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Lesson 52 – Chapter 37-40 Hadith 184-190


AI: Summary © The use of Prophet sallama's words in various Hades and their significance in relation to death is emphasized. The importance of following the Prophet's teachings and wiping the entire head and leaving the meaning of "ma'am" to be wiped is emphasized. The use of water in various ways, including washing hands, wiping feet, and washing body parts is also emphasized. The US economy is also discussed, with uncertainty surrounding the pandemic reflected in the general climate of the US economy. The segment includes a brief advertisement for a new product called the FAPER app.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Kadeem and avert Pharaohs we left him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim corbishley acidity were Sidley emri melissani of Coco Lee Robinson.

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Bob Muller Miata workbook eliminated Russian most bad chapter man, the one who lent me a dog, but he did not perform will do, meaning he did not consider it necessary to repeat his will do to perform will do again, inland, except in the case of mineral huashi. from Alaska, the overcoming it refers to sleep, that is Elmo spell that is heavy, deep. In other words, he did not repeat his will do, he did not consider that repeating that performing will do what's necessary, except in the case when he was overcome by heavy and deep sleep. So this chapter, it discusses does, like sleep break one's whether or not this is what this chapter is about does light sleep break ones will do. And Hershey

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is not just sleep, okay? It's basically when a person senses are overcome. And the causes of this are many. It could be sleep, it could be unconsciousness, it could be because a person was given some kind of anesthesia, or he was in a lot of pain. So he's in and out of consciousness. So this is what he refers to this is not much known being much No, that's completely different. This is when a person senses are not working temporarily, because of whatever reason. And this is generally of two types. One is that a person has no idea what's going on. No idea whatsoever. And the other kind is when a person has some kind of idea as to what's going on. The first type is when a person is

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completely unconscious. He doesn't know where he is. He doesn't know if he's sitting he's lying down. Who's taking him who's talking to him who's pouring water on him, he has no idea whatsoever. It's like complete blackout. And the other kind is that a person is in his senses, but not fully. So he knows there are people he's trying to say something but he cannot. He is trying to drink water but he cannot, you know, awake, asleep, that kind of feeling. So Allah Shia Muslim is the second type that we're talking about. Because in the first case where a person is completely unconscious, or he's in deep sleep, then definitely that will break that will definitely break through because a

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person has no idea what was happening. But the second kind in which person is between consciousness and unconsciousness that does not break will do and that was the opinion of Mr. Bahari. Has anyone had that experience? fainting. So she's mentioning what how when her wisdom teeth were extracted, they had put RV so because of that she could not see anything, but she could hear everything that was going on. So this is the second kind of fitness, which is the light fitness it's not the heavy one. Okay, so she's mentioning what how once she fainted, and she could hear things she had an idea what was happening but she could not move she could not talk. So this is the second kind of

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unconsciousness. So if there is some kind of medicine which causes the person to be drowsy so again, that does not break one's will do so unconsciousness that is complete that takes that just like heavy sleep that a person has no idea as to what's happening that does not if I will do but the light coin it does not know if I will do I remember once I fell unconscious and the last thing I remember was that I was standing and I don't know what happened then and the next thing that I remember is when I opened up my eyes I was in somebody's lap and they were trying to pour water on me and I was in a completely different place. So what happened in between I have no idea so that

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nullifies wood

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but if you remember that okay you were calling somebody and you could see and then you could not see and you could hear and you could not hear that is light and consciousness and that does not break so when somebody is trying to wake you for pleasure, right and you hear your mother coming turning on the light and telling you to wake up and like yeah, I'm waking up and then she goes when you hear her going when she comes back and you hear her coming so you know what's happening but you don't want to get up you're kind of sleeping but you're not sleeping really that is like sleep okay. So anyway

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the wild

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the wild will occur when a person's actual intellect is not really working fully. That is of two types one is when a person's art is completely gone. So that nullifies will do and the other is the lighter kind. So that does not break one's will do. So basically, if you think about it, it's what is rock Can you perceive or not, okay, if you can perceive does not equal. If you cannot perceive at all, nothing at all than that depth.

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What's the evidence of this head doesn't is married or had any medical condition with neuro water. I knew what it felt like meta Anja dirty hair. So Fatima from her dirty hair whose

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grandmother so Fatima narrative from her grandmother whose her grandmother a summer Binti Avi Bucklin. There'll be a lot more on her Island. She said a day to our I*a I came to our Isha zolgensma beistle Allahu alayhi wa sallam. hanaa at the time when cassava the shampoo the sun eclipsed, meaning it was a solar eclipse. And if it's a solar eclipse, obviously when what had happened during the daytime, and when it's an eclipse, that means that it's completely dark now. So imagine daytime, and it's like night all of a sudden. So there was something strange that had happened for even NASA so the people then pm on, they were standing you saloon, they were praying.

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So all the people were standing praying for Allah Whitson as this. So that also right the eclipse prayer.

