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Lesson 15 – Chapter 23-28 Hadith 32-38


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The transcript discusses various topics related to Islam, including the origin of the word "medestim," the origin of the word "medestim," and the origin of the word "medestim." The speakers also mention various examples of false and false words used in the language. The concept of "one ethic," which is a belief that one person is an actual person, is discussed, along with the importance of avoiding abusive behavior and following laws and regulations. The segment also touches on the importance of good deeds and the use of apps and deeds to help people avoid bad deeds. The importance of Islam is emphasized, along with its impact on people's behavior and the importance of following laws and regulations.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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mahamadou earlier in our studio Kareem, Amma Bharath feroza we let him in the shade line. Hello Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish. trochlea suddenly were Sidley MD, Dr. melissani Coco Lee probenecid nerima.

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Bab one one do not ohlman was an injustice, injustice that is dooner ohlman Justice schofer was Dona COVID just as there is major copper and minor copper. Similarly we have loan that is lesser than actual oil. So, you have major loan as well as mine yours will over here in Marblehead is mentioning minor loan why why is in kuttabul Eman? Why do you think so? Yes, very true that initial level much earlier alim shark is a kind of oil and shark is what contradicts a man when a person commits chick is out of him and he does not have a man anymore. So this is why it's important to know what zoom is also in order to completely and fully understand what a man is. And primarily, why is it necessary

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to understand less or a little more miners? Because in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, as one body will mention later that we will read that alladhina amanu while Ameobi sumana whom will mean they don't make loan with a man. So what does this refer to? This shows that there are levels of volume. So this is what Mr. Bahari is pointing out over here. And also, because one is like coffee. Previously man Buhari mentioned coffee and now he's mentioning although we don't insult America at 44 to 47 that unless parotitis says woman lemmya can be my answer a level Bakula ecoman caffi rune that those who do not judge according to what Allah has legislated, and such people are what caffee

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rune and the next verse at the conclusion Allah says woman let me accompany my answer a lava lake como rali Moon. So kafir and bloom are similar in nature. They both contradict each other and so after clarifying COVID now he clarifies with all that there is major limb as well as minor Islam. And this is just like Eman has leveled schofer has leveled similarly, zoom also has levels. There's major them as well as minor. Had this an LED call ahead doesn't assure but to have one follower had that inhibition called Mohammedan. are unsure about on Sulayman are unable to Hema on Kamata or delay pada he said that lemon as Allah when it was revealed, what was revealed the verse the ayah

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and Medina Amma know those people who believe Well, me I'll be so imagine a homeless woman and they do not mix their Eman with injustice. So when this ayah was revealed, by us herbal Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the companions of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam they said, a unit which of us who amongst us lemmya limb does not commit one, meaning every single one of us does learn? Because remember that boredom is what injustice to play something where it does not belong. And we know that no matter how much we strive, we end up committing gloom here and there even unintentionally, isn't it so? So when this verse was revealed that with a man you're not to

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make this a habit are extremely worried that which of us does not commit? Well, meaning everyone else does that? So then forenza Allah who, so Allah revealed in a*aka, Lululemon, Arlene, that indeed, shake is the greatest injustice. So basically, in this ayah What does loom refer to shake? Because minor injustices these are something that people perform just out of their weakness just because they're human beings, it doesn't mean they're okay, but they do fall short, because they're human beings. So in the ayah, what is meant by loom is *, so Allah subhanaw taala clarified that. So this shows to us that there are different levels of injustice and the greatest one is off.

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Why? Because it is such injustice that is committed against you, Allah subhanaw taala because Allah Peridot is Hulk is the greatest. Therefore when a person commits any injustice against him, that injustice would also be the greatest. And we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was asked that which sin was the greatest and he said and the journey led in it, then well, who Halak? Which sin is the greatest that you've said a partner to Allah. While he is the one who created you. He alone created you, and instead of worshipping Him alone, you ascribe partners to him, that is a greatest injustice and this

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Howdy it clarifies to us that major injustice is low, and then there are lesser in justices as well. So there are Kabbalah Islam as well as saw it. And within the side also there are different levels. For example, if a person commits a loan against his parents, as opposed to loan against his colleague, what is worse against the parents, isn't it so? So, within the side also there are levels and we see that chip is a crime that is not acceptable at all, it is unforgivable.

