Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 005 Revelation Hadith 7

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between Speakers discussing the importance of the Prophet sallama's message, as it relates to the political and cultural context of the region. The segment also touches on a man named Mohaid who claims to be a controller of the region of Elmhurst and is being addressed by a woman who is also a mess about the culture of the Arabs. The segment also touches on a man named Jesus who claims to be the one who is being victorious and is being addressed by a woman who is also a mess about the culture of the Arabs. The speakers conclude that the people may not have a clear understanding of the truth and may not have a clear understanding of the actions of their leaders.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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however with a slightly louder Sudan Karim, another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Rubbish slightly further away assembly emri Wilderotter melissani of koko de urbanization Arima

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along the sudden Dr. Allah Mohammed in wireless early more hamedan come outside later Allah Ibrahim, where Allah Allah Ibrahim in Naka, hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad in what are the early Mohammed in come about Dr. Allah Ibrahim, where are the early Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majeed had definite Abuja many Abuja man who is a heck of a balloon affair in Abuja, man his name is and hakob nefarian. He's a teacher of non body color he said Barona. Sure I even sure I've informed us from who are in his v. parlor. As he said, Bharani obey the law, obey the law, ignore abdillah ignore Earth better eponymous erden. He informed me and Abdullah him near our best in a photo who that are

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the live in our best informed him. And none of us have Vienna that indeed Abu Sufyan in Harbin, who is even help us bottle who he informed him. So Abu Sufyan informed who are the linemen are best. What did he inform him? That under that, indeed, here, UCLA, hirako. Also de la he he sent for him, he sent for him, meaning he called him hirako called Who? Abu Sufyan, free rock when in a Camel Caravan min coloration of grace. So while Abu sufian was in a caravan of the crush hirako sand for him. What kind of and they were dejon merchants bisher me in the area of a sham, Phil muda in the period, which period and Lahti that which Ghana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mad the fee her he had delayed in it for who ever sufian Abu sufian waka Pharaoh Quraysh and the disbelievers have courage. What does it mean by this that he had put off he had delayed for the meaning he had postponed fighting with them. So what is that period in which the prophets or the Lord is Adam had postponed fighting with the disbelievers of courage. It's the Treaty of who they be. So after the sixth year of hijra when the treaty for the BIA was made, after that, there was supposed to be no fighting between the Muslims and the disbelievers. Or mecca for how long 10 years. So during this period, while Abu sufian and the rest

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of his friends will they were traveling as merchants to a sham. What happened? He called them for those who so they came to him who the entire group of these merchants who had come from Africa, one of whom was abusive yet they came to who they came to hirako were home while they were or what do you have? Well, who because both of these versions are their home would refer to the group of the merchants and who I would refer to Hidaka be aelia so where did they meet Hinako at Ilia further our home, so he invited them hirako invited all of them FEMA jurists, he, in his gathering, well, how old are who and around him, were who are Aloma or room, the nobles of Rome of the Roman Empire. So

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hirako was not just there alone himself, but he had with him, his dignitaries as well. Some other whom, then he called them, who he called the group of merchants, whether and he also called without Juma and he his interpreter, or his translator, why? Because he spoke Roman, and I was a fan and his companions, whether they speak Arabic, so they needed an interpreter for color. So he said, A Yukon which of you operable is closest NASA been in lineage. We had a module to this man, which man, Allah be the one who Yes, room he claims and now who know beyond that, indeed, he is a prophet. So hirako asked was if he and his companions that which of you is the closest in relationship to this man who

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claims to be a prophet among you for color, Abu sufian Abu Sufyan said for all do so I said, Anna acaba, whom I am closest to them in NASA, for cold to what do you have only cold. So Abu Sufyan is narrating all of this right. So he said, I said then that I am closest to him in NASA.