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What either Jaco Emerton and there she was standing who was our shadow runner, because a smart came to her. When she realized what was happening. She went to I should have been around her immediately. And when she went to her house, she found her brain to suddenly forgot to so I said, Man in nursey, what is what the people why are they praying? But I should have been on how herself was praying. So I asked her that Why are the people praying what's going on? For a Charlotte? So she pointed be at the head with her hand in the house and he towards the sky? She pointed towards the sky in her solar will correlate and she said Subhana Allah

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in her sada or he said, so Panama,

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for cold. So I said meaning asthma? She said, I Adam, is it an ayah meaning a miracle like Something strange is happening for Charlotte. So she indicated a narrow meaning Yes. How would she have pointed in her sudden indicated? What kind of gesture would it be a nodding of the head for come to so I also stood hat until the gentleman in a shoe until the fitness overcame me. I was overcome by fitness, which I'll do and I began also boo I was pouring full see above my head mat and water. So in that state of unconsciousness as Matt began pouring water on her head, what kind of fitness is this? The second time, right, because she was able to move right and she's able to describe what

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happened in that state phenom and then when in sarafa, he turned away Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, meaning he said the Salaam He finished the Salah in Surah from Salah is to end the Salah by turning onespace on the right and the left meaning saying the Salah. So in other words, when he finished the prayer, Hamid Allah He praised a law, what a snare Allah He and he repeated the phrase meaning he praised him so much Allah And then he said, Ma'am, and she in there is no thing gon do that I was Lum Allah who that I did not see there is nothing that I had not seen. Illa except $1 82 who that in fact, I have now seen it there is nothing that I had not seen before except that I saw

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it now. FEMA calm he had that in this place in this standing place of mine. Meaning in this very pleased that I was standing and praying had even agenda at one nursery, even the paradise and Hellfire there's nothing of the matters of the unseen that I had not seen before except that I saw it in this position of mine while I was praying even the paradise and Hellfire what are called over here LA and certainly it was revealed to me meaning in this prayer that unknown that indeed you afternoon you will be tested. You will be tried Philco booty in the graves missler similar to our or Caribbean near close to main fitness at the gel, the fitness of the gel, meaning you'll be tested in

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your graves just as the test of the gel just as the fitting of the gel. A very similar test you will go through in the grave.

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Let's add a year Ehrlich pilot asthma as Matt said, I don't know which one was that what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say methyl orchidee I don't know which one he said. If you take the meaning of methyl then what does it mean? Just as the thickness of the gel is really severe. Likewise the fitness the results are very severe. If you take the meaning of Kareem that it means very very soon. That time is not too far. When you will be tested in the grip you

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How to come, one of you will be brought for you by Lou. So it will be said merrell mocha What is your knowledge behind the module with this man? What do you know about this man, a person will be asked in the grave for animal movements as for the believer, or will move in, or the multi meaning the one who has certainty, the one who believes with conviction, he will say, pilot as much as my said, let's add a Delica or the smell. I don't know which one, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, whether he said mcminn or Morgan fire kulu so as for the believer, he will say, Who am Mohammed rasulillah he is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jaya and I will begin at he came to

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us with clear proofs while wood and the guidance for a Gemina so we responded to him.

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And we believed what the Vernon and we followed for you all so it will be sad to him numb sleep side to him as a righteous one num silent, that just sleep peacefully comfortably for other alumna for In fact, we know in Kentucky, indeed you are lemak men and surely a believer in over here does not mean if it means indeed, why because of law men and lemon shortly. So before that when incomes it means indeed, sakoda I live in container movement and certainly we know that you are a believer or amble monastic. And as for the hypocrite, I will Mutallab or the one who is in doubt, add a Delica call it a smile. I don't know which one, she said for your kulu. So he will say adultery. I do not know

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Sameera to NASA. I heard that people, Yahoo Luna Shea and they used to say something for people to say I would also say that same thing. I don't know about this man. I heard the people saying that he was a messenger. So I also said the same thing.

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So why is the mumble hottie using this Hadees to prove that light and consciousness does not nullify one's will do. Because in that prayer, a smack she fell unconscious. But she poured water on her head herself to regain her senses. Right? And she did not repeat will do. So this shows that if a person experiences light and consciousness, he has some idea as to what's happening then that does not nullify his or her will do. Now this incident that is mentioned in this Hadees happened on the 29th of show Well, in the 10th year after Hitler in the 10th year after his will.

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And this is when the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Ibrahim passed away. Right. And the people said that that who saw the solar eclipse happened because of the death of his son and the Prophet sort of autism addressed to people and he said, No, it does not happen because of the death of someone or the birth of someone. This is the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah shows to us. But we see that the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at this occasion was what that he prayed. He led people in prayer. And the rest of the people prayed as well. And what kind of Salah was it, it was extremely long, so much so that asthma, she fell unconscious, she could not stand any longer. You

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can imagine how exhausted how tired She must have been that she fell unconscious. So it shows that so little herself is most known. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam created when there was solar eclipse, and the PM, the record the sujood, in that solar is supposed to be very, very long. Because it's a great sign. And this is not something that's ordinary, that's normal, that for the sun to be eclipsed, and in daytime, it's completely dark. So it's a great warning as well, right? That a lack of causes situation to change. Within moments, anything can happen, that the sun is up in the sky bright, giving you light, you think this will remain like this forever, or luck and change it

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anytime. So it's a great warning. And Allah shows us the signs that we become afraid, fearful of his punishment. So this is why we see the Prophet total artist stood up praying center for a very, very long time, and I shall deliver on her in her prayer while she was praying for a smile when she asked her what's going on. She pointed towards the sky. And then she pointed again, meaning she gestured with her head. Okay, so there were two ishara and there was one statements of how Nala would that not nullify her prayer breakers Allah know

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Because with regards to things to Pamela, it is permissible for a person to say that in the Salah, you say Subhan Allah veal, or lame Subhana Allah. And likewise, the men if they have to correct the Imam

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Right What do they say? Subhan Allah.