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But we see that other sins others are they forgivable? Yes they are. Why how when a person seeks forgiveness when a person performs good deeds, or even if a person comes guilty on the Day of Judgment, what is the loss Pandora say that in the law hilarya Pharaoh and you Shaka Pharaoh, Medina Delica Lima Anisha. if Allah wills he can forgive, whatever is less than ship but chick is something that is unforgivable. So Luna, Dunedin, next, Bab el amatil, munaf.

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Our llama sign sign of who Elmo nafdac the hypocrite so signs of the hypocrite, after mentioning COVID, you mentioned and now he mentioned

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the word munafo is what kind of a noun isn't very when Africa has one who has milk. And this is derived from the word Africa and Africa. What is it?

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A mouse right, that lives in the desert. And that makes it underground house in such a way that it has a secret entrance to it a secret entrance. And that secret entrance is also a secret exit. So when it's in danger when the danger is in the tunnel in the house in the underground house, what does that mouse do? It just escapes through that secret exit and Such are the one efic that they deceive just as this mouse also deceives the animal that is trying to catch it. So it goes into the tunnel, the predator goes after it and then it escapes. So similarly the munafo What does he do you have your own Aloha. While Edina Amano they also receive. So when Africa zoo, the one who deceives.

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Now, the word monastic as a term was something that was unknown before Islam. It was something that was unknown before Islam. And also if you think about it, the Arabs, their morals, their values, they had some very good morals and values. And amongst the morals and values that they had was truthfulness and honesty, trustworthiness, deception, lying, cheating was something that they did not like at all. It was something considered very, very bad and lowly, people who are noble, and nobility was a big thing in Arab society, people who are noble would not commit such crimes. So anyway, the term one ethic was something that was unknown. I remember that just as gopher has

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levels, one has levels nofap also has levels or it has different types. One type of defect is Amelie, that which is an action. So a person performs the actions of hypocrites. And another type of defect is the meaning it isn't Arpita that a person is actually a disbeliever in heart, and he knows that, but he's just pretending that he's a believer. And he's just showing that he is a believer. So if I can be in Arpita, and it can also be in Ireland. So over here, Imam Buhari is mentioning signs of nofap. Why to show that Nevada can also be in Arma It doesn't mean that just because a person is performing the actions of hypocrite he's in reality, a hypocrite and he's not a believer, that just

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as demand increases and decreases if a person is not doing one of the actions that that show him and that doesn't mean that he is a cafard Alright, because he man increases and decreases their levels of COVID their levels of one. So similarly nofap is also of different types. Had this is a man with a beard a beard, called a head This is Mary llucmajor fedden on 100 and an Arab numele kidney, a br midan abuso heylen ib, ib hudaydah earning a BS en Allahu alayhi wa sallam a call I atoll munaf et Salah soon, I sign I remember the word Ayah What does it mean? Verse of the Quran as well as sign as well as miracle. It also means miracle. So I don't want to over here it means sign the sign of a

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monophonic What are they? So lesson three, either when had data he narrates had the you had the two daddies to narrate to talk about something. I've been hearing material because I had this talk about it had this speech or that which is narrated about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whether it is his words or his actions or his circumstances. So it

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Had data when he narrates when he talks What does he do caliber? He lies what either and when, what are the he makes a promise or whoever he goes against it, he laugh to break it. So,

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what either and when domina he is interested he is given an Amana What does he do? Han he is treacherous. So, these are the three signs of a hypocrite. So, the one who is a monastic he has these signs. However, the following Hadith also clarifies that a believer may also have these traits why, due to weakness of Eamon not because he has no Falcon is arcada but because of the weakness of his email. So this hadith that we have just read and the following Hadees must be understood together. The following Hadith is had the Sunnah w Satomura. Better. Carla had done so piano on our machine and Abdullah hibben emulator on masukkan on abdillah heavner Imran and then the BIA

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call unburn for meaning for qualities for Hassan man Kunta, whoever they are fee in him for qualities, whoever they are in Ghana Muna African holliston, Ghana he is munafo a hypocrite Collison pure, meaning he is a pure hypocrite, whoever has all of these four qualities in him, then what is he a pure hypocrite, woman candidate and whoever it was fee in him, hustler don't mean one, one quality from them. If he has one of those traits, then cannot be he there is in him, hustle atone minifetti a trade a characteristic of what hypocrisy had

