, obviously he knows what the promise is about. He's repeating it over and over and over and he may do and said y'all Allah, your promise your covenant to Allah. The night before this battle. I don't want it all the Allahu Ron, he says and this is by the way, for those who don't know the Battle of budget, one of the most decisive battles in Islamic history when you had less than 315 believers and over 1000 of the pagan Qureshi is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed the companions the night before in the battlefield, showed them on the ground, this is where so and so will die tomorrow amongst the

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enemies who will attack us, this is where so and so will die tomorrow in sha Allah, this is where so and so will die tomorrow in sha Allah and on one on the Allahu Allah and he said by the one I swear by the one who sent him with the truth meaning his swearing by Allah. None of the enemies at the Battle of bedded fell except in the exact spot where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had mentioned, I want you to imagine those who participate in the Battle of Bedford and their Eman was so high, you know, they have their own status in history, and theologically, they have their own status, because of what they went through because of how difficult it was with a small number of

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believers. And it was the first major battle when they migrated to Medina, I want you to imagine their faith. Do you think they ever doubted after that battle after what they saw in the foretelling of this victory? Do you think they ever doubted again, that they recite an eye of the Quran or they heard that you're doing most of the job or that your sadhaka does not affect your wealth? Do you think they ever doubted Allah subhanaw taala this promise? Absolutely not. And the question for us should be although we did not witness the Battle of video, it should be with the experiences that you've had in your life. And what you've put forth towards Allah subhanaw taala fulfilling the right

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of Allah. Have you noticed in yourself enough of an experience to say I know with no doubt whatsoever, that the Promise of Allah is always true? Do you know who Allah subhanaw taala is? Do we know Allah based on his description based on his names and his attributes? Because the Munna feel clean, the hypocrites used to do the opposite. They used to hear about the revelation, and they would react in the opposite way. They would say man, well done, Allahu wa SUTA who Allahu Allah, Allah and His messenger did not promise us except deceptions. They were trying to shake the faith of believers. So they were lying, and they themselves had no faith. The believers are the opposite. We

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read the Quran. And when you come across and the next time you read the Quran, maybe pay a little more attention to promises of Allah. When you come across a promise. Ask yourself how much you are engaged with it, how much you are living upon it, how much do you believe in it? What are some examples of that if we were to list them, perhaps we would be here for another two or three hours. But just a few examples from the Quran about the promises of Allah subhanaw taala. The first Allah subhanaw taala says further code only, of course, remember me I will remember you. Some of them will first see you don't use to say this is one of the most commented on verses of the entire Quran

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throughout history. Remember Me I will remember you even IBISWorld the Allah one. He said it means Remember Me By obeying me. And I will remember you and there are many meanings for this I will protect you. I will mention you in a greater gathering. As you mentioned Allah, with your family, with your friends with your community. When you seek knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala mentions your name in the heavens, remember me I will protect you. I will guide you I will bless you, I will forgive you I will relieve you of your hardships. But how often do we remember Allah and the remembrance of Allah is not only wicked on the tongue, the remembrance of Allah is also thinking

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about Allah referencing him. When something happens in your life when you're doing anything when you start your day when you're

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Working when you're about to sleep when you're with your family, whatever you're doing, you're always referencing Allah subhanaw taala. The believer who remembers Allah often is the one who's frequently saying Masha Allah Subhanallah Alhamdulillah. On the right and proper occasions, the believer is the one who does not shy away from remembering Allah often even if the people around are confused, why are you making so much dikkat and dua Subhan Allah would hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, there's a Promise of Allah that He will bless you in other words that he will be there for you when you call upon him that euro is Musa even quicker than you expect. In

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addition to this, similar to this, the second promise as an example, Allah subhanaw taala says, Yo, yo Khaled in a man who in Surah, Allah Hi Yun, Sunil Kumar you can beat up or dama calm are you who believe are believers so pay attention when you hear Yeah, you will Latina amen. If you support the religion of Allah, if you support the revelation of Allah, if you support Islam, if you support the rights of Allah, Allah will support you, similar to the first promise. But here the emphasis is on Nussle. There's an emphasis on support on victory on the state of the unmount on the state of the individual on the one who's oppressed. Do we really support the rights of Allah? When we look at

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society, and we criticize what's happening of the loss of morality, and we teach our children this is right, and this is wrong? This is important, no doubt. But are we really living behind closed doors supporting the religion of Allah and in public as well? And Are we proud of that? Or are we ashamed of it? Do we teach others do we share with others? Are we proud Muslims in a society that oftentimes is not really know Islam, to support Allah subhanaw taala as religion is to support it in the teachings, to support in terms of your character with your family, that you have good character with your neighbors with your spouse, your parents, your children, support the religion of Allah is