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So likewise saying Subhana Allah in Salah is permissible, okay, it doesn't mean that you start saying on every little thing No, when a person is praying his focus should be the Sunnah. But if for some reason, he has to say Subhana Allah then it is permissible. Secondly, we see the two gestures, one towards the sky. And one, the nodding of the head. How could you do that in prayer? This is a very small gesture. Okay, so it is okay. This is just like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Salah, he moved even our bass from one side to the other. Right? He moved him by his ear, right from his left side to his right side. So it's a very small gesture. So this is permissible when there is

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a need. Okay, when there is a need,

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it doesn't mean that we start moving on every little thing. When there is a need, it is permissible to do that.

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Then we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after the prayer, he did hand and center, what is hand praise, what is center praise.

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What's the difference between the two hand is, was one mood will come in to mention, or to describe someone in the most perfect terms. To describe someone in the most perfect terms with the most perfect attributes, obviously, they have to be correct and true.

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And center is the cross of that was okay, it is repetition of that description. Because the word center is from sending you and send you in is to double. So tonight is to repeat that good mention of someone? This is just like, when you're praising someone, you say, Ashley, she's so good, Mashallah, Mashallah, she is so good. Like you keep saying it again and again in different ways. Correct. So, that is Sena hound is just a good description, okay. So, for example, good, good is what happened, always on time have beautiful, this is what happened. But when you say she is so beautiful, she is such and such, he is such and such, and he will mention it repeatedly, then it

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becomes center.

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So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did hand and center, he mentioned the perfect attributes of Allah and he repeated them, so it became praise.

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And then he mentioned that in the prayer, he saw everything that Allah had informed him of, but he had not seen it yet. Obviously, this was, this does not mean every single thing. But it means everything that was relevant in that particular context, because you know, that color shade does not mean every single thing that exists. Color shade is also limited to certain contexts. Like the queen of Saba. With regards to her The Hood, Hood said that she has been given what UI admin call Alicia. And she has been given everything but why she given every single thing. No, because if you think that cooler shade means everything over here, then everything and everyone then it would mean the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam would also have seen

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a lot of Panther. But we know that he did not see a lot. Because he himself said that Allah is new, unknown, oh, how can I see ally himself says that led to the recall, absorb that the eyes division cannot perceive him. So there were many things with regards to the unseen, the raibh that were shown to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while he was still standing in that mokum of those things that he was shown was genuine. And we learned from another Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam leap forward in order to take of the fruit or have the food of gin.

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But he didn't. And likewise, another Hadith tells us that he also saw the Hellfire, and he saw some people who were being punished in that fire. Amongst them were under the hate of the man who introduced idolatry to the Arabs. What kind of punishment was he suffering, he was dragging his own intestines because he introduced chick idolatry in Arabia, causing so many people to go astray. So many, many people. Amongst those whom he saw being tormented in Hellfire was also a woman who had locked up a cat so that it starved to death. She locked up that cat, so that cat had nothing to eat, it could not even go get some food and it starve to death. And that woman The Prophet said, a lot of

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them saw being tormented in the Hellfire because of this crime because of this abuse, so he saw Jenna and he also saw Hellfire, and upon seeing all of this he was greatly affected. He was greatly affected.

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So he addressed to people warning them, that oh people, it has been revealed to me that you will be tested in the grave. The test of the grave is a reality. It's a fact that no person no individual can ignore. None of us can ignore that. Because it's a fact, every one of us is going to die, every one of us is going to go in his or her grave. And when we end up there, we will be destined, no one is spared from it. No individual is spared from it.

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The angels are going to come to us and they are going to ask us about Allah, about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the deen, they are going to ask us and this is not a small test.

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You know, if ever you are alone, and you overcome by fear and you're panicking, even the things that you're so sure of, do they come out of your mouth easily? No, they don't.

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Sometimes you cannot even recall your own phone number. You cannot even recall the phone number of your husband of your father, you can't because you're in that state of fear. You're panicking so much that you don't know what's going on. Even the things that you're so sure of. They're a big part of your life, you're not able to recall them, you're not able to mention them. People are asking you where you from, can we help you? What's your phone number? What's your address, and you cannot speak at that time. So in the grave When the angels come, who will be able to respond, the woman, the woman, the one who believes with certainty with conviction, he will be able to say that he was the

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messenger, Hammad sort of already with someone whom we believed in, who we accepted who we followed,

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because something that is really a part of your life. Okay, that is a major part of your life that's on your mind all the time. Then at the time of difficulty, it does come out of your mouth. I saw a video of this man who was in the state of unconsciousness and he was reciting the Quran. And he was reciting with a lot of difficulty, but it was coming out of his mouth, it was coming out of his mouth, he was able to recite it.

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So who will be able to pass the test successfully, easily the one who has pain and at this time, we all need to reflect on ourselves that how many times is it that I think about the profits on a lot of sentimental day? How many times is it that I consciously you know, send select and send them upon him? That I praise him? I think about his son, I think about his ways. I think about the warnings that he gave the good news that he gave the encouragement he gave how many times is it that I think about him because if we don't then how is there in the grave easily his name will come out his description will come out of our mouths. That incident earlier on in the last 10 verses also

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mentioned that the urban Indian so Mira Nam una de en una de Lille Eman and Amina Bella become.