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For color, so he said or color he said, I don't know who made me, bring him near to me. Heracles I bring this man near to me what curry boo and draw close us harbor who his companions further aluminum, then place them in de la de by his back, meaning behind him. So Heracles said, Bring this man close to me, and not just him but the rest of his companions, bring them near to him as well and have them stand or have them sit right behind him. So makalah ito German, he, then he said to his interpreter, colome say to them, say to the rest of the group that in Nisa Elune. Indeed, I am going to question Heather, this a regular man, meaning I am going to ask this man which man Abu sufian

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another version it says in Nisa, Ilan, Heather, and Heather Rajan. Is that what you have? Okay. I'm going to tell you both versions from now. Okay. So I am going to ask Heather, such and such. I'm Heather Rajan. From this men wichman Abu sufian. Meaning I'm going to ask him a number of questions for in case of any so if he lies to me for the blue, then you deny him so you understand what he called it. He called the Luciferian and he was in the front and the rest of his companions were around him behind him and hirako made it clear to the rest of the group that I'm going to ask this man certain questions if he lies to me then you denied him for law he so by Allah you have all of

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our life so abusive he answered by Allah low level higher if it was not for shame embarrassment higher min from and that yet zero or a year, they impress on me yet Pharaoh Hamza,

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that they will press on me meaning they would ascribe to me Caliban Li, lacquered up to earn who surely I would have lied about him. Are they he upon him or lady and and who both are there? So most of you answer that if I had no higher of, you know, lies being associated with me, I would have certainly lied about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So basically, he didn't want to be known as a liar. Some then Ghana was a winner first master Alinea and who that he asked me about him so the first question that he asked me about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was on that color he said, Can you find nessa boo faecal, gave her how NASA boohoo his lineage fecal in you? meaning how is the

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lineage of this man who claims to be a prophet in you? What kind of lineage does he have called to? I said, Who afina he is among us. Though nessa been possessor of lineage meaning he is one of very high lineage, noble lineage. Allah He said, The next question for her so has Karla. He said Heather cola. This statement, men come among you ahead on anyone to ever popular who before him? Has anyone ever made this claim before him? Has anyone among you ever made such a claim? What claim that I'm a prophet? Before him meaning anyone before in the past? Has anyone ever claimed that he was a messenger among you? called Tula? I said no color he said, For * can I mean he he mean Melek for

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*, so is Canada was Minerva. He from his forefathers mimetic anything? any of his ancestors, any of his forefathers? Is he a king? Was he a king pulled to lab? I said no. collar, he said for Ashraful nursey. So the nobles of the people are Shroff. What is it referred to the noble people? Right, the elite? Is it those among people who yet who know who they follow him? Um, or do I follow whom they're weak ones? So is it the nobles? Is it the elite who follow this man or is it the weak people who follow him for cold or cold? I said, Well, what if rather it is the weak of them? It is the weak people who follow him. Color he questioned as he do now, are they increasing amorian

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persona? They are decreasing, are the numbers growing or they're not growing? Although I said belly as a dune, rather they are increasing. And he said, for home, so does your dad do? He apostatize or he reverts? I hadn't anyone men home from them. Does anyone apostatize from them suffer flatten out of displeasure out of anger. Lee Dini, he for his religion.

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Is there anyone who leaves his religion out of anger bother after and that year the hula fee he enters in it. You understand? Is there anyone who leaves this religion after embracing it? upon getting angry, getting upset being displeased with their religion? Is there anyone such as this old doula? I said no, Carla, he said, for helicon done for health so our continuer that Telemundo who you will accuse him, so have you ever accused him will carry be with the lie cabela before I Nicola, that he said, Mal parlor what he said. So have you ever accused him of lying? before? He said what he said in his past before he claimed to be a prophet, have you ever accused him of lying? Petula? I

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said no color for halia? Who do then does he betray? Is he treacherous? Does he break promises? kulula I said no. One I know men who and we are from him meeting with him, FEMA that in in a period, meaning we are in a period of peace with him, meaning we have a treaty with him, Lana de and we do not no matter what, who are he fair a loan fee her what he will do in it. Meaning Yes, we are in a treaty with him currently, but we don't know how he will be in the future. Whether he is going to betray us or he's not going to betray us either. He said Who said I was a fan said while he was narrating all of this that Welcome to the kidney or while I'm young kidney and it did not enable me

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meaning I did not get a chance to do what Kelly Matan any statement audyssey lu I admit I enter fi her shayan in it anything at all. Ray you had in kalama except for this Kadima meeting I was not able to say anything negative about the profits out of autism except for the statement. Which statement that national mean houfy mood that in Lana dreama who affair alone. This is the only negative statement that I could say about the Prophet sallallahu

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taala he said hirako asked for help to move home So have you ever fought him? Have you ever waged war against him?