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until he leaves it. So whoever has all of these traits than what is he a pure hypocrite, but if a person has one, then what does he have a trade of hypocrisy until he leaves it. What are they? First of all, either domina hana when he is interested. Then he betrays what either had death cannabis, when he speaks when he talks, then he lies. What is our header ladder? And when he makes a promise ladder, he is deceitful. He stretches meaning he breaks the promise. What either hot summer, hot summer, what does hasami to dispute to argue? So when he disputes federal, he is sinful? Remember what for God means? What does it mean to commit sin? Right? fragile sinful? So what either awesome

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federal now in this Hadees. And additional trade has been mentioned that was not mentioned in the previous one. Which one is that? What either Hassan federal, but there is one that is mentioned slightly differently, which is what either are harder, harder. And in the previous one that was mentioned either one or the other. Because essentially, they're the same thing. making a promise, breaking it, going against it, proving fractures, it's the same thing. So there's one additional trade over here. So both of these are these, what do they show that these four are the signs of hypocrisy, that these actions? What are the new facts in

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these actions? What are the new facts in armor? But when a person has all of these actions, when a person has all of these signs combined in him, then what does that show that there is an effect where in America as well, that there's a problem in the heart as well. So these qualities, all of them together are found were in Norfolk, Arkady, in a person who is in his arcada, but one or two may be found in Who?

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In Who? A person who has an effect in his armor only. And this shows that nifa also has levels, isn't it? Definitely there are times but there are also levels? How that the more a person does these actions the more nofap he has, and the less he does it, the less nifa he has.

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What are these qualities? Let's look at them. First of all, we'll go by the second Hadith is that domina hana when he's given an Amana he is treacherous. What kind of Amana amanat are included in this all types of a minute, any kind of trust, whether it is something tangible or intangible, whether it is mal property wealth. So for example a person gives to another, his property to look after for some time, even if it's a book or a bag, even if it's something small or big, anything new

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What it is a man is what? Something that has been deposited with you that you look after it, you take care of it. Similarly, Amanda includes a secret that is shared with someone that you share secret with someone and you tell them. Look, this is something private between us this is confidential between us. Then Amana means that you don't tell other people about it. You respect the secret that has been shared with you, you keep it in confidence, you don't go on sharing with other people. Similarly, Amana includes a responsibility that has been given a task that has been that has been given to a person he has been appointed to perform that task. So when he has been appointed to

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perform that task, what does it mean he should perform it properly? And if he doesn't, then that is piano. So, doing piano is what an action of hypocrisy. Secondly, either had the cadaver, when he speaks, he lies and what is lying, what is guided to say that which contradicts the reality? To say that which contradicts the reality. So, either had data

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to inform of that to say that, which is in fact not true, which is false, which contradicts reality. Thirdly, either Harder, harder or either what are the meaning when he promises another, he is treacherous. And this means, this includes all of the promises that a person makes all of the commitments all of the promises that a person makes, whether it is an official contract, in which you say yes, I swear, I promise that I will do such and such an official contract, or it is that a person is just giving his word. So, either either, either what are the, this includes every kind of word and every kind of art. And this includes promises that a person makes even with non Muslims,

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not just with other believers, but even with non Muslims, what have we been told to do to keep the promise to not be treacherous to the point that even if, for example, a peace treaty has been made between Muslims and non Muslims until a specified time, then what have we been told to do that respected until the end of the term, which means that no such activities will be done, which contradict peace. Remember, once in a while we are here to treaty peace treaty with some non Muslims. And that meant that no wars, but right before the treaty was about to end, he started collecting his forces at the border, so that as soon as the treaty ends, we will attack but then he

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was told not to do so. Why? Because as long as the term as the peace treaty is in effect, that means you don't do anything that contradicts it. So you cannot use that time to prepare to attack them. So either either either one or the other. And the fourth characteristic is either ha sama, fudge Allah. When he argues, then he is sinful. What does it mean by how sama? You have learned in the Quran about the different words that are used for disputes? arguments? What kind of an argument is this criticism? What kind of a dispute is this? For what purpose in defense of your rights or in claim of your rights? That you're claiming something that you're claiming that this is mine? It's my right.