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So the response that's mentioned over here is that the movement the moken will say that Who am Mohammed was Sula, he is Muhammad the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jaya and I will begin at you will hear that we were in misguidance we were in ignorance, we were in error. And he brought us the truth, he brought us guidance, he brought us the clear evidences. So this can only come out of the mouth of the person who has been through the transformation, right? who accepts who realizes that I was wrong before

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I was wrong before I was in error. I was in misguidance. And then when I heard when I learned about what the prophet sallallahu Sallam taught, then I got a unit I got a Gemini so we responded to his daughter to his call. What Amanda and we believed in him in whatever that he informed us of what the burner and we also followed him, for you call us It will be setting them sleep. This is the most comforting thing that a person could be told at that time sleep. You know, if you ever have to wait for a day for something to happen for an hour for something to happen, that waiting time becomes so heavy for you, so difficult for you, even if it's just an hour or two. But if you spend that time

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sleeping, then what happens that time goes by so quickly. And you don't even realize, like if people are taking a very long flight. Some people they're not able to sleep in an airplane, they're not able to sleep at all. And so the whole time those 10 hours, 12 hours, 14 hours, they're just sitting down or walking around or watching something or listening to something or reading something trying to pass that time and becomes so difficult for them and other people. The moment they get into their seat until almost the moment the plane lands they're sleeping through and I witnessed many times and people that asleep through the entire flight and for them that whole flight is

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So easy. hours go by so quickly. But a person who is awake, every minute is difficult. Every single minute is difficult. Now think about it, the day of judgment, when is it going to come? It could be 1000s of years from now. 1000s of years and just the thought of being in the grave, being in that closed, tight place under the earth, all alone.

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It's very scary. And if a person is still asleep through this whole time until the Day of Judgment happens, that's the best thing you could be told. Number Cylon

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father alumna incontinent woman and the angels testify to his email, we know that you are indeed a believer. And as for the moon effect, or the person who has doubt in his heart, then he will say, Samir, to NASA coluna, Shea and faculty who I just used to repeat what the rest of the people would say. There are some people who believe consciously who know what they believe in, who do what they do, because they have made that choice. And there are other people who just imitate others who don't know what they're doing and why they're doing it. They were just told that yes, we are Muslims, and we believe in a line we believe in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and that's about it. They don't

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know what he said, what he did, what he taught, what he liked, what he disliked. What he saw now was.

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So there is a difference, right? In this dunya and also in the grave. If you look at the response of the MOOC in that webinar, what Amanda? What gov, we responded, we believed and we followed it, the bar is also necessary following the proper total audits and results are very important.

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There's a lot of emphasis on following the latest trends, the latest ideas, latest ideology, latest way to decorate your home, like whatever is blind following whatever is there. But as a Muslim, you have to live with consciousness. You're making a decisions, and if you live with that consciousness now, then in the eternity where it really matters, you get the rest and relaxation.

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So consciously following the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, where we have to make every decision in life. Consciously we have to consciously follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well.

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You know the Quran Allah says you submit Allahu Allah Dena Amano, Bill colas

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filha to dunya waffleh Allah gives stability to those people who believe with the call of service where in the dunya and also in the Hereafter, and the first step of the year after is when in the grave. So who will be able to say, Allahu Allah be that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the Messenger of Allah. My Deen is Islam who will be able to say that the one who lives by it in this world as well. I was just kind of trying to relate something about the grief to something that's happened to me in life. And I remember a year back my mom got into a car crash and I my sister, we're at the hospital and my sister was able to fall asleep but then I was walking around please and I couldn't

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sleep in each second. Literally, I was counting the time go by and I just realized how horrible that was. And just it was literally 25 minutes and to think that I could be my grave for another 1000 years in that state if I didn't believe

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but must hit let's see coldly wiping the head entirely. Meaning when it comes to wiping the head in will do is it necessary to wipe the entire head all the way from the beginning of the head to the front part of the head to the back of the head or wiping just a part of the head is sufficient licola hit Allah because of the statement of Allah soprano Darla one sir Who Lucy come and wipe your heads among Buhari was of the opinion that the entire head has to be wiped the person cannot just wipe a part of the head no, the entire head should be wiped why because Allah says one Sahu bureau OC can wipe your heads and the word lots it applies to the beginning of the head all the way to the

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nape of the neck and from one ear to the other.

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So this whole area is considered as the head so once the Hebrew also means you have to wipe the entire head. Now some scholars have said that this bear in bourassa combat is of the very meaning a part of your head some of your head over other scholars they have strongly disagreed with this and they have said that in the Arabic language the word but is never used for the breed. It's never used to indicate some or part of so um, so who will also means Why? Why what all of your head what kind of men will say you and everyone will say you've said Alma to the woman is the man Zilla telogen at the same position as that of the men when it comes to wiping the head that she also has stood them

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so who are allowed to see her she has to wipe the head as well. She has to wipe the entire head

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was to eat American and Malik Malik was asked a huge zoo is it sufficient and young Zaha that he waves bow the sum of the head? Is it sufficient that a person just wipes part of the head for the jug? So he argued me and he proved we had DC Abdullah hipness aid with the hadith of or the livens aid which will be the following Hadith meaning he disagreed that No, you cannot wipe this part of the head, you have to wipe all of it and the evidence he took from the Hadees of Abdullah ibn Zayd. Now, when it comes to the head, remember that it begins from the front part of the head. Okay, so where your forehead begins behind that is your head all the way to the nape of the neck and between

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the ears. And this means that the hair is not included. All of the hair is not included. So for example, if a woman has long hair, just you have to wipe all of her hair to No, she doesn't need to. If a person has no hair on their head, then do they have to wipe their head. Yes, they still have to.