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I said now I'm yes meaning yes we have had wars with him Allah He said for kafer can have leukemia who forgave us so how can I it was data lucam you're fighting Yahoo him being How was the result of you're fighting him? I said I'll help boo battle or war Beynon air between us webinar who and between him see Javelin contest meaning with alternate success suggestions from seeing Jim laminates used for a bucket a pail of water. So one person has at once and and the other person has it the other time. So a horrible beta in our beta husi jalin meaning sometimes we win and sometimes he wins. Yeah, nano Mina, he reaches from us, meaning he sustains damages from us when an aluminium and

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we reach from him. In other words, we cause him damage and he causes damage to us. He suffers at our hands and we suffer at his hands and this had happened thus far. So Albanian avena husi Jalan Yana Lumina, one and a woman who he suffers at our hands, and we suffer at his hands. So sometimes he wins and other times we went and so far, this is what happened, that at the Battle of whether the Muslims are victorious and at the Battle of or who was victorious, the machine were victorious. Allah, he said, meaning miracle said, Mother, Morocco. What does he command you? So what does he say? Meaning what does this prophet among your prophets Allah said, and what is it command you to

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I said, Yoku, he says, or Budo la Hawa, who worship Allah alone, or with the law of you worship Allah, why though him alone 123 qu and do not associate partners be with him che and anything at all. So he told us to worship Allah alone and not to associate any partners with him? What through CO and that you are leave may aku. Whatever he says, Who says accom your forefathers? So he tells us to leave whatever our forefathers used to say, is that true? Did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say leave everything that your forefathers used to say? No, it was only the wrong things. Were morona and he commands us Mr. miletti. With the prayer was sweetly and the truthfulness. Well, our fair fee

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and the chastity was slotty and to join relationship, this is what He commands his to do for color. So he said, who said hirako lift out of Germany to his interpreter, cola who say to him, meaning say to Abu sufian ser el Taka, I asked

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Do unnecessarily he about his NASA about his lineage further counter? So you mentioned and now houfy come Luna Sabine, that indeed he is among you one of lineage meaning one of noble lineage fucka Delica rasuluh So likewise are messengers likewise Our Messengers how that toolbar so they are sent to is actually she but you know that it's also used for plural so we will translate it as they so far highlight we've been translating as it right even if it's being used for the messengers but now we will use the because now we move on from Word to word to phrase All right, so funkadelic rasuluh tuber Otto, they are sent they are raised fee in NASA be highly niche homea of their people, meaning

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likewise are the messengers whenever they are sent there off noble lineage of their people. What's that all together? And I asked you how you Paula, I had two men come Has anyone among you said Helen has Allah He said I hadn't anyone men confirm you had alone this statement? Has anyone ever made this claim among you further after Allah? So you mentioned that no, no one has ever made such a claim before him for who do so I say low Can I hadn't? If there was anyone who call ahead Alcala who said this statement Karbala who before him Luckily, surely I would have said Roger alone, amen. Yet this year or what do you have yet to write you have the toughest and this means that he is following

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he is following yet this year he is following meaning yesterday, because within a statement Tila It was a tabula who before him meaning he is following the same thing that was said before him. Somebody else before him claimed to be a messenger. So he is imitating him. In other words, what's the L Taka, and I asked you how kana? * is kana was Minh he from his forefathers. mullikin any King meaning is there anyone from his forefathers who was a king further counter So you mentioned and let that know that no one from his forefathers was ever a king. Do I say follow can follow. So if Ghana was mean Abba he from his forefathers mullikin any King, although I would have said Roger

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stone, he is a man yolu he is seeking mulk be the kingdom of his father. So if there was someone from his forefathers, who was the king and he claims to be a messenger now this man I would have said he is just trying to be a king like his forefathers was the Joker and I asked you how quantum * did quantum you all that he Muna who you ever accused him BILL KELLY with the lie Avila before any akula Paul that he said what he said have you ever accused him of lying for the contest? So you mentioned a lie that no you have never ever accused him of lying before? faqad So in fact, already fu I know. I know who that indeed he lumea con lamb not diakonia is Leah Dara, that he would leave

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AlkaViva lying Island NASS against people were clever and he would lie on Allah against Allah. Meaning if this man doesn't lie to people, you think you would lie about Allah not possible was that altucher and I asked you, Ashraf are nasty the nobles among the people it terbaru who they follow Him and Rafa Oh, whom or is it the week of them, further kurta? Another I felt Obama terbaru So you mentioned that it is the week of them who follow him? Well whom at the reversal? And they are the followers of the messengers at the bar at the bar who followers are also of the messengers. What's the L Taka and I asked you is he doing? Are they increasing amin persona or are they decreasing