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for you to prioritize it over your own desires. May Allah subhanaw taala make us feel amongst those who support the religion of Allah subhanaw taala May Allah forgive us for all of our shortcomings. Remember this though the religion of Allah is not in need of our defense, we are in need of defending it, the religion of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala is not in need of us defending him. We are in need of supporting the truth. And the action here starts with us in turn Sorolla, if you start the action of prioritizing Islam in your life, Allah subhanaw taala will give you support. We frequently talk about the state of the Ummah and the hardships that are afflicting the OMA in our

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particular time and throughout history as well. And it's important for us to think of our individual responsibility and how it affects the rest of the Ummah, if we ourselves are always shifting the blame and thinking somebody else will take care of the OMA, somebody else is going to take care of this problem than who is going to take care of the problem. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and guide us. Number three, another example. Allah subhanaw taala promises, let insha Curtatone let us eat dinner come, if you are to thank me I will increase you in blessings. And one of the biggest tests of life is when someone has a life of ease Allah gave you blessings Allah gave you it is you

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have generally relative ease in your life compared to others around the world or others in this country. And you are not grateful to Allah. So you're killing your time you're extravagant with your wealth, you're burning your money on useless things. You're not really worshipping Allah subhanaw taala as you know, as you have a particular standard of knowledge. So Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us about gratitude here. Gratitude entails everything that Allah gave you, you're using it in the best manner possible, including and starting with your life, your time, your health, the Yola, I am worshiping you because you created me, I'm worshiping you out of gratitude, whether incur

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federal tominaga Abhilasha deed and if you reject that blessing, the Kufa here's the rejection of the blessing of Allah, the know that the punishment of Allah is Severe. In other words, there's a promise here about reward and blessings in this life and the next. And there's a promise as well about punishment for that shortcoming. Let us be grateful. We let us be grateful with the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and we will see the blessings of that. Number four. Another Promise of Allah is that if you seek forgiveness regularly, you're always asking Allah to forgive you. Whether for a specific sin or in a general sense of style, federal law, hello to muine I seek

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forgiveness from Allah, if you do this as a habit and a lifestyle, and it is a lifestyle for the believers. Allah subhanaw taala promises you risk in this life as well. Sometimes we think we're not supposed to search for and seek the provisions of this world. But if you think about the effects of sins and how they cause corruption in the world, and oppression and harm and suffering, we realized the opposite is true. Sometimes you may be trying to get to a particular thing in your life, and you've tried for years, but because you refuse to give up on a particular sin, that blessing you are prevented from it. And this is what the Prophet sallallahu wasallam teaches us. So as you're seeking

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more blood

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Things from Allah do so in order to get closer to him. Now in order to become more sinful and disobedient, one time a brother in one of our communities, he said, I used to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to make me a millionaire. And then he said, I started to realize he had a good source of income, mashallah, he said, I started to realize, in my current state, I wasn't grateful to Allah as it was. So how do I know with more money, I'm going to be a greater and more devout believer, sometimes the thing you're asking for is not to get you closer to Allah. So if you're asking for something of a dunya, and it shouldn't be the minority, not the majority of the DUA, but as you're

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asking for things of a dunya. And you should make sure you're asking in order to get closer to Allah that y'all I'm asking you for this thing, so I can help more people so that I can get closer to so that I can be more humble, not so that we are more extravagant and wasteful and killing your environment and wasting other people's potential and also that we are closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So call to sofinnova Back home, in the Horn of Africa, or your senior center, or the commander or to the end of these aisles and Zurich north. Las Panatela is telling us in this story of Nora Hadiya his Salam. He's saying seek forgiveness from Allah, He is the oft forgiving if you do

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so, Allah will bring down to you the rain in abundance, he will grant you an abundance of this and children and rivers and gardens. In other words, seek forgiveness from Allah. And you will notice the ease and the relief that comes with it. We have seen from many of our sisters and our brothers in this community and around the country and around the world. So many personal stories they've shared, in which they started living a lifestyle of more Towba and is still found and almost immediately after that they started noticing more risk or a way out of a difficult situation. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst animals suffering Allama Amin number five, there is a promise

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that no matter how bad your past was, no matter how many sins you committed yesterday, no matter what type of sin it was, that if you sincerely returned to Allah sincerely repent to Allah, that Allah will forgive you. Allah subhanaw taala tells us at the end of Surah 12 For upon a number of different examples about sins that people commit. Well, Athena Leia Coronavirus Allahu Allah and Allah to the end of the ayah What is noon when are your fall daddy Kal Therma and Allah mentions a punishment for the people who commit to Zina and the people commit shirk.