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Or if a person has very little hair on their head, they have baldness from the front again, do they have to wipe that part? Yes, they do. So regardless of whether there's long hair, short hair, or no hair, the head is the head it has to be wiped, and it does not include the neck. Okay, your neck, you don't have to wipe and it does not include the beard either. The beard is also not included in the master on the rocks.

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But remember that when a person is wiping the head, then he also has to wipe the ears. And in that he said we will learn over here. They don't mention wiping of the ear. Why? Because it was understood that when the people wipe their head, they would also wipe their ears. And there's a Hardison, Timothy, which says that aluna mineral rocks the two ears are from the head meaning they're part of the head. So when you wipe the head and the ears are included, had doesn't have the law have no use of color of foreign American or normative near Hill massini an OBE an origin colony or delay urbanization. Well who are Jadoo Armenia here? So a man said to him at a still do unto the

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uni attested to are you capable meaning Could you please show me Antonioni? Could you please show me okay for Canada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yet our bow? How did the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam perform will do for caller de la hibou zaidan nam are the lions eight said yes, I can show you further argument in so he asked for some water for Africa Allah Yoda he so then he poured it on his hands Why?

00:32:48--> 00:33:46

In order to wash his hands before putting them into the water for Lhasa Yoda who model attain so he washed his hand twice. Some memory model was Denzel seles and then he wins his mouth and he cleaned his nose how many times three times some of us had a salad and then he washed his face three times. So Melissa de Martini Martini lol melfa pain then he washed his hands up to the elbows how many times twice? Meaning his arms he washed up to the elbows two times. So my muscle cell will be a day he then he wiped his head with both his hands. How for apabila be Hema what Alibaba for Alibaba, that he started from the front and what are the bottle and also wipe the back and then he explained

00:33:46--> 00:34:39

it that better he began be more condom euro see from the forefront the front part of the head had that until the harbor behemoths he went with them to meaning he took both his hands to inner puffer who to the nape of the neck. Samira de Houma then he returned them both Ll McCann to the place, and Lenny better from which he began a lady by the amino. So in other words, he started wiping from the front part of the head, he wiped all the way to the nape of the neck. And then he brought the hands back to the front part to where he had started the must from some of us, Allah, digitally he and then he washed his feet. So we see that must have the head, how many times is it done? Once, okay.

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

And also how was it to be done that you have to start from the front, taking the hands all the way to the back and then bring them back to the front. Now for men, it seems very easy but for women whose hair are you know, tied backwards then how are you supposed to bring your hands back bring

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

Your hands back does not mean that you turn the direction of your hair. Okay, but that you have to wipe over. Okay, so yes your hair style will get ruined a little bit, but you have to bring your hands back and you can also touch parts of the head and bring your hands back to the front. But the point of going front to back and back to front is to make sure that all of the hair do get wiped. Washing the hair is not messy. This is wiping is sufficient.

00:35:30--> 00:36:04

Bab muslera Delaney lol carbene Lastly, washing of both the feet in a garbain to the ankles washing the feet up to the ankles meaning when a person is washing the feet then are the ankles included or not. They are included even they have to be washed. The ankles should not left should not be left dry. Had this anamosa Paula Hadassah Haven, ermine or an OBE Shaheed or I'm ragna B has an insular de la humanisation and will do in a BA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that

00:36:06--> 00:36:59

he hasn't. He asked Abdullah ibn Zayd about the widow of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam further so he called meaning he asked for be towed in Nima in tow is a container okay apart you can see it's apart. So he asked for a pot of water to be brought for the water and then he performed we'll do for them will do an abuse on Allahu alayhi wa sallam just like the widow of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam How did he do it? For extra so he poured Allah ye D upon his hand minutos from the pot of water. So from the pot he bought some water onto his hands for hostel a day he fellas and then he washed his hands three times in the previous Hadees what was mentioned two times here we see

00:36:59--> 00:37:23

three times so it's okay. You can wash your hands once you can wash them twice and you can also wash them it's rice just because we know that there is a son of the Prophet sallallahu Salah, some other holla Yahoo photos, and then he entered his hand into the pot. So he washed his hands before putting them into the pot. For not mobile was then Shaka was then Sarah Salah savara

00:37:24--> 00:38:13

with three handfuls of water, one after the other. What did he do with the same handful he also raised his mouth part of it was used for rinsing the mouth part of it was used for sniffing up into the nose and then blowing out. And it did this how many times three times some other alejado then he entered his hand into the pot for us at our Joel Salatin and he washed his face three times so he scooped up water in his hands, and he washed his face three times. So my other Colorado for Casa de la watain. It'll norfolkline Marathi. Then he entered his hands into the pot again and he washed his arms all the way to the elbows, how many times two times some other holiday. So then he entered his

00:38:13--> 00:38:53

hand and wiped his head for Aqua, Bella Bahama. What are the bottle Marwan were hidden, same thing front to back back to front, how many times one some of us originally in our caravan. And then he washed his feet up to the ankles, meaning including the ankles. Now, what we see over here is that it's not necessary that the number of times you wash your hands the same number of times you wash your face, and you wash your arms and you wash your feet. No, it's best that you keep the number consistent. That if you wash your hands once then you wash the rest of the body parts once as well. If you wash them twice, then you keep the same number throughout the world. Three, same number

00:38:53--> 00:38:58

throughout the world. That is the best thing. Because consistency is something that will last a penalty.