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further Kota and knowmia z do So you mentioned that indeed they are increasing worker their liquor and likewise is Emerald Eman. The affair, the state of elemen meaning the true faith had diotima until it becomes complete meaning such is the case of true faith that people only accept until the religion becomes complete meaning the numbers only grow likewise is the case of true faith that the numbers only grow until the religion is complete it is established was Toka and I asked you as a hidden does anyone ever revert self discipline out of this pleasure Lydian he for his religion bar the Emir the hula fee after he enters in it for the Kota Allah. So you mentioned that know what are

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their legal Eman And likewise is

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Eman hanaa at the time or when to Harley to it blends to Harley, Harley on top to get mixed up with something. So such is Eman. When it blends Basha to Wilco lube or Basha tulku, Basha is Halawa. Happiness knew, you know, radiance, happiness delight, being joyful, Alka lube of the heart so such as a man when it blends into the heart, and you know, the person becomes happy, and he experiences the sweetness of faith was the altova. And I asked you Holly out there, Does he ever betray further quarter Allah? So you mentioned that no worker there likkle Rasulullah Takeru and Such are the messengers that they do not ever betray. What's the L Taka and I asked, you be my Morricone. What

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does he command you? What does he order you to do for the quarter? So you mentioned under who you Morocco, that indeed he orders you, and Buddha law, that you all worship Allah, when to stick will be shy? And that you do not associate with him anything at all way? And how come under evaluated then, and that he forbids you from the worship of ozanne What are ozanne idols so he forbids you from idol worship? Were Mortal Kombat sonet. He was sleepy when FF and he orders you with the prayer and the truthfulness and chastity for incana. So if it was Matta kulu, what you say happened true. So if what you say is true, who does you refer to Abu Sufyan? In other words, if whatever you've

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informed me is actually true, first I am legal, then soon he will rule who will rule the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mole, their place, media of my two feet, they need these to remember the word high attain, what is that thing is Machado. So mo there akademija attain. So soon he will rule over this place where my two feet are mean this very place where I am standing, he is going to be victorious over this as well. Well, could you come to our alarm? And in fact I knew. I know who that indeed he didn't want to emerge want to come? I knew that this last messenger or this man was going to come. However lahmacun not I was meaning I never alone. No, I ever thought unknown woman come

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that he would be of you. I knew that he was coming. But I never thought that he would be of you meaning he would be an error. follow a knee. So if I are alone, I know and me that indeed I loosely lie, I could reach him. So when the word Colossus followed by ILA it means to arrive to come to. So if I knew that I could reach him, meaning I could meet him, let her just shun to live, who I would undergo great hardship to meet him. Let her just jump to surely I would undergo great hardship I would suffer Lika who for his meeting, meeting if I could be certain that I could meet him. I would undergo any difficulty to meet him. I would just go to meet him. One Oh contar in the Who? And if I

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were with him, once I meet him, level center uncut me he I would wash both his feet, meaning I would serve him so much. So he knew that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was indeed the final messenger, some other Rb kitabi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then he called for the letter of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam which letter and learned that which Bertha v he he had sent meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had centered with who they are here to the here Who is this the Companion of the Prophet salallahu Islam the hail can be in whose form debris it also appeared a few times. So I love Eva v. They're here to allow me to slow the letter which the Prophet said a lot of them had

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sent with their hair to to the governor of our leading governor of Basra of Basra further Farah who, so he sent it Illa he rocla to Iraq. So the governor of Basra when he received the letter of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what did he do? He sent that letter to him, because he was the king. And this man was only the governor for Cora who so he read it for either a fee. So there was in it what was said in the letter Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Mohammed bin Abdullah he will have su li from Mohammed, the servant of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Illa he rocla to hirako or Lima room the ruler of Rome Salaam on PSP Allah upon money tuber alhuda the one who followed

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guidance The one who accepts guidance The one who follows the guidance May peace be upon them Amma