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And that punishment is emphasized. It's a frightening punishment and it is a promise. But right after that, there's another promise. Allah subhanaw taala says in Lamin turbo I'm on our Amina I saw the HA for hola que yo but Dino long who say to him person, what can Allahu wa food on walking Eema except for those who repent to Allah and they believe in Allah, and they do good deeds to make up for that lifestyle to make up for that sin. Allah promises to replace the sins with good deeds. And Allah subhanaw taala is oft forgiving. These promises by the way of Toba and forgiveness in the Quran are mentioned throughout we have so many examples of that. The question is, are we taking

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action today to repent? Or do we delay for a day that is not guaranteed? Just this morning, I heard from one of the Messiah, he's living in another country, but he shared this personal story and it just happened over the last week. He said a young man had his friend his friend was not practicing. He was not praying. Salah is the first thing you'll be asked about on the Day of Judgment, it is your shield and your guarantee. So he would always tell his friend to pray and his friend would say Inshallah, one day I'll start, he knows it's an obligation. He's not rejecting the obligation of Salah, but he's simply not doing it. In sha Allah one day, I'll pray in sha Allah one day, I'll pray

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every now and then he'll remind his friend 25 years old. And this last week, just this last week, his friend responded back to him in sha Allah this Saturday, Hollis this weekend this Saturday, I'm going to start praying and he passed away on that Saturday. They pray janazah on him and his friend was one of the people who buried him. He said I have been telling him to pray for a long time.

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So what are you waiting for Allah subhanaw taala wants us to return to him today. Why are we delaying for a day that is not guaranteed when we know one of the promises of Allah is that when death comes to us, there is no delay. So be ready for that moment by doing what you want to see in your record on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and accept from us Allahumma Amin another of the promises of Allah. He says it Rooney a steady Blackcomb call upon Me I will respond to you while either Salah caring about the need for a new party but I am nearby if My servants ask about me, oh gee Buddha Tada. Either done, I respond to the one who calls upon me when

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they call upon me, a brother one time called me and he said, I have been making dua for 10 years, and I'm very angry and frustrated. Why is my dua not accepted?

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And then shortly after this, we talked for a while shortly after this, he sent another message and he said and this happens a lot. By the way, this is a very common thing people misunderstand about dua, he said I feel so bad for getting

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Emery. I know I was wrong. I know it's from Shavon. I feel so bad. So I just wanted to correct what I said in front of you.

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Don't we know the promise that the believer who makes dua as long as the heart is attentive, your heart is sincere, you believe that the DUA is accepted, that it's accepted in different forms? Don't we already know this promise through the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, as long as you're not asking Allah subhanaw taala for something haram, your DUA is accepted. Do you believe in the promise of Allah or do you not? And how much effort do we put into it as well? Sometimes the DUA could have been answered, but you gave up and you were very hasty as the prophets Allah liason and told us that a man was very rushed, you're expecting a lot to give it to you on your terms at your time at your

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pace. When Allah subhanaw taala knows what's better for you. The DUA that you make is answered so long, it is not for something haram, like cutting off family ties or for a sin, are something harmful to you that you think you want?

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The dog could be answered by protecting you from some kind of calamity, which you can see you don't know that the DUA you've been making for something else for 10 years was protecting you from another problem. Your dog can also be accepted in a better form at a different time, in a manner that is better for you as Allah subhanaw taala is allowed him or your DUA could be saved for you as mountains of rewards on the Day of Judgment. So you will come on the most important day of your life, hoping that there's something that will help you and you'll find all these Hessonite that was the DUA you were making and you did not give up on it. Do not give up on your DUA do not belittle

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the power of dua, do not undermine the effect of dua, even for your brothers and your sisters around the world. Just because there's still oppression involved does not mean your DUA doesn't matter. In fact, the minimum standard for the believer is to always be making sincere dua. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who believe in His promise. Allahumma Omi and on that note, there's no doubt whatsoever. Many people here perhaps every single one of us in a different form has experienced when you sincerely make dua to Allah subhanaw taala some good comes out of it. Sometimes you will see it in the form that you asked for. Sometimes you will notice it in the blessing through