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It's my turn. It could be at a very small level, it could be also at a major level. So in defense, or in claim of one's rights, so either hazama, fudge Allah, He is sinful. What does he mean by this, that when he comes to defending himself, defending his rights, advertising his rights, right, fighting for them, claiming them, then he becomes sinful. And sinful would mean that for example, he becomes abusive in his language. He could tell another person very nicely, it's my turn. Or he could say it in a very harsh manner. Get away from here, and this is not great. And why are you always here? Move out of my way. You could be very harsh, and you could also be very gentle, isn't it? But

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the moon afric What does he do whenever he is fighting for his rights, claiming his rights he becomes abusive, he becomes sinful. Similarly for Judo over here can also mean like for example, denying what is why'd you have on a person and demanding what is not his own rate? So for example, if something is mandatory on you, you are required to do something you refuse to do it that no, I'm not going to do it. Why should I do it? Or you don't have a right to something, but you demand that it be given to you whether it is some property or it is a turn to do something, anything. So in a hospital fragile, meaning he goes against the laws of the the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that

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man Hello, fella, you mean who would have had your own Licata to be her memory in muslimin, Lucky Allahu wa who are eligible to burn that a person who swears an oath, and this oath is false. Why? So that he can take a Porsche

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Enough another believer of his wealth of his property. So he swears that yes, this property belongs to me that yes, I swear that this is my right. Whereas in reality it isn't, and he gets it, then he will meet Allah, Allah is angry with him. So this is of hypocrisy that either have some fodder. Now, the purpose of mentioning these traits is what to warn us to warn us. Because if you think about it, life, or you can say our interactions with other people they are, they can be summarized into these four things. How either in a minute is given to us, or we're talking to other people are making a promise we're giving our word, or there's an argument, isn't it? So marmelade can be in a way

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summarized in these four points. So, a hypocrite, a monastic is the one who proves treacherous, who lies who cheats, who deceives, who is abusive demands, what is not his right, but a believer will not do that. So it is of hypocrisy to do this. And it is of a man to do otherwise, habitually, or, you know, doing it a lot or doing all of these things. Of course, that is of epoxy, it could be both for either hosmer fudge, or it could be that for example, the person is demanding his own right, but in the way that he's demanding it, he's very abusive, very rude, very harsh, because remember, the Hadees that do things cannot be found in a manifest what feel confident, and also good manners, good

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manners and understanding of religion or not in a hypocrite. So hypocrite does not have good manners, which is why when he's demanding something, it shows similarity either how some of this also includes that a person demands what is not his right, or that he refuses to do what is his responsibility. He refuses to do what is his responsibility, so either hazama further. So the purpose of mentioning these traits is to warn us that we should become very careful in our interactions with other people, those who are close to us, those who are far from us, those who we interact with once or twice or more times, how many ever times we interact with other people, we

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should become careful. Because we might say, Oh, it's okay. I just received this one time. Oh, it's okay. I was very abusive this one time, it's not my habit, when Africa is the one who does all of these things consistently. But the fact is that if a person does one thing once, then he's able to do it again, until it becomes a habit until it becomes a part of him until that is how he is identified. So you see how it grows, for Ruby mehraban facade hamama humara hypocrisy only grows it increases. So similarly, these bad habits also habits of hypocrisy they grow. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that whoever has one of these traits, then he has a trade of

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hypocrisy until he either or until he leaves it completely. So we have to leave these bad manners, whether it is being abusive, or harsh or rude, or any of the traits that are mentioned over here

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that where loom has leveled it is of different types. A person may be performing minor limb as well and if a person is reminded that look this is one then don't get offended. But we should also be careful that don't start calling people's volume and every other thing that you put the book over here, what would you put the you know the bottle over there you're doing okay, yeah, in a way it is what the crochet if you lady Mohali, but please don't make people feel so horrible and guilty about themselves for little little things that they could do wrong. Now Alico

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are saying is we should teach our kids by doing it by ourselves like, if we promise to give them treat, we should give them of course, we shouldn't be lying to them. So they can learn that way. inshallah Yes, because these habits are developed by either had data carrabba like either gives a meaning of always whenever he does this, you know, he lies whenever he speaks, he lies whenever he is given an A minor he betrays. So it's a habit that has been developed over time. And especially with children, we have to be careful because whatever we show, that is what they will do, of course, injustice on other people that will be forgiven when other people forgive you. It's not any