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Do Amma as for Bardo after for me So indeed I add the ruka I invite you BDR IoT with invitation and Islam of Islam. I invite you to Islam in other words, a slim submit accept Islam that Islam you shall be safe how that you Tikka he will give you a Allahu Allah edger aka your reward model attaining twice Allah will give you double reward for into a later but if you turn away for in then indeed alayka upon you is my scene and every scene. Every scene is the plural of Aris. And it means peasants, peasants, farmers, and who does it refer to the subjects of hirako? Right The people of his empire? What does it show that the majority of the people who farmers peasants work and yeah,

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they'll kitabi or people have the work to allow all of you come in Kalamata into a statement that is somewhere in same vein and our baina come between us and between you and that learner Buddha Illallah that we do not worship any but Allah when I initially Khadija and we do not associate anything with him when a leader and he should not take baraboo now some of us bourbon, others are Bevin as Lord mendola besides Allah for intervalo then if they alternate away for Kuru, then you all say a shadow bear witness we anomalously moon that indeed we are Muslim, so he boarded the eye as well. Para boo Sofia, Sofia answer. Fellow makalah McCall. Then when he said what he said, who hate

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Aqua, meaning, he said whatever he had to say about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had the letter read out as well. We'll find over and he became free or he was done with min from Kira tokita reading the letter. So when he was done with the reading of the letter kassala it increased in the who near him near who hirako or sahab shouting yelling, clamor, meaning all of a sudden, there was a lot of noise with him, meaning the people, the leaders, the notables, the elite, the Chiefs that he had called all of them started making a lot of noise were tougher. And it was raised elsewhere to the voices, meaning the people raised their voices as well. We're origina and we were expelled. So I

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was a piano and his companions. They were expelled from the royal court football to the US hobby. So I said to my companions, haina of Regina, when we were expelled when we were removed from the court laqad certainly, Amira, it became great Amira, I told you the meaning of observing what I want, in Word analysis as well, that gives the meaning of to become great as well. So he said laqad Amira, it has become great amuru the matter of who a beanie, a B cap shutter, the son of abou capture. Who is he referring to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that his matters become very great. Look at how important he has become that how from Arabia his letter has come here and look at how the king of

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the Romans is inquiring about him. So laqad Amira reCAPTCHA. And who is this Abu CAPTCHA, there is a difference of opinion concerning himself said that he was one of his ancestors. Then there's a debate about whether he was one of the ancestors of the Prophet sort of audison him from his father's side or from his mother's side. Others have said that I woke up she was a man from the tribe of Hazara who had left the worship of idols, and he had his own beliefs, meaning he had left his own people. So the profits out of the Hudson did not have any, any NASA with him. There was no relationship between profits sort of autism and corruption. But he called him even what we capture.

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Just as a capture left is religion. This man, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has also left our religion, just as capture became our opponent, he has also become our opponent. So he said, Look at me as a backup shatta inaho indeed he has. He fears him who fears him, Maluku the king of Bernie children, and the yellow ones, who is he referring to? The Romans. So the king of the sons of yellow, meaning the king of these people, he fears this man he fears the profits of aloneness and how great his affair has become, that the king of these people fears him from as well too. So I did not remain from a zeal to masala is to remain to Nazis. Mazel Tov, meaning I remained like this, I stayed like

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this mukhin uncertain, unknown who that indeed he sails huddle, soon he will be victorious. In other words, Abu Sufyan is saying that from that point onwards, I was certain that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was indeed going to be victorious. He was going to have the upper hand sale who had that until either Halima Allah admitted or lay upon me and

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Islam Islam. I was certain from that point onwards that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was going to be victorious. And then Allah entered Islam in me, admitted me into Islam. This is where the Hadees ends. And now remember Hari is quoting one more thing. So until here is the narration of Abu Sufyan because if you go back to the beginning of the Hadith, or the live in our best narrative from who Abu sufian, Abu sufian is telling the entire story. So here that story comes to an end and remember, what is his narrating is adding one more thing, what can and he was ignored now to ignore now Thor, who is able now to Sahaba aelia for Sahaba have aliah. What is an imbecile meaning he was the

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governor the ruler of Elliot, Elliot is a place where they met were hirako were hirako meaning wasa hibou hirako even Arthur was who he was the ruler of Ilia. And he was also a friend of hirako. He was a Sahaba of India and also saw him off his rocker Sahaba. Elliott means he was a governor of Elliot Sahaba miracle means he was a friend, a companion of his so often, or it was of what where do you have?