00:38:59--> 00:39:44

But if for whatever reason, a person is not able to, let's say he forgot, or he didn't remember how many times he washed his hands, then there's no harm. Now typically what happens we are washing our hands under the running up and we're just washing our hands with the soul. We don't count how many times we're washing. So it's okay. It's not a big deal. Ideal is that you keep the number consistent but if it's not possible, then there's no harm in that. But is there a family using fugly the leftover will do in the water of people will do with the fat Hell is the water that is used for performing Voodoo Voodoo with the Dhamma is the action the feral of Udo and well with the Fatah is

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

the water that is used for washing. So using the left over water, meaning a person that will do from a vessel from a bot from a container. They didn't use all of the water there was still some leftover can you use that water

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

Although there are just because they touched it, they put their hand into it. So it's become unclean now. So you cannot use it. No, there's no harm. So what we see over here is that as long as the water is clean, it is clean from impurity, you can use it to perform.

00:40:20--> 00:40:56

This is just like we learned earlier that if a person wash their hair, and that water was collected in a bowl, can you use that water for performing Voodoo? Yes, you can, as long as there was no impurity on the hair. And the word bubble, what does it mean? Extra, right? So it means leftover in many places, there especially in Turkey, they have these pools of water basins where there's water and they're like seats around that pool and people are sitting and forming will do from the same water. Now obviously, whatever they're using is falling outside. But the water that's inside has been touched by

00:40:57--> 00:41:39

many people. Right? It has been used by many people. So is it permissible to use that it's perfectly fine, there's no harm as long as you know that it's not notice what Allah and he instructed who juried even Abdullah, he instructed his family at the zoo that they perform will do be fugly. With the leftover water of sea wacky of his see work. Many times this work is hard. And you have to soak it in water in order to make it soft. So let's say you're soaking a snack in a cup. And obviously, there's water there, right? So that water

00:41:40--> 00:42:23

was soaking in it and that's whack once upon a time was in somebody's mouth. So in a way their spit, their saliva has somehow touch the water. Right, it has entered the water. Jerry Luna Abdullah, he said to his family, you can use that water for performing will do there is no harm. So what is it show that the saliva of a Muslim of a believer is not nudges, it is not impure. Because especially when people are doing Voodoo from let's say, a pot of water, they take water in their hand, and they put it in their mouth, and they spit that water out. But they're going to put that same hand back into that container up. So it's quite possible that their saliva, part of it some of it has come has

00:42:23--> 00:42:31

entered into that water. So the point over here is that the saliva of a believer is not notice. It's not impure.

00:42:33--> 00:42:39

If somebody has drank from a glass of water, can you drink from there? It's not up on here.

00:42:40--> 00:43:23

As some people make it hard on themselves. I mean, you don't feel comfortable. It's okay, somebody was sick, perfectly fine. Your immunity is very, very low. You don't have a strong immune system. It's okay. You don't feel comfortable. It's okay. But remember, it's not Hello. This Ramadan when people were doing it, in the main site, there was a whole stack of water bottles, you know, that had like half that were hafele that basically used people had forgotten those bottles or left those bottles, and there was water in it. And so somebody asked him, What are you doing with this water? That they said we use it for tea? That How could you do that? They said we boil it in the kettle. So

00:43:23--> 00:44:11

when it boiled then whatever germs that could be in it are gone. So they were using that water for their tea. There is no harm in that. So the saliva of another believer, this is not something that's impure. How does an atom called nashoba to Allah doesn't and hakon Allah Sivir to abeja Haifa Abu hanifa said yaku hotjar Elena Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or bill Hare jurati the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he left and came to us Bill had euro at the time of had euro what is Hydra it's midday noon should that'll help when it's extremely hot in the heat of midday basically, that's when he came to these people. And this was that had little weather okay that had

00:44:11--> 00:44:54

to deal with as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was traveling he was away from Medina and he went to a certain people at this time at the time of Hydra for OTB will do in so he was brought some water for the world but then he performed will do with it for geralyn NASA so the people began yet who do not they were taking men fugly wobbly from the leftover of his will do water for the master who wanna be and then they were wiping themselves with that water for soil and abuse on Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So he prayed a lot there's a lot of Salah or a car thing to the cars will are slow and they're also regarding deliveries were being a day here on his end before him was a Arnaz what is on Is it a

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

spear right a short spear so before him was that Why? For sutra

00:45:00--> 00:45:28

And he joined his prayers longer and also why because he was traveling. And it was a time of love on the time of us that had not come yet. But he prayed us Why? Because can join it with when you're traveling, but what do we see in his hobbies that he performed will do and the leftover water, the people started using it for themselves very wiping themselves with it, why? For Baraka and remember, this is only for who for profit, so,