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injustice. The thing is that if a person has committed burden on other people, and becomes on the Day of Judgment with injustice against other people, then in his record, then what will happen? What do we learn that person's good deeds will be given to them and their sins will be given to him if the accounts still need to be fixed, isn't it? But we see that on the day of judging the results so far, then there's also a loss of fairness, forgiveness. There are so many other ways through which a person could be forgiven and eventually entered into paradise. But if a person comes with shirk, will she firework no with any punishment cleansing know exactly that. If

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person, if he has even the slightest amount of human in his art, eventually he will be taken up by the person will come to check then that completely nullifies that, when we learn about these characteristics and these traits, and we should always reflect on ourselves, that the Sahaba when they heard about the I will be so a man whom doesn't mean, they got worried. And they were honest that which of us does not doesn't mean all of us do it. They recognize their shortcomings. They really critically analyze their behaviors and their actions and their statements, which is why they were able to improve so much if we turn a blind eye to our own selves, then we can ever improve. I

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remember I realized that how applicable This is to our lives when once I was teaching this to kids, and they got they understood every point and they were able to apply to their lives. Yeah, you know what this girl she did this is took my mom, like they could apply it to their lives, that that's how practical it is. And it's something that we really need to it's not a theory out there. It's not a theory that this is a hypocrite and we're not hypocrites though, but desert signs and examples for us to reflect upon. It's very relevant. If you said that, yes, you will say Salaam you will pass it on. And you also remember to do it. And still you don't do it, then that is a problem. But if let's

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say you said that, yes, I will pass on the salon. inshallah. And then you, you meet the person, and you don't remember, it completely slipped your mind, then you're not because Allah subhanaw taala does not hold people accountable for what they forget. Robin Allah to Allah in nesina. So fernsehen we're not held accountable. But if you remember and you still don't convey that is a problem.

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I was thinking the promise and the end all three take at the time of citizenship. We pledge allegiance to this country, we say that we are now Canadian citizens so that we will do all the good that I don't remember the exact words for Canada. So what happens to that? Like, we have to then keep that as well? You see, cuz Yeah, promises are also with non Muslims. Okay, as long as it does not contradict your deen as long as it does not contradict your deen because we know that the incomes first you have to fulfill your promises, and your commitments, even with non Muslims. You can't say that, oh, we live in an artisan government. Who cares about traffic laws? And who cares

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about this law and that law? No, you said you were going to follow the laws, you made a promise. So you have to follow the laws that continue.

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Bob, do a little cadre mentally man performing the prayer on the night of power is a part of a man PMO What does the I mean standing in prayer when laylatul caudalie in the night of God, it is mentally man. It is a part of event meaning if a person does that, then it is a sign of his Amen. So after mentioning, what are the signs of nofap now remember Heidi mentioned the signs of a man the characteristics of a believer have definite Abuja many color about Russia or even Carla Henderson Abu Zina de ology and OB hooray Tata Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a man whoever your comb he stands meaning he stands in prayer, when Laila tel Qadri the night of power, how a man

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with a man? Well, and if the seven expecting reward, then ofuro it will be forgiven Lahu for him, what will be forgiven for him, man, that which the Dhamma he sent ahead means on behalf of his sins, me meaning whatever sins He has committed in the past, whatever sins that he is committed in the past that he has already sent ahead, they will be forgiven for who? The one who stands in prayer in the night of power, but how does he stand in prayer with a man and with his desire? So imagine and this is an evidence that when a person performs with a little cutter, he's doing it with a man. Okay, this is a sign of a man. Now, the night of power, a little code that hasn't been specified for

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us? No, it hasn't been specified, but we have been informed that it is one of the last 10 odd nights of the month of Ramadan. And a person can only reach there, a person can only get there. The person can only perform pm in a little cuddle when he will perform pm in all of the nights of the month of Ramadan, then you can't miss it, isn't it? So if you say okay, I will just you know, pray on the 27th or the 25th way? Well, it might have been the 23rd and you have missed it. But if you're performing every single night, and there is no doubt whatsoever, you've got it. So a person who will pray in the month of Ramadan, he will also find the opportunity to pray when in later socata and

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when he will do that. That is definitely a sign of email. But notice how two things have been mentioned over here. Email, with email, being out of a man with sincerity not with Ria and

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Secondly, if this happen if this literally means calculation, so what does it mean to calculate? So he performs his actions how calculating them in the sense that he's making sure he's doing everything right. So, for example, he performs will do for example at home and he doesn't just do Do you know roughly but as Babu meaning he does it properly right in the best way and then he goes to the masjid and he performs the theater will do the hair Tomasi whatever and then he prays the pm properly. So, if this happen, when he does all of this, what is he expecting? What does he want? What is he looking forward to reward expecting reward, because another person could also correctly

