Why is it important to seek Allah’s help

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the meaning of "strategic help" and how it can lead to loss of joy and a focus on spiritual health. They explain that worship is tied to the heart and strength of the mind, and that the idea of a Vicar is a way to establish one's worth. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding spiritual help and staying in a position of comfort.

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What's the purpose in life?

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The second part is what is going to help you achieve nirvana. And that is what you're gonna stay in, what you're gonna stay in and you alone, we seek help.

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Through you alone, we're going to seek help. This is what mystery beans, the Stein comes from the word out. And our needs help. And the scenesse Stein means we seek your help. And the noon at the beginning makes it a present tense. In other words, we continuously are going to seek your help on this matter. So in other words, once you say, yeah, cannot you acknowledge your goal and purpose in life, and that is to leave yourself to a loss or when you acknowledge that it's going to be a difficult matter, and it's not going to be something that will come easy. It will require a lot of struggle, self sacrifice and a lot of effort from your behalf. So then as a result of what gives you

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the solution that you on your own will fail.

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If next time is not a part of your life, you will feel the same meaning to seek a loss help. If you do not seek help in your worship, you're going to fail.

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For that means do not rely on your power. Do not rely on your alone. Do not rely on anything that is worldly, because that has nothing to do with your worship. I prove it to you. You have a nine year old and you have a 20 year old, nine year old Mashallah. He's up in the late night, late hours of the night praying. He comes to sunlight and he's fasting that day, perhaps he's on his gold silver hunt.

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He's sooner before and after the pros are there. The 20 year old, he's still asleep. conference today, it's too difficult.

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If he did that, if you please, an obligation, let alone assume that before and after what happened, which one had body strength more than the other. And the definite, the 20 year old would have had body strength more than the nine year old. So how come the nine year old was worshipping like a machine and the 20 year old was unable to do anything. To understand that worship had nothing to do with body strength and had nothing to do with age, you get to your 220 year olds. One is worshiping one is not what's the difference, then worship is tied to the heart. It's a matter of strength of the heart, strength of the mind, strength of the intellect and strength of the Soul. And all of

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these are spiritual matters in the hands of a law. And no one can inject them with power other than a loss of data.

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And therefore, you're gonna study when you're seeking a lot of help. you're seeking a more spiritual help than the physical being of yourself doesn't really affect worship. The physical there's a lot of them that deal with it. You can't stand praying doesn't matter sit out you can't doesn't matter have a lie down and pray. You can't force doesn't matter most giving you the reward if you had intended that. And you did that when you're young and healthy. You traveled doesn't matter shorten the gap doesn't matter. They just come to our convenience. But the idea is from the very beginning.

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How is your HUD going to face in find ease with these worships and these legislations of a loss or if you do not seek the Lord's help consistently, that's all gone. This is why

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the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he gave advice to wired in general or a loved one. And he said the man wife in new book aphylla I love you for the sake of Allah. He wants to teaching something important. So he said to him Do not leave after every solid that you see Allahumma I need the clicker. clicker was never bad. I think he said to make sure Watch out. After every solid, don't forget to say Allahumma or any other vukelich our law aid me helped me establish your Vicar, your remembrance, or shoe Creek and Allah give me aid and help and support that I establish your sugar that I'm always grateful and show gratitude to why your snare a bed ethic and our love Give me help

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and aid and support that I establish and work towards was nearly abetik perfecting your worship. Not just there.

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Gotta take your hosts near evatik that I perfect your worship the way you deserve it and the way you required from us. He said to him Do not forget that after every celebrity is here

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and if you are serious, you will not move from your position until we have said this record. This is why in all the different as to when is this Vicar supposed to be said

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at the end of the solid or afterwards solid, there are two opinions. One opinion says that as you finish your diet just before you make a salad, you say along

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the creek or shoe creek or nearly bed attic, and then you conclude your select and then you can say it after that as a as a pot of gold solid no problems. But you know solid it's much better because you're in a solid and this is a position in wealth is much more accepted. For you see it in that time.