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What does it mean by this word, it means priest or ahead from the same root seeing affair superfan ceiling roof. So it's above you. So this man able now to who was the ruler, the governor of India and a friend of his circle, he was a priest or the head on who Allah upon nesara Sham the Christians off a sham. So three descriptions of immunother we learned from this What are they governor, friend of the local and 30 head of the Christians of Russia. So he you had this he said he narrative? What did he say that under hirakata indeed hirako hanaa? When Kadima aelia when he advanced towards elior, meaning when he was visiting Elliot when he came to us baja Yeoman, he woke up one morning

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one day us baja he entered the morning human one day, so one day he woke up. So as for how Yeoman kabisa naps one day he woke up hobbies and naps hobbies bad enough snaps meaning bad laughs In other words in a bad mood in a sad state. He woke up unhappy one day miserable upset in other words for polio bearable, so he said some of some of who Berto Rico to some of his dignitaries some of his dignitaries they said God in fact is then come now we find strange Hey attack your appearance meaning we don't recognize your appearance is everything okay? We find your face very strange we find your appearance very strange. You're not normal. In other words, it's them karma is from income

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right to deny do not recognize so we find strange Hey at that your appearance. All of not all evening Otto said we're gonna Heroku Heroku was has a foreteller who was a fortune or someone who tells about the future. Young little fin najem he will look into the stars meaning he was also an astrologer. So he will look into the stars he would try to tell the future by looking into the stars for Canada home. So he said to them heinous Aloo when they asked him so when they asked him about his bad mood, he said to them in Neeraj a to lay letter, indeed I saw at night Hainan Azov in new June at the time when I saw into the stars, that Monica that the king of alpha Tawny, alpha tan

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those who practice circumcision, under similar to the word huttner. circumcision. So he turned those who practice circumcision. So, I saw that the king of those people who practice circumcision for the vihara In fact, he has appeared or he has conquered, he has become victorious famine, so who yesterday knew he practices circumcision, men had he oma from this oma meaning from the people of this time. And Omar doesn't mean Muslim ummah. Now take the word Oh, man, it's literal sense, right? So the people of this time who practice a circumcision today, he was asking his dignitaries, because he, when he looked at the stars, he found out that the king of such people, he has become dominant,

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he has become victorious. So in other words, very soon, the kingdom of Morocco was going to fall. So this is why he was worried and upset. Now, you may wonder what this stuff is not true. It doesn't work. So how did he figure all of this out? Remember that the Arabs also they practiced suit saying, isn't it? And, or magic or such things? And they would go to the soothsayer and they would ask him something about the future or something about you know, who stole or who's going to become the king who's the best amongst the soil and so forth. And what would you do? you'd ask the gym, isn't it so? And the agenda shall clean would go up to the skies and they would figure out what's

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gonna happen and they would add their lies and they will tell the soothsayer So the same thing happened over here. You will look up into the stars and all of this has to do with the jinn. Okay, so the Shelton informed him this is just like we write in sort of gin, that the gin there went up to the skies and they knew that something was happening. So they were sent across the land to find out what was going on and they came across the profits out of water Salah So in other words, the Shelton had informed him So anyway, he asked his people, his dignitaries that who practices circumcision today, although they said his dignitaries responded to him they say a 13th Italia hood it's only the

00:35:34 --> 00:36:17

Jews who practice circumcision fella, you Jimin Akasha newhome so their state should not worry you. You hear Monica hum. So it should not worry you shutting down their state mean don't be worried from these people. Don't be worried about the Jews walked up and write a letter to mother in the various cities Madame florala, Medina, Mulkey of your kingdom, send letters to the cities of your kingdom, fire Cthulhu, so they should kill manaphy him whoever is in nominally a hood of the Jews. Imagine even at that time, even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the Jews were not safe in the Roman Empire, look at how they were being treated. Just because this fear we will kill all of

00:36:17 --> 00:36:57

them. And where did they find protection and refuge were in Medina. And when they were treacherous, they were expelled from their to hiber. And even there, they found peace until they were treacherous until they were completely expelled. So, you know, people say that Islam is anti semitic and Muslims are always anti Jewish, this is false. Jews were only able to survive were not even in the Roman Empire, they were able to survive in the Muslim empire for venema so while all of this is going on, or forebay now whom, why all of this was going on home, Allah Embrey him they were up on this affair, meaning while they were discussing all of this as to what to do, oh Thea hirakud era Julian