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but how to standing there waiting for it to end. But another person is standing there expecting reward looking forward for the reward. This is why his actions will be different, isn't it so, his for sure will be different. So the one who prays hoping for reward expecting reward which is why he does his actions properly as well. That person will reap the fruit and what is that, that he'll be forgiven for all of his past sins? Who fear Allah who Mata amin zombie? This is something great. Scholars have said that Allah who massacred them in Zambia, some scholars have said this include all sense, whether major or minor. Other scholars have said that no, this includes only the minor sins

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because from other texts of the Quran, we learned that good deeds erase bad deeds when person abstains from the major sins. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the five daily prayers do more to do more ramadan ramadan, what are they McAfee rot once or expiate what is between them, as long as the Kaaba it are avoided. But other scholars have said that no and this means all since a little while and whichever one you believe in, or it makes more sense to you, but we see that Allah subhanaw taala. His mercies forgiveness is vast, especially in the month of Ramadan, that we see if a person is just the word Eman is very relevant over here. If a person is not praying throughout the

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month of Ramadan, he will not have this feeling of Eman And if this add on later to Qatar even. And if a person, you know just waits for the last 10 nights and the odd nights and then he only does it then he won't have the same feeling that when you pray with this app, then the prayer does not become a burden. Because it is seen that people may be even present at the masjid

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for hours and hours. But they don't take advantage of that chance of that time. People may even be at the harem at the most blessed place. But still, they may not gain the benefit. Why? Because imagine if the seven are missing.

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Only do good only Ramadan. after Ramadan they go back by surprise if you continue if you stand in hoping align all that surely, with Eman And with this app, the effect is long lasting of this tm Which one of you has fasted today and on the other workers that I have? And then he said Which one of you have followed over? You're like you know when to janaza and he said I have and then he said Which one of you have

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a needy and I know there was one more action? Okay. So basically workers said yes, but and then he said that whoever has combined these qualities in him has attained gender. But the point of the this hadith was he asked randomly on any specific day like it wasn't like he told the person or tomorrow you guys can do all these four deeds and then you know, if you do it you go to the Abu Bakr Siddiq was already doing them like without knowing that the prophets or salaams is gonna say that these qualities you know will enable so the like if inshallah you pray regularly, we fast regularly than a lawful, we are looking forward to doing any opportunities that will you know, help us to change and

00:33:55--> 00:34:40

then that shows that you know, you're at that level that you want to do extra and not just the minimum and and then it becomes a habit Exactly, and that good deeds are not done just by chance, but they're already part of your schedule or part of your routine. So is that possible that he can do it and the other night so that Ramadan if he is using his habitual of doing outside the Ramadan as well. And while we're doing all this, I was just thinking how he heard what he learned about the good parts of the mind. And then about the hair and then abroad and if so, when you stand up in front of Allah subhanaw taala you feel shy, doing all these bad things what we just heard today, you

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

feel shy doing being Italian guy being you know, curling and arguing with others you feel higher because good seeds become a shield for you then they protect you prevent you from doing wrong once a year and of course we obviously want to attain it but you can get a little part of it everything on night because alas everything altered it in

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

anyone seeking my forgiveness

00:35:03--> 00:35:04

every single day to

00:35:07--> 00:35:52

prepare for Ramadan six months before the Ramadan came, they look forward to the Ramadan coming before that time or preparing the mindset for Ramadan looking forward to Ramadan coming, Ramadan is to end they were heart sore and sad about it and we should also prepare for now there are less than 100 days left for the month what I'm about to begin let's continue Bab al Jihad Amina Eman al jihad, jihad. It is mineral Eman. It is also a part of Eman. It is a sign of a man a sign of a believer who doesn't know how to me you know have seen but I had the honor of doing work at Carla had the honor O'Meara to follow her does an abuser at a new rebny juried in Paris a mirror to ever hooray data on