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your children or your family or something else. But do not give up on your connection to Allah subhanaw taala through dua, another Promise of Allah is that when you give charity, you don't lose anything when you have charity who replaces it. And it's alone. Allah gave you a loan, you use it for something wise woman fuck the machine for what you're calling for. Another of the promises of Allah if you live righteously, men or women, as Allah says in the Quran, Fela nahi jana who hired them for you, but we will grant them a good life. A good life here means many things. But amongst them is the peace of the heart that you get through Eman that you cannot get from anywhere else

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higher than for you but can also mean protection against certain things in this life, and generally a blessing in life. For those who are misguided and those who are astray, and those who are looking to become better believers Allah promises when Medina Jaya hadoo fina, la dia, Nahum, Subaru Lana, those who put in effort to be guided you put in the hard work, you pray you fast you do what you're supposed to do Allah promises he will reinforce your guidance and you will increase you in Tacoma as well about an regarding those who are oppressed every time you turn on the news, you see what's happening today in Palestine and has been happening for 70 years. And you see what's happening in

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many countries and here in this country as well. When you hear about a mass shooting when you're about police brutality, when you're about specific things and you say I wish there was some justice, I wish something could change and you have to put in obviously your effort.

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But don't forget that Allah subhanaw taala made a promise about that as well. What are tassa nulla have often and I may or may not Molly moon in no matter your fleet only ominto Shaha. Sophie loves law do not assume Allah is unaware of what oppressors do. He's saving them for a day in which their eyes will be staring in horror. Later on after talking about their punishment in solitude Rahim Allah Subhana Allah describes what they're going to be punished with and what they respond with on the day of judgment. And then Allah subhanaw taala reminds us once again Fela tassa Minh Allaha Morley for where are the heroes SUTA do not assume that Allah subhanaw taala will break his promise

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to His messengers, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not break his promise word Allah Allah usually from Allahu Allah, and Surah to room. Another of the promises is that the Quran will be preserved previous nations of the People of the Book and the people before them, they were given the responsibility of preserving the text and they lost it, they corrupted it for many reasons beyond the scope of this hotbar but when it came to the final message, there was a promise of Allah subhanaw taala so that all people can access the message of Allah in a timeless manner until the end of times, after the final messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Quran will be preserved.

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This is a promise that we have studied and seen historically and theologically. And then you fast forward to the Athleta. And you know what it is the promise of Jannah the promise of reward, the promise of being with one's family and the highest levels of Jannah. The promise that your descendants who follow you in faith will be with you in Jannah as well as mentioned in surah two tour

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the promise of the believers who do certain

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things being the higher levels and for those who don't know, why the throne and the promise of meeting Allah subhanaw taala there are so many other promises mentioned in the Quran. But at the end of the day are we engaged with these promises in a way that is reflected in our daily lives? Do we really wake up every day living lifestyles of those who believe in the promise of Allah? And if we feel like we have room for improvement, let us connect to the Quran. Let us recite it more often in proportion to how much we want our Eman and our happiness to increase May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and guide us increases in goodness and make us amongst those who trust in His promise at

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all times and places Allahumma Amin Apolonia that was tough in one unit confessed video in the Hall of a photo Rahim.

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while earning he was happy woman wala

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if we were to summarize everything about what we said and much more that we could not share today, read the Quran in greater proportions and read the Quran while focusing on the theme of the promises of Allah. And pause when you get to an area in which there's a promise that you will see this you will see that this will happen that will happen. pause and reflect on what it's doing for you, on what you're taking from it on what habits you might finally be able to change and what you might be able to do to progress towards the law, or the effect that it has on your mental state. How much happier it makes you according to a number of Muslim psychologists. So let us engage with the Quran

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on a greater or with a greater quantity. Inshallah the second when you do recite the Quran, and you come across one of these promises, ask yourself if you are implementing it, the promise of charity, the promise of dua, are you making dua, or you have strayed away because you don't really 100% believe that your DUA is Mr. John, you have a slight doubt or many doubts. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. So let us engage with the Quran in proportion to how much happiness we desire, and how much we believe in the promise of Allah. Even though we did not see the Battle of Beddit we did not see the believers successful and rejoicing. We did not see the Romans rebounding with victory over

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the Persians we did not see all the different promises come true at that time, but we see promises coming true now with the spread of Islam and the DUA that is booster job and the many other promises we all experience in different forms in our daily lives. Let us engage with it and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us consistent in calling upon him knowing that the Promise of Allah is always true.

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