00:36:57 --> 00:37:44

athiya. He was brought hirako to hirako Bureau during a meeting a man was brought to Iraq, who was this man on a salary he, he had sent him who attended medical the king of lesson the king of a son had sent this man to hirako Youth bureau he informed on about Huberty Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, about the matter of the messenger sort of love at the center. So while he was discussing all of this with his companions, all of a sudden this messenger who had been sent by the king of Lausanne was sent to Iraq. And this messenger came to him and informed him about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. phenom, so when is the hora hirakud? When hirako asked him when he questioned him

00:37:44 --> 00:38:32

when he inquired about him, Allah He said it Habu go meaning hirako told his people to go fundable. So look, whether most betting on this man is circumcised, who he amla or not, because this messenger he had come from who the king of the sun, and he was informing him about to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So he told us that this man who has come who is an error, this messenger is he circumcised or not? Finance guru LA. So they checked him for had the zoo so they informed him and move that in that yes, this man is circumcised was that Allahu? And he asked him on an Arab about the Arabs. Do they practice circumcision for color? So he said humi afternoon? Yes, they do practice circumcision

00:38:32 --> 00:39:16

for color. hirako. So hirako said, Heather Maluku, this is the king Harold Hill O'Malley of this nation, cadet O'Hara, who has appeared meaning it's going to be the king of the Arabs, who is going to become victorious. Have this one who the Russell this messenger sallallahu wasallam, about whom this man is informing us some macatawa then he wrote to Hiroko, Hiroko, Hiroko sent a letter to so until now we see one proof that hit Akenhead that this was indeed the messenger so that alone is Adam and he was going to be victorious. What was that proof? That from his knowledge of astrology looking into the stars, he found out that the king of those who practice circumcision is going to be

00:39:16 --> 00:39:57

victorious. And when this messenger came, he found out that the Arabs are the ones who practice circumcision. So yes, it was this messenger sallallahu Sallam who was going to be victorious. And now what he did was that he wrote a letter to Sahib in his companion Lahu for him, meaning a friend of his Bureau, me who was enrolled. Well, Canada, and he was being this friend of his uncle, to whom he wrote a letter to he was nelida who has contemporary knowledge, Nolita Smith, he was like him, filler him in knowledge, meaning just as hirako was knowledgeable this friend of his was also very knowledgeable wasana and he traveled here a clue hirako illa hemps to hims hirakud travel to hemps

00:39:57 --> 00:40:00

fellow me army so he did not leave him

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

So hemps meaning he was there, had the until I tell who it came to him keytab on a Letterman sahibi of his friend. So hirako he sent a letter to his friend who was in Rome, and Iraq traveled to him. He was still in hymns when he received the response of his friend, and what was the response of his friend, that you are fuchal? He agreed.

00:40:25 --> 00:41:13

the opinion of hirako Allahu genovesa lover to send them what unknown to you? So he agreed with him that yes, this man, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who claims to be messenger. Yes, this is in fact the final messenger we have been waiting for. And indeed he is a messenger and yes, indeed he will be victorious, meaning whatever you have come to conclusion concerning him. I agree with that for adding a Heroku so hirako allowed. Lear Aloma is room for the nobles, the notables. The Chiefs of his empire, fee does karate in his palace. Lahu for him behaves in hymns. So he allowed them meaning he invited them to come into his palace, which wasn't helps you understand? Go back. Where was

00:41:13 --> 00:41:59

hirako Elliot? He was in Ilia. Right? And then from there, he traveled to hims. And at this point, he also received the response of his friend. Now while he was in hims, at his palace, he invited all of the nobles and then what happened summer then amaura he ordered the Abu Dhabi here for the doors of the palace for Julio caught that they should be locked. So he ordered that the doors the gates of the palace should be closed, they should be locked so they were locked up. And all of his chiefs are were inside summer then he appeared meaning he came forth for color so he said yeah, Marshall a room or people off room assemblage, you know Marshall, what does Marshall mean assemblage yeah Marshall

00:41:59 --> 00:42:48

aldini will insert a district often. So yeah, Marshall room halochem do you have fi in alfalfa hay success, what rushdi and guidance rectitude. Meaning Do you have any interest in success in doing that which is right? You have an interest in that. What and that yes, Buta, it remains firm Mukoko your kingdom. Are you interested in any of this, if you are then fed to buy you had the offer to buy your only had, then you pledge right you give me a pledge of allegiance for this or for this man? Meaning you believe in this man. You believe in this messenger have an OB this prophet if you are interested in success if you're interested that your kingdom should remain then give bear to this