00:45:29--> 00:45:38

no person after him, no person at all, you cannot say, you know, some very righteous person, some great scholar, no, only the prophets of

00:45:40--> 00:46:26

Wakanda, Abu Musa, and Abu Musa said there are Nabeel sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he asked for the other hand, for other other is a drinking bowl, a cup from which a person drinks he asked for other female on in it was water for Australia Day he he washed his hands well watch her who and his face fi in it. Meaning he washed his hands and his face in into the water that he used for washing his face and hands went back into that cup. This is a continuation of this disease explaining that it is so the water that touched his face his hands went back into that cup when Matt Jaffe and he also spat back into it meaning when he runs his mouth, that water he put

00:46:26--> 00:46:58

it back into that cup. sama pada then he said lahoma to them to show them in who drink from it. Or Africa, Allah would you he Kuma and pour it on your faces wonder who the coma and your chests? You might say? How's that possible? How is it possible? Why did he do that? Now remember that this was not the usual practice habit of the Prophet satellizer

00:46:59--> 00:47:44

that when he performed will do he would spit back into that bowl into that container. Okay, he wouldn't do that he did it especially for these companions. Secondly, we see that the Spirit, the saliva of a believer is not something that's impure. Okay, it's not something that's impure. So if it has slightly touched a cup, or entered into some water, is that water clean? Yes. So when he raised his mouth, and his mouth was very clean, because we know that he used to do Sivak so much, and after all, he was a messenger of Allah. So if he spit that water back into that container, that water was not impure, it was still clean. In fact, it became even better. And this is the reason why

00:47:44--> 00:48:29

he told them, that drink from it and also for on your cells, wash your cells with it, because inshallah, they should get you out with that water. So remember that the leftover water or the used water of a believer, this is not something that is impure, it is completely clean. And we might find it, you know, strange, or we might not be 100% comfortable with it. But there are many things that we consider, we don't even think of doing but other people, they're so comfortable with it. There could be certain foods that we cannot even imagine eating, but other people they eat and like so easily, you know, children in their books and everything, you will find pigs a lot, right? And

00:48:29--> 00:49:12

almost every kid's book, you will find things and just to instill that, that feeling that pigs are not clean, like we don't eat them. They're not as cute and pink as they seem on paper. And books. I told my son that this is not clean. And this is how long. So he has that, you know that aversion and this is not clean. And I'm sure that if I were to tell him that there are some people who eat it, he would be disgusted. But for other people, it's not a problem at all, isn't it? So, for us, you know, some people don't even say big, they say big. Okay, I've heard of myself. They're so disgusted by that they won't even say the word big. And other people it's not a problem for them. Likewise, there

00:49:12--> 00:49:50

could be some things in your culture that perfectly fine for others, they can't even think about it. Yes, the prophets Allah listen and lay on the Coronel. However, he will not speak out of his own desire. So if he told the companions Drink from this water and wash yourselves with it, then obviously there must be some reason behind that. I remember somebody was asking me just the other day that is pepperoni. Holla. I'm like, of course, beef pepperoni. If the beef is hella, that pepperoni would be said what? How? She said, I can never eat it. Right? So just because you grew up with that feeling. Right? This is why you're uncomfortable with it. So likewise, for us to

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

understand that for us to even imagine that the people drank from that water that came out of somebody's mouth. Right? It might be difficult for us to understand, but

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

Remember that he was a prophet of Allah. So

00:50:03--> 00:50:22

if a person is unconscious or something is stuck in their mouth or something and you have to get them back to breathe, so you have to put your mouth onto their mouth. So in that process, if some saliva goes back and forth it's not a problem. Okay? It's the saliva of a believer is not how long does it early you know, Abdullah

00:50:23--> 00:51:08

Ibrahim, Agnes Arden, Colorado, Avi onsala. hen are an ebony she have in color of Baroni Mahmoud of Nairobi. Allah wa who Allah de muda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a few which he he Mahmoud even have a beer. He was the one whom the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spat on his face. Why? Just in play, right just for fun. Well, hula hula while he was still a child, I mean, beating him from their, from their well meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took some water from there. Well, he had it in his mouth, and he spat it onto his face. My mother didn't have a beer, just to tease and just for fun. So why did he do that? How could he do that? Because his saliva was clean.

00:51:09--> 00:51:56

Okay, the saliva of a believer is not something that is impure. What color ovatu ideal mystery will add you suck the Coca Cola hedeman hoonah Sahaba, who each one of them confirms the truthfulness of his companion, meaning this narration is completely true. We'll either talk about an abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did widow caribou, they were near they would almost yakata Luna, they would almost start fighting Allah will do he over his water, who the Sahaba so when he performed will do the leftover water, or the water that he had used, they would almost fight over it, they wanted it. And if it was not clean, they would not take it and the

00:51:56--> 00:52:37

Prophet said a lot of them would never have allowed it for them either. So when he allowed it for them, this means that this water is pure and it can be used for washing oneself. And this statement, okay, what is that all about an abuser lover in southern Canada, Dr. De Luna, Allah will do he, this statement was said by somebody else as well. That way when I saw that I saw coffee, he was a non Muslim at the time, when the Muslims were going to Mecca formula, and they were not allowed to go. So they were at Philadelphia and messengers are going back and forth between America and davia. And you know, some kind of negotiation was being done to that at least the Muslims will be allowed to