00:35:52--> 00:36:44

innovia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appall incredible thiruvalla who incredible he took responsibility, he has taken responsibility he has guaranteed who Allah has. For who? Lehman for the one who has Roger feasability who goes out of his way meaning he goes out for jihad in the way of our last panel data. And why does he go out? Later you read you who nothing brings him out? Nothing takes him out from his house in there except a man on be belief in me and who does me refer to Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sort of Allison was mentioning instead of Allah who and then there is a switch, okay, that he's saying it from the sight of a loss of data. So Allah Eman will be what does

00:36:44--> 00:37:35

the ICANN bureau study and affirming the truthfulness of my messenger? So in other words, what has caused him to go out in the way of Allah Eman And Allah and belief in the messengers as well. So, Allah has taken responsibility, he has guaranteed what that and that so you see this and this is connected with what incredible so I'm that old Yahoo. I returned him meaning I sent him back home with what vema with that which nada he attained mean ajilon of reward. Oh honey Martin or booty. So Allah has promised he has taken responsibility that this man will go back home How? Either with reward or with booty, or, or the Hera hujan that I will admit him into paradise. And now the Prophet

00:37:35--> 00:38:22

sallallahu Sallam said, well, Ola, and if not, and that should I make difficult I impose burden. Remember musasa lambs father in law, he said that will not lead to an A Shaka. Shaka I make difficult. So while Ola and a Shaka Allah Almighty on my own meaning were not for this fear that I would make it difficult for my oma McCarthy. I would not sit meaning I would not remain hongfa behind sorry yet in any sorry. Yeah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said if it was not out of fear that it would become difficult for my nation, I would have not stayed behind from any study. Yeah. What is that those expeditions in which the profits or losses and do not participate himself, as

00:38:22--> 00:39:06

well is Which one? The one that he participated in and study? Yeah, is the one that he did not participate in. So he's saying over here, that we're not difficult for my oma, I would not have stayed behind from any study. Yeah, whatever they do, and surely I would have loved that Aneesh, aka Rufus Avila he, that indeed I am killed in the way of Allah, some are here, and then I am given life again, some Makutano Some are here, and then I'm killed. And then again, I'm given life and then some meaning, I would have loved to do this again and again and again. So a person who does this meaning goes out in the way of Allah, then this is a sign of what a man this is a part of a man

00:39:06--> 00:39:50

because of this Hadees What do we learn that lay you Who did you who Illa Eman whom be with us the computer sorry, this is the relevance of this Heidi's over here in this context. Now, if you look at this headings from the beginning, in that other intelligible law, who what does it mean by endeavour to take responsibility? It gives you a sense of the calf fella wamena. So Allah has taken responsibility is guaranteed He has promised great reward for the one who goes out. Why does he go out only because of his Eman? Hmm. And what is it that Allah Subhana Allah has promised him first of all, that either he will return with reward. What does he mean by this? That he will come back home

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

safe, but he will come back home with what reward that would be in which case, he's not coming back with any booty. He's only coming back with reward that would be in which case

00:40:01--> 00:40:39

So in the case where the battle was either non conclusive, so neither of the parties won or even if the Muslims, you know, they suffered defeat. So he didn't come back home with any gain. Or, for example, he did not have any right in the booty. He did not have any right in the booty for whatever reason, because your mind at one of the occasions the fate was only given to certain Muslims and not others. So he comes back home with what what reward, even if it comes back home, empty handed in the physical sense he comes back home with what reward for having participated. Or, for example, the Muslims went for the book. Did they come back with any booty? No. Did they come back with any

00:40:39--> 00:41:25

victory? No. But what did they come back with reward? Secondly, booty in the case where the Muslims are victorious. Thirdly, that or perhaps he dies? And if he dies, then what's the reward that Allah has admitted into gender? Because when who dies in the way of a law, what does the law say? We're like the only way you can feasibly rely on word well are here on black leather shoe. And another place we learned about him years ago. So in other words, it's a win win situation, isn't it? A person cannot suffer in this way. But when is this greater reward guaranteed? When when a person goes out in the way of Allah with Eman? And what does it mean by going out in the way of Allah with

00:41:25--> 00:42:09

a man from another Hadees we learned that when Katara Lita Kona Kali Mata La Jolla earlier for who if he submitted the one who fight for what so that the word of Allah is the Greatest that person is in the way of Allah. So he's not fighting to just, you know, satisfy his anger, or to just take revenge merely, nor is he fighting to show off to to be seen as someone who is very confident, someone very brave, know, he is participating in this, why to exalt the name of Allah. So this person has gone out of the way of Allah with a man and this reward is guaranteed for him. Now, we also learn this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that wasn't if it was not difficult for