00:42:48 --> 00:43:33

profit meaning accept his religion. So what happened for household so they ran? How you slaughter the flight of hormonal worship. While donkeys they ran away from him like wild donkeys run household Hazel. We have done the word maharis for home in my house. What does it mean escape chance to flee escape. So for households so they ran high sweater that like running of hormonal washy in a work to the doors for what you do has so they found the doors or the woollacott that they had been locked. So they found the door is locked, they could not escape they could not avoid. So as soon as he invited them to Islam, what did they do? They ran away they left and they didn't even respond to

00:43:33 --> 00:44:12

him. They went and when they went they could not leave because the doors are locked so they had to come back to Iraq follow narrow iraq loop now fratta home so when Hiroko saw their version of version two, what a version two accepting Islam. What are you sir? And he gave a pope he despaired mentally man from their Eman. Allah He said we'll do Malaika return them to me. So when he knew that these people weren't going to believe they weren't going to accept so he said, okay, call them back to me. We'll call and he said in a call to Makati. He said to them that indeed I said my statement whatever I said and if I'm just now mother caller and if I remember the word and so he said I said

00:44:12 --> 00:44:57

what I said just now. Web hash data comala denticon. of who I was testing. We have by it by the statement of mine. What was I testing? Should data come your should the meaning your firmness your steadfastness Allah Dini Come on your religion? I was just testing you that how firm? Are you on your religion when you give it up? Or will you remain firm for either a two? So I have seen that. Yes, you are very firm on your religion that you will not give up. I was only testing you understand what's going on. He didn't want them to oppose him. He didn't want his leaders to oppose him to leave him to kill him to harm him in any way. So then, he just made an excuse over here saying that

00:44:57 --> 00:45:00

I was just testing you. Because there are a ton I've seen the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

very firm. So what happened for such a doula who so they all frustrated to him what to do I knew, and they were also happy with him. They frustrated to him, and they were pleased with him that he did not embrace Islam, nor did he tell them to embrace Islam. for Canada, so that was earlier on the last of chutney matter of Hera. That was the last of the affairs of Pinnacle meaning that's what we know about him that he did not embrace Islam, or well, slowly who even okay San where, you know, sukumar model or his lovely, another chain has been mentioned over here. What do you learn from this one thing? Think about it, what's the chapter? They for cannabis? Why do you think this Hadees is

00:45:40 --> 00:45:41

mentioned over here?

00:45:43 --> 00:46:19

That basically one Buhari has proven over here, the truthfulness of the way that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam received that indeed, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was the last messenger. He's proving that over here. And how is he proving that with the incident of hate, aka that how hirako all of these incidents that are mentioned over here, the letter that he sent to his friend, what he saw in the stars, and the fact that he knew that the messenger was coming, the questions that he asked about Sophia and the responses that he received and what he infirmed from all of those responses. So basically, I'm curious, quoting the studies over here to prove that the way that the

00:46:19 --> 00:46:45

profits are received was indeed true. Even those people who did not embrace Islam acknowledge this hirako was not a believer, but yet he acknowledged it. And other reasons scholars have said why this hadith is mentioned over here is because the chapter begins with the hadith of Neha enamel. marylu Binney yet we're in the valley kolibri in Manoa. Now hirako he did not embrace Islam, he did not accept Islam. So, is the intention sufficient?

00:46:46 --> 00:47:07

intention must be followed by action. So, yes, intention is there, rather is there but it must be followed up by action. So anyway, is concluding the chapter by making that point clear that don't just sit with a good intention, do something as well. anything you'd like to say before we conclude in milaca furusawa owner lay him under common

00:47:08 --> 00:47:14

law you may know the truth was very very clear to him through different different ways but yet he did not believe

00:47:18 --> 00:47:47

until the time where he was narrating but after when they start talking about Yeah, yeah. This is remember Heidi is quoting concerning what even though now poor he narrated this, okay, because you had this. If you look at the sentence, it says you had this. So this is what Edna Nuttall said and Mr. Bahari learned about this, which is why he quoted it in his book. It's a chronicle lot more behind the condition of Allah, Allah, Allah and the staff governor to be like a Samadhi Kumar

Lesson 5 – Chapter 6 Hadith 7

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