00:52:37--> 00:53:14

come to your room. And in that time, or whoever was rude, he came to the profit side of autism to speak to him on behalf of the Machina and he saw something amazing. And when he went back, he said to the people that oh people of Croatia I have visited the kings of the world. And I have had audiences with Pacer and kisara, the Persian Emperor and with the negus. And I have never seen the followers of a king so devoted to the leader, like the Sahaba in their devotion to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and I have never seen any obedience amongst the followers of the kings, like I have seen of the Sahaba with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whenever he would give them a

00:53:14--> 00:53:54

command, they would rush to do it. And whenever he would speak, they would be silent as if birds are on their heads. And whenever he would make will do, they would rush to get the droplets of water falling off his body. Whenever a hair would fall from him, they will try to get it. So people have Quraysh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has given you an offer accepted because I don't think that his followers will ever give him up. So anyway, what the Sahaba did in using the water of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it was out of love out of devotion, out of extreme honor. And this is something completely permissible. Had the center of the universe Allah had the center how they would know is

00:53:54--> 00:54:43

married and Jody policy mirror to set up New Year's Eve Yoku. He said the habit behala tea. She went with me who my aunt, Elena before the Allahu alayhi wa sallam so my aunt took me to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for Calypso. She said yeah, Rasul Allah or messenger of Allah. Indeed even look at the son of my sister what your own he is sick. He's very sick. Or what their What do you have? What they're both are they're wondering or worker, meaning he is very sick from us. See, so he waved my head what are our and he prayed Lee for me bill Baraka for blessing. He prayed to Allah for blessing for me. Some matter what, why do you think he wiped or is it

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

out of love? You know, when a child is before you touch them, give some importance to them. Don't treat them like an object. So he paid attention to him. He waved his hand over his head as if to say it's okay. You'll get better soon and shallow because

00:55:00--> 00:55:51

Children when they're experiencing sickness, it's very difficult for them. So, with sadness, you know they also get very sad. So he waved his hand over his head as if to comfort him. And then he made the offer him for Baraka some moto Baba. And then he performed will do for sure him too. So I drank Min wobbu he from his world from the water that he used for will do I drank that water. Summer then come to I stood hold for worry behind his back for number two. And then I saw I looked at Illa to hajima. The seal of a Nobu, what the prophethood baina between kataifi his shoulders, I saw the seal of prophethood between his shoulders. Miss Lee, it was like ziri egg of L handler of a pigeon.

00:55:53--> 00:56:25

So it was that small in its size, just like the egg of a pigeon. Now you Google then you see what does a pigeons egg look like? How big is it? How small is it? And it is so cute. He went behind the Prophet sallallahu Sallam just like children, they don't sit in one place. Right? So perhaps his aunt was still talking to the prophets on a lot of time about something. So he stood up and he went behind him looking. And then he saw the seal of Prophet that said Mohammed rasulillah, it was a physical mark on the body of the Prophet. So

00:56:26--> 00:56:54

this is just like people have birthmarks. Right. So he had that on his back between the two shoulders. And many companions side themselves. Amongst them was a similar fallacy, and also this companion. So anyway, we seen this Hadees that he drank from the water of the Prophet satellite, essentially, that means that is pure. Could you ever be in a situation where you have to use somebody's leftover water,

00:56:55--> 00:57:36

it's possible that the water is very less, it's not much at all. And people have to share that water. So somebody used it, part of it, you know, part of the water from their face dripped back into the bowl, or from their arm drip back into the bowl. And you feel like man, I can't even touch it. There is no harm, you can touch it, you can use it. And, you know, in this book, there are many exceptional cases that are mentioned. Right? These are not normal situations. They happen, but very rarely. But even they're mentioned in this book, is it necessary to know about these? Yes. Because all of the times you're not in an ideal situation.

00:57:37--> 00:58:15

And when you are in that exceptional situation, that is when you need the answer. And in that case, you know, people get confused and they are in doubt. And they leave Sala altogether or the delayed altogether. This recently somebody was telling me that they were at the hospital. And they were at the emergency for a very long time. They were waiting, waiting, waiting. And obviously they had to pray there, they have to do there, they don't have access to water so they couldn't wash themselves. And we learned earlier that as long as you wipe yourself clean properly, that is sufficient. You don't have to use water. So they were able to wipe themselves clean. And they also prayed Salah in

00:58:15--> 00:58:54

that state and they said they were so grateful that they had come to know of this. And if we were in a situation like that without this knowledge, then what would we do? Typically what do people do? They don't pray or they delay their prayers whereas we know that Salah is prescribed on us on certain times. The believer for sure, otherwise I don't know inshallah I will check the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It was his practice that when a child would be born, he would be brought to him and the prophets of Allah would choose some small piece of date or something and he would put it in the mouth of that child. And this is something remember that only the prophets are allowed to submit

00:58:54--> 00:59:01

after those who haven't ever did this. So anyway, he did that. Why? Because his saliva was not impure. It was not unclean at all.

00:59:02--> 00:59:08

Okay, inshallah we'll conclude here. So Chronicle la movie, I'm going to show the world that either Atlanta, the stuff will come into play.