00:42:09--> 00:42:52

my oma, I would have participated in every battle. Because if the profits are the loudest and participated in every single battle, every single expedition, then what would happen, all believers would be required to do the same. Whereas we see that it is not practical for every person to do that. Nor is it practical, at every opportunity to do this. For example, one person could have a disability and other person, it's not his strength isn't one person, his strength is more on the academic side learning and teaching and not physically doing stuff, you understand. Similarly, every opportunity is not such that every single person is required, you may have some urgent concern,

00:42:53--> 00:42:59

which is making you stay behind like for example, it was one of the Learn we could not participate in bothered why his wife was dying.

00:43:00--> 00:43:44

So but if the profit sort of artisans way was such that he went out for every single expedition, then what would be the responsibility the obligation of every other believer that they have to go every expedition as well? What does it show that how much the Prophet sallallahu Sallam cared for the oma not just as a habit at that time, but also the Muslims would come afterwards. And now Vu Ola will movement in them in and forcing him, this is how much he cared for us. This is how much he was concerned for us, which is why there are many things that he liked to do, but still he did not do He did not say he did not command Why? Because it would become difficult for us. For example, miswak it

00:43:44--> 00:44:20

was something that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam love to do, is in itself, that even when he was dying, close to his death, he saw his work and he showed from his expressions, I should have known her knew that he wanted it. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that were not hard for my oma, I would have commanded them to do the work before every soldier, but he did not do so isn't it? Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was traveling once. And he learned after Serato also that people were finding it very difficult to keep their fast because they were fasting is what at that time. So he broke his fast imagine after slaughter. So how much time do you have left in

00:44:20--> 00:44:59

thermography? Not much time, but because people were finding it difficult. This is why he broke the fast. This is how much he cared for them. So when he had so much care and concern for us, then what does it mean? We love him, and we respect him and we also care for him more than other people. Just think about it. He cared for us that it might become difficult for us. This is why he didn't give certain instructions. He refrained from certain actions, even though he loves to do them. So should we not love him as well? Should we not care for him as well? If he cared for us that he did not want to impose a difficulty on us then

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

How can we just sit back while other people are humiliating him insulting him talking negatively about him criticizing his statements? We can't do that. It would be unfair. It would be ingratitude. If we ever did that, and there are many other examples from the sooner we learn that how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't do certain things, although he wanted to do them for our sake, we'll just do the following today. This is mainly reading

00:45:25--> 00:46:11

bapta torpey me Ramadan Amina Eman Tato what does that mean voluntary good deeds so voluntarily performing pm in the month of Ramadan is also what a part of this is also a sign of EMA have definite is Marino color destiny Malecon and me she haven't earned her maid of New York department on a visa a data analysis de la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call man camara Madonna Eman and YT seven love your Allah who matter Padma means MBE is the same Hadees being repeated over here in meaning Yes, but in wording know what was in the previous one? What was the wording? Yeah, isn't it and over here we see arm similarly the chain is also different. But what do we learn in this head is

00:46:11--> 00:46:56

that performing pm in the month of Ramadan is a voluntary good deed. It's not an obligation from intra week Salah is not an obligation. It is voluntary. However, it is a sign of email. It is an action of email. It is an expression of love for Allah subhanaw taala Bab someone Ramadan if the seven minute Eman sama Ramadan fasting in the month of Ramadan how if the seven hoping for reward expecting reward This is also a part of a man who doesn't have no salami color Aparna mohammadu blue forbidden color and I have no sir Eden Avi Santa Marta Avi hudaydah Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam monks famara Medina whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan how imminent with Eman

00:46:56--> 00:47:43

was the Sabbath and also there is a wolf Ilana who it will be forgiven for him man caught them in Zambia, he whatever he did, of his previous sense, whatever he sent ahead of his since so earlier we learned that pm in the month of Ramadan brings his benefit of forgiveness of all sins. And over here we learned fasting in the month of Ramadan also does the same brings the same benefit. So at the beginning we learned about the foundations of faith the five pillars of Islam, isn't it this is the detail this is the explanation that he has fasting is a requirement that But how should a person first imagine and work the seven praying is also what a pillar But how should a person pray imagine

00:47:43--> 00:47:53

and also if the seven all right so kind of love them will be hamburger and Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca want to be